Page 20 Member of INSTINC collective in 2006

Valerie Ng

Malaysia / Singapore

Valerie Ng works mainly in oil on canvas or acrylic on paper, with paintings constructed in an abstract expressionist style. Her artworks result from her explorations with colour, light, depth, form and texture, and are inspired by the natural elements, the hues and shapes in the environment. She has won numerous prizes for her artworks, and her paintings have been exhibited in solo and group shows in spaces ranging from the Substation and Wetterling Teo Gallery, to the Singapore Art Museum as well as the National Art Gallery, Malaysia. Having a keen interest in paper and craft, her art objects also include artist books, papier-mache and collage pieces.

Orographic #2 Oil on Paper 31 x 23 cm 2014

Orographic #1 Oil on Paper 31 x 23 cm 2014

INSTINC 10 Catelogue  
INSTINC 10 Catelogue  

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