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First Degree Working Tools ( Extended version) Bro…………by command of the Worshipful Master (salute W.M.) I present to you the working tools of an Entered Apprentice Freemason. which are: the Twenty-four inch Gauge (pick up and put down), the Common Gavel (pick up and put down), and the Chisel (pick up and put down). The Twenty-four inch Gauge (pick up) is to measure our work (put down), the Common Gavel (pick up) is to knock off all superfluous knobs and excrescence's (put down) and the Chisel (pick up) to further smooth and prepare the stone and render it fit for the hands of the more expert craftsman (put down). But as we are not operative, but rather Free and Accepted, or Speculative Masons, we apply these (point to tools) tools to our Morals. In this sense, the Twenty-four inch Gauge (pick up) represents the twenty four hours of the day, part to be spent in prayer to Almighty God, part in Labour and Refreshment, and part to serve a friend or Brother in time of need, that not being detrimental to ourselves or our connections (put down). The Common Gavel (pick up) represents the force of Conscience, which should keep down all vain and unbecoming thoughts which may obtrude during any of the before mentioned periods, so that our words and actions appear before the Throne of Grace pure and unpolluted. From the Gavel we also learn that Labour is the lot of man, that skill without exertion is of little avail, for the heart may conceive and the head may devise plans in vain if the hand be not prompt to execute the design (put down). The Chisel (pick up) points out to us the advantages of Education, by which means alone we are rendered fit members of regularly organised Society. It also teaches us that Perseverance is necessary to establish Perfection, that the rude material can receive its fine polish but by repeated efforts alone, and that nothing short of indefatigable exertion can induce the habit of virtue, enlighten the mind and render the soul pure (put down). Thus from the whole we deduce this Moral, that Knowledge, grounded on accuracy (pick up Twenty-four inch Gauge), aided by Labour (pick up Gavel) and prompted by Perseverance (pick up Chisel) will finally overcome all difficulties, raise the mind from ignorance and despair and establish happiness in the paths of virtue (put all down) (Salute W.M. and be seated).

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