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F ro m t h e E d i to r Ana Hawk Freedom was not Free… it was paid for in Trade and Barter. As we celebrated this Holiday and remembered to honor those who served and lost their lives to ensure our freedom, I find it made me pause and think what I value most. Family, friends, and freedom: They seem like simple words but they are not free. Someone may have lost a loved one to ensure that we can enjoy such things. Here in AZ we had 19 brave men give their lives to save others and property in our Prescott Fire. We remember these brave men in many ways and thank the families who lost their loved ones to keep us “free” and safe. At time of publishing this fire is still burning and causing devastation to property and people’s lives. We have had three major life altering events in the last few months. Sandy the storm on the east coast, OK devastation and now this fire, these events should make us pull together as a unit to move our excess to help the families affected by such devastation and loss. If you have had a life altering event you understand what we are referring to, if not you might be able to at least feel for the loss of everything. When you go through an event like this, you lose just your home. Shelter food and water are the focus for the 1st 5 days, and then you realize your kids have lost their beds, toys, and toothbrushes. You have lost all your pictures, memories, and furniture. Close your eyes and think of what you have in your closet, or in your garage, what do you have that you do not use: dishes, clothes, toys or just stuff? We can help you get that excess to the people who need it through our nonprofit. Feel free to contact us for details. In closing these random Editors notes: We would like to honor the fallen Firefighters who gave their lives bravely to help so many and to thank their families for the debt that we can never repay. There is also a Face Book site asking to donations of necessary items Yarnhill Fire Arizona. We honor the loss with a minor moment of silence and the listing to immortalize their names in a gesture of gratitude.

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“BUSINESS EXPOSURE, BUSINESS EXPLOSION!” More visibility, more clients, more money & more fun! How to revamp or boost your Business so you get more visible, and reach amazing new prospects, and regain fabulous past clients! During this hand on training, in a small group (for quality purposes and customization) you will: - Develop an online and offline visibility strategy - Design your Visibility action plan for the next 6 months - Work on new technologies made easy for you - Learn how to position yourself and your brand - Discover how to remove your blocks to being visible and a huge success - Create a short video with true professionals - And much more

For more information, call 1-888-632-8882 And leave your name and phone number, We’ll call you back and answer all your questions. Instant Barter Payment gladly accepted, or Partial Scholarship available if paying cash.


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SPEAKERS CONNECTION Are you a speaker looking for locations to speak or a venue looking for speakers? We all know that is the case so we created Speakers Connection to take the guess work out of who, what, when, where and why for you! If you are a speaker and want to get more exposure and places to speak, contact us to get your detailed profile set up. This will let you access many venues to allow you much more visibility and places to speak. It will also get you in front of more people and allow you to generate more of your target market. This will generate you more income! If you own a venue or a networking group and are looking for speakers contact us to get your profile set up and allow you to access the online calendar of events. This will bring in more clients, potential more members and generate more exposure by allowing you to access HIGH end known speakers such as Nathalie Ekobo (MBA Business Coach) , Ana Hawk (Phoenix Business Journals Most Admired Business Leader) , Bill Walsh (Business Building Expert), Jill Lublin (Public Relations expert) Just to mention a few of the top end speakers we are allowing you to access through this site. Spread the word to all venues, networking groups and any speakers. The more people involved the better. We are currently working on CA and AZ but expect to roll out all US states in the very near future. We all know how necessary this service is, now we have the Connections for you! (currently under construction) Face Book Instant Barter Magazine May


10 Timeless Secrets of Influential Authorship By Lori Anne Rising

As a speaker, trainer, consultant or coach, you are a thought leader and expert in your field. You’re aware that writing a book creates credibility, allows you to reach a greater audience, and helps you build your business in a variety of ways. As a leader, you have influence. You change the lives and businesses of the people you work with and speak to. They choose to engage with you because you are there, you’re present. As an author however, the rules change. All you have are the words on the page to capture your audience, hold their attention for hours, days, even weeks, amidst life’s myriad of distractions. You know they won’t get the entire message in one sitting. If you’ve managed to capture their attention well enough to keep them coming back, you’ve also got to get inside them deeply enough that they choose to take action on their own. Your audience may or may not ever hear you speak, or have the opportunity to interact with you personally. And you most certainly have no real way of holding them accountable – you can’t even look them in the eye. So how do you lead your audience without any of the tools that a typical leader might have to work with? As part of my Masters degree, I spent the last year researching what it really takes to create longlasting, high impact influence as an author. I based my research on two of the most influential books published in America since 1900 – books that literally reshaped how Americans think as a nation, and after more than 50 years, continue to influence their readers – Rachel Carson’s, Silent Spring, and Thomas S. Kuhn’s, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. If you haven’t read the books – or even heard of them – that’s OK. They were both published in 1962, and yet, the ripple effects of their influence continue to wash through all our lives. I cover what influence these two authors had on our lives in the full version of my research, but for now, for the first time publicly, here are the 10 timeless secrets these authors used, and how they apply to experts and thought leaders as authors, even today: 1.First and foremost, you absolutely MUST be passionate about your topic. If you’re not, you won’t follow it through to completion, and you won’t dive deeply enough into it in order to make it unique. If you’re interested in your topic, that’s a start, and will provide something interesting, but it won’t engage you or your audience at the same level that passion will. 2.Be extremely clear about the outcome you want to cre-


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ate. Some might call this intention. Some might call this a goal. Whatever you call, be clear, be specific, and be conscious of it. It will shape the entire process from start to finish. 3.Craft your message well. Know it. Be able to say it succinctly – and in various ways without watering it down. Know it so well that it comes through your writing without ever having to specifically state it IN the writing. Not only does it make your writing more engaging, but it helps you as the author to know where to focus, where to trim, and where to add content as you develop it. 4.Finish. While this may seem obvious, how many times have you started something and not finished it? And, here’s a bonus element: it doesn’t have to be good, it just needs to be done. Yep, Kuhn, one of the most influential authors of the last 100 years, was a horrible writer! But, he finished and he worked with editors effectively. So, let go of your myths and fears around writing, and just get it done. 5.Engage your audience in a way that they can’t NOT be a part of the conversation. I call this Values-Based Controversy. Not the kind of controversy you see on Jerry Springer and other day-time talk shows. I’m talking about the kind of controversy that triggers parents when their children’s health is at stake. Or the kind of controversy that triggers business professionals when their livelihood and business are at stake. Or the kind of controversy that triggers the public to start talking about issues when it’s an election year. Tapping into your audiences’ deepest values and getting them to talk about their beliefs, with the intention of leading them somewhere. Carson took on pesticide usage as birthed the green movement, legitimized ecology as a science, and got the Federal government to change their policies on spraying by tapping into her audience’s sense of family values and teaching them how inter-related everything is. Kuhn brought humanity back into science by challenging the underlying assumption that the hard sciences – physics, chemistry, etc. – were objective. He showed they are not. Universities now teach differently, American’s think differently about the sciences than we did in the 40’s and 50’s and before, and whether you realize it or not you know what a paradigm and/or a paradigm shift is because of Kuhn.

6.Build relationships with those who are already where you want to be. Neither author could have gotten their work out into the world at all without the support they received, both personally and professionally, along the way. Your relationships could make or break your ultimately success. 7.Know your audience. Know them so well that you know their values, know where they spend their time and their money, know what they look like walking down the street. Most importantly, know how they need to hear your message then craft it for them – not for you. And, segmenting your audience into different groups is incredibly effective. This allows you to reach each group in the way they most want to be reached. Do the work to reach your audience. Don’t make your audience work to reach you. 8.Publish again and again. Neither of these authors was a one hit wonder. Publishing was a key aspect of their careers, and remained so throughout their careers. The first few publications helped build their reputations and their contacts in the publishing world so that when their more controversial work was ready, they had the support and reputations to back it. Your biggest hit is not likely to be your first book. But you won’t have the big hit until after you have published your first book, and your second, and maybe even your third. Articles are great also. Truth is, it doesn’t matter where or how, only that you do start publishing and keep publishing regularly. 9.Interestingly, marketing comes very much near the bottom of the list. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. What it does mean is that it’s importance is not what you think it is. Selling a lot of books doesn’t create influence. But influence will sell a lot of books. If you have influence first, then put a marketing plan behind it, you’ve got magic. Without the influential aspect of the book however, you may sell a lot of copies, but they’ll die on the shelves of your readers without ever being opened. 10.Time. A book is not written overnight. Nor is a reputation build overnight. And the most powerful books will challenge their authors as much as their readers. You’ll run into road blocks – internal and external – along the way. Both Carson and Kuhn took over 10 years from idea to publication for their most powerful books. They were researching, exploring and publishing other material during that time, as well as building their careers and reputations, so it certainly wasn’t wasted time. But it was time, fortitude and determination to finish that brought these books into existence.

So, where do you fall as an author? Are you passionate about your topic, or just interested in it, or worse – just doing it because it’s what you’ve always done or think you can make money at? Are you building relationships? Are you engaging your audience? Are you practicing publishing? Are you getting to know your audience at deeper levels? Does this feel like too many things to try to take on all at once? Then, I’ll share one last secret: if you focus only on what you are most passionate about, the rest falls into place so long as you keep taking the next step. Stop trying to sell books, and start making a difference. Author bio: As the Founder of Authorship for Experts, Lori Anne Rising is an author’s coach and editor who helps experts and thought leaders write their break out books to make a difference while building their business. She has been a professional writer and editor for over 20 years, a Certified Life Coach for over 7 years, and earned her MA in Organizational Communications and Leadership Studies from Marylhurst University in 2013. By researching the two most influential nonfiction books published in the last 100 years, she discovered the 10 Timeless Secrets of Influential Authorship. To learn more, visit, or be a part of the conversation online at www. You can also check out Lori Anne’s latest books and Kindle downloads at

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Where do you want to go? What do you want to see?

Why not let your excess take you there now? Contact http://www. for the over 1 Million in travel destinations, time shares and other fun trips.

Travel is easy and inexpensive when you use your trade! 8

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Phoenix Broadcasting Bringing You the World - Now in 98 Countries Do you need to generate more exposure, influence and income for you, your business or non-profit? Then you will want to check

out Phoenix Broadcasting.

Dan Kiburz incorporated Phoenix Broadcasting in April of 1999 in response to the demand for affiliate relations in the talk radio industry. Phoenix Broadcasting has been syndicating radio shows for over 13 years. Some of their past clients included “Pet Talk America”, “The Millennium Radio Network”, “The Gary Null Show”, “Let’s Talk Recovery”, “Investors Edge”, “The Ron Seggi Show”, “The Roth Show”, “Dresser After Dark”, “John Pendleton Show”, “Chuck Morse Show” and other shows. In 2007 Phoenix Broadcasting expanded their service to broadcasting on the Internet. Currently Phoenix Broadcasting operates with archived talk shows, music and other information. receives between 200,000 and 300,000 hits a month. For clients that want to be aired on radio, Phoenix Broadcasting also syndicates their vignettes on affiliate stations around the country. In 2012 they expanded by creating “Media” webpage’s for the archiving of talk shows (on mp3 or video) with information about the show and providing links to the client’s website. In 2012 Phoenix Broadcasting also began to sell advertising space on their website In order to provide even better service for their advertisers they instituted a social networking campaign and began to market their advertisers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Phoenix Broadcasting has just begun the live streaming of audio and video for their clients. Phoenix Broadcasting is embedding the html code for their client’s live broadcast streaming players on their “Media” page. This provides their client’s live broadcast with a completely different audience on a new media outlet. To generate more exposure, influence and income contact Dan Kiburz at Phoenix Broadcasting 727-557-6092. 18

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Profit = Cash + Trade My Barter Game is all about understanding trade in a fun educational way! Race around the board learning the benefits of barter and how trade can make your business grow. Swap, trade or barter.... whatever you call it this is a fun game for people of all ages. Both the rewards and risks are big so enjoy the action as the most profitable player goes home with the win!


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Get Your Business Name on a Square! My Barter Game ™

has a LIMITED AMOUNT of ad space available for our board. We launch this game at the end of the month! Major distribution channels include Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Hamleys Toys in England. Poland, Australia and Canada have already recognized and are waiting for launch date. The TODAY SHOW is one of the 1st to interview us. We have had a 5,000 pre-order from a major firm. We have been asked to teach this as ASU, and other Entrepreneurial colleges and other schools. INSTANT BUSINESS Magazine features, and all our social media recognition, and paid advertising. This is just the start of the exposure list. Imagine your business being on the 1st Monopoly board with the name recognition of Park Place or Reading Railroad. That is what you will be receiving. GO DADDY is interested in a space. Do you want your company aligned with a company that size? If you are remotely interested please let us know NOW. We need to finalize this board to take it to market and are no longer waiting on anyone. If you have already paid for your piece of history, CONGRATULATIONS! If not what are you waiting for?

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L I A J O T G N ! I ! ! O D G O O G FOR I am being sent to Jail for MDA and you can donate to either help me get out or keep me in. Here is the link to donate, any amount is helpful! The date of incarceration is Aug 27th but feel free to help with bail prior! Here is some information on the project: About MDA Lock-Up

The Lock-Up is the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s premier fundraising program. These high-profile events occur all across the country at various times throughout the year. Business and community leaders agree to be “put behind bars for good,” where they utilize use their vendors, co-workers, family and friends to get donations that will go toward their “bail.” Each Jailbird has weeks to raise their donations. That way, on the day of the LockUp event, they can enjoy the Lock-Up experience by networking with other business leaders and meeting with the individuals and families that they’re helping in their community. All funds raised by the MDA Lock-Up assist the Association in providing lifesaving research, a nationwide network of medical clinics and accessible summer camp experiences to individuals and families affected by neuromuscular diseases.

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Is It Possible To Eat Healthy Anymore? With over 84,000 toxic chemicals in our environment, no wonder why staying healthy has become a tough task. At least 2100 known chemicals are in our drinking water with more being introduced all the time. No one, including the scientists can keep up. Who knows what you are really eating and drinking every day? The average consumer isn’t aware of the poisons we all are consuming. I know I wasn’t. LOOKING FOR ANSWERS: I was buying organic food, bottled water and vitamins, trying everything to stay healthy. I thought I knew what I was doing. I listened to credible doctors, read books, went to numerous seminars over the years and woke up one day, only to find I had been wasting my money. Until you understand how the human body works and what it needs to stay well, it’s impossible to stay well, and you can’t fix it by yourself. IN SEARCH OF A HEALTH MECHANIC: It’s like taking your car to someone who is not a mechanic to fix it. They can’t, without the knowledge about the multiple systems that make that car go. It’s all connected together—if just one thing goes wrong, it doesn’t work right. The human body is the same way. You have hundreds of processes going on at the same time. When one of those systems isn’t functioning correctly, the whole body begins to wear out, break down and eventually fall apart. When it comes to our car breaking down, we get it fixed immediately. Why, when it comes to our health, do we neglect it until it’s too late or it’s a major challenge to fix it? The bigger question is who can fix it? The human body can and does heal itself when given what it needs, but toxic water and foods overwork all of the body’s systems. The human body has become a toxic dump for what we call food and water! IN NEED OF A CLEANSE: The body must cleanse itself before it will use its energy to heal. The body must protect itself first. Clean water is your body’s best defense. I am not talking about drinking reverse osmosis water or bottled water. Neither have what your body needs to do its job. While one may be clean of chemicals, it is robbing your body of minerals. The bottled water business has made billions of dollars


Instant Barter Magazine May

while simply filtering the water, and in some cases is no better than tap water. PROCESSED FOODS: This generation is what I call the bag, box, can, fast food junkies. If we can’t get food or water in one of those forms we typically don’t eat or drink it. Even when we buy organic foods, we still are missing the entire ship, far beyond missing the boat! CHEMICALS AND PESTICIDES: Just 100 years ago, many of the chemicals being used today did not exist, at least not in a known form. Is organic really organic in 2013? Where do crops and animals get their water? The water they drink is the same that we drink. Most food is treated with pesticides with oil-based petroleum that doesn’t wash off, even some foods labeled organic. Is there a guarantee that there are no pesticides on the food? GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS: The newest threat to our health is genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Simply put, if it has no seed, it’s a GMO. If the bugs won’t touch it, should we? Unless you ask or know how to tell, chances are it has pesticides in it or on it, and GMO foods are now invading our food chain. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH: The bottom line is until you know what, you will never understand why! We are on a mission to teach people what we have learned about staying healthy in today’s overburdened toxic world. We are offering free educational classes valley-wide to help people who want to know what and how. There is so much you can do to stay well. According to the American Cancer Society, 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women will develop cancer. You don’t have to become a statistic!

If you would like to learn more, Vickie Johnston speaks every Thursday at the 18° Neighborhood Grill inside the Ice Den at 9375 E. Bell Road Scottsdale, AZ. 5:00 p.m. - Get Your Health Fix meeting 7:00 p.m. - Get Your Water Fix meeting Or join us for one of our Health Talk Calls, Tuesdays & Fridays at 5:00 p.m. at 559-726-1300, PIN 757969#

My Health Fix

Based in Nature, Backed by Science

Our range of scientifically formulated products allow you to feel better, to look better, to live better! From your daily Core Nutrition needs to personalized Targeted Solutions—we have the proven program that will allow you to achieve optimal health and vitality!

start with core nutrition

Pro Vitality+ Daily Whole Food Nutrition for Lifelong Vitality

NeoLifeShake For Daily Nutrition & Weight Management


Clarity • Longevity • Vitality

add personalized targeted solutions for specific health needs

choose the cleanest healthiest water

UltraWater Ionizers ™

Contaminant free. Energized. Alkaline. Antioxidant. UltraWaterTM patent-pending, double-filtered ionizers are the only ionizers that are EPA certified lab tested to remove 99.9% of contaminates and create the world’s cleanest, healthiest water.

Contact Vickie Johnston to order • 480-800-7313 • • •

My Health Fix Store coming soon! 10768 Grand Ave, Sun City, AZ

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First Customer Loyalty Card to Benefit Everyone News Source:

HERO$CARD Worldwide is a revolutionary loyalty card program that benefits consumers, merchants, local communities, and charities. With no registration fees, processing costs, or monthly fees involved, merchants see a boost in both sales and customer loyalty, while consumers enjoy a wealth of guaranteed discounts through HERO$CARD’s growing number of businesses. HERO$CARD charges a 10 percent marketing fee on the net sales made by HERO$CARD merchants— HERO$CARD contributes 25 percent of this marketing fee to local charities and/ or worthwhile causes and consumers receive 25 percent in the form of a rebate to further gain loyalty to the merchant. HERO$CARD Worldwide is the brainchild of founder Terry Brandfass, who became fed up with the stack of loyalty cards stuffed inside her wallet. With more than 30 years of experience in alternative commerce, she and her husband Lee set out to do something about it. They created a single universal card widely accepted with unique advantages: it benefits not just the user and

the merchant, but also local communities and charities. “We believe in coopetition,” Terry explains, “where competition mixes with cooperation for the greater good.” That would appear to be the case, with a growing number of customers and businesses eagerly signing up. “Customers like the idea of donating to their community, while being rewarded by fair, 24/7 discounts and rebates. And everyone loves the convenience.” The benefits are not only geared toward consumers and charitable organizations. Member businesses do not need to track usage, like they do with individual programs, or obtain additional equipment in order to participate. The non-financial cards allow for anyone of any age to use them with ease. It is simple for the merchant to process a transaction through HERO$CARD’s proprietary web terminal or through smartphone apps. HERO$CARD keeps track of each cardholder’s usage, providing cardmembers and merchants online statements and a variety of reports. HERO$CARD also distributes customer rebates and manages the charitable contributions.

“Businesses work together philanthropically to boost their local economy and support worthy causes by attracting community-minded consumers, which, in turn, boosts their own sales, so everybody wins,” Terry explains. HERO$CARD also provides business owners a variety of tools to help them grow, such as the Bonus Rewards Tool, Rate a Merchant Tool, Email, and Text Marketing, and will soon launch a CRM module. All of these tools are furnished free of charge to the merchant. When one reviews the numbers, it is easy to see why this program has become popular. Businesses featuring customer rewards programs typically see their current customers twice as often. Those same customers spend up to an average of four times the amount of those who do not participate in reward programs. “We are still in a tough economic climate,” Lee says. “Businesses may lose an average of 10 to 30 percent of their customers every year. What many don’t realize is that, by reducing that loss by a mere 5 percent, a business can increase its annual profits by an impressive 25 to 80 percent. It’s also a lot easier and less expensive to keep your current customers happy than to try to find new ones.”

For more information on HERO$CARD, check out its website, Business owners and consumers can log on to read more about its benefits and join, risk-free. Charitable organizations, from startups to national nonprofits to charter schools and even school districts, wanting to participate in the HERO$CARD program to receive contributions can submit their application online.

Say you saw us in INSTANT BUSINESS Magazine July issue! 16

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To purchase this book, or learn more about the author, go to http://employ-yourself-now. com/ . This book is also available in book stores and

on Amazon.

Bookstores are practically littered with business self-help literature. Some are good. Then there is a book like Employ Yourself Now, Enjoy Yourself Now, authored by Jack Terry, who speaks as a solid voice of experience. For a man who has set up and established well over twenty businesses, all of them different types of endeavors, the prospect for a treasure trove of entrepreneurial and practical wisdom must be enormous. When one considers that Jack started his own venture with very little, one should be amazed at the uncomplicated way his first business branched out into other fields.Yet, the whole progression make sense once you are in business for yourself. You need not rely on your own ideas either, because a lot of people can get you excited with their own ideas. And you can run into these ideas everyday--all you need is an open mind and curiosity to make sense of these ideas and put them into effect. This is a straightforward account of how to navigate through all aspects of venturing into business. Speaking from sixty years of experience, the author displays a full grasp of the purpose of the project. The ideas and presentation are well organized, and the exposition clear and accessible, even enjoyable. Instant Barter Magazine May 17

Your Guidance Office College Coaching & Planning 520-261-4142

______________________________ Comprehensive Program includes “everything” a student needs to prepare and plan for college like Career Exploration, College Selection, PSAT/ACT/SAT Test Preparation, Essays, and Funding Guidance. Your Guidance Office provides experienced and dedicated college admissions guidance and coaching services worldwide. Your Guidance Office (YGO) has experienced, award-winning college admissions coaches. They provide superior service with the highest level of support and integrity. Their programs are designed to work with students from middle school through doctorate. YGO students have received more than $15,000,000 in free financial aid offers from the colleges they applied to. Our mission is simple. Helping students get admitted to the right college for them while receiving the most financial awards possible to help offset the high cost of education. These awards can be in many forms, including scholarships, grants, tuition waivers and more, but all are financial awards that do not have to be paid back. Knowing how to use the admissions process correctly and how to create a desirable student profile is the key to receiving funding offers directly from the universities. “You don’t know what you don’t know.” The problem is not that there is a lack of information available for college planning, it is that there is too much and it is very difficult for parents to know what to believe or where to go for help. Just as you might use an accountant, real estate agent or lawyer to navigate complex situations you should use a professional to navigate the complex, important and expensive road to college. From start to finish Your Guidance Office has the tools, advice, and roadmap to student success. Please review all our services. Most students will need to utilize all three steps.


Instant Barter Magazine May

Our Counseling Services Include: College Coaching Step I • Career Exploration Tools: Through the students on-line portal they will complete a personality profile that will make recommendations of career paths to explore. The student will have access to an extensive database of career exploration tools including thousands of engaging videos, educational requirements, salary data, job descriptions, demographics etc. • On-line College Organizer: This on-line organizer is used by many college preparatory schools across the country. It is a one stop location for all your college planning documentation and resources. Students will be trained on how to use the software and how to get the most use out of it. Parents will have access and will be able to follow along with the student through their college planning. • PSAT/ACT/SAT Test Prep Software: This software has practice tests designed to improve the students PSAT, ACT and SAT scores. Live scoring and progress reports help the student see their own success and improvement. College Coaching Step II • College Profile Matching: The student will fill out a questionnaire and be interviewed. They will need to have a general career path in mind. A researcher will then match the students profile to appropriate colleges. If the student does not have a general career path then they need to start with Step I Career Exploration Tools. • Admissions Packet Requests: After a list of colleges is determined the researcher will notify the schools on behalf of the student to request admissions information specific to that student’s profile. This information will be sent directly to the student from the colleges in their profile. College Coaching Step III • Admissions and Application Coaching: The student will be taught little known techniques that will both increase their odds of acceptance to college and also increase their odds for significant free funding offers from the colleges they apply to. • Document Review: A review of application essays, student's resume, and application packet cover letter content is included upon request. • Award Letter Negotiation Coaching: In order to maximize the financial aid offers it is critical to know the best way to appeal any funding offers. The student will be taught how to create an admissions environment where colleges are actually competing for their attendance. • Financial Aid Consultation: Reviewing financial aid letters on your own can be very confusing. The family will receive assistance in interpreting the financial aid letters and offers. Referrals to outside independent financial services professionals with expertise in college planning techniques will be offered when appropriate. The Your Guidance Office staff does not give financial or tax advice. • FAFSA Review: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is an imperative part of the process. Whether the student is a “need based” qualified student or even if the family income far exceeds the maximum amounts for federal aid this form must be filed. How this form is filled out can either cost or save you tens of thousands of dollars in financial aid. A YGO Authorized Financial Services Professional will analyze your financial data and let you know what your expected family contribution is likely to be. College Coaching Plan Pricing A family enrollment includes any or all members of the immediate family. The family rate for the complete service is a one-time fee with a$100 ( $75 cash/check) annual renewal fee. Renewal is at the discretion of the family. The first student is included in the family's enrollment and there is a $125 ($100 cash/check) registration fee for each additional student within the household. The three steps of college planning as outlined above can be purchased as one package or separately at a 12 month term at the prices listed below.

Complete College Planning Package for Full Family Step One Only Step Two Only Step Three Only

Cash/Check Credit $1,200 $1,275 $865 $915 $285 $320 $490 $525

*Enrolment is contingent upon approval by Your Guidance Office after an informal interview of the student by a YGO representative or Affiliate.

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SACRED GARDENS™! Have a glass of wine on us to celebrate the launch of our dream, an organic vineyard and a sustainable living community, dedicated to living in harmony with the earth and showing others the way. We are just at the beginning of a long, fruitful relationship with the land, and we want to share our adventures with you! At SACRED GARDENS™, our guests walk pristine pathways between organic, toxin-free, fruits, vegetables, vines, and wines, where a member of our sustainable living community is willing to teach the harvest of fresh produce for your next chef-prepared dining experience in our learning center’s family kitchen. Stay a day, a week, a month, just a meal, or more, in this pristine, toxin-free, off-the-grid sanctuary we call

SACRED GARDENS™. We know you will find useful tips on how to live more sustainably, to save energy, and to reduce your carbon footprint. 20

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We know you will find useful tips on how to live more sustainably, to save energy, and to reduce your carbon footprint. Most of all, we share our joy of living through the succulent grapes and luscious wine that comes from our community.

MEET YOUR HOSTS! Vince Costa had a dream of owning an organic vineyard one day. Kay Costa had a dream of having a home in a vineyard. They both wanted a guest house where they could offer the best in hospitality. They decided to go for their dreams and the result is Sacred Gardens™, where people have great organic wine AND a model for how to live sustainably on the planet. `*` They both love good wine! `*` Somehow it all works in harmony‌ just the way we can all live on this planet. Instant Barter Magazine May 21

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We are a lifestyle publication designed to inspire, empower, enrich, entertain and to enhance the lives of Phoenix area women while supporting our advertisers. Our concept is simple, we put women first. Each issue provides numerous articles on living a well-rounded life, practical information on healthy choices along with tips and advice for managing life’s obstacles even with a busy schedule. Women make 80% of all household decisions. If you are trying to reach the women of Phoenix, then you should be advertising in Phoenix Ultimate Woman. Phoenix Ultimate Woman is a lifestyle publication designed for women… …who want to be their best …who want to feel their best …who want to do their best …who want to give back to their communities Phoenix Ultimate Woman will inspire, empower, enrich, entertain and support someone's life every day. Our mission is to be a resource to women in the Phoenix metropolitan area and provide them with valuable information for enriching their lives and sharing with others. Phoenix Ultimate Woman is committed to our advertising partners by connecting them with smart, successful women and discovering new, innovative ways to increase their business by sharing business tips and learning from our readers.


Instant Barter Magazine May

Vaughn and Owen Model Business Success—Really? The movie, Internship, features two mid to late forties, not especially, successful highend wrist-watch salesmen, who lost their jobs when their company closed its doors because watches are obsolete in a world where everyone uses a cell phone and/or digital clock in cars, TV and appliances, etc. The pair quickly learns sales positions are scarce in the wake of the digital age. The most adventurous of the pair, Billy McMahon (Vince Vaughn) finds an ad for a summer internship, while searching for a job on the Internet at the least likely company for two men in their mid to late forties—Google. Billy convinces his buddy, Nick Campbell (Owen Wilson) to interview for the job in spite of a stereotype mismatch. They interview together on an Internet video cam in the library (no video cam on their old computer) with two tech smart human resource recruiters. Billy’s and Nick’s answers to the questions are beyond the comprehension of the interviewers to the degree the interviewers think the hapless pair knows a secret language. Against all odds, the pair, who barely uses email, land the Google internship, where their lack of tech knowledge and dated 1980’s work ethic and references make them stand out as freaks in a room filled with brilliant tech-nerd college grads. Think Millennial (age 22-24) and late Gen-X managers. The program requires them to form teams to compete against other interns in a series of challenges that exposes each team member’s inadequacies. By default, Billy and Nick are in a group formed of three tech geeks no one else chose with an insecure unpopular Google team leader. At the end of the four challenges the team that wins will each be given a real job at Google. Although, a comedy, there are several profound business lessons. Even though nearly impossible to achieve the challenges—the two early Gen-X demonstrate that there is no room for ‘failure.’ Perseverance is important to achieve one’s goals and ‘giving up’ is not an option. In spite of competing against younger tech geek team members older generations still have a significant role to play in the technological world. Those who are intimidated by new technology can be heartened to know with patience and perseverance one can become a valued contributor. Long shots pay off the biggest. Believe in yourself. Know your strengths and talents and use them to your best advantage. Avoid allowing others to define who you are and your capabilities. Tech geeks are missing life unless they engage with non-tech people doing ordinary things. Camaraderie and teamwork across generations are a plus. Strategic creativity is essential to achieving goals. Survival of the savviest transcends the survival of book smarts. As would be expected for a movie, the underdog team narrowly wins the final challenge and they are hired for full-time jobs. While you might dismiss this happy ending as just a movie—the messages are clear—dismissing older generations as ‘has been’ or obsolete is robbing younger workers the advantage of experience and savvy. To set the record straight the foundation for the technology for computers, cell phone, apps, etc. was developed by engineers in the 50’s in such companies as AT&T, IBM, Motorola, Hewlett Packard and others. Least we forget, physicists Sir John Douglas Cockcroft and Ernest Walton split atoms of lithium into helium nuclei in 1932. Nuclear fission has been known for billions of years. Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, has provided consulting expertise to corporate executives, including IBM, AT&T, Exxon, Mobil, Merrill Lynch, First Boston, FedEx and USPS.  As a strategic innovator Neddermeyer has 35+ years’ experience in Change Management, empowered communications, negotiations, and conflict resolution and have worked in North America, India, the Netherlands, Brazil and Turkey. Neddermeyer is a keynote presenter at business meetings and conferences. Call 480.794.1561

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When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the personal attention you deserve? It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to work on their nutrition and goals with a trained professional. As a Health Coach, I create a supportive environment that will enable you to achieve all of your health goals. I have studied all the major dietary theories and use practical lifestyle coaching methods to guide you in discovering which approach works best for you. Most approaches to nutrition dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins. Instead of creating lists of restrictions of good and bad foods, I coach my clients to create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and free of denial and discipline. No one diet works for everyone. I will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. I will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals. Could one conversation change your life? Schedule a free initial consultation with me today! 24

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INSTANT BUSINESS Magazine July 2013