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SAMPLE PRACTICE EXAM QUESTIONS IN STUDY GUIDE 1. One who treats ailments of the skin is a(n) A. oculist. B. neurologist. C. cardiologist. D. dermatologist. 2. In some cultures, a woman may have more than one husband, a practice known as A. polygamy. B. polygyny. C. polyalia. D. polyandry. 3. One who makes a change has made an A. alteration. B. altar. C. altercation. D. altruism. 4. The word _______ is an adjective that refers to the eye. A. occult B. ocular C. opular D. oculist 5. A person’s need to increase his or her vocabulary is directly related to the desire for A. parental approval. B. knowledge and understanding. C. achievement in school. D. a scholarly image. 6. The judge sentenced him to be A. hung. B. hunged. C. hang. D. hanged.

7. One who mounts and stuffs animals is a A. dermatitis. B. demagogue. C. taxidermist. D. pachyderm. 8. One who specializes in the treatment of infants is a A. pediatrician. B. psychiatrist. C. gynecologist. D. dermatologist. 9. Nancy and Betty are _______ of West Virginia University. A. alumnus B. alumnae C. alumna D. alumni 10. A verbal dispute is an A. alteration. B. aternation. C. altercation. D. alienation. 11. That British aristocrat is wearing a A. pedagogue. B. polyandry. C. hypodermic. D. monocle. 12. The clerk will wait on the person _______ is next. A. whom B. whomever C. whoever D. who 13. One who specializes in the treatment of diseases of the heart is a(n) A. oculist.

B. cardiologist. C. neurologist. D. internist. 14. A neurotic is suffering from A. neurasthenics. B. neurasthenia. C. neurasthectomy. D. neurosis. 15. _______ are going for a walk. A. Him and me B. Me and him C. He and I D. I and he 16. Between the ages of 20 and 65, the total decrease in learning ability is A. about 20 percent. B. more than 50 percent. C. less than 15 percent. D. 40–50 percent. 17. You can feed a(n) A. gauche. B. pachyderm. C. hypodermic. D. ocular. 18. Psyche, the Greek root of “psychology” and “psychosis” means A. diseased condition. B. medical healing. C. mind or spirit. D. mystical healing. 19. Which one of the following words has a negative connotation? A. Pedagogue B. Ophthalmological

C. Taxidermy D. Inoculate 20. One who specializes in treating diseases of the bones and joints is an A. obstetrician. B. orthopedist. C. oculist. D. orthodontist.

Penn Foster Exam Answers 986811 Off to a Good Start Penn Foster Exam Answers TUTORIAL: Includes final exam guide with...