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the interactive igloo

by Anna Hvejsel, Karen Emilie Sørensen, Simone Jørgensen, Sasha Rasmussen, Astrid Stjernholm, Julie Hjortshøj, Katrine Thorlacius-Ussing & Jannicke Christensen

the working proces

the facts

5 m in diameter 2 m high 60 cm big hole in top 51,6 m2 used plastic 51,86 m foldings 150 staples per meter 7.859 pieces of staples 48,7 cm3 soil

60 cm

200 cm

500 cm

the entering

entering through the hole from a connecting channel, and then exit the dome through the hole by pulling it down and crawl/walk on the top of the plastic. when you pull down the hole, a lot of air is blowing up around you, like shown in the picture.

entering the dome by walking on the plastic, which will make a lot of the air to flow out from the hole. when you get to the hole, you can stand still and feel the dome blow up around you, so you at last can look out through the hole in the top.

timelap entering the dome

the feeling inside

the idea was to use the igloo as a play tool. you have different choices how to enter and exit the igloo. the igloo has a hole in the top, which makes an opportunity to pull down and look out, and in the same time it ventilates the air in the igloo.

when you are inside the dome, you have some different views. when you sit down, you can look through the hole in the side through the connecting room, then you can see other persons moving in the whole structure. you can also look through the plastic and see the people, who is being outside the structure. you also have the possibility to look out to the air over the dome through the top hole. if you stand up, you can pull down the hole and look out at the area around the dome, and see the structure from outside.

instant aarhus // september 13 // aarhus arkitektskole

iAAR_team 6  
iAAR_team 6