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INSTANT AARHUS_Pre-Workshop AAA_3rd year_Week 36 2013 Marie Ramsing Linda Strandby Marie Due Liv Skovg책rd

TESTING_Materials, shapes, joints, koncepts

EXPERIMENT 01_”In a box”

EXPERIMENT 02_”Breaking a surface”

EXPERIMENT 03_”Underneath the sand”

EXPERIMENT 04_”Emerging from being covered”

PROTOTYPE_””Ice-Cube Bag” with small units”

Slow vacuum The construction investigates the nature and the feeling of plastic being filled with air. The air inside the construction is forced to slowly fill the structure, as it is led through a series of membranes creating 5 individual units, which will be filled one by one; from the bottom to the top. A person is positioned in the middle of the construction, and feels the plastic being blown up around his body. The space is getting tighter, as each unit is filled with air, until the person is fully embraced by the plastic. The person inside is slowly losing his freedom of movement. At the same time the volume of the plastic is increasing, creating a contradiction between the feeling and the visual experience.

PROTOTYPE_”Slow vacuum”

PROCESS_Constructing part of “Instant Ibiza” (1:8)


PART 17+18_Inside

INSTANT IBIZA_Final assembly