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Instant Aarhus IAA

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INSTANTAARHUS (iAAR), Mols, Fuglsø, September 2013. INSTANTAARHUS is inspired by a former project called INSTANTIBIZA from 1971 created by JosÊ Miguel de Prada Poole. IAAR is build up by a dome, three main streets and twelve neighborhoods. The dome is positioned in the center of the city and the three main streets stretch out from the dome where the neighborhoods are attached. Our groups (number 23 and 24) were given neighborhood number 3 which is located next to the main entrance on one of the main streets. The task was to build an inflateable structure out of transparent plastic and end up with an entire city. We were given 160 square meters of plastic, tape and a lot of staples. Before the workshop the 3rd year students had a pre-workshop where they explored the possibilities of the material.

Located in the center of our structure is a column created out of strings. Instead of using the column to take the pressure of the construction as in conventionel structurel systems, we used the column to take the tension. The strings are fixed in different sized circles in the top and bottom of the construction. Furthermore the fix points are twisted 90 degrees which make the column seem more solid. Columns are a static element which is designed to take pressure. This persepctive will change when constructing an inflatable structure due to the construction made of air and all forces will be represented as tension when expanding. Because of this we have been making a column which holds the structure together and gives it shape instead of bearing the construction.

There have been created five smaller spaces around the center of the construction. These are positioned towards the column in the middle and stage this as the center of the structure. It is possible to stay in each of the five niches. Between the niches there is no direct visual contact but you can still obtain a feeling of being in the same space because of the transparency of the material - contact visually and sonically.

Instant Aarhus City

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iAAR_team 23+24  
iAAR_team 23+24