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Hendrik Lyberth Símun L. Jacobsen Casper S. Rasmussen Therese H. Næraa Group 21 INSTANTAARHUS workshop



Research by bending the much controlled airy structure, and thereby creating a more abstract form and spatial connection.



The concept we have worked with in our airy structure is clearly inspired by the snail and its Shell. The Shell plays a protective role, it is a shield against enemies, a space the snail can wrap itself into, and at the same time it’s mobile and can represent itself as both the entire Snail, or just be a part of the Snail silhouet. The inflatable structure is based on the Snails Shell that most often occurs circular shape and is defined by a spiral, in this case instead located on the back of a person. The small structure does in its starting form represent the snail , but when air is added to the structure it unfolds in a spiral movement into a Shell which instead embraces the human body. The Shell change the scale of its mobile spiral into a structure which in terms of shape has no connection to the snail, but instead covers the entire upper human body. It becomes a protective layer against wind and rain, but also acts as a space in which the user can get into further dialogue with another person.