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Our proposal expresses the dichotomy between culture and nature. The two elements are juxtaposed through a contrast of forms and interactions. The free flowing, untamable nature is expressed through the perfection and clarity of a semispherical dome. The culture is reflected through the clear relational form of a cube. Our structure seeks to acute the senses and the audience and provide a sanctuary for serenity on the city. As one turns away from the city and walks into the dome the forces of nature evident due to how the wind mani pulates the low-pressure structure and makes it dance. this is a turbulent and sometimes uncomfortable experience. However, one is able to find peace in the seclusion of the cube. In this comfortable and safe space one can peacfully dwell and find peace in the city.



Tests were then carried out as a means of

investingating the spatial and other qualities of the plastic. In so doing we discovered the sensory effects of the wind-manipulated membrane, which evoked an impression of enclosure as well as exposure. It offered simultaneously a refuge and a an observatory for the forces of nature.


In order to further settle on the exact measures and look of the design the design was then sketched in rhino. This led to many technical consideration as to how it would be constructed. Templeates of the various components were derived from these measures and then used for cutting the plastic.


Through rhino a scheme of constructing and assembling was required. Although the shift from perfectly defined mathematical definitions to hands on reality proved difficult the result came off almost identically to the design.

Building Assembling and building the components on site also gave a few complications. Digging a foundation especially turned out troublesome, and small adjustments had to be made.

Anitha Christiansen, Michael Sand, Malene Husum, LÌrke Aagaard, Gabriela Alban, Francisca San Martin, Peer Fredrik Bull-Hansen, Simen Marzano Frey and Mads Frølund

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