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6 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017

6 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017






2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 7

2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 7


Jurga Skeiryte


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Kerryn Grady


Jurga Skeiryte


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8 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017

Photo: Sane Seven Welcome to our biggest issue yet! We’ve got 104 pages of fashion, amazing visualsthe prepared for and you 2017 is uponbeauty us! Forand many, 2016 wasn’t best year, available on over, your because computer, tablet or I this havetime, to admit, I am 24/7 glad it’s when a new mobile phone wherever you are. year star ts, it feels like I was given a clean slate and I have 365 days to better myself and my life, do something Besidesand theachieve usual fashion exciting my goalsand andbeauty dreams.news, we’ve prepared a rundown of womenswear and menswear trends this issue including shopping suggestions, so Very fewin people maintain their new year’s resolutions that you don’t have to research yourself and could shop past January, but I have to say that I am not one of directly from2016 the star issue.ted, I personally love my Fall goals because them. When I wrote down for of how youand canlooking be with yourI am style, andhappy who the year versatile in my diary, back, quite doesn’t layering? to achieve those goals. My mustwith my love determination have item is a paper diary. I love simple, ‘old-fashioned’ Also I wanted to include some features could be planners, because I believe that there that is something really helpful a lot of people hopefully answer magical abouttowriting down yourand goals and to-do lists some questions. We’ve teamed up with John Lewis on paper – it solidifies what you are trying to accomplish. Liverpool in order to find that one perfect pair of jeans for any about body type (p52).ofI was really we interested to see Talking this issue #INSPO, are happy to the results. I’m surethree you will be too!ar tists / designers: have inter viewed amazing Gary James McQueen, who is gracing our cover, Simon Our beauty guruQureshi. Lucy gives youis some great advice Albo and Marina Each very different, but about fillers in this issue. She actually went and gottothem equally exciting. I feel that anyone who is trying get done The White Rooms clinic here in Liverpool and into theatfashion industry or thinking about star ting their told the whole storyshould in detail in these p77. If features you everfor thought own clothing brand read some about getting facial injections, I’m sure you will find this inspiration and advice. feature really interesting and helpful. As per usual, we have some great shopping advice for If you love season, fashion and much the winter eye- beauty catchingphotography fashion andasbeauty as I do, we have plenty of it in this issue. I’m really editorials as well as a selection of luxury goods that you excited we are featuring photography work from might bethat craving. all over the world, literally: Spain, Mexico, Bosnia and United Kingdom, and we also regularly I Herzegovina, am wishing everyone the happiest 2017! Let’s all do feature editorials on our website. something wonderful this year. I want to thank everyone involved in creating this issue and of course our readers. I want tofor thank We exist you!everyone involved in creating this issue and our rapidly growing following on social media. We love you and wouldn’t exist without you!





Stay inspired, Jurga Editor-in-Chief

2017 2017 Winter Winter | | Issue Issue 88 #INSPO #INSPO99







AND STYLISH 2017 2017 Winter Winter | | Issue Issue 88 #INSPO #INSPO1111


Wool and Alpaca Mix Camo Crew Neck Jumper, Jigsaw, £179.

St r i p e Lo g o J u m p e r , Moschino at flannels, £250.

Greca R ibbed K ni t ted S w e a t s h i r t , Ve r s u s Versace at flannels, £240.

Zi p B o t t o m K n i t t e d Jumper, dSquared2 at flannels, £459. Cotton Horizontal Stripe Crew Neck Jumper, Jaeger, £85 each. Tiger Knitted Jumper, gucci at flannels, £510.

12 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017


Ruf f le Front Jumper, V by Very, £28.

Eunson Shetland R ib Sli t Jumper, Jigsaw, £198.

Sonar Tie Sweatshir t, h e l m u t la n g a t flannels, £305.

Molly Sweater, hobbs, £70.

F in e K ni t D r a w s t r in g Jumper, helmut lang at flannels, £190.

Ghost Knitted Sweatshir t, gucci at flannels, £510. Split Side Oxford Knitted Jumper, Polo Ralph lauren at flannels, £129.

Torina Cashmere Cardigan, Theory at flannels, £430.

2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 13


gary James McQueen was first introduced to the fashion industr y by his late uncle Alexander McQueen, who mentored and inspired him to be the ar tist he is today. Gary worked alongside his uncle up until his passing in 2010. He felt personally compelled to continue his uncle’s legacy and family heritage. Taking inf luence from Alexander McQueen and also using the instinctive qualities that run in his blood, he continues to establish himself and the Gary James McQueen Brand, which he believes encapsulates the McQueen spirit. how did studying graphic design help you to get to where you are today? do you think having an education is important in the fashion industry, or is it sufficient to be self-taught? From a young age I always had a love for ar t and story telling, I just didn’t know what to do with it. Coming from a graphic design background it is easy to be categorised. I think cer tain perceptions are changing now with the digital age where a different entity such as graphic design transcends fashion. If you can understand the basic foundations of shape, colour, propor tion and silhouette as an ar tist, then this is already a step into fashion. I was lucky enough to have been given the chance to experience the fashion Industry, which in turn gave me the platform and outlet I needed to express my ar t. do you enjoy the business side of fashion? do you do everything yourself or do you have a team? Juggling the business side is one of the hardest things to do as an ar tist. You are so wrapped up in the love of creating ‘ar t’ that the business takes a backseat. My budget is non-existent, but I ensure that what I produce is done to the highest standard, so it’s more about quality than quantity. I think like for many other ar tists, the love of creating overcomes the logic of business. At this stage every par t of my brand identity from logo to website has been created by myself. I am very for tunate that I have the oppor tunity to collaborate with other ar tists, like Sane Seven, who shot the campaign for my recent scarf collection. What does your regular day look like? What is your design process? An ar twork star ts as a seed of an idea. It’s not really something that you can put into a day, it’s a process of brainstorming and ref ining. I have got a backlog of ideas for new prints which I will be working on, but I usually wait for the right oppor tunity when I have total clarity in my mind of what I would like to create, then I get on with it. The time span for a print to be completed can take between a month to six months to be right. I am currently experimenting with 3D digital sculpting within my next collection, which I think is a game changer. There are so many aspects of using a 3D ar twork that can be utilised in many more ways than just a 2D print. 14 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017


Juggling the



What inspires you the mos t and how did you develop your style? All of my work is digitally produced from photos or most recently from 3D sculptures rendered as 2D ar tworks. My style has developed from my love of story telling. I most often star t from an idea of what the final campaign would be, and in many ways what the character or story is. This aspect can be seen in my most recent collection, (Bir th, Death, Rebir th), which demonstrates my love of fictionalised narrative that I base my ar twork on. are there any artists/singers/actors you would like to see wearing your designs? describe the person you are creating for. I wouldn’t want to compar tmentalise or restrict anyone from wearing my designs. Of course there are many cool and inspiring public f igures who, if I did see wearing my designs, I would be over the moon, but I’m really not into saying what people can or can’t wear. I never judge a book by its cover and I really like being perplexed by someone who is different and not afraid of who they are.

16 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017

What advice would you give someone trying to get into fashion industry? The fashion world can be extremely exhausting, but it is also extremely exciting to see your hard work out there. I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than seeing your designs worn by someone. You are contributing towards their image and how they are perceived which is a really powerful feeling. The fashion indus tr y can be quite inces tuous with ‘outsiders’ not getting a foot in, which I feel stif les creativity, but just work hard at it and persevere. Stay true to your vision and if you are good enough and use social media wisely your voice will get heard. What’s in the future for gary James McQueen? My long term vision for the brand is to expand into other accessories such as leather goods and sunglasses. I love designing clothing too, but at the moment my budget just won’t cover it, unless it is a one off piece. I designed the clothing used in my campaign shoot for the Japanese Modernist Bird scarf (p16). I think that the wide Hakama trousers were a technical achievement using the concept of the classic Samurai Hakama and modernising it. In many ways it is a simple design, but as a wrap around, uses the wearer’s own body to fit perfectly. I also have a very exciting collaboration with bespoke bow tie maker ‘Le Papillon’ which has just launched too.


2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 17

All clothing from EMMANON 10 rue Delalandre 76570 PAVILLY.



Simon albo may not be on your fashion radar jus t yet, but the French designer who claims to ha te the ter m ‘fashion’ and takes his inspiration from nature, feelings and friendships needs to be on your wa tch lis t. His 2016 collection, ‘Metalys’, is a sensor y overload of colour, tex ture, sculpture and print, bringing some much needed excitement to these, let’s face it, pretty miserable and sombre times. His fantasy-like creations are a beautiful escape from real life. The Catalan-born designer, 29, star ted his education in landscape ar tistry. Despite realising this wasn’t his life’s calling, his six years of study are ref lected in the sculptural aesthetic of his clothes - and he himself recognises he wouldn’t be the same without those foundations. His connection with nature is an equally strong influence in his designs. Brought up in the “luminous and hot par t of the South of France,’’ Albo had the freedom to explore the forests and the mountains of his homeland. His curious nature meant he “liked to create [my] own universe… creating a place with unnatural creatures…”. Although his family doesn’t have any notably ar tistic roots, their love of nature, freedom and exploration has been a driving force for him. Of their suppor t of his dreams to create, he states, “we are a very good team!” It’s already been mentioned that Albo is not a fan of the F-word (fashion, not the other F-word!). This is a man that is led by his creativity, rather than a desire for fame and for tune. “I am very, very instinctive, very open-minded to my real feelings. It’s like a meditation for me. I don’t want to be influenced by ‘fashion’.” His favourite designer is “nature, because it is an unlimited creative power.” That’s not to say he has no interest in the fashion industry whatsoever. He still likes to see what’s happening at Viktor & Rolf and Commes des Garçons, and was previously an admirer of Alexander McQueen (“not anymore… it’s a sad disaster…”). He has assisted the likes of Nasir Mazhar (his boyfriend at the time), Issey Miyake, Kenzo and Maxime Simoëns, and went to a Parisian fashion school in 2012. So this isn’t any old rookie we’re looking at here! In terms of his design process, he seems to follow a very organic, free-flowing method, star ting with sourcing materials; “I star t to buy interesting materials, I mix ideas from a different universe, I star t to elaborate [designs] in my head, and after that I f ix them with pictures on the wall, little drawings, colours… And at the same moment I begin the [designs] on the dressmaker… Any new collection is like a new theatre. A new intention, where any silhouette has a new message. I sculpt the fabrics with scissors, I draw lines in space. I feel free, it’s really amazing because at any time an unknown direction [can be] created in my mind. I like these kinds of moments.” 24 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017

His passion is palpable. He is entirely immersed in his creative universe and is excited to discover new ar tists and sources of inspirations. “I like to discover every day new people, ‘new ar tists’. For example, I discovered yesterday a Japanese ceramicist Inazaki Eriko, who creates fantastic works; I like this kind of surprise!” Albo produces two collections a year - each taking about six months to put together - showing at Paris Fashion Week. In developing his label, he wants to maintain his creative and free way of thinking and working, meaning he won’t be producing multiple couture and ready to wear collections a year like other fashion houses. However, he will continue to try and work and collaborate with fellow ar tists to keep on creating his magic in an authentic and ar tistic way.

26 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017


BAD TASTE PhoTogRaPhy Kayley Cope MaKEUP aNd haIR lucy Mckeown STylIST Kerryn grady ModEl laura (boss Model Management) aSSISTaNTS Rachel Evans Suzanne Moses loCaTIoN lightbox Studos

Jacket, Krasimira Stoyneva, £995; Skir t, aSoS, £35; Shoes, Kurt geiger at Ver y Exclusive, £170; Necklaces, Coast, £35.

Pull & Pull & bear. & bear;

Top, Krasimira Stoyneva, £620; Printed Skir t, Topshop, £65.

Fringed jacket, Zara, £49.99; Printed Jacket, Sabina Soder berg, £395; Bodysuit, Krasimira Stoyneva, £110; Gold Bralette, aSoS, £18; Necklace, Coast, £35; Earrings, Stylist’s own; Trousers, Topshop, £39.

Lurex jumper, Topshop, £55; Top, Krasimira Stoyneva, Price on Request (made to order); Gold skir t, Topshop, £35; Necklace, Coast, £35; Boots, Kurt Geiger at Very Exclusive, £230. geiger

Anna Sui at Very Exclusive, Dress, anna £335; Necklace, Coast, £35.

Dress, Krasimira Stoyneva, £950; Bangles, Coast, £19 each; Shoes, Kurt Geiger at Very Exclusive, £170. geiger


African designs, power ful colours and f loral patterns - the new ThoMaS Sabo Sterling Silver Collection makes a real impact with its distinctive attention to detail and expressive messages. Captured with a truly emotive campaign, each item of jewellery is a symbol of dreams lived, experiences made together and mutual respect.

2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 35

Spring / Summer 2017 heralds the arrival of colours, patterns and shapes of Africa into the THOMAS SABO design language. The pendants, earrings, necklaces and rings from the Africa range have a strong graphic f lair as a result of their innovative layering technique. Ethnically-inspired design codes such as spearheads and plait patterns and the materials used create truly exciting light-dark contrasts. In addition to these, the ladies’ collection features white, faceted diamond floral cut-out motifs and maritime mosaic designs. With a Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude, feminine interpretations of the skull motif mesmerise, while the new Diamond Bars are powerhouses of minimalist design.

Good Karma! The Karma range - par t of the Watches Collection - now includes men’s designs for the very f ir s t time. Vintage-look leather straps and guilloché dials place the round cases of the Rebel with Karma watches centre stage. 36 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017

The THOMAS SABO Power Bracelets with XXL Beads crafted from tiger’s eye, jasper, obsidian or lapis lazuli for men and women are the impressive energisers of the collection. They become veritable statements with their striking designs and the iconic highlights.

ShoP aT WWW.ThoMaSSabo.CoM

THE ADNAMA M.A.N MASTERING A NEW #ME DESIGNER Amanda Chapman of ADNAMA NAMPAHC PHOTOGRAPHY Jaquan Cummings MAKEUP Aja “Ohshe” Hill MODELS Tré Addison (Kings And Queens Models / Westhaven Mgmt) Desmond Snow London Blac

MARINA QURESHI Marina Qureshi, known for her signature feminine and romantic silhouettes, introduces her latest collection for Autumn / Winter 2016 inspired by ‘Broken Nature’. The collection is strong and bold interpretation of a classic theme. The print Jacquard used is distor tions unreal coloring of Nature, Used beautifully in dresses and skir ts with signature lace and induced cuts; capture the essence of Qureshi’s feminine aesthetic. The classic silhouettes are broken to either induce a different color ver tically/ hor izontally or merge of another tex ture; fringes are enriched with unexpected color misleading, moving between black. Tweed and faux leather has been induced in this season following the color theme. The collection takes inspiration from broken nature not only in deformed patterns, but also in the strong and bold color palette. Dark burgundy, purple, black, teal chemically discolored forest.

Qureshi has created an Au tumn / Winter 2016 collection capturing the classic outline silhouettes and bold colors. Inducing teal ball gow n, black f i t ted lace gown wi th use of 3 dif ferent types of lace, tweed coat, and embroidered fringes detail. Ref lecting Qureshi’s attention to detail, the collection is craf ted from f ine French lace, luxurious jacquards, silk organza, tweed, faux leather and crepe. Featuring hand embellished detailing and embroidered fringes; each piece is an investment in a unique design vision and superior craftsmanship. WWW.MaRINaQUREShI.CoM SToCKISTS Le Premiere - Russia Mosaic - Kuwait The Closet - Qatar Mahat - KSA

ONLINE www.designer-24.com

44 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017

A Marina Qureshi


is one who carries herself

with confidence

and grace



ROLEX LADY-DATEJUST Images: Rolex / Alain Costa

Rolex is introducing the new generation of its Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust in either yellow or Everose Rolesor versions, a combination of 904L steel and either 18 ct yellow or Everose gold. These new models feature a redesigned case enlarged to 28 mm and a mechanical movement, calibre 2236, equipped with a Rolex-patented Syloxi hairspring in silicon. The new Lady-Datejust 28 carries the Superlative Chronometer cer ti cation rede ned by Rolex in 2015, which ensures singular performance on the wrist. 2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 47

PRESTIgE aNd ElEgaNCE Rolex’s classic feminine watch, the Lady-Datejust 28, is in the lineage of the Datejust, the emblematic model that has been a byword for style and accurate timekeeping ever since its launch in 1945. The rst women’s version of this date chronometer, the LadyDatejust, appeared in the late 1950s, bringing the heritage of timeless elegance and functionality in a smaller size perfectly suited to a lady’s wrist. RolESoR, a MaRRIagE of gold aNd STEEl Rolesor, the combination of gold and steel on a Rolex watch, has been a signature feature of the brand since 1933, when the name was registered. It is an auspicious meeting of two metals: one, noble and precious, attractive for its lustre and stability; the other, highly resistant, known for its strength and reliability. All of these qualities perfectly mirror the elegance and performance that come together in a Rolex watch. The Rolesor concept is simple: the bezel, the winding crown, as well as the centre bracelet links are made of 18 ct yellow or Everose (Rolex’s exclusive patented pink gold alloy) gold; the middle case and the outer bracelet links are made of 904L steel. Introduced on the Datejust in 1948, Rolesor contributed largely to the legendary status of this wristwatch. 48 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017

ThE oySTER CaSE, SyMbol of WaTERPRoofNESS The Oyster case of the Lady-Datejust 28, guaranteed waterproof to a depth of 100 metres (330 feet), is a paragon of robustness, propor- tion and elegance. The characteristically shaped middle case is crafted from a solid block of 904L steel. The uted case back is hermetically screwed down with a special tool that allows only Rolex watchmakers to access the movement. Fit ted with the Twinlock double waterproof- ness system, the winding crown screws down securely against the case. The crystal, with a Cyclops lens at 3 o’clock for easy reading of the date, is made of vir tually scratchproof sapphire. The waterproof Oyster case provides optimum protection for the Lady-Datejust 28’s high-precision movement. PERPETUal CalIbRE 2236 The new Rolesor Lady-Datejust 28 is equipped with calibre 2236, a new-generation self-winding mechanical movement entirely developed and manufactured by Rolex. Its Syloxi hairspring in silicon, patented by Rolex, offers a superlative level of chronometric performance. Insensitive to magnetic elds, the Syloxi hairspring provides great stability in the face of temperature variations.

BAOBAB COLLECTION baobab Collection f irst saw the light of day in 2002, in the enchanting landscape of Tanzania, a country rich in intense colours and bewitching perfumes. The collections are inspired by faraway space and wild nature but it is in Belgium that the new creations are dreamed up. A small country recognized for its creativity, know-how and minimalist chic. The Belgian brand finds unlimited inspirations through the wonders of the world. Each candle tells a new story: the name, the perfume and the materials used are closely linked. The full magnitude of its African heritage is represented in the All Seasons line that is made up of eleven exclusive colours and fragrances. The Pearls range, remind us the beauty of these gemstone cultivated in the pacific islands for many centuries. The latest collections, each as prestigious and ref ined as the previous, transpor t you to new destinations. Fragrant journeys that reincarnate Chinese landscapes, Russian steppes or Egyptian pyramids‌

With baobab Collection the candle becomes an object of decoration. Like the baobab tree in the African savannah, the candle impresses and stands out from the ordinary. An ordinary product that becomes ex traordinary. This is probably what defines luxury.

feathers Touareg Limited edition The Touaregs, also called “the blue men” due to the color of their attire, are a nomadic tribe seen as lords of the Deser t. The Feathers Touareg candle references the color of this tribe’s majestic appearance with its dark blue details. This scent’s mint and jasmine notes conjure up visions of festive evenings around a f ire sipping tea, taking in the various fascinating smells of Africa.

Patchouli - Rum Extract - Amber Max 10: £67 Max 16: £95 Max 24: £190 Maxi Max: £380

feathers Masaai Limited edition Inspired by the red capes worn by Masai warriors, the Feathers Masaai candle includes two shades of red on opalescent glass so as to create a more drastic all-over feathers effect. Its warm and inviting scent is made up of amber and rum extract, an immersion into the hot deser t sun in which this tribe has lived for centuries.

Patchouli - Rum Extract - Amber Max 10: £67 Max 16: £95 Max 24: £190 Maxi Max: £380

feathers Limited edition Black feathers dance across the opalescent glass in a blend of alternating transparency and opacity. The Feathers candle is at the same time masculine and feminine, a romantic landscape both arctic and volcanic. Its scent is a blend of the fragility of a black rose and the strength of Oud wood, somewhat like the balance of the ying and the yang.

Saffron - Black Rose - Oud Wood Max 10: £67 Max 16: £95 Max 24: £190 Maxi Max: £380

WWW.baobabCollECTIoN.CoM 2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 51

REACHING FOR THE DEEP BLUE PhoTogRaPhy Serafina andrew ModEl and MaKEUP Micaela Pazos Varela


The House of Rolls-Royce has announced its Spring/Summer 2017 Couture collection. Signature detailing in vibrant colour will complement palettes of classic white as Dawn is Inspired by Fashion. Rolls-Royce and the world of Haute Couture have long been bound by a common philosophy – taking the very f inest materials and crafting them into the most exquisite and desirable luxury goods as expressions of their clients’ taste and lifestyle. 2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 59

Under the stewardship of Design Director Giles Taylor, a team of talented designers from the House of Rolls-Royce, including tex tile specialist Cherica Haye who studied at the Royal College of Ar t, and Michelle Lusby Colour & Materials designer who gained experience working at Mulberry. Their work has seen the incorporation of fine silks and unexpected tex tures into the interior environment of truly bold and distinctive Bespoke commissions. They have conceived and executed Bespoke commissions with a depth of inspiration befitting to the world’s leading luxury brand. In creating ‘Dawn – Inspired by Fashion’, these designers selected the neutral canvas of white upon which to base three vibrant colours that will set the tone for 2017’s Spring/ Summer collection; Mugello Red, Cobalto Blue or Mandarin. Subtle accents of these colours adorn interior aspects of each Dawn, whilst the ‘Silent Ballet’ of the roof as it rises to provide shelter from the paparazzo’s lens unleashes a brushstroke of colour to catch the style-spotter’s eye.

“Our clients are the very arbiters of fashion, tastemakers who sit in the front row of the Couture shows, themselves influencing evolving trends,” comments Giles Taylor, Director of Design for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “To them, the commissioning of f ine luxur y objects represents a deeply-involving curatorial process – with different forms of luxury design, craft and execution serving as inspiration for the other. ‘Dawn – Inspired by Fashion’ beautifully expresses the notion that inspiration for truly personal objects is drawn from the passions, tastes and lifestyle of its patron.”

60 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017

Like the f inest Bespoke garments, individuality is forged in the subtlest details. On opening Dawn’s coachdoors, a contemporary Arctic White and Black interior colour scheme is accented by one of the three vivid colours: Mugello Red, Cobalto Blue or Mandarin. The Arctic White leather of the seats is accented through the embroidery of the headrests, as well as the stitching and piping of the seats. Seamless stitching, a highly-complex craft technique from the world of fine tailoring, is applied to the steering wheel to ensure the perfect line joins the two colours of leather around the rim. Tactility, comfor t and quality are impor tant attributes of the piece itself. Rolls-Royce’s designers took inspiration from this approach in appointing the car’s front and rear door pockets with fine silks, adorned with an abstract representation of the Spirit of Ecstasy with each emblem set precisely at 55 degrees to complement the lines of the door. The legendary Rolls-Royce craftsmanship and attention-to-detail is apparent through the exquisite dashboard created in Piano White with aluminium par ticles resulting in a silk-like appearance, with the lacquering process alone taking nine days of meticulous work.This is completed elegantly with the integration of a Bespoke clock, set as a piece of jewellery, styled exclusively to emit a silver on silver effect, evoking the metallic fabrics seen on this year’s catwalks in preparation for next year’s season. Dawn’s exterior colour scheme of Andalucian White is beautifully accented by a hand-painted coachline which drapes over the curve of the car’s hip as the line flows backwards along the car, reflecting the identical splash of colour provided when the soft-top roof is in place. Clients are invited to commission their personal style statement now to ensure they appear wrapped in the latest couture offering from the world’s leading luxury goods house for the new year.

2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 61

TRAVEL IN STYLE For Spring / Summer ‘17, american Tourister adds four new stunning, mouthwatering, on-trend colours to its best-selling Bon Air collection. The new colours are soft, romantic and dreamy, reflecting the upcoming fashion trends. Also with interior design, the same colours are cropping up all over the house; mint green linens, pink cur tains, blue tableware and lilac tones on walls and windows. The new Bon Air pastels are bang on trend. • • • •

Mint green reminds us of the sweetest macaron. lilac combines lavender and violets in perfect harmony. fresh Pink reminiscent of flamingos and water melon. Porcelain blue brings soft summer skies to mind.

All four colours are so delicious, so delightful, so beautiful you’ll fall in love with them all. It will be impossible to choose just one! The Bon Air cases feature a well-organised interior and a TSA lock - ideal for hip, longdistance travellers wantin an exceptionally strong suitcase in a fashionable colour.

aboUT aMERICaN ToURISTER A mer ican Tour is ter of fer s an expansive selection of superior quality travel luggage that are young, fun and colourful at an affordable price. Embedded wi th dis tinc tive high q u ali t y t r ai t s , t h e A m e r i ca n Tourister collections combine style & practicality and cover a wide selection of travel luggage, ideal for your next leisure travel.

#INSPOIssue Issue88| |Winter Winter2017 2017 6262#INSPO

aVaIlablE IN SToRES aS of fEbRUaRy 2017

from left to right: Har tmann 7R Spinner Titanium: Small (£450.00) Medium (£500) Large (£550) Har tmann 7R Spinner M Suitcase Black: £500 Har tmann Ducord: 55cm/20 inch (£600) 70cm/26 inch (£650) ShoP aT WWW.haRTMaNNlUggagE.Co.UK 64 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017



announces a global ar tistic collaboration with the iconic superstar and ar tistic chameleon JESSIE J. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ARTIST lip and face collection, with several launches slated throughou t 2017, is showcasing JESSIE J’s transfor ma tive selfex pression and the g e niu s of SA MM Y MOURABIT, renowned celebrity and editorial makeup ar tis t. Throughout the year, MAKE UP FOR EVER will encourage people everywhere to celebrate makeup’s power to express, explore and transform all individuals with the creative movement #IAMANARTIST. “I enjoy revealing different par ts of my personality in my look which makes MAKE UP FOR EVER such a great par tner,” said JESSIE J. “The core of the brand is what I am about: creating characters to showcase who you are, exploring and expressing yourself in the way you want through makeup, colors and energy. I definitely feel that my makeup reflects how I feel whether you want to do just a lip or a full blown smoky eye, your mood can be reflected in your make up and this is why LIFE IS A STAGE!” In each of its ar tistic collaborations, MAKE UP FOR EVER provides the ar tists the platform and tools to unleash their creativity, in makeup and beyond. MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ar tistic collaboration with JESSIE J comes to life through music, video, visuals and the ARTIST product franchise. With the launch of this ar tistic collaboration, JESSIE J transformed Frankie Valli’s iconic “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” into a hypnotic, modern anthem. As a professional ar tistry makeup brand, MAKE UP FOR EVER is committed to giving professional makeup ar tists a platform to work creatively. For all the upcoming ARTIST visuals and videos, the brand has teamed up with the supremely talented SAMMY MOURABIT. “MAKE UP FOR EVER has this amazing, creative soul because the brand was created by an ar tist and you still feel it even after 30 years”, said makeup ar tist SAMMY MOURABIT. “I connect with the brand so well because we share a true love and passion for makeup. I’ve used the products for a long time, for both ar tistic projects and also for beauty shoots. It’s so rare to find everything you need in one brand but MAKE UP FOR EVER has it all, and so it will stay with me forever. I’m honored to be par t of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Tribe and to collaborate with JESSIE J. She is fascinating and she represents what an ar tist in the music world should be today: a songwriter, a singer and an amazing performer. She is also a very skilled makeup ar tist, so our collaboration is organic, unique, and fantastic.“ Driven to ignite the ar tistic spirit in others, MAKE UP FOR EVER and JESSIE J invite every makeup enthusiast to express their creativity throughout the year using the hashtag #IAMANARTIST, creating a community of inspired and inspiring individuals who celebrate self-expression through makeup. Create your character and tell the world with #IAMANARTIST. Celebrate the power of makeup with this creative and collaborative movement! 2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 67


MaKEUP The Angels’ runway makeup featured sultr y brown eyes, high-impact lashes achieved by Max Factor False Lash Effect Epic Mascara, rosy, bronzed cheeks, and a balmy nude pout achieved by Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stains.

fRagRaNCE As the ultimate runway fragrance, Victoria’s Secret Paris is festive and crisp—capturing the scent of winter gardens and the sparkle of the Eiffel Tower. Nothing’s sexier than Bombshells in Paris.

68#INSPO #INSPOIssue Issue88| |Winter Winter2017 2017 68

haIR Sexy and tousled waves were created using Beachwaver hair tools for a glossy, polished and effor tless runway look.

NaIlS The Angels walked the runway with the ultimate accessory: a high-gloss, f lir ty and feminine gel polish manicure by Red Carpet Manicure.

body Luminous skin is essential to the Victoria’s Secret Angel runway look, which was achieved using the Victoria’s Secret Body Care collection for sexy soft skin.

GILDED MAN PhoTogRaPhy Kayley Cope MaKEUP aNd haIR lucy Mckeown STylIST Kerryn grady ModEl Jonah (J’adore Models)

Cuff, Olivia Divine, £20; olivia divine, Necklace, Claudia Pink; Body Chain, ASOS, aSoS, £12.

Necklace, Claudia Pink.

Black fabr ic necklace, Claudia Pink; Shor t jewelled necklace, Her her Cur ious Na ture a t ASOS, aSoS, ÂŁ28; Long coin necklace, Claudia Pink.

Fabric choker, Claudia Pin k ; M e t al c h o ke r , Olivia olivia Divine, divine, ÂŁ25.

Necklace and Arm Cuff , Claudia Pink.

2017 2017 Winter Winter | | Issue Issue 88 #INSPO #INSPO75 75

Star Halo, Cr o w n & Glory, glory, £37.

Necklace, Claudia Pink.

Necklaces, Olivia olivia Divine, divine, £25 each; Choker (worn as arm wrap), ASOS, aSoS, £10.


BEST WINTER FACE CREAMS A skin perfecting 24 hour moisturiser that regenerates and repairs skin’s capillary system, the key to resolving multiple skin concerns. Formulated with Multi-Capisolve 1124, capillary walls are strengthened to enhance the vital nutrient flow to skin cells, improving skin tone and overall appearance. Shiseido’s RenoCycle System technology helps detect damaged cells and facilitates their repair by enabling the cellular renewal cycle to function optimally. 50 ml - £65 at John lewis.

Advanced Mois turising Sphere technology allows this luxurious formula to penetrate deeply, replenishing moisture and strengthening the look of skin. Skin appears renewed and energised, youthfully radiant. Now available in 5 unique formulas, there is a tex ture of Crème de la Mer to transform every complexion: The original Crème de la Mer; the supple new Moisturizing Soft Cream; the lightweight Moisturizing Lotion, ideal for use in warmer weather; the refreshing Moisturizing Gel Cream; and the mattifying Oil Absorbing Lotion. Each formulation is infused with a potent concentration of the Miracle Broth™ and delivers the youthful radiance that has made Crème de la Mer a legend. 30 ml - £110 at John lewis.


The big plus: Clinique’s new formula now helps strengthen skin’s own moisture barrier. More moisture stays in. Skin feels soft, springy. Has a healthy-looking glow. The big plus, with a new complex, this formula strengthens skins own moisture barrier by 54%. More moisture stays in. Skin feels soft, springy and has a beautiful glow. 125 ml £30 at John lewis. 80 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017


4 Clarins Gentle Day Cream - a super-calming, rich yet light and fresh-feeling cream, ideally suited to sensitive skin. It desensitises deep-down, rebalances and protects. 50 ml - £40 at John lewis.

5 Bare Haven Essential Mois tur ising Sof t Cream replenishes essential moisture to normal to dry skin, reviving overall resilience and suppleness and infusing an extraordinarily super-smooth feel. This comfor ting soft cream moisturiser effor tlessly blends into skin to help enhance a natural, healthy-looking glow. Plus, a blend of peptides, ceramides and amino acids to help soften rough tex ture, while reducing the appearance of f ine lines and wrinkles. 50 ml - £30 at John lewis.


This egendar y skincare classic works wonders to moisturise and protec t any time, any way you choose. Shape brows, revitalise shine, soothe dr y hands and smooth cuticles and nails. Also for symptoms of chapping, peeling or flaking due to minor burns, sunburn, windburn, scrapes, abrasions or cracked lips. No wonder it’s loved by makeup ar tists all around the world. 50 ml - £25 at John lewis.

Continuously replenishing moisture throughout the day, Ultra Facial Cream leaves skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated. With a lightweight tex ture and easily absorbed formula, this facial cream is perfect for daily use. Ultra Facial Cream is specially formulated with moisturising Squalane and water retaining Imperata Cylindrica to protect the skin throughout harsh weather conditions. These ingredients help your skin to stay hydrated for longer. 50 ml - £24 at John lewis.


8 The Ultra Rich Comfor ting Cream, with its generous and melting tex ture, is formulated with a high concentration of shea butter (25%) to answer the essential needs of dry to very dry skin, including sensitive skin types. Lastingly moisturised, skin is supple, soft and any feeling of tightness is reduced. Protected against ex ternal aggressions, it stays comfor table all day long. Tested in ex treme climatic conditions with signif icant hydration effectiveness. 50 ml £26 at John lewis. 2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 81


Nothing’s sexier than Bombshells in Paris. Festive and crisp—capturing the scent of winter gardens and the sparkle of the Eiffel Tower. FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Fresh NOTES: French Cypress, Night Blooming Jasmine, White Cedarwood

EAU DE PARFUM, 1.7 oz. $65, 3.4 oz. $85 EAU DE PARFUM ROLLERBALL, .23 oz. $18 FRAGRANCE LOTION, 8.4 oz. $25 FRAGRANCE MIST, 8.4 oz. $25 aVaIlablE IN VICToRIa’S SECRET SToRES aNd VICToRIaSSECRET.CoM 82 #INSPO Issue 8 | Winter 2017


L’Homme Prada is a fragrance of pairs, of doubles, of jux tapositions and layers. The classic codes of the male Fougère are all present in Neroli, Geranium and Patchouli. Yet the interchangeable male/female Prada signatures are present, too, in the shape of Iris and Amber, the principal elements. It is a mix that is both airy and yet purposefully, highly sensual. EAU DE TOILETTE 100ml Spray - £68.50

ShoP aT WWW.ThEfRagRaNCEShoP.Co.UK 2017 Winter | Issue 8 #INSPO 83

SPOILED ROTTEN PhoTogRaPhy Ian and Inna MaKEUP Sky lacey ModEl Jaylynn Mcdaniel


ORLOV The pure radiance of white flowers The glamor of tuberose. The brightness of orange blossom. The sensuousness of jasmine sambac‌ In Orlov, the master perfumer Dominique Ropion has picked the most radiant facets of these rich f loral absolutes to compose a single, perfect blossom: the quintessential white f lower. As dazzling as its namesake, the legendary diamond that crowns the Imperial scepter of Russia, this f lawless f loral gem is set in cool-as-platinum iris, on a backdrop of dark, velvet-soft leather‌

STAR OF THE SEASON A delectable gem Star of the Season turns the mos t expensive diamond ever sold a t an auction into a 100cara t indulgence‌ In this exquisitely elegant confection, rare Indian sandalwood is sprinkled wi th cinnamon, cumin and clove, drizzled with caramel and infused with vanilla. Iris concrete unveils dar k chocolate facets, bols tered wi th velvet-smooth patchouli and amber. Rich Turkish rose absolute adds berry and mulled-fruit facets.

CROSS OF ASIA CRoSS of aSIa in all its facets The ylang-ylang The ylang-ylang in all its facets Inspired by a spectacular champagne-colored stone, Cross of Asia is that rarest of gems: a fragrance Inspired a spectacular stone, is thatcutter, rarestDominique of gems: a fragrance whichby sheds new light champagne-colored on a classic note. Like an Cross experoft Asia diamond Ropion has which sheds new light closely on a classic note. exper cutter, Dominique Ropion studied ylang-ylang in order to Like bringanout eacht diamond of its facets. Surprising hints of greenhas apple studied ylang-ylang closely in enhanced order to bring outcoriander each of its Surprising hints of greenrose apple and crystalline pear. Spices, by cool andfacets. essence of cypress. A glowing note and crystalline pear.floral Spices,effects, enhanced by by cool coriander and essence of and cypress. A glowing roseFinally, note a and heady white set off orange blossom, tuberose jasmine absolutes. and heady white reveals floral effects, set offbloom’s by orange blossom, and jasmine absolutes. Finally, a lash of leather the yellow secretly animaltuberose nature… lash of leather reveals the An yellow bloom’s secretly lustrous Flame of Gold. incandescent delight. animal nature…

FLA ME of OF gold GOLD flaME Incandescent musk musk Incandescent ires, this this blazing blazing blend blend Sparkling with a thousand f ires, named from from aa canary-yellow canary-yellow diamond diamond owned owned by by was named flame-haired movie movie star star Greer Greer Garson. Garson. To To conjure conjure the the gem’s tawny tawny glow, glow, the the perfumer perfumer has has fused fused the the two two gem’s most sensuous sensuous notes notes in in his his palette. palette. An An ex extravagant travagant most overdoseofofvelvet-smooth velvet-smooth musk suffuses the scent overdose musk suffuses the scent with a luxurious, captivating aura, f ired up by awith luxurious, captivating aura, f ired up by powerfully powerfully radiant amber notes.smoky Sweetlyguaiac, smoky cocoaguaiac, radiant amber notes. Sweetly cocoadark patchouli, cedar and dark patchouli, bracing bracing Virginia Virginia cedar and luscious luscious sandalwood: the richest essences fuel sandalwood: the richest wood wood essences fuel this this lustrous Flame of Gold. An incandescent delight. lustrous Flame of Gold. An incandescent delight.



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