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Blessed Branches

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with Natasha Heard

By the light of the full moon Pagan Child Your Pagan Community Goddess inSpiration, For the Love of Angels and more...

in S PI RI T | letter At different times throughout the year we all take some time to express ourselves through our individual spirituality, different though it may be, yet unifying all the same in its purpose. This time the heavens smiled upon us as we felt the inner stirrings to dedicate this issue to the spiritual expression of Paganism and Witchcraft. We have carefully selected a variety of rituals, writings and musings to assist you with understanding Paganism a little more.



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We celebrate this issue and all things Pagan with a feature interview with Lucy Cavendish, who inspires all of us here at inSpirit, as I’m sure she does you as well. We welcome on board as a regular contributor to our new Magical section, Natasha Heard who each issue will be crafting her way into your hearts with her magical tools and blessed branches. Rita Maher inspires us all with her expertise in living the Pagan way, as this issue could not have come together without her contributions and knowledge in this area. Thank you, Rita from all of us who read inSpirit. David Wells shares with us some insight into the ancient form of Qabalah and its way of living with the Tree of Life. While we also have Part two of Nicolle Poll’s Palmistry as a Tool. We sincerely hope this issue brings you new and inspired ways of living the Witches way, while for those of you, like me, you find some fun and expansion in experiencing your own spirituality in new and exciting, yet different ways. May the Spirit in you seek to be expressed!

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Soul Food You will LOVE our Mul l e d W i n e Re c i p e .


Produc ed in c o n j u n c t i o n wi t h T he Austra l i a Co l l e ge o f Me d i um sh i p, inSpirit Magazine is des ig n e d t o p r o v i d e a r e s p e c tful forum for l i ke - m i nd e d soul s to share in a community w hich a ims t o p r o v i d e i n f o r m ati ve vi e ws, opi ni ons a nd e d uca ti o n regarding the experience of living with Spirit. Disclaimer: While every care has been take n to provide the reade r w it h a cc u r at e , i n s p i r i n g a nd th o ugh t-pro voki ng i nform a ti o n, the Publishers take no responsibility for the accuracy of information and views expressed by the Contribu tors. The views and opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily shared by the Edit o r Publis her s .

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Nature expands our perspective! This message by Lee-Anne Peters is a gentle reminder to embrace the magic found in our everyday world.


s more people spend me watching the television, playing computer games and mesmerising themselves with mobile phones – they may be missing the real magic unfolding outside their very door! No ma er where you reside on this beau ful planet, you will ALWAYS have Earth beneath you, sky above you and maybe even a sneak peak of the moon and stars from me to me. Beyond the world of technology is an array of amazement that is wai ng to be observed, discovered and embraced! I love to travel to a nearby mountain – I call it the Sacred Mountain. Every three weeks or so I travel there to collect natural spring water for my family’s drinking supply. The freshness in the air, the greenery and the precious gi of natural water is a blessing to me every me I visit. Many mes I offer an exchange to the Sacred Mountain for allowing us to use her pure water. This gi is one of sound, inten on and ac on. I find a Sacred Place that draws me and I drum and sing. Through the drum I give love back to nature, also sending energy to the plants, animals and to expand this inten on out to the whole planet. When you step outside and feel the breeze flowing over your body, the sun beaming down on you and observe the bu erflies dancing, something amazing happens - you switch your focus from living in the mind and you draw your a en on into the moment. When you are living most of your day in your mind, and if it is also filled up with nega ve thoughts, worry, fears and other things, then it can be difficult to capture the joy of the now!

Stepping back from the daily grind and pressures, and moving into the balance of nature can be extremely healing and soothing. The trees reflect your connec on to the Universe and to the Earth. When the bird drops her feather in front of your path - you are receiving a wonderful sign from the Universe. Perhaps you witness a shoo ng star which in turn fills you with excitement. Lee-anne Peters is an author, ar st, mentor, speaker and radio host, as well as the founder of Temple of Balance. Lee-anne can be contacted at: www.templeo

By making a conscious choice to spend some of your day or your week no cing the magic in nature and being grateful for those li le things can completely shi your consciousness. Your perspec ve expands and your inspira ons soar! You may begin to see situa ons that have been causing you some grief with a new sense of clarity. Rela onship issues with people begin to be resolved fairly easily and crea vity steps to the front of your day! What amazing things can you discover in nature today?

Live like it’s the one life, because it is ‌

A Conversation with

Lucy Cavendish

Rita Maher shares with us the conversation we would all want to have with this shining light that is Lucy. Join her and be inSpired by this beautiful magical soul.


ucy Cavendish: author, mentor, mother, teacher, eclec c witch and most importantly radiant soul. I had the pleasure of spending me talking to Lucy about her eclec c path in magic and was truly inspired by her welcoming nature. Lucy’s natural ability to communicate is both welcoming and rewarding as she gives insights into a life most magical. Here is what she shared with me… Rita: Welcome Lucy and thank you so much for taking the me to talk to inSpirit Magazine today. Lucy: My pleasure. Rita: Lucy, you are such a board spectrum and I would not like to pigeon hole you as wiccan, pagan, witch, as there are so many facets to each which you embrace, what would you say led you to live a magical life? Lucy: I guess it was a couple of things and having parents and a family that really loved to be outside. It may sound ordinary but we would spend every weekend working with plants, hanging out with animals, bushwalking, swimming in rock pools and head along way out in the ocean. I think that a path that really acknowledges the divinity of the natural world and of the material worlds; the tangible world that you can feel, dirt on your hands, bark under your fingernails, swimming in the water, all of that stuff really impacted on me. So some mes doing the ritual or ceremony of any kind seems to me to be quite a lot of human stuff rather than really connec ng with the intelligence of the plant which speaks through nature. Rita: You have studied druidism, shamanism and other cultures, would you say that one has impacted more, and what did they bring to you?

Lucy: One of the things that helped me early on was to read the myths and legends of different cultures from around the world. I went to a catholic school and that didn’t help me. In fact, it made me scared of some of the things happening to me like clairaudience and clairvoyance. I started reading these works when I was quiet young, about nine, and made my way around the world. I started with the Greeks, then the Cel c and the Polynesian. In fact, the Polynesian had a huge impact on me, and I found so many things in myths and legends that really made so much sense to me. The sense that there was a deeper interac ng within the world, a lot deeper than the one that I was being introduced to at school. Studying for me is really important; I am a bit of a nerd and a book worm. I love history. The Druids have had an enormous impact on my path. I have studied with the OBOD – Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. I have never come across such a fantas c organisa on in terms of being intelligent, holis c, grounded, poe c, prac cal, and encouraging of your talents. They are not stereotypical like some of the things I was seeing coming from the spiritualism in places like America, and the New Thought kind of teaching, though they have their place and are very valuable. No disrespect is intended, but to me they seem to be very fearful of anything that is outside of Chris an frame work. Chris anity is s ll quite a new thing on this planet, really it is only about 2000 years old and I was looking for something deeper. Looking for who we really are when we interact with the land and the elements and fairy, what I call the

spirit of the landscape. So Druidry has had a huge impact, it encouraged me to become a be er story teller and see the value in being able to tell myths and story in such a way that gets to a poe c truth about the world. Rita: Your books do take people on that poe c journey. Lucy: It’s very important to me, and I am really more interested in how your personal story is engaging with the divine. It is very important for me to express what is taking place in my life in ways that are truthful, and to also help others connect to their story, because it’s not just about my story, it’s about your story and the other persons story. We all have them, they are very significant in our lives and the way we view them is cri cal to how we live our lives. So for me that’s part of the magic, which is doing the work by connec ng with your own personal journey, your story and somehow making it extraordinary, even if it seems very mundane. It is how we live our lives and how we view our lives. Druidry and witchcra have helped me because they unlocked me from the condi oning, and that was so helpful. Rita: There are so many people today who live their lives being condi oned, placed in a pigeon hole, given labels. Many of whom would love to live a magical life, however are scared of how friends and family may react. Do you have any advice for them? Lucy: I know for some people they love for everything to be black and white, they like to be able to label you and not for a nega ve reason. Just so they know who you are, a kind of short hand if you like, so that they get you. I, however, am a bit more pixie than that because I ques on so much. I ques on everything. I ques on the words we use and if someone knows where it came from, and how they are used, as they all carry energy. So while I may describe myself as a witch and I know what that means to me, it may not mean the same thing to someone else. So for me, while I know people who will make a grand announcement, it all kind of happened gradually for me. Perhaps this way will work for others as well. The way I did it was to mind my own business, con nued with what I was doing and came out by people simply being able to observe what I was doing. There was no making an announcement, but people asking “What are you doing?” - “Oh, I’m making a smudge s ck”; “What are you doing?” - “Oh, I’m making an altar for new moon”; “What are you doing?” - “Oh, I’m cas ng a circle”. So it kind of grew out of living my life and not doing it in a way that was like ‘Look at what I am doing’ but more this is what I am doing and I am doing it for me. I am doing it because this is how I want to live and then some people became interested. Everyone is opera ng out of their condi oning to a lesser or greater degree; the degree to which someone is aware and respec ul of their journey the more they will be to yours. The more fearful someone is, the more cri cism one has; the more they have inhibited themselves in order to fit, they are probably going to encourage you to do the same. Understand that this is their trigger and it is more about their stuff then about yours. Some mes it is an opportunity to give someone an alterna ve view.

Of course this can be difficult in an in mate rela onship. Some mes you need to understand that not everyone is going to understand and some mes not everything is going to work out the way you planned it to. Be willing to be honest and embrace who you are. Rita: I think that is very important to live your truth and be honest with yourself, having respect for yourself and you can then give that respect to others as well. Lucy: Yes, it’s very hard for people to penetrate that. They can be whatever they chose to be, if you truly feel connected to whom you are becoming on your path. I have never expected anyone to share my belief. It is very nice when you find cross over points, because really these paths are about love and respect. There is so much good in them that you will find cross over when you meet the right people. However there are so many stereotypes out there as well. All you can do is live your path the best you can and you will have up and downs on it. You will feel more connected at some mes more than others, and that can ra le you and you think “Oh, what’s going on, something’s changing”. You have to accept that change is happening and just know that things are shi ing and changing. It’s not wrong what was done before, it’s just accep ng that a shi and change is taking place. That use to really ra le me when I felt less connec ons, now however I accept it, and understand there is a shi happening. I have my disciplines that help keep me in place, and because of them I am physically the healthiest I have been. I know that there is a lot of avoidance out there when these changes happen, a lot of alcoholism and numbing that happens. People are scared to be fully alive because they are too afraid of how they feel. I guess for me I am not afraid to feel, and to feel deeply, and I am not afraid for it to be painful; some mes because I have found meaning in it. Rita: You’re right; there is a lot of that numbing happening out there today. I guess a lot of people only want to have the good feelings, yet if they understood from the hurts and challenges can come our greatest learning. Lucy: Absolutely, and I guess that some spiritualist paths seem to be about perfec ng your life in a fairly narrow way so that you don’t have pain or hurt. It’s like you are only manifes ng wonderment and joy all the me and I don’t see that being long las ng. I am 50 years old now so I have a bit of experience and watching how some of these paths unfold; they seem to be things that you can only really walk for a small amount of me. I do think that that being alive and being here some mes is really challenging. I don’t think that there is any way around that. If you are having that experience, the path of detachment is not the way to deal with it. I am a very a ached person and love deeply and I love very easily. I feel deeply and that’s not always as easy as I would like it to be, however I find something beau ful in it now. When I was younger, I probably would have indulged in a lot of avoidance and a lot of drama. I think one of the good things about the magical path, there is a lot of emphasis on responsibility. There is a difference between the stuff that you create, the drama you create and true challenges that are presented to you in life. Knowing the difference and having

the freedom to choose not to create drama has been very libera ng for me, and I have this path to thank for it. Because you are so respec ul of the experience, your genuine test and genuine experience, it’s hard to explain but they are magical and profound. The drama and instability are things that you tend to generate yourself and you have choices in that. So connect in with nature, the cycles of the moon, seasons and the planet. Connect into the wonderful nature around, water, plants, trees and animals. Connect with other humans; sit around the camp fire with those who listen to you. All of these things are magical, they bring us a degree of peace and stability and health that drugs and alcohol cannot. The simplest things can bring so much peace rather than numb us, rather than serve detachment. They take away the loneliness that seems to be around today, just get back into the garden, back to nature; this is magical and connects us. Living the way that I do, even though some people may at mes think that I am weird and strange, is a small price to pay for the freedom I have to live without condi oning and being connected to this world. Rita: There are many people out there who are not living freely; they are going through the mo ons of working to survive, not living to live. You live freely and magically. What advice can you offer people so that they can live freely and magically? Lucy: I would ask them first of all if they are happy. If they look at me like I was insane, because so many people say “well, how is happy, what’s happy?” Then I would ask them when do they think they will be ready to live a life that is their own life. I have spent many years working in those jobs, being told you have to have the house, you have to have a car, the right amount of debt, the right job, and I just didn’t buy into it. I am not saying don’t be sensible and grounded. However, when you are ge ng ready to leave this world and you look at some of the things you have done in this life and the memories that you will dwell on just before you go, are you going to really have to try hard to find good ones. Rita: That is a very scary and confron ng thought for some people. Lucy: But it’s true we are all going to leave this world and that is essen al to remember, because we live and buy and invest like we are staying, we are not staying. We won’t know about this life even if we return again in another, and for some people who are very spiritual they can fall into the trap of ‘that’s ok, I will work it out next me’, and I think “gosh you know you have to live like it’s the one life me anyway, because it is!” I think that we are safer than we have ever been in our culture, we are less likely to die of disease, we have more choices than ever before, more freedom than that of our ancestors. So really, what is your excuse? So if you really are someone who wants to connect with spirit, or sit by a fire and drum, what’s your excuse, that you are going to look silly, you are going to look pre y silly when you are about to die and go “I wish, I wish I had cared less about looking silly or not fi ng and cared more about finding my own way”.

Also, people are so scared of making mistakes with magic, as well as the so called un-magical things in life. They are scared they won’t do things at the right moon phase etc, and in my experience the universe is not si ng there like a big gremlin wai ng for you to stuff up. It is wan ng you to par cipate, explore. You will make some mistakes, so you might as well make mistakes that are on your terms and they are your mistakes. Not mistakes because someone gave you advice and you followed that to the le er, because you thought that if you did what you were told you would not do anything wrong. You are going to do things that are not going to work some mes. I live knowing that making mistakes is ok, and they are my mistakes. A lot of people make the mistake in spirituality of thinking that if they follow this path, nothing bad will ever happen to them, and that’s just not the way life is. My feelings of the magical path it is one of huge self responsibility and while you can have guides and teachers, at the end of the day it is just you and spirit. Magic to me is not about stuff, it is a connec on, it is profound and it is free to everyone. Watch the moon rise, see the sun set, connect into nature, it is like being in Eden. We have all been doing this for a long me and have only forgo en recently to connect in. I feel now though that more and more people are connec ng back in and removing the guilt. It is not that complex to live this way. We can sit under the moon and say “wow, she is ge ng bigger” or “hey, she is ge ng smaller, what would I like to get smaller”. It’s simple, some people will want all the bells and whistles, but you can have an acous c guitar kind of magic as well. We all have the capacity; everyone has stuff going on inside of them. We all have worlds with inside worlds inside of them, and they know that they are connected and it’s just being brave enough to explore it and to find the people you can explore it with. Talking to Lucy, she just is so passionate about living this life because it’s the only one you have right now. Be brave and explore, don’t overcomplicate it and live a life without detachment. Living magically for Lucy and for many who follow the path is a life of freedom, one of one’s own choosing without condi oning and one of great responsibility to oneself.

For more informa on on Lucy Cavendish visit


Believe in the power of you, soon others will see it too.



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Pagan Child

Let the magic shine through

in the most delightful of ways as suggested by Rita Maher


sk most children and they will tell you they believe in magic, and why is that? Because they are s ll beau fully connected to the viewpoint that everything is possible, the way it should

out the kite and let it sail higher and higher, shout out loud and laugh with joy. Lay on the ground and gaze up at the clouds, watch the sun travel across the sky, breathe deeply the fresh air.


Children have the divine gi of belief un l we tell them it is wrong or we say ‘no that can’t happen’. However, what if we didn’t tell them that their beliefs and dreams could not be achieved, what if we told them and believed ourselves that magic is real? A er all, magic is real. It is in the change of the season, it is in the gi of hug, of smile and a kind word. Magic is not about smoke and mirrors that most adults associate it with. Look at the magic in nature, it’s all around, just ask a three year old how the flower grows; ‘its magic’. So how do we keep that magic alive in our children as they grow and are subjected to cynical views of the world? It is easy, keep the Pagan Child connected. In a day and age where we all stay indoors and dare not venture out as we may miss an update on Facebook, or the next hash tag on Twi er, heaven forbid we don’t reach the next level on our computer game, we may miss that reality TV show. Let’s not forget the wonderful babysi er the TV can be because life is just too busy for us all to connect. Put all that aside and be brave enough to step outside with your children, see through their eyes the magic of the world and the cycles it goes through. See how a child who is connected, flourishes and nurtures the world around them. All children want to connect, not just with the earth they call home but with the families they love, so let’s get outside and follow the ways of a pagan child. Keep them connected and get yourself reconnected with the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit, let’s connect with the seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Let the wind blow. Connect with the air, feel it fresh and cool, bring

Birthdays are the perfect me for passion in the kitchen. Let li le ones help make the birthday cake, decorate with candles, connect with the element of fire, watch it dance as you sing with passion and joy. As they blow out the candles, they acknowledge the turning of their year and send wishes to above. Get them to dream big and help them achieve their passion. In cooler months why not get out and go camping, toast marshmallows and share stories. Swim, take walks along the beach, allow the waves to wash over you. Feel the cleansing energy and connect with the element of water. Summer is such a wonderful me to dive right in. Instead of running from the rain get out there and dance in it, there is always a hot shower and dry clothes inside. Get ready to get your hands dirty, tell me a child that doesn’t love to play in the mud. Harness the element of earth, plant some flowers, a veggie patch. Look for what is right to plant for what season it is, be in harmony with the cycles, as the year moves plant new things. Eat the fresh veggies your child has grown, ask them what they wish to plant, connect and recharge through the earth. Hear the spirit of the world speak through your child, you know when it is happening, when wiser than their years they share insights with you. Go for walks and connect with the spirit of the trees, the animals that roam this land. Watch your children as they connect with others and they just know who to go to and who not to. Spend me venturing outside and take in each season, enjoy all that this life, this world, what your children have to offer. Our children are wise and can teach and help us reconnect. Share in the magic they see and be a part of their belief, not a part of their disconnec on.


THE LOVE OF ANGELS By Susanne Hartas


Archangel Haniels’ name means ‘Grace of God’, and one of her roles is assis ng those who desire to remember their true state of being; that is, their ‘Divine Self’. The Divine Self lives in a constant state of grace and peace and knows only perfec on. With Haniels’ assistance in helping us to align and blend with our true state of being, we can consciously live each day within the quali es of our Divine Light. This light flows eternally throughout our beings and as we surrender and become transparent, our true Spirits’ light will radiate upon the earth.

rchangel Haniel is aligned with the moon and the stars, and she is o en referred to as the ‘Moon Goddess’.

Her presence is quiet and mys cal, and she radiates the energy of comfort, peace and warmth; like that of a nurturing mother. Her aura glows a pale bluish-white, much like the glow of the full moon. She reminds us of the power and the magic that moon energy holds within its radiant beams and she says “Moon energy can accelerate the process of releasing and renewal of energy. The full moon is an op mal me to release all that no longer serves you and the new moon is the me to focus on crea ng your desires”. Haniel is aligned with the Moonstone crystal, and the eve of the new moon is an ideal me to energize crystals and divina on tools. To invoke Haniel, simply gaze at the moon and the stars, breathe in their magnificence and call her name; she will instantly be by your side. This graceful archangels’ symbol is a rose, so you may be blessed with a clairvoyant vision of a most exquisite rose when her presence is near.

Haniels’ message Shroud not the Grace and Beauty of your Spirit, Beloved Ones. May it be celebrated and shared, for in doing so, you are reflec ng the Glory of the Divines’ love for you all. Many Blessings. Susanne Hartas is a psychic medium and Angel intuitive. Please contact Susanne at

JOIN US AT OUR FREE LAUNCH PARTY CIEMA is a not-for-profit association representing the benchmark of integrity, credibility and expertise in the spiritual industry. For more information about us and our work join us at 6pm, Thursday 26th July Vivo Café, 388 George St, Sydney 2000 Enjoy a drink, meet the Founding Members, ask questions and get involved with this exciting new spiritual organisation. Full details and registration at 7

By the light of the full moon by Kerrie Wearing


ith the inspira on of this issue being centred around Pagan awareness, we at inSpirit felt it only fi ng to embrace these energies whole heartedly as we always do, and join in and a end the full moon ritual conducted by the Pagan Awareness Network in Sydney, Australia. These rituals are conducted monthly with each full moon, are free to a end, and a great place to meet new people who share in expressing their spirituality with ritual and ceremony all under the glory of the moon and her light.

In planning our visit, as the date grew nearer it was with surprise and delight to find out we would be celebra ng the Super Moon, the closest the moon will come in its approach to earth for some me, resul ng in the moon appearing 14% larger and 30% brighter. In addi on, on the Pagan calendar this was me for Samhain; meaning summers end, the Cel c harvest and the Witches New Year. More commonly known as Halloween, we honour our ancestors and those who have passed. We acknowledge that in death the cycle of life con nues, as we take me for spiritual cleansing to release all that we have outgrown and no longer require. It is one of the two nights of the year when the veil is at its thinnest, so it is perfect for any form of divina on and spiritual undertakings. Myself, Nicolle Poll and Rita Maher have each taken a moment below to share with you our personal experiences and joy behind experiencing this very special full moon ritual. My experience begins in releasing the need to hold ght to my usual way of doing. A full moon ritual is not a usual occurrence for me, and in doing so I began to step outside of a boundary which is s ll shi ing and moving today, as I write this. I thoroughly enjoyed the role playing and ceremony conducted by Kylie Allerton and her team from Pagenta’s Cauldron. By the moon light, we chanted and embraced the elements; we recognised our loved ones in Spirit and came together in a light hearted exchange of energy. We carried with us for days an upli ment and joyful exuberance, as the cycle of death and rebirth lightened our load in energy and in the real life experiences which were to follow. For me, while this is not a usual expression of my spirituality, it is an experience I enjoyed immensely and would do again should the inspira on arise, and I am honoured to be le with a new apprecia on for the witches way of life from the momentary glimpse I was gi ed to experience.

Nicolle Poll The night was chilled, the moon bright. How perfect for my first experience of the Full Moon Ceremony I was about to par cipate in. Going with an open mind and heart, ready to embrace this yet to be known experience. Being made welcomed by the gathering, it was me to begin. As a group we began going through the dierent stages of the ceremony, feeling the energy build and being part of it. I found myself in two worlds that night in many ways. One of having a foot in both worlds, that of our physical earth and world, the other of stepping through the veil and feeling, touching, sensing the energies contained within it, joining with me and embracing my inten ons. One of being in the moment, the other of observing the ceremony as it unfolded, that night I was able to do both at the same me. At the close of the ceremony, I felt I had truly been through a rite of passage, s ll me, however changed as I stepped through the veils of me, of life and death, feeling more light hearted and freer than I did before I began that night. I felt I had shed a heavy load I had been carrying. This feeling of joy and contentment stayed with me strongly over the week that followed, and every me I thought of this special night I found myself smiling in the joy of it. Rita Maher Super Moon, what be er night could one pick than this, as a group we ventured to experience Full Moon upon the Hill. We joined with so many others that night and were lead through a theatrical, fun and joyful ceremony by a coven, celebra ng Samhain as well as Super Moon. On this night we allowed ourselves to die, to let go of all that was no longer ours to carry. We journeyed with spirits of old and allowed for rebirth, for the start of a fresh, new and unburdened year ahead. The ceremony itself was large with so many people all in a endance to celebrate and bath under this full moon. All ready to let go of old and welcome in the new. While many had never par cipated in a Full Moon Ceremony before, they were certainly in for a treat. Each person was treated with respect and honour, new people were embraced and as the energies rose with the carrying chants, all became one. This Full Moon Ceremony solidified my beliefs that I held dear to my heart. It showed me the track I have chosen, and confirmed the path I walk is indeed the correct one for me.


mbrace the energies of our full moon cycles with this soul inviting ritual offered by Rita Maher


unar cycles give us all a great opportunity to live our life in its natural cycles. Full moons embrace the height of energy, allowing you to take ac on, transform, release, re-energize and solidify any inten ons you set during new moon.

Below is a full moon ritual that you can use and adapt to your current wishes and inten ons. The most important thing to remember with any ritual is not to get caught up in the ‘am I doing this right?’ and to just have fun with it, don’t take it all too seriously. Just flow, allow it to flow the way it is meant to for you.

Before the night of the full moon gather the following items: • Favourite flower (rose, lily, what ever you are drawn to) • White candle and lighter • Paper and pen • Incense • Crystals to mark a circle (4 or 5 are fine) • Bowl • Jewellery that you wish to wear to remind you of this event (I like to use my amethyst necklace and moon ring) Ritual PreparaƟon: Before heading outside on the night of the full moon, take a moment to think about what you wish to bring into your life. Write this down on the paper and take this outside with you when you are ready to do the ritual, and don’t be afraid to dream big here! The Ritual: On the night of the full moon, create a scared space outside for yourself (unless the rain is torren al I s ll go out under the full moon). To do this, place the crystals to mark out a circle. Know that the full moon energy will charge these crystals, so choose ones you wish to work with throughout the next few weeks if you can. Light your incense and walk around this circle cleansing the area, then place the incense in the centre of the circle. In the centre of the circle, place your candle and bowl which you have filled with water and your favourite flower. Place next to that your jewellery or perhaps an amulet or token which will remind you this night. Hold the paper you have wri en in your hand. Call up to the moon and ask for the beauty of her healing rays to wash over you and create a safe and secure environment for you to work in. Visualise each crystal charging up and glowing under her light, crea ng your scared space. Breathe in deep and centre yourself. When you are ready, call out what you wish to bring into your life using what you have wri en on the paper, you may add more as the mood takes you. Then light the candle and say: “As the light is lit so to is my passion, may it flow freely to me, So Mote It Be”. Then hold up your jewellery and pass it through the smoke of the incense and say: “I cleanse you and charge you with my wish, So Mote It Be”. Place the jewellery on you and know that the moon con nues to charge your inten ons within here. Then place your hands in the water and say: “As I bathe, I cleanse and release what holds me back, So Mote It Be”. Now sit under the beauty of the full moon and allow her energy to cleanse and charge your aura. You may meditate during this me and visualise your inten ons coming true. You may ask what steps you need to take in order for this to happen. Spend as long as you like in this scared space. When you feel you are done, empty the water onto the ground and say: “As I give back to earth, I receive, So Mote It Be”. Thank the moon for her gi of energy and cleansing; ask that your sacred space be returned to its natural space un l it is needed once more. You may leave your crystals out to cleanse and charge all night under her energy, then use them throughout the following weeks as you see fit. The jewellery can be worn as you take steps to bring forward into your life what it is you have wished for. Know that on this night you sleep in a bath of silver light.


SW Applegrove - Wytchyways - Stacey Demarco - Pagan Awareness Network - Pagenta’s Cauldron - Kylie Allerton Sphere’s of Light - Crystal Magick - Sacred Elements - Aberdeen Pagans -h p://


CT Canberra Pagans - h ps://



Pagan Hearth - Real Brisbane Witches - h p:// Circle of Gaia - h p://


IC Australian Reclaiming Community - Gaia’s Garden - MysƟcal Dragon - www.mys The Elemental School of Spiritual Studies and Esoteric Arts Seaford Vic, 0401 297 998; h ps://


The Tel’Ennyn Asur TradiƟon of Wicca - h p://



Community Church of Wicca - Temple of the Dark Moon - Oak and Mistletoe - The Goddess House - h p://

A The CollecƟve WA Pagans - h p://thecollec Combined Covens - Sacred Circle of the Inner Flame - h p://sco

nternational Keepers of the Ancient Ways and Daoshadru Grove. Witchy Wearables 4459 W. 147th. St., Midlothian, IL 708 389-1313.

This list has been compiled to provide you, our inSpirit reader with knowledge and access to Covens and Pagan Awarness groups opera ng around Australia and more. A group being listed here, does not anyway reflect an endorsement by inSpirit magazine or The Australian College of Mediumship. We urge you to further carry out your own due diligence.


Palmistry as a tool ù N®‘ʽ½› Pʽ½


ur explora on into the fascina ng ancient art of Palmistry and how we can apply this knowledge to gain understanding from our own hands is con nued by Nicolle Poll.

In Part 1, I introduced you to hand and finger shapes, finger lengths and finger types. Delving more deeply into finger types, I will explore the influences of our thumbs, finger spacing, domina ng fingers, hand observa ons (shape, texture and overall appearance, consistency, flexibility) and the very important mounts. All these observa ons play an informa ve and interac ve part in the character analysis of the person they belong to.

Thumb Sections The thumb is divided into three sec ons. The thumb relates to your degree of self control, will power and disposi on.


Hand Finger Spacing Even how your hand presents in its natural relaxed state can give indica on of your character and traits.

Finger Types and Individual Finger Type Lengths Each finger is represented by a planet and god, and the quali es a ributed to them also apply to the meaning of each finger. The length in comparison to your other fingers further reveals its meanings in rela on to your traits.

Dominant Fingers When one finger is the straightest and the other fingers tend to lean, bend or curve toward it, this finger is your dominant finger. Your dominant finger indicates that these are the strongest traits within you. Refer to the previous table Finger Types and Individual Finger Type Lengths for descrip on of traits represented by your most dominant finger.

Hand Observations Another important aspect of Palmistry is hand observa on. Hand observa on includes shape (as detailed in March edi on – Part 1), consistency, flexibility, texture and size, and contributes towards the analysis of the hands and character assessment.


All this informa on is used in a hand analysis to gain an understanding of a persons’ character by the palmist. This is before the palmist even begins to make their observa ons of the lines within the hands, as this informa on will help influence the palmist when it comes to interpre ng the lines. Next issue I will move onto the good stuff that everyone wants to know when it comes to palmistry – the mounts and the stories that our lines tell and the diversity of the interpreta ons for their meanings. If you are interested in furthering your learning of Palmistry, I recommend Max Coppa, who is the master teacher for all things that are of Palmistry and Numerology. He conducts regular workshops throughout Australia and you can contact Max through his website Ar cle illustrated by Nicolle Poll. Nicolle Poll is a regular contributor and part of the inSpirit crea ve team, and works as an ar st specialising in Oracle Card illustra ons, Totemic Animal and Soul Journey portraits. Nicolle has studied and prac sed a wide range of modali es in her personal and spiritual development, including the healing arts of massage, natural therapies and reiki, as well as palmistry, mediumship, medita on and psychic development. If you are interested in Nicolle’s work, she can be contacted at:


David Wells explains how making the amazing power of the ancient Qabalah and the symbolic Tree of Life system can work for you, and positively change your life forever.


he Tree of Life in its very basic form is a symbol, it is a drawing that holds within it the very essence of the universe, but like all symbols it can’t come alive un l you breathe that life into it. Consider a statue of your favourite spiritual icon, be it Buddha, Christ or Archangel Michael; the plaster, bronze or even golden statue is itself just a statue but it is the embodiment, the ensoulment of the energy that has been invested in that image that makes it so very special to you, to all of us. For centuries symbols have rallied na ons, what is a flag but a symbol, banners have separated humanity and s ll do, so you see it is not such a surprise that the Tree of Life’s symbol holds so much power considering it has had thousands of years of peoples’ energies poured into making it so. Symbols work on our subconscious mind, they bring with them many meanings all wrapped up in on simple drawing, picture or icon as well a vibra on of their very own, something that will become increasingly important as we go on. Think of that Buddha statue, what do you see when you look at him, what do you feel, how does it change you and what do you aspire to when you walk away from it? Does it help you to center yourself to think of certain symbols and if it does, do you do that o en enough? Now imagine a symbol that does everything the Buddha statue does but also points out where you are now, what you could do to help yourself if you want to change your loca on and will also a ract into your life the right energy to help you get there?

you will find it is the start of another; Jacob’s Ladder as it’s called. Once you understand this symbol a whole new way of looking at the world unfolds, even with the basic understanding of the Sephiroth and their simplest meanings begins to bring it to life. So from the top: • • • • • • • • • •

Kether – an idea is wai ng to be recognised and grabbed Chockmah – it is charged with the spark of crea vity Binah – structure is put around it and its given form Chesed – excitement builds, ideas flow, opportuni es exist Geburah – anything unnecessary is removed Tiphareth – balance and the true beauty of the idea shines Netzach – me to invest your feelings and joy into it Hod – me to brand and create the image Yesod – remember old pi alls and learn from the past Malkuth – me to land

This works for your own soul’s incarna on right through to a batch of cupcakes you’ve made and knowing more is taking control of the process so that you get that recipe just right. Astrologically each Sephiroth has a correspondence too; here is the astrological Tree.

It also holds communica on points with your Angels, your Guides, your Aunty Vera and your Soul, as well as how to deal with coworkers, what your life purpose is and just why you should avoid wearing red. It is all things to all people and communicates through symbols.

From Kether down, following what’s called the lightening flash we have: Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and finally Earth. The a ributes of the planets astrologically reflect the same essence as the Sephira, when mixed together they can bring a whole new dimension to your astrological chart.

Now think about nega ve symbols, things that draw you towards dour thoughts rather than posi ve for they have as much power. Removing them from your life is important, you do not need them and no ma er how they come, it’s me to say bye-bye.

The real key to understanding the Qabalah is through visualisa on, observa on and crea on.

The Tree of Life can help you decide where you are, what you want and how to get there. Here is its basic form.

Visualise the temples and communicate with your soul and higher spiritual beings.

Each circle is called a Sephira, the plural is Sephiroth, imagine them as power houses pushing energy along the paths you see linking them. They are also home to the most incredible temples, places where all our human needs and wants are catered for and represented. By visi ng these temples we draw a en on to the essence of the Sephira and in turn it manifests right in front of us; such is the power of the Qabalah. You will also no ce that the paths between each Sephira are the major arcana of the Tarot, each bringing yet another experience when walked in crea ve visualisa on, a pathworking.

Observe what happens in your life and how what you’ve seen is shown here on earth.

There are many shapes to be found on the Tree and each one brings more ques ons and answers, there are three dis nct pillars, three triangles, the Tree can be folded in half horizontally and ver cally providing a glimpse into polarity and mirroring, and as you reach the top of one Tree

Create by using your ability to choose what you want and what you no longer need. Don’t be put off by what might seem overwhelming informa on, too much to learn etc. The Qabalah walks at your pace, it works with your own rela onship with your guides and god, goddess figures but most importantly; it presents in your life in the here and now. Begin at the beginning. (My e-book, 21 Days to Understanding the Qabalah, is out soon and available on David Wells is a Medium, Astrologer, Past Life Regressionist, Qabalist, featured guest at recent Paracon Australia and seen on the UK’s Most Haunted TV Show. He has recently released his latest book ‘Your Astrological Moon Sign’ read our review on page 22 of this edi on. You can contact David via his website:

Blessed Branches ~Magical Tools


he Wand is a magical tool used to direct energies. Hold your wand in your power hand which is the hand you write with. You may like to hold it delicately with your finger ps like a fairy Godmother for clearing and spreading love and posi vity in your space, or with both hands, using all your might for powerful banishing and protec on spells. You can change it around for different types of magic and healing, use your intui on and go with what you feel is right - there is no wrong! You can use your magical wand like a mini dust buster. Point its crystal p to your body, or a friend, pet, plant or mother earth. See your wand sucking in all the nega ve energy, disease, physical and emo onal pain; see it like darkness or yucky gunk being sucked up. While this is happening, ask the angels to change that nega ve energy into beau ful white, posi ve, healing light. They will, and they love to help! You can also make a sucking noise to create a li le visual and have a giggle. It does not have to be serious and silent, especially with children. Magic should be fun! Now use your wand like you are pouring and filling up your pa ent ll they are filled, both body and aura, with the most beau ful golden white healing light shimmering and shining, filling them with health and vitality. See your pa ent happy and in full health. Cast your spell into the night, Full moon glowing, stars alight, Being clear in mind and second sight, Your wand in hand, your future bright. The Sceptre is bigger than a magical wand. It is used for ritual work and powerful spell cas ng. Tradi onally seen in artworks and statues of Gods and Goddesses, or pictures of Kings and Queens, it is held in the hands of the person in charge. The leader, the healer, the priestess, shaman. The sceptre is a symbol of power, therefore this tool allows you to step out of your everyday self, out of the mundane world and into the dimension of spirit. A state where you can bend and shape the energies and magical forces, crea ng your des ny, where me stands s ll for viewing the past, the present and the future. Whilst holding your magical sceptre you are in charge! The Staff is the most powerful of all magical tools! You may have seen a staff being held by a wizard or a traveller in pictures or in movies, but why do magical folk hold a staff? What is its purpose? A staff can be used for much the same as a wand or sceptre, for

healing, spell cas ng and ritual work. The staff is wonderful for those people who lead spiritual circles and rituals, and is a symbol of their connec on to spirit and leadership. Walking medita ons can take you on amazing journeys, and when walking with a staff you may step into the unknown. Through the forest a staff may lead you to magical fairy lands, connec ng to amazing tree spirits and nature divas. Walking the beach you may connect to Atlan s or Lemurian energies, commune with the merfolk and amazing sea creatures. Walking forward into the future or backwards, back to past lives, drawing magical doorways and symbols, the magical possibili es are endless! Walking with a staff you are connected to magic, it is an antennae to spirit, a symbol of power, a key to portals for other dimensions, mes and realms. I use my magical tools everyday and in everyway, for healing, magical manifesta on, spell cas ng, ritual and ceremony, clearing, walking medita on and journeying. I create because I love to, because magic fills my life and I love to share that with you all everything I create comes from my heart and from spirit. I just love and work with the Earth, nature and spirit. Most of my branches come from my local beaches, and a few pieces come from the forest behind my home. I only pick up fallen branches and dri woods, and am always guided to the perfect pieces. In exchange for these blessed branches, Mother Nature and I have a divine agreement - my family and I always pick up rubbish and care for our environment, recycle everything we can and give offerings of love, healing and gi s. The land speaks to me - the ocean, the trees, the river, the mountains; all full of ancient wisdom and love. I so love working with branches, so full of natural magic! A branch on a tree, it has been connected to mother earth, channelling cosmic energies to Earth. It has bathed in the sunlight and the moonlight over and over again, charging and becoming so full of power. Then as dri wood this branch soaks in the essence of the sea, taking in vibra ons of the whale song, floa ng along with the dolphins and finally washing up on the shore to be found by me. Or it has fallen from its tree and lay upon the earth slowly absorbing the magic of rich soil and the energies of the ground dwelling creatures. It is so very magical before I do a thing to it! As I am walking through the bush or forest, I see li le faeries and pixies peeking around the trees and rocks and I know they help

Join Natasha Heard on this enchanting journey as she transports you into her world of magical tools of Wands, Sceptres, Staffs and more, as she gives you an in depth understanding of how these tools can grow the magic of your heart and soul. me. On different days I hear numerous guides, gods and goddesses; some mes it is animal totems, some mes angels. I create mainly on my balcony outside, and even the wildlife around my home likes to inspect my crea ons. Blue tongue lizards laze upon the branches and sneaky magpies like to steel my recycled ribbons and threads for their nests. I have always loved crystals and feel like more of a keeper than collector, as I keep them ll they are ready to move on to someone who needs it. My crea ons are like ancient puzzles. The crystal and the branch must fit together perfectly before being cra ed and I feel the magic start to flow even before they are fixed together. When I try to create it one way, crea on just comes to a halt. When I let go of all my ideas and just let spirit guide my hand, it is like a puzzle I have done many mes over. The pieces just come together so easily and the result is perfect. I put a lot of love into each and every magical tool I create, from healing wands to majes c staves, and shaman s cks to elvan sceptres. My wish is to spread much magic and create many miracles in our world and out to the universe. Please know that you are all amazingly magical beings with the power to manifest much magic and create miracles! May your magic flow wherever you go. Natasha Heard is a creatress of all things magical! A natural witch ~ her magical life and connec on to the Earth flow into all her crea ons. Whilst her speciality is Wands, Sceptres and Staves, her hor culturalist husband Michael has joined her in crea on, making Blessed Rune sets and Tree of Life Bind Rune talismans. They live with their two children on the far north

coast of NSW and spend much me together on the beach and in the nature reserve behind their home gathering the gi s Mother Earth has to offer, they never take from living trees and only use fallen branches and dri wood for their Blessed Branches. Natasha is very intui ve and deeply connects to every tree, is in touch with the nature spirits and loves to spend me communing with tree dryads, faeries, elves, animal spirits and ancient gods and goddesses. This connec on and passion for magic is what makes her a true creatress of powerful, magical tools. Natasha can be contacted at: Web: Email: or Facebook: Blessed Branches…magical tools by Natasha Heard.



ades is i the Greek God of Death, his name for many conjures up fear, however this fear is unfounded. While he may be the God of Death, know that this is not usually manifested by way of physical mortality ceasing, but rather the death of a situa on, manif the end of something. Just as with the seasons and in life, everything has a cycle and there are natural mes for things to die off and change. When Hades shows up in your life, it can be about le ng go of something that no H longer serves you, releasing old habits, rela onships that no longer work, fears that you have ha outgrown. Hades appearance may also be asking you to take a look at how you are ac ng; Hade are you being rude, dishonest, unforgiving, and perhaps a li le too eager to wait pa ently for the right ming in life.

None of this change and releasing of the old is to be feared or seen as N nega ve, however if you fight hard against this change and death, it may not be a pleasant experience. Know that with death comes birth, doorways will open, new feelings, emo ons, opportuni es come about when we shed the old open and allow for new. View the world through a clear fresh prospec ve. Death that we all move through in life. Do not fear it, embrace it….. D th is i just j t a cycle l off change h

Why Hand Fasting? P

eople choose to have a hand fas ng for many different reasons. For some it is a light hearted ceremony that holds meaning for them. For others it is an intensely spiritual decision between the bride and groom. I have even heard some say that they did it ‘cause it looked awesome in Braveheart’. Whatever the reason, I feel it important to explain what a hand fas ng is, prior to discussing my reasons for choosing a hand fas ng.

What is a Hand FasƟng? A widely held understanding of a hand fas ng is “an ancient Cel c ceremony of (temporary or permanent) betrothal or wedding that dates back to pre-Chris an mes and usually involves the tying or binding of the hands of the bride and groom with a cord or ribbon.” The idea behind the temporary wedding stems back hundreds of years to a me when the officiator would not be readily available and would visit the town once a year. People would gather in the town square to take part in a temporary betrothal to another. If a er a year the couple had decided the rela onship was working, they would move to have the officiator make it a legally binding union the next me he visited. Hand fas ng in our me is not a legally binding ceremony. They are usually performed with a civil celebrant in a endance to make the rite binding through law. There was a me however, when a hand fas ng was the only ceremony people performed and this predates all known wri en historical records. They were performed prior to the introduc on of Chris anity, and even in the beginnings of Chris an teachings. It was not un l 1563 that the church became heavily involved and began to deny marriages not held within their idea of a ceremony. Hand fas ngs use a cord or ribbon, or a number of cords or ribbons that are bound around the clasped hands of the couple being married. It is where the term ‘ e the knot’ originated from. The couple chooses cord colours that relate to a ributes they feel they need within their marriage, or can strengthen what is already within their union. Charms are some mes added for the same reasons as the colours, and people have taken to wearing a mul tude of colours woven together instead of using mul ple cords in some cases. The cord(s) or ribbon(s) are ed during the part of the ceremony the couple feels most appropriate, normally as part of the vows to one another and prior to the rings. They can be le for the en re ceremony and recep on and some mes un l the couple are safely back in their accommoda on for the night, or can be ed and removed immediately. It is all very flexible and le up to the couple. It can be as theatrical or played down as the couple would like. There are literally hundreds of varia ons to a hand fas ng and each one mirrors the couple that has had it performed as they are tailor made to suit them.

by Renee Taylor

Hand fas ngs are now seen to have been adopted by pagans; however they are not only performed by pagans. Chris ans have also used them as part of a larger church ceremony. This may be due to the flexibility of them and what they stand for. So what do they stand for? My understanding would be that they symbolise the binding of two people together in love and trust. It is a figura ve thing and for me, it would be as if someone were binding our hearts and minds as one and not our hands. It is within the hands that you hold all the tools to make or break that union along with your mind and your heart. In the simple binding of our hands we are mentally and physically saying that you are one. It has gorgeous and strong meaning, and needs to be felt by the couple being married for them to choose to do it. My reasons for Hand FasƟng My partner and I are to be married in September of this year and we will be performing a hand fas ng as part of our ceremony. It was my partner who suggested it. Even though I am pagan and would love to do it, he was the deciding factor. I checked with him that he wasn’t just doing this for me and that he understood what it meant before we even considered going any further. My partner assured me that he loved what it stood for, and didn’t care what any of our guests may have preconceived about it. In fact he kept me in check about telling the world that I am pagan, which had not even entered my mind. Once it was decided upon, what I did do was buy every book on the shelves about hand fas ng and I studied as hard as I could so as to be sure that it was right for us. I didn’t want to do it because it was associated or adopted by paganism as their form of marriage. A er countless hours of inves ga on with lots of coffee, we started to look at ceremonies and cord colours. We asked each of our closest family to purchase a cord in a corresponding colour that we felt best suited, not only what we wanted, but also what we felt they were strongest for. We are having each of them drape the cord across our hands as an extra blessing to our union. The cords will all be ed in one go at the end of our hand fas ng ceremony to ‘seal the deal’. We searched high and low for a celebrant that would suit us. We stumbled across one and I emailed politely to enquire about her experience with hand fas ngs. She responded with a note to ask me what kind of hand fas ng? Cel c, Irish, Pagan, the list goes on and to say that she won me with that note is an understatement. In the end we have what will be completely us on the day, most important to our rela onship thus far. To anyone considering hand fas ng I would suggest to do your research. Make it suit you. Don’t just cut and paste someone else’s ceremony unless that is what is right for you. Find a celebrant who knows what they are doing and has performed these ceremonies previously, and note - I have a library of books you can borrow on the subject! nSPIRIT |20

Magical Mulled Wine Celebrate winter and embrace the return of the light with this delectable magical brew by Rita Maher Winter - the perfect me to rug up and relax, light the candle, have the fire going and tuck yourself in for a cosy night as the cold winter air blows and chills the earth outside. One of my favourite things to indulge in during the cold winter months is Mulled Wine. But not just any Mulled Wine, I like to throw a li le magic into my wine ensuring that it truly hits the spot.

You will need: 1 bo le (750ml) red wine (cabernet sauvignon) 1 orange (peeled and sliced, save the rind so that you can zest some of it and use some as garnish later) ¼ cup Grand Marnier or Cointreau or Brandy (which ever you like the taste of) 8 cloves 1 vanilla bean split 2 s cks of cinnamon ½ cup of organic honey 1 teaspoon of ginger 1 teaspoon salt (I prefer unrefined cel c sea salt) 1 tablespoon olive oil ¾ cup luke warm water As I place each ingredient into a large pot I say: “In with love, In with hope, In with blessing” Once all ingredients are in the pot, heat gently for the next 20-25 min (do not let the mixture boil). S r occasionally to ensure that the honey has dissolved. When you s r say: “Love, hope and blessing for all who drink, Let Yule be a blessed me for each of you” When the mulled wine is hot, it is ready to serve. Leave behind the cinnamon s cks, vanilla bean and cloves. Enjoy the beau ful smell as you ladle out a glass of this magical Mulled Wine. Once ladled, decorate with orange zest. As you serve this up, be it for yourself or for your guests, say: “Blessed Yule to all, So Mote It Be” Blessed Be

Pumpkin Winter Harvest soup Guaranteed to warm and nourish both body and soul, this offering by Nicolle Poll is the perfect accompaniment for your Yule de fes vi es.

Serves approx 12-18 depending on serving size and thickness What you will need: 1 x large pot (I use minimum 30cm round by 12cm deep) 1 x large onion chopped 4 x cloves garlic chopped 4 tbspn olive oil 4 tbspn paprika 1 x large bu ernut pumpkin chopped 6 x medium potatoes chopped 1 x large sweet potato chopped 3 to 4 medium carrots chopped 2 tbspn vegeta or stock cube equivalent 3 tbspn unrefined cel c sea salt 1.5 litres boiling water 300ml cream – to add at end of cooking or to serve

• Using 2 tbspn olive oil, gently heat then add onion and garlic; fry 1-2 minutes. • Add paprika; fry un l onion starts to turn translucent. If mixture dries out whilst cooking, add small amount of water to moisten. • Add remaining 2 tbspn olive oil, then add chopped bu ernut pumpkin. Cook for 5 minutes on medium heat, s rring to coat and cook pumpkin. This process releases the sweetness in the pumpkin. If starts to dry out, add small quan ty of water to moisten. • Add remaining ingredients and add up to 1.5 litres of boiling water so that the contents are just covered. • With liquid gently bubbling, cook on medium low heat for 20 minutes or un l vegetables begin to so en, s rring occasionally. • Puree contents with blender s ck or blender, adding water to suit your preference for thickness. Season to taste. At this stage you can add 300ml cream, or keep cream aside and add when served. Serving sugges on - Add cream, top with lashings of chopped parsley and shallots, sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese, salt and cracked pepper with a drizzle of olive oil to finish.

nSPIRIT | 21

in S P I R I T | review

ĞĔĚėĆĘęėĔđĔČĎĈĆđ ĒĔĔēĘĎČē Hay House Publishing Authored by David Wells When reading Your Astrological Moon Sign by David Wells, you will come to appreciate and understand yourself a little more as David’s knowledge and interpretations of our Moon signs go a long way to completing our view of our astrological make up. Previously, when it comes to astrology our popular sun star sign was where we would turn to for information and guidance. Now with David providing a wealth of information on our moon signs and our emotional self of which they represent, we can now have greater clarity and a fuller picture astrologically. David’s humorous nature and complete grasp of the topic combine to make this book a fun, easy read; yet you come away with a greater understanding of yourself and those you love. Included is a moon sign chart making it easy to identify what moon sign you were born under, and the relationship compatibility interpretations will help us to understand our personal relationships further. You’ve got to wonder whether our daily moon signs should be included in our newspapers and magazines as well.

Would you like your book or CD reviewed here? Please contact us at

ęčĊĒĊĘĘĊēČĊėĔėĆĈđĊ Blue Angel Publishing | |

Authored & Illustrated by Ravynne Phelan | | I have admired for many years the stunning and intricate artwork of Ravynne Phelan, so it is with some biase that I wanted to review her recently released ‘The Messenger Oracle’ deck. I have to say the cards did not disappoint. The first thing I noticed is that they are easy to hold in the hand. While other oracle decks can be large and cumbersome, these feel nice; the energy they contain is empowering and uplifting.

These cards present a magical enchantment to the reader and the sitter, they enable you to explore the shadows in life without fear and allow for authenticity of feeling and guidance. Ravynne has created here without doubt, an oracle set that spans ages and experience. The cards invite you to use them, they call you to be free and most of all, the marrying of the meaning and beautiful artwork of each card shows an oracle set that has been created with passion, love and integrity. Highly recommend ‘The Messenger Oracle’ by Ravynne Phelan. - Reviewed by Rita Maher

The artwork of course is simply amazing, with attention to detail evident in all cards. The deck consists of fifty cards and booklet. At the front of her booklet is a connection to Gaia, which upon reading allows you to feel connected to all in this world. Ravynne has included several card layouts to help you along the way, and while I love the quick readings of the Guide Spread, I was immediately attracted to the Gaia Tree Spread. This spread not only allows for vision, the synergy of the cards together allows for clear choice and directions. In reviewing these cards I did several readings for close friends and each one hit the spot.

in S P I R I T | 22

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ĎĈĔđđĊĔđđ Artwork by Nicolle, Oracle Cards & Animal Totem Illustrations, Portrait of the Soul’s Journey & Writer FB: @Nicolle Poll E: P: 0416 720 418

Astrologers ĆěĎĉĊđđĘ Teacher, Qabalist, Astrologer, Author & Past Life Therapist

Crystal Shops & InSpirit Distributors Ĕĕ ÄŠÄ“ÄŒÄ?ĚĎĆ­ėĞĘęĆđĘ 2 Revesby Road, Revesby NSW T: +612 9785 0798

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ĆęĆĘÄ?Ć ĊĆėĉ Blessed Branches

Associations ĚĘęėĆđĎĆēĔđđĊČĊĔċĊĉĎĚĒĘÄ?ÄŽÄ•Č‹ČŒ

Psychics & Mediums ÄŠÄ—Ä—ÄŽÄŠĊĆėĎēČ ACOM Director, Medium, Author, Teacher & Intuitive Life Coach

ĎęĆĆÄ?ÄŠÄ— ACOM Accredited Platform Medium. Intuitive Healer, Psychic, Teacher & Writer T: 0434 867 426

ĚĘĆēēĊ ĆėęĆĘ Psychic Medium & Angel Intuitive


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 ĆĚēĞĆēĚđđĊÄ?ĔĒ Finished Artwork, Print & Digital E:

ėĎĊđđĊ Ĕėĉ Author of The Soulmate Secret


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Daily inSight and guidance at your fingerƟps.

Guide Wisdom inSight cards

Kerrie Wearing by

Author, Soul Coach & Medium

“This unique and personal offering has been lovingly created by Kerrie, under the guidance of White Feather, a Na ve American Medicine Woman and also her guide, who is the inspira on for these cards. It was with great an cipa on when I acquired my set that I sat with and worked with the energy of these cards. They are easy to hold and shuffle. They can be used as a single card draw for daily insights, or as a mul card spread for more in depth guidance. I found these cards allow you to see beyond the surface, empowering you with clarity, direc on and healing, much needed in today’s busy world. These cards are very easy to use, visually a rac ve, are unique in what they offer amongst other card sets available in today’s market, and the message contained within each card is simple, direct and powerful, leaving you in no doubt as to the answer you are seeking.” Nicolle Poll, NSW

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inSpirit Magazine Winter/June 2012  

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