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London - Bruges - Ghent Antwerp - Rotterdam Amsterdam - Cologne Hamburg - Berlin - Munich Prague - Vienna - Venice Florence - Naples - Rome Paris - London


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Hop on board a Eurolines coach from London for a cheap bus ride to Bruges. Belgium’s cities are all within easy distance of each other and incredibly picturesque. Stroll through the medieval cobbled streets of Bruges, explore the vividness of Ghent with its labyrinth of stunning canals, and soak up the captivating charm of Antwerp.

The Netherlands: Rotterdam is your first stop with its modern architectural masterpieces and vibrant waterfront. Head north and embrace Amsterdam’s hazy coffee shop culture, stunning architecture, liberal vibe and fantastic bike system. Don’t miss Holland’s windmills and tulips! 50


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Germany: Straddling the banks of the Rhine, Cologne is blessed with striking gothic architecture, a thriving art scene and its own locally brewed beer. Venture further north to Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city. A maritime culture rests at the core of this cosmopolitan metropolis – enjoy its multicultural eateries and waterfront venues before scooting across land to Berlin where an underground scene dominates. Entrenched in antiquity, Berlin is perfect for history buffs seeking an off-the-wall nightlife. Pop to Munich for a good ol’ knees-up with Size Matters Beer Tour before heading across the border to Czech Republic...

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Czech Republic: Prague is a magnificent muddle of architectural styles from cubist, art nouveau, neoclassical, renaissance and baroque. Nestled beyond the city’s historic core are lively spirited bars and beer gardens for glugging trademark beers.

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Austria: Embroiled in imperial history and a musical legacy, Austria’s capital will bowl you over by its Viennese charm, vibrant culture and resplendent local delicacies.


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Catch a train from Vienna to Venice, where dreamy, romantic canals await. Step into the outskirts for affordable eateries and a less tourist-ridden experience. From Venice, venture south to Florence – a city boasting a mouthwatering delight of Renaissance art and architecture. The Uffitzi gallery, the Duomo, and the Ponte Vecchio are just a few of Florence’s sights not to be side-stepped. Florence is also home to ‘Italy on a Budget’ tours - the ultimate way to embrace the city and its glorious Tuscan surroundings. Naples – or Napoli as the Italian’s prefer – is next on the agenda. Devour the world’s best pizza (it really is incredible!), and use Naples as a base to explore Italy’s southernly gems - the Amalfi Coast, and Pompeii. End your Italian adventure in Rome. Immersed in antiquity and artistic grandeur, Rome, and its gelato, will capture your heart in a flash!

France If you want to hotfoot directly to Paris, a 15-hour night train from Rome makes for a memorable backpacker experience– and an affordable one too. But, if you want to seize the authenticity of France, why not stop by at one of the country’s WWOOFing sites? Learn about life on organic farms, interact with French families and discover an enriching lifestyle that’s bound to include cheese, tasty bread and a few glasses of local wine. Why not return to London in style and take the Eurostar?


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