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Staying positive and away from corporate politics Life After the Loss of a Loved one. How to cope when you are alone?



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Photography is captivating the images in the moment and knowing your models fully .

By Anabel Cuevas

See your life through her eyes and contemplate life without resources and ask yourself about the selfishness of human being. See for yourself how your life can become if you let it. Through her paintings’ this young lady talks to us one by one and reach out deep inside our souls looking for answers that we politely ignore.


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Volunteer Opportunities Creating INSPIRING MAGAZINE’s online content via WordPress: This opportunity will involve posting INSPIRING MAGAZINE’s articles, photos, blogs, videos, etc. through the WordPress database. If you have any knowledge about the WordPress program, know how to create interactive content for a digital audience and have an eye for website layout, we would like to hear from you. Any knowledge of SEO practices would be super beneficial as well. Social Media Marketing: This opportunity is for those who would like to help us improve our online presence through the various social medias. Through the use of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we could use help with engaging in positive online conversations with the digital audience as well as sharing our content to reach a broader Internet audience to improve website traffic; therefore, assisting INSPIRING MAGAZINE in inspiring more people to make a positive impact in our world. Writing, Editing and/or Proofing: This opportunity is for those who love the written word and/or who are self-professed grammar geeks. If you can produce inspirational content that balances creativity with a bit of SEO keywords, or if you are a master of AP Style Guide and love to edit, we want to hear from you. We believe, in order for INSPIRING MAGAZINE’s valuable written content to make the largest positive impact possible, quality journalism is vital and will accomplish this goal for us.



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My Encounter with the Devil. I Mary the Devil in Disguise want to listen to the voice I always try to do what’s fair in charmed me. Though I in my head. I was listen life and give people the benefit was hesitant at first because something ing to the emotions that I of the doubt even when my in the back of my mind was driven by in my heart. heart tells me not to. I have I was con, I knew it but I been fortunate to be provided was telling me to be was not willing to accept with wonderful children and careful and not to give in it. My friends saw it and for a chance in life. When we to temptation, I did not are young, we meet people and we fall in love thinking that the object of our attraction feels the same and will treat us right. Sometimes we mistake passion for love and pleasure for passionate love. We meet people and we automatically assume they are great people and would treat us right. When I was young, I dreamt of marriage and I dreamt of marrying a man who would love me and support me in my career and dreams. I always been very Previously, I had loved men but had never fallen as ambitious and ever since I was hard as I fallen for the devil. I was lie to and I was a child, I always aspire to sucabuse in the same sense emotionally and ceed in life handling my career, sometimes physically but I stayed with him claiming children, husband and my that he was not bad and that eventually he would recognize I was a great person and would learn to household. I used to love me and respect me. As I try to fabricate excuses envision myself meeting the for him and take him back every time after I had prince on a white horse and decided not to, I found myself pregnant... OK, here living happily ever after. Little comes the real story...I was confused the first time I did I know that reality is not found out that I was pregnant; It was not possible, I always as you dream it to be was on birth control pill. How could it be that I was like. I was fortunate enough in pregnant? I was not ready to be pregnant and I had a career that I was just starting. I wanted to finish life to meet wonderful people school first and then have children. Goodness why to interact with people who now I wondered, but I was pleased that I would be believed in me and who bringing a child into the world I just was not ready to wanted to stay true to myself bring them in with the devil I was dealing with. I felt and to my dreams. I was never scared and had night sweats as to the consequences of my actions while dealing with the one I would call confused of what my wants and needs were in life. I always my children’s father. i was stunned more so when I told him I was pregnant and of his response to me knew what I wanted and how that I ruined his life by bringing children into his life. i wanted it until i met the devil He then promised to ruin mine in return. During my and gave myself to him and pregnancy, I had a great deal of stress dealing with had children by him. At first, he that I had to literary step away for a while. My friends was very charming and friendly were a great support system and visited me every Saturday and made sure I was not left unattended. in his nonchalant moves, he

Red Border Magazine • Issue 285

My brother was my cheerleader as he coached and kept me company. I was very much so loved and I had a great pregnancy despite the stress that was being put on me by the one that today caught himself to say he is a proud father. Can I just tell you...? I was stupid, yes I said it I was stupid to think that the that was in front of me and whom I hear words of love was in my life to destroy it.. Yes, I was warned, yes I saw signs and was in denied. I was just not willing to see what others were seeing. Sometimes you hear people tell you love is blind well it is if you let your heart guide you versus your reason. I was trapped without being aware of it. I had no notion of what games the devil was playing. He denied his child and then wanted to be part of her life then He thought she was the reason he couldn't afford another yet Mercedes Benz and she was definitely not welcome. Something inside of you always tells you how bad the decision you are making can change your life forever but yet you refuse to listen to that voice and go with your heart. Your heart is really not a good judge of character. They always say follow your heart, what they should say is listen to that little voice that helps you in making sound judgment not the emotions that rules your heart. If you or someone you know is right now at this moment dealing with a person such as the one describe here, let them know it will not get better. You can never hope to change someone; you can just change yourself and hope that the person learns that they possess a diamond in their hands. Stop making excuses for him or her face life and do what you were called into this life to do. You are beautiful and a good person. No matter what others say, believe that and go on with your life holding your head up and doing the things that please you. I was blind but now I can see and life is even better. ~ Habiba Tuscana


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