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a weekend getaway for two and much more!

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Issue 6 I Sep - Oct 2013 I The FREE Ticket To Your Happy Place

Situated in the heart of the Magaliesberg, Budmarsh offers five star accommodations, conference facilities, and a world class fine dining restaurant, in a charming country setting. We aim to create a unique and memorable experience for each of our guests. From tranquil rambles through the lush surrounds, dips in the pool and elegant picnics in our gardens, to high tea on the patio and a superb dining experience in the care of our executive chef, guests are sure to leave feeling pampered, refreshed and eager to return. Budmarsh epitomises understated elegance and old world charm. Allow yourself the time to wander through our rose garden, enjoy a quiet afternoon fly-fishing and keep on the lookout for the varied birdlife in the area. Budmarsh is the perfect retreat for couples in need of a break or looking to celebrate a special moment, as well as the ideal base for those eager to explore the Magaliesberg and the Cradle of Humankind. Put your conference or special occasion in our capable hands, and allow us to tailor an event to suit your needs - our top-notch facilities, stylish lodgings and friendly staff will not disappoint. Budmarsh is renowned for its superb cuisine. Expect to tuck into carefully prepared fresh ingredients used in artfully presented and flavoursome dishes and a fine selection of wines from our cellar. Our unique gourmet menus are sure to delight. Our Executive Chef, Chris Tustian, hails from the United Kingdom, and has trained under Michelin Star Chefs. Tustian has spent a number of years in France, where he gained valuable experience and a deep passion for haute cuisine. We take pride in preparing outstanding cuisine for our guests, and a dining experience to remember.

WIN a weekend stay for 2 people valued at R6580.00 Includes 6 course dinners prepared by our head chef as well as breakfasts!




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contributors Jayne Lea Founder, Editor & Graphic Designer for Inspire Virtual Mag

"Live A Life Full Of Passion, Success and Meaning. Shift Your Mindset From a Limiting one to one of Mastery.” Hailing from Cape Town, single mom and established business woman, Jayne began her journey into the world of graphic design at the start of the new millennium. Driven by her passion for the creative process; fueled by her distinctive ability to interpret her client's vision and cemented by her precision for balance of composition, this multifaceted dynamo has built her brand JaynieLea into the success it is today. Jayne also heads a fantastic Cape Town online networking initiative on facebook called Mother City Networx which offers a platform for people to actively promote their businesses / services / products and events to all the online followers at no cost to them.

Fiona Cameron-Brown Inspire Copy Editor Fiona Cameron-Brown runs an education and training management consultancy from a virtual office in the Winelands. Fiona Cameron Consulting offers a range of services e.g. writing, conceptualisation, policy analysis, and quality compliance. She lives in McGregor, with her husband, Tom and two cats.

Bronwen Watson Inspire Content Contributor

Bronwen is an online copywriter and social media manager for a Johannesburg based digital agency. Specialising in online and social media, administrating, writing and editing content for blogs, mobile and social media community management.

Burbette Scott Smith Content Contributor / Blogger I sometimes feel like an accidental Tourist on this Journey that has chosen me and the Path I choose to carve out while I traverse this beautiful Earth. Each day is a gift from the One and each day I am grateful to receive and share it.I have hills and valiums, but I insist that my hills have panoramic vistas and that my valleys produce exquisite wines

Megan Bosman Nutritional Therapist (Dip Clin Nutrition). Twitter: @meg_bosman Megan Bosman is a Nutritional Therapist (Dip Clin Nutrition). Her health history fuels her passion for helping others live a healthy lifestyle and regain their health. Megan treats all areas of health and encourages people to care for their bodies as a whole - both inside AND outside.

Carol Gerber Results Driven Coaching My interest has always been in how people both think and behave, which is probably why when I went to University of Stellenbosch, I studied Psychology. The transition into Coaching has however been a journey. A 13 year career in Human Resources provided the platform where I lived out my passion for helping people develop their careers. Since May 2010, I have been applying that knowledge and passion as The Possibilities Coach, helping people to reach their full potential.

Mientjie Kleinhans Corporate Choices Social Media Marketing and Training

Mientjie Steyn owns Corporate Choices and has been in the media and marketing industry for 22 years. Her background as journalist, editor, photographer and publisher, mixed with a good dose of public relations and marketing, ensures that she has a very good understanding of what social media entails.

A big thanks to Fotolia for supplying us with all stock imagery used in Inspire Virtual Mag. Your selection is amazing and made our job a whole lot easier.

Debbie Wall-Smith Property Broker and Professional Valuer Wall & Smith Property Consultants 021 797 2552 Debbie Wall Smith's background is a mix of Property broking, management and valuation. Debbie served on the Services Seta Property Chamber Board, the regional committees for both the SAIV and Women's Property Network. Debbie is a working mother and active partner in Wall & Smith Property Consultants in Claremont Cape Town.

Reece Sims Founder of The Gold Zebra Reece Sims is a passionate advocate for the professional development of Generation Y women. She is the owner and founder of The Gold Zebra, a digital hub for savvy business and lifestyle advice as well as a repository for edgy awareness campaigns and interviews with inspiring female entrepreneurs. Kristina Leonardi Career/Life Coach & Motivational Speaker Founder, The Women's Mosaic®, Kristina is a career/life coach and motivational speaker who has a proven record of getting "stuck" clients empowered to make lasting changes aligned with their true passions and talents. Whether speaking, coaching, writing, or creating programs for The Women's Mosaic®, she provides a unique yet practical framework for each individual to make the most of their personal and professional lives.

Royalty Free Images, Vectors and Videos Add impact to your design projects with royalty-free images from Fotolia. All licenses include unlimited print runs and never expire!


Catherine Milward-Bridges Inspire Contributor

Twitter: @ownperson Linkedin: Catherine is an independent communication specialist, freelance writer and passionate wordsmith with several years of experience that include corporate communication, proofreading, ghostwriting, magazine editing and P.R. She helps clients produce effective communication - strategic or ad hoc - through a passion for excellence, focussed audience analysis and editorial rigour.

Carla B CEO|Founder - EOTM Media Group Carla Barnes aka Carla B. is the Founder and Executive Director of the EOTM Awards. She is also the CEO of EOTM Media Group which encompasses EOTM Radio & Media, EOTM TV and EOTM Public Relations. Ms. B. founded EOTM Media Group in February 2006 after deciding she was tired of being stuck in the infamous “rat race.” By 2010 Carla B. had produced and successfully syndicated over 1000 shows, allowing radio personalities the opportunity to grow with the company and share her vision.

Philippa Spark Inspire Content Contributor Event Planner, P.A. and writer Philippa Spark Productions began in 2007. Philippa has been involved in events worldwide, from weddings in New York to international polo matches in South Africa. Philippa's passion is writing, and her blog, Life in the very fast lane, is growing continuously in popularity and readership. Philippa lives in Johannesburg with her daughter.

Liz Hoare Inspire Content Contributor

MetaVarsity Inspire Content Contributor

Living in Cape Town South Africa, Liz is a full time and established artist and art teacher - teaching to both beginners and advanced students. Liz has a great passion for gardening and with her prior career managing The Cape Association of Nurserymen she has combined that experience with her passion to start the journey of “the colourful palette” in our “green” section.

MetaVarsity is a college of metaphysics that uses the philosophy of metaphysics to provide unique learning and growth in selfdevelopment for each one of our learners. MetaVarsity provides the world's only global outcomes-based and assessed approach to metaphysics - helping you to make the intangible, real and tangible to you.

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JaynieLea Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing I I

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inspire in a nutshell!

secondary distribution just a click away. With a list of incentives to encourage readers to share – because

A publication which is driven to inspire people all over

sharing is caring – the distribution chain becomes

the world, Inspire Virtual Mag is going against the


grain when it comes to design, content, advertising and distribution. As a FREE publication, the ease of

the exchange...

access has seen the number of readers and subscriptions go from zero to thousands in less than six

The exchange for editorial submissions is as follows:

months. It was developed with the intention of

Not only will you gain fantastic exposure from the

becoming a global publication and a platform for

public being able to read your written work, but you

people all over the world to connect, communicate

will also receive acknowledgment for your content

and effectively “close the gap”. Already being read

on our “contributor’s page” which will have a

in more than 30 countries, this publication is

photograph inserted as well as a short bio of who you

spreading its wings fast.

are and what you do. Whilst we are primarily

Inspire Virtual Mag looks at the modern woman, the woman who wants to nd the balance between work, play and being. Content ranging from informative business and life style articles through to beauty, fashion, décor and tech features is what makes Inspire Virtual Mag a unique and true “something for everybody” publication.

targeting women, this publication is reaching people of all age groups, genders and nationalities.

advertising... Going against the grain is nothing new to us and we’ve developed a unique service offering for our advertisers. For more information, click here:

Contributors to the magazine range from home

executives, budding writers, motivational coaches, executives and even the avid gardener. It is written by the readers for the readers, making the content more inclusive and easy to identify with. With the support from contributors and advertisers, this publication is now a notable contender in the online publishing space. The magazine can be read, downloaded, printed and shared – making the

contact us www.twitter.cominspiremagsa

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I really enjoy reading your online mag, WOW WOW WOW, I'm blown away!! Keep it up Mama Ungo❤ @Mag_Starrr Very exciting! Thank you for sharing MyVogueSA @MyVogueSA Yay looks awesome, congrats tracy_ray _gore @tracygorejous Our London partner loves the advert, thank you for superb job, you are a superhero Fashion Expressions @AGNFashion Thank you so much Jaynie you are amazing and the new issue is absolutely gorgeous ♡ toscasalon @toscasalon1 My fav online magazine @InspireMagSA Nicole Avichzar @NicoleAvichzar I've just browsed through it and going to read later when not busy but looks AWESOME! Well Done! Chantelle @ChantsK Just "downloaded" your digital issue. WOW - Firstly congrats me, on nding this. The name says it all. INSPIRE. Refreshing mag and so nice to see that "local is lekker" Great read and some wonderful inspiring articles. WELL DONE!! Nicola Williams My favourite issue thus far! big congratulations Jaynie Lea and team Well well done!!! Xx Mira Weiner Inspire - Virtual Mag magazine - a wealth of information, inspiration and awesome: Reece Sims

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ed’s letter I am very pleased to say that I found it Life in all its wonder, has an uncanny way of “giving you the difficulty” so you can appreciate the gold. We live in a truly amazing space. Every single day we are offered the opportunity to change, grow, learn and expand our spirit. How often do we take the time to appreciate the little things? NOT OFTEN ENOUGH! – just the other day, I was stuck in traffic, waiting to turn right off a main road and decided to “flash” about 6 cars waiting in the queue through, so as to alleviate the congestion. It really was a lovely moment because the last of the cars that I allowed through smiled at me and then very shortly after was confronted with another car trying to make its way into the stream of traffic… it was VERY interesting to watch as he was almost OBVIOUSLY compelled to allow the other car the grace of passage – and as he did, he received the biggest smile and wave in return.. and so it goes... There are two incredibly powerful emotional expressions in this world and they are gratitude and love. We should all make a conscious effort to offer both to as many people as we can. This does not mean that you have to be a walk over, nor does it mean that you have to allow your own voice to be drowned. You can achieve both a strong spirit and heart simultaneously. - Remain strong in love, gratitude and soul, ALWAYS!

Greetings again all you amazing people :) The power of POSITIVE thought – A power which lies at the disposal of each and every one of us, however, the power of thought – is a power that is used by each and every one of us on a daily basis, whether for good or bad. We choose our own direction and when disaster occurs, it occurs with purpose. It stands there before us like the first candle lit in a dark room, hoping that we see its bright and eye opening light… The last two weeks have been somewhat challenging – trying to finish up our latest issue as well as continue with my “paying career” whilst dealing with multiple “mundane disasters” hehe… I have moved house, had a broken washing machine, a burst geyser, a “lets just say interesting neighbour” and to finish it all off… a car accident. However, I have to say that through all of the above, I somehow maintained a steady pace of “calm” – I saw no sense in getting angry, upset, worked up or distraught… all I have looked for was the lesson (ie. Reason) – and

With Spring in the air, we are focusing on the obvious in this issue… yip! – Spring cleaning in all facets! It is a good time to renew “once decided” goals and aspirations. There are still four months left of 2013 and we are here to help you make the best of them. :) So… look in the mirror, affirm your awesomeness, go grab your jacket of enthusiasm, pick up your bag of confidence , grab the keys to your dreams and go KICK BUTT!!! I have had to “cram” this issue due to all my delivered “life challenges” but after looking through it before publishing, I am filled with so much reward… it is an amazing issue and I hope each and every one of you finds something in it that speaks to you. Ok… that's me… over and out… Enjoy it, share it and most importantly, grow from it.

- Much love.

Jaynie Lea


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get summer ready!

sories g & acces in th lo c r e esign m janieB - d c b ie n a .j www

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billie jean bowties & designs

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love my lace

beauty on the go!

portobello road vintage

Stylish and Fashionable Travel & Storage Bags for your lingerie


vintage style clothing & coffee shop 313 Main Road, Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa

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Pichulik Studio Opens...

PICHULIK would love to invite you to visit their new studio. Come visit us for a cup of coffee!

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PICHULIK is a bespoke range of accessories handcrafted with locally manufactured ropes and found materials in Cape Town. Inspired by African and Middle Eastern Ornamentation. PICHULIK creates statement pieces for bold and courageous woman. We also share a studio with local industrial designer Jasper Eales. He is a South African brand that focuses on the integrity of his raw materials and designs where form follows function. With an honest approach to each piece the user and the objects usability is of prominent importance. Distilling design to its functional basics Jasper Eales designs are created for easy living. Invitation by appointment only Contact 082-449-0024 for appointments. Studio B106, 66 - 68 Albert Road, The Woodstock Exchange, Cape Town

tiptoe through the

tulips Spring has finally sprung! Everywhere you look flowers and trees are blooming up a storm – the colorful symphony of tulips, lilacs, daffodils, cherry blossoms and dogwoods are waking up the city from its cold, long winter slumber, filling us with gorgeous eye-candy and reminding us of the new possibilities that exist within and around us.

It’s such a fleeting moment that only seems to last a week or two, so it’s now or never to take notice and appreciate the beauty and magic while it exists. This is a perfect time to pay attention to the prettiest new little things around you, and to celebrate these glorious gifts of Nature. Beauty is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and a flower is one of the simplest and most tangible expressions of it. If you can’t soak up all that is staring us in the face right now, then how will you recognize and appreciate the more subtle beauty within and around you throughout the year? In NYC we tend to rush from here to there, with our noses in our blackberries or thinking about whatever as we walk down the street with our blinders on when what we really need to do in those transitional times throughout the day is to stop and smell the roses, literally and figuratively. Slowing down, taking a few deep breaths and becoming aware of your surroundings – especially when they are so lovely – is a great cure for stress and anxiety. I’m sure that if you just try it, like Mikey, you’ll like it! Feeling a little curmudgeonly with all this zippidy doo da talk? Give me a buzz and I’ll help get things goin’ your way again… Article: Kristina Leonardi


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spring break,



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Engaging. Wallowing. Catching. Whining could easily sneak into our dialogue as a harmless guilty pleasure. But, is it?




Margie Smith is just an average young woman. Let's peep into Margie's diary for some fun, laughter, tears and joy.

, y r a i d r a De



are you born with it?


â&#x20AC;Ś that is the rhetorical question!


space The importance of cleansing your energetic self and your environment


living with


motivate People have become more aware. We are beginning to realise that by not following the crowd like a group of Lemmings jumping off a cliff, our lives can have so much more meaning. We know instinctively that by allowing one day to follow the next, we are not living, we are only existing. In the media we read about living your purpose, your truth and a number of other catch phrases. So what does it really mean? In most instances, the writers of these articles or books are referring to finding out what you are passionate about and developing a plan to get yourself to a place where what you do for a living is in line with your passion. This is a fantastic idea and something everyone should strive for. However, if you are not quite there yet, can you still be living a purposeful life? Absolutely! But how, you may ask? Simply put, by living consciously. Living consciously means that you are present within your life at any given moment. You are not merely following routine out of habit. You definitely don't have your head down living like any other hamster in the mill of life. Monday is no longer that dreaded day after the weekend. Every day of the week becomes fulfilling. This still doesn't answer the question of “How” though. It's all fine and well hearing about these concepts and wanting to strive towards living a more fulfilled life. However, our society as done a very good job of creating people who can fit into pre-prepared moulds. We have not been given the tools to live our lives. It's time to break out! Start by taking the time to assess what your day look likes. Are you planning ahead, do you know in advance what you need to achieve in your day or are you simply falling from day to day. And no, keeping everything in your head is not optimal. Find a mechanism that works for you to allow effective planning of your time. Whether it is an app on a smart phone or an “old fashioned” diary. On a weekly basis write down on specific days what you need to achieve. Be realistic with the time you allocate to tasks. Also remember to ensure that you allow for enough down time. Your company does not own you! Yes, most of your time is spent at work, however, you can

choose to make it productive and interesting, or you can choose to hate it. It is all about the attitude that you choose to have. Now that you have your time sorted to get the day-today running smoothly, it's time to dream. What else would you want to achieve with your life? Nothing is impossible to achieve, some things may simply take a little longer. Now that you have some ideas, create an action plan. Break it down into small achievable tasks. Allocate it to your diary. The most amazing feeling in the world is when you can look back on your day or week or month and see what you have achieved. It is even more amazing when you have actively chosen not to allow circumstances or people dictate how you view your life. Don't allow circumstance to force you in a direction not of your making. This will only mean that you are living according to someone else's decisions and quite frankly, they are not taking your needs into account. Yes, sometimes the best laid plans don't work out. That's ok. Regroup, re-access and amend your plan. The key to Living with Purpose is to take action. Without action, no idea, dream or plan will ever become reality. One small action step everyday is better than sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself. I know it sounds like a schlep. Yes, to make positive changes in your life does take work. With a bit of practice, conscious decisions become second nature, planning becomes easier, taking action a part of life, and pretty soon you find that you can not live your life in any other way. In a nut-shell, life becomes purposeful. Now give yourself permission to Live Life with Purpose! Article: Carol Gerber | Results Driven Coach +27 (0)83 265 7480 |


spring cleaning


secrets to being


efď&#x20AC; cient


At the beginning of an entrepreneur's career the process of starting a business is like a roller coaster. You will experience exhilarating highs, stomach-dropping lows and a general sense of inertia throughout. Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure of interviewing countless young female entrepreneurs both formally and informally and have discovered that there are many consistent lessons that they have shared about their business start-up experiences. So if you're ready to get into the front seat, strap on the harness and enjoy the ride, here are nine tips from nine entrepreneurs that you must know before starting your business. (1) Pursue Your Passion, Not Your Salary It's no surprise that when starting your own business venture it is expected that you will work long hours, learn new things daily and make mistakes. If you're not passionate about the work, it is likely that you will become disheartened, disinterested or burned out. If you are passionate about the work, you will keep working towards your goals until they are realized. By pursuing your passions, success will follow. Fortunately, money often runs parallel to success. RA: “[My company] was launched in 2012 and I envisioned making great profits after 12 months (although I know statistics suggest that it takes most small businesses two to three years to realize healthy profits). So, after a year of hard work, dedication, enthusiasm – I had more people recognize me and my brand, but little income to show for it. Now that I'm in my second year, I'm making money and making matches. Life is good!” (2) Do Your Research, Make A Plan, Then Follow It Before you dive in head first, do your research and ensure that you have a good understanding of the competitive landscape, your barriers to entry and the financial investment that your business requires. Three basic models that you can use to analyze your industry include an internal SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), a macro-environmental PEST analysis (political, economic, social and technological) and an external analysis using Porter's five forces (competitive rivalry, supplier power, threat of new entry, buyer power and threat of substitution). ES: Make a plan and then follow it. MJ: Do your research. Be yourself and connect with your customers in a way that is genuine. Don't try to act like a know it all and never ever guilt a customer into making a purchase. (3) Work Hard and Never Give Up It's easy to become disheartened when things don't go according to plan. Unfortunately, when starting your business, most things won't. In times of turmoil, first, take a step back and remember all of the reasons why you wanted to start your business in the first place. Second, think about how you would give the honest explanation of why you gave up to a loved one. If your business is

derived from passion, these two notions will keep you on track and determination and persistence will take over once again. CC: If you're doing it for the right reasons, go for it. Yes you're going to have to work hard, but once you make it happen, you know you'll never have to experience that regretful 'what if' feeling. KF: Never give up! Never think something is not possible, because it is. I put off design for years and years because I thought it was not a possibility, but I was just hiding behind being scared. You have to follow your dreams, whatever they may be. (4) Network Network Network The importance of networking cannot be understated. At the very least, networking will help to increase your sales and referrals, learn things to grow your business, help stimulate your creativity, and build your support system. Without an audience to pull from, it will be increasingly difficult to grow your business. AH: Get involved and get your hands dirty. Don't expect anything to be handed to you – work hard and make as many connections as you possibly can. You never know who or what could lead to your big break. MJ: It really is who you know and not what you know. Keep an open mind, meet lots of people, and try really hard not to burn your bridges. KF: Network, make contacts, get up early and work your ass off because you need to be one step ahead of others in your industry. KJ: I started my first business with a much smaller network than the one I have now. I had to become really comfortable being the new person in a room at events and going up to strangers and introducing myself. (5) Don't Feel Intimidated It is challenging to constantly put your reputation on the line for your business. It is important to remember that while you are feeling intimidated so is everyone else – regardless of how confident they may seem. Intimidation may not be avoidable, but by remembering that everyone else is feeling intimidated as well, it will help to ease your feelings of discomfort. CC: Learning to take criticism is never easy. Hearing someone tell you that you're doing something wrong or could be doing something better is tough. However, over the years [you'll] toughen up, take criticism, and see it in a positive light to better [your] skills.” KF: Trying not to get discouraged when things don't pan out how you'd hope, or if things take longer than expected to take off.” KJ: Don't be intimidated. I imagined everyone in fashion walking around like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, but I have yet to meet a pretentious or selfinvolved fashion person. Everyone has been so nice! continued overleaf...


9 lessons on

starting your business from young entrepreneurs

Photograph: Angela Pavuk

Photograph: Angela Pavuk

(6) Have a Strong Support System In your moments of weakness, having a strong support system is crucial to keep you motivated and on track with your goals. That ability to reach out and seek reassurance is priceless during the beginning stages of your business. BK: Have a strong support system and give it your all, always. With much sacrifice and determination, comes great reward. OK: Harness and develop your unique style and strengths. Surround yourself with likeminded, supportive, and loving people who believe in you (7) Trust Your Gut There's something to be said for intuitive insight in business. Over the years you have accumulated a variety of knowledge that your brain organizes into blocks of information. When it's time to make a decision, your brain subconsciously searches for patterns or clusters of information that assist with the decision making process. Trusting your gut is more than just taking a leap of faith, oftentimes it is derived from well-informed intuition. AH: I had a few inquiries from brands who wanted to work with me on a contract basis. One thing led to another, and I finally decided to take the plunge. Looking back, it was a pretty ballsy move, but I just knew the timing was right. OK: Follow your gut and stay true to yourself. Take action on your dreams, constantly. Step outside your comfort zone. Find out what excites you and makes you truly happy. Do that more often. Give back and experience abundance in the coolest ways possible! (8) Make Time For Yourself One of the most challenging parts of starting a business is setting aside down time. If you are feeling a sense of guilt just at the thought of taking a break from your business, just remember that time off will allow you to relax and become re-inspired creatively.

MJ: The bottom line, if you are going to take time off, even if it is an afternoon – really take it off. My Sundays, unless an event comes up that I need to work or go to, are kept as fun days. I exercise, I spend time in the kitchen and I spend time with my family OK: Try to always make time for yourself no matter how hectic life gets. Never lose sight of your own needs in the journey as it will be difficult to be successful if you are not taking care of yourself. This includes physically, mentally/spiritually and emotionally. (9) Just Go For It Either you're interested or you're committed. Being interested in your business means that you'll only do what is convenient. Being committed means that you'll do everything in your power to get the job done and achieve your goals. Evaluate the positives and negatives to starting your business and then just go for it! BK: I've definitely made a lot of mistakes and still don't have it all figured out, but, that's how I learn. KJ: Be humble, learn from everyone, and just go for it! Written by Reece Sims A special thank you to the following entrepreneurs who contributed their knowledgeable insights: Robin Arnold - Owner, Locate Your Soulmate | Christine Colling - DJ Yurie | Karmel Franklin - Owner, House of Smooch | Amanda Haines – Owner, Reformation PR | Katie Jeanes – Owner, HelenJean | Megan Johns – Owner, The Green Kiss | Olivia Keane - Co-Founder, Keane2BeFit | Brooke Kilgore – Owner, Vibestreet Dance Studio | Erika Schade – Owner, Erika Lauren Designs |


the FREE ticket to your

happy place e u s s i t Nex e v i l s goe v o N 5 on 1

tami roman EOTM - entrepreneur of the year

in modeling before securing what seemed to be an answer to a prayer: a role on MTV's hit reality show “The Real World”, billing her as the “original reality star”. Suddenly, Tami and her mother were in an upward spiral, as Tami bagged several guest starring roles on TV shows and became a full-time guest VJ for MTV. In a chance meeting, Tami met Kenny Anderson, future husband and father to her two beautiful daughters, Lyric and Jazz. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in a highly publicized divorce which decided Tami to channel her energies towards her television and movie career. Since then, Tami has gone on to build a diverse career starring as a series regular on the CBS's vampire hit Moonlight, Fox's Sex Lies and Secrets with Denise Richards and TV1 s new sitcom Belle.

Tami Roman is the dynamic personality of VH1's number one reality show, 'Basketball Wives', and has a career that has spanned more than 18 years. She got her start as a reality show pioneer on MTV's hit 'The Real World'. Hailing from White Plains, NY, Tami grew up in a single parent home with her hardworking mother who held down three jobs. At one point when she was a little girl, Tami's mother lost her job, the two became homeless and were forced to live on the streets of New York. This experience made Tami a very strong, independent, knowledgeable and a humble woman who appreciates and values life. There is no denying that the New Yorker with striking light brown eyes and effervescent personality was born to be on camera. Later, as a young adult, Tami entertained a career

Additionally, Tami has starred in projects with Courtney Cox, Alex O'Loughlin, Terrence Howard, Kevin Hart, Laz Alonso, Taraji P. Henson and Vivica A. Fox, to name a few. Tami has also appeared on several talk shows including with Oprah Winfrey, Wendy Williams and she has featured in magazines OK!, Star!, In-Touch, Shape, National Enquirer and many more, and is regularly seen on Basketball Wives, which reaches approximately 4.6 million viewers each week. She has a strong social media presence with over 1.2 million followers spread over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and her personal web site ( To top it all, Tami is also the host of her own late night talk show, Overtime, on VH1, further securing her mainstream market appeal. Following her success on Basketball Wives, Tami was recently chosen to replace Holly Madison and Carmen Electra as the global spokesperson for popular weight loss preparations, NV Supplements and Sprinkles. The fearless TV personality is emerging as a brilliant businesswoman through her emerging ventures and is currently focused on launching her own affordable cosmetics line, 'TAMI ROMAN'. Besides the cosmetics line, Tami has plans to release a series of low calorie cookbooks and several more business endeavors are in the works! Article compliments of: Tami Roman Official Site:

proď&#x20AC; le

I guess the most authentic story I can share is my personal journey and hope that, somewhere, in the middle of it all, you find something that inspires you to live from a place of your own personal truth. I was born into this planet as a starry-eyed idealist who imagined that everything I dreamt would come true. Yep! I was that child who believed that if I spoke to my shoes long enough they would eventually talk back. If they didn't that was ok, too: I had a feeling that they could hear me and that's all that really mattered. Something in my constitution cannot relate to the concept of “not possible”. I'm not quite sure where I got that. I have a slight suspicion that my mother has something to do with it. She always made everything possible. The bubble of my childhood was magical. My mother had a way of making the “unlikely” into a reality, especially the midweek sleep overs my friend's mothers would never allow. Somehow, as soon as we roped my mum into the conversation, we were jetting off, to either my friend's or my house, pretending we were taking a midnight flight to some far away destination like New York, when in reality we were driving five minutes down the road in Mafikeng. I quickly learned that where there is a will, there is a way. As a child I would write. Write poems the primary purpose of which was only to rhyme. I'd write the most bizarre imaginative stories. I'd write songs and belt out long notes that reverberated through the house, convinced my parents would come barging into my room, overwhelmed by the beauty of my undiscovered talent! Sadly that didn't happen, it was more like, “Naima, will you stop screaming”. However, I figured that with all the effort that went into my craft, they clearly weren't hearing what I was, so I'd insist that they sit in the living room and pay me to listen. If this wasn't an early indication of my natural trajectory I don't know what was. The capacity to dream up that which is not there, and then make it my reality, motivates me. The reward of creating something from nothing and actually seeing measurable results inspires me. Nurturing my natural talent to create my reality fulfils me, because it speaks to the deepest essence of my human spirit. So, somewhere along the line, I figured that if it does this for me, then it will do it for at least one other person and that one person is worth it. I learned to take my personal narratives, built on experience, dreams and aspirations, into the public space around a time when this country was dealing with the essence of social transition. I was a living example of this transition as we grappled and embraced the experience of merging cultures, races and classes, moving from an historical context that had kept us separate. I guess because of my diverse upbringing (having lived all over the place), I always sat outside a context. My survival kit became the capacity to connect with people on a human spirit level and to share what that experience was like in an evolving South African context. “I am Xhosa, Indian of Khoisan decent I am Antigen because that's where my forefathers were sent Slave ships ride tyrant waves and seas, And African American Grandma X is raped by and Irish gent. First breath taken in the city of Manhattan, But again we break the pattern and head south, Where the mouth of my South African root is fed.

Bred all the way between Mmabatho and Cape Town, In a house where celebrating Eid and Christmas facilitated common ground, As we throw stones to consult our Ancestors through ritualistic sacrifices, Sipping on holy red wine in the middle of Ramadan, Believe it or not makes me one. One with the sounds of father's saxophone horn, One with my mother's nest where my soul was formed, Born into a brewing pot of diversity, I claim all of me and the beauty of my humanity.” - Extract from my poem: Out The Box The more I shared, the more I caught sight of the fact that people relate. The more vulnerable I was prepared to be, the more my listeners were moved. When I realized the powerful impact of just speaking my truth, at the cost of feeling exposed, I decided it was a cost I was prepared to take. It meant I could change someone else's perspective in some form or way and result in some level of healing which we clearly needed and still do. What that means for me is that I'm constantly having to separate my true self from my Fear and my Ego, which is far easier said than done. But I am accountable to the people who use my creative art as a tool for their own healing. So I discovered a tool that I still use today. The minute I feel scared or fear saying or doing anything, I use that fear as an indicator of the very thing I need to say or do. That allows me to discover who I am, on the other side of that fear. “I need to buy into the I, the me, the my, Where I become my own stimulus, No longer dependant on this entity called 'us', Dancing to my own beat and thinking “shit ain't this sweet” I need to caress my own crannies and corners and not feel guilty, Understanding how god built me, Knowing I too can love me and be open to talk about it freely.” - Extract from my poem: Rediscovery I have dared to dream that it is possible for all people to live beyond what they currently see for themselves, including me. History has proven it possible time and time again... But the level of transformation I seek out sits at a deep, personal level and is stimulated by the soul feeling inspired. Art, music, and culture do this. “I wish all people live from place of love and not fear and when they are scared, they're able to express it in a space of non-judgment. Openly embracing vulnerability and insecurity… I believe if this came to being we 'd nurture our selves and others, transcending these confining barriers we're quick to erect. I wish I never stop wishing… It's the stuff that makes my dreams possible. I wish you wish too.” - Extract from my poem: Things I wish So onward I march with whoever cares to follow, seeking out unrealistic dreams, with extreme perseverance and with deep belief in the internal “hero” of every individual. See my new song: “ Hero” ft AKA on Youtube)

proď&#x20AC; le

moment of my truth

naima mclean shares her journey which is inspiring the world!

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union a more perfect

One of my favorite movies, Bottle Shock, is

always say in my seminars, remember that grapes do not

about the then nascent California wine

turn into wine overnight!

industry’s victory over the French in a blind

With last week’s Solstice officially ushering in the

taste test celebrating the 1976 Bicentennial.

summer, we are reminded that to Every Thing There is a Season. The historic vote to legalize same-sex marriage

The film is based on the true story of a man who ditched his legal career to pursue a

in NY three days later was decades in the making; several societal changes and generations of progress had to occur in order to have the majority of the

dream of making the best possible wine. Jim

population now be ‘ripe’ for its acceptance, and we are

Barrett put his life into Chateau Montelena;

all stronger and better for having gone through the

to do so was a huge risk in which he had to


have unwavering faith in himself and trust in

Since we are halfway through the year, be sure you are

the process of such a delicate, complex and

working internally and externally towards whatever

time consuming task where the results were

goals you set for yourself; know that as long as you

not necessarily guaranteed.

consistently do things that you love and care about you are fertilizing your life, making it as rich as possible.

As with any such journey, there were many twist and turns and ups and downs along the way, but in the end

Focus your thoughts, words and deeds in the direction

he triumphed not only in beating the French at their

you want to be going, knowing that all will come to

proudest export, but because of it blew the field wide

fruition with a perfect union of patience, persistence

open for quality wine to be produced in countries

and perseverance - in time and on time.

around the globe, and the world has never been the same.

You can’t put the cart before the horse, so if you’re feeling a little frustrated and impatient in pursuit of your

Orson Welles, in his famous commercials would say,

passions, give me a buzz and I’ll be a future sommelier

“We will sell no wine before its time.” It takes time for

explaining the uniqueness and quality of your vintage or

lasting success to develop, and there is no better

the politician that casts the deciding vote to make your

activity than viticulture to demonstrate that. There are

dream a reality!

cycles of planting, pruning, harvesting, fermenting and numerous other magical alchemical things that need to happen for that perfect glass to arrive at your table. As I

Article: Kristina Leonardi


5 easy ways to

1) Please Call Me

4) Cocky colour blocking

You know how you just love walking into the shop and your favourite song comes on the radio? The brave among us sway to the beat and the rest of us will just settle for a sing along. And the artists are busy churning out records so fast that we end up having quite a handful of favourites at any one time. So, established what your favourite songs are, distribute them songs amongst the contacts on your phone, especially the frequent callers so that you get to listen to your favourite tracks all day. If you have one favourite song it is fun to hear it every time someone calls you. You can change this as often as you like (or not): I still get a kick from hearing last year's “in” tune.

It is scientifically proven that bright colours significantly cheer us up and make us feel hungry or thirsty. I can guarantee that a splash of colour does wonders for your mood.

2) Shower Concerts: A girl has gotta work (it)! How dare you suppress the songstress inside you? Yes, we know you are a diva, with all the glitz and glamour – you are a superstar! For those girls who might not be in the know and want this, too, let's let them in on the secret: Never take your imaginary fans for granted. Now, step into the shower for your sold-out concert and start belting out those high notes while the amateurs take notes. Own that song – even that part where you aren't sure of the lyrics and you still mumble or make up your own words. When the show's over, take a bow!

3) Well, hello there, stranger! You know how much you enjoy getting compliments from strangers, and you know the old saying that giving is better that receiving? How about giving a smile or a compliment to a stranger? A comment on something as simple thing as a tie may be the turning point in someone's crappy day. If he is happy, it makes you feel good. Plus, when karma goes around, you will have a positively pleasant surprise coming your way!

Scarves and hair accessories, too, are a great way to add colour to any outfit, whether you are dressed up or not. And then (drumroll please), shoes! You can wear the brightest of with clothes of any colour. Who cares, as long as you are happy? A great shoe trick is to get creative with laces especially your takkies: weave together different coloured laces for a funky, cool edge to your look.

5) Healthy eating, cheating and fun exercise Healthy eating begins with healthy cooking and healthy cooking is done in front of that imaginary audience that joins you in your kitchen for your cooking show. Healthy cooking, simplified, means fresh produce, less oil and no pastries, chocolates or ice cream, especially chocolate ice cream. Ok, I'm only joking about the chocolate ice cream, but do remember to walk to the chocolate place instead of driving there! Take the stairs to the pastry shop instead of the escalators. While you're doing all that, dance to the beat, because dancing is a great way of exercising and so is using lots of gestures when you talk. Use your lunch break to go window shopping. The walking will do you good, and when you're lusting after shoes you can't afford until the next pay day, walking will help you to exercise patience. Abigail Matiya



“joie de vivre”

Patricia Solomon was born with a bilateral hip displacement and as a consequence has had so many operations she lost count at thirteen. The metal plates in her hips need to be replaced roughly every ten years and which cause discomfort every winter. Then in July 2009, she was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy... Despite these setbacks Patricia “Tricia” Solomon is living with the intention to have as full a life as possible. Despite getting around with a pronounced limp at first, then with crutches and now in a wheelchair as the condition has worsened, she is a tower of strength and motivation to those around her. Tricia is not, by any means, a diffident, shrinking violet. Early in our acquaintance I was awed to discover that she had climbed Lion's Head, albeit with a little help from her friends. She is no slouch on the dance floor, whether in a wheelchair or not and also achieved her driver's license in 2007. She embodies “joie de vivre” and rarely complains. This is what endears her to so many who easily complain about the trivial. I am ashamed to be numbered among them. Tricia has a love for all things French, and in August 2003 she had the privilege of exploring Paris. At the mention of the French capital, her eyes sparkle and smiling contentedly she sighs “Ah!” Nostalgia is evoked and she affirms that Paris is “absolutely beautiful,” saying that if you are looking for inspiration, Paris is the place to find it. Her ultimate goal would be to spend six months of each year in Paris! Her innate stubbornness, she says, is one of the reasons she is able to accomplish so much. Once she commits to something, she is resolute. Her courage to start her own business came from a community project for selfexpression and leadership, when she set out to procure twenty Farewell dress for under-privileged Grade 12 learners, and instead was able to secure sixty dresses. One of the original goals for the project was that it would lead to the establishment of her own company. Without overtly working towards that objective, it that is exactly what happened. The project inspired her to believe that she could do anything she put her mind to, but it was apparent that she needed resources from other people to reach her objective, and people were more than willing to help. Tricia says that God designed us not to have all the resources that one needs, but one gains them by reaching out to people and getting their buy-in, as was the case with this project.

inspired No-one is more aware of one's need for people than Tricia. In her day-to-day life she is dependant on the benevolence of strangers. She needs help to get the wheelchair out of the car at a mall and she says that what is encouraging is that people so gladly want to assist. All that is required is to open one's mouth and ask. People help, just like those friends who pushed her up the mountain… When she was diagnosed, the South African Muscular Dystrophy Foundation support group helped her to deal with the emotional aspect of the disease and she learned that there are ways to live with it. “I've got life and I need to live it.” She declares that while death will come someday, she is not going to sit around and wait for it, “Yes there are obstacles and limitations, so what?” People, she said have lots of obstacles in their heads but she is not shy of dealing with these. “Let's just try it man… and see what happens” is her attitude to life. I have seen how efficiently Tricia plans before embarking on an endeavour; her planning is pragmatic, without doubt or negativity, just execution. Tricia had graduated with a National Diploma in Fashion Design in 1993, from the then Cape Technikon, after which she followed a meandering journey until she settled into helping people through human resources. As a consequence, started that degree. However, she still yearned for fashion and at the end of June this year, she launched her French tailoring business Tricia's Tailoring. She says that French woman are perceived as skinny, and that clever tailoring is partly responsible for this impression because each body is different. The tailoring is there to flatter each unique individual. Tricia uses only natural fabrics like wool and more, recently Egyptian cotton. These are garments rather expensive but provide a sense of luxury and the feel of fabric is just beautiful. Currently, Tricia is being treated with Chinese Acupuncture and which seems to be helping her muscle strength and mobility, delaying the progress of the disease. However, Tricia is critically aware that her strength is from God. The launch of her business is inspired by His guidance and she finds great solace in knowing how much He believes in her. “He knows what I can do,” she says. From experience, I know that she is capable of the extraordinary. Article: Imogen Campbell


the bromance of

proď&#x20AC; le


evergreening of pharma patents back in the spotlight

South Africa's lax patent regime continues to lag behind developments in the rest of the world, driving up the local cost of healthcare and hampering access to affordable treatment. As yet another of the country's global peers, Brazil, moves to crack down on anticompetitive behaviour in the pharmaceutical industry, there is little promise that local patients will benefit from similar interventions anytime soon. This, despite ongoing efforts to educate key decision makers and the public, by industry and independent groups such as the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), which have launched a "Fix the Patent Laws" campaign. Paul Anley, CEO of generics distributor Pharma Dynamics, says local authorities have yet to act on years of calls to address manipulation of local patent laws and regulations on the part of originator drug companies, which amounts to engineering market domination at the expense of affordable access to medicine. Activist groups say that among the many examples of patent evergreening on the part of originator companies – the practice of slightly changing an original medicine's makeup to ensure the retention of patent and block the access of a generic version – are life-saving treatments such as anti-retrovirals, cancer and tuberculosis treatments, and antibiotics. Anley says that SA should follow the lead of its BRICS partner, Brazil, where activists and progressive health forces have succeeded in catalysing a proposal to reform patent law to improve access to affordable medicines. Next month, Brazil is set to issue a significant report of proposed legislative reforms that will, among other progressive steps, do away with anti-competitive patent term extensions. Significantly, it will tighten inventive step requirements in line with action taken by SA's other BRICS partner, India, which has seen originator companies make miniscule changes to medicine formulas in order to retain patent rights. “As a developing nation with a tremendous burden of disease to bear, and as a country embarking on attempts to introduce an ambitious National Health Insurance scheme, it boggles the mind that we have not yet managed to put in place measures to improve our patent

regulatory regime,” says Anley. He adds that while some challenges are to be expected, South Africa has proven that it is capable of putting in place an efficient body to handle complex matters, such as is the case with the country's extremely successful revenue service. “It requires technical expertise to adjudicate patents, granted, but our country is able to gather this expertise and create a regulatory environment that will benefit the majority of South Africans. All that we appear to lack is the 'willing' to go with the 'able',” says Anley. He explains that, other than in most jurisdictions, where patent applications are properly examined before being granted, in SA, the benefit of the doubt is firmly with the patentee when applying for and enforcing a patent. For example, a local court last year granted an interim interdict in favour of the patentee (an originator drug company), which prevented a generic manufacturer from selling a more cost-effective equivalent of the patentee's more expensive brand name drug currently sold in SA, despite the original patent already having expired after its full 20 year term. The order was granted primarily on the balance of convenience consideration, and despite precedent in the USA and Europe, where the originator's corresponding patents for the product had been declared invalid. “All throughout the world, countries which have continued to lag behind bigger nations have started reforming their patent regimes to stop uncompetitive behaviour and the resultant impact on its citizenry's access to affordable healthcare. In South Africa, we continue to take the road of least resistance – because the subject matter is complicated and court cases are expensive – to the detriment of our society's most vulnerable,” Anley argues. “We should fight this battler on two fronts. Firstly, we should demand of our lawmakers and administrators that they put in place the technical and administrative environment to ensure the fair adjudication of applications that can literally mean the difference between life and death for some. And secondly, we should demand that, when cases are brought before our courts, they are not adjudicated and promptly disposed of merely on procedural grounds, but considered, as it should be, also on their substantive merits.”


Tim and I own this magnificent property, 17 acres of indigenous dune forest and gardens, with direct access to 21 kilometers of un-spoilt beach, in Chintsa East on the Wild Coast, Eastern Cape, South Africa. For 30 years it has been our passion to develop and protect the natural forest and indigenous gardens and to create an exclusive retreat for our family and friends to escape from the stresses and strains of their busy lives, to relax, revive and re-energize. My background and special interest is in nursing and wellness coaching and at the age of 43 I was given a second chance at life! I had two strokes, openheart surgery and a near death experience. This resulted in me re-evaluating my life and my priorities. Over the years and particularly during my recovery period, I realized that there was a very unique, healing energy on our magnificent property and in the forest. I was inspired by our travels to the Far East to create a sacred space where people could take time out to relax, de-stress and restore their energy flow, and experience a fusion of the best ancient holistic practices with modern amenities. Motivated by the Luxury Hotels and Spas in the Far East, where exceptional service, outstanding cuisine, luxury, comfort, magnificent design and architecture, as well as the holistic approach of the Thai Wellness philosophy are the order of the day. We made the decision to share our natural paradise, which is known for its beauty and tranquility, restoring and re-energizing effects, withtravelers and guests from South Africa and the rest of the world. Tim discovered his creative talents and designed and built the lodge with a team of men drawn from the local community. He taught and worked with this team on this project for a period of two years, while I was responsible for the aesthetic and operational side of the development. In August 2009 we packed up our home in Johannesburg and relocated to Chintsa and in 2010, Prana Lodge, opened its doors. Prana is a Sanskrit word that means Life Force. This vital energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. I believe that our physical, mental and spiritual well-being is constantly being put under tremendous strain and there seems little escape from the pressures of today's busy world. I am blessed to have the help of our daughter Megan and our amazing Prana team to help me manage Prana Lodge. We consistently strive to

mi casa

Chintsa East, Wild Coast, Eastern Cape, South Africa

deliver a high quality and high value experience to our guests, a nurturing and supportive work environment for our employees, and a responsible and community-conscious operation as well as profitable operating assets in order to sustain the running costs and the maintenance of the property on a long-term basis and to continuously protect, establish and conserve the natural fauna and flora. We have created jobs for the local community and currently employ a team of 43 staff members. Other projects in include: • a small indigenous nursery, propagating and growing indigenous trees and plants • an organic herb and vegetable garden, supplying our kitchen with fresh ingredients • a worm farm, creating compost for the gardens. • a series of natural dams and rainwater tanks, for garden irrigation. We have realized our dream of creating a unique concept and experience for our guests, whist at the same time building a legacy for our children and grandchildren. We now live and work in an idyllic environment and are pursuing our passion, the preservation and conservation of the natural habitat and are meeting and enjoy a variety of interesting people from around the world. Visit: for further info Written by Gail Davidson

mcgregor I western cape I south africa

mi casa Do magic sunsets, Pink and blue Inspire you? Do Strewn skies, Swimming under the stars To the sound of frogs Inspire you? Does the smell of fresh lemons and olives Inspire you? Does music Inspire you? Magical walks in nature Bold and strong mountains Waking up to the birds singing Inspire you? Do creative spaces, High beamed ceilings Inspire you? Be Inspired. Inspiring thoughts. Inspiring lifestyles. Inspiring homes. This gem is for sale R1, 850, 000/1000m2. Enquiries: Mira Weiner - 072 307 7399


creative spaces

decor inspired interiors } d nte

e v n i e r { d.i.y decor projects are

always fun and something the whole family can do together reinvent your glass jars and use them as vases in a display

bicycle wheel pinboard


family fun!

sic sheets framed mu ecor for lounge d

chalbo ard pain t for you r fridge . Brilliant !!


this is such a great idea for a kitchen wall too

old newspapers would be great for a bathroom and a collage of old packaging labels would be super in a kitchen!

pinned send your decor ideas,tips or products to: we love this!!


signage companies will do this for you!


ised vin for the yl cut wordin g bathro om LOVE I T!!

rs/words iron on lette ushions for scatter c with this! so creative t e g ld u o c You

{ spring is here!

we just love this colour scheme so cheerful!

having a “pop” feature colour” in any room adds great visual appeal


ideas tips, tricks and ideas


DIY button necklace

we love this!

- absolutely love this idea! There are so many things you could do!

get creative

upcycled earrings made from tin can pull tabs

- this puts a whole new spin on recycling :)

painted drawer for a shelf with added handles for jewellery (or keys)


{ <<doodle paint with old ketchup bottles

- this is a great way to avoid all the mess when the kids want to get creative!!

great for kids!

colour coded keys with nail polish

- fantastic for those (like me)who REALLY have WAY too many keys!

great idea!!


prevent drips when painting awkward spots

- such a simple and intelligent solution!






Get your body in shape for summer


Tightening Machine in the USA



with Dr Varsha

Exilis #1 Slimming and

Free Consultation and

R400 per area

4-6 sessions required

a sting o h re ry We a enta

lim p ler l m i o F c and ening x o t v Bo on eptember i t a m e inforWed 25th S ations on ult s n o c Free rth R270 wo Dr Varsha652963 P

with at 0214 RSVP e s a e l


HAIR SPECIAL Colour, Cut, Blow Dry and Treatment


Never shave or wax again!



for both areas

Dermalogica Facial

(Brazilian & Underarm)

and Back Massage

Up to 8 sessions each area


dancing her dreams...

proď&#x20AC; le

photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: Vesselina Pentcheva



leganc photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: Vesselina Pentcheva

ophisticatio photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: Vesselina Pentcheva

elaxatio photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: TWO

ramati photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: TWO

assionat photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: TWO

xpressiv photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: SIES! Isabelle

omanti photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: SIES! Isabelle

ensualit photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: SIES! Isabelle

implicit photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: Kottin & Twille

onď&#x20AC; denc photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: Kottin & Twille

rillianc photographer / SDR Photo. Designer: Kottin & Twille

photographer Laura MacRae Hastie photography Designer: Bibi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy

bold BiBi Rouge Collection I Sabrina Kennedy

photographer Laura MacRae Hastie photography Designer: Bibi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy

photographer Laura MacRae Hastie photography Designer: Bibi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy

photographer Laura MacRae Hastie photography Designer: Bibi Rouge by Sabrina Kennedy


sexyon&theconfident beach this summer! looks just like a regular bikini Amazing Cleavage • Lift & Support • Very low water absorbency • No sagging when wet

We de live South r all over Place A your o frica. and re rder with us ce Envy ive your P

ush U p wear



48 ho


1 to 2 cup s iz bigge es r!

Contact Information:

South Africa



lust list a girl has wants...

all items available at:

GIVENCHY Photo Printed T-shirt LARA BOHINC New Apollo Ring

MIU MIU Round Sunglasses

DOLCE & GABBANA Gold-plated Clip-on Earrings

AERIN Alvanley Slipper-style Loafers

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN De Manta Printed Satin Clutch

PETER PILOTTO Naomi Printed Dress

inspiring a whole generation

Amber Amanda is a sixteen year old clothing designer, singer, songwriter, and actress.


When she was three years old, her older sister was going to a concert and even though she

while pointed them in the right direction and, at age

was too young to know what a concert was,

seven, Amber took to performance like a second

Amber knew she wanted to go.

language. After performing for a while, Amber was running out of cute, sparkly glitter and glitz outfits, and

At the concert, on her mother's shoulders,

none of the stores had styles that were her cup of tea.

pushed to the front of the stage, the band saw

One night she drew a picture of an outfit that she wanted

her mother struggling with the little toddler, and pulled Amber on to the stage. A band member handed Amber the mic and said,

to wear and asked her mother, "Can we make this?" They searched Oklahoma to find a seamstress and soon Amber was designing all her stage clothes, herself. Then, when Oklahoma's Paseo Arts Festival came

"Look at our new backup singer!" Ever since

around, the owner of an art gallery, good friend of

that night, Amber told her parents and

Amber's mother asked whether Amber had anything to

everyone else, that she was going to be a rock

sell, and suggested that she put her clothing in the Galaxy


for the weekend. Amber's clothes sold out within the first day and a half!

Her parents just thought it was a cute phase but when Amber turned five she started belting out notes that shocked everyone. Amber' mother took voice lessons and would take her along, and after every lesson, Amber would beg the teacher for her own lessons. Finally, when she turned six, he agreed to one lesson and he was so impressed that the lessons continued. From

This inspired Amber to start her own range, the Girl Talk Clothing Line and she also began doing the wardrobe for independent Screen Actors' Guild (SAG) films. But nothing has easy for Amber. She has run into plenty of bumps in the road, struggled financially, and didn't like being away from friends and family.

there Amber started singing in her church, at the state fair

Traveling back and forth from Oklahoma to Los Angeles,

and festivals as well as at recitals.

Amber always told herself, "Dreams are just a fairy tales

Her parents realized that their child was blessed with a gift and started helping her to get involved with performing groups, trying their best to help her book gigs

till you make them a reality." And even though she has struggled, and things went wrong, this has made the good that much sweeter.

and pursue her newly found dream. Amber is now the

Her parents always taught that if you believe in yourself,

lead singer and writer for her two-man indie folk band,

don't give up. So, Amber knows that with the support of

Amber Amanda And The Indigo Kid.

her family and friends, nothing is impossible – at any age –

Then came acting. She watched a TV show about young actors in Los Angeles and she fell in love with the idea of working hard to become a famous singer and actress. She asked her parents for help but not knowing where to begin, a friend at their church who had been acting for a

if you truly believe. Article: Amber Amanda

Spring Collection I Amber Amanda


Designer: Amber Amanda

Designer: Amber Amanda

Designer: Amber Amanda






I am a small town girl. Growing up in Greyton, I developed three distinct passions; make-up, styling and singing. It sounds cliche, but I was a huge participator in musical theatre in my childhood, and always ď&#x20AC; rst to audition for any and every talent show or musical around. However, moving to Cape Town in my later years, I soon realised my true talents lay behind the scenes in making the magic happen. I take it upon myself to stay on track with various trends, not only for inspiration purposes but it also helps me in my specialization; styling for high-fashion photography as well as the fashion and media industry. In my spare time, I enjoy the thrill of exercise, not only to feel good about myself and to maintain a motivated attitude but also to build on a healthier tomorrow. I have always been a huge fan of a great booty and, as such, I am honored to be sponsored by SlimLab and BrasilFit, who help keep me stay ď&#x20AC; t and healthy by supporting a wholesome lifestyle of eating clean and training dirty.



cutathon fundraiser for

reani badenhorst

looking good while

doing good


w w w . A F R c l o t h i n g . c o m

Need to get your team to focus on innovation, new strategies or rejuvenate?

ESCAPE from the constant demands of the telephone, e-mails, colleagues and customers

Come to the country!

Intimate venues Accommodation in either luxury guest houses or quaint, luxury and/or budget bed and breakfasts Support local arts initiatives for fabulous live entertainment for your down time Bring your team's partners, wives and/or husbands and we will organise a fun programme for them Let us source delegate merchandise that jives with a seasonal and country theme

C o u n t ry C o n f e r e n c e s o r g a n i s e d by











McGregor I Western Cape Tel 023 625 1450 I

hot stuff


what’s new in the realm of beauty... MARC ANTHONY Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray (NEW!) – R129.99 Get extra volume, shine and hold with this dual purpose hairspray; nourishing and styling in one! This Argan Oil, Keratin and Grape Seed Oil infused hairspray gives you strong and flexible hold plus deep nourishment, strengthening and conditioning as you style.

ESSENCE trend edition “class of 2013” Back to cool! Good girls are neat, obedient and totally hip again – with the new trend edition “class of 2013”, essence is celebrating the comeback of the college look. Casual oversized jackets in two tones, checked patterns and must-have accessories such as ties and hats set the tone for the popular “boyish” look. The make-up trend is on classic colors like blue and burgundy as well as grey and rosé shades. In addition to super cool products, this trend edition offers a real highlight with a cosmetics bag that looks like a typical school bag! essence is available in Clicks & Dis-Chem -

PIZ BUIN Tan & Protect Tan Intensifying Sun Lotion SPF15 R189.95

SEND YOU BEAUT R Y PRODU REVIEW CT S TO: jaynie@ ins piresa.c

ESSIE Navigate Her Nail Polish R99.95

STILA Countless Colour Pigments in Encore R254.95 - BOURJOIS Rouge Edition Lipstick in Fraise Remix R109.95

WIN a 3 month online personal training coaching program worth R 570.00




tips to beautify your life

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Beautiful Hands

Voila Vaseline!!

When you wash your hands, ensure that you wash your hands in lukewarm water all year round. Too hot water or too cold water tends to damage the skin. Never use normal dish soap because it is harsh on the skin and it also dries the skin easily.

If you’ve got vaseline and it stays in your makeup box for ages without use, this situation can change right now. Let me share with you 10 great uses for vaseline:

Silky Smooth... Put your nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes before you use is, this helps it to paint smoother.

1) You can use vaseline as an eyebrow gel, it will easily and quickly tame your brows and make them look shiny and groomed during the whole day. 2) Vaseline can act like a great lip balm and make chapped lips soft again. Apply it on your lips before applying your lipstick and your lips will stay moist and soft during the day. 3) You can mix vaseline with your pink or red eyeshadow. And voila, you’ve just created your own lip shade or mix it with lipstick to make lipgloss. 4) If you have a very tight ring and you can’t take it off, vaseline can help. Rub your finger with vaseline and then your ring will easily come off.

Don't consume more than you burn...

Mascara Magic... Extend the life of your mascara by adding 1-2 drops of eyedrops to it.

A rule of thumb for eating habits are…don’t eat more calories than you consume. Don’t go one single day without doing something extra and physical for at least 30 minutes per day. This can be three ten minute walks. Or 30 minutes of vigorous aerobics, or 12 minutes of weight lifting and 18 minutes of walking.

5) Vaseline can help you to remove the most stubborn makeup. Just apply some of it on the area of your face that you want to clean, rub or massage it gently, and then, wash it off your face. 6) You can apply a little bit of vaseline on the ends of your hair to make them look healthier. 7) You can use vaseline as a highlighter. Apply it on your cheekbones, on your cupid’s bow and in the inner corners of your eyes to easily achieve fresh and dewy look. 8) For soft feet apply vaseline at night and then put on socks. In the morning your feet will feel softer. 9) Put Vaseline on your lips for a few minutes, then scrub your lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate them, you will see how smooth your mouth will feel.











Need edgy copy for your website or other business documents? Yo u e i t h e r c a n ' t w r i t e o r d o n ' t h a v e t i m e ? Send your rough work for panel beating!

Fiona is an experienced writer will either edit or over-write make it edgier and tighter, and sure that it â&#x20AC;&#x153;readsâ&#x20AC;? like

and writing tutor who your copy. She will at the same time make YOUR writing.

For a rate card, please e-mail

pinned beauty reviews Anouschka Venter - I recently received an email from Dominique from Hello Nature, thanking me for my honest content & feedback in my Issahra reviews that I had done through Rubybox. She is also the owner of WoW! (Ways of Wellness), a 100% organic spa, and invited me to try their anti-aging facial, where I could experience the full Issahra range (R380 | 1hr). WoW! recently moved to Park road, just up from the Lifestyle on Kloof Centre, and is different to most spas. It runs on a new concept where they work on a noappointments, walk -in schedule, so if you have a busy schedule, or have some time on your hands & are at a loss for what to do, you can pop in unannounced. WoW is also committed to using certified organic and nature based products free of ‘nasties’ such as parabens and chemical colourants. Equally passionate about beauty the natural way and protecting the environment, French owners Dinah Cook and Ludovic Berthelin, are dedicated to a greener tomorrow, so much so that even the furniture is either recycled or recyclable. Their goal is to educate others about the importance of using natural and organic products. They stock the very unique Isshara Beauty Care Range made out of organic Argan Oil, as well as other product ranges, like Cilaos Treatments for sensitive skins, Zao for Make-up and South Africa’s own Esse Organic Skincare range. Its extensive treatment list includes amongst others the Garra Rufa fish foot spa, organic teeth whitening, eyelash extensions and a natural soy-candle massage, which will be awesome in Winter. After a quick chat with Dominque to discover all the wonderful organic brands that she stocks and uses in her spa, I was introduced to Amina, my therapist. I can truly say WoW! Amina used so many amazing products and managed to do all this in 1 hour, while I never felt rushed at any time. My skin felt very nourished and hydrated and had a lovely soft feel and glow to it. I was even offered a yummy organic chocolate as well as a lovely goodie bag with products to use at home

I love that you can walk in without an appointment and obviously all the wonderfully organic natural range of products that they use. Great concept, great products and great value for money! For more info:


organised bride

inspired I have been married to the love of

and then designed and made the rest. This

my life for only a month, but we

included making sure that my late father,

have been together for nearly 10 years.

When Tristan proposed, I

Jack Love, was part of special day by including mementos of him in the wedding décor.

was over the moon, and so excited that I couldn't wait to start planning my wedding day. When I started planning my engagement

And it was the most perfect day that any girl could wish for: I had a fairy tale wedding – I married my Prince Charming and am living my happily ever after!

party, I soon began to realise how expensive

Now I have started Organized Bride. I am in

everything was to hire, so I decided to make

the process of getting my name out there

everything myself, by hand. I didn't stop

and, yes, it is hard work and I will succeed.

there and I did the same for the wedding: I

At the same time, I am writing a book about

researched everything and handmade every

my experiences as a bride and how I planned

little item, from “the-save-the-dates” to the

my own wedding so that other brides are not

table plans and name cards.

stressed on their special days. I believe that

This is how I developed my passion for weddings. I love the excitement of planning a wedding and being involved at every step. Brides and grooms need to be involved in

a well-prepared bride on her wedding day will be a happy bride. That way everything will run smoothly, and will be as much the fairy tale wedding that mine was.

planning their wedding make sure that it is

I intend being a successful wedding planner

personalised to suit them both.

making handmade stationary and helping

After thorough research from the napkin designs to the name placements, I had every little detail in place, ready to be made. I made everything for my special day, from scratch, working every day after work and over the weekends, measuring exactly the right amount for each item so that nothing would be wasted. Using my research, I made one of each article to make sure that I was happy with it

every bride's dream of the fairy tale wedding at a reasonable and affordable price, come true! Article: Rosemarie Heesen Organized Bride Hand Made Wedding Stationary and Organizer



WIN YOUR DREAM DRESS! We are offering a unique exquisite wedding dress to be designed and created for your special day. All you have to do is click the WIN bubble to enter :)

with something new this spring While we are still having icy spells and blustery winds, the sun-kissed days in between are a welcome reminder that spring is indeed here. Bunnies, butterflies and blossoms go hand in hand with the buzz of fertility and awakening of the season. Spring offers a bouquet of new opportunities, to try something fresh, learn something new or even to “G0 GREEN”. If you've never thought of adding some spice to your love life with a personal massager, now could be the perfect time to embark on an adventure. Perhaps you have felt intimidated by what you think pleasure items may look like or perhaps you are embarrassed about making the purchase itself. The Leaf Bloom looks nothing like a conventional vibrator and this combined with its non-challenging size make it a perfect first vibe, while still being ideal for the more experienced user too. The Leaf range of pleasure objects are eco-conscious “inspired by nature, and with a wide range of shapes that are sure to please.” They are also chemical-free, use rechargeable batteries and come in recycled packaging. The Bloom vibrator captures the essence of a budding flower. Its flexible stem means that you can use the Bloom as a clitoral stimulator or a g-spot vibe or you can bend the tip around so that you can stimulate both pleasure zones simultaneously. Shaped to resemble a flower in bud, the Bloom hides a secret withinIt has not one but two separate motors on each end, both with independent speed controls. The eco-friendly rechargeable Bloom has a two hour charge with gives up to 1.5 hours of play, plus it's fully waterproof so you can use it in the bathroom for a “spring shower”. Whet Personal Lubricant is available in a range of fresh spring colours-pink, green and yellow- that embody flowers blossoming, green foliage and rays of sun. Whet Personal Lubricant is water-based and ideal to use with

silicone products, like the Bloom. It's non-staining, easy to wash off and because it is seductively South African product it uses fewer carbon-miles, making it good for the environment too! Love is better with lube...and a little buzz, so the Intimate Pleasure Kit for women has specifically been designed with a woman's delight in mind. The Whet Intimate Pleasure kit is ideal for solo play or adding a touch of sensual spice to your loving relationship. The discreet lipstick-style personal massager will caress your pleasure-spot, and other erogenous zones, with scintillating vibrations. It's small enough to fit into your cosmetic case or overnight bag, and powerful enough to thrill with its exhilarating buzz. Friendships experience a renewed energy as we come out of hibernation, so it's an ideal time for a spring celebration. Whip up some crisp cocktails like a pitcher of strawberry-basil margaritas, or a Cucumber-rosemary gin and tonic and invite your “buds” around for a fun-filled get-together. Infuse the occasion with some zing by making it into a Pleasure-Ware party where your guests can learn about Whet Sensuality Emporium's range of sensual and seductive products. Learning is the start of something new and the focus of our Pleasure-Ware parties is on learning how we can use various products to enhance our pleasure. Our trained agent can answer all those questions that have been budding in your mind but you've been too shy to ask.

WIN!! Whet Sensuality Emporium will be giving one lucky reader the opportunity to fall in love with something new this Spring... send an email to and tell us what your favourite thing about Spring is. One lucky entrant will receive a Whet Intimate Pleasure Kit to add a fresh and exciting buzz to the season. Entries close on 31 October 2013, the winner will be notified by email. Article: Whet Sensuality Emporium






Shop discreetl y onl ine at www.whet. co. za Book an appointment for a personalised shopping experience. Host a Pleasure-Ware Party in your own home. 079 526 4754

are you getting enough

in your diet?


the unsuspecting yet magniď&#x20AC; cent beneď&#x20AC; ts of

krill oil


ROCK SUSHI THAI w w w. ro c k s u s h i t h a i . c o . za NEWLANDS Shop 1, Newlands Quarter, Cnr Dean & Main Streets, Newlands, 7700 I 021 685 9692 I MEADOWRIDGE Shop 10, Park n Shop, Firgrove Way, Meadowridge, 7806 I 021 712 2921 I



health, tness & lifestyle

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Berryful Boost!! There is nothing better than having fresh fruits, especially in the summer heat! However the ideal fruit to add into your diet for summer are berries! Yes, berries are extremely high in just the right antioxidants you will need, these will also help prevent age related health problems and tissue damage! One cup of chilled fresh mixed berries will do the trick! These include blackberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries etc! These berries will also give you the summer boost you need!

Ditch the moustache! Allergy prone? A moustache can aggravate hay fever by trapping pollen. One study found men who washed their moustaches twice a day with liquid soap used fewer antihistamines and decongestants. The reason being that cleaning got rid of stuck pollen grains.

Blame it on the Bunny...... Ron Maughan, a professor of sport and exercise nutrition at Loughborough University, says: "There are two primary things you are trying to do after exercise: recover and encourage the muscles you have worked to become stronger. A bit of protein provides the most effective way of doing this. If you drink milk, you are getting a consistent source of protein, along with water and electrolytes. The chocolate provides useful carbohydrates and even the relatively high sugar content is an acceptable means of restoring lost energy."

A+ for Apples! A recent study of 50 people by The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found the odour of green apple helped reduce the severity of migraines.

Make a change... Doing something different every day – even just switching radio stations – shakes us out of our routine and can help us kick bad habits, according to Professor Ben Fletcher, a psychologist at Hertfordshire University. "Deeply engrained habits of thinking and behaviour keep us doing things that are bad for us, like smoking, eating and drinking too much or becoming stuck in negative thought patterns – all of which impacts on our health," he says. "We can make our lives much better with very small changes.

spring cocktails


WIN one of four bottles of Bottega Italian Grappa valued at over R200ea


inspire V I R T U A L M A G

some great â&#x20AC;&#x153;family timeâ&#x20AC;? recipes


Catch the

hottest online digital

radio station i

n SA

24/7 365

w w w. v i b e


To tune into v ibe radio sa fr ee via your bla Www.viberad ckberry devic a e go to : fter the ad sp lash screen cli ck open and n Download our ot save android app o n google play Www.viberad id Or listen to us on your pc at www.viberadio All live interac tive shows sta rt at 6pm wee kly and 9am o n weekends Catch us on fa ce book: www /viberadiosa a nd twitter : @ Email us at info viberadiosa @viberadiosa.c om




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Berryful Boost!! There is nothing better than having fresh fruits, especially in the summer heat! However the ideal fruit to add into your diet for summer are berries! Yes, berries are extremely high in just the right antioxidants you will need, these will also help prevent age related health problems and tissue damage! One cup of chilled fresh mixed berries will do the trick! These include blackberries, strawberries, cherries, blueberries etc! These berries will also give you the summer boost you need!

Gumboot Garden! A great way to brighten up a tired old fence :)

Faux Fish... painted koi ďŹ sh on slate surrounded by river stones.. beautiful garden idea - courtesy of Heaven is a Garden.

Wonderful Windowsill Herbs This is a fnatastic idea for some windowsill herbs that is also a great space saver :)

Creative Labels This is a fantastically inexpensive and unique way to create labels for your herbs and veg

we love this!

a woman with

passion and purpose

Mrs South Africa Finalist Natasha le Roux


To vote

for Na tasha to be t he nex t Mrs So uth Afr ica, sms Na tasha le Rou x to 359 59.

pebbles of

hope distell funds critical skills programme for boland kids



your training


positive changes for the

Lynda Smith, owner of the Reiď&#x20AC; rement Network chats to inspire






what to look forward to on the big screen compliments of

"The Family" is the story of the Manzonis, a notorious mafia family who gets relocated to Normandy, France under the witness protection program. While they do their best to fit in, old habits die hard and they soon find themselves handling things the "family" way.

The Family Erebus centers around the Gorham House, a mysterious old hotel with a torrid history of violent occult activity, as well as supernatural, and paranormal. Seeking to document the hotel for a new book, Samantha and Benny, journey to investigate the hotel, learning of its terrifying history along the way by relaying three horrifying tales of its previous owners.

Erebus A story about a woman willing to do anything and risk everything for her marriage.

Mother of George While working on a writing project on the island of Ischia, a married woman (Bosworth) enters into an affair with a younger man.

And while we were here

A documentary focused on former Vogue Paris editor-in-chief and fashion stylist Carine Roitfeld.

Mademoiselle C An aimless bachelor loses his job and finds himself chasing the same girl (his new life coach) that his manipulative exboss is after as well. The boys are spurred on by a rag tag group of retirees in need of some action.

A strange brand of happy After losing her band mate and brother to a drug overdose, rising rock star Hayley finds herself in a downward spiral.

Plush Eva is a divorced soon-to-be empty-nester wondering about her next act. Then she meets Marianne, the embodiment of her perfect self. Armed with a restored outlook on being middle-aged and single, Eva decides to take a chance on her new love interest Albert — a sweet, funny and like-minded man. But things get complicated when Eva discovers that Albert is in fact the dreaded ex–husband of Marianne...

Enough Said

proď&#x20AC; table pictures!


vs boredom




Win Social Me dia Self-study Gui des Val ued At R3900

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the FREE ticket to your

happy place

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