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each piece is identical to the photo and making sure your customer is 100% satisfied and know they’ll come back for more. When you first started By: Francis Frank what were some of your ambitions for the brand’s growth? Since I started making jewelry in 2007 my ambitions were to be in local boutiques in L.A, but since then By Francis Frank has become global selling in boutiques in Japan, Australia, and Europe to name a few. This year I want to be more active in the fashion world, so this past L.A Fashion Week I was able to participate in a show with First Communion clothing line and was able to see my designs on the runway which was really exciting! What new items can we expect from “By: Francis Frank” this summer? This summer my shoppers can expect pieces that include new chain slave anklets, which I gave a little sneak peek on my Facebook last night.. as well as more beaded head chains and body harnesses that I’m currently working on. By Francis Frank is gearing up to vend at local craft shows and music festivals so be on the lookout for those dates! Find By: Francis Frank on!

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