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In the 1960’s, the British finally found a way to re-conquer the United States. It wasn’t through war, embargoes, or politics but by a much more clever tactic: Music. Bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin landed and were selling albums at a pace musicians today can hardly match. And during the time when all things were British, America had little response. Yes, we had our Dylan’s, our Simon and Garfunkel’s and squadrons more folk singers. What America really needed was an escape from the entire British melee and folk enterprises. What America needed was a band, a band embodying the grass-roots music (besides the Blues) that had forged this great nation, a band to relinquish America of the throws of British monarchy, what America needed was The Band.

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Ironically The Band was made up of four Canadians Rick Danko, Garth Hundson, Robbie Robertson, Richard Manuel, and Arkansas native Levon Helm. Originally known as The Hawks and later Levon and the Hawks, The band was discovered in the mid 1960s by Bob Dylan. Dylan signed The Band as a backup electric group, as Dylan had started shedding his traditional Folk tendency and had started to incorporate electronic instruments into his music. Following “The Basement Tapes” recording sessions with Dylan in 1967, The Band signed to Capitol Records and released the legendary albums Music From Big Pink, and The Band. In the albums the band explored the roots of Americana music through the songwriting of Robbie Robertson and Richard Manuel. Though Robertson and Manuel were the principle songwriters, Drummer Levon Helms deep, gravely southern voice truly embodied the music in the perennial songs “The Weight, ” “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” and “Up On Cripple Creek.” Levon’s distinct voice lifted The Band from a Dylan backup group to householdname. In 1975 after years of touring and numerous albums, Robbie Robertson wanted to bring about the disbanding of The Band. Martin Scorcese documented The Band’s final performance in “The Last Waltz,” a film many consider to be the greatest rock film ever created. The performance included such greats as Ringo Star, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters and numerous other rock legends. Unlike Robertson, Levon did not want to bring about the demise of The Band. This conflict of opinion spawned a rift between Robertson and Helm that would last throughout their lifetimes. Following the bands breakup, Levon formed Levon Helm and the RCO All Stars. Levon even dabbled in acting, which included an acclaimed performance as Lorreta Lynn’s father in “Coal Miners Daughter.” But the memory of The Band’s 10 | inspirer magazine

early demise still haunted Helm. Finally in 1983 Levon and all the original members excluding Robertson reformed The Band. With Levon at the helm, the reformed Band began to touring throughout the United States and releasing three albums in Nineties. Helm and The Band carried on the musical tradition they helped lay so many years prior. After nearly forty years of timeless music and the tragic deaths of Manuel in 1986 and Danko in 1999, The Band finally came to an end. As the world was welcoming the 21st century, Helm found himself battling throat cancer. Levon was a fighter and soon recovered, but the cancer had strained his voice and his finances. In order to deal with his medical bills, Helm began the “Midnight Ramble” concert series at his home in Woodstock, NY. The concerts were a very intimate affair for small audiences. The concerts became successful beyond contemplation and led Helm to create two Grammy Award winning albums, Dirt Farmer and Electric Dirt. Helm was the picture of success and new horizons seemed to be opening up for him in his late career. Tragically, Helm’s new found success was cut short by his untimely death on April 19, 2012 in New York. Levon Helm was more than a musician, an idol, or an individual; Levon Helm was a father. He was a father to generations of musicians, idols and individuals. A Southern Man through and through, Levon told the stories that would help define a generation and spawn a rebirth in American music. I am personally indebted to Levon for his music and humanity. May “The Wheels of Fire” carry him on for eternity allowing future generations to bask in the brilliance of this fabled man.


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John Lennon. Paul McCartney. George Harrison. Ringo Starr. Beatles fan or not, these four names are famous world wide for making some of the most recognizable records ever written. It has been exactly fifty years since Ringo joined the band and they released their first single in the United Kingdom, “Love Me Do”, in 1962 and the “Fab Four” became one of the most influential rock bands of all time. It is no question that the Beatles had a massive affect on the molding of rock ‘n roll. They had so many innovations in sound, design, language, look, and even attitude. Before The Beatles, “bands” with multiple people weren’t popular at all; the music industry was all about solo artists. In the 60’s, long hair was considered extremely unattractive, but these guys did not care what everyone else thought and grew out their hair, which later became a huge trend and still is today. But these are just some of the little ways The Beatles influenced music. Jimi Hedrix, who is considered to be the greatest electric guitarist in music history, has admitted to The Beatles being a main influence in his music. Hendrix, before his first tour in the US, played a show in London, England and opened up with his own rendition of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. David Bowie also looked up to The Beatles when he was writing music. Bowie actually used to cover “Across The Universe” at his shows, and talked about that song being one of

the reasons he wrote some of his earlier hits. The Beatle’s influence on 90s rock group Oasis has been noted by critics “Beatles Copyists” as well as the band members themselves. Guitarist Noel Gallagher has stated “ It’s beyond obsession. It’s an ideal for living. I don’t even know how to justify it to myself. With every song that I write, I compare it to The Beatles.” Gallagher sat on a panel in 2004 to decide on the most influential of pop artists to be included in the UK Music Hall of Fame, and was quoted saying “The Beatles inspire me more now than they did when I was a kid and are still the greatest.” “About a Girl” is the third song on Nirvana’s debut album and Kurt Cobain admitted to writing this song after listening to “Meet the Beatles!” repeatedly for the entire day. Butch Vig, who produced Nirvana’s 1991 breakthrough album Nevermind, would cite, “About a Girl” as the first hint that there was more to Nirvana than grunge. “Everyone talks about Kurt’s love affair with the whole punk scene, but he was also a huge Beatles fan, and the more time we spent together the more obvious their influence on his songwriting became.” I’ve talked to many young, up and coming, musicians in the past few years and it’s amazing how many people still listen to and appreciate The Beatles. Blake Stahlhut, who is musically known as Zena Dare, talked to me about the first time he heard “Revolution.” “I

was in the car with my mom when I was really young. I don’t know if it was that insane rock ‘n roll riff or Paul screaming that really grabbed me, but I’m sure it was the ladder of the two. That’s all it took for me to be a fan. Ever since then, they’ve been a huge influence to me and the music I make. I believe that The Beatles truly showed everyone that it’s possible to spread love through music.” Brian Medlin from the band person L, told me about his experience with the way these four have influenced him. “There was so much about (Abbey Road) that was appealing to me. I was a teenager at the time, and listening to a lot of “heavy” music. And yet, nothing I listened to sounded quite as heavy as the “she’s so heavy” part in “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” or Pauls vocals in “Oh Darling” As my music tastes change over the years, the album still stays with me, and different songs become more appealing… John Lennon’s voice has always sent shivers down my spine.” Ryan Egan, vocalist of The Ugly Club, said “singing along to Beatles’ albums really helped develop my voice and style.” It’s incredible to think that it has been fifty years since The Beatles recorded and released their first single. The “Fab Four” really made an enormous impact on music, even today, with their catchy tunes and addicting and memorable, yet simple, lyrics. The band remains the most loved rock ‘n roll band and some of the most influential musicians of all time.

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SELEBRITIES interviews up and rising trio Selebrities! Signed under Cascine records, the new wave, electro pop gang brings us a fresh and modern twist to the pure and quintessential melodies influenced by bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode and New Order. Take a look at our recent interview to learn more about Selebrities and where they are headed to next! By Erika Collado inspirer magazine | 15


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Tell us a little about how the band first got together and became what we know of today as “Selebrities” Well Jer and Maria met while attending art school in Florida, started writing music together for fun. We created early demos of “Time” and “Audition”. When we moved to New York we met Max. He wanted to just stay as a producer, but we twisted his arm into being the third member of Selebrities. I understand Kitsune is Japanese for Fox, does this relate to the album in any particular way? In Japan, Foxes having a lot of different meanings in their history, one being “messengers” and I guess the label fills that role by showcasing new talent from around the world. They bring music to people that you may have never heard of otherwise. In what ways would you agree “Regret” in the Kitsune America compilation differs from your last single Night Heat? Back in the day we would listen to most of Kitsune’s compilations while driving around with friends with the windows down. And we think “Regret” is the the perfect song to crank up in the car. Night Heat we think is more classified as a make-out track. haha. Musical Influences? We have so many, we all like similar music but also branch out and listen to a lot of different things. This helps to keep our sound interesting and special. Our primary influences do come from late 70’s, and 80’s bands for example The Chameleons UK, New Order, The Cure, Altered Images, The Desert Wolves and so many more.

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Your connection with Cascine Records Cascine has been a great part of the growth and direction of our band. As our label, they have supported us to continue releasing music and exploring a lot of different possibilities like touring, etc. The vision behind the label is what inspired us to join them and continue to join them for future releases. Selebrities enthusiasts flourish undoubtedly with every new single! Where do you guys hope to see the band 2-3yrs from now? Recording new music, if we’re still doing that in 3 years we’d be very happy. We at least would like to have toured the US by then as well. We just got back from a 30 day tour in Europe, and now we’re ready for America. What’s your favorite thing about being on the road? Getting to see new cities, the people, the food, the architecture and of course our fans! Three things Selebrities must have while on tour? A fully charged iPod, In Europe, plenty of Adapters! And red lipstick for drawing sexy lips in different bathroom mirrors-- or for my lips (Maria). Next stop for Selebrities? Recording new material for an EP throughout the summer, release around late Fall/Winter. And possibly some fun covers in between!

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by: kory woodard


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MUSIC I realized that I’ve been doing pretty much the Metro Station album by myself, so I guess I could do my own album. It was kind of some thing that I wanted to do for a long time, like something I wanted to do in the future, but I just never thought I would be ready this soon. So it took me a couple of years, and I just started writing. You know, Ashland High was just something that I came up with in my mind right after Metro Station took a split. Like I said, it’s just been something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Just never thought I would have to do it this soon, but you know I couldn’t let the downfall of my last band effect my future and my career, so I just wanted to get back out there and show people that I still do this because I love music.

After Metro Station broke up, what made you decide to start Ashland High? Well, I was trying to record the second Metro Station album, and I just ended up recording a bunch of songs, and I was the only one on it. The other member of the band wasn’t really that into it, and after that

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Are you experiencing the same fan base with Ashland High? You know, I’m playing tours similar to a lot of the tours we did with Metro Station. You know, the band Breathe Carolina that I just toured with, a lot of people who liked Metro Station like them, so I’m trying to gain back the same fans that I had, and let them know that I have a new band out, I’m still touring. After that, I want to break in to more of the mainstream pop world. Hopefully tour with artists like KE$HA, Katy Perry, and I feel like if anyone listens to my online album, they can definitely see that my music, I feel like, is up in that direction, could totally be played on top 40 radio. That’s the goal, I guess, play with a lot more pop artists. I feel like the tour was great for me, but still I have a sound that is different from any other artist. I feel like I’m a lot more pop based than the image that I have. Where do you get find inspiration for your music? Just life, I guess. Every song is pretty much a story about a girl. I try to write every song a love story, even if it’s some crazy hard song that sounds like it wouldn’t be a love song, just because it’s not some slow jam, still every song is about love. I feel like

it’s the one thing that everyone can connect with no matter how old you are. I definitely feel like my fans are younger just because they’re going on the internet and finding out about me, but I feel like a 60 year old could listen to my music and love it just as much as a 15 year old kid. That’s the inspiration I guess, love. It’s different stories along the same lines. What was the first tour with Ashland High like? It was good. I was definitely nervous. I haven’t been on the road in two years, I’ve just been at home recording. It was cool to finally bring the vision of Ashland High and make it something real and not something that I just knew about or I just talked about to my friends and family. I finally got to show the world what it was about. We did better than we expected. I stayed every night until the end of the show, met every kid there, I sold my own merchandise. I got to meet a lot of fans, and I think I met some who are going to stick with me for life just because I’m trying to do it right this time and learn from all the mistakes that I made before.

and make sure that we put on the best show once we get there. I’ve played Bamboozle many times with Metro Station, we played the main stage a lot and had a great reaction, so I’m excited for those fans who’ve seen me to see me again. Also, getting new fans, who wanted to see Metro Station but never could. So, Bamboozle is going to be a big weekend for me, and I know I’m going to meet thousands of people, so I’m excited for that.

That’s great because not many artists will stay that late and meet everyone.. I’ve seen my dad do music since I was a kid, and he’s always the one that never leaves the show until he meets everybody, signs every autograph, and takes every picture. It goes a long way. It’s definitely time consuming. I spent hours there, lot of sweating fans that were hugging and touching and stuff like that. It’s cool though because I never got a chance to meet my favorite band, so it was like it’s time that I think that happens more. These kids look up to us as role models, so I’m trying to be that.

What inspired you to start Southern Made Hollywood Paid? Anything that I can express myself with, I have fun doing, so I have fun thinking of tattoos in my head, I have fun creating songs. I love shopping for clothes and being unique and finding different things. So I just kind of wanted to create clothes that I didnt’ see in stores, and that I didn’t think anyone else had. It’s something that I feel like just suits me, and if other people want to be like me at all and jump on the bandwagon, so be it. I would love for them to join my trends. I’m just trying to share my fashion to the world basically. So, I started that about two years ago, and it’s grown drastically. I’ve had Miley help me model a few shirts, and we did a collaboratioon shirt with her also. It’s cool to have my family and friends involved with it. Everyone that I run the company with are my friends. I run it with this company called Kill Brand, and it’s just cool.. It’s a fun thing I do. It’s not something I do to make money; I haven’t made any money at all. Everything I make I just put back into the company, so it’s just something for me to be creative. Music is so serious, I feel like, and competitive, this is something that I can just do and fuck around with and not care about as much.

By the time this comes out, you will have performed on Bamboozle.. but for now how are you preparing for it? I’m going to be busy at Bamboozle. I have my clothing line that’s going to be there; we have a tent there all three days. I perform the last night, and then after I perform I’m hosting an afterparty. So I’m definitely going to be busy. Right now I’m trying to get everything figure out with my clothing line; I’m trying to make sure we have all the right products there. Also, I’m just trying to figure out how to get all of my band out there. I don’t have a record label, so everything I do now I pretty much do myself with the help of my management. So, I’m just trying to coordinate all that,

What is the process you go through when deciding what you want on the shirts? This last line, we just thought about everything on the road. It was just me and my partner, who works with me in it. We just wanted to think of stuff that was different, basically shit that would piss people off kinda. My last line was called High As Fukk, and it dropped on 4/20, so the whole last line was just very marijuana related. We were just doing what we wanted and not caring. Before, when I was making the shirts all I cared about was if little girls were going to buy it because that’s my fan base. My fan base are 15, 16, 17 year old girls, so I was trying to make things that I thought they would like. I never really wore

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MUSIC the one that I liked. I love that shirt, that’s one of the girl designs that I like a lot more than the others. I’ve seen a lot of people on this tour come out with those shirts on. It means a lot that those people support me and support Miley. It was cool to work with my sister and to do something because we wanted to not to make money or anything. Just to show the world that we’re creative and we love each other. That’s what it’s all about. How is it in your family with three of you being so well known? It’s different. I don’t feel like I’m even close to their level. I’ve definitely done a lot musically, I mean I’ve been doing this for a while, but I don’t even see myself on the same level as them at all. I’ve toured with Miley before, but I don’t feel like I deserve to be considered a celebrity yet. It’s cool for all of us to be into music. I still have a lot of work to go to be up to Miley’s status or something like that. It’s a good goal to work to. You can check out the answers to the fan questions for Trace at

the clothes. Finally, I was like I’m just going to make what I want and if no one buys it I really don’t care but at least I can wear my clothes and be happy with what I did. It’s kinda like I look at my clothes like my music now. If I don’t want to listen to my own music, then I don’t want to put it out to the world. So, if I don’t want to wear my own clothes then I don’t want to release it. Now we were making it a lot more edgy, and if people don’t buy it then I’m not too worried. It’s just something to have fun. How did you and Miley decide what the shirt you made together would look like and everything? She had a dream catcher tattooed on her, and I have few tattooed on me, so I thought it was cool that we have something in common with our tattoos. So, I had the idea to do the dream catcher, and the circular part of the dream catcher I did like a hippy peace sign because Miley always signs her name with a peace sign. I had my designers create a few designs, and I picked

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Don’t forget to check out Ashland High’s free album, Geronimo, online at

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Tour by Morgan Young

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The Vans Warped Tour has been an all time favorite summer festival for nearly two decades. From punk rock to ska, Warped Tour has always been known for bringing all types of music fans together for one unforgettable experience. This year will be no different, as the lineup includes bands such as Taking Back Sunday, All Time Low, Yellowcard and Every Time I Die, along with over ninety other bands. It has been said that this is the best lineup Warped goers have seen in quite some time, but we’ll leave that to you to decide. Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman is quite fond of the lineup he created himself as well, stating “if you look at the Warped Tour lineup now it’s like it was in 1995. Extremely diverse lineup. The early lineups of Warped Tour had bands like Sublime, No Doubt, Quicksand, No Use for a Name. Punk, ska and everything. So it’s pretty much like it is now; very eclectic. We look for bands that have good live shows.”

So, how will they spice things up this year? Lyman touches on this as well mentioning “we brought out an acoustic stage this year and also we have the Silent Disco. That’s gonna be fun. I think it’s just gonna be a really fun summer. You can read it like this: it’s a good day, it’s gonna be fun and if you come with an open mind you’re gonna walk out becoming a huge fan of some new bands.” That may, in fact, be the best aspect of the festival altogether. No matter where you turn there’s music being played, often music that you’ve never personally heard before. Warped Tour gives music lovers a chance to grab a hold of as many new bands as possible, seeing them all perform live for one mere forty dollar price. How much better could it get?

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A day at Warped Tour is the best day of the year for many—myself included for a good portion of my teenage years. From crowd surfing to your favorite bands to seeing some new ones perform live for the first time, not much other reasoning is necessary. The location of each date is filled with stages and tents; both for selling bands’ merchandise as well as for countless nonprofit organizations that are always looking to spread the word. Fun in the sun activities thrive as well, including an infamous inflatable slip-n-slide— which also gives festival attendees a great way to cool off in the summer heat. But what most people don’t know, is what the tour is like from an insider’s point of view. Band and crewmembers experience Warped Tour in a totally different way—for two months straight.

Lyman explains it as “a great capsule of what a day in the life of Warped Tour is.” In our interview, Lyman also opened up with some unreleased information about a television show based on what it’s like backstage at Warped Tour, which is set to be filmed this summer. Lyman explained that there will be “8-12 episodes on Fuse TV at the end of the summer and it’s being shot from the guys who do Swamp People. So it has more of a focus on the crews and what it’s like to be working on the tour.” The full line-up for this summer’s Vans Warped Tour can be found at Keep in mind the lineup changes depending on the date of the show near you, so be sure to check out that individual lineup as well!

As for the rest of us trying to make it into this powerful music industry, LyNo Room For Rockstars is a documan has a word of advice. “Create mentary filmed throughout the 2010 the job that we need you for. If you’re Warped Tour, giving an insiders look to waiting for the job to be handed to you, what really goes on during your favorite there are a million other people in line. day of the year. The documentary gives But create the reason why you need to detailed information about how the be hired.” festival runs and maintains its success, while also focusing on four of the summer’s bands to reveal experiences from the bands’ point of view.

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The flowers have bloomed, the flip-flops have been busted out, and Warped Tour seems to be a mere heartbeat away; summer is finally here. With good weather comes the desire to explore, and what better way to do so than to pack a car of friends, roll down the windows, and jam along to your favourite songs while cruising down the smooth interstate? Your iPod is your best friend, but what happens when its music diversity is severely depleted and its songs overplayed? Well, lucky for you, Inspirer has compiled a playlist of new releases and “oldies� for you to sail along to on your road trips.

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Always Summer by: Yellowcard

In preparation for the band’s new, summer 2012 album, Yellowcard has released the catchy, feel-good preview song that is “Always Summer.” The classic, violinaccented, pop-punk sound Yellowcard is so well-loved for is combined with lyrics speaking of making amends and letting go in this song, and it is sure to be a great addition to the soundtrack of your summer.

Fighter by: Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder


With the Olympics in London just around the corner, Gym Class Heroes’s song, “The Fighter,” is sure to become an inspirational anthem for the games and athletes all over the world fighting their way to the top. The lyrics draw parallels to the struggle of a “kid going nowhere fast” to become a champion, defying all of the negative haters in his life along the way, and Travie’s upbeat rhymes combined with Ryan Tedder’s soulful contributions make for a great hit that is sure to keep you going even when “your bones can’t take no more.”


Queen of California by: John Mayer

Your favourite suave, guitar-slinging, lyrically seductive, rock/country/blues artist is at it again with the release of his new album entitled Born and Raised. John Mayer produces relaxing, easygoing hits with just the help of his guitar, his vocal cords, and an occasional banjo or two, and “Queen of California” is no different. The lyrics say goodbye to the cold, the rain, sorrow, and shade, and the soothing melodies that accent Mayer’s talent will keep your head bobbing along as you pass the mile markers.

Some Nights by: Fun. 34 | inspirer magazine


Fun. exploded with popularity through the release of its hit, “We Are Young,” featured on FOX’s Glee, and the band’s second studio album, Some Nights, has proved to contain a number of feel-good, indie jams. “Some Nights,” the sophomore hit to “We Are Young,” is a great anthem with its tribal roots, gospel sounds, and clear influence from Queen, and you will find your voice flowing nicely with the chants of the choir as the wind flows through your hair.


Timelines by: Motion City Soundtrack

We all fear Facebook’s version of the concept, but Motion City Sountrack’s “Timelines” has put a new alternative twist to the word. The song, released in May of 2012, is a preview to the band’s new album, and a more polished tone that has evolved with the boys’ original sound can be found accompanying the lyrics that speak of the carefree life of an aging teenager.

Hit and Run by: Breathe Carolina


The party-loving boys behind Breathe Carolina surged in popularity with the radio career of “Blackout,” and they are back again with another instantly catchy hit, “Hit and Run.” The single, released in May of 2012, is a classic fist-pumping party anthem, and the energy in the melodies is only a preview of the stage presence the boys have when performing. Let the liveliness of this song fuel you on your trip down the interstate.


Alright by: Junior Doctor

Junior Doctor, a band whose sound is a fusion of Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, and Boys Like Girls, has authored a collection of road trip-worthy songs through releases like Clumsy Words And Bad Pickup Lines, and “Alright” will keep your head rocking all drive long. “Put your second thoughts to bed,” and make sure you add this to your playlist!

Live to Rise by: Soundgarden


The Avengers has taken theaters everywhere by storm, Hulk-smashing box office records along the way, and people can’t seem to get enough of superheroes in tight spandex as a result. Avengers Assemble, the lyrical soundtrack to the movie, features a number of heavy rock hits Tony Stark would gladly blast through the speakers of his monumental tower, and Soundgarden’s “Live to Rise” is a song that will surely keep you cruising even when exhaustion threatens to impede your journey. You will find your energy rising like the sun with this rock jam, so don’t forget to add it to the list.


Must Be The Music by: The Summer Set

Although The Summer Set’s latest album, Everything’s Fine, is composed of 11 perfect songs, the carefree lyrics and upbeat melodies behind “Must Be The Music” are the best fit for your journey’s soundtrack. Let Brian Dales’s narration of his YOLO nights unleash your lighthearted spirit, and don’t forget to to blast the volume while you cruise!

Love Your Friends, Die Laughing by: Man Overboard


This short, acoustic, campfire-like song authored by rising pop-punk icons, Man Overboard, is impossible to not sing along to. Join in with the chorus of voices accented by a tambourine and the clapping of hands, and leave your feelings with your wallet and your keys as you let yourself go with your friends. Love your friends, die laughing.


Watchmaker by: Hands Like Houses

constantly changing style, vocals, and melodies. The breakdowns and backbeats are jaw-droppingly good, and you will find yourself yearning for Warped Tour if you blast this at the right volume.

Patient Sixty-Seven by: Us, From Outside


For yet another heavy addition to the list, “Patient Sixty-Seven” by Us, From Outside, is composed of similar, Warped Tour-worthy vocals and melodies. The song alternates between energizing screams and quality vocals, and it will revive you just like the title of the album suggests.


Handclaps & Guitars by: Chiddy Bang

The college rap, underground mix-tape duo behind Chiddy Bang has surged with popularity in recent months, and “Handclaps & Guitars” off of Breakfast is yet another “I just came to party” jam that will keep your spirits lifted as you speed down the monotonous pavement. The easygoing catchiness behind the song is asking to be repeatedly blasted, and this alternative hip-hop hit is a great addition to your soundtrack.

Digital renegade by: I See Stars


I See Stars came back with a bang with the release of Digital Renegade, and the similarly titled song off of it is a great, heavier jam for your list. The album is composed of 10 perfect songs, and the incessantly changing style behind “Digital Renegade” is sure to never make you bored. Inspirational lyrics that speak of “seeing clear” and “leaving fear for the first time” combined with flawless vocals and screams make for a great electronic portion of your drive.

A slightly heavier addition to the list, “Watchmaker” by Hands Like Houses, will keep you intrigued with its

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Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked by: Cage the Elephant

Yet another song featuring a banjo, “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage the Elephant is a catchy narration of the actions of the “wicked” in today’s ailing economy. The indie vocals combined with the alternative melodies not usually heard in songs of the genre make for a great sing-along, and you would be making a grave mistake not adding this “oldie” to your list!

Invincible by: Hit The Lights


Hit The Lights came back better than ever with the 2012 release of Invicta, and “Invincible,” the stadium-ready anthem that recreates concert sensations flawlessly, is a song that I will never grow bored of. “Tonight we’ll stand tall, we’ll hold strong, we’ll be invincible” is just the beginning of the inspirational lyricism behind the hit, and this intro to the album should never not be featured on a road trip playlist of yours.


Call Me/Levels by: DJ Monarch

There is no stopping of Carly Rae Jepsen’s radio domination with her hit “Call Me (Maybe),” and Avicii has infiltrated the techno music scene all over the world. What happens when you mesh the two powerhouse artists together? DJ Monarch’s seamless remix of the two hits, “Call Me (Maybe)” and “Levels,” is an excellent revival of both overplayed songs, and if you haven’t grown sick of either yet, you will surely enjoy this house-y mix. Rage on.

Up All Night by: Alex Clare


Whether you’ve heard the British electronic artist on Internet Explorer’s latest commercial or you are completely unaware of his existence, his hit, “Up All Night,”

36 | inspirer magazine

is a necessary addition to your list. This dance anthem will keep you going “on and on and on and on,” and you will not be able to keep yourself from salsa-ing along to the electro club hit.


Gotta Have It by: Jay-Z and Kanye West

The hip-hop, dynamo duet’s album, Watch The Throne, was received last year with universal praise, and although “Ni***s in Paris,” “Why I Love You,” and “Made in America” have dominated the radio, the less wellknown genius hit behind “Gotta Have It” will keep you intrigued with all of its exotic melodies and powerhouse raps. Be sure to add this as a hip-hop portion of your list!

Get Around This by: SafetySuit


After an excruciatingly long wait for the release of a new album, SafetySuit came back with the release of These Times in January of 2012. The band experienced exposure through performances on hit shows like Jimmy Kimmel, and “Get Around This,” released in late 2011 to the band’s fans, is a great soulful singalong addition to your road trip.

Pack your bags, charge your cameras, and embark on your trip with the help of a couple of a friends and the playlist above. Drive safely, remember the sunscreen, crank up the volume, and you will soon have yourselves a collection of memories and a satisfied feeling of wanderlust. Enjoy!

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INTERVIEW: JAKE BUNDRICK (Drummer/Vocalist, Mayday Parade)



AYDAY PARADE hails from Tallahassee, Florida, forming in 2005 when members of popular local Tallahassee bands Kid Named Chicago and Defining Moment converged. Besides Jason Lancaster leaving the band in 2007 (before ‘A Lesson in Romantics’ was released) the band has kept the original band lineup: vocalist/pianist Derek Sanders, bassist Jeremy Lenzo, lead guitarist Alex Garcia, Brooks Betts on rhythm guitar, and drummer/ vocalist Jake Bundrick. Before even having a chance to go on tour as a band, they were contacted by Fearless Records thanks to the major buzz they created and after having an audition in a studio they got signed. After signing on with Fearless Records in 2006, the band also signed on with major label Atlantic Records in 2009. Their debut EP ‘Tales Told by Dead Friends’ was released in 2006, and sold over 20,000 copies without any label support. ‘A Lesson in Romantics ‘was released in July of 2007, ‘Anywhere But Here’ was released on October 6, 2009, ‘Valdosta’ EP was released on March 2010, and their latest album, entitled Mayday Parade, was released on October 4, 2011. Don’t miss Mayday Parade performing on the entire Warped Tour this summer. 38 | inspirer magazine

What's your favorite part about being in the music industry? Why? I think it's the challenge honestly. Every record you make and every tour you do is a gamble. The challenge is making a record you love and that you're proud of regardless if anyone in the real world likes it or not.

How/ do you think Mayday Parade has changed Jason Lancaster left the band?

What has been your favorite music video to shoot? Each one gets better and better. For me, I'd have to say the video we did for Stay. Traveling to Columbus, Ohio was kind of miserable because of the huge snow storm the night before but the video was so chill and laid back. It turned out great.

Who/what do you think changed music?

That's a tough one because people change music every single day. I could easily say the Beatles changed music We're still the same band minus a voice. We were great forever but then again I could easily say someone like with Jason and I still think we're great without him just Dave Grohl changed music. It's all relative. like he was great with us and he's great without us.

In 2010, Songkick recognized you as the hardBesides Jason Lancaster leaving the band, the est working band of 2010, with 194 bookings band has had the same lineup since the formation. and 74,000 miles on the road. Did you even What do you think keeps all of you together? realize that you had that many shows/ miles on the road before that? This is totally cliche, but it's the music. We all do this because we love our own songs. If we didn't it would be like being with a girl and telling her you loved her every day when you really didn't.

Absolutely not. When you're on the road you kind of take it day to day. Lucky for all of us, God created Whiskey. haha

inspirer magazine | 39

MUSIC Where do you see yourselves 5 years down the line? That's the question I hate answering because I want to be doing this forever. We've worked so hard to prove ourselves in this industry and we hope it never ends. If it were to all burn to the ground I'd probably look into studio work or touring with someone like Lady Gaga or Rihanna.

Most of your songs have a lot feeling and emotion in them; do you ever feel completely drained mentally after writing/ performing some of these songs? I fought so hard for one song that I wrote called "Everything's An Illusion" to be on our Self-Titled record. I put every ounce of effort into making it happen and with that song, yes, I felt completely drained. But I was relieved because that was closure for my friend (who passed away) and I. Mentally and emotional, I was a wreck inside of myself and I was finally able to let it all out.

also say it's the music, songs and melodies. No one's really asked me that question like that before.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where's one place you would like to either play a show at again, or play it for the first time? Anywhere in Antarctica. I read the book Scar Tissue and Anthony Kiedis talks about how The Red Hot Chili Peppers played a show there once. It would be for a tiny crowd, yeah, but it would be a continent I'd never dream I'd be able to step foot on.

What song or songs would you say represent your band the most? Two songs come to mind. "When You See My Friends" and "Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven't Ended Yet" are two songs that show our diversity as a band.

Has there been “THAT’S THE QUESTION I HATE In 2006, afa specific night a ter putting a ANSWERING BECAUSE I WANT TO few songs on show rally sticks BE DOING THIS FOREVER. WE’VE MySpace, you out in your hit the road with WORKED SO HARD TO PROVE memory? Vans Warped Every show on Tour, even though OURSELVES IN THIS INDUSTRY Soundwave 2011 you didn’t have AND WE HOPE IT NEVER ENDS.” stood out to me. a slot on the tour. The crowds were How does it feel to know that you have a slot on unbelievable. At least 6,000 to 8,000 each show. the entire Warped Tour now? It's a dream come true. Warped Tour has always been good to us and we're stoked to be a part of it again this year.

What are the main inspirations behind your lyrics? On our past records, the entire CD's are a blend of made up scenarios to real life ones but on our SelfTitled record we didn't do that. On this new record, we wrote all the songs about our lives. It's all real lyrics. Nothing's made up. What inspires and motivates you to still pursue a career in music? It's a mix of different things. I could say it's the small amount of hope that we'll catch that big break but I could

40 | inspirer magazine

How has meeting your fans and learning about the affect your music has had on their lives, changed your lives / way of thinking? It's all flattering. I've been through the majority of what a lot of those kids have gone through or are going through so I know what it feels like. It makes me happy that they kind find themselves in our music and smile. That's the best feeling in the world.

How do you think being in a band now, in this age of social media, differs from before? Kids still think all bands are rich and famous when that's not the case at all. The music industry, money wise, is hurting and it's making it

harder and harder for smaller bands to be successful. It's even hard for a band like us to make a record and tour. The only money you're making may or may not be from touring because no one's buying records anymore. Illegally downloading music is fucking scary for every band. With that being doesn't bother me if a kid illegally downloads our record just as long as they continue to come to shows and support us. Remember this...touring costs money. I wish it were free but it's not. If you want your favorite bands to stay

alive, support them by going to a show and buying a shirt.

Lastly, if the world were to really end in December, what would you be most proud of as a band? I’d be proud that we stood up to a major label. We told Atlantic we were going to do what we want to with our newest record and it worked in our favor. Our band is still around and kids are happy. Coolest thing we've ever done.


ALBUM REVIEWS BY JOSEPH BECKER M. Ward – A Wasteland Companion When he’s not parading around with She & Him cohort Zooey Deschanel, M. Ward is taking the opportunity to operate a solo career. A Wasteland Companion is Ward’s eighth album to date. Ward doesn’t seem to be trying to take this album in any particular direction musically rather he has found an intersection where all the musical ideas that have seeped into his head over the years have compiled. He has extracted bits of American Pie folk, lucid rockabilly and hints of Doo-Wop. This album isn’t Ward’s most valiant effort and I don’t think it was ever intended to be. Instead I feel this album is just Ward escaping into himself and finding “Pure Joy.” OVERALL RATING: 3/5 Y La Bamba – Court The Storm Court The Storm is a “Humble Offering” from the extraordinary group Y La Bamba. Their second album, Court The Storm is a harmonies’ waltz between founder Luz Elena Mendoza and her male compatriots. From the Mariachi silhouettes to the country western tapestries Mendoza has managed to orchestrate a tantalizing Mexican/folk fiesta. Whether it’s the sizzling harmonies, the overlaid Spanish dialogue or the charming accordion that seems so affluent throughout the album, I cannot help but find Y La Bamba’s latest work a little bit irresistible. OVERALL RATING: 3.5/5 The Wave Pictures – Long Black Cars The Wave Pictures are not the main stage group everybody is selling kidneys to see but that hasn’t stopped them from attracting an audience. TWP have released three albums to date, the most recent being Long Black Cars. The album has a mellow, old-fashion sense to its tracks, which has resulted in a dull affair that seems to dabble on without any sense of recourse. David Tattersall’s high pitch, squeaky vocals, which seemingly drifts into spoken word at times, doesn’t benefit the effort. While I am certainly not thrilled by this album, a few of the songs do seem to grow on you in the same manner that off brand sodas grows appealing when you can’t afford the real stuff. OVERALL RATING: 2.5/5 Lonely Drifter Karen - Poles Lonely Drifter Karen is a jubilant musical enterprise ready to dazzle our ears with their euphoric charm. Though still fairly unknown, LDK recently released their third and most promising album Poles. The group drizzles the album with a mesh of pop/rock, electronic, and folk tunes. Tanja Frinta’s intoxicating vocals strikes a chord that will have you clamming for track after track. Poles is an illustrious outcry by a band ready to storm the beaches of the popular consensus. OVERALL RATING: 3.5/5

42 | inspirer magazine

All The Young – Welcome Home Welcome Home is the debut album of the British gents All The Young. If this album is any indication of what we can expect from the band down the road it will be a long and painful expedition. All The Young seem to be locked into a late 90’s American Pie soundtrack state of mind. “Another Miracle” or “Today” could have easily escaped any of the pubescent teen films that strangled our teenage years. It seems that the boys haven’t escaped those memories and it is a sorrowful state. I honestly am going to have to clean out my ears after listing to this derision. Hopefully ATY will grow out of this mode and move on to proper music. OVERALL RATING: 1.5/5 Sleep Party People – We Were Drifting On A Sad Song Terrifying from the moment the sinister lullaby “A Dark God Heart” slips into your ears, Sleep Party People’s album We Were Drifting On A Sad Song will have you reveling in its galvanizing psychedelia. Sleep Party People have stirred up something special with one track after the other belting out a mesmerizing melody as the muted, synthetic voice of Brian Batz creeps slowly down your spine. From delicate dance numbers to hair raising nightmares I cannot help but find myself reeling in dream like euphoria after listening to this album. OVERALL RATING: 4/5 Zambri – House Of Baasa

Zambri are a much-needed release from the synth pop divas that have dominated popular music over the last 30 years. There is a bit of irony in the realization that the duo’s debut album House Of Baasa is very much relies on synth pop record. But unlike their predecessors and piers, Zambri has delved into the dark, mutilated core of synthesization to extract a vigorous and haughty sound. The opening tracks “All You Maybe” and “ICBYS” raise you up with their heavily distorted backdrops, broken choruses and a bone crushing vocal efforts from the Zambri sisters. By the time you come across the captivating “Places” you will certainly be in love with the femme fatales. From beginning to end House Of Baasa is a magnificent first effort from two majestic sisters.

OVERALL RATING: 4/5 Summer Heart – About A Feeling

There seems to be a quaint brilliance pouring out from the David Alexander’s project Summer Heart. About A Feeling is the latest album to be released by Summer Heart. The album offers delicate tones, sensual melodies and traces of ambient synth. “I Wanna Go” is the second and most remarkable track on the album chiming in with a seductive guitar melody and trapping you on a cloud of happiness with David’s infectious vocals. Throughout the remainder of the album there is a much more atmospheric, hushed dance vibe to the tracks. My only issue with the album is the prevalent incorporation of autotune in particular on the tracks “Rusty Scars” and “Kiss Me.” David’s voice is perfectly capable without the aid of the auto-tune and I can only pray he reframes from using it in the future. I can honestly say this little album pleasantly surprised me.


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5Tour Warped Bands


LOOK OUT FOR at by nicolette taber

Warped Tour can be an extremely overwhelming place when it is 100 degrees outside, you’re thirsty, and you don’t know which band to see. If you are ever uncertain as to which bands you want to see at this fun-filled concert, I have found a handful of talented bands that you may not have heard of before to check out. Take a chance with me. Break out of your comfort zone and check out my top five underdog bands of this year’s Warped Tour.

Ballyhoo! Hailing from Maryland, this laid back band is perfect to simply unwind to. Ballyhoo!’s music, a fantastic mixture of reggae, punk, pop, and rock, can put a smile to anyone’s face. Great songs by Ballyhoo! Include “Cerveza” and “Thanks For The Good Times.” You should have a taste of this band’s music no matter what your musical liking is, but definitely check them out at Warped Tour if you are a fan of reggae and rock. Ballyhoo! will be on Warped Tour the whole summer

G-Easy Fresh-faced G-Eazy is a young rapper currently climbing the ranks in the New Orleans rap scene. His latest claim to fame was opening for Lil Wayne at his SXSW set in 2012. It is amazing what this young man has accomplished in a few years. He is set to play every date of Warped Tour 2012. He is definitely different compared to most other performers at Warped this year, which makes him irresistible. Check out “Endless Summer” and “Runaround Sue” before you see him kill it live this summer. inspirer magazine | 45


Divided By Friday


This solo artist is a unique not miss. His acoustic gu ed vocals make him unf has recreated a brilliant been heard since Bob Ma ences create calming bea you in a pleasant mood. O ing Warped Tour from J Vocalist sounds like a fusion of Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump and Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie’s vocals. North Carolina natives recently signed to Hopeless Records and released their first Hopeless studio album, Prove It. No matter what the critics have said, the young Divided By Friday has continued on touring the country and connecting with numerous fans. Their music is more on the pop side of the music spectrum, but they are still highly talented. Check them out. Divided By Friday will be on Warped Tour from June 16th to July 3rd.

46 | inspirer magazine


the Scissors

e performer that you canuitar and gentle, talentforgettable. Owen Plant sound that hasn’t really arley. His Jamaican influats that immediately put Owen Plant will be playJuly 5th to August 5th.

Chicago’s very own punk-rock band has recently changed up their lineup to feature female singer Yvonne Szumski more. At first look, the quintet appears to be a more hardcore version of Paramore. With more investigation, of course, this band proves to have unique sound and passion. Unfortunately, they will only be playing in Chicago on July 7th , Charlotte on July 30th, Cincinnati on July 31st, and Milwaukee on August 1st. If you do not live in any of those areas, make sure to check their website,, to see if they are playing any other lives shows this summer. You don’t want to miss them!

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by: Heather Hawke A Rocket to the Moon is an American pop-rock band that formed in 2006 in Braintree, Massachusetts by Nick Santino (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist) as a musical experiment. In early 2008, Santino assembled a band of musicians including Justin Richards (guitarist and backup vocalist), Eric Halvorsen (bassist and backup vocalist), and in 2009 Andrew Cook was made a full-time member (drummer). In August of 2008 they announced that they signed on with Fueled By Ramen Records. On October 14, 2008 the band released their ‘Greetings From...’ EP , produced by Matt Grabe. They then went on separate tours supporting bands The Cab, A Cursive Memory, Cute Is What We Aim For, Secondhand Serenade and Automatic Loveletter. During the first part of spring 2009 they spent time in the studio with Matt Squire recording their debut full-length album ‘On Your Side’ which was released on Oct. 13, 2009. After recording, they performed on Alternative Press magazine’s AP Tour (along with The Maine, Hit The Lights, Family Force

48 | inspirer magazine

inspirer magazine | 49


5 and 3OH!3), the Bamboozle festival, select dates on the Vans Warped Tour, and toured with The Cab, Eye Alaska, The Summer Set and My Favorite Highway on the “What Happens in Vegas... Tour”. In the fall, they supported Boys Like Girls along with VersaEmerge, The Maine, and Cobra Starship on BLGs’ Love Drunk Tour presented by Op.

purpose or accidental? I never thought about that but maybe you’re onto something!

Nick, you just did a cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” why did you pick that song and was it as impossible to get out of your head even after you sung it? Nick was just a big fan of the song and was bored In early 2010 they played on the Take Action Tour at home so he did the cover for fun. presented by Hot Topic with Mayday Parade, How did you know you wanted to be in a band? There for Tomorrow, Stereo Skyline, and We the I discovered Green Day and Nirvana and knew I Kings. A Rocket to the Moon then toured with wanted to play drums. Motion City Soundtrack, Sing it Loud, and Fun. They also opened for select dates on Hanson’s You started out with songs such as ‘Fear Of Shout It Out! tour. They were second on the bill Flying’ during the Myspace era, do you think next to All Time Low, Before You Exit and City, State on All Time Low’s My Small Package Tour that opened the doors to get the loyal fans you have presently? in October 2010. Definitely. The Internet was a huge part of the Early last year A Rocket to the Moon went on their band getting noticed at first. first headlining tour (the On Your Side Tour) with Anarbor, Valencia, Runner Runner, and Go Radio. Although this band started out as a solo ‘music experiment’ by Santino, it has progressed They then toured the UK with Mayday Parade and also toured Australia and Indonesia with Hey into one of the top pop rock bands in the scene, what do you think changed to make this hapMonday. In Fall, they went on the Time Travel pen? Tour with Never Shout Never, Carter Hulsey and Not sure really. We just did what came naturally as Fake Problems. a group and things fell into place. In February this year, A Rocket To The Moon Do you think bands have it easier or harder performed 4 mall shows in the Philippines along with The Summer Set, Forever The Sickest Kids, since the revolution of the digital music and social media age? and The Ready Set before going to Australia for You could argue both. It’s easier to get music out Soundwave Festival. to people now, but it’s harder to make a good living. First off, where did the band name come from? What can we expect on this new album? Any Nick made it up a long time ago. central theme? I think it offers a really diverse array of subject Your song ‘Give A Damn” has a hint of Evan and Jaron’s ‘Crazy For This Girl’, was that on matter. There isn’t really a central topic, but I think 50 | inspirer magazine

You recently went on tour with The Ready Set and The Summer Set to Manila , Philippines . How was that experience? When you guys were in the studio you also were Really amazing. Our fans there are awesome. We can’t wait to go back. filming a documentary on the making of this record, is there a release date on that yet? Who do you think changed the music industry? Not sure yet! Why? Did recording this new album in Nashville have Sean Parker, when he invented Napster. any effect/inspiration on this record? Where do you see this band in 5 years? Definitely. We love the vibe in Nashville. The atmosphere there is palpable. There’s music every- Doing what we’re doing now but hopefully on a bigger scale. where and it’s really inspiring. there’s a lot of material people can strongly relate to.

What inspires you to still pursue a career in music? Enjoying what we do.

Lastly, what’s you dream tour line up? Tom Petty, Jimmy Eat World, and ARTTM.

inspirer magazine | 51

52 | inspirer magazine


Daddies A Legalized Form of Prostitution?


I few months ago, I tuned into MTV to watch “True Life: I’m A Sugar Baby”. Sure, I had heard the term “Sugar Daddy” thrown around jokingly in casual conversation. Never for a second did I think that there was such a lengthy meaning behind this simple word. As I saw in the MTV special, “Sugar Babies” are typically young woman (and more regularly a young male), between ages 18-28 who

simply “likes to be spoiled” (Wade). In one story, a girl was drawn to the lifestyle of the Sugar Baby because, growing up, she did not have a lot. She enjoyed the lavish gifts, vacations, and dinners that came with having a certified “Sugar Daddy”. While her parents did not approve, she felt that this was the best way to support herself as she did not go to college, and felt “unfit” for holding a steady, full-time job.

inspirer magazine | 53


The relationship between these women and their Sugar Daddies is essentially a more permanent version of an escort service. It has been compared to an “online version of Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker”. The dynamics are rapidly changing, with older women also enrolling in the services to connect with younger males.

100,000 Sugar Daddies, 900,000 female “babies”, and 200,000 male “babies” (Dailybeast. com). While the men must verify their income (typically $200,000 per year), they do not have to reveal whether or not they are married (and an estimated 40% are). Once matched, the Sugar Daddy will typically spend around $3,000 a month to “pamper” him or her. While sex is inevitably a part of this relationship, it is up to the people in question. For the site to imply that intimacy was required would directly infringe on anti-prostitution laws, though many say that these sites already cross the line.

The lifestyle of Sugar Daddies and their “babies” is extensive, profitable, and world wide. Sites like “” and “” are all web services that help connect wealthy, older men to eager-to-please younger women and men. Miss Travel matches wealthy travelers without a companion with women who are ready and willing to travel the world, bask at luxurious hotels, and The Sugar Daddy/Baby dynamic shows no accompany the men for free. signs of slowing down. CEO Brandon Wade of Miss Travel and Seeking Arrangement reels in While perhaps seemingly harmless on the approximately $10 million a year. When asked surface, these sites have been critiqued as if he views himself as a pimp, Wade is always essentially a legalized form of prostitution, quick to jump to the defense. Says Wade of coming under scrutiny for an overall lack of the allegations, “There’s a big difference besafety and overall supervision. It has also been tween running a dating website and being a deemed as an “unfortunately materialistic tool pimp,” he says. “I don’t make money from the to help people feel an artificial attraction to money that the women get from the Sugar one another” ( However materi- Daddies, nor am I promoting prostitution in alistic, it has become a large part of the online any way. I’d like to think of myself as a telecommunity worldwide, with 1.2 million users communications service provider more than on alone: enabling a specific lifestyle” (The Daily Beast).

54 | inspirer magazine



Kent Alexander, the general counsel for the humanitarian agency called CARE, has seen his share of poverty stricken areas, but nothing could compare to what he experienced in the country of Niger. Niger is part of the Sahel territory, a region that runs across African from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. This drought-stricken land has caused a food shortage. Ertharin Cousin, executive director of the World Food Program said "Because the rains failed last season, what you're seeing is that the hungry poor, the most vulnerable populations, are now at the point where they have depleted their assets. And as a result, they have no food." The World Food Program also said more than 15 million people are suffering from hunger and starvation across the Sahel this year. Four million of those people are in Niger. The United Nations fears that Niger is heading towards famine. Alexander, who helped found Hands on Atlanta in

1989, said that the poverty there did not even compare to what he saw in Niger. Women walk three miles just to get water, children use old cans and bottles as toys, and there was no electricity, plumbing or food – nothing. Only 42 percent of the population has access to safe drinking water and only 15 percent of women are literate. The West African nation of 17 million people ranks second to last on a United Nations Human Development index. According to a report by Save the Children, out of 165 countries, Niger is the worst country in which to be a mother. The charity bases this statistic by looking at female and child health/nutrition, prospects for women’s education and economic prosperity. Alexander says the Sahel is “a slow train wreck in motion.” He says that if people donated small amounts of money now, there would not be a need for millions later to save lives.

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One Small Step for President Obama, One Giant Leap for the LGBT Community

by: Sandy Kasper On Wednesday, May 9, United States President Barack Obama announced his official support of gay marriage in an ABC Interview with Robin Roberts.

sufficient. Or perhaps, the open support of gay marriage was previously too large of a political risk.

Moreover, President Obama continued: “As I talk to friends and family and neighbors... When I think about members of my own staff who are incredibly committed in monogamous same-sex relationships who are raising kids together...When I think about those soldiers, or airmen, or marines, sailors President Obama’s opening statement was who are out there fighting on my behalf, and strong and was inspired by the rights set yet feel constrained, even now that ‘Don’t forth in the U.S. Constitution. Ask, Don’t Tell’ is gone. Because they are not able to commit themselves in a marriage. At He followed with: “I have stood on the side of broader equality for the LGBT community. a certain point, I have just concluded, for me And, I had hesitated on gay marriage, in part, personally, it is important for me to go ahead because I thought that civil unions would be and affirm: I think that same-sex couple sufficient. And, I was sensitive to the fact that should be allowed to get married.” for a lot of people the word ‘marriage’ was His final statement, although somewhat something that evokes very powerful scattered and loosely structured, was spotraditions, religious beliefs, and so forth.” ken calmly and from the heart. President This second statement, in particular, is rather Obama’s closing statement eluded to the fact that an individual’s sexuality does not define safe and somewhat contradictory to his opening statement. It is a simple argument: If the individual, and most importantly, should not define the rights and freedoms of that President Obama has always been adamant that the LGBT Community should be treated individual. fairly and equally. And, if heterosexual Furthermore, regardless of whether or not couples are granted the right to marriage. the statement was politically motivated or Then, President Obama should be adamant what triggered the change of heart, President that the LGBT Community be granted the Barack Obama’s official support of same-sex right to marriage. Perhaps, the President marriage marks a pivotal moment in history. honestly believed that civil unions would be President Obama began with the statement: “I have always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equal.”

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Icelands’s Story in Financial Collapse by Brandon Krampert In the midst of grassroots movements in economic turmoil around the globe, in recent years such as the Arab Spring; Occupy Wall Street; and Anti-austerity protests, amongst others, there has been one chain of events that have been quite underreported in the international media. Iceland’s story during the global economic meltdown back in 2008. This story has caught some attention recently on social networking sites and has been quite controversial. Why controversial, you ask? Although, it has been underreported, what little press coverage it has gotten internationally, there has been two extremes of information, only of the trivial factors nonetheless. 58 | inspirer magazine

Like most countries, in Europe and the America’s, Iceland’s banking sector collapsed in late 2008. Iceland had similar problems like frenzied spending, having a large financial bubble, and instituted many neoliberal economic policies that led banks to massive debt. Iceland, Nordic country has a population of about 300,000 people and their problem simply could not have been resolved by bailing out the banks. The amount of money required to fix the financial problem would have been far more than their entire economy. The government eventually nationalized many of the major banks, devalued its currency massively and imposed capital controls and got funds from the IMF.

And in result of the crisis, there were protests across the island for months for the resignation of the government, through the beginning of 2009, some of the protests escalated into riots and there were some police brutality involved. In late January of 2009, Prime Minister Geir Haarde resigned and by February, the Coalition government/parliament, the Independents and Social Democrats were dismantled and new elections took place in April of that year. The Social Democrats and the Left Green Movement took most of the seats in parliament and Johanna

Siguroardottir was elected as prime minister. Those majorly involved with the financial collapse still have not been punished under criminal law. Ex-PM, Haarde was convicted one of four charges, and defended the status qou of having banks too big to fail, blaming bankers’ recklessness, not the size of the banks. The charge he was convicted with, which was not speaking about the crisis enough at cabinet meetings, he was not even punished and had his legal expenses paid for.

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BY: SANDY KASPER Social media has inextricably changed the way that we live, and more recently, will also change the way that we die. The federal government recently encouraged users of social media to create a social media will. The idea of a social media will was inevitable considering the fact that most people have essentially two lives: real-life and online. The development of a social media will sounds like a simple task in and of itself. However, one must ask his or herself the following question: do I want to remain part of the online world after my death? To leave your social media profile active or to disable your social media profile; that is the question. It is ingrained in the human nature to want to belong and to want to leave a lasting impression on the people that we encounter in the living world. One benefit that leaving your social media profile active offers is that in a sense you would still be present in the lives of the people with which you interacted online when alive. Another benefit of leaving your profile active is that it could be a virtual grave site of sorts. Loved ones would have the option of leaving comments and posting photographs in your memory. One might choose to cancel all social media accounts after his or death due to the fact it is possibly too morbid to remain active in their loved ones' news feeds. It may be considered unnatural and thought to interrupt the typical mourning process. Another negative aspect of the social media will is the fact that formal wills become public. Thus, anyone could have access to your sensitive information. Mashable. com suggests establishing a trust or an informal agreement

with information about how you would like your accounts to be handled. Another possible complication is keeping the social media will up to date. People frequently change usernames, e-mail addresses, and of course, passwords. Thus, the accuracy of the will would be questionable unless you have the time and diligence to update it as frequently as you change your information. If you would like to create a social media will, the United States Government Blog suggests the following steps: • Review the privacy policies and the terms and conditions of each website where you have a presence. • State how you would like your profiles to be handled. You may want to completely cancel your profile or keep it up for friends and family to visit. Some sites allow users to create a memorial profile where other users can still see your profile but can’t post anything new. • Give the social media executor a document that lists all the websites where you have a profile, along with your usernames and passwords. • Stipulate in your will that the online executor should have a copy of your death certificate. The online executor may need this as proof in order for websites to take any actions on your behalf. Every social media user should consider both the advantages and disadvantages of creating a social media will. Regardless of the decision that you make regarding the future of your social media profiles, it is important to realize -- that which you post while you are living has the potential to be seen and to be heard after you are dead.

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Twitter Stands Up In Occupy/ Harris Case by Brandon Krampert On the 8th of this month, in a New York criminal court, Twitter Inc., major social networking/micro blogging site filed a motion against the prosecutors. This was in regards of the case against Occupy Wallstreet activist, Malcolm Harris. Harris and about 700 people were arrested at Occupy related demonstration in October of last year on the Brooklyn Bridge. Prosecutors have sought and have built the case around Harris allegedly not following police orders and obstructing traffic. In doing so, the prosecution has filed a subpoena for tweets and account records related to Mr. Harris. Back in late April, last month, the judge ruled on the subpoena, but denied Harris to fight it whatsoever. The reasoning was Mr. Harris had no legal standing to challenge a subpoena directed to Twitter, as if the judge and the prosecution was under the impression that Twitter had ownership over posts made on the site.

62 | inspirer magazine

But, in a ten page memorandum, Twitter, in its wisdom, explained that Twitter users are allowed ownership of the posts that they make: “Terms of service expressly state: ‘you retain your rights to any content you submit, post or display on or through the services.’” Which gives users the right to resist subpoenas themselves. It also explains, “The desired content is publicly available, the district attorney could presumably have an investigator print or download it without further burdening Twitter or the court.” Although, this case is far from over, but what does the recent motion mean for Twitter? In recent years, there’s been controversy over Twitter and suspicion of them complying with officials in efforts of arresting dissenters. For example, during the 2009 G20 protests in Pittsburgh, whenever Activist Elliott Madison got arrested for posting tweets on the first day of the protests and police raided his hotel room. So, it’s quite possible this is a new trend Twitter is getting into, and that’s another question entirely. What could this mean for the social networking sites? If companies like Twitter makes a trend of protecting people’s privacy, there could clearly be some progression towards ethics regarding privacy and standing up for their users. Benjamin Lee, Twitter’s legal counsel tweeted after the motion, “Yesterday we filed a motion in NYC to defend a user’s voice.”



Sullivan talks about Obama’s past and how Obama’s stance on gay marriage should not come as a surprise based on his background. Sullivan compares Obama’s struggle with his own racial identity with the people who struggle with accepting their homosexuality.


fter Obama’s declaration of favoring gay marriage last week, Newsweek’s latest issue, which was found on newsstands on Monday, named President Obama as “the first gay president” on the front cover with a rainbow hovering over the president’s head. The cover article, written by Andrew Sullivan, a prominent Newsweek political writer and outspoken gay community member, supports Obama’s declaration. In his article,

Sullivan writes about when he watched Obama’s declaration. “Like many others, I braced myself for disappointment,” Sullivan says. “And yet when I watched the interview, the tears came flooding down. The moment reminded me of my own wedding day. I had figured it out in my head, but not my heart. And I was utterly unprepared for how psychologically transformative the moment would be. To have the president of the United States

affirm my humanity — and the humanity of all gay Americans — was, unexpectedly, a watershed.” Sullivan was one of the first people who called attention to supporting gay marriage in his 1989 cover story in the New Republic, “The Case for Gay Marriage.” In his 1989 cover story, Sullivan said, “…gay marriage is not a radical step. It avoids the mess of domestic partnership; it is humane; it is conservative in the best sense of the word… Given that gay relationships will always exist, what possible social goal is advanced by framing the law to encourage those relationships to be unfaithful, undeveloped, and insecure?” A recent Gallup poll found that 53 percent of Americans support legalizing gay marriage and 45 percent do not. However, one-fourth of Americans say that Obama’s support for gay marriage makes them less likely to vote for him in the upcoming election, but 13 percent are more likely to vote in his favor. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked if Obama had any thoughts about the Newsweek cover and said “I don’t know if he’s seen it and I haven’t spoken to him about it.”

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by monique freemon

Have you ever read a Facebook status or photo that that had content in the Too Much Info category? The answer for the majority population of social med users would be…A Thousand Times Yes! Status ranging from ‘I just did a #2 in the bathroom’ to very provocative photos. Social media is a place to say what you want and express yourself but sometimes things are better left unsaid. Not only is sharing TMI just not fun to read but there are potential dangers and risks that are attached. Dangers ranging from burglary to kidnapping could increase the more you share. CSO Security and Risk is a company that provides information, analysis and research on anything and everything from information security to access management. In 2012 there was an article that talked about tells how voluntarily sharing status on Twitter and Foursquare can help thieves. Forusquare lets users in various social media sites to “check-in”, earning points for where they are located. The problem with that is when users to check-in everyone on their Twitter, FB, etc. can see where they are located. If they are in Nashville or at a restaurant thieves can go to their unattended house and take what they want. lets people type in their user name and then they can see if their check in’s are viewable to the public.

64 | inspirer magazine

This can also attract sexual predators, kidnappers, stalkers and a bunch of other crazy people in the world. The same goes for businesses too, especially the high profile CEO’s, executives, and VIP’s. It can be a probable issue that can affect a company as a whole. Social Media In Business had infographics that chronicle the social media revolution. One results was about how co-workers think of each other, 73 percent think that employees overshare on social media.

Parents should either monitor, especially the young children, accounts and/or they can teach them how to properly use their accounts, keeping them away from harm

Perhaps it is a matter of being a cautious user of these sites, especially when the user can be exposed to personal danger

“Although many of these sites have age restrictions, there is no real way to enforce these requirements, and children may misrepresent their ages so that they can join,” As of 2012, there are 800 million+ users on Facebook. The average FB user has about 130 friends and has about 80 pages. Over 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared every year and is increasing by the millions. If a user posts a status then his or her friends comment on it, their friends can see what is posted, unless the security sets are set the recommended way. In 2011, Twitter had an average of 140 million Tweets sent per day compared to the 50 million sent in 2010, the amount almost double. The more the numbers multiple the larger the numbers will be. On March 11, 2011, 177 million Tweets were sent (

I don’t know about you but when I go on a vacation I want to make sure everything is safe when I’m away. Who wants to come home to an empty house?

“Perhaps it is a matter of being a cautious user of these sites, especially when the user can be exposed to personal danger,” Leigh Datzker, writer for Northridge.

Another demographic that is at risk is children and teenagers. They are more prone to threats because they are more vulnerable and naïve. They are targeted more because predator can coaxed them easily than a 29 year-old (sometimes it just depends on the person too). Also most social media sites have a certain age requirement and most young children and teens fake their ages. Some just want to get a social media account; others just want to get attention from the old men and/or women.

What does this exactly mean? This means that the world is getting smaller and easier to access but it is also becoming a more dangerous place to live. I’m not saying social media is a bad thing at all. Social media has made life easier for the world to connect at a fast pace. We can now chat with family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriends, husbands/wives, and relative that can be thousands of miles away. I just think we all just need to be more cautious on what we post.

“Oversharing can also make you a desirable target for kidnapping, especially if you are an executive or other kind of VIP,” Joan Goodchild, Senior Editor at

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When did you get started as a designer? I have always loved fashion; since I can remember I always modified my clothing, because I loved how it looked different with just a little twist, different from the others; at the early age of 13 I started creating my first pieces of jewelry with the support of my family. What motivates you? Designing is my life, what motivates me is the drive of making something unique, more than simple clothing, a piece of art that could make someone feel confident just by using it surprisingly by recycling. I have always said “restore, create a new style, own it and enjoy it, that everything that is used can be reused”. Who are your fashion icons? Hands down Elsa Schiaparelli and Poul Poiret. Both of them left a legacy for us to learn from. Where do you go/look for inspiration? Inspiration is all around me, I see beauty were maybe for others there isn’t any, I just let my imagination free. Tell me about your creative process? The method that I use is recycling, I just love it. Being able to create a piece of jewelry out of a piece of clothing is an amazing feeling. Every piece is handmade by me. I have my own atelier, were I spend most of the day in the process of designing and making each one of my pieces, which I love and is one of the things I enjoy in life. What trends are you excited about for spring? I would have to say I’m in love with the pastels and neons, but lace just stole my heart, its one trend that is a must in every girls closet for this spring. 70 | inspirer magazine

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by: Lena Petersson Malevitis

This young creator, 20 years old, currently lives in acid wash patriotic denim shorts, the shredded Los Angeles, California studies art and customizes D.A.R.E. crop top, and the studded denim levis vintage clothes for our greatest happiness. jacket! Corina offers trendy, vintage and unique clothes at affordable prices. Studded shorts, jeans and cropped t-shirts, the rock ‘n roll California spirit revives!

Inspirations? I consider everything as inspiration. I love transforming vintage clothes, to me it’s a metamorphosis.

Who are some of your favorite designers? Currently, my two favorite designers are Kristian Aadnevik and Thom Browne

How do you define your universe? Unstably solid.

What are some of your most favored pieces in your current collection? My favorite pieces in my collection are the

To find out more about Corina and The Steel Age check out her shop on Etsy! inspirer magazine | 73




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OW nails


BY: Giulia Brandimarti

Ombre manicure

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This summer you don’t have to choose between just one color for your nail polish, thanks to these new trends you can use different pastel colors for them! Each brand has created nail polish collections to satisfy your fantasy. Just take a glance at Essie or O.P.I new shadows, to understand the many possibilities of combinations that you can try. Take matching different shadows of the same color for instance, by creating a chromatic scale starting from the lightest one to the darkest. Have fun!


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, l a r u nat e l b a w e n e r c i n a g & or

RITUALS FOR INSPIRER “ We develop high quality products to enrich body and soul: luxury goods ranging from body and facial care, to organic cotton ware, scented candles, perfumes, gemstone make-up and tea. The Rituals philosophy is simple: happiness can be found in the smallest of things. It is our passion to transform your everyday routines into meaningful rituals. Just taking the time to enjoy simple things like a warm bath, a cup of tea or a relaxing massage can transform them into meaningful experiences.” The founder, Raymond Clooster-

by: Elisa Voltz Rituals is a cosmetic and makeup brand who was founded in 2000 and is the first brand in the world who did a combination of luxury Home and Body cosmetics. With no animal testing, dermatological tests and inspirations are all natural. Rituals provides us the guarantee of high quality products. What else can you expect from cosmetics?

man followed his instincts to create a concept that grew into an international success story within just ten years. Today Rituals has 175 stores and their products can also be purchased online. They also recently opened their fifth City Spa and intend to keep expanding - spreading life’s simple pleasures as they grow. “All products are inspired by authentic Eastern rituals. The Hammam steam bath ritual, the shaving ritual of the Japanese Samurai warriors and the gemstones make-up ritual are examples in a long line of beautiful traditions. Inspired

by nature Rituals is designed for discerning customers who have high standards when it comes to personal care, and who also take a caring attitude towards others and the environment. We use natural, renewable and organic ingredients for our products; we use safe alternatives for anything nature cannot provide.” Hair products, makeup, perfumes, body care ... check the shop and you will certainly find a product made for you : http://www.rituals. com/nl-en/

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Beautiful Statement necklace. To make it stand out were minimal or other pieces

Spring / Summer TRENDS


Shirt-Style Collars Wear this collar with a plain white buttom down to give off a preppyclassic-edgy look.

Perfect dayto-night purse.

Neon Bags

The cool breeze of Spring is ending and the blazing summer season is just around the corner. Here are a few fashion pieces that can be intergrated from Spring and Summer.






Peplum Dresses

By: Giulia Brandimarti

Peplum dresses can be dressed up, with converse and flats OR dressed up with heels and wedges.


Orlando Magic sever ties with GM and head coach 82 | inspirer magazine


by: Lindsay King he Orlando Magic have parted ways with head coach Stan Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith. Van Gundy had been with the team as head coach for five years and Smith, as general manager for six.

time. The disappointment of getting eliminated in the first round of the playoffs these past two seasons played a primary role in our decision, as we feel our momentum towards winning a championship has paused. We wish Otis and Stan all the best and we look forward to taking the next step towards winning that championship.”

Van Gundy had a regular season record of 259-135 in his five seasons with Orlando. The Magic also made the playoffs all five seasons, along with three Southeast Division titles and a 2009 Eastern Conference title. The team announced the parting in Smith had served as the President of Basketball Operations since the 2010 season and became the Magic a statement on Monday, May 21. general manager in 2006.

Chief Executive Officer of the Magic, Alex Martins said, “On behalf of the DeVos family, we sincerely appreciate and thank Otis and Stan for all that they have done on and off the floor for the Orlando Magic. These are the days you dread in this business, but we feel it’s time for new leadership and new voices.” Martins then went on to say, “They both brought diehard dedication and an unmatched work ethic on a daily basis. Their success is well documented, as the Orlando Magic has had the fourth best record in the NBA over the last five years, and entering the playoffs this year the third most playoff wins over that period of

All-Star center Dwight Howard reportedly went to Magic ownership and management months ago seeking a change and a report had surfaced in March stating the Magic agreed to let Howard pick his next head coach and GM. Reports of this caused issues between the staff and Howard, which could be one of the reasons behind the parting. Stan Van Gundy will enter the coaching free agent market as one of the top names. Looks like Howard’s requests have been heard and prayers have been answered.


tHE gatsby great

In the roaring twenties, a hungry time for money, ambition, greed, and the promise of new beginnings‌ unveiling a scandalous love entanglement.

By: Agie Lee

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, otherwise known as a best-selling classic will be hitting the big screens in 3D Christmas day of this year. To name a few, featured red carpet stars will include big names such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire. Director Baz Luhrmann, otherwise known as “Director of Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge” is hard at work with hopes of fulfilling high expectations. If you haven’t had the chance to cozy up with a good read in awhile, perhaps you should consider snagging a copy of your own this summer. Fitzgerald takes us back into post-World War I. In the roaring twenties, a hungry time for money, ambition, greed, and the promise of new beginnings… unveiling a scandalous love entanglement. Jay Gatsby, a bankrupt officer and Daisy Buchanon, an exquisite beauty meet five years prior to the beginning of the novel. The two fall in undeniable love. While Gatsby serves overseas, their love is intercepted by the greed of riches and fortune, where Daisy ends up wedding an extremely wealthy Tom Buchanon. With Gatsby’s re-

turn, he becomes blindly compelled to devote himself to the pursuit of wealth... the pursuit of Daisy. Having made millions, Gatsby purchases a mansion across Long Island Sound from Daisy’s and throws extravagant parties in hopes that she’ll eventually make an appearance. It isn’t long until drama begins to unfold when Gatsby’s new neighbor, Nick Carraway, rekindles the love between Gatsby and Daisy; setting a messy love entanglement in motion. However, for those in wonderment as to why The Great Gatsby is an American classic, Fitzgerald’s portrayal of the 1920s as a collapsed era encourages readers to contemplate the bigger picture. After the end of World War I in 1918, the American generation experienced a generous rise in the stock market and national wealth altogether. With high levels of consumption taking place, people from all social backgrounds suddenly had potential to make a fortune – creating a mix among families of old and new wealth. The characters of the novel are positioned to symbolize such social trends, tainting the American dream by mixing money and pleasure. The clash

between “old money” and “new money” is made apparent within the story’s geography. The film has been made five different times, making this year’s rendition it’s sixth remake. With recent release of the trailer, the buzz of the footage is overwhelmingly rich and luxurious. Though I’m not sure as to which I’m more excited for: indulging myself into an American classic or catching Leonardo DiCaprio once again in theatres – I’m just ecstatic by the fact that there’s a book turned to movie set to release yet again. As to leave you with a final thought to ponder, do you believe that all in love is fair in war? Does the power of money trump the power of love?




By: Marissa Sjolander


he urban, in relating to, or characteristic of a city usually consists of the lively art, and trash. Philadelphia is a city that combines the two, creating a unique, magical place. Isaiah Zagar is the soul and life to this city. He lurks the night and day for all of the things you have thrown away-broken mirrors, wine bottles, old shoes, and to anything you can imagine. Isaiah combines all of the trash and quirky objects like antique tile, cement, clay, and paint together. This creates the glorious, cutting edge mosaic mural. Magic Gardens or as Isaiah calls it “His Temples of Art” is primarly known as his master piece. It’s a large scale South Street vacant lot constructed with his plethora of artwork. Every inch and every surface is covered with mosaics, creating a walk through. For decades Isaiah had been transforming the city’s trash into artwork. The mosaic murals incorporate a significant amount of text, lines of poetry, references to memories, his inspirations, and most of all his allusions of his family.

His memories all started out in Peru, where he and his wife Julia served in the Peace Corps. In mid 60’s he got involved with a group of folk artists in Puno. This was a very moving, mental experience to him and his wife. This was the place that stirred up his inspiration. He states, “My work is marked by events and is a mirror of the mind that is building and falling apart, having logic but close to chaos, refusing to stay still for the camera, and giving one a sense of heaven and hell simultaneously.” After the Peace Corps in the late 60’s, he and Julia moved to Philadelphia looking for a break. The museums in Philadelphia wouldn’t accept his work. His early work started in his wife’s art ethnic shop, Eyes Gallery. Since the museum wouldn’t let his work in, he put it out, and enlivened Philadelphia. He then purchased and restored abandoned buildings with large, blank exterior walls. This was the begging of Magic Gardens. After 10 years of Magic Gardens gaining lone street walkers, the fans, and the press, the lot’s owner designed to sell the

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lot. The outraged public became the savor of the gardens. That’s how it became entitled as Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. Today Magic Gardens host workshops from Isaiah himself, folk concerts, parties to weddings, and visitors all over. Since Magic Gardens became the prize of the city, the Philadelphia Art Museum, and the Hirsh horn Museum all wanted his work - a remarkable outturn from the unwanted, to wanted. All Isaiah ever used was persistence, creative spirits, and the soul of passion and art. Isaiah doesn’t sculpt his mosaics, he paints them. Any viewers can check out his work online at, at Eyes Gallery, Philadelphia and Hirsh Horn Museum, Philadelphia’s public works, and of course Magic Gardens itself. His son Jeremiah also recently assembled a awarded winning document on his father, “In a Dream” It describes everything from his growth of a child to the growth of passion.

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life around the world. Just a handful of those documentaries were named­‑ Oceans, Chimpanzee, African Cats, and Earth. Through the eyes of Disney, we are able to view life on Earth for the beauty that truly thrives upon it. Sometimes, movies such as "The March of the Penguins," take up to as long as 6 months to film. Without this footage, our world that has never visited those cold, icy places would never know how penguins live and fight to survive. Even medical procedures are documented and filmed to create learning footage for other doctors and nurses to study from. Documentaries also help recreate past historical events, such as "The Strangest Dream," which portrayed the life and work of Jo Rotblat, "Tank on the Moon," which illustrates the landings on the moon, and "The Making of Modern Britain," which shows Britain's struggle to regain peace after Queen Victoria's death.

The influence of documentaries on the film industry and society is that of vast proportions. Documentaries are the filming of real life scenarios and portraying them in as much of a realistic way as possible. Without the use of documentaries, most people in society would not know the joy of life on Earth and all the marvelous wonders that inhabit it. Disney has made multiple documentaries based upon the wild-

Popular films are even undergoing the documentary transformation, such as "Chronicle," "Paranormal Activity," and "Cloverfield." One example of a series that has converted to this form of filming is "The River." Without documentaries, there would be no realism in film making. It helps us view things in a creative and new way that we are all not used to, and for many of us, shows that there truly is magic in this world.

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in this issue... Cover photo is by Tom Falcone 8-9: 11- 12-, 14-19: Eleny Ramirez, Martina Mlcuchova 20-24: Snapshot from Jealous Lover video shoot, Sheri Berman, http://store.killbrand. com/collections/trace-cyrus-smhp-womens-arrivals/products/smhp-miley-cyrus-collab-charity-collab,, Allison Locher 30: Morgan Young 32: 38-39: Tom Falcone, Andrew Zaeh, Matt Vogel 45-47: Ballyhoo! photo from WTJU 91.1 FM Folk Radio, Divided By Friday photo from Alter the Press, G-Eazy photo from, Owen Plant photo taken from, The Scissors photo taken from 49, 51: Eric Ryan Anderson 54: 55: CNN 56: 58, 59:, 62:, 63: Newsweek 80, 81: Orlando Magic organization,, magic/news/Magic_sign_General_Manager_Oti-273200-2128.html Images for fashion articles were provided by designers and models themselves.

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