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When you think of summer you think of driving with the windows rolled down blaring some form of good music, whether that’s rap/hip hop, classic rock, pop, pop punk, metal is another story. Everyone has their own opinion on what the best summer songs are; here are some artists who tell us their opinion on what they love to listen to and drive full speed with windows down to.

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01 Slow Down - The Academy Is...

01 Fly - Sugar Ray

02 Hands Clean - Alanis Morissette

02 Amber – 311

03 Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles 03 Wouldn’t It Be Nice - The 04 The Way You Move - Outkast 05 Rock Show - Blink 182 06 Tangled Up In Blue - Bob Dylan 07 Three Little Birds - Bob Marley 08 Ready When You Are - Brighten 09 Pin Your Wings - “Copeland” 10 Mr. Jones - Counting Crows 11 Marilyn - G Eazy 12 Happy As Fuck - Mod Sun ft. Pat Brown

13 Hit and Run - Breathe Carolina 14 Vans On - T. Mills

Beach Boys

04 June Hymn - the Decemberists 05 Steal My Sunshine – Len 06 Island In The Sun – Weezer 07 Summer Time – Sublime 08 Summer Of 69 – Bryan Adams 09 School’s Out - Alice Cooper 10 SpiderWebs - No Doubt 11 Paradise – Coldplay 12 Get Busy - Sean Paul 13 Yeah – Usher 14 The Boys of Summer - Don Henley

15 Some Nights - Fun

15 California Gurls - Katy Perry

16 Mercy - Kanye West ft. Big Sean,

16 Summer Nights - John Travolta &

Pusha T, 2 Chainz

17 No Such Thing - John Mayer 18 My Love - Justin Timberlake 19 Soundtrack 2 My Life - Kid Cudi 20 The Science Of Selling Yourself

Short - Less Than Jake

Olivia Newton John

17 Learning to Fly - Tom Petty 18 Come Out And Play (Keep Em’

Separated) - The Offspring

19 Suck My Kiss - Red Hot Chill Peppers

20 Summer Paradise - Simple Plan

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Nick Santino (A Rocket To The Moon)

01 You Wreck Me- Tom Petty

01 Something Like That - Tim McGraw

02 Dakota- Stereophonics

02 Summer of ‘89 - Butch Walker & The

03 All Is Not Lost- Ok Go 04 Two Weeks- Grizzly Bear 05 Ambling Alp- Yeasayer 06 More Than This- Bryan Ferry and

Roxy Music

07 West Coast- Coconut Records 08 Baby Says- The Kills 09 Talking In Your Sleep- Romantics 10 Tender- Blur 11 The Ghost Inside- Broken Bells 12 Walking On A Dream- Empire Of

The Sun

13 Nightcall- Kavinsky 14 Common People- Pulp 15 Heart of Glass- Blondie 16 Teenager- The Thrills 17 The Day I Lost My Voice (Suit


case Song)- Copeland

Yeah! Oh Yeah!- Magnetic Fields

19 VCR- The XX 20 The Rat- The Walkmen

Black Widows

03 New York New York - Ryan Adams 04 You Don’t Know How It Feels - Tom

Petty And The Heartbreakers

05 American Honey - Lady Antebellum 06 Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival

07 Take It Easy - The Eagles 08 Calling Baton Rough - Garth Brooks 09 All My Ex’s Live In Texas - George Strait

10 Family Tradition - Hank Williams Jr 11 Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson 12 Queen of California - John Mayer 13 We’re At The Top Of The World - The

Juliana Theory

14 Honk and Wave - Limbeck 15 Angel Eyes - Love And Theft 16 Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

17 What I Know - Parachute 18 Fast Cars and Freedom - Rascal Flatts 19 Summertime Blues - Alan Jackson 20 My Friend Petter - Alkaline Trio

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Chloe Chaidez (KITTEN)

Carmen Cirignano (Young Statues)

01 Maliblue- Darius

01 To Be Young- Ryan Adams

02 Running- Discloser Remix

02 Here Comes The Sun- The Beatles

03 Five Seconds- Twin Shadow

03 All My Friends- LCD

04 Cool it Down- The Velvet Underground

05 I See My Mother- Polica 06 If You Leave- OMD


04 Hot Night Hounds- Annuals 05 You Don’t Know How It Feels-

Tom Petty

07 Disperate Youth- Santigold

06 Rosalita- Brue Springsteen

08 SEOD- Kindness

07 Beach- Mew

09 West End Girls- Pet Shop Boys

08 A Praise Chorus- Jimmy Eat World

10 Obedar- Purity Ring 11 Baaur- Harlem Shake 12

Ecstasy- JJJ

13 The Pixies- Hey 14 Siriusmo – Einmal In Der Woche Schreien

15 Coolie High- Camp Lo 16 Always be my Sunshine- Jay Z 17 Dreams- Fleetwood Mac 18 Stay Away- Charli xcx 19 Baaur- Harlem Shake 20 Ecstasy- JJJ

09 Mexico- James Taylor 10 Hold Me- Fleetwood Mac 11 Into the Mystic- Van Morrison 12 Someday- The Strokes 13 The Great Salt Lake- Band of Horses

14 Spectacular Views- Rilo Kiley 15 Florida- Modest Mouse 16 Tumbling Dice- The Rolling Stones

17 Wetsuit- The Vaccines 18 Popular Mechanics For Lovers- Beulah

19 Just A Friend- Biz Markie 20 Waiting for Kirsten- Jens Lekman inspirer magazine | 11




01 Let’s Go Surfing - The Drums

01 Kickstart My Heart- Motley Crue

02 Take Off Your Sunglasses - Ezra

02 Crazy Nites- Danger Danger

Furman and The Harpoons

03 Dance The Night Away- Van Halen

03 Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones

04 Beautiful Girls- Van Halen

04 I Like You So Much Better When

05 Nightrain- Guns N’ Roses

You’re Naked - Ida Maria

05 Daydreaming - Dark Dark Dark 06 Here to Stay - Milagres 07 Softsided - The Outfit 08 Wanting You - Sauna 09 Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding 10 Summer Mood - Best Coast 11 The Way We Get By - Spoon 12 Whole Lotta Losin - Monsters of Folk

13 Paradise City - Guns n Roses 14 California Girls - The Beach Boys 15 Surrender - The Knew 16 I’m Shakin - Jack White 17 Ponce Pilato - Y La Bamba 18 In The Sun - She and Him 19 Just Like Heaven - The Cure 20 Unemployed Minor, French Quarter 12 | inspirer magazine






WHITE Nowadays there is no shortage of indie music for music lovers everywhere. From upbeat to slower jams, the indie genre has been making a big splash in the last couple of years. With an ever increasing number of indie artists, you would think that it would be hard to break into this genre. However, the once strangers Jack Matranga and Brooke White, known as Jack and White, are having no problem gaining fans and popularity since their first single “Double Trouble” was released iTunes’ Single of the Week in August of 2011. I got the chance to interview Brooke about how the band started, their future goals, embarrasing music on her iPod, and more. 14 | inspirer magazine

from the indie duo


So, your Facebook page said that you guys were once strangers. How did you meet? I had been writing for months for a new solo record and we were set up to write a song together by my manager, for what we thought would be my next solo record. We kind of hit it off right away and wrote a song called “feathers” on that first day. I told my manager to clear my schedule and I started writing with Jack for the next couple weeks. How did you decide to start the band? I really felt like the new songs were amazing, but different from what I was doing with my solo record. So we decided to start a band and wrote a few more songs and put our first EP, “Gemini”, on iTunes.


“WE ARE DRIVEN REALLY BY THE MUSIC, THE SONGWRITING, THE RECORDING, THE PERFORMING, CONNECTING WITH FANS... THAT’S THE PART WE DIG.” The names of your EPs have been interesting, first Gemini and then Winter. What inspired these names? The first day Jack and I got together, we had this stranger connection. I knew right away and asked him “Are you a Gemini?” Sure enough, we were both Gemini’s and ended up writing a song about it that day. We felt Gemini really embodied the project as well, the concept up duality really played into the band and first EP. The second EP we wrote towards the end of 2011 and recorded it all right before holidays. The season really played a part into the songwriting and recording. Our first EP was a lot more bright and summery, and this new one was a little bit darker and melodic… so we thought Winter was a good fit. The latest Jack and White release is the

16 | inspirer magazine

Undercovers EP, what inspired you guys to release an EP of covers? I was getting ready to have a baby and didn’t really want to just disappear for 6 months. We really wanted to record and put something out and thought it was a good opportunity to record some covers. We both are just a fan of music and there were so many songs we would have loved to cover, so we decided to pick one from each decade and run with it! A lot of your songs seem to be about love, is there a specific person you’re thinking about when writing? It’s nearly impossible to avoid the subject! We rarely go into writing a song with any specific idea or person in mind, we usually allow the song to dictate itself organically, however by the time we finish it, we can often trace it back to something of personal meaning

or past experience or relationship. What is your favorite thing about the music industry? Our favorite thing about the music industry would be the Music part. :) It is a challenging industry, and as artists we tend to be less business minded, though it’s a substantial part of what we do, thankfully we have a great manager to help us navigate through the treacherous waters. We are driven really by the music, the songwriting, the recording, the performing, connecting with fans... that’s the part we dig.

Do you have any advice for those trying to get into the music industry? It’s about great songs, whether you write them or pick them! Be inspired by others, but focus on originality. Work hard at being great, practice, play and sing as often as possible, become captivating on stage, be patient and yet proactive. Remain true to yourself but know when to compromise. Surround yourself with honest, hardworking people that believe in you. Talk to an attorney before signing a contract. And most importantly, you must love what you do... it’s a long, long road, the love will keep you moving.

What would you both be doing if you weren’t in the band? We’d still be making music, writing songs and performing, maybe on our own, maybe in other bands or collaborations. Before we were Jack and White, we were just singer-songwriters doing what we do, but separately. However we’ve found we’re infinitely more productive and inspired together. What embarrassing songs might I find on your MP3 player? Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus If you could perform with anyone, anywhere, who would you perform with and where? hmmm, maybe with Coldplay or Fleetwood Mac... Hollywood Bowl would be pretty cool. What can we expect from Jack and White in the rest of this year? We don’t have a definitive plan, focusing on this summer, promoting our “undercover” EP, we’ve got some shows coming up, and there have been talks of finally creating a full length record. We’re looking forward to getting back to songwriting. We tend to set short term goals, and try not to over think the process, and so far that approach has worked for us.

Don’t forget to pick up Jack and White’s latest release, Undercover, on iTunes today!

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In 2009 the Australian Indie group, The Temper Trap, struck gold with their mega hit “Sweet Disposition.” The group has since spent time touring and working on their latest self-titled album The Temper Trap. The Temper Trap have taken the fundamentals making up their last album Conditions on this latest expedition. The album leads off with “Need Your Love,” a feel good parade of capitulating synths, stinging guitars, and robust vocals. “Trembling Hands” grabs you by the throat and strangles you with its mesmerizing falsetto chant and timed guitar whimpering. Many of the middle tracks seem to drone on dulling the tempo and expectations set in place by the opening tunes. “Where Do We Go From Here” and “Dreams” pick the pace back up before unleashing “Rabbit Hole,” which takes a note from the Radiohead playbook. At first glance all seems right within The Temper Trap’s latest work but that notion is short lived, as the ambience upon which they first captured our attention seems lost in this latest venture.




It isn’t often musicians can go on hiatus and return to as large if not larger audience then one left, that is, unless you are Fiona Apple, who has managed to do it twice. Fiona Apple has spent the better part of the last seven years away from music and while some may find it unnecessary, I find it rather intriguing.

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MUSIC The intriguing part is not what she did during her hiatus but rather what she might bring onto her new album, “The Idler Wheel” from that long vacation. If history truly repeats itself, then it is sure to be something special. The Idler Wheel is what happens when you investigate the deepest, darkest caldrons of Fiona Apple’s brain. The meticulous album is a staggering example of trapped anxieties within her relationships and her own psyche. The album takes flight on the wings of “Every Single Night” with its nursery melody dancing across a children’s piano and powered by Fiona’s robust vocal set featuring tribal choral chants.

The album builds on the momentum striking quickly with the songs “Daredevil” and “Valentine” a momentous ballad of broken hearts and mischievous comedy. “Jonathan” cramps the mood before being swallowed up by the sultry “Werewolf.” “Regret” unleashes Fiona’s anger towards the callous fellows who broke into her heart and tried to bend it in their own way. The song stings the mind with its somber mood and broken vocal beltings. The album concludes with “Hot Knife,” a bluesy ballet fluttering with a cappella testimony. The Idler Wheel is an exploration of one of music’s great minds.





In recent years folk music has seen a much needed rebirth amongst the populous. Helping the movement is the Swedish Kristian Matsson aka The Tallest Man. Kristian has made a name for himself with his Dylan-esc vocals and dynamic acoustic guitar work. Over the last decade Kristian has released three albums including his latest There’s No Leaving Now. “To Just Grow Away” leads us in with its whimsical melody and Matsson’s softly adorned vocals. It is immediately apparent Matsson has forgone his typical acoustic strategy and included a much wider range of instrumentals. In “Revelation Blues” he makes a point of bringing out a crisp piano and racing drums to his acoustic bantering. Matsson refers to a very much western sound in the stormy “Bright Lanterns.” The title track is a powerful piano ballad bringing out the majesty and prowess of Mats

20 | inspirer magazine

son’s voice. “Little Brother” brings us to a more personal side of Matsson. Unlike his previous albums There’s No Leaving Now seems to be an exploration of sorts with Matsson investigating a range of vocal qualities, lyrical modes and a wider range of instruments. While this is certainly not his best work, it was a rather enjoyable experience from the Swedish, folk songster.

RAmona Falls 3.5/5


I have to wonder if Brent Knopf had any regrets about quitting the acclaimed band Menomena to focus entirely on his project Ramona Falls. Whether or not it ever skates across his mind doesn’t reflect on his enthusiasm for creating music. With Ramona Falls, Brent has escaped the A-Typical to explore the boundaries of his musical ingenuity. Prophet is his latest venture into to unknown. Experimental would be an understatement for the motives behind Prophet. “I have to, have to, have to let go of control” are the words streaming from Knopf’s lips in the opening track “Bodies Of Water.” Knopf is letting go of the common modes making up musical design today and releasing intricately woven instrumental and vocal treads. “Spore” creeps in with a dark, transient synth while an acoustic guitar tiptoes in and out before being embellished by an electric guitar stampede. “Divide By Zero” jabs on with a heavy electronic aura,

which can also be felt in the track “Archimedes Plutonium.” After unleashing a slew of PostRock, Punk and Robot Rock infused complexities, Knopf brings Prophet to a close with the moving “Proof.” This isn’t the album you look for to satisfy emotional fiascos or to play at your house party; Prophet is the album you look to when you want to escape the fray.

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by: rachel martin


Forever The Sickest Kids is four piece pop punk band from Dallas, Texas. Since their debut album released in 2008, the band has been on countless US and international tours, and was even named by Alternative Press Magazine the number one underground band. Just two months before they released their self titled album last January, the band lost two of it’s original members but that hasn’t slowed them down. They just got back from a tour in the UK along with Mayday Parade and Cartel and are going full force with a full US tour (One Direction Tour), as well as wrapping up the writing stage of a new full length album. I was lucky enough to catch up with Kyle Burns, FTSK’s drummer, to get the scoop on what happened in the UK and what fans can look forward to on the One Direction Tour and on the new album. 22 | inspirer magazine

You guys just got back from the UK. How was that experience? It was pretty lame. I hate everything about.... SYKE!!! It was incredible!!! Could have been our favorite trip to the UK yet!!! It was so intense the entire time and so fresh! Got to hang with our buds in Mayday Parade, Cartel, It Boys! & more & more... What’s the craziest thing that happened in the UK? One night we got lost in some back roads of Scotland trying to find our hotel and the creepiest thing happened. There was so much fog and we could barely see the road and we were in the middle of nowhere...we came up on a scary man standing in the middle of the road staring at us with a shovel in his hand. Needless to say we stopped and asked him for directions... he said “no one travels down this road and makes it off alive”. But we took our chances and sure enough, we survived! But when we got back to America, we found out that

the man was said to have been dead for 40 years... and so we wrote a song about the incident and we will never release it.   The “One Direction” tour is kicking off soon. Are you stoked to tour with Plug In Stereo? Absolutely! I have never met or “bro’ed down” with the band, but have only heard great things about them! I’m not a big fan of plugging things mono, so I’m sure ill love Plug In Stereo!   What city are you most excited about playing and why? I’m excited for them all...buuuut I would have to say hometown shows are my favorite! Dallas baby!   I see you guys are playing with Bowling For Soup on June 22 and I hear they party hard. Have you played with them before? Oh yes we have partied...err... played with them on many occasions! We have done local gigs

with them and even a full UK tour with them. We love them. Probably my favorite band ever to see perform live! I attended SXSW and saw a FTSK’s poster plastered on every light post on 6th street so I’m assuming you were there. Tell me SXSW stories. (Good ones, I know you have them.) SXSW is always off the wall! That was my 7th SXSW to attend I believe and FTSK’s 4th one to play! We have some crazy SXSW stories, most of them involving having to play multiple shows over the weekend... we usually play 4-5 shows in the course of three days, some days having 3 shows in one day haha   What’s the toughest part of being a successful band without a label behind you? What’s the best part about it? We are currently unsigned as I type this answer, by the time this is published though, that might be different... or not! We are talking with four record labels right now seeing if would be worth starting a new relationship! Labels can be a blessing or a nightmare, and fortunately for us, it has always been the former and we continue to strive for that. We had an excellent relationship with Universal, and we were sad to see the record label Universal Motown collapse :/ BUT one thing we do that sets bands apart from others, is even if you are under a record contract, act as if you aren’t. Always be proactive and never rely on a label as a basic go-to solution! A label-artist relationship should always be a healthy one where you help each other out and should never be one-sided!

Do you ever plan on replacing Kent and Marc? No, but instead we have our BFF filling in on lead guitar, Rico! He is very talented and has an amazing afro! (kinda? I think...)  Your self-titled album that came out last year had a more mature sound than some of your past records. What inspired the songs that you wrote for that album? Friends, Brandon Chamberlain, family, girls, Texas, places around the world, other bands... a lot of inspiration was derived in our SelfTitled!   You guys announced that you are now writing a new album. Can you tell us anything about it? Will it have a different sound? Yes, we are writing a new album! We have written 11 songs so far,  but we are shooting to write much more so we have plenty of ammo to pick and choose from :D I can’t get into how it sounds as of yet, but, it could be my favorite yet! (don’t all artists say that about their new music? haha) I can say we pulled a lot of inspiration from our 1st release (Underdog Alma Mater) with new twists!   What approach are you taking with this new album? We are coming at it with pure joy and happiness. Wanting to make the most uplifting tunes we have ever attempted!   Will we hear any of the new songs on this upcoming US tour? Maybe ;)   What was it like growing up in Dallas?

Excellent, we all grew up outside of the major cities (Dallas/Ft. Worth), so I think we are country boys at heart with the callused skin from being able to access the cities so easily! Tell me about your weirdest fan experience. After a show we went back to our bus, and when we opened the door there was a few fans inside rummaging through our belongings! Very creepy, but I guess...flattering? I still am missing some articles of clothing..   Miami Heat or Oklahoma City Thunder? OKC... because Oklahoma is our (Texas) neighbor! But I do love South Beach...   Harry Potter or Hunger Games? HP. all the way.   What is your action plan for the newly acclaimed Zombie Apocalypse? Head to Walmart! Food, guns, supplies...easy.   What is the number one played song on each of your iTunes? I couldn’t speak for the others... but mine is a Bring Me the Horizon’s song “Oddly Enough”. Do any of you have a band or a musician that you normally wouldn’t admit to listening to, like a guilty pleasure? I was talking about this the other day with States and Scene Aesthetic... we came to the agreement that none of us are really ashamed in anything we listen to. Haha!

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MUSIC I asked some fans to ask some questions for you guys and here’s what they came up with.. Will you ever do Warped Tour again? Sure! We love Warped Tour, we have done it 3-4 times before? I think... it is great!   What was the inspiration of the song “What Happened To Emotion? (Killing Me)? That was a song we wrote about our record label at the time (Universal Motown). They were going through hard times and we wrote a song about it! What were your favorite TV shows or movies as a child? I didn’t watch any much TV growing up, but I did love the cartoon show Recess!   Who is the coolest person you’ve met on tour? Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls.   If you weren’t musicians, what would you chose to be? Actor/Racecar Driver   Do any of you have weird habits?  I bite my nails and part my hair down the middle when no one is looking. Be sure to check out Forever The Sickest Kids on the One Direction tour with Plug In Stereo starting July 11th. Also, be on the lookout for a live review of the show after July 21st on our website.

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hen it comes to music, Case in Theory is doing something right. A four-piece alternative rock band from San Jose, CA, they came together in a way that is anything but ordinary. Jonathan Posadas (vocals/guitar) and Tadeo Ramirez (guitar) came together in college, forming the band in Tadeo’s bedroom and taking it on from there. After writing a few songs as a duo together, a Craigslist search was conducted in hopes of adding a drummer to the current band lineup. Jamin Bracken, who happened to be a mutual friend as well, became the perfect candidate and was added to the band immediately. Ads on Craigslist were searched a second time in order to add bassist Ben Everett to the mix—creating the lineup they are currently rocking on tour with Matt Skiba. A band that formed due to the wonders of Craigslist, how often does that occur? Though they’ve been together since 2006, Case in Theory has kept to themselves in thoughts that the band would be more of a hobby than a career. It wasn’t until four years later, in 2010, that their passionate hobby started to take on its transformation. Case in Theory has begun branching out through touring most of the U.S. west coast and will continue on their endeavors until as many ears have been reached as possible. So what’s their sound like? Take a listen to Foreign Lands off their 2010 self-titled EP. A perfect combination between smooth guitar riffs and angelic vocals, there’s no doubt you’ll fall head over heels before a single track is over. Their lyrics, however, may be Case in Theory’s best aspect, as they don’t write typical love and fairytale songs constantly, but rather about a wider range of the aspects of life. Combine that with the soothing instruments found in the background and you’ve got an A+ band that has got to find their way to more listeners. The band has put out a total of two EP’s and one full-length record, which are all available on their website for purchase. Case in Theory is currently on tour with Matt Skiba and the Sekrets, which just kicked off late last month. The tour will continue on for three weeks so check out the dates and stop by when they’re in your city!

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behind the scenes witH

JOHNNY MINARDI A&R FROM FUELED BY RAMEN Johnny Minardi’s job at Fueled By Ramen is Artist & Repertoire, which is usually referred to as A&R. Part of his job description is to seek talent and help develop the artists he brings to the label roster. Besides working at FBR he also co owns Snakes & Suits which is a clothing company from Chicago, IL. The official launch came on November 23rd, 2007 in which they introduced their first line of apparel. The company was started as a creative outlet by Marino (tour manager), Eric Ryan (graphic designer) and Johnny Minardi (Fueled By Ramen) to share their ideas.

BY: HEATHER HAWKE 26 | inspirer magazine

inspirer magazine | 27


Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been working at Fueled By Ramen? What’s your current job title? Have you had any other titles since you started? My name is Johnny Minardi. I was born and raised in the Chicago area. Lived in Tampa for 3 years to start at FBR and moved back home in 2007. I’ve been working at Fueled By Ramen for 8 years now. My current title is A&R. I started in the retail/distribution field here and ventured over as I brought bands in. How did you get into the music industry? What classes/degree did you take to get ahead in this field? Is it true that it’s all about who you know? I’ve always been a huge music fan. When I was 12 or 13, I signed up for a lot of street teams for a wide variety of bands/labels. Loved promoting music that I was passionate about at the time. Eventually I started going to more and more shows, meeting other people in my local scene that shared ideas and then met some bands I loved that were unsigned. I decided to take some money I had set aside for college to start a label from scratch with literally no knowledge on how to run one. I was just having fun, learning each day with a new

28 | inspirer magazine

mistake and growing. I have no schooling or degrees in music but just learned through experience and a lot of advice from people who had taken a liking to what I was doing. What does music mean to you? Music has always been a huge part of me. I’ve gone through a lot of stages of genres I’ve liked, favorite bands, touring with different tours, etc. I can always link a song/band to a time in my life and vice versa. Music helped shaped decision making for me. Working as A&R, you must get some pretty cool and weird demo submissions. What has been the most memorable demo submission you’ve ever received? Haha, there have been some really insane ones. One more recently had a VERY scary picture attached to it. More creepy than anything. We get the demos packed with some packages of “Ramen Noodles” every so often which is still funny. Always enjoy some good treats! What are your favorite FBR album releases?

This is so hard to choose! I’ll list off a few. Fall Out Boy ‘Take This To Your Grave’, The Academy Is ‘Almost Here’, Days Away ‘Mapping An Invisible World’, Forgive Durden ‘Wonderland”, Paramore ‘Riot’, Gym Class Heroes ‘Papercut Chronicles and The Stereo ‘Rewind + Record’. Too many but deal with it! Who do you think changed the music industry? Why? I’m not sure it’s “who” but more the internet explosion has been the most significant. I know people who don’t EVER buy records but always have the latest music. That right there is fairly alarming in itself. Now, more than ever, music is ever-changing. What do you think is one genre of music that you hope will never go out of style? Rock music will never go away. There are so many deep rooted branches of it and I’ve always been a fan of many of them. Obviously there will always be “Pop” music as well.

They go hand in hand. A lot of people look up to bands for fashion and style. We come from the same places as most bands we work with. We all grew up into music and skateboarding. We try to just keep it true to what we like to wear and hope others are into it as well! So far so good! What do you hope for the future of Snakes & Suits? Can you tell us anything about upcoming lines? We have a new summer line coming out in July. We took our sweet time perfecting this one and are going to try a few new things as well as stick with some classics in new colors. We listen to our customers advice and try to super serve them when demands are high enough. Charlie will be making a return at some point as well! What albums are currently on heavy rotation? Chiddy Bang - Breakfast, John Mayer ‘Born & Raised’, Crosses (both EPs), Fun. ‘Some Nights’ and I recently pulled out Finch ‘What It Is To Burn’.

What’s the biggest surprise about working in this field? Was it what you thought it would be like? Biggest surprise is how ever-changing fan bases can be. Some explode, some run away. Never ending cycle of up and down.

What inspires and motivates you to still pursue a career in music? The energy. It comes from all sources of music. The musician, the writer, the producer, the fans and more importantly, hearing something that gets you excited.

Is there a moment that sticks out in your head that made you realize that this is the perfect job for you? Good question. I guess it’s a series of moments, but they all vary with each band. My first band that I truly had a hand in shaping was The Academy Is. I saw the first practice ever all the way up to playing stadiums with Kiss.

Listening to as much music as you do, have you started listening to a genre of music you never thought you would end up liking? This is kind of a funny question because so many people have said “I like everything except Country”. I’ve actually fallen head over heels in love with Country music and what it stands for. Mix that into everything else I love!

Besides working at FBR you also co-own Snakes & Suits, how did the idea to start a clothing company come up? Honestly, it was just 3 lifelong friends that wanted a creative outlet for clothing, music, art, etc. We never wanted boundaries on what we can and cannot do. We’ve released free music from friends and ever since focused on clothing. We’ll be bouncing all around and just having fun along the way.

If someone was interested in being an A+R person/ wanted to work at a record label; what education/ experience would you tell them to get? Does one need a college degree to be in A+R? I honestly never know how to answer this one because I didn’t go that route. I think it’s about proving to yourself that you can take a song idea into a finished song that people react and relate to. Real experience is something that is much more valuable to me, so I’d recommend getting involved with young/local bands and help them try to shape something exciting!

How does working in music and having a clothing company influence each other?

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Let’s Buy Happiness Let’s Buy Happiness is an Indie group formed in Newcastle, England by friends Sarah Hall (vocals) James Hall (guitar/keys), Graeme Martin (guitars), Mark Brown (bass) and James King (drums). Let’s Buy Happiness made waves within England for the self-released EP No Hot Ashes. The group’s sound captures the instrumental techniques native of American Alternative groups, while Hall’s vocals are reminiscent of qualities heard in Northern European vocalist. The group is currently working on a new EP expected later this year. Most memorable song: “Fast Fast.”

KO KO KO KO is an Indie/Pop duo founded in Southern California by brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhon. The duo released their debut EP Float earlier this year. The boys incorporate a synth pop sound with dreamy vocals. The duo, which was founded in January of this year, brings with them tantalizing, catchy music and the workings of a brilliant future. Most memorable song: “Float.”

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[INSPIRER HITS THE ROAD] Visit the Inspirer Magazine tent to meet and greet members of the staff at the Atlanta, GA (7/26) and Orlando, FL (7/27) Vans Warped Tour dates. We will also be featuring our new merchandise, including a special Warped edition of Inspirer in print.

Man Without Country Man Without Country is the collaborative effort of Ryan James & Tomas Greenhalf. Founded in Wales, the group released their debut album Foe, which was recorded in the home of Tomas Greenhalf. The album features tracks embodying haunting yet soothing synths and with dark lyrical landscapes. It only takes one listen to be captured by these talented boys. Most memorable song: “Puppets.”

Tennis Tennis is the product of husband and wife Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore. The Duo has been very busy over the past year working on their album Young and Old, which was produced by Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. Temp the ears with their catchy melodic sound, robust choruses and Alaina’s soft, tranquil vocals. The duo have been working non-stop over the pat few years and it seems it is finally beginning to pay off. Most memorable song: “Origins.” The Honey Trees The Honey Trees are an Indie/ Pop duo found in California by Becky Filip and Jacob Wick. The duo has released one EP, Wake The Earth, to date. The Honey Trees mask their music in a dream snyth. The duo music relaxes the brain and caresses the soul. Most memorable song: “To Be With You.”

Jinja Safari Jinja Safari was born in Australia by Marcus Azon, Cameron Knight, Joe Citizen, Alister Roach and Jacob Borg. The group has been capturing audiences in their native Australia and throughout the world with tropical, dreamy instrumentals, which drive their peaceful, encompassing music. The band is planning to release their debut album later this year. Jinja Safari’s music invokes a magical journey upon all listeners. Most memorable song: “Sunken House.”

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BELLA ​As time progresses, it seems that more and more musicians are viewed in the music industry as “unoriginal.” Many see the music industry as a struggling business because of its lack of up-and-coming talent. I have recently been on the search for emerging talents around the country, and I stumbled upon two fantastic and equally interesting artists. I caught up with metalrocker Jason Thompson of Gormogon and solo artist Bella Kalei to see what today’s rising stars are truly about.

by: nicolette taber JASON THOMPSON OF GORMOGON:

Max, searched for a recording studio (which we will be recording our first demo this July). There can be

Jason, you are the lead vocalist of your band.

a lot of stress on my shoulders at times from all of

Please give us “a day in the life of a band vocalist”

this, especially managing show schedules and selling

for the day of a show. How do you prepare? Any-

the right amount of tickets. When it comes to prepar-

thing special you eat/listen to? Etc.

ing for a show, I first make sure that I have the merch

JASON THOMPSON: As the lead vocalist of the band

ready, check that all Gormogon members have their

Gormogon, a lot of responsibility lies on my shoul-

equipment, perform last minute ticket sales, and make

ders. Not always, but usually the vocalist is known as

sure that all our fans have a ride to the show. Before

the frontman of any band. I am responsible for book-

a show, I constantly practice various vocal exercises,

ing shows, promoting our social networking pages,

including practicing to different songs, scales, and lots

managing the band fund, managing merch sales,

of sit ups (the diaphragm is very important). Not only

making sure we sold enough tickets for our shows,

this, I also drink tea throughout the day like crazy,

submitting or finding different possible endorsements,

keeping my vocal cords nice and loose. Right before

some graphic designs, and along with my drummer

the show, I eat a lot of honey, to insure that while

32 | inspirer magazine

screaming on stage, I wont damage my vocal chords (honey creates a layer over the vocal chords).


Give us a brief description of your band and the

Your impressive website,, makes

names of the other band members.

it clear that you live for music. Please tell us your

JT: Gormogon is from St. Louis, MO and its genre is

main inspiration for starting to play music.

known as Progressive Death Metal. The members in

BELLA KALEI: Music has always been my passion.

Gormogon are: Jason Thompson (Vocals), Noah Ock-

It’s what I know best. My mom says I could “sing”

ner (Rhythm Guitar), Cole Sandel (Lead Guitar), Max

before I could walk! I started banging on the keys at

Sandza (Drums), and Reed Bjorn (Bass). We are all

the age of two. I begged for a guitar at eight, and I

very dedicated to the band and support each other with

have always been ready and willing to try new instru-

anything that happens in or outside of the band. We

ments. Piano, guitar, and Ukelele are second nature,

are a hard working band that is determines to make

but singing comes first. If I were to lose everything,

itself as unique as possible in the already crowded mu-

and had nowhere to go, just put me on stage and hand

sic scene in St. Louis and all over the nation. It means

me a mic, and I’ll be the happiest girl in the world. Ev-

the world to us to have so many fans that support us at

erything about singing is freedom to me. Sometimes

both our shows and our music in general. Most im-

I’ll be out with my family and I’ll start singing, and

portantly we thank out families for supporting us this

I won’t even notice when I’m doing it! What I love

whole time.

most about being up on stage, is the energy. I just love the thrill.

If you could travel to any part of the world to play a show, where would it be and why?

What do you enjoy most about performing live

JT: If we could play at any show, anywhere in the


world, it would be the Wacken Open Air Festival in

BK: What I love most about being up on stage is the

Germany! This is because many of our biggest influ-

energy. I just love the thrill.

ences will be playing at the massive sized festival, and we would fit in very easily and would get a great

If you could tour with any musical artist, who

feedback from the crowd!

would it be and why? BK: If I could tour with any artist Andy Grammar, or

Where will Gormogon be 1 year from now?

Nelly Furtado, mostly because I love both of them, but

JT: One year from now, Gormogon will still be around

also because we have a similar style.

playing crazy, energized shows for great headliners, most likely release our first full album, have a small tour under our belts, and, with a lot of hope, be signed to a record label.

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Days are getting longer, clothes are getting shorter, and school is finally out. Summer is here, and we all know what that means: Warped Tour. Schedule updates are plaguing your Twitter feed, Vans is overtaking your Instagram with crowd shots, and the countdown on your iPhone is finally dwindling to a single digit number. The best time of the year is underway, and you cannot wait to storm the venue hours before doors open and spend the entirety of the day making new friends, meeting your idols, and losing control in the middle of the sea of sardines at every stage. Whether you’re a Warped veteran or a first timer to the festival, be sure to not get lost in your excitement and check out the survival guide we have compiled to help you make the most out of your day.


Don’t forget your tickets.

rite bands, and no one likes deal-

is smeared all over your body. It’s

It may sound simple, but

ing with the painful aftermath and

an outdoor music festival, and paint

you’d be surprised at how

unattractive peeling process.

is just not a good idea. Save it for

many people make the long haul to the venue only to look in their pockets and grow wide-eyed at the absence of a key slip of paper. You’ve invested $40 or so in the


DayGlow. Wear comfy shoes. For the love of good music, don’t be the person who

wears skyscraper heels or Uggs to


Sort out your priorities. 80 bands on an equal amount of stages seems overwhelm

festival, and you don’t want to

Warped. Flip-flops are also a no-no

ruin it early on by forgetting your

if you’re looking to be active in

of artists sorted by priority, it can

tickets. In order to avoid this, you

the pits, and I’d suggest Vans as a

help alleviate the headache that

can always just buy tickets at the

comfortable, stable, and attractive

comes with the initial glance at the

door. The festival will not sell out,

solution to your footwear crisis.

blowup schedule. Sort the bands

and you get to skip the hassle of

Nothing says “I’m ready to jam”

by “must see,” “would like to see,”

the online ticketing process. Either

like the little red plastic strip on the

and “don’t really care if I miss,”

that, or just remember your damn

back of a pair of Authentics.

and colour code the schedule you



Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. This may sound obvious as


ing at first, but if you make a list

buy at the venue to match. This Leave the body paint at

will help you sort out your day,


and it will keep you from running

Yes, Black Veil Brides fans,

around desperately trying to see

I’m talking about you. I dig that

every band on the schedule.

well, but don’t forget the SPF. Buy

you support the band enough to go

a tube of sunscreen lotion (be-

out of your way to paint your entire

cause most venues won’t allow the

body to match the boys, but once

spray), and don’t forget to apply it

you start sweating, it is not a pretty

every hour or so. There is nothing

sight. The black paint not only at-

worse than turning into a lobster

tracts heat, but it just makes people

dors can break you down and make

while trying to enjoy your favou-

not want to come near you once it

you spend money you weren’t

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Plan merch out. No matter how strong you think you are, being flirted

with by dozens of attractive ven-

planning on blowing. Just like the list you made above, plan out your merch. Write down what bands’ shirts and bracelets you really need,


Stay away from alcohol.

phers scrambling around the venue

Although you think you may

with that precise job! Talk to them

need a buzz to enjoy the

and find out their contact info.

day, it is fairly easy to have a blast


Get ready to be wet.

and try not to be distracted. Sure,

with a sober state of mind. Alco-

you can buy things from tents that

hol is dangerous because of its

weren’t on your list, but organizing

dehydration effects; just because it

yourself really helps you stick to a

is liquid, doesn’t mean it is do-

financially acceptable experience.

ing your body any good. People

accept the fact that you’re going to

have died from alcohol influenced

get wet. Find a hideout in an am-

Sort your money.

dehydration, and you don’t want to

phitheater or under a tent, or bring

Know how much money you

endanger your health for the sake

a poncho if you’re that paranoid.

brought, and don’t shove

of raging hard.

Everyone gets wet, and everyone


it all in one place. There is nothing worse than peering into your wallet and seeing a wad of cash because you will fall under the mindset that you have more money to blow than


Out of the dozen times I’ve been to Warped, it has

downpoured every single time;

looks horrendous after it, so relax Don’t bring your digital

and just enjoy the day. Put your


important technology in a ziplock

Even though you think your

back, and let nature take care of the

pictures are amazing in the heat

you actually do. Sort out merch

of the moment, it is fairly difficult

money, food money, and put a cou-

to produce quality pictures from

ple of singles in a convenient place

hundreds of feet away from a stage

for quick schedule, sunglasses, and

with a simple point and shoot. I

water purchases.

have been guilty of over-document-



Take a tour. Before sprinting to the main stage, take a lap around the

venue and check out the placement

ing concerts, and I have learned

of everything. Figure out where the

NEVER skimp out on

that after I upload the pictures to

closest bathrooms, water vendors,


my computer, I usually don’t look

and first aid centers are, and scope

Spending $30 bucks on

at them again. Plus, trying to keep

out the tent placement. By figuring

water seems ridiculous, but there is

track of your camera and batteries

out where everything is before-

no price on the value of life. Stay

is just a plain, old headache. We

hand, you are saved the headache

hydrated, and if buying 5 bottles

know you all have phones with

of trying to find a specific tent in

of water means that you can’t buy

incredible resolutions, so leave the

case of an emergency. After all, if

your favourite band’s shirt, then so

picture-taking to them. The only

your favourite band announces a

be it. A shirt can always be ordered

pictures you’ll really cherish is

signing via Twitter and you happen

online, purchased at another show,

ones with band members, so try to

to know where its tent is, you’ll be

or forgotten about, and your health

stick to that. Take a couple of envi-

the first in line.

needs to be your priority.

ronment pictures just for memories’


sake, but also realize that there are hundreds of professional photogra-

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Bring snacks.

Tour app and carry your sched-

and it is yet another fad that is

If you’re against vendors and ule with you! Take notes of band

looked down upon by the majority

their ridiculous prices, bring

signings and plan out your colour

of Warped Tour goers. Wear what

small, protein-filled snacks to keep

coded day in order to maximize the

you want, but just we warned that

you running throughout the day.


“Free Hugs” and personalized band

Even though I can guarantee you won’t be thinking about food while scrambling about and jamming out, it’s a good idea to keep some small pickmeups just in case. Eat a nutri-


shirts have been done, done, and Leave the “Free Hugs” and personalized shirts at home.

The first time you see a “Free



Don’t expect to look the same as you did in the morning.

tious breakfast before arriving at

Hugs” shirt, it seems like a brilliant

the venue, and feel free to pig out

idea. However, after the 3,000th

afterwards at your favourite fast

person walks by with the same

outfit, hair, and makeup look stellar

food place. Just make sure you pick

shirt, it tends to grow a little old.

and photo shoot worthy. However,

one relatively far from the venue

Although some people have altered

if you expect to keep that look

in order to avoid crowds of hungry

the idea and taken it to more pro-

up throughout the entirety of the


vocative levels, most Warped goers

day, then good luck to you. Not

agree that the fad is out. Feel

only will you sweat, but you will

free to hug as many people as you

become coated in other peoples’

want, but don’t be one of the many

sweat. It may rain. You may or may

people that broadcast it. Also, black

not be sprayed by vendors with

shirts with band lyrics inscribed in

water guns. Someone may dump

neon fabric paint are also a Warped

a bottle of water on you. Looking

Prior to leaving, I’m sure your

photo shoot worthy is difficult after a day of commotion, but don’t be embarrassed! Everyone is on the same boat.


Don’t expect too much from your favourite band. Warped Tour is a summer

long event that goes all across the


country, and bands tend to hit heat Download the Warped

exhaustion and sleep deprivation

Tour app.

Tour no-no. The trend of person-

within the first week. If you have

If you have an Apple

alizing shirts tends to be popular

a signing scheduled with a band,

among the extremely young fans,

don’t expect them to be as nice

product, download the Warped

38 | inspirer magazine

as they would normally be. This

isn’t about completing a checklist,

some friendly faces of the Inspirer

doesn’t mean that all bands turn

it’s about enjoying the music the

team on the Atlanta and Orlando

into groups of jerks during Warped

festival has in store for you and

dates, July 26th and 27th!

Tour, but just be aware of the

realizing that everyone is there for

incredible exhaustion that comes

that common purpose. There are no

with a summer long tour such as

competitions on who can get 3rd

this one. Try not to be too demand-

row versus 4th row, and if you treat

ing, and just show your favourite

the day like that, you won’t maxi-

band that you care about their

mize your potential to have fun.

wellbeing! Be chill, and they will be too.


Wear sensible body jewelry. Gaping tunnels in your ears



Pack an “after” bag. Pack a bag with a change of clothes, some aloe, and lots

of water for the drive home. You will be glad to change out of the sweaty mess you have on, and the

Give other bands a chance.

lotion will help deal with the sun-

Just because you’ve never

burn you could have avoided had

heard of a band doesn’t

you listened to tip number 2!

mean it doesn’t have the potential to become your next favourite.


Make the day your own.

are a dangerous invitation to any

Stroll around the random stages

troublemaker with a padlock. Peo-

and give smaller bands a chance.

ple in pits can be merciless, so just

You’ll never know what you may

be aware of the type of jewelry you

come across, and they will appreci-

mean you have to follow every-

wear if you’re planning on getting

ate you greatly. Don’t just focus

thing word-by-word. Don’t follow

involved with the flailing bodies in

on the main stage stars because

anyone else’s prepackaged, tourist

the middle of the sea.

sometimes the smaller, local bands

version of Warped Tour. Be in con-

are easier to talk to. Also, don’t ig-

trol of your memories and make the

Don’t be crazy.

nore the “counterfeit” artists at the

day your own. It’s the best time of

Camping out at one stage all

entrance to the venue. They spend

the year to work on your tan, make

day and shoving through to

money they don’t have on traveling

new friends, meet your favourite

the front is not only exhausting, but

alongside Warped Tour to get their

bands, make new favourite bands,

dangerous too. Try to be relaxed

names across, and the least you can

and just have an awesome time

about the day, and don’t try to see

do is take a moment to give them

in general. Don’t freak out if you

every band on the schedule. Take

a listen! You don’t have to buy

can’t get to everything on your list

it easy, save your voice, and learn

anything, but a simple smile and a

because the more relaxed you are,

to enjoy the show from the back

“I love your music” can make an

the better your day will end up.

of the pit. Being in the middle of

incredible difference in the life of a

the sea of bodies versus the back

struggling band member.


makes no difference except for the fact that you’ll be sweatier, more bruised up, and more prone to heat exhaustion. Warped Tour


Just because we have a list of tips that can help make

your day more enjoyable doesn’t

Enjoy, remember water and sunscreen, and rock on.

Check out the Inspirer tent! This tip is self-explanatory, but stop by for a chat with

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the cost of raising

a child by: marie jayme

The United States Department of Agriculture said in a new report that middle-income families who had a child in 2011 can expect to spend $235,000 over a span of 17 years – before their child even goes to college.

spend less. The USDA defined middle-income families as those with $59,000 to $103,000 in annual income before taxes. Lower income families can expect to pay about $169,000 over 17 years and higher income families can expect to spend around $390,000.

The USDA has been estimating the costs of raising a child since 1960. In this year, they estimated the average cost to be $25,000 (about $192,000 factoring inflation) to raise a child. Since 1960, the cost has increased by 23 percent. Since 2010, the cost has increased by 3.5 percent.

The new estimated cost of raising a child does not include the cost of sending a child to college. Bad news since college costs are increasing as well. The report notes that in estimates by the College Board in 2011-2012, the annual average tuition and fees at 4-year private colleges were $28,500 and annual room and board was $10,089.

Depending on the age of the child, the annual cost of raising a child today in a middle class family ranges from $12,290 to $14,320, according to the report. This was before 2011. Since 2011, the largest increases in expenses have been for transportation, child care, education and food. Other expenses include housing, medical care and clothing, however, these have increased by a lesser extent. According to Bloomberg, expenses for children are higher for those raised in the urban Northeast, followed by the West and Midwest. Expenses are lowest in the urban South and rural areas. USDA researchers said households that make less,

40 | inspirer magazine

“It’s not just the cost, it’s the pressure,” said Ellen Galinsky, president of the Families and Work Institute based in New York. In a telephone interview with Bloomberg, Galinsky said there is a competitive nature in educational environment and the requirements for a child’s success prompts more spending. “People want to equip their children with what they need,” Galinsky said. According to Forbes, the cost of raising a child is almost equivalent to buying a 2012 Ferrari. Which one will you put your money towards?

ladies first If you have a King, then you need a Queen, so from fairytales and feudalism the idea of a First Lady is born. The role of the First Lady is very dynamic and is molded by the person who holds it, and when they are succeeded, they pass on its legacy to be changed by the next person to hold the title. Not only does the role differ from one First Lady to another, expectations for the role also change from one country to another. In May of this year, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a dinner for the First Ladies of the G8 summit nations. Here is a closer look at the role of the women whose husbands run the eight most powerful nations in the world.

by: luba safi inspirer magazine | 41


First Lady of France, Valerie Trierweiler has recently taken the spotlight from her newly elected partner Francois Hollande, when she announced her support for the candidate running against Ségolène Royale, Hollande’s former partner and mother of his children. Trierweiler, who is not married to Hollande, is much like her previous predecessors. France has a history of strong and independent First Ladies. Former First lady, Carla Bruni Sarkozy carried on her career even after her husband was elected president. Jacques Chirac and Francois Mitterrand’s wives were local politician and well-known activist respectfully. The role of the First Lady is still evolving in France. Trierweiler who is continuing her career as a journalist feels that the concept of the First Lady is “outmoded”. “It all has to be defined. It’s a role above all of volunteering for France,” she says. It certainly has evolved from the days of monarchy, and queens like Marie Antoinette whose roles were far removed from the politics of their husbands.


japan Least flashy, are the First Ladies of Japan. Currently Hitmoi Noda, epitomizes, much like her predecessors, the idea of what it means to be a Japanese woman. She is described as “attentive and diligent” as well as a selfdescribed hard-worker. Noda’s role as First Lady is more hands-on. She has been known to fold fliers and take telephone calls for her husband, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, at his local office. She has won the hearts of the Japanese people by being “considerate and humble”, both terms used to describe the ideal Japanese woman.

42 | inspirer magazine

Russia After the fall of the Soviet Union, modern-era Russia has only had three First Ladies. Serving eight years previously from 2000-2008, current First Lady Lyudmila Putina has returned to her role after her husband, Vladimir Putin took back the presidency earlier this May. Putina is rarely seen in public; however, she has been spotted by her husband’s side twice in the past year. The role of Russian First Ladies differs from other Western countries in that they are seen as strictly housewives who look after children and do not meddle in politics. There is even a strict taboo against the First Lady holding any outside employment while her husband is in office.

GERmany Daniela Schadt, the partner of the current German President Joachim Gauck, is the First Lady of Germany. However, she is not currently the most powerful woman there. Because the role of President is largely ceremonial, the most powerful woman in Germany is the Chancellor (a position equivalent to the Prime Minister), a woman by the name of Angela Merkel. A pragmatic politician, Merkel is currently in the process of steering Germany through tough economic times. “Some people said Angela Merkel was boring and provincial, but they underestimated her,” says the head of the Liberal Institute, Detmar Doering. He goes on to say that Merkel has won the people not through charisma but because the German people “want a serious leader whom they can trust,” he continues. “Merkel knows what she’s doing,”

inspirer magazine | 43


ITALY Out of our list of First Ladies, no one is better at staying out of the public eye than the First Lady of Italy, Elsa Antonioli Monti. She is much like her predecessor, Clio Napolitano, who also kept a low profile, but always appeared alongside her husband. However, there have been Italian First Ladies who were unafraid of the media. Franca Ciampi, who was the First Lady for seven years until 2006, was “stubborn and fierce” as well as being “straightforward and extremely communicative”. She was unfazed by the media and according to Vogue Italy “was never afraid of speaking her mind”.

UNited KingDOM Admired in the United Kingdom for being proper, modern, and stylish, Samantha Cameron has maintained the image of a careeroriented woman. Even though she stepped down from her full time position after her husband, Prime Minister David Cameron took office, she agreed to be the creative director of Smythson of Bond street. She is known for more than just her chic outfits. Cameron recently won an award from British Glamour Magazine for Best Accessory Designer for her work at Smythson. She has also taken up the cause of promoting her nations’ designers. Cameron once said “There is such a thing as a society, it’s just not the same thing as the state,” a phrase which has been quoted by her husband in his victory speech.

44 | inspirer magazine

Canada Laureen Harper has had an active public life since her husband, Stephen Harper, assumed office. She has supported causes such as the Ottawa Humane Society as well as being the Honorary Gala chair of the National Arts Centre in Canada. Her appearance in the public eye goes largely unnoticed, as many Canadians do not view their First Ladies as celebrities, in the way Michelle Obama is viewed in the United States. Harper, who has been spotted before at Wal-Mart buying cat food in bulk, went undetected as many of the staff did not know they were helping the First Lady of their country. The role of the First Lady in the United States started off as mostly domestic. First ladies like Mary Lincoln saw their job as primarily supporting their husbands. “My character is wholly domestic,” she said “and the public have nothing to do with it,” This changed as First Ladies began a more active role aside from being by their husbands’ side. However First Ladies like Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan still saw their role as being first to look out for their husbands’ personal welfare. Their power is undeniable in their ability to influence the leader of the Free World. Eleanor Roosevelt used her direct power as First Lady to campaign publically for human rights. Edith Wilson took office for a bit after her husband, Woodrow Wilson, had a stroke. Americans have great expectations of their First Ladies, many of whom in the past have taken up a cause to advocate. Nancy Regan campaigned against drugs, while Betty Ford was a vocal supporter of the Equal Rights amendment. Laura Bush and Barbara Bush both advocated for literacy. Current First Lady, Michelle Obama has already done a lot to change the perception of the First Lady in America. “She has dropped some of the traditional baggage that First Ladies have hauled around for eons,” an article in Time Magazine declared of Mrs. Obama. What Michelle Obama has shown the world about the role of the First Lady is that you can work hard to be a mother, activist, and wife, while still having a blast, and according to Time “in a way that Laura Bush and many before her never did.”


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GOVERNMENT SECRECY FOR PUBLIC INTEREST? by: brandon krampert 2013 is getting closer and that means the FISA act is due to be reconsidered for reauthorization. The expiration date is in December. The quite controversial legislation Foreign Intelligence

Earlier in June, the Senate Intelligence committee

Surveillance Act that was passed in the 1970’s was

released its report on the reauthorization of the act. It

originally passed to regulate U.S. intelligence surveil-

pressed for a five year extension and without changes

lance in the country that required intelligence agency’s

or provisions to ensure privacy protections or govern-

and the U.S. government to seek individualized

ment transparency. It has not made it to the floor yet.

warrants in a court. But there has been some real resistance in recent That quickly changed during the Bush Administration.

months against the violating peoples privacy. The

In the 2000’s after 9/11, the administration authorized

prominent lawyer’s guild, American Civil Liberties

the National Security Agency to start up a warrant-

Union has certainly been at the forefront.

less wiretapping program and soon after, changes were made in the FISA Act and were ratified by congress in

After the amendment changes were made in 2008, the


ACLU filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutional grounds that the changes have in the case, Amnesty

It changed from regulating intelligence agencies to

et al. v. Clapper. The ACLU is representing a coalition

serve the public interest/citizens to lack of oversight al-

of human rights, labor, legal, and media organizations

most entirely. It changed from individualized warrants

whose work requires them to contact peoples outside

to categorical warrants, which gave the intelligence

of the United States that might very well subject them

community much power.

to intelligence surveillance.

Furthermore, the status quo continues during the

In May of this year, the Supreme Court finally agreed

Obama administration.

to consider if the plaintiffs have standing in the case.

46 | inspirer magazine

Also, at the end of May, the House Judiciary

ably possible to identify the number of people located

Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland

in the United States whose communications may have

Security held a hearing on the reauthorization of the

been reviewed’ under the FISA Amendments Act. I am

FISA act that aired on C-SPAN and can be found on

prepared to accept that it might be difficult to come up

their website.

with an exact count of this number, but it is hard for me to believe that it is impossible to even estimate it.”

It very well demonstrates different sides and the very complex implications of this issue.

Why is this legislation so controversial?

In most recent news, Senators Wyden and Udall of

The intelligence community operates unchecked of

Oregon and Colorado is holding the reauthorization

who they’re spying on in the United States and has

back in the Senate.

very high potential for the invasion of privacy of citizens of the United States. Although, in today’s age

Senator Wyden said in his statement:

people do have superior technology as in, say, 30 years

“M. President, the Select Committee on Intelligence

ago but the idea of warrantless wiretapping is not new

has just reported a bill that would extend the FISA

in the intelligence community whatsoever.

Amendments Act of 2008 for five more years. I voted against this extension in the Intelligence Committee’s

For example, COINTELPRO, a counter intelligence

markup because I believe that Congress does not have

program ran by the FBI that targeted “domestic dis-

enough information about this law’s impact on the

sidents” between 1956-1971. These domestic dissidents

privacy of law-abiding American citizens, and because

included people affiliated with and not limited to: com-

I am concerned about a loophole in the law that could

munist/socialist organizations, the black panthers, the

allow the government to effectively conduct warrant-

anti-war movement during Vietnam, the civil rights

less searches for Americans’ communications. Con-

movement, etc. It even spied on people like Martin

sistent with my own long-standing policy and Senate

Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Albert Einstein.

rules, I am announcing with this statement for the Congressional Record that it is my intention to object

The program aimed to make dissidents irrelevant by

to any request to pass this bill by unanimous consent.”

surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting.

He also said,

That’s what the FISA act was passed for, to protect

”Unfortunately, while Senator Udall of Colorado and

citizens from living in another period like that, to

I have sought repeatedly to gain an understanding of

help ensure privacy protections by more transparency

how Americans have had their phone calls or e-mails

and so we don’t have to worry about the things we say

collected and reviewed under this statute, we have

in private. To be sensitive to national security but to

not been able to obtain even a rough estimate of this

simultaneously not let intelligence abuse their



“The Office of the Director of National Intelligence told the two of us in July 2011 that ‘it is not reason-

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pple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a week-long event held in San Francisco, California composed of engineering sessions, labs, and the Apple Design Awards. Developers from around the world can partake in workshops in six technical tracks: Essentials, App Services, Developer Tools, Graphics, Media, Games, Safari and Web, and Core OS. Awards are given to two to three developers in each of four categories. The most exciting part of WWDC for developers and consumers alike, however, is the unveiling of what Apple has up its sleeve for the year. This year, the most impressive news was of iOS 6, the latest version of Apple's operating system. So, what is new, you ask? Siri • can now launch apps • can now Tweet • can pull in sports scores, game summaries, and player stats • integrates with Yelp and OpenTable for restaurant reviews and reservations • integrates with Rotten Tomatoes for movie times and reviews • is available in new languages • integrates for hands-free use in the car • is coming to the new iPad Facebook Integration • Instant access to Facebook in apps, the browser, and Siri • Integrates Facebook contacts • Events and birthdays sync with the calendar Phone Enhancements • Message reminders • “Do Not Disturb” mode • FaceTime over cellular connections • Ability to accept phone calls on iPad or Mac Safari • Offline reading lists • App Banners Photos • Ability to share groups of photos over iCloud

48 | inspirer magazine

• Ability to comment on photos in the cloud Mail • VIP feature that highlights emails from your favorite people • Ability to open password-locked documents in mail • Pull-to-refresh for messages Apple Maps • Integrates with Yelp • Traffic service that offers anonymous, crowdsourced, and real-time incident reports • Turn-by-turn navigation voiced by Siri

The 2012 Apple Design Award Winners

The most exciting part of iOS 6, however, is the new app Passbook. Passbook gathers loyalty cards, boarding passes, event tickets, and coupons. It is location-enabled so it knows what is relevant based on where you are. Passbook will revolutionize and simplify the consumer process. It is thought that the app will come to be used as a digital wallet, in which users can store their credit card information to purchase physical goods. As our society becomes more reliant on technology, we also become more impatient and require instant gratification. Moreover, Apple’s iOS 6 fully embodies every facet and desire that a consumer could possess. So, when can you get your hands on iOS 6? If you are a developer, you currently have access to the first beta. If you are a consumer, you must wait until the fall.

inspirer magazine | 49

NAKATE PROJECT It’s not often that someone so young can move a person so much that they devote their life to helping them. But when Shanley Knox met Cossy Nakate in 2010, that’s just what happened. HIV positive, orphaned, and living in a small Ugandan village called Kakooge, life was against Cossy. Her mother and father had both died of AIDS and her grandmother and aunt both abused her. She wasn’t going to let that stop her though. With more pep than your average kid, Cossy lived as happily as she could. After meeting this inspirational child, Shanley dove into research and found

something truly saddening - that Cossy was not the only one living like this. Many women in Cossy’s village had been living tragic lives, but you would never think it when you saw them laughing and full of life. After this trip, Shanely took a bag of necklaces home from the women in Cossy’s village, and she decided at that moment to start the Nakate Project. “When you buy a piece of jewelry from Nakate, you’re taking a small piece of Africa with you. With it, you’re celebrating the power, the life and the laughter of the kind of women we know Cossy will grow up to be.” inspirer magazine | 51


What events led you to meeting Cossy? Did her joyful personality stand out in a crowd? I met Cossy while I was working for a nonprofit that opened the school she attends. I noticed her, first, because she was blind in one eye and had a cleft palette, but was still strikingly beautiful and carried herself with a lightness and happiness. She held back a little bit from the other kids, but it didn’t seem to be because she was ashamed - she was just taking it all in. She had kind of an old soul about her. I wanted her to talk to me. I was curious about her. I met her at her aunt’s salon a week later and found out about her story - that her parents had passed away from AIDS but that her father, unlike most men in his culture, had adored her and been committed to taking care of her despite her disfigurement. I guess my first involvement with her was kind of a nod in his direction - I felt like someone who loved his kid like that wouldn’t have wanted her to be treated as a lesser child by her aunt (as she was), and that he would have fought for her, but he wasn’t around. I know she didn’t need me to fight for her, in particular - my Ugandan partner Agnes was already doing that. But I wanted to be involved in the process. Her story was really one out of many, many stories I took in, but it was representative of the plight of a lot of little girls in the village culture. It struck me that she needed different options so she didn’t end up as a prostitute like her aunt. I wanted to help Agnes give that to her. I wanted her to see the female role models in her village as strong, enterprising women who could take care of themselves. I think that’s what her father would have wanted for her as well. After meeting Cossy, how did you decide to start Nakate and figure out how it would 52 | inspirer magazine

benefit her and the women in her village? Agnes and I, together, discussed the need for empowerment and business opportunity for women in rural villages. She wanted to open their eyes to realities like family planning, business development, bank accounts and the truth that they didn’t have to work as prostitutes or dancers in order to provide for their families. She wanted the female students at her school to see different options for themselves. She wanted to start with different options for their mothers. I felt like I could come in and help provide that kind of opportunity through the skills I had. It’s been a bumpy ride, and we’re still not able to make half the difference I wish we could, but last time I visited Kakooge a woman told me she was waiting for me to hire her so she could stop being a prostitute, and at that point Agnes and I exchanged this kind of wordless high five. We were finally getting on to something. That’s really all we hoped for - let’s re-define these women’s views of themselves through partnering with them as equals. Let’s build something alongside them. Let’s help them find some vision. Do you still manage to keep in touch with Cossy? I see her when I return to the village, but I try to keep out of her life on purpose. I know that emotionally I would do something for me but I think it would be bad for her. I pay her school fees, and I sponsor her and her brothers for food each month, but she doesn’t know that. All she knows is that I show up a couple times a year and that I like her, a lot. She tells all the other kids that I’m there to see her, which makes me laugh. But I love that she’s gone from being timid and holding back to being this outgoing, loud little girl. That’s all I really wanted, to be another person in her life let-





ting her know I was rooting for her, I was showing up for her - and that I liked her. I think that’s so important for little girls everywhere: to know that people like them, and they can like themselves. But, honestly, Agnes is the one that’s changing Cossy’s life for good. She’s in the picture all the time, checking on her, making sure she makes it to school, chiding her aunt if she mistreats her. I’m just on the back-end. I think that’s the healthiest place for me to be. I want her to see me as a business woman investing in her village because it’s worth it, rather than some kind of white savior. One provides dignity, one confuses her view of the way the world works. What does Cossy and the women in Kakooge thing of Nakate? Cossy sees me as someone working with the

women in her village, she’s not really aware of any way that the project affects her. The women in her village, I think, are waiting on us to grow quicker so they can work more with us, make more money and improve their quality of life. They talk very positively about the business and how its improved their relationships with other women, their ability to be home with their kids, and has changed their view of themselves from powerless to empowered. They talk about being able to put roofs on their homes, hire men to work in their fields instead of doing it themselves, and other, similar feats. They’re just like women here - they want options. They want to be able to say, “I want this, not that.” And, together with them, I want all of us to be able to experience that kind of power as women through this brand we’re building together. How do you decide what you sell through the project? Right now, our goal is to find the best items that are indigenous to the area. As time goes on, we’ll be working more with product development. What are your items made out of? It depends on the season - right now we have recycled paper, leather, salvaged cow horn and swamp grass items. What is one misconception about you, Nakate, and/or those people living in Africa that you think people around the world have? I think people have this misconception that if you’re working in Africa you feel great about what you do all the time, and you’re some kind of white benefactor giving out goodwill and funding to everyone around you. In reality, these women

54 | inspirer magazine

are my business partners. They take financial hits when I take financial hits. They have to go find extra work elsewhere when our sales are down the same way I do. We seek to involve them in the process and educate them about what it’s like to build a business - it’s hard, it’s discouraging. At the same time, it gives you something to work towards and look forward to. And, when you have the triumphs, you know you really put the work in to get there. But changing the perception that everything would be easy and they would immediately make large amounts of money has been difficult for me emotionally, as well as for them. And, I don’t think most people on the outside are aware of the harmful perception that those coming in to Africa have a ton of money and aid to provide. It’s been hard work for all of us building Nakate. We’ve all taken hits. We’ve all faced discouragements. I think sometimes we’ve all wanted to quit. But, what matters most is that we’re women that are sticking together across cultural divides and over the long haul. We’re determined, and we’re making it work. That’s how you build an empire, right? How do you go about designing / creating the pieces? Right now, we work off designs of talented artisans in a nearby city that are willing to sell to us, and help train the women we work with in the village as well. Plans are in the works to take designers with us to Uganda, however, and that will be the next phase of Nakate - development in design. I will be facilitating that process, but other people will be running it - that’s not my skill set. Your favorite thing about the fashion industry? I love the business side of the industry - watching

how the marketing works, the relationships form and the pieces go from being an idea in someone’s head to being the next thing every woman has to have. There’s so many people involved in that process, from the stylists to the brand managers to the graphic designers and editors. It’s really a fascinating world to be learning on the back end. Favorite piece of clothing fit for every season? I’m a dress girl. If I can wear it by itself in the summer, put it with some Frye boots in the fall and throw some tights and a sweater in the mix for winter, it’s got me hooked. What can we look out for later this year from Nakate? This year was all about changing our branding to fit our move to New York from Los Angeles. We’ll be putting out more and more pieces with a sophisticated, classic feel to them. inspirer magazine | 55



One year ago the creative duo BALDiBLOOM, Gabriele and Laura, launched 1.Dark Level—a brand that doesn’t only mean fashion, but it’s a deep philosophical research. Every piece of clothing has its own soul that it can be completed only when the creation is worn by a woman.

56 | inspirer magazine

inspirer magazine | 57



How did you meet each other?


We met each other thanks to our mutual friends. I immediately felt a magic that brought together us first of all in life and then in work with the first appearance of BALDiBLOOM, our pseudonym as fashion designers.


What type of school/class did you attend?


Gabriele at the beginning started a vocational training as theatrical actor, getting a degree at the Drama Academy in Rome and then he attended a fashion design class at Polimoda in Florence. Laura studied as designer/pattern maker (since she was a child wanted to do this!) at fashion institute of Ferrara and she as her partner comes close to photography, theatre and contemporary dance.


When and why did you decide to create your brand?


The idea to create a brand was born when we knew HEICH, a company that produces brands with license. We already had a desire to join our creative souls to produce a “miscellaneous of ideas” but the economic support from our partners turned our dream into a concrete reality.

58 | inspirer magazine


What does it mean, “1darklevel?”


“1DarkLevel” is a concept before being a brand. Through the name we want to focus the attention on the metaphysical aspect of matter/object by continuous research of modern contents that must be always the center of our creations. The research can happen by exploring the “dark level” or rather the “unconscious” inside us and inside things that surround us. “1” underlines the first of many levels of research that we would like to undertake and the first one is fashion.


Choose five adjectives for describing 1DarkLevel.


Instinctive, passionate, refined, lyrical, and feminine.


Among the features of your brand there’s the concept of "unfinished.” It’s very original. Can you tell me more?


We instill in every creation a piece of our soul. The article born with us and we give to it the first breath, the first breath of life. But it can only be realized embodying in soul of the woman who will buy that item, then through her

own inner journey. That is like the Stanislavsky method, a man or a woman "represent" in real life (like on stage), a role that unfolds in the personification of everyday life (hence the use of a dress!) and the truth of their feelings.


We love made in Italy, but if there isn’t a real wish to get back and valorize, it always will be lost. In each part of the word, everybody recognizes the high quality of made in Italy (in particular in Japan and China), but this is not enough.

for understanding the importance of these professional craftsmen.


What is the mood of the ss2012 collection "AURORA?”


“Primal futurism” is the Aurora ColAs many designlection mood. This The real deal is the popuers do, you give collection joins the past, lation aging of tailors importance to the mythological, and the “made in Italy” even if and pattern makers. They have a typical background primitive with a modern there are the big low approach. Deep primary from 50’s and 60’s, and cost chains that don’t colors with floral prints, now there isn’t a new consider the quality generation able to do this tie-dye, and ethnics. enough. Do you think this message of crafts- kind of work. All we need A year has manship is still popular is political strategies but passed since you first of all a sensibility among buyers?



launched the brand, and you have already reached goals and important retails. What will be the next step or desire?


We want to feel that the force of inspiration is always with us, and to spur us to do even better with the courage to always be yourself. This is our biggest wish!

The primary objective of the brand is to discover the taste and quality craftsmanship as an essential value and excellence of Made in Italy.

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little black dress by: giulia brandimarti

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Alessia Caliendo is a young Italian designer. Her brand LittleBlackDress is known everywere for the famous hand-printed tee shirt representing the it-bags and cult accessories. From her starting project Alessia has created a freshness and simpleness brand that increases every day. When and how was LittleBlackDress born? It was 2007, after Fashion Academy, I decided to make creations with my own brand: LittleBlackDress. The hand-made tee shirt with the it-bags and accessories are a top of the range of your brand. How were they born? The collection was born in 2008, when I met Greta. She’s a fantastic illustrator. We launched together the LBD Greta tees: we offer handmade creations depicting must haves for women, sponsorship as “art to wear”. The message invites people to purchase items creating desire and emphasis through combinations cleverly designed.

this to the world. In fact, our sizes go from 38 to 54 (ITA sizes). Any future projects or desires concerning your brand? Too many! I want to fair around the world, also with my project “Moda da bere”, and to find other retailers outside of Italy. Besides LBD you’re also a freelance stylist and indeed for this month you’ve done an editorial for Inspirer Magazine. How did you also become a stylist? Yes, and I’m so excited to work for your magazine. Doing lookbooks for my brand and editing them with the photographers (like Errico Fabio Russo), I discovered the passion for editorials concept and styling.

How is a LBD creation born? It’s a flash of genius! I take inspiration from everywhere: travels, art and music and at last: the aftertastes. The fashion world is full of printed tee shirt with various slogan. It seems that yours are always very desired. Why in your opinion? They’re extremely refined. In every tee you can find our researches and the love in realizing and proposing them. Your brand conveys simpleness and freshness but also a democratic meaning in enjoying fashion, concerning this you’ve created the “Florida” collection for curvy girls. Do you want to send a message? Sure, the Florida line is against what society calls the “normal” size. Being a bit overweight is not disease. It can be, but not all curvy women are ill. And we scream

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by: elisa voltz

In Love With Fashion is a nice English brand, also called LOVE and previously seen in the famous Topshop. Selling a large range of dresses, jumpsuits and also knits, LOVE is very appreciated by bloggers and celebrities. You can see their creations on stars like Fearne Cotton, Abby Clancy, Cher Lloyd, Alexandra Burke, and many others. Bloggers are also ambassadors for the brand, and LOVE is really proud to work close with them. You can see photoshoots and articles about LOVE from all over the world and also in magazines! The website was launched in 2009 and is since more and more famous due to the high quality and nice designs you can find online for a very abbordable price. “Everything is designed with LOVE, with new arrivals every week we aim to keep our customers happy and excited! LOVE also doesn’t mass produce so be sure to snap that dress up!” We had the luck to shoot some of the pieces of their current collection, which will give you an idea about how flawless a dress looks! Want to purchase yours? In Love With Fashion deliver worldwide, shop here :

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VANDALS by Penelope Santos Vandals is a Dominican menswear brand by Carlino Gonzalez. My favorite thing about the brand is their coconut buttons or jicara de coco buttons, being this their trademark. The project is young but already has a very defined line of thought concentrated in exclusivity, simplicity, and elegance. Vandals is a fresh proposal for Dominican day-to-day clothing. I met up with Carlino to talk about the brand and here are some bits of the interview.

74 | inspirer magazine


How was the idea of the brand born? Me and my buddy where talking about how hard it is to get nice men clothing in Dominican Republic that isn’t tacky or/and overpriced and also exclusive. Because in the Dominican Republic we have what I like to call the uniform sindrome. It means that, depending on the trend, guys wear the same things and trends tend stay stuck in the Dominican Republic, it doesn’t change as fast in Europe or the states. My dad´s friend owns a pants factory, so we went behind his back, and paid the production manager some extra dough to have him stick our collection to a production schedule.

Why button up shirts?

It’s basically just the most classic men’s wear piece in wardrobe, and we are focused on making basic men’s wear, simple things we could use on our day to day.

Where do you find the inspiration to design? In simplicity and nonconformity.

Do you plan to integrate any other product to the brand? We are still a young project but there are plans for men’s jackets, bow ties, pants, and shorts with the same style as the shirts.

What’s the style of the brand? The style is classic, with subtle details that make it different.

75 | inspirer magazine

How many collections have you launched already? Three collection, since December 2011.

What’s the next step for Vandals?

To incorporate new products to the line production. The latest collection was launched this June. The color palette goes from white, blue, coralish red to one of the trendiest color of the season: mint. The fabric used is seersucker, a ´´discotec proof´´ material (very cultural Dominican expression used by Vandals´s designer Carlino) So, a very practical fabric to me! The cost per button up goes from 50 to 65 dollars


hair care SHOW The 2012 Premiere Hair Care Show was held in Orlando, Florida, and was in a complete uproar for about 3 days. Hair designers and salon stylists were walking around the entire convention which featured more than 500 different booths, varying from hair care products, to nail polishes, to mirrors and combs. This was a salon owner’s perfect paradise. Hair companies such as L’anza, Chi, Revlon, Maybelline, and Ion, along with many others, showered and adorned the customers with free products, advertising, and information about their newest line of products, hair dyes, and creams. Every girl’s hair was styled wildly with an abundance of colors and shines. Having worked as a model for the L’anza section of the show, I was able to get an inside story on the show itself. More than 200 girls auditioned for the L’anza section at the Rosen Plaza hotel. After thorough auditions which involved picking and choosing certain girls depending on their hair texture, only slightly over 50 girls were chosen to be in the show. From those girls, 4 girls were selected to be presentation models. These girls were exceptionally tall and were to remain on the stage

by: lauren laveria throughout the entire course of the show, which lasted from 9am-6pm. From this experience, I was able to uncover a few mistaken stereotypes about models and the modeling world. A common rumor spread is that all models are skinny and do not eat at all, but these girls had a hearty appetite and ate all meals that were served in the dressing rooms. The girls were not egotistical at all as well. One girl I had met in the show had done many modeling jobs and got paid a lot to do the line of work that she does, but she did not brag or mention any of this information to anyone unless they asked her about her past work experience and career as a model. All the girls were as nice as can be and were friendly to every single person. All of us models were able to get to know each other better, learn more about the modeling world, and even find out about certain modeling agencies and groups that would help each and every one of us. Working with these girls was an absolutely amazing experience, and a complete eye opener to certain aspects of life, such as poise, respect, and dignity.

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ONCE YOUTH by: kory woodard It isn’t often that young people break into the fashion industry with their own brand. However, the brother and sister pair of Once Youth have proved a lot of people wrong by already having a great following of their brand at such a young age. Based in Los Angeles, California Asia and Evan have been building their name since January of 2011. They say that Once Youth is a fashion forward brand that appeals to the younger generation with new silhouettes and designs. The pieces they create fit right into what today’s youth is looking for in fashion - a little bit of rebellion but still cute, fun pieces.

FASHION What inspired you guys to start this brand? Evan: We grew up in the fashion industry with a couture designer father, Kevan Hall. Our mom, Deborah Hall, and dad worked as a team for over 25 years to make it in the fashion industry. Their influence over us was undoubtedly what inspired us to start our brand. Growing up watching them create by doing what they loved seemed like the perfect lifestyle. Knowing that they were a team and worked together on everything inspired Asia and I to partner up. We felt like it was now or never. Have you always wanted to be in the fashion industry? Asia: Both Evan and I have always had a huge interest in fashion and all of our ideas/creativity manifested within this past year. Growing up people would always ask me if I was going to be a designer like my father and I would always reply “No, it’s too hard.” Now that I have Evan to complete my team I feel like launching a clothing line was always something we were born to do. How did you guys come up with the name of the

brand? Asia: We had juggled a few names around for weeks and eventually ended up at Once Youth. The whole reason why we started our company was because we wanted to seize our youth and make our mark in this world. We wanted to inspire other kids to go after their dreams sooner rather than later. Carpe diem, seize the day! It was like the perfect name for our company because of its meaning and relativity to our lives. Where do you get inspiration for the clothes? Evan: Asia and I get our inspiration from everywhere! We can be inspired anywhere from the streets of Los Angeles to runway shows in Paris and Milan. We are also often inspired by modern art and religion. Each day brings new inspiration. What is the process of creating a piece like for you? Evan: This is our typical process: Asia and I will find inspiration for a new design. Asia proceeds to sketch it as we bounce ideas back and forth in order to achieve the best garment possible. We will finalize the design and put it into production. We get a pattern, buy fabric, and send everything to our factory in downtown Los

Angeles. If everything goes smoothly, which often times it doesn’t, we have a new piece to add to the latest Once Youth collection. This can be a very long and tiring process, but it’s worth creating a completely new article of clothing! Who are your biggest inspirations right now? Evan: Our biggest inspirations at the moment are artists Claire Boucher (Grimes), singer-songwriter Jonna Lee (Iamamiwhoami), and model Felice Fawn. Claire because her sense of style is perfect. Jonna Lee because her aesthetic is beyond brilliant. Each of her music videos has stunning visuals along with deep metaphors and symbolism. Felice Fawn simply because she is possibly the most stunning creature on Earth. If there was one thing you could change about fashion what would it be? Asia: Fashion changes so rapidly! You could spend $300 on a pair of shoes and have them go out of style in a week! What is your favorite thing about having the brand? Evan: My personal favorite thing about having a brand

is the incredible journey of it all. Asia and I have grown through the company and all of the adventures it brings. We are able to meet so many amazing people and travel to obscure places. I adore all of the photo shoots that we venture on and the wild stories that go with them. Nothing beats the sweet feeling of success whether it’s making a sale, seeing our shirt on a stranger, or expanding our brand. These are the things that making all of our hard work worth it. Do you wear your own designs? Asia: Yes! We design our clothes with the intentions of wearing them everywhere. Evan and I create what we envision ourselves wearing. If we don’t want to wear them how can we expect others to? Who sticks out to you most with their style? Asia: Definitely Grimes. Her hair, makeup, and wardrobe are groundbreaking. She defies the norm and executes each of her looks perfectly. Favorite piece for summer? Evan: Our new muscle tanks! They are made of a super soft fabric and cut loosely to allow a nice breeze. They’re perfect for summer!

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Daily Outfit for The Week by Yukako Chiba

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his brand of clothing that came straight from Hamburg proprose a wide selection of T-shirt, leggings, or bags for men and women. Ground between contemporary or printed galaxy, the brand—very popular with bloggers and fashionistas—is defined as a young and trendy brand.

84 | inspirer magazine

We interviewed Beatrice, 27, the creator of PrettySucks. What are your favorite pieces in your collection? Oh very hard to choose, but I think it’s the “Live fast die Pretty” shirt. But I also like the new “Weird Cat” shirt, because the cat is like me, and of course the “Always Tired” shirt. Your inspirations? It’s very different. Sometimes I’m inspired by songs, another time it’s photography I find on fashion blogs. Also trends out of the grafic scene are a big inspiration to me. Sometimes I just want to bring my feelings on a shirt— I draw angry monsters or bears which want to go to the ocean. Favorite materials? I like to design simple blank white cotton shirts. It’s the best to combine my designs with. There is so much space for creativity on it. What drove you to choose fashion design and specifically starting your own design? I often went shopping in Hamburg, looking for cool shirts which fit my style. All I wanted was modern graphic shirts, but I just found shirts with these boring mainstream designs. I thought that there must be a lot of people who feel the same. At this time I worked as a web designer and had some expirience with graphic design, so I decided to bring my own designs on shirts. Describe the style of prettysucks. I think prettysucks is specially for young modern people that are closely connected to the Internet, for example all the fashion bloggers and tumblr lovers out there. What are you most excited to wear this season? All kind of allover printed leggings, for example the new prettysucks galaxy or fox leggings. You’d never be caught dead wearing...? A fur coat made of animals! One thing you couldn’t live without? I could not live without my boyfriend. He supports me with everything I do and also is big part of prettysucks. Favorite part about being a fashion designer? I like it when people fall in love with prettysucks, and when I see boys and girls walking down the street in our clothes. That’s a very cool feeling. Discover their collections on their site

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the art house co op by: Marissa Sjolander

The Art House Co-op is a project data based website created for artists to connect-creating a community of art. It’s an independent Brooklyn based company that flagships the Sketchbook Project as their prize position. The Sketchbook Project features more than 20,000 artists’ books from different countries. It’s a library not just filled with sketchbooks, but with individual, creative people. The library is displayed online and in a storefront space in Williamsburg. The Art House began in Atlanta, GA 2006 and moved over to NYC in 2009. Since then, this small population of artists grew into a plethora of worldwide artists. This site creates a two forced - hands on and virtual inspirational community. All of the Art House Projects are open to anyone and encouraged worldwide. I in fact, am one of the many artists that contributed to one of the Art House Projects. I concocted the “4x6 Exchange”. It’s a project that you first sign up for and then mail Art House Coop a 4x6 piece of artwork USPS self addressed-stamped envelope. Then the Art House will exchange your artwork with another artist’s artwork and surprise the both of you! I exchanged my artwork with Sharon Mann, an artist from Las Vegas who works with microns, pencil, found objects, fabric, and her computer.


The Art House is a brilliant idea started by

88 | inspirer magazine

Shane and Stephen. I love being a part of a worldwide community of artists. I’m in awe of the talent and creative spirit seen on the Art House Coop website. I love to peruse the other artist’s sketchbook art, and I’m amazed how so many artists can have the same sketchbook topic but approach the creativity in so many different ways. Specifically, the Sketchbook Project, has added an on going excitement to my life. My normal routine is to make a new sketch each morning while I eat breakfast. The simple act gets my artistic blood flowing and opens my creativity for the day. After I have finished my sketchbook I use my ideas for later projects. And, the final added benefit is being able to share my work with the world on the Art House Coop website.” I had received one of her “Adventures of Art girl” photos. I absolutely loved it. It felt so cool to connect with someone through materials and a piece of paper! I felt inspired to create more artwork and share it with anyone and everyone. I shall definitely continue to contribute to the many projects Art House offers. To anyone that is interested in doing one of these projects I would highly recommend it! You simply create an account on http://www.arthousecoop. com/ and start one of the many projects! It costs a tiny fee for shipping and handling but it’s completely worth it. Everyone should feel the need to not only meet artists but meet through artwork. A connection, a feeling, a project that every artist is meant to do.



The NHL Draft is an exciting event for hockey fans to see the future of their favorite teams. Hockey fans all over try to predict the outcomes of the draft every year, and can also participate in a mock draft. This year, the 50th NHL Draft was held in Pittsburgh, PA at the Consol Energy Center. Round 1 on Friday, June 22 was broadcast live on NBC Sports Network with coverage beginning at 6pm, while rounds 2-7 were broadcast Saturday, June 23 starting at 9am. Being from Pittsburgh, I had the great opportunity to attend this awesome event,

90 | inspirer magazine

instead of just watching it on television. To say that I was excited would be an understatement. Upon arrival at the arena, I noticed there was a red carpet for the prospects to walk on. Individuals could wait and watch them walk down the carpet and into the building and many of the prospects even signed autographs. When the time came for the draft to start, National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman took the stage. He thanked the city of Pittsburgh and congratulated the Los Angeles Kings on their Stanley Cup win.

The 2012 NHL Draft order, as scheduled for the first round: 1. Edmonton (from Nashville) 2. Columbus 3. Montreal 4. N.Y. Islanders 5. Toronto 6. Anaheim 7. Minnesota 8. Carolina 9. Winnipeg 10. Tampa Bay

11. Washington (from Colorado) 12. Buffalo 13. Dallas 14. Calgary 15. Ottawa 16. Washington 17. San Jose 18. Chicago 19. Tampa Bay (from Detroit) 20. Philadelphia

For the third straight year, the Edmonton Oilers had the first overall pick of the draft, and so, for the first pick of the first round, Edmonton chose Nail Yakupov, a 5'10", 189

pound, right wing from Nizhnekamsk, Russia. Yakupov was ranked as the No. 1 Top North American Prospect. Next, the second pick of first round was defenseman Ryan

21. Buffalo 22. Pittsburgh 23. Florida 24. Boston 25. St. Louis 26. Vancouver 27. Phoenix 28. N.Y. Rangers 29. New Jersey 30. Los Angeles Murray from Regina, SK, Canada. Murray was chosen by Columbus, and like Yakupov, he was on the list of Top North American Prospects as No. 2.

inspirer magazine | 91


The top three picks in the NHL draft -- Montreal's Alex Galchenyuk (No. 3), Edmonton's Nail Yakupov (No. 1) and Columbus' Ryan Murray (No. 2) -- pose Friday in Pittsburgh.

The next few picks were the following: 3. Montreal, Alex Galchenyuk, Center - Sarnia (OHL) 4. N.Y. Islanders, Griffin Reinhart, Defenseman - Edmonton (WHL) 5. Toronto, Morgan Rielly, Defenseman - Moose Jaw (WHL) 6. Anaheim, Hampus Lindholm, Defenseman - Rogle Junior (Sweden) 7. Minnesota, Mathew Dumba, Defenseman - Red Deer (WHL) When it came time for the 8th pick of the first round burgh had traded Jordan Staal to Carolina for Branto be made by Carolina, the screen behind the stage don Sutter, Brian Dumoulin and the No. 8 pick in the flashed "TRADE ALERT". Commissioner Bettman current draft. So, with the 8th pick of the first round, told the crowd they would especially be interested in Pittsburgh selected Derrick Pouliot, Defenseman the news. That's when it was announced that PittsPortland (WHL). The draft continued: 9. Winnipeg, Jacob Trouba, Defenseman - USA U-18 (USA West) 10. Tampa Bay, Slater Koekkoek, Defenseman - Peterborough (OHL) 11. Washington (from Colorado), Filip Forsberg, Center - Leksand (Sweden) 12. Buffalo, Mikhail Grigorenko, Center - Quebec (QMJHL) 13. Dallas, Radek Faksa, Center - Kitchener (OHL) 14. Buffalo (from Calgary), Zemgus Girgensons, Center - Dubuque (US West) 15. Ottawa, Cody Ceci, Defenseman - Ottawa (OHL) 16. Washington, Thomas Wilson, Right Wing - Plymouth (OHL)

92 | inspirer magazine

inspirer magazine | 93

CULTURE 17. San Jose, Tomas Hertl, Center - Slavia (Czech Republic) 18. Chicago, Teuvo Teravainen, Left Wing, - Jokerit (Finland) 19. Tampa Bay (from Detroit), Andrey Vasilevskiy, Goalie - UFA 2 (Russia) 20. Philadelphia, Scott Laughton, Center - Oshawa (OHL) 21. Calgary (from Buffalo through Nashville), Mark Jankowski, Center -Stanstead College (US East) 22. Pittsburgh, Olli Maatta, Defenseman - London (OHL) 23. Florida, Michael Matheson, Defenseman - Dubuque (US West) 24. Boston, Malcolm Subban, Goalie - Belleville (OHL) 25. St. Louis, Jordan Schmaltz, Defenseman - Green Bay (USHL) 26. Vancouver, Brendan Gaunce, Goalie - Belleville (OHL) 27. Phoenix, Henrik Samuelsson, Center - Edmonton (WHL) 28. N.Y. Rangers, Brady Skjei, Defenseman - USA U-18 (USHL) 29. New Jersey, Stefan Matteau, Center - USA U-18 (USHL) 30. Los Angeles, Tanner Pearson, Left Wing - Barrie (OHL) Later in Day 1 of the 2012 NHL Draft, Pittsburgh general manager Ray Shero was a part of the final bargain of the night, trading Zbynek Michalek to the Phoenix Coyotes. In return the Penguins received Harrison Ruopp, Marc Cheverie and the 81st selection in the current draft.

to start at 10am with doors opening at 8am. When my family and I arrived, we saw a sign that the Stanley Cup would be on display and available for photographs from 9am until noon. Since we arrived around 8:30am, we stood in line and waited about an hour for our chance to see the Cup.

Day 2 of the draft was scheduled

When the second round began, the

day went a lot quicker since the teams only had about five minutes to make their selection instead of having about ten minutes like the previous day. Although Day 2 was a lot quieter on the trade front, it wasn’t quiet in the arena at all. When teams were announced for selections, you could tell which teams the Pittsburgh fans were not too fond of.

Besides the shock from the trade of Jordan Staal, it seems

Trades for the 2012 NHL Draft: the Blue Jackets as well as the Coyotes made trades that could

improve their team greatly next season.

1. N.Y. Islanders receive Lubomir Visnovsky from Anaheim in exchange for a 2013 NHL Draft Pick (2nd) 2. Carolina lands Jordan Staal from Pittsburgh in exchange for Brandon Sutter, Brian Dumoulin, and the No. 8th pick in the 2012 NHL Draft 3. Washington acquire Mike Ribeiro from Dallas in exchange for Cody Eakin and a 2012 NHL Draft pick (2nd -56) 4. Phoenix gain Zbynek Michalek from Pittsburgh in exchange for the Harrison Ruopp, Marc Cheverie, and a 2012 NHL Draft Pick (3rd - 81) 5. Columbus possess Sergei Bobrovsky from Philadelphia for 2 - 2012 NHL Draft Picks (2nd - 45, 4th - 116) as well as a 2013 NHL Draft Pick (4th) 6. Boston trade the rights of Benoit Pouliot to Tampa Bay for Michel Ouellet, and a 2012 NHL Draft pick (5th - 131) While it seems like the league is ready to skip the off-season and get back into action with the 201213 season right now, there are some issues that need to be handled before any hockey playing begins. Overall, attending the 2012 NHL Draft was

94 | inspirer magazine

an amazing experience and as a hockey fan, it was a great opportunity to witness the teams making their selections first-hand. If you’re a hockey fan, I highly recommend attending the NHL Draft if you ever have the opportunity.


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mass media’s INFLUENCE ON


IMAGE by: Monique Freemon

Since I’ve been working in clothing retail I hear negative sayings frequently. For example phrases like, “ I wish I was skinnier...Where is the fat girl/woman clothes. I wish my boobs were bigger or smaller..I wish I could lose this Or fix this blah, blah, and blah.” The list goes on and on about women’s and men’s (Yes! They do have body image issues, they’re just less likely to admit it.) negative attitudes and perceptions about their bodies. Why do they think, feel, and act that way? What influences them to change themselves physically? Some change because of medical issues, e.g. obesity, heart problems, blood pressure, etc. Then there are some who want to lose weight to impress someone else, to fit in, to feel “normal,” to look like the men and women they see in the media.

inspirer magazine | 96


Most of the time body image is a hot topic with celebrities, in fashion magazines, in the music industry, and other various parts of mass media, but those are the top three. Recently, critics have been writing about celebrities, like Hilary Duff, who just had a son and still has her baby weight on. As of now some say that she is “fat” while a few years ago many were saying she was too skinny. Then there is the public, who have a mixture of views, some think she looks healthy with a little weight on her. Others think she needs to lose a few pounds. As for me, just as long as you are happy with your weight, block out what the public says, unless a serious medical condition happens, which should be the only exception. Next is a woman and her face. I do have to admit, I get my eyebrows razored (too afraid of waxing) and I wash my face every day, that is all I do to my face. I don’t wear make-up because I don’t like make-up. Sometimes I look around and see women, especially younger girls caked with make-up on their face because they want to look older. Here’s a hint, enjoy your youth and stop trying to act older. Did you know the women spend an average of $13,000.00 in their life time on make-up ( Reasons varied from they want to look younger to they want a different look.

97 | inspirer magazine

That is a lot of money just so you can put something on your face then take it off a few hours later. I’m just saying the women who wear a thousand pounds of make-up should ease up on it. Then there are the fashion magazines. First off is Vogue, more so the film The September Issue (2009), which chronicles the staff of Vogue as they assemble their famous September Issue. One part of the movie I would like to point out was during the editing scene. Right before Grace was doing a photo shoot with one of the cameramen and a model for a spread. After the photos were uploaded they started to edit them and Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, erased a huge part of the man’s stomach off. The finish product was the camera man looking like he had a six pack. This isn’t the first case of people being over photoshopped in magazines. There are countless mistakes of thumbs being misplaced, limbs missing, skin toned lighten or darken, even extra limbs in a photo. Even though magazines are trying to turn around their image (e.g. supporting the regulation for models to be a healthier size to walk the runway), they are still focusing on the outside more than the inside.

Fashion magazines, heavy make-up, and weight issues are influenced by mass media but also plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery includes repairing damaged tissue, repairing external damages to the body, remedying impairments, and/or improving a person’s appearance. Cosmetic surgery is basically a fancy term for plastic surgery. When we see women and men being wrinkle-free, young looking, and more we want to look like them and some will do anything to look like them. An example is Sarah Burge, a.k.a. “The U.K. Human Barbie” who spent £51,000 (euros) on cosmetic surgery for her birthday, that is about $ 64,028 USD in the U.S. According to she has two older daughters, 27 and 17 who have had plastic surgeries, though the article doesn’t mention the work they have gotten we can presume their mother was an influence on them. For her 7-year-old daughter’s birthday and Christmas present she gave her a voucher for liposuction and for breast augmentation. Now isn’t that just the best parent in the world (sarcasm intended).

A young girl her age should be playing with dolls, not wanting to be nipped and tucked like a doll. These girls shouldn’t want to achieve being a “WAGs,” which are apparently wives and girlfriends of sports stars, which is not a proper goal for women. They should be striving to be nurses, business women, CEO’s, journalists, director’s, etc. This really only scratches the surfaces of how mass media is affecting body image in the world. There really is not a win-win situation here. On one hand people should be happy with who they are and not change unless it’s a life or death matter. On the other hand, people are not happy with their bodies and want to change not for acceptance from the public but from themselves. At the end it all goes down to the person and how they feel about themselves on the inside and out.

inspirer magazine | 98

in this issue Cover photo & 50-55 by Stefanie Parkinson 15: Trever Hoehne 16: Jenny Stokes 22: Natalie Anderson 25: Band image by Morgan Young 30: 1)!/photo.php? fbid=10150958382820821&set=a.470455545820.28025 5.128399670820&type=1&theater 2) http://comborice. com/ko-ko-float/ 3) interview/1013666/the-great-escape-2012-man-without-country/ 4) ?fbid=204518246228318&set=a.204518242894985.614 97.204518069561669&type=3&theater 5) https://www. et=a.481338231340.295081.39263331340&type=1&the ater 6) 17785#%7B%22ImageId%22%3A9517785%7D 34: 40: child-maintenance-vs-accrual-claim.html 42:; valerie-trierweiler-une-first-girlfriend-a-la-maisonblanche-7748407193; http://02varvara.wordpress. com/2008/01/21/lyudmila-putina-is-50-mnogayalyeta-raba-bozhiya-lyudmila/; danielaschadt-node.html 44: elsa--una-first-lady-crocerossina.aspx; http:// crop.jpg ; Harper_G8_2007.jpg; File:Michelle_Obama_official_portrait_headshot.jpg

48-49:;; http:// BUDC1P2AQ2.DTL; http://www.washingtonpost. com/business/economy/wwdc-2012-apples-showsatisfies-but-is-it-saving-real-fireworks-for-later/2012/06/13/gJQAsHw7aV_story.html; 56-59: Mustafa Sabbagh 64-65: Concept and Styling: Alessia Calinedo, MUA: Annamaria Sarpone, Hair: Lino Carrillo, Model: Anna Mazza, Ph: Errico Fabio Russo; Dalida dress Lbd 66-67: Tank Mimì Factory, Skirt Lbd, Shoes Lui e Lei, Fan Vera Pilo 68-69: Blouse Mimì Factory, Bracelet Bogy’s, Pants Basicon, Vintage Guy Laroche eyeglasses 70: Enchanted dress Lbd, Cuff Bogy’s 71: Necklace Giulia Boccafogli, Skirt stylist owner 77: Lauren Lavera 78-81: Nikko La Mere 84: Britt The Kid 88: 57504868639&set=a.10150566502628639.371448.1773 7908638&type=3&theater 90-91: Lindsay King, Logo by NHL 90: Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images 93: Lindsay King 94: All fashion photos unaccounted for were provided by models, journalists, or brands.

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