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interview with di First off, I’d like to know: what are some of your inspirations when creating a collection? Usually I am inspired by the flow of the emotions that I experience before creating the collection. And usually our collections try to say about something that is interesting for us at that moment, of something specific, I hope we don’t have meaningless collections and we’ll never have such ones. When we create a collection, we watch movies that are somehow connected to the topic and subjects of the collection, we read articles and listen to music. I think, music is on of the key points and one of the most inspiring things while creating a collection. It gives a lot of new ideas and makes imagination flow. Also, we can be inspired by a set of new fabrics purchased for the collection. And of course people we met in our life are inspiring, sometimes it is some particular person, and sometimes it’s

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a collection of the characters of my life. Do you have any specific muses, perhaps ever since you started? No, I don’t have some specific muses. Its always something different, what or who inspires most of all. I started to create some fashion things from the very childhood, and I even did not realized how I came to this. Nobody in my family was engaged in fashion projects or stuff like that. But there is a story my mom told me – when she was pregnant, she sewed some dresses for herself, though she had never done it before, so maybe it was put in my soul and nature even before birth. Are there certain stories hidden behind any of your garments?



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