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s opposed to decades ago when college scholarship opportunities were limited, now there are millions of dollars of scholarships available for college students. According to www.sofi.com, there are three categories of scholarships: merit-based scholarships, these have certain standards, perhaps academics or a special talent, you must meet to qualify; financial-need scholarships, these may come with both academic requirements and financial ones; and categorybased scholarships: some are for women, some are for people from military families, and some are for alumni’s children, etc. Because November is National Scholarship Month, we at ARRAY Magazine are seeking to announce your scholarship, its origin, and the contact information. If you are a scholarship donor or the point of contact for a scholarship, please forward the scholarship information to the following email address: info@ arraync.com ~A~

Johnnerlyn Johnson, Editor


City Blooming


Financial Focus


3 Reasons to Fall in Love with Exercises

Creative Director Anissa Short


A Woman Wearing All the Hats

Editor Johnnerlyn Johnson


Small Town NC - Hamlet

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• Poetry

City Blooming

Written by Lawrence Law Bullock II Around my city

A new jack swing,

Are the remnants of reminders

Fueling a heart that needs strength

Responding within echoes

As leaves have fallen from limbs waiting to be

Where the silhouettes of ghosts still linger


Around the ashes of the past that have remained,

For the time is nearing for a rebirth

Like fingerprinted memories

For the petals of old have taken their journey

And the rain has fallen and dried,


Attempting to wash away the signs

For around my city, I see a chrysalis forming,

As footsteps collect evidence of their existence,

Taking shape as change dawns upon it

And the grounds begin to show their age

That things can be different,

As the seeds have been planted,

Silence can be broken.

Incubating as the seconds morph into minutes,

Hearts can be healed.


Bones can be mended. Fear can be extinguished as the butterfly

“Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes”,

approaches. For new life can bloom from the cracks of the

Trees have been removed from their homes,


Deeply rooted, their tears live on

It has me singing.

Continuing to feed their heritage,

“Hello sunrise”,

Their ancestry

I have been waiting for sometime

As days grow as the first sign of new life takes shape,

For a new ray of hope to fuel this prayer.

Unrelenting as the phoenix begins to rise,

My city has had its share of scares,

Beauty birthed from ashes

A flow of constant nightmares,

For the shape of you flourishes within,

But within every seed is the Genesis for

From rooftops,

something new,

The humming of the streets

Despite the facts that the grounds have been

Beacons an awakening,


A renaissance on a more intimate scale

Some faces have faded

Resonating upon a more elevated level,

Like a changing of the seasons.

And these ghost road blues have been aching to move,

A shift is the movement that many have awaited

Seeking to guide another traveler upon their way

As the stem sprouts from the slabs of cement,

And you are beautiful,

And the first signs of life awaken,

Even as the sky falls,

“Hey you...hello there”

There is no time to die though

From the soil under concrete,

As sprinkles turn into drops,

New life always finds a way.

As the sky breaks loose,




• Financial Focu$

Share Your Boun A s Thanksgiving approaches, it is meaningful to reflect on the origin of the holiday –Native Americans and pilgrims sharing their bounty of food with each other. As you gather with your loved ones this year, perhaps you can think of ways to share not only your dinner, but also your financial bounty. In terms of bounty-sharing, here are some suggestions you may find helpful, no matter your age or that of your children: • Make appropriate gifts. If you have young children, you may want to get them started with a savings account to help them develop positive financial habits. You could even make it a Thanksgiving tradition to measure how their accounts have grown from year to year. But you can go even further by starting to fund an education savings vehicle such as a 529 plan. This account can provide valuable tax benefits and gives you total control of the money


until your children are ready for college or trade school. Other education-funding options also are available, such as a custodial account, commonly known as an UGMA or UTMA. If you have grown children, you could still contribute to a 529 plan for your grandchildren. • Develop – and communicate – your estate plans. While you may want to be as generous as possible to your loved ones during your lifetime, you may desire to leave something behind as part of your legacy. And that means you will need to develop a comprehensive estate plan. Such a plan will allow you to express your wishes about where you want your assets to go, who will take care of your children if something happens to you, how you want to be treated should you become incapacitated, and other important issues. Your estate plan will need to include the appropriate documents and arrangements – last will and testament, living trust, power of attorney, health care directive,


nty with Family and so on. To create such a plan, you may need to work with a team of professionals, including your financial, tax and legal advisors. And it’s essential that you communicate the existence and details of your estate plan to your loved ones. By doing so, you can help them know what to expect and what’s expected of them to help avoid unpleasant surprises and familial squabbles when it’s time to settle your estate. • Solicit suggestions for charitable giving. Sharing some of what you have with charitable or community organizations will also help fulfill the spirit of Thanksgiving. And you can make it a family affair by asking your loved ones which groups they would like to support. Not only will you be helping a worthy cause, but you’ll also be teaching your children about the value of money – in this case, the ability to use money you’ve saved to help make a positive contribution to society. By sharing your bounty with

your loved ones and your community on Thanksgiving, you’ll help create a more memorable holiday for everyone. So, be generous, be creative – and be prepared for how much satisfaction you can get from your actions. ~A~

Written by Edward Jones and provided by Jonathan L. Proffitt, Financial Advisor at Edward Jones Investment. For more information or questions call Jonathan at 910-488-7535.



• Health

3 Reasons to Fall in LOVE with EXERCISE

1. LOVE... FEELING GOOD Exercise makes you feel good because it actually reduces stress. Not only is your body involved in exercise, but your brain is too. When you exercise, feel good chemicals (mainly endorphins) that help ease stress and depression are released. Also, exercise is a positive distraction that can help take your mind off your worries. From a physical standpoint, your body temperature increases during exercise, possibly producing calming effects that make you feel good. There are other psychological and emotional benefits too, such as improved confidence and selfesteem. All around, from a mind and body prospective, exercise makes you feel darn good!

2. LOVE... FEELING YOUNG Climbing a few stairs? Don’t sit back and let the aging process have its way with you. Here is a little secret; exercise just may be the elusive fountain of youth. Why? Because, it has the ability to help you stay younger longer! Stiff, achy joints, loss of stamina, loss of endurance and strength are usually associated with a lack of regular physical activity. In other words, a sedentary lifestyle is hazardous to your health. You can stay feeling young and vigorous by maintaining your body with a regular fitness routine. If you are not currently engaged in regular exercise, it is not


too late! Studies show that muscle mass can increase at any age in response to exercise. The fact is, as a person ages, endurance, balance, flexibility, and strength naturally decline, but it accelerates at a rapid pace if we do not do anything to counteract those effects. If you use it, you won’t lose it...so start exercising now to feel younger! 3. LOVE... THE HEALTH BENEFITS You have heard it all before. You know that exercise is good for you but, this time, take a minute and really meditate on the benefits. Pause and imagine these benefits being part of your daily life. Imagine not being tired, sluggish, stressed, overwhelmed, or overweight. Imagine feeling great every day, having energy, feeling strong and confident. Imagine having excellent flexibility and stamina. Imagine keeping up with your kids or grand kids. ~A~


• Cover Story

Tiffany Martinez: A

Written by Tabitha Jones Images by Stone Photography


his is my passion… this is my ministry. I asked God for this, and He has given me everything.” With that and a captivating smile to light up any room, Tiffany invited me into her “Imagination Station.”

“This woman-owned, run-and-operated facility has had to roll with the punches as the COVID pandemic drones on. ”

Originally from New Jersey, and a proud Puerto Rican woman, the military


is what brought Tiffany here to Fayetteville, NC. With Tiffany having prior military service alongside her soon-tobe husband who works as a contractor for the Army, she has decided to bring her passions to life in our ever-shifting town. Tiffany has had to wear all the hats that come along with the military life: soldier, veteran, and spouse, all while wearing her proudest and most beautifully displayed hat as a mother of three; Tiffany knew exactly what she needed as a parent and what, she believed, would be a valued addition to the community. In November of 2018, Tiffany acquired “Cool Spring Clubhouse” in Downtown Fayetteville and began her journey to creating a space for families to bring their children to learn, socialize, and grow. Sadly, Tiffany’s business was one of the establishments that suffered vandalism on the night of May 30th, 2020, during the George Floyd protest in the downtown area. At a time when business was already unsteady with the COVID-19 pandemic raising uncertainty with parents and our economy, physical harm to her business was truly painful to her spirit. The protests and riots had an unexpected effect on “Cool


A Woman Wearing All the Hats Spring Clubhouse,” as well. Parents had become fearful of taking their children to the downtown area. Combating fear from COVID, protesters and the dayto-day worries of parking for customers and staff, a move was in order. The Divine answered her growing concerns and prayers with an opportunity to shift into a move-in ready space at the Westwood Shopping Center, and the birthplace of Tiffany’s “Imagination Station Childcare Co.” was realized. In a place all her own, Tiffany has been able to fully realize her dream of creating a “business built on compassion, love and honesty” as well as a place where the children aren’t just numbers to her, but an extension of her family. She has brought to fruition a space filled with pintsized furniture to captivate any child that enters the Imagination

Station. “How did you come up with the name “Imagination Station Childcare Co?” Tiffany laughs as she explains, “When a person walks in here, I want them to feel like if they can imagine it; they can make it a reality. If a kid wants to be Superman, they can be Superman here.” With an entire station for makebelieve and dress up, any child that walks in can certainly be whomever they can imagine that day. An artist will have access to supplies. A gymnast has a jungle gym to practice on. A future teacher is given access to a blackboard to practice, and a dreamer with their nose stuck in a book will have an entire bookshelf to occupy their wildest imaginations. “You can never have too many books,” Tiffany proclaims as she continues our tour through her world. This woman-owned, run-andoperated facility has had to roll with the punches as the COVID pandemic drones on.



A quick move to a new space and knowing that families are now faced with the challenge of virtual learning has launched the newest addition to the “Imagination Station.” To continue to provide a home away from home for children and families, Tiffany has devoted an entire virtual learning space to evolve with the times. Parents may drop their child(ren) off with the assurance that their child’s virtual learning will be done in the company of staff members that will treat their children with love, compassion, and patience. Tiffany operates on the belief that “people need their children to be loved when they can’t be there”, and it truly shows in her dedication


to creating a comfortable environment for the new virtual learning normal. Tiffany’s true professionalism and understanding during the pandemic shows in her attention to detail in keeping “Imagination Station” as germ-free as humanly possible. Upon entering, temperatures are taken, and hand sanitizer is always available. Details like shifting the children from station-to-station in a controlled flow allows for sanitizing each area after every use as well as keeping cleaning products away from curious hands. At the end of the business day, her crew does a complete deep clean and an “Ozone Air Purifier” runs throughout the


night. A professional cleaning crew comes by once a week to pay special attention to the space. Not one to let anything slip past her, Tiffany removes any costumes that they have worn and washes them in the on-site washer and dryer the very same day it has been used. “Is there anything else that you would like us to know?” I ask. “We are an autism-friendly facility,” she proclaims with a smile. Being the parent of a child on the spectrum, this statement made my heart soar. Knowing that the staff is properly trained to handle any situation that may arise, and that Tiffany’s facility goes as far as to teaching children basic sign language to make even the non-verbal comfortable, had this writer leaving with renewed spirit for the beauty that is in our world. Tiffany Martinez and her Imagination Station and Childcare Co. are beautiful additions to our growing town and remarkable families. We look forward to watching Tiffany’s business flourish and grow within the community. ~A~ Tabitha Jones, a Freelance Writer for ARRAY is an Army wife and mother of 4 children and 5 dogs. An avid fitness enthusiast and she loves to write when possible, among many other activities so she stays very busy.



• Small Town NC

Images by Stone Photography Welcome to "Small Town NC" - a monthly cinematic journey through our proud communities in North Carolina. To kick off this section, this month’s feature is Hamlet, NC!


amlet is a city rich in railroad history and beauty in Richmond County, NC. The city was founded in the late 1800’s when Englishman John Shortbridge established a woolen and sawmill along Marks Creek. Tradition has it that Mr. Shortbridge shared, in a conversation with three of his friends, that in his native England a small cluster of houses were called a hamlet. Therefore, the town was named Hamlet. To commemorate the naming of the town, the four men planted a sycamore tree, which stood until 1946 when it was cut down to make way for a building. Hamlet was incorporated in 1897 and grew as railroad workers began to settle in the town and businesses prospered as the trains on the New York to Florida brought hungry and weary passengers to Hamlet. Hamlet became the “Hub of the Seaboard” with five Seaboard Railroad lines passing through Hamlet with about thirty passenger trains coming through daily. Hamlet had seven hotels and numerous boarding houses and restaurants for all the transferring rail passengers. The Railroad Passenger Station, built



around 1895, is said to be the most photographed station in the eastern United States. In the 60’s, city license tags proclaimed Hamlet as “The Hub of The Seaboard.” The National Railroad Museum and Hall of Fame is in Hamlet. The Annual Seaboard Festival, honoring the Seaboard Air Line, is a major local event. Richmond Community College offers educational opportunities, cultural enrichment, and workforce development and training in Richmond and Scotland Counties. John Coltrane, one of the world’s most well-known jazz saxophonists and composers, was born in Hamlet in 1926. Several local businessmen have renovated the birthplace of John Coltrane. Coltrane was the recipient of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Another famous person who lived most of his life in Hamlet was J. Kenneth Lee. Lee was one of the first African American students to attend UNCChapel Hill. He was one of the four African American students who joined a 1949 lawsuit that would change history and lead to the desegregation of the UNC School of Law. Other graduate and professional programs followed suit thereafter. Lee was a prominent civil rights attorney in Greensboro who practiced five decades. Lee also



visit Hamlet sometime soon. ~A~

founded the first Black/African American owned Savings and Loan in North Carolina, among many other accomplishments. Hamlet was awarded the AllAmerican City Award in 1990. Hamlet, like many of our other “Small Town NC” towns, is full of history and beauty. Be sure to

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1635 Nova Lane Suite 202B Burlington NC 27215



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• Recipe

Stuffed Eggplant

What you need: • 1 eggplant • 1 large mushroom • 1 cup cherry tomatoes • 1 cup cooked brown rice • ½ large onion • ½ celery stalk • ¼ cup parsley • 6 basil leaves • 4 small or 2 large cloves of garlic • 1 TBSP olive oil • salt & pepper to taste Preparation of Eggplant: 1. Wash & cut eggplant in half. 2. Lay eggplant face down on baking sheet & gently massage with olive oil. 3. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes on each side.

Preparation of Filling: 1. Wash & chop mushroom. 2. Cut tomatoes in half lengthwise & widthwise. 3. Peel & chop onions. 4. Peel & mince garlic. 5. Chop basil & parsley. Whip it Up: 1. Heat olive oil in a medium saucepan. 2. Add onions, celery, garlic, basil & parsley. Sauté until onions are transparent. 3. Add mushrooms & cherry tomatoes. Cook 8 minutes & set aside. 4. Once eggplant is cooked, scoop out some of the flesh & put in a food processor. Process until a creamy texture. 5. Add eggplant and brown rice to filling. 6. Stir & scoop filling into eggplant skin. ~A~



Written by Keith Sykes countless others.


“Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport.” – Steven Furtick

rior to this year, 2020 was synonymous with prosperity, focus, and clear vision. Almost immediately after the year began, 2020 carried with it a negative connotation. There were so many unfortunate incidents that occurred, and many of them will carry with it not so fond memories for years to come. The year is ending, and there is a long list of memories many of us wish we could completely erase. The Australian wildfires, tensions with Iran, the death of Kobe Bryant, the COVID-19 pandemic, the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and


Along with the not-so-good moments of 2020, we have experienced positive memories as well. Drive-in movies made a comeback; Americans rushed to adopt and foster pets in need amid the pandemic; many have had the time to read again and have seized the moment to educate themselves; distilleries, large and small, around the country used their resources to produce badly needed hand sanitizer; and health care workers and essential workers became heroes. Even though many businesses crumbled as a result of the pandemic, many


individuals took the opportunity to step out on faith and start new businesses. It is absolutely necessary to recognize the individuals who have lost their lives due to the pandemic and others who have become unemployed as a result, but for those who are fortunate enough to be alive and still employed, it is about perspective. There have been success stories that have come out of these times and people who have testimonies. One of the keys to tough times like these is to adapt and overcome. Businesses have been forced to change the way they operate. Employers have been

challenged to alter the way they manage their staff. Schools have had to adapt to online learning which has created a significant impact on teachers, students, and parents alike. This year will undoubtedly shape the way we navigate through daily life for some time. We have adopted more efficient ways to accomplish tasks and become accustomed to living within very minimalist standards. For the most part, we have realized the importance of not taking little things for granted. The current times have forced many of us to live within our means and to be kind, considerate, and supportive of others. No matter what your



experience has been, how you move forward is what is important. What has this year been for you? Your perspective is your attitude toward something, your point of view. According to Stephen Furtick, “Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport.” This basically means how you look at things will confine you or place boundaries on you, or it will be freeing. I asked this question to some of the readers - what has 2020 represented for you? And here are a few of the answers I received: “2020 has given me a new sense of perspective. Many have chosen to see it filled with obstacles, I have chosen to see it full of opportunities.” -Kalisha Abercrombie Tucker “2020 has brought hope, love, and new beginnings.” -Natasha Marie Jackson “2020 has been a year of reflection. It has allowed me to appreciate the borrowed time we have on earth.” -Ruckus Mel Bennett “I’m retiring.” -Patricia Means “2020 has been the epitome of testing people’s resilience and our understanding of community.” -To Ni


“Politically, it was the year we came to conclusively know that the American democracy is a delicate proposition. Existentially, we came to know that viral plagues make human

life a delicate proposition.” -Thomas Adcock “Unprecedented.” -Tamara Mayberry “2020 has allowed me to be creative during the two weeks my grandkids came to visit. I became the art teacher, chef, and driver during long rides to nowhere.” -Jennifer Baker “The year of 2020 has been a year of revelation and opportunity. It has revealed a lot about myself and others, and it has afforded me the opportunity to grow in many areas of my life.” -Anissa Short “Productive struggle” -Tina Swann-Binaxas “There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 2020 represented true


definition of not giving up, even in the dark.� -Stacey Marie No matter what your perspective of the year is, we must admit that it has been tough. It has taken a great deal of patience, resilience, and faith to navigate the past few months. Now what is your game plan moving forward? Will you sit there and lick your wounds, or will you dust yourself off and try again? Will 2020 be your prison or your passport? Let’s go! ~A~

Keith is from New Orleans, Louisiana and is a retired military veteran. He is instrumental in the planning of various local events and has assisted in the launch of a number of entrepreneurial business ventures. He is also a freelance writer for ARRAY magazine.



• An Array of Weddings


Choosing your Wedding Venue

f you have been following my Array of Weddings articles, by now you have figured out your wedding budget and picked your date and theme (if not be sure to check out the previous articles for tips). Now it’s time to start visiting venues (don’t forget your masks - of course). Fortunately, Cumberland County and the surrounding areas offer a ton of beautiful and affordable options to choose from.

Your wedding venue will be the place that you and your guests will celebrate your big day. With the average wedding day lasting at least 8 hours (including getting ready, ceremony, cocktail


and reception), it’s important to choose a venue you don’t mind spending the day in! When considering wedding venues, there are typically two types of venues to choose from: raw space and all-inclusive. Some venues are a mix between the two offering the space and some amenities. Raw spaces typically offer the space only with tables and chairs included in the rental price. The couple is responsible for bringing in all decor, food, and vendors needed for the venue. This is a great choice for couples who want to have a hand in transforming their wedding space and even include some DIY decor options. Hiring a planner to coordinate vendors and set up is HIGHLY recommended for this option. The Rainbow Room in Downtown Fayetteville is a great example of an affordable raw wedding space. They offer the


space, tables, chairs, and access to a kitchen. You can even add linens to your package!

All-Inclusive wedding venues usually offer partial or full decor, catering, alcohol, and staff! This is definitely the way to go if you want to just show up. All-inclusive venues ensure that everything is ready for you. The Cape Fear Botanical Garden is a great choice for couples who want an all-inclusive option. The venue offers the space, tables, chairs, linens, and catering. *Added bonus - couples get access to the botanical garden for their wedding photos!

Once you have decided on the type of wedding venue that is

right for you, a few other things to keep in mind and ask are: *What is the capacity of the venue? Depending on whether you are planning a small or large wedding, you want to make sure your wedding venue can accommodate your guests. If your wedding is only 40 guests, for instance, a 300-person ballroom may seem too large. On the contrary, if you are inviting a large crowd, a smaller, more intimate space wouldn’t work. *Is the space wheelchair accessible? If you have elderly guests or guests with limited mobility, be sure to ask if the venue has staircases and if there is an elevator available to accommodate those who may need it. Besides getting engaged, this part of your wedding planning process may be the most fun! So be sure to visit several different venues before deciding and enjoy! ~A~ Stephanie Stewart Wedding Planner and officiant specializing in Elegant Events on a Shoestring Budget. www.shoestring.com



Gimme 5: Thanksgiving Style!

Written by Ebony M. Walker


ith Thanksgiving quickly approaching, families across the country are asking one question: “What are we doing for the holidays?” It’s no secret that the words “pandemic” and “quarantine” have changed life as we know it. Unfortunately, these words will also impact how we celebrate our holidays - you know - those family get-togethers with dozens of relatives. These are the ones filled with children playing outside, men gathered around the television watching football, and the women catching up in the kitchen. We may not be able to have the celebrations we desire, but there are still many ways to give thanks! After all, that’s what Thanksgiving is about. Here are five ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends this year! 1. Give Others a Reason to be Thankful – The homeless population is ever-present. Because shelters can’t house or cater to large crowds, many in the community will go without a meal. Consider being intentional


about giving others a reason to smile. Fill a sturdy Ziploc bag with essential toiletries and hand them out with to-go plates. Something as simple as sandwiches, chips, and fruit goes a long way, but if you can safely provide a hot meal, please do! 2. Mini Pumpkin Hunt – Synonymous with the popular “Easter Egg Hunt,” make this Thanksgiving fun by hiding mini-pumpkins throughout the yard. Allow the children and the adults to partake in the fun. At the end, decorate the ones you find or make yourself a pumpkin pie! 3. Movies on the Lawn – Many families like to go to the movies during the holidays. Unfortunately, most theaters are closed or opening at very minimum capacity. Why not bring movie night to your own yard? You can do a lot with a projector screen, popcorn & candy, and inflatable chairs or beanbags! You could even set up blankets and tents. Create a real movie theatre with a snack stand and invite the family for a night under the stars!


4. Harvest Bowling Tournament – Go to your local hardware store and find yourself some hay bales. Turn them into bumpers using the driveway, sidewalk, or any paved area. The hay will create the lanes. Then grab yourself some pins and a ball. You can find them online and at most retail stores. The plastic set will do, especially if smaller children will be involved. Divide the family into teams and make sure you keep score! 5. Let the Hat Decide – Who doesn’t like a little spontaneity in their lives? With this fun favorite, let each family member write down something “fun” on a piece of paper. Fold the pieces and place them in a hat – any ol’ hat will do! From there, choose the events of the day – one at

a time. It can be as simple as going fishing, cooking together, taking a nice walk downtown, or even any of the previous four suggestions on this list! Food is always in order, so please feel free to make those famous recipes passed down OR create a new trend with new favorites. Whatever you choose to do, make it fun and make it family! Of course, stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Don’t forget just how blessed you truly are. ~A~ Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Entrepreneur. Pastor. Author. Friend. CEO of UpWrite, and co-Author, as well as a Freelance Writer for ARRAY. Ebony wears many hats as a NC native. These are just a few of the many hats worn by Ebony Walker.



IRS extends Economic Impact Payment registration deadline for non-filers to Nov. 21


he deadline to register for an Economic Impact Payment using the Non-Filers tool is extended to November 21, 2020. The IRS urges people who don’t typically file a tax return – and haven’t received an Economic Impact Payment – to register as quickly as possible using the Non-Filers: Enter Info Here tool on IRS.gov. The tool will not be available after November 21. This additional time is solely for those who haven’t registered or received their EIP and don’t normally file a tax return. For taxpayers who requested an extension of time to file their 2019 tax return, that deadline is Thursday, October 15. Most eligible U.S. taxpayers automatically received their Economic Impact Payment. Others who don’t have a filing


obligation need to use the Non-Filers tool to register with the IRS to get up to $1,200. Typically, this includes people who receive little or no income. The Non-Filers tool is secure. It is designed for people with incomes typically below $24,400 for married couples, and $12,200 for singles who could not be claimed as a dependent by someone else. This includes couples and individuals who are experiencing homelessness. Anyone using the Non-Filers tool can speed up the arrival of their payment by choosing to receive it by direct deposit. Those not choosing this option will get a check. Beginning two weeks after they register, people can track the status of their payment using the Get My Payment tool, available only on IRS.gov. ~A~

For more information on federal taxes please visit IRS.gov.




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