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REJUVINATION IN THE RED MOUNTAINS Red Mountain Resort, St. George, Utah


Get “The Buzz” on Bee Pollen



Alexandra Paul

Actress, Wellness Coach, Environmentalist

Happy Feet




Ditch the Bar and Handle the Resistance!

12 HEALTHY BODY Volumetrics


Ginger Bee Tea Smoothie


Holistic Medicine and Healthcare Insurance


Fresh Microgreens


Roasted Cauliflower & Arugula Salad


Alexandra Paul Actress, Wellness Coach, Environmentalist


Carbon Paw Prints

28 MIGHTY KIDS Geocaching

29 RECIPE Energy Balls 30 DISCOVER

All-Natural Alternatives to Eggs


The Sweet Benefits of Nature’s Nectar


Rejuvination in The Red Mountains


Stripes For Spring



Pretty in Pink Confetti Salad


Boost Macronutrients with Fresh Microgreens

super food

Get “The Buzz” on

Bee n e l l o P

Bee pollen functions as a sourc e of protein for the hive.

By Leah Porche, RD


ee pollen has been touted to enhance endurance, foster fertility, and alleviate allergy symptoms across the web. While these claims have not been proven by human studies, they are founded on the high-nutrient composition of the bee pollen, which is comprised of simple sugars, amino acids (protein), minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and other nutrients. It's no surprise that bee pollen is an excellent source of protein, as it functions as a high-protein food source for the hive. Exact composition of the bee pollen varies depending upon the plants visited by the worker bees. These hard-working insects fly to and fro, plant-to-plant, collect nectar, and return to the hive. While the nectar is used to make honey, the pollen is made by combin-

ing pollen with bee saliva and the nectar to create the generally golden granules of bee pollen. These protein-packed little pellets are sweet with an edge of bitterness. While you may find a bee pollen supplement in your local health food store (which may contain questionable additives), the actual granules (a whole food) can be added to a multitude of recipes to add texture, flavor, and nutrition. Some of the easiest ways to incorporate bee pollen into your diet are at breakfast time. Add it to your smoothie, sprinkle it on your oatmeal, or add it to your muffin batter. While there may not be startling studies about the positive effects of bee pollen, adding this tasty tidbit to your pantry stock will give you something new and interesting to enhance your culinary repertoire!

*Those with bee allergies, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid consumption.

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editor’s letter


“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

I love this quote from Spanish poet and dramatist Pedro Calderon de la Barca. He lived in the 1600s, centuries before the concept of “going green” to preserve and protect our planet ever came into being, yet he captures a vital aspect of this movement -- and that’s perspective. Just as your eye perceives the color green and its beauty in the natural world, to truly “go green,” your mind must be trained to perceive of the myriad ways you can adjust your lifestyle to be kinder to yourself and the environment. That’s where we come in. Our Green Issue casts a wide net in this regard, offering up topics that range from health and beauty to diet and fitness to fashion and lifestyle – all with a nod to making eco-friendly, sustainable choices. We’re especially proud to present an exclusive one-on-one with actress and environmentalist turned wellness coach Alexandra Paul, who serves as an excellent example of a worthy custodian of our fragile Earth. We hope to inspire you in your efforts to live green – and to witness the loveliness that arises! Liz Smith


Help us inspire others! We want to know what inspires you to live healthy. You could be published in the next issue of Inspire Health magazine. Email us at

Find us online! INSPIRE


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Happy Feet

RUN, JOG OR WALK WITH THE RIGHT SHOES hoes By Tami Charbonnet Top SF t for Flat ee


Asics Gel-Kayano 23


New Balance 1260v6

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17



Mizuno Wave Inspire 13

Asics GEL-DS Trainer 21






for flat, neutral, and high arched feet:

Brooks Glycerin 14


hether you are an avid runner who pounds the pavement training for competitive events, a couple-miler-a-week jogger, or even a walker, the right running shoes can make all the difference in both comfort and injury prevention. According to researchers at Runner's World, "Selecting running shoes is akin to purchasing a house or a car; you’re going to spend a lot of time in them, so you want something you really like. In addition to a comfortable ride, shoes can play a major role in keeping your running strong." How do you find the best shoes? First, consider the shape of your foot and arch. There are three main shapes: flat, neutral, and high arches. "Flat feet tend to have fallen arches, making them flexible and prone to overpronation, an inward rolling motion," the researchers say. "Neutral feet are the most biomechanically sound variety, putting them somewhere in the middle. High-arched feet are essentially the polar opposite of flat feet. When the arches are particularly defined, the feet end up being rigid, leading to supination, or landing on the outside edges of the feet." It is important to keep your body safe from injury during exercise. If you have an injury, or if you feel aches or pain from running, jogging, or walking, you should consult a physician. Many athletes, running enthusiasts, and walkers have custom arch supports or inserts created for their running shoes to aid in injury prevention. Altra The Torin 2.0

ASICS Gel Kinsei 6.

Nike Free 5.0




New Balance 860v7


Nike Air Pegasus+ 33.


Top Shoeset: for Neutral Fe


Saucony Ride 8


ASICS Gel Venture 5


es Top Shorches for High A


Saucony Ride 9


natural beauty e et ar e f s w , If cro e for you ly u t s erfec an is p s i d dula roun calen o apply a t safe our eyes. y

a l u d n e l Ca A FLOWER YOUR SKIN WILL LOVE By Whitney Alexandra

AS LADIES, WE TEND TO HAVE A NATURAL LOVE FOR FLOWERS. They make for the perfect gift, have a way of saying I love you or I’m sorry, and they brighten up any room simply just by being. More than just aesthetically pleasing flowers, calendula, in particular, are also a fantastic alternative to some of your store-bought beauty products, and is considered the newest trend in natural remedies. WHAT IS CALENDULA? Calendula, also known as a Marigold, is a plant that is native to Asia and the northern Mediterranean countries. The Egyptians considered it to have rejuvenating properties, and in the Hindu world, it is used as a colorant in food, fabrics, and cosmetics. Calendula is also used to heal cuts, burns, rashes, bites, and sunburns. CALENDULA FOR BEAUTY Using natural, organic products is critical in your overall health. When it comes



to your beauty routine, you want to use products that don’t contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin, which is where calendula comes into play. It is an anti-inflammatory, which aids greatly in problematic skin, like acne, since it helps remove the bacteria and swelling. There are even more ways to incorporate calendula into your natural beauty regimen. Calendula contains antioxidants, which fight free radicals, providing strength, protection and more damage to the skin. This process is fantastic for helping with the anti-aging process. If crows feet are an issue for you, calendula is perfectly safe to apply around your eyes to help prevent and heal the skin. Since it is a natural moisturizer, it helps with dryness and splitting of the skin, so calendula oil can be used on all areas of the face and body to help sooth and repair it, giving your skin a healthy, natural glow. If you have problems with thinning hair, calendula can help! When applied to a

damaged scalp, it heals the hair follicles, bringing circulation back into them, producing healthy hair growth for a thicker and fuller set of locks. Calendula also helps with

scars and varicose veins. It can heal and diminish the appearance of those unwanted imperfections, while soothing the skin. This can help make your skin look years younger, and who wouldn’t want that ?


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RESISTANCE! By: Tami Charbonnet | Model: Leslie Thomas Chimento, M.D. | Photographer: Richard Vallon

Resistance band exercises are a perfect way to get a full body workout as an alternative to purchasing expensive equipment. Resistance bands are inexpensive, travel friendly, and they are available in different strengths. To get the most from your strength training using resistance bands, you should have at least 3 different strengths – easy, medium, and difficult.


2. STANDING SHOULDER ISOLATION PLUS HIP/GLUTEUS ADDUCTION • Stand with the middle of the resistance band beneath your feet and an end in each hand. • Bend the elbows and pull the handles out and up until the elbows are almost even with the shoulders. • Tighten the core and kick the right leg away and out toward the right side. • For hip adduction, tighten the core and kick the heel backward squeezing the glutes. 2 sets / 15-20 repetitions

1. SLEEK SHOULDER T-RAISE OR LATERAL RAISE • To begin, stand on resistance band so the tension begins at arm's length. Grasp the handles with palms facing your thighs with a grip slightly less than shoulder width apart. Handles must be resting alongside the outer leg. • Extend arms with a slight bend at the elbows and keep back straight. This will be your starting position. • Use your side shoulders to lift the handles to the sides as you exhale. Continue to lift handles until they are parallel to floor. Keep your core braced and pause for a few seconds at the top of the movement. Lower the handles back to the starting postion. 2 sets / 10 repetitions

3 10

3. SIMPLE BAND BICEP CURL • Stand with the middle of the resistance band beneath your feet and an end in each hand. • Start with the arms straight by your sides and the band held taught. • Bend the arms at the elbows HIP ADDUCTION exercise will to lift the hands towards the shoulders. Be sure to keep the strengthen the muscles on the outside of the elbows close to the ribs. hip. Take the leg out • Do not allow the elbows to to the side as far as flare away from the body. possible. Slowly 2 sets / 15-20 repetitions bring it back to the center.



4. RUSSIAN TWIST: • Wrap resistance band around feet and grab handles, and keep them together. • With heels on the floor (or elevated for more of a challenge) rotate handles from side-to-side tapping the floor. • Works abs and obliques. 2 sets / 10-20 repetitions

*Bands used in photographs are resistance tubes with handles and handleless bands. Both were purchased for under $15.00


5. BENT ROWS AND TRICEP KICK BACKS WITH HANDLELESS BANDS • Stand with the middle of the resistance band beneath your feet and an end in each hand • Hold the band in front of you and lean forward slightly while keeping the spine long (chest towards the floor). Step on your band in a slightly squatted position. Keep your lower back tight and straight as you pull your elbows back behind you. Concentrate on squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top of each contraction. • Pull arms back with palms facing each other. Slowly bring palms back to sides bending mostly from the elbows. 2 sets / 10-20 repetitions

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healthy body

Volumetrics WEIGHT LOSS


By Tami Charbonnet

Imagine being able to eat more, lose weight, and feel energized. Volumetrics claims to do just that.


re you sick of feeling hungry, tired, and deprived due to low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, or low-fat diets? If your answer is yes, you have more than likely joined the millions of Americans who have lost weight, and then regained


it with additional pounds. Volumetrics takes a completely different approach to weight loss. This nutritional plan, created by Barbara Rolls PhD, doesn’t follow the current trends of structured eating that limits food and deprives our bodies of essential nutrients. While many diets on

the market simply promise weight loss, Volumetrics encourages individuals to lose weight and keep it off while eating more and feeling full. Plus, the plan is flexible enough for vegetarians, vegans, and those who need to restrict salt and fat. Volumetrics focuses on finding specific healthy, filling food. According to Dr. Rolls, “People feel full because of the types and amounts of foods they eat – not because of the number of calories or the grams of fat, protein, or carbs. So, the trick is to fill up on the right foods with fewer calories.” Volumetrics is a longterm plan that means you will not necessarily lose weight quickly. Instead, the

goal is to change your lifestyle and work toward permanent weight loss and maintenance. To be successful, you must meet specific daily calorie goals and daily step goals for movement and exercise. The plan allows you to eat whatever you please, while paying attention to energy density. Energy density simply refers to the number of calories in a specific amount of food. Foods with high energy density have lots of calories for less volume, while foods with low energy density provide fewer calories with more volume. The following four categories of food will allow you to begin your weight loss journey through Volumetrics.

DR. ROLLS SPLITS FOODS INTO FOUR CATEGORIES: CATEGORY 1 includes “free” or “anytime” fruits, nonstarchy vegetables (such as broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms), and broth-based soups.

CATEGORY 2 includes reasonable portions of whole grains (such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta), lean proteins, legumes, and low-fat dairy.

CATEGORY 3 includes small portions of foods such as breads, desserts, fat-free baked snacks, cheeses, and higher-fat meats.

For more information about Volumetrics, refer to: Volumetrics by Barbara Rolls, PhD and Robert A. Barnett

CATEGORY 4 includes sparing portions of fried foods, candy, cookies, nuts, and fats.

You’ll eat three meals, two snacks, and a dessert each day.


You’ll start by adding 150 steps a day to your routine, using a pedometer. The first goal is to reach an extra 1,000 steps by the end of the week. The ultimate goal is to log 10,000 steps a day.

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Bee GINGER Bee TEA SMOOTHIE By Tami Charbonnet

INGREDIENTS 1 tbsp local bee pollen l 1 tbsp local honey l (1) 6-inch piece of ginger, peeled l 1 cup green tea, cooled l 1 cup frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries, bananas, etc.) l 1 cup spinach l Blueberries, kiwi and coconut l

DIRECTIONS Add all ingredients to blender, process until smooth, top with a sprinkle of bee pollen for a “candy” crunch and enjoy! Garnish with blueberries, kiwi and coconut. 


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Holistic e n i i c d e M


TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR BODY... research indicate that the benefits LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE... of holistic medicine are significant to POSITIVE THINKING SPEEDS HEALING... AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY... improved health and quality of life,


ost people will tell you there is truth behind such statements.You probably know a cancer survivor or two who holds fast to the belief that her positive attitude and healthy diet made the difference in recovery. The holistic approach to health, which supports the integration of conventional and alternative therapies to address the whole person, is emerging as an impactful process in contemporary medicine. Such practices as acupuncture, chiropractic care, homeopathy, and massage therapy, along with a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, exercise or relationship counseling, are becoming more common in treating mental, spiritual, and physical health. While patient testimonials and



many individuals are neglecting the choice because it is not covered by their healthcare insurance. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) treatments that are more commonly covered by insurance include chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage; however, health insurance companies still regard most alternative techniques with hesitation, and each company has different parameters for approval. Aetna, for example, considers medically necessary alternative medicine with specific guidelines regarding acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic services, and electrical stimulation for pain. Treatments that are typically not included in most traditional health plans include herbal therapy, homeopathy, applied kinesiology, and naturopathy.

For additional information on NCCIH and complementary and integrative health approaches, visit

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE HOLISTIC MEDICINE AND DON’T KNOW IF YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE WILL COVER IT, CONTACT YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE PROVIDER AND ASK: • Is this approach covered for my health condition? • Does it need to be preauthorized or preapproved? • Do I need a prescription or referral? • Do I have coverage if I go out-of-network? • Are there any limits and requirements, such as the number of visits or amount you will pay? • How much do I have to pay out-of-pocket?


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eat fresh

Boost Macronutrients h s e r F with s n e e r g o r Mic By Tami Charbonnet

Microgreens: Baby Greens, Lettuces, Sprouts and Seedlings





icrogreens are commonly used on salads, soups, appetizers, and as artistic garnishes in fine dining restaurants. While they are often considered merely aesthetic, there are significant health benefits found within these tiny super food delicacies. Scientific research proves these seedlings are nutrient dense and contain important antioxidants. Microgreens are edible seedlings harvested at the cotyledon leaf stage. According to studies at the University of Maryland and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, microgreen cotyledon leaves have considerably higher nutritional densities than mature leaves. Researchers discovered health-promoting benefits from consumption of microgreens, including a high antioxidant capacity and an abundance of vitamin C to help protect your body from the harmful effects of free radicals.



Trying to find a healthy place while in a new city? Say goodbye to endless research! With MISO, you can easily see what’s around you and all the information you need is within one app. MISO simplifies searching for healthy places for busy, health conscious travelers and locals. Use MISO to find and read reviews of healthy food places, fitness studios, and gyms near you and around the world!

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture report that red cabbage microgreens had the highest levels of vitamin C among the tested varieties, with a 100-gram portion providing 147 milligrams of this vital nutrient. For comparison, an equal-sized serving of mature raw red cabbage contains 57 milligrams of vitamin C. Microgreens are also rich in the carotenoid, beta-carotene, which may help reduce risk of disease, such as cancer and eye disease. Many microgreens contain more beta-carotene than carrots12 milligrams per 100 grams compared with 8 milligrams in boiled carrots. Researchers who analyzed the beta-carotene content of microgreens found these super-nutritious greens also provide carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Researchers at Yale University found that microgreens are a great source of vitamin E. According to them, “The recommended daily allowance for vitamin E is 15 milligrams of alphatocopherol, meaning that eating just a small amount of daikon radish microgreens would cover your daily requirement for this important antioxidant vitamin.” Although microgreens are small, they pack an impressive punch of condensed nutrient density. Vitamin K is also found in abundance among these tiny seedlings, offering health benefits by “promoting normal blood clotting and preventing excessive bruising. Vitamin K also plays an important role in maintaining strong and healthy bones."

NUTRIENT DENSE MACRO-SALAD  4 cups of your favorite microgreens ½ cup strawberries  ½ cup thinly sliced granny smith apples  2 tablespoons sunflower seeds  1 tbsps chopped walnuts

 Drizzle your favorite vinaigrette dressing lightly over the salad or simplify with a splash of good balsamic vinegar and touch of extra virgin olive oil.

 Combine microgreen mixture in a large deep bowl Add strawberries, apples, sunflower seeds, and walnuts to mixture

MICROGREENS: Tatsoi Baby and Microgreens Purslane Microgreens Baby Bok Choy (Pak Choi) Broccoli Microgreens (Baby) Dandelion Greens Baby Romaine (Cos) Lettuce Kohlrabi Microgreens Radish Microgreens Snow Pea Shoots Daikon Microgreens (Kaiware) Sunflower Shoots (Sunnies)

Baby Swiss Chard Celery Microgreens Chervil Microgreens Green/Red Orach Microgreens Baby Beet Greens Cilantro Microgreens Baby Garland Chrysanthemum Fennel Microgreens Parsley Microgreens Basil Microgreens Beet Microgreens

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unch l t c e rf d he pe t s sala ' t I r e n n or di y anytime jo to en e year. of th


eafy greens are one of the best veggies you can eat. They’re full of nutrients and they’re easy to serve raw, steamed, or sautéed. In this simple salad, I roasted cauliflower and topped with two of my favorite detoxifying leafy greens, arugula and spinach, and a creamy tahini dressing. This recipe is naturally free of gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, and other inflammatory foods so it’s the perfect lunch or dinner salad to enjoy anytime of the year. Feel free to use more garlic if you like more of a kick to your dressing. In my book, Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body, I talk about how certain foods cause inflammation in our body and how to add in more whole, anti-inflammatory foods like those in this recipe. The purple cabbage and heirloom tomato add a subtle sweetness along with the honey and raw almonds without having to add any refined sugar. This recipe takes about 30 minutes to prepare, so you can have it on the table on a rushed weeknight meal for your family, or savor it on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Enjoy!



SERVES 4 • 1 head organic cauliflower, cut into ½ inch florets • 1 tbsp avocado oil • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste • 4 ½ tbsp tahini • Juice of 1 large lemon • 2 tsp honey or pure maple syrup • 1 medium clove garlic, minced • Hot water, as needed • 2 cups arugula • 2 cups baby spinach • 1 cup thinly sliced purple cabbage • 1 large heirloom tomato, diced • 1 small English cucumber, diced • 2 tbsp raw almonds Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Prepare a large rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Lay the cauliflower florets onto

the prepared baking sheet and drizzle with the avocado oil, using your hands to coat each cauliflower floret. Season with sea salt and pepper. Roast for 30 minutes or until the cauliflower is golden brown and tender. Remove from the oven and set aside. Meanwhile, whisk together the tahini, lemon juice, honey, minced garlic, and a few teaspoons of hot water in a small bowl. Add more hot water as needed, to thin out the dressing to your desired consistency. Season to taste with sea salt and pepper and set aside. In a large bowl, combine the roasted cauliflower, arugula, spinach, cabbage, tomato, and cucumber. Drizzle with the tahini dressing and gently toss to coat. Season to taste with sea salt and pepper. Garnish with raw almonds and serve immediately.

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cover story

Alexandra Paul’s captivating smile is a genuine reflection of a woman constantly moving forward on a path she loves to travel, literally and figuratively.



By Patricia Danflous INSPIRE HEALTH

IN A RECENT INTERVIEW WITH INSPIRE HEALTH FROM HER HOME IN LOS ANGELES, THE ACTRESS AND LONG-TIME ENVIRONMENTALIST ALEXANDRA PAUL HIKED AS SHE TALKED WITH ENTHUSIASM ABOUT HER GLOBAL CAREER AS A CERTIFIED WELLNESS COACH. “I’ve always been interested in health and fitness,” she explains. “I wanted to help people, especially women, feel better about themselves. I understand so well the pain that comes from not feeling good about yourself.” Having struggled with an eating disorder as a 16-year-old, the life lessons she learned in recovery, as well as the wisdom gained in a successful acting career and commitment to the environment, contribute to her empathy for others. As a wellness professional who seriously pursues continuing education, her emphasis is guiding others in the long-term benefits of living longer and better. “On the short term, it is about helping someone to make the changes necessary to feel better and be more productive,” she says. Even with health coaching as her major focus today, Paul still focuses on her passions for the environment and an acting career, which has included roles in more than 100 feature films and television shows. She entered the environmentalist arena early as president of the energy committee of her high school, which she has helped become more energy efficient. Honored by several organizations for commitment to the environment, including the ACLU, the United Nations, and Green Cross International, she has owned electric cars for more than 20 years, she uses a second-hand cellphone, iPad, and computer, and her home is furnished with used products including her dishes, glasses, napkins and silverware. Catching water and rain water are also part of her daily pledge to Mother Nature. Look to the red carpet and you will recognize Paul her from her five years as Lt. Stephanie Holden in the TV series Baywatch and such films as Dragnet, American Flyers, and Sharknado 4.

"I really love acting and always will but it was not melding with my compassion for others. Acting has given me a platform to focus on health, fitness and the environment, but you know, I don’t think people need platforms to make a change in the world. “I am lucky to have saved money from acting to develop another career,” she continues, adding that the luxury of not having to work nine to five while building a new business is another fortunate advantage. She has issues of time and balance well under control. “I don’t have children, I don’t watch a lot of television and I am good at multitasking. For example, I am taking an advanced coaching course right now, so I listen to lectures while I stretch and do yoga. I read non-fiction, educational books when I ride the stationary bike. I'm walking on a trail as I talk to you

Paul emphasizes that each person comes in with diverse circumstances and expectations. “It’s never too late to change life’s habits,” she says. “If you have never cooked for yourself, you can learn how to buy and eat more whole foods instead of eating in restaurants every day. If you are someone who moves from one place to another for your career, use that new place as a jumpstart to incorporate new habits into your life. You won’t have a restaurant list. Even a vacation is a good time to change habits because you don’t have the same influences around you." “It makes your life better to start early, however,” she states. “I just started working with a college student which is a really good thing for her. As she starts building her life, she is also building it around health, fitness, and good eating habits. We are living in the 21st century

It’s never too late to change life’s habits” right now!” Although she recognizes that her wellness coaching instructors would not approve of multitasking, because it interferes with self-awareness, Paul knows what works for her. She passes that philosophy on to her clients, never deterring them from multi-tasking if that’s what it takes to add health and fitness into their lifestyles. “I think that time is a huge issue with my clients,” Paul says, demonstrating a refreshing appreciation for individual needs and circumstances. “One of the reasons people think they can’t exercise or prepare healthy meals is because they think they don’t have the time. It is hard to find that time and people do have to decide what their priorities are. I wake up early and when you are awake at 6 a.m. there is not a lot that gets in the way – meetings usually don’t take place that time of the day. So, I am more likely to get my workouts in then.” Coaching sessions by phone, with motivating texts and emails in between,

with sedentary lifestyles, packaged foods, and frequently dining out. I don’t know how people can maintain their weight if they eat out all the time. It has to be a struggle.” Emphasizing that she is not a nutritionist, Paul does not dictate certain diets or advise calorie counting, unless a client does better with such guidelines. She does not approach wellness with a list of “do nots.” "One of the things I love about coaching is that it is based on positive psychology,” she says. “When I was in therapy for eating disorders, I had to talk about what was wrong with me. Coaching talks about what are you good at and that has a motivating effect in itself.” Paul defines wellness coaching as helping people find their own way to health and fitness by focusing on strengths and building on what is going right. “I don’t tell people what to do, I listen and help them figure out how to achieve their goals. If I simply tell people what to do, then I am not doing my job § #inspirehealthmag



cover story right. I would never force anyone to count calories if that is not their thing. I measure my food and bring my own food when I travel, but that is what is best for me. When you are vegan, you don’t want to get caught starving if there are no options around,” she laughs. A vegetarian since she was 14, Paul chose an ethical vegan lifestyle six years ago, which extends beyond food choices to the products she uses and the clothes she wears. “I became a vegan for the animals,” she states,” but it is really helping me more. When I gave up dairy, it became easier because my values were aligned with my diet. My heart just opened

up and I feel like I look at the world differently in terms of justice, and speciesism and racism." Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following her passion as a wellness coach has brought a new dimension to Paul’s life. “Getting trained as a health coach is about listening, empathizing, guiding, planning and supporting. It has helped me Alexandra helps at a Plug In America booth to promote electric cars, 2007. improve my relationships with others, as well as my husband. Married to fitness coach Ian Murray, Paul’s voice sparkles as she says, “I am so lucky. My husband is so amazing, so wonderful. I am deeply, deeply in love with him.” Alexandra on a panel on the benefits That’s another reason of electric cars, 2009. for her smile! Alexandra speaking at the induction

For more information about Alexandra Paul’s wellness coaching & to schedule a free, 20-minute consultation, visit

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of new electric car chargers at Malibu Creek State Park 2013

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Carbon s t n i r P Paw By Dr. Mark Cousins, DVM, DABVP

ARE PETS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT? OR, DO THEY LEAVE AN UNNECESSARY CARBON FOOTPRINT? he point could be made that pets contribute to a negative macroscopic ecologic balance. Much energy has to be funneled into the processing plants that manufacture pet foods, and the process of extrusion (the manufacture of pelleted rations) is an energy consuming process. Since most of us prefer a dry type of food to feed our dogs, cats, rabbits, or hamsters, this necessarily means the production of a carbon footprint. We could, of course, turn our pets loose in a feral arrangement and let them scavenge and procure food the way their genetics are programmed to perform. It would certainly shrink their carbon footprint if we didn't have to buy food, but that




would be cruel, irresponsible, and would defeat the purpose of having pets. Besides food, other pet products (plastic for pet toys, litter boxes, and bowls; nylon for leashes and collars; polystyrene for everything else) is obviously also an energy-demanding activity which wouldn’t be necessary if we didn’t have pets. Should we stop buying pet supplies and things we need to manage our pets and make their life more interesting and fun? It's hard for animal lovers to be objective on this topic. Does anyone take carbon footprints into consideration with a purring cat in their lap, or when excitedly greeted by their dog at the end of a tough day? Perhaps the solution is to do our best to seek out green manufacturers and eco-friendly pet products that allow us to be both loving pet owners and responsible custodians of the planet.


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mighty kids

Ge caching




Click on the desired geocache to get information such as size, terrain, level of difficulty, description, hints and comments from other geocachers who have come and gone. (Beware: Some hints give away the farm.)



2. 3.

Download the free app. (A premium level featuring more locations is also available.)


It gets its name from geo (earth) and cache (a hiding place). First appearing around the year 2000, geocache locations are now estimated at more than 2 million worldwide. That means you and your family are never far away from starting your own hunt!


2. 3.

Create an account. Use the map to locate geocaches near you.

Use this information to locate the geocache.

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Energy Balls

recipe INGREDIENTS  1 cup oatmeal  2/3 cup coconut flakes  ½ cup ground flax seed  ½ cup peanut butter  1/3 cup raw honey*  1 tsp cinnamon  1 tsp turmeric powder  1 tsp vanilla extract Optional  1 tsp chia seeds  1 tsp hemp seeds  Cacao nibs/ dark chocolate

INSTRUCTIONS  Mix ingredients together in bowl. Once evenly mixed, cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Remove from fridge and form into small balls. Keep covered and refrigerated.  These energy balls make the perfect quick snack and are great to take to parties and events. They satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing ingredient quality or nutrients. Each ball is giving you complex carbohydrates to fuel your body, healthy fats, plant-based protein, and natural sugar for energy. Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory and raw honey is nature's most powerful antibiotic. Indulge in an energy ball or two knowing every ingredient is not only great tasting, but great for you! *Those with bee allergies, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid consumption of honey.

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applesauce*  1 cup brown sugar  1 egg (see substitutes)  ½ tbsp. vanilla  1 tsp. baking powder  ½ tsp. cinnamon  1 pinch salt  1 cup + 2 tbsp. flour  1 cup raisins  1 ½ c. rolled oats

INSTRUCTIONS  Preheat oven to 350°. Spray baking sheet with cooking spray.  Blend applesauce (or butter), sugar, egg, vanilla, baking powder, cinnamon and salt.  Add flour.  Gently fold in raisins and oats.  Drop in rounded spoonfuls and bake 12-15 minutes, depending on size.  Cool completely. * The recipe calls for 1 stick (½ c.) butter but I substituted applesauce. Reluctant? Trade out only half the butter.

Then, I picked four egg alternatives: olive oil, chia seeds, pumpkin purée, nut butter. Here’s how it went.


s g Eg

By Michele Robert Poche

Allergies, cholesterol, salmonella, lifestyle… there are many reasons a person may elect to remove eggs from his diet, but it’s not always easy. Eggs are a staple in the production of many dishes and baked goods. So finding a substitute would be tricky, right? That’s what I thought until

I took on this eggs-ceptional challenge. There are literally dozens of alternatives for eggs. Because they offer many different properties (cohesion, moisture, leavening), the substitute you use may depend largely on your recipe. I opted to make cookies. (My family just loves my “food experiment” articles.)

If your brown sugar has hardened into a solid mass, place it in a baking dish covered with a wet paper towel and microwave for 20 seconds or bake in a 300° oven for 5 minutes. Keep it soft for future use by storing it with a slice of bread.



OLIVE OIL Usage: Pour from bottle Ratio: ¼ c. = 1 egg Cost: $5/bottle Regular supermarket: Yes

CHIA SEEDS Usage: Soak 1 tbsp. seeds in 2 tbsp. water for 3 minutes Ratio: 1 tbsp. = 1 egg Cost: $15.99/lb. Regular supermarket: Likely

PUMPKIN PURÈE Usage: Scoop from can (or homemade) Ratio: 1/3 c. = 1 egg Cost: $2/can Regular supermarket: Yes

NUT BUTTER Usage: Scoop from jar Ratio: 3 tbsp. = 1 egg Cost: $2.50/jar Regular supermarket: Yes

Which was best? Honestly, they all performed well and the results were pretty consistent. The olive oil was easiest to use but yielded the least flavor. The chia seeds created a chewier cookie with more of a granola bar texture. And the pumpkin and nut butter were the fan favorites with the most (somewhat discernible) flavor. Now, I just need to figure out what to do with the six dozen cookies that remain. Sigh.

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The Sweet Benefits OF NATURE’S NECTAR By Cindy A. Lugo




the fauna triggering the allergic reaction. This major benefit is only one of many to consider as you add a steady dose of raw local honey to your diet. A key element to remember is that the power-packed properties exist in raw honey, which is a pure, unfiltered and unpasteurized sweetener made by bees from the nectar of flowers. When you buy from local independent farmers, beekeepers, and farmer’s markets, you are generally getting the best quality raw honey. Any honey not labeled raw, unheated, and unfiltered has most likely been processed for a long shelf life, robbing it of its incredible nutritional value and health powers. Expect raw honey to be opaque rather than the golden color which is achieved through heating. Fresh, raw honey is tastier and as a healing remedy, it can boast the following: Boosts energy Relieves morning sickness Soothes sore throats Aids in weight loss, especially when replacing processed sugar as a daily sweetener Raises levels of health-promoting antioxidants in the body Promotes restorative sleep Aids in the treatment of burns and wounds when infused bandages are applied Effective in treating coughs When mixed with cinnamon, provides relief from bladder infections, arthritis, upset stomach, and bad breath

Sure, it’ll sweeten your tea, but did you know that honey can also function as a natural antibiotic? Just dab a little onto a wound, blemish, etc., to help encourage healing, prevent bacterial growth, and minimize scarring. Remember when shopping: the darker the honey, the stronger its antibacterial properties.

KNOW YOUR BEEKEEPER! This is the number one step in finding the healthiest local honey possible; check your local farmer’s market and beekeeping association to research beekeepers in your area who use no chemicals, use wooden frames and natural wax foundation, don’t heat their honey, and don’t feed or move their bees.


ature’s nectar--honey-- packs a powerful punch in the fight against ailments, and has been used for centuries for its healing properties. When you eat locally harvested, raw honey, you receive the added benefit of consuming a superfood that contains immune stimulating properties needed for your body. It is believed that eating a tablespoon of honey each day can relieve the symptoms of pollen-related allergies. The premise is that bees in your area are collecting nectar from the plants and flowers that cause you to experience itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and other similar allergic symptoms. Raw honey contains bee pollen; therefore, when you eat local raw honey, you are consuming that same offending local pollen. By ingesting minute amounts of the very allergen that is affecting you, your body builds up immunity to

*Those with bee allergies, or who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid consumption of honey.

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healthy destinations

Rejuvination in The Red Mountains RED MOUNTAIN RESORT, ST. GEORGE, UTAH


By Tami Charbonnet

rom morning walks in Snow Canyon to all day hikes through Zion National Park to relaxing mornings in Sagestone spa and salon, Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah, is a perfect balance for a healthy destination. Red Mountain resort offers packages for guests with a variety of interests, encouraging guests to be "as adventurous or as relaxed" as they desire. Guests awake in luxury to breathtaking views of the Red Mountains, a delicious healthy breakfast buffet, and a



pre-planned itinerary for their day. Regardless of whether you are in search of outdoor adventures, spa packages, fitness classes, or even retreat packages, itineraries are customized for the needs of each guest or group. Guests have plenty of opportunities to exercise at the resort with world class fitness instructors. Classes offered include yoga, meditation, stretching, dance, weight training, and even water workouts. Outdoor adventures are also popular as guests enjoy hiking, golf, and excursions into surrounding Zion National Park.

Red Mountain has also been recognized as "a leading choice in wellness resorts." The environment is designed to empower and inspire every guest, and even those who are tattering the edge to discover a healthy lifestyle: The resort boasts, "Each of our wellness professionals is a passionate, experienced specialist in his or her area of expertise, here to empower your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health." Red Mountain also offers nutritional programs, personal discovery, wellness programs, and wellness retreats to add to their appeal. Consider it for a relaxing, yet transformative healthy destination in 2017.

Guests awake in luxury to breathtaking views of the Red Mountains, a delicious healthy breakfast buffet and a preplanned itinerary for their day

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Stylist: Whitney Alexandra | Photos: Bri Johnson | Model: Marcelle & Anya Lesun (Q Model Management) | Hair & Makeup: LB Charles



STRIPES g n i r p ForS By Whitney Alexandra


tripes have been around for years. Whether they served as the main focus of an outfit or as an accent piece, we are no stranger to these fashion trends. The nice thing about stripes is that this super trend seems to have a twist to them each season and this spring is no different. This year, it’s all about bold, bigger, and more prominent stripes. It’s about trendy, chic pinstripes, and it’s about stripes with a lot of comfort involved. For years they were the classic attire for business women.You’d find them in pantsuits, button-ups, and tailored blazers, but now they are so much more. One of the biggest trends for stripes this spring is big, bold stripes on maxi or calf-length dresses. It’s easy and comfortable INSPIRE HEALTH

and it looks chic and effortless. This also applies to wearing wide-leg pants with stripes. Pair them with a cotton tee or an oversized buttonup, which is also big for spring this year, and you have the perfect outfit for running errands. Don’t fret if you don’t like the bold and edgy look–pinstripes are still in, but this year they’re a little more fun. These pinstripes have more of a textured look, and they are great to wear as tops, pants and our favorite, jumpsuits - because who doesn’t love a great jumpsuit? 70’s anyone! This leads us to another blastfrom-the-past: cutouts. Yup, the cutout is back, but you can keep it subdued and classy by wearing it in the neckline of a striped shirt, giving you the look of the season.

Now let’s be honest, it’s easy to find these latest spring fashion trends in all the department stores and up-scale boutiques, but most of those don’t use organic, sustainable fabrics. As much as the runway shows promote the latest and greatest trends, they often forget the biggest trend of all, supporting our environment. Luckily, there are some amazing stores offering the season's must-haves that are super fashionable, while helping our world, all at the same time. One of my personal favorites is Study NY, which utilizes sustainable techniques and materials, while educating the consumer. They offer a variety of trendy, chic looks that cater to everyone, making it easier than ever to shop your favorite looks in a sustainable fashion.

Be sure to check out Study NY online to shop this seasons organic / sustainable clothing. www.

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Living GREEN



By Lauren Amerson INGREDIENTS:  1 avocado  Juice from ½ lime  ¼ cup tomato (diced)  2 Tbsps. sauerkraut or pink sauerkraut  1 inch jalapeno, minced, no seeds  ¼ cup onion (diced)  1 Tbsp. fresh cilantro (chopped)  ¼ tsp. salt (optional)  ¼ tsp. black pepper  Garnish: ¼ cup fresh cilantro (chopped)



PREPARATION: 1. Cut avocado in half. Discard pit. Scoop flesh out with a spoon and add to mixing bowl. 2. Squeeze the juice from the lime. Add to the mixing bowl. 3. Chop the tomato, onion, and cilantro. Add to mixing bowl. 4. Mince the jalapeño, then add to mixing bowl. 5. Measure and add all remaining ingredients (sauerkraut, salt, pepper). Add to mixing bowl.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl, stir together until well mixed. 2. Transfer to a serving dish. 3. Garnish, serve and enjoy!


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