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Experience the natural beauty of Montana at Big Sky Yoga Retreat, home of the Cancer Kickin’ Cowgirls!

5 SUPER FOOD Camu Camu


Reduce Stress with Magnesium



Store & Use Fresh Herbs Like a Pro


Eat More Fiber, Stay Full & Lose Weight


Protein Powered Plants


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal


Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer


Yoga Transforms Mind, Body & Spirit with Kathryn Budig


Cranberry Quinoa Salad


Happy Pets, Happy People



Make Your Own All-Natural First Aid Kit

38 HEALTHY DESTINATIONS Big Sky Yoga & Outdoor Fitness Retreat


Kids & Healthy Eating: How They Learn


The Finest American Denim

Breathe Easy with Better Home Air Quality



Grits, Cornbread & Cancer




Warming Yellow Split Pea Soup


CREATE LONG LEAN MUSCLES WITH PILATES Cover photo of Kathryn Budig & Ashi by Andrew Cebulka

super food

CAMU CAMU Berry-ade


u m a C u Cam


By Lynette M. Kokemor, MA-MCMH

amu camu is the newest superfood rock star! Camu camu is a shrub native to the South American rain forests and fields of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela. It produces an abundance of berries that pack a powerful vitamin punch. The leaves and berries of the camu camu have been used for thousands of years by South American natives for medicinal purposes. This small cherry - like berry is nutrient dense, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.The camu camu berry is available in various forms including liquid, powder and capsule for oral consumption. It is also used in topical lotions and oils. Researchers have discovered it contains high antioxidant properties that aid in skin and eye health, strengthening of the immune system, decreased depression, and lowered risk of arthritis, asthma, and gum disease. Camu camu may also help protect against cancer.

Camu camu is an excellent source of essential nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and anti-viral properties vital to health and wellness. Along with additional nutrients, camu Camu contains the following essentials:

Did you know camu camu is reported to have 60 times the vitamin C of an orange? In the heat of the summer, try this refreshing, rich drink. Ingredients  ½ tbsp honey  ¼ cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice  ¼ cup of fresh squeezed orange juice  2 tbsp camu camu powder  1 quart water Instructions Mix ingredients together in a blender and pour into a glass pitcher. Chill before serving.

Vitamin C: promotes bone strength, blood vessels, and skin Potassium: enhances nervous system, muscle contraction, fluid balance Leucine: aids in stabilization of weight, lean muscle mass, and cholesterol levels Valine: promotes normal growth, tissue repair, blood sugar regulation, mental function Serine: aids in brain function, central nervous system function Gallic Acid: protects against cancer and neural degeneration Ellagic Acid: used to fight cancer and to treat bacterial and viral infections

Camu Camu is a natural supplement presently unregulated by the FDA. Although this super berry seems to have beneficial health properties, consultation with your physician and caution during use should always be exhibited. As § #inspirehealthmag always, anything in excess might be potentially harmful.





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healthy mind

Food Sources of Magnesium (in mg) Cereal, all bran ½ cup 112 Cereal, oat bran ½ cup dry 96 Brown rice, medium-grain, cooked 1 cup 86 Spinach, frozen, chopped, cooked ½ cup 78 Almonds 1 ounce ( 23 almonds) 77 Swiss chard, chopped, By Elisabeth Morgan cooked ½ cup 75 spoonful of milk of magnesia Nutritionist Liz Weinandy, at the Ohio Lima beans, large, immature and an Epsom salt bath— State University Wexner Medical Center, says seeds, cooked ½ cup 63 these old fashioned home that 60% of Americans don’t get enough remedies are the key magnesium. Magnesium deficiency wasn’t a Cereal, shredded wheat for reducing stress and problem before modern food refinement. 2 biscuits 61 inflammation.They are remedies against a Essential minerals came through our water Peanuts magnesium deficiency— one of the key supply and produce; however, now with 1 ounce 48 minerals in our bodies that regulate hormone modern grain refinement, water filtration Molasses, blackstrap production, hydration and over 300 healthy systems, and depleted farming soil, mineral 1 tablespoon 48 biochemical reactions.The lack of magnesium deficiency is common. is accompanied by tightening muscles, fatigue, Taking a magnesium supplement is a way to Hazelnuts 1 ounce and anxiety -- negative symptoms for those make up for the deficiency. (21 hazelnuts) 46 seeking a sense of calm in their lives. “I usually recommend a moderate dose, “I always talk about the benefits of about 200 to 250 milligrams magnesium citrate” Okra, frozen, cooked ½ cup 37 magnesium, especially to assist with sleep,” says Weinandy. “Large doses of magnesium says Geri Brewster, a registered dietician and supplements can cause diarrhea, so more is not Banana nutritionist in New York. “Many people with always better!” 1 medium 32

REDUCE STRESS with this Mineral


anxiety and sleep disturbances are producing stress hormones throughout the day, like adrenaline and cortisone.” These hormones require a lot of magnesium, Brewster explains. When we’re leading a caffeinated, sleep-deprived lifestyle, we end up depleting our magnesium supply very quickly. Consequently, we reach for the help of caffeine, which acts as a diuretic and makes us lose even more of the mineral! This creates a cycle of deprivation — when we don’t have enough magnesium to fuel the adrenal glands, we become tired and irritable. This can lead to stress, high blood pressure, and depression.

The recommended daily dose for adults is between 300-400 milligrams. Supplements can Source: Oregon State University Linus interfere with certain other medications, and Pauling Institute your kidneys must be in good working order. Talk with a doctor before starting a regimen. There are some simple ways to promote magnesium absorption in your body without supplements. Drinking mineral water, taking Epsom salt baths, and focusing on a diet naturally rich in magnesium are useful. “In order to just get our required amount, before we take on any extra stress, we need about a cup of cooked spinach, an avocado, and 2oz of nuts a day,” suggests Brewster. § #inspirehealthmag



natural beauty

r e t t u B a ShforeBeauty and Health The MANY uses of


By Whitney Alexandra

rotecting your skin and hair by using natural superfoods is the ultimate bounty of goodness you can give yourself for natural beauty and health. Shea butter is one of the most amazing skin care tools and body healers available today. The shea tree has long been considered sacred because of the many extensive benefits it offers. Shea butter is rich in unsaturated fats, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E, D and provitamin A, making it beneficial to your skin, hair, and overall beauty. Shea butter is one of the best anti-aging agents for your skin, as it strengthens your skin by simply stimulating the production of collagen. Shea butter is also excellent for “after� sun care by providing extra moisture, nutrients and protection. Due to the extreme moisture that shea butter has to offer, it is also a great tool to use for dry or damaged hair bringing moisture and shine back to the hair. There are many different treatments and ways to apply shea butter to your hair, such as using it as a mask or a conditioner. Remember, your skin and hair are one of the most essential facets of your beauty. While some beauty products can provide immediate and visible results, it is possible they can harm your skin and hair over long time use, due the their chemical components. Keeping products natural and being aware of the power of shea butter will not only protect your skin and hair from harsh toxins, but it will also continue to rejuvenate you and help you to maintain healthy hair and skin naturally for years to come. Buy shea butter in its most natural form! Purchase 100% Pure Unrefined Raw Shea Butter from your local retailer. My favorite brand is Adwi Organics.




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The Epic Power of Pilates

CREATE LONG LEAN MUSCLES By: Tami Charbonnet Model: Erin Romney Photographer: Bobby Lecompte


ilates is a chronic stress reliever. It will refresh and relieve muscular strain and tension while building core strength and physical stability. Pilates will increase your mind-body awareness, help center your attention, and sharpen your concentration. You will feel renewed and invigorated from using deep, short and simple muscular movements. Dynamic

movements tone the difficult to reach core muscles, strengthen the spine and improve joint flexibility. Great news! Pilates has options for everyone, from the de-conditioned to the elite athlete. Don’t have time to exercise? No more excuses. Pilates will save time. How? Pilates focuses on quality of movement rather than quantity. You will ease your way into compound, dynamic movements designed in a

specific sequence to allow the body to strengthen in just one session! As your body strengthens, gravity will be your epic challenge. Pilates is efficiently organized, balanced, and versatile. Gentle on the joints, pilates enhances and improves posture and strengthens the core while creating long, lean muscles. Enjoy the benefits and take the challenge of Pilates.

1. FOREARM PLANK: Brace your core tightly and create a straight line from the base of your neck to the ankles. Shoulders must remain directly over your elbows. If your back begins to sink, bring your knees to the floor and begin again. This move works all of your core muscles in one simple isometric exercise. Hold this position for up to a minute. Hold abs in tight!




2. BRIDGE POSE: LEVEL 1,2,3, 1- Lie down with your back resting on the floor or a mat. Bend the knees and shift weight towards your pelvis. Leave a comfortable gap between the knees. Keep heels in line with knees and and press the feet flat on the mat. Place hands to the sides of the body. 2- Intermediate Bridge: To intensify the movement, gently lift your pelvis off the mat. When your hips reach the maximum height, lower your pelvis back onto the mat and repeat movement. Squeeze the glutes to protect your lower back and take your time. This move may look simple, but it is both challenging and powerful. 3- Advanced Bridge. Repeat steps to intermediate bridge. When your hips reach their maximum height, lift your foot off the floor and extend your leg upward.


4. CRISSCROSS: Begin lying on the floor with legs extended. Inhale and pull your abs in deeply as you bend the knees and place your hands to the sides of the head. Curl your head forward until the shoulders lift off the floor. Inhale as you extend the left leg, bend the right knee and bring the left elbow to your right knee. Slowly rotate movement from left to right. Use breath for each movement.


4 3. SIDE PLANK Roll onto the side of your body, lift hips off the floor and balance on one forearm. Contract the abdominal muscles and lift your arm gently above the head for balance. Come down to one knee if needed. Release back to the floor. Use your breath to guide movement. Inhale as you lift, and exhale as you release. Continue these movements for one minute and switch sides. ยง #inspirehealthmag



exercise 5.ROLLING LIKE A BALL: Sit up on the mat in a C curve position. Hover your feet off the mat a few inches and press your elbows into the knees. Inhale and roll back onto the mat. It is extremely important to roll onto the base of your shoulder blades (not your neck). Brace your core, exhale and roll back up with your chin tucked and your elbows anchored to your knees for stability. Start off balancing just past the tailbone, maintain C-curve of spine and roll back to shoulder blades then back up to balance. Make sure not to wobble your pelvis as you come back up to balance. Engage abs on the way back up. As you become advanced, place hands on your shins and pull into a tighter ball.


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The FlipBelt is a sleek way to carry your phone, cards, keys, cash and more while you exercise. It is made out of EPA certified, odor resistant, pilling resistant, anti-bacterial high tech poly spandex fabric and is a lighter alternative to similar products on the market. Bonus: It will hold phones of all different sizes! Do jumping jacks. Climb a mountain. Bike down a mountain trail. Your stuff will stay put no matter what you’re doing with a FlipBelt.

Use Code:


for 20% off your purchase at 6. LEG STRETCHES Anchor your spine to the floor and extend legs out long. Keep your right leg lifted straight up, at the same time lift your shoulders off the floor and hold onto your calf. Keep the opposite leg on the floor. Release, and repeat on the left side. Engage your core to keep muscles activated.

AD § #inspirehealthmag






f you’ve overbought or you don’t think you’ll be able to use up fresh herbs before they perish, try these tricks to make purchases last and your hard-earned dollars go as far as possible. These are a real life preserver on busy nights where you have no energy left to cook. It’s a great tip for preserving fresh herbs, but it can be used with dry herbs as well. On busy nights, when a quick dinner is a must, place an herb cube in a skillet with onion and fresh veggies and sauté. Toss with cooked grains and enjoy in a wrap, in a bowl, or over greens.

Heather Crosby Try herb combinations like sage, rosemary, and thyme, or marjoram and sage, or chive and parsley, or dill and lemon zest. Ingredients:  ½ teaspoon dry herbs or 1 teaspoon of fresh herbs  Olive oil, Warm coconut oil, or liquid vegetable stock Directions: 1. Wash herbs and pat them dry with a clean towel. Place on a plate and set by a sunny windowsill and allow to dry completely (3 – 7 days). Once crispy

Reprinted from YumUniverse with permission from Heather Crosby,



and dry, transfer to an airtight glass container. Store like you would any dried herbs. 2. Pack ½ teaspoon dry or 1 teaspoon of fresh herbs into the compartments of an ice-cube tray. 3. Fill with olive oil, warm coconut oil, or liquid veggie stock and freeze until solid. Then once frozen, transfer herb cubes to an airtight container and keep in the freezer until ready to use (to protect cubes from freezer burn, transfer them out of trays once solid).

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weight loss


r e fib

Stay Full, Lose Weight Tami Charbonnet MA, CPT

"Did you know most people eat the same weight”of food every day?"


Barbara Rolls, PhD

eeling satisfied from food consumption is the bridge connecting you to weight loss success. People who have difficulty losing weight often try to control their hunger with high protein, low carbohydrate and/ or low fat diets. However, high fiber and water rich foods such as fruits and vegetables keep the body feeling full longer. Studies show that eating fresh salads, vegetable based soups, and fruits will allow you to eat the same weight of food with fewer calories thus resulting in weight loss. It is a fact that keeping calories in check is the key to weight

loss, and high fiber foods are typically lower in calories than low fiber content options. According to Tufts University professor of nutrition Susan Roberts, PhD: “People who eat 35-45 grams of fiber a day are less hungry when losing weight and lose more weight than people who eat less fiber.” There are two different types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber has been proven to keep you feeling fuller longer because it digests slower in the stomach. Weight loss is indeed an uphill battle. By making minor adjustments and adding additional fiber it may make the battle less grueling. 

Try a few simple changes to decrease hunger:  Increase water consumption and add fresh squeezed lemon.  Increase consumption of quinoa, oatmeal, oat cereals, lentils, apples, oranges, pears, oat bran, strawberries, nuts, carrots, celery, spinach, broccoli, blueberries and beans.






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eat fresh

d e r e w o P Protein

s t n a l P Satisfy your body’s

need for protein with fresh foods By Tami Charbonnet




ontrary to popular belief, it is absolutely possible to optimize our health by consuming a plantbased diet. We are frequently asked: “How do you get enough protein without eating animal products to build lean muscle mass, sustain energy, and thrive while living an active lifestyle?" The answer is actually quite simple. A plant-based diet can be full of foods with enough protein for us to thrive without eggs, dairy and meat. The typical diet of modern Americans is primarily based upon saturated fats. These are proven to clog arteries, increase risk of cancer, diabetes and numerous other chronic diseases. Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that we need

to eat meat to satisfy the body’s need for protein. What if you don’t like beans? Do you have to eat tofu to get protein? Did you know that every whole food contains protein? This fact may be surprising, but makes it easy to enjoy a plant-based diet loaded with protein, nearly free of cholesterol and high in fiber. I have always found it fascinating to browse through local markets with the intention of diversifying the plants in my own diet. Although each person’s protein needs are different, the RDA recommends 0.8 grams of protein per kilograms of body weight for the average, sedentary adult.

MY TOP 5 PROTEIN POWERED PLANT OPTIONS: 1. Quinoa The king of all grains! Just ¼ cup of quinoa (dry) contains 6 grams of protein and can be eaten alone or paired with broccoli, cauliflower or asparagus for a nutrient dense, protein packed meal. It is also a great source of magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin E and zinc. 2. Broccoli One cup of broccoli contains 5.7 grams of protein and is also a great source of folic acid, beta-carotene, zinc, vitamin C and B6. Broccoli also contains more calcium than most dairy products. 3. Spinach One cup of cooked spinach equals 5.35 grams of protein. Spinach is a super-food containing numerous health benefits in including protein. It is an excellent source of vitamin

K, which helps ensure healthy brain function, nervous system and bones. 4. Asparagus Asparagus is the protein king of vegetables. It contains approximately 4.32 grams of protein per cup (roughly 8 spears of asparagus). Asparagus also contains vitamin K, important in the prevention of osteoporosis. It is rich in vitamin A, folate, potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

3 Ways to NATURALLY Boost Your Smoothie’s Protein  4tbs Chia seeds and 4oz tofu  4tbs Almond butter and ¼ cup rolled oats  4tbs Hemp Hearts and ½ avocado

5. Almonds Almonds are rich in nutrients and high in protein. One ounce of Almonds contains 6.3 grams of protein. They are a great snack, are nutrient dense, and aid in weight loss. Almonds also contain calcium, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, zinc and folic acid. § #inspirehealthmag




APPLE Cinnamon Oatmeal There aren’t many people that don’t like the taste of apples and cinnamon, whether it’s an apple crisp, apple cinnamon cake or apple pie. Here we have these two flavors combined in a delicious oatmeal bowl topped with apple slices caramelized in coconut oil, cinnamon and coconut or brown sugar. Ingredients l1/2 cup quick oats l1 1/4 cups almond, soy or coconut milk l1 Tbs maple syrup l2 Tbs shredded coconut l1/2 tsp cinnamon l1/2 tsp ground ginger l1 apple, peeled and sliced thin l2 tsp coconut oil l1 tsp cinnamon l1 Tbs coconut sugar lTouch of salt lAlmonds for garnishing (can be soaked overnight and peeled)

Original recipes by Parkash Bains, Global Vegetarian.



Method Step 1 Quick Method: Put oatmeal, milk, maple syrup, cinnamon, ginger and coconut in a heatproof bowl and microwave for 2 minutes. Stir and heat for another minute or so, depending on desired thickness. Take out and set aside. OR Stove Top: Cook in a small pot on medium high heat, stirring regularly until thickened to desired consistency. Remove from heat. Step 2 Put coconut oil in a frying pan on medium high heat. Add apple slices, cinnamon, sugar and salt. Stir to coat apple slices. Caramelize apples for 2 to 3 minutes. Step 3 Place cooked oatmeal in a serving bowl. Top with caramelized apple slices, almonds and any other fruit as desired. 


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e l y t s e f i L Changes Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer


By Elizabeth DeGrie

ith 1 in 8 women developing breast cancer during their lifetime, it’s likely the disease will affect someone you care about. While breast cancer diagnoses and death rates have decreased in recent years, it is important to be proactive about prevention. According to the Mayo Clinic, a few simple lifestyle changes have a huge impact in reducing your cancer risk.


a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Exercise moderately for at least 150 minutes. Breast-feeding Mothers who breast-feed not only help give their babies a great start, they also decrease their breast cancer risk. The great news is the longer you breast-feed, the lower your risk.

Perform self-exams Perform a self-exam once a month about three to five days after your period and discuss any changes with your doctor.

Reconsider hormones The 2002 Women’s Health Initiative Study revealed a correlation between hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer risks. Prior to 2000, breast cancer rates increased dramatically, then decreased rapidly as HRT use dropped. Birth control pills have also been connected with an increased risk for breast cancer.

Maintain your weight Studies show obesity increases your risk, so it’s important to follow

Practice moderation Alcohol and cigarettes increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Avoid


smoking altogether, and limit yourself to one drink per day. Avoid radiation and chemicals Women should carefully consider radiation-based medical tests and only risk exposure when absolutely necessary. It’s also important to limit exposure to workplace chemicals, gasoline fumes and vehicle exhaust. Many of these suggestions not only help with reducing the risk of developing breast cancer, but also other conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. A few changes today could add many quality years to your life.

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cover story

a g o Y



by Patricia Danflous

nternationally recognized yoga teacher Kathryn Budig says that practicing and instructing others in the long-revered art of yoga has enriched her life, enhanced the lives of others and earned her respect as an entrepreneurial leader. Author, instructor, motivator, community activist and teacher on YogaGlo. Budig is also a face for Under Armour. She was recently recognized as one of Ford’s Warriors in Pink for her commitment to breast cancer awareness. With a philosophy of “Aim True” as her guiding principle, Budig has also found a branding that reflects her experience, expertise and innovative approach to promoting the benefits of yoga. “Aim True is my ability to embrace my talents and passions, knowing that not everyone will agree or support me, but when I overcome my fears and stay true to my calling, I



always hit my mark,” she emphasized. “The physical aspect of yoga helps me to burn through my distractions and the stress that I hold in my body. The meditation aspect helps to clear the cobwebs from my mind, so I can see what’s actually going on. Combined, they feed my spirit.” The glowing yoga teacher was not always as strong and rooted in her direction, however. “I grew up in a household where my father brought home the bacon and my mother was a stay-at-home mom. Don’t get me wrong, she was and still is a total powerhouse, but I saw my father go after his career dreams with gusto,” she reflected. “I had plenty of dreams myself, but looking back, I don’t think I believed in my ability to achieve them. Later, I went through a painful breakup with a boyfriend who was really successful. That lit a fire under my tush. I saw him making all of his dreams

come true, and I was so ticked about the break-up that I pushed myself to do even better. I know it wasn’t exactly the healthiest approach, but I am so grateful to him for inspiring me to reach my fullest potential. From that day forward I was on fire.” While a romantic break up sparked her fire, Budig credits life-long inspiration from her father. “He taught me that you can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. He’s the most proficient maker of magic I know,” she said. A University of Virginia graduate in English and Theatre, Budig has enchanted others with on-stage performances. “I acted from the time I was 11 to around 22,” she explained. “I loved slipping into other characters, especially the crazy larger-than-life ones. My favorite roles were playing Sally Bowles in Cabaret and Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd. They’re both so tragic yet magnetic. I’ve always enjoyed these multi-faceted types of characters. The ones you love to hate, but deep down you probably want to give them a hug. “I always had my hands in several different cookie jars when it came to my interests,” she continued. “I was a tomboy who liked to sing on stage but could be painfully shy in real life. In college I learned the art of balancing hard work, studies and having a really good time with friends. I didn’t find true balance until I started practicing yoga and focusing on nutrition.” Work hard, but relax just as intently is Budig’s formula for a balanced life. “My life is a beautiful blend of creativity in my workspace with cooking for my family, relaxing with my dogs and having quality time with my husband and friends. I remind myself that I can’t perform well in the workspace if I don’t maintain my personal

“Life will give you what you need when you need it, and it is often not in the package you expected it to arrive in.”

- Kathryn Budig

KATHRYN BUDIG’S TIPS FOR A HEALTHIER, HAPPIER LIFESTYLE • Work is important, but personal relationships are gold. • Sweat once a day, even if it’s for 5 minutes. • Sleep more! You can’t be your best self if you’re running on fumes. • Drink water! Hydration is key to good health. • Enjoy your food; don’t fear it. Celebrate food by learning to cook for yourself and those you love.

Photo courtesy of Under Armour® § #inspirehealthmag



cover story

Stand up. Feet apart. Hands on hips. Shoulders back. Stand straight and without lowering your head, look directly into the eyes of the person in front of you. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? You have assumed the Wonder Woman Pose! You demonstrate increased confidence as people sense that you are relaxed, in-charge and ready to take on challenges. Arms folded across the chest indicate a “don’t notice me” or “whatever you say” attitude. Hands on the hips or leaning back in a chair suggest authority and leadership. Harvard Business School researcher and professor Amy Cuddy, a specialist in body positioning language, reports that the Wonder Woman Pose helps individuals achieve better performance, better health, abstract thinking and increased tolerance for pain and risk. Start today. Pretend you are Wonder Woman. Don’t worry about the headpiece or that tiny-waisted belt. Just assume the pose!



Photo by Andrew Cebulka

“Yoga can change your life.” -- Kathryn Budig

relationships and give myself the daily opportunity to re-charge.” As an ambassador for Warriors in Pink, Budig shares breast cancer messages with all of her audiences. “Education and awareness is the most important thing women need to know about breast cancer,” she said. “Women need to take their health into their own hands and be proactive. See your gynecologist regularly, do monthly self-breast exams, be aware of the ingredients in your food and the products that you use.” When Budig is not traveling, presenting a motivational seminar, working on her next book or filming a session for, you may find her cozying up on the sofa with her husband (professional skydiver Bob Crossman) and their four dogs. “We have a house covered in hair, but wouldn’t change a thing. We both find dogs to be the closest thing to pure bliss, and that’s why I co-founded Poses for Paws, my project that raises money for various shelters and organizations that we admire through yoga events and products.”



an Pose!

der Wom

The Won

Learn more about yoga, clean living, and how to Aim True at,, or posesforpaws. Her newest book, Aim True will be released through William Morrow/ Harper Collins March 2016.

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Ingredients  1 cup of quinoa / a little less than 2 cups of water to boil it in  1 head of romanesco  ½ apple sliced  ½ cup of cranberries  ¼ cup slivered almonds  2 cups of baby kale  ¼ cup chopped white onion  ¼ cup chopped garlic  4 tbsp of coconut oil / macadamia nut oil or olive oil  1 cup of organic apple cider  2 tsp of pumpkin pie spice

SPICED CIDER BALSAMIC GLAZE: 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp olive oil ¼ cup reduced cider 1 tbsp of dijon mustard salt + pepper to taste Steps  Preheat your oven to 425 degrees and lightly grease a baking sheet with some of your oil.  Next, take a medium saucepan and fill it with your quinoa, water and a little salt. Keep the pan on medium heat and start stirring the quinoa when water starts boiling.  Slice up your romanesco and place it on your baking sheet, drizzle with a little more oil and season however you like. Place that in the oven to roast for around 10-15 minutes while moving the pieces around so that they evenly roast.

 In a separate small sauce pan, place your sliced apples, cranberries, apple cider and pumpkin pie spice. Keep it on a low heat and let it simmer as the fruit absorbs the cider and spices and the liquid reduces. Keep checking on the fruit and moving it around the pan for 10 minute or so until the liquid has reduced and saturated the fruits.  In a frying pan on another burner, Place the remainder 2 tsp of your oil, your baby kale, onions and garlic and sauté till kale is wilted and onions are clear. When all liquid has evaporated from quinoa, it is done, take it off the burner and place into a medium bowl. Add in kale, roasted romanesco and fruit (with remaining cider drained and put to side for the glaze).  In a separate small bowl whisk together the ingredients for the spiced cider balsamic glaze. When combined, drizzle it over your quinoa salad and place into a serving dish. Sprinkle your almonds over the top to garnish and you are done!

CASSANDRA BODZAK is a global meditation + wellness teacher. She’s an author, speaker, TV personality and works with clients one on one all over the world.



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By Mary Tully

'm a true believer that happiness is something we can cultivate. I find that I am happiest when I'm making healthy choices for myself, my family and my friends.We're all a reflection of what is around us: if our families are happy, chances are we will also feel happy. This theory applies to our furry family members as well! How can you be sure that your pet is happy? How important is it to go out of our way to ensure the happiness of an animal? It's actually pretty simple. Most pets don't need very much to be happy—their needs are simple and often overlooked! Don't forget we engineered our pets to be what they are today: co-dependent companions who fit into our very specific lifestyles. For the most part, our pets just want to be with us. They want to spend time with us, which is responsible for the majority of a dog or pet's level of happiness.They also want to go outside, and they want to go outside with us.Your pet also needs good food and healthy communication with their human family members. As a professional dog trainer, I have the privilege of being invited into people's homes and learning about their families in a very special way.The happiest pets that I meet are not the



ones with the biggest yards or fanciest houses. The happiest pets that I meet are the ones who are fully incorporated into their families. Give your pet a job Think about what your pet was made to do and then try and figure out where you can fit them into your lifestyle more often.They might "help" mom or dad with the baby all day or be an "expert" gardening assistant. Maybe they go camping on the weekends or for hikes every morning. Make small changes in your day-to-day routine. It's a fact: we enjoy things more when our pets are around! Did you know that when you touch your pet, your brain releases happy hormones (dopamine) into your system? To get your pet more incorporated into your lifestyle you can try some of these small changes: n Train your dog to fetch diapers or some other item you need throughout the day n Take a dog-yoga class n Have your cat be part of your daily meditation n Find out what restaurants

in your area are dog-friendly n Have dog play dates with your friends! Your pet will be better trained, just by default! Training is communication, so the more time you spend with your pet, the more you are interacting with them and therefore the more chances you give the animal to learn how to interact with you. Animals who are out and about are well adjusted and happy! The more mental and physical energy your dog spends while with you, the less they have left over to get into trouble. This means a giant decrease in behaviors like chewing, jumping, leash-pulling, barking, digging, and possibly even anxiety and aggression.

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AMERICAN DENIM By: Whitney Alexandra

It's time to take your love of denim to the next level! This season, have some fun with denim and mix in more than just a pair of denim pants.Try incorporating a denim jumper, overalls or even a skirt! Only Zace USA offers a great style variety alongside sustainably produced mill-finish RAW denim! I met with the owner and designer of Zace USA, Zachery Myers, to discover more about this Ohio-based fashionably sustainable brand and MUST HAVE denim line. In this issue, I am handing the reigns over to Zachery to share his story and fashion expertise! IH: What inspired you to create Zace USA? ZM: My love for America and fashion. I believe that things can be done in a way that creates a sustainable industry while creating premium clothing for socially and fashion conscious people around the world. I’m very proud that for the past 13 years my team and I have been sewing here in rural Ohio outside of Columbus. IH: Have you always been into fashion? ZM: I remember hiding in bolts of fabric as a young child while my mother and grandmother would fabric shop. Back in the 80’s, we made braided bracelets, tie-dyed shirts, bleached jeans and spent our days and nights riding skateboards. I recall sneaking into my parents bathroom to smell my stepfathers green bottle of Polo cologne while admiring the logo at the age of 8. I started sewing snowboard mittens at the age of 17 and I’ve been creating one thing or another since. IH: Where do you draw inspiration for your designs? ZM: The Zace USA women's collections are drawn from my love for the soil. Usually when I’m covered in dirt and grease from fixing a tractor or planting a field I have my clearest thoughts for design. Timeless, sexy yet functional and durable pieces that don’t have an expiration date on them in terms of trends is always the goal.



IH What does living a sustainable life mean to you? ZM: It is a balance of several factors including water, food, clothes and family. Clean water is the most valuable resource in the world and it doesn’t make sense for Zace USA to chemically alter our clothing and waste such a precious resource. It’s this core value that we hope will affect the industry and ultimately change water for the better in other countries whose communities and health have been affected by the major producers of denim and textiles. Growing our food to include fruits and vegetables while preserving them is vital to achieve optimal health and ensure its source is well defined.

The clothing we wear reflects a very powerful decision. I personally would rather wear one pair of jeans each year knowing the cotton was grown and sewn in America where labor standards are high and lives and natural resources haven’t been destroyed in the process. Family is everything and is the pillar to a sustainable life. My two sons, Denim and Diesel, sure make all the sacrifices worth while for me in knowing the hard work I put into growing and sewing will ultimately leave them a life that they too can hand down one day. Leaving a soft foot print on this earth is all of our responsibilities.

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hen Kathy Watson says, “y’all come down here and visit, you hear,” she means it. There will be grits and cornbread waiting for you.


on, at home, cance

Tom and Kathy Wats

With her soft, lilting drawl, you know that southern charm and southern hospitality is alive and well. So is she. Six years ago the Alabama native’s regularly scheduled mammogram showed a suspicious spot. A biopsy confirmed breast cancer and a lumpectomy was immediately scheduled. Like the Southern lady she is, Watson faced the “Big C” with determination, faith and gratitude. Yes, gratitude. One year ago, she achieved cancer free status - no more medication, no more treatments and not as many worries. “No one likes to hear the word cancer and of course, there was a pause to my life,” she said. “But God spared me from fear.” A strong proponent for screenings, Watson regularly had diagnostic mammograms at Ochsner Health System. “As soon as they said that I had a spot, the Ochsner staff showed me where it was on an x-ray,” she continued. “They were caring and reassuring.” Watson’s treatment included six weeks of radiation therapy and a regimen of hormone therapy. “They got it all,” Watson explained. With no need for a full mastectomy or chemotherapy, “The experience was physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually draining,” Watson acknowledged. “But I know I came to the best place in the world.”

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While she attributes her successful outcome to her faith, caring staff and advanced technology, Watson’s commitment to self-examination, and regular screenings was an important step to a positive cancer outcome. “I have walked with many women with breast cancer whose outcome was not good,” Watson added. “I am not exactly sure why I am survivor, but it may be to offer hope and encouragement and to remind others to schedule screenings. I tell my friends ‘you can be late with dental exams, but don’t be late with mammograms’. “Remember when cancer used to be a death sentence?” she continued. “There was no talk about the future. If early detection through mammograms was possible for my grandmother’s or great grandmother’s generation, women might have lived longer lives. “I did not want cancer to make me a crazy person then or now. These days I eat a little healthier, but more importantly, I love my life; it’s a gift. I am happy to be here, to be happily married, to be busy and to be blessed. Today, the sky is bluer and the grass is greener.”

“Today, t he skgyraisss bluer, and t heer." is green

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First ? t i K Aid P by Michele Robert Poche

icture it.You are in the woods with nothing but a tent and the clothes on your back. Then suddenly, someone in your party gets cut by an errant tree branch or stung by a bee. Are you prepared to treat the injury? You will be if you pack an all-natural first aid kit.

Food poisoning, vomiting and diarrhea Activated charcoal capsules or powder mixed with water should be taken internally. It’s a natural poison neutralizer so it’s also effective against spider or snake bites. Muscle pain, swelling and bruising Apply Arnica gel every few hours immediately following the injury. (NOTE: Not to be used on open wounds or ingested, as it is poisonous internally.) Bleeding Cayenne powder can be applied directly to the affected area, covered with gauze or other fabric and held in place using direct pressure for at least 60 seconds. It induces immediate clotting.



Anxiety or insomnia Chamomile is a mild sedative that can be taken internally in tea form or prepared into a salve for external use. In addition to its tranquilizing effect. It possesses anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties. Congested nasal passages and cough Eucalyptus oil (make your own with dried leaves and coconut or olive oil) relieves respiratory issues when applied topically and inhaled.You should heat the oil and inhale its steam. Burns Aloe Vera extract treats sunburns, heat burns, blisters and other skin irritations like eczema, psoriasis and poison ivy.The natural gel extracted from the leaf cools and heals. Nausea, reflux or motion sickness Ginger capsules taken internally or moistened tea bags applied externally (where they can be inhaled) have preventative and curative properties. Since these maladies can often lead to dehydration, it’s important that they be addressed immediately.

Bee, wasp or hornet stings Baking Soda made into a paste with water and applied directly to the affected area brings immediate pain and itch relief. Extract stingers using tweezers. Infection Honey is a natural microbial agent. It offers benefits from antibacterial to antifungal. Liberal topical use on cuts and scrapes also speeds healing. Raw Manuka Honey has the highest concentrations of these healing agents. Of course, every first aid kit should include some basic necessities: tweezers, scissors, safety pins, bandages, gauze, bottled water and a thermometer. With the right supplies and good common sense, you should be able to treat any minor injury. In a more serious situation, seek professional medical assistance. 

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Cancer Kickin’ Cowgirls


By Suzanne Fox

he natural beauty of Montana inspires peace and a fresh perspective in a fast-paced world. Clean mountain air, wildlife, and an active, yet relaxed pace all come together at Big Sky Yoga Retreat. This experience is not about escapism, it is about excavating your inner self and finding the tools you need to improve your health and well being. Add a little “yeehaw!” to your namaste with Cowgirl Yoga, a women’s retreat for all levels of yoginis and equestrians. You will have the chance to deepen your personal commitment to choices that support a more sustainable lifestyle, no matter where you live.



We suggest the Winter Wonderland & Wellness Retreat. Winter is not for hibernating! It's a wonderful time to focus on your well-being. You will find amazing workouts: Nordic (cross- country) skiing is a cardio kick-in-the-pants. Warm and lengthen your muscles beforehand with yoga. Savor a cooking lesson emphasizing healthy eating ideas for when it's cold outside, and take a sensory journey through the world of tea. Play in the snow, and afterwards get warm & cozy inside, healthy-style!

CANCER KICKIN’ COWGIRLS A very special retreat; Cowgirls VS Cancer is held once a year for Cancer Kickin’ Cowgirls; women from all walks of life who are recovering from the physical, emotional and financial hardships of breast cancer. The women receive scholarships for this retreat through generous donations of supporters. You can make donations, nominate a survivor or yourself all through the Big Sky Yoga web site. Old Gringo donates boots to some women to wear during treatment as a token for their heroic fight. ( cowgirlcancerboots). 

Big Sky Yoga Retreat Margaret Burns Vap, Founder phone: 406.219.7685 email:

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mighty kids to cook. Yes, it’s slower and messier to let them do the chopping, pouring and mixing, but they will sooner eat their own creations and they’ll insist that the whole family does it with them. (So it’s a great way to get Dad on board, too!)

s d i K



by Michele Robert Poche

ith school back in session, our kids are on their own again and many of their daily decisions will be made independently. That’s a good thing. Fostering independence in children helps them feel in control, self-reliant and confident. But we wouldn’t teach a child to cross a street by letting him go alone the very first time. Instead, we would talk about it beforehand and practice together then let him fly solo. The same can be said for healthy eating. A child left to his own devices has no idea that an apple will do more for his physical well-being than a cookie. That is learned behavior. And here are just a few ways you can teach it.



Stock your kitchen appropriately. If you’ve got bags of cheese crackers and corn chips sitting next to the celery and carrots, it’s a tough competition. Yes, you can still have these things in your house, but keep them out of sight for better decision-making. It might just help you, too. Plan your meals. Take your child to the store with you to plan a healthy meal. No, I’m not talking about the $250 weekly grocery run. I’m talking about a quality outing with just the two (or more) of you, recipe in hand, to find everything you need …. from bok choy to quinoa … for a special meal you can enjoy together. Involve them in the preparation. I was blessed with two kids who love

Enlist a buddy. If you’re introducing a new eating style to your household, why not ask another family to join you? Outings at the park, dinners at restaurants and even just playdates at home will be a lot less stressful if everyone is eating the same thing. Teach them to read labels. Once her reading skills are solid, tell her about nutrition labels. One of the biggest things my kids struggled with was portion size and number in the package. For example: The 150 calories listed on the label means 450 calories for the whole bag when it contains three servings. Be realistic. If she’s going to Bella’s birthday party, she’s going to have ice cream and cake. And that’s fine. Use it as a teachable moment and explain that we all indulge from time to time. Then we make up for it at the next meal with healthy choices. Make it fun. I invited my daughter to take a 7-day raw breakfast challenge with me. Not only did she help me select all the ingredients, she learned about things like Goji berries, chia seeds and coconut milk, things she never would have tried before the challenge. Plus her favorite new breakfast includes spinach!

“Teaching kids how to feveedin a themselves and how to tli he center community responsibly liisce Waters of an education.”– A

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Does my hair look okay? Stephanie Hosford will make you laugh and cry as she relates her battle with cancer in midst of a few other life changing experiences. Whether your are a cancer patient, survivor, mother, an adoptive mother this is an inspiring story of strength and courage, Bald, Fat & Crazy is a great read to get you started.


Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson are the women behind Tone It Up, a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle brand. Fans flock to Kareena and Katrina for the upbeat and energetic energy in their workout videos on Youtube. Even Jane Fonda is a fan and calls them the “new faces of fitness.”They aim to make women feel healthy and sexy with weekly workouts, nutrition plans, and inspiring motivation. For more information, visit their website


Breast cancer patients unite and go shopping for earrings! Using her own experiences, Hutton provides realistic, humorous, uplifting answers to the many concerns patients have from diagnosis to medications. She also shares post-survival tips. Bald is Better with Earrings may be the one book every breast cancer patient must read. 

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e h t a e r asy BWITH BETTEREHOME longevity


AIR QUALITY By Michael Kabel

horter days and changing seasons can make autumn a challenging time for protecting your home’s air quality. As we stay indoors more of each day, experts say indoor air quality can become more polluted than outside air. But there are ways to scrub your home’s air clean ready at hand. Use Better Filters – HEPA and ULPA In most homes, HEPA (short for High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters can remove as much as eighty percent of airborne pollutants such as pet dander, pollen, and dust particles. HEPA filters can be used in two ways:  In your home heating and air conditioning system, helping to clean air drawn from outside  In vacuum cleaners, HEPA filters help make sure that pollutants sucked up into the vacuum won’t blow back out again.They make a better trap for

mites and dust particulates. Newer than HEPA filters, ULPA (Ultra-Low Penetration Air) filters can remove as much as 99 percent of home air pollution. Nevertheless, they restrict air flow much more than HEPA filters, making them less efficient in practice. A Clean House Is A Healthy House Because we stay inside more during cold-weather months, more frequent housecleaning is often necessary. But don’t forget to clean out-of-the way places around the home, like ceiling fans and baseboards. If your pet stays inside more, more frequent brushings and cleanings can reduce the amount of dead hair and dander they produce. Avoid Synthetic Fragrances The “clean” and “fresh” smells found in household air fresheners and cleaning formulas are actually the by-product of dozens of chemicals. Worse, gov-

ernment regulations don’t require manufacturers to divulge which volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are used in to create which scents.These chemical combinations, though smelling pleasantly, actually release very potent gasses into the home’s air.

EDITOR’S PICK These beautiful lamps are made from large pieces of pure Himalayan salt with a small light bulb or spot for a candle. Often called "nature's air purifier," the salt creates an ionizing effect, cleaning the air and eliminating odors. Since things like airborne mold, bacteria, and allergens often carry a positive charge, they can be neutralized by the negative ions released by the salt. The salt crystals combined with the light source give off a warm glow that produces a therapeutic calming effect, adding to the decor of your home. When purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp, it is important to check the quality of the salt source to be sure it is not made from low quality imitation salt. Himalayan salt lamps can be purchased online at retailers like




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Author: Ashley Melillo / Blissful Basil Website: Instagram: http://instagram. com/blissfulbasil



Serves: 4-6 Ingredients 1 tablespoon coconut oil 1 teaspoon ground coriander 1 teaspoon smoked paprika ½ teaspoon cumin ½ teaspoon turmeric ¼ teaspoon ground ginger ⅛ teaspoon ground cinnamon ⅛ teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 yellow onion, diced (about 2 cups) 1 teaspoon sea salt 4 cups low-sodium vegetable broth 1 cup water 2 cups dried yellow split peas 1 cup diced carrots 1½ cups lite coconut milk Optional Garnishes cilantro leaves microgreens sliced radishes pepitas Instructions 1. Add the coconut oil to a dutch oven or large stock pot over medium heat. Add in the coriander, paprika, cumin, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. Cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally, to draw out the flavors of the spices. 2. Add in the diced onion and sea salt. Cook for 7-8 minutes or until onions become translucent, stirring occasionally to scrape spices off pan. 3. Add in the vegetable broth, water, yellow split peas, and carrots. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 50-55 minutes, stirring occasionally, or until yellow peas are very tender. 4.Turn off heat and use an immersion blender to purée the soup until smooth (about 3-4 minutes). Be careful as you're blending as the soup will be very hot. Stir in the coconut milk and season with additional sea salt, to taste (I usually add in a ½ teaspoon). 5. Ladle into bowl, garnish, and serve immediately. Nutrition Information Serving size: ⅙ of recipe Calories: 330 Fat: 7 grams Protein: 17 grams 

Get Inspired! “If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.” ― Anita Roddick § #inspirehealthmag






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