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TABLESCAPES Velvet, Logs and Layers


RUSTIC CAKES Figs, Berries and Spring Flowers

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ENCHANTED WEDDING Outdoor Staging with Doors, Drapes and Twinkle Lights


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Most settings follow a general decorating rule. Take something old, rustic or unfinished, and pair it with something beautiful and elegant to create the new enchanted rustic wedding theme. Too much old is drab, too many new things are pretentious. Here we have four different looks, all stunning uses of fabrics, wood and flowers to create an elegant theme that guests will talk about for days.

Troy Grover Photographers Š

Has burlap ever looked so elegant? Weddings are taking on a mind of their own with this rustic enchanted look. From burlap draping and bright yellow daisies to Mason jar vases on tree stumps, this rustic look is quite a statement. Your guests will enjoy the natural setting from day into the evening with twinkle lights.


Creating a huppah requires the same supplies and skill as creating an arch.

A rustic arbor or huppah made of logs goes from old to enchanting when flanked with beautiful springtime blooms of roses, ruscus, berries and lilac. The fragrant flowers with the drape of an heirloom sheer or lace cloth gives the setting a special meaning for all of your guests.


Give your wedding a designer look on a budget with old doors draped with velvet or silk, topped off with spring flowers and lanterns. If you haven’t seen all of the latest uses for painter’s drop cloths from the hardware store, check out the latest ideas on Pinterest.You will agree that the best place to start planning your rustic wedding decorating is at your local home or hardware store. For more ideas on wedding settings and hardware store projects, go to









Eggplant velvet table runners, figs and grapes with smokey glass plates on wicker chargers gives a completely different take on the rustic Shakespearean setting. Elegant, rustic, enchanting, this tablescape checks all of the boxes. BY NELLIE PALMER

Set the mood for a reception full of beautiful blooms, wood and rustic elements and a romantic evening of dancing under the stars.

Velvet table runners in shades of mauve and lilacs with pink napkins tied in baby pink satin ribbon are stunning draped on unfinished wood tables. Accent with spring garden bouquets of garden roses in deep and light colors in antique vases. For a Shakespearian look, add figs, grapes and pomegranates to your bouquets and scatter them on your table runner. Don't limit yourself here. Guilded candleholders with ivory candles help to set the enchanted mood. The table runner should be draped with creases and folds to give it the non-traditional unrefined look. Think soft, luscious, deep and light tones with smokey glasses and plates in different layers. Mix it up with plates of different colors. If you are renting, you may find plates with gold rims. Only use one of these, maybe on the salad plate. If you only have one plate and a charger, make the plate white and the charger gold or silver. Layers and levels, slices of logs at random heights, burlap and roses with baby’s breath. The burlap-covered Mason jar with flower bouquets gives the typical overused Mason jar a whole new look. Use twine to tie baby’s breath on linen napkins in mint green or choose colors from the centerpieces, like pomegranate or fig.


Giving your flowers a monochrome background allows you to use less flowers and create a focal point that pops.

Troy Grover Photographers Š

Antique wood chairs with lace tablecloths over tan linens make a subtle, yet stunning statement. Or, for a budget friendly setting, use painter’s drop cloths under the lace. Belles of Ireland, peach garden roses, baby’s breath, lilacs and ranunculus, are all among our springtime favorites arranged in white vases or depression glass and allows the monochrome linens to act as a backdrop for the vibrant colors.




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m o o l r i e H pring BOUQUETS S


Worthy of a royal wedding: fragrant garden roses, berries and ruscus make a statement far from minimalism. 16

Our favorite blooms for the spring used to create the most enchanting heirloom bouquets : Peonies - large blushing pallets of white and pink make a statement by themselves or in a bouquet of other textures. Garden Roses - not just roses, but the large garden roses found in the Gardens of Giverny in shades of pink and peach. Sweet Peas - fragrant purple flowers used to highlight the peonies and garden roses. If your wedding has a lilac theme, carry a bunch of sweetpeas tied with a satin ribbon for a soft sweet look.

Ranunculus - a perfect little round flower in spring colors that pairs well with garden roses and baby’s breath.


Hydrangeas - large delicate blooms that make a statement all on their own. If you are looking for a highlight color other than white or blue, this flower is easily painted with floral paint found at your local craft store.


Worthy of a royal wedding. The fragrant blooms of garden roses, berries and ruskus make a statement far from minimalism. Worthy of a royal wedding. The fragrant blooms of garden roses, berries and ruskus make a statement far from minimalism.

Make a statement by featuring feathers and moss in your arrangement.

The enchanted heirloom flower bouquet is loosely arranged to give it an abundance of texture and height. Using larger flowers like hydrangeas or peonies as a base with fillers of garden roses in different hues, accented with texture of greenery makes this the perfect whimsical arrangement.






stic Ru Cakes In Good Taste




There’s something about figs on a cake that takes you back to simpler times. When you are looking for something to give your plain, rustic cake some interesting texture, try adding fig preserves to the filling and topping the cake with quartered figs and berries. Top it off with a little greenery, or even a spray of roses.

Bring the springtime to your cake with flowers and greenery rather than fancy icing. If you are going for the rustic, unfinished look on your cake, it better taste good. Only fancy cakes with hours of delicate decorating can get away with dry cake.



Bare Cakes topped with spring flowers and fruit are the perfect example of letting your expression and style shine on your wedding day. Before you choose your cake, always start with a tasting. The appropriate design and display setting will come along once your theme is complete. Gone are the typical silver cake stands, the new tradition is to create a new tradition. The last impression from your wedding should be how wonderful the cake was!





Troy Grover Photographers ©

Spring Bridal The Difference


Christmas 1936, the day Oleg Cassini arrived in New York, was the beginning of a new fashion era. His sparse possessions as described in his autobiography consisted of a tuxedo, two tennis rackets, a title and talent. Born with the title of Count, the son of a Countess and the grandson of the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Cassini lived an intriguing life. It’s no surprise that he would follow in his mother's footsteps by going into the fashion industry which made him an award winning fashion designer for the stars. His introduction to stardom began on the tennis court when he played a doubles match with the head of Paramount Pictures, which in turn led to a job offer as a full designer. While at Paramount, he designed costumes for stars such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Gene Tierney, whom he eventually married. His latest designs were worn by stars such as Renee Zellweger, Kim Basinger and Taylor Swift.

A model walks the runway during the Oleg Cassini Spring 2019 Bridal fashion show on April 12, 2018 in New York City.

Cassini brought color to the Tonight Show when he began dressing Johnny Carson in colored shirts. One of his greatest achievements was his appointment by Jackie Kennedy as her Secretary of Style. He created the “Jackie O” look that revolutionized women’s fashions and was copied by women all over the world. Cassini visualized her as an American Queen and Mrs. Kennedy acknowledged that “Oleg dressed me for the part.”

A model flaunts her full-length veil during the Oleg Cassini Spring 2019 Bridal fashion show.


Cassini was dubbed Man of the Year from the Humane Society for his work and care for animals. He created collections of manmade fashion fur, the ‘evolutionary furs.’ In 1999, he was awarded the Humanitarian Award at a fashion show and Gala in Washington DC. In his own words “What we’re designing is as elegant and attractive as fur and eliminates the enormous cruelty that goes on in the killing of animals for fur.”



Jacqueline Kennedy at the Inaugural Gala Ball 1961

Oleg Cassini Spring 2019 Bridal fashion show in New York City.

Geometric dresses, pillbox hats, boxy jackets with oversized buttons and occasionally dramatic gowns. Cassini designed a reported 300 outfits for the First Lady including a Swiss double satin white gown decorated by a single flower appliqué which she wore to the Inaugural Gala Ball in 1961. The dress was subsequently named one of the “50 Dresses that Changed the World” by the Design Museum in England. Today, even though Cassini is no longer alive, his designs are carried on through his design house with the same flair of style he used to create the “Jackie O” look. It’s no wonder that Cassini's gowns sparkle, as he once won the award, “Most Creative Presentation” for an evening gown painted in dramatic colors on silver foil. His brilliant use of color and texture is what makes his designs so unique. If you have an opportunity to wear an Oleg Cassini gown on your special day, wear it with pride because as Oleg Cassini said, “My preoccupation is to make women look beautiful.”



Katelyn James Photography ©


Becca Borge Photography©

h t i W s Favor g n i n a e M

Finding the Perfect Treat BY NELLIE PALMER


When you are thinking about the thank you gift or favor for your rustic enchanted wedding, think about your aunts. Whether they are active in your life and helped you with your wedding planning, or if you just see them on holidays, the thought of what your aunt might appreciate taking home from your wedding should play a large roll in deciding what to offer. The best favors are something to eat later after the nuptials are over and the last goodbyes are said. A take-home treat that your aunt will love. Any treat you can make is a hit in a burlap bag. No time for baking? Your local bakery can make cookies especially for the occasion, monogrammed, of course. A green choice for the rustic favor is a plant in a small clay pot tied with a tag and twine. There is an abundance of clever quotes to hand write on the tags, like “love grows” or “love blooms,” found on the internet. The display is a focal point for your creativity to shine with wooden crates and the fabrics and flowers from your table settings or ceremony as a backdrop. Display a variety of plants for family and friends to choose from, they will be thrilled with the thoughtful gift.

Any treat you can make is a hit in a burlap bag, or order directly from your local bakery, monogrammed, of course.

A green choice for the rustic favor is a plant in a small clay pot tied with a tag and twine.


A jar of jam from your mother’s recipe, or a jar of honey from the family hive are both nice gestures and a gift that is sure to be cherished.


Deadlines etails &D



12 months +

 Select date, time and place.Then reserve venues!  Decide on wedding size and style.  Hire wedding consultant (if applicable) and create wedding website.  Shop for gown.  Begin guest list.

9-12 months

 Research honeymoon destinations.  Book musicians, DJ, florist, photographer, videographer and limousines.  Order invitations.  Purchase gown and begin alterations.  Ask friends to be in wedding party and order bridesmaid dresses.

6-9 months

 Finalize guest list and send save-the-date cards.  Book appointments for hair, nails and makeup.  Reserve attire for groom and groomsmen.  Order cake(s).  Purchase rings.

3-6 months

 Secure bridal accessories (such as shoes, jewelry, garter and mementos).  Give musicians a list of songs you want them to play (or to avoid).  Make food choices with venue.


2 months

 Mail invitations.

1 month

 Give photographer a list of pictures you want taken.

1 week

 Give final head count to reception venue.

The day before

 Hold rehearsal ceremony and dinner.  Deliver everything to site and work out any kinks.  Give marriage license to officiant.  Present gifts to wedding party, parents and any other honored guests.

The day of

 Give rings and officiant’s fee to best man.  Designate liaison for photographer to ensure all necessary pictures are taken.  EXHALE! NOTE: Larger cities have long waiting lists for wedding vendors so you may need to act sooner!



Of all your wedding elements, the invitation is the first one your guests will encounter, and it will set the tone for your special day. Here are some unique ideas to explore.


Want to use paper but liven it up a bit? There are lots of fresh ideas. Laser-cut invitations, as well as envelopes, add a delicate flair. Scratch off invitations with fun graphics and a place to reveal important information sets the stage for a fun celebration. Don’t forget to toss in a penny for scratching. Lightweight paper can be folded into pinwheels, cranes, and even that grade-school favorite- fortune tellers! Coordinating paper can be used for origami favors and decorations on the big day.  BEYOND PAPER

No need to stick to paper. You can print your invitation on different materials. An invitation etched in wood would invoke a rustic venue such as a lodge or barn. Acrylic is another alternative to paper. If a nostalgic feel is what you are going for, consider printing on and sending your guests an elegant handkerchief that can be used later to dab those happy tears. Is baking your hobby? Try tea towel invitations that your guests can use in their own kitchen. Want to send an eco-friendly message? Seeded paper looks beautiful when it arrives in the mail. Then, it can be planted to become a lovely gift of wildflowers or herbs.



Try stepping outside the box with a novelty invitation to prepare your guests for a fun event. Coffee mugs, magnets, balloons, and pencils are just a few of the items you can print on these days. Smaller items may be better for Save the Date cards, which contain less information and mailing costs need to be calculated. All things considered, you are sure to surprise guests and have them excited about the wedding. In our imageobsessed culture, what better way to invite guests than with a View-Master and reel? Remember the 3D fun of your childhood? You can have reels made with your favorite couple photos and the invitation printed on the center. That is sure to be an invitation like no other! Your invitation gives your guests a sneak peek of your celebration. Take some time to reflect on your personality and the mood you want to set, then have fun finding an invitation that is uniquely yours.

In our image-obsessed culture, what better way to invite guests than with a View-Master and reel?


g n i d d e W COORDINATOR Planning Your Days BY DINA ZELDEN

Your wedding is a momentous occasion- momentous AND expensive.


hether you are opting out of hiring a wedding coordinator because you want every aspect of your wedding to have your personal touch, or you need to save money, there is one professional you should consider hiring. A day-of coordinator is just what you need. This type of coordinator will save you money because they work with you for a shorter period of time. Since you do the up-front planning, you can be sure that your personal touch is in all the details. So just what can you expect from this service professional? They will be your spokesperson, cheerleader, and supporter in the weeks leading up to, and all the way through the tears and cheers of the big day. SPOKESPERSON Don’t let the description “day-of ” mislead you. This type of coordinator will begin meeting with you 6-8 weeks before your wedding to create a timeline for the day.


The coordinator will be in contact with all the vendors you have hired to create a team atmosphere ensuring everyone is on the same page and working together to guarantee a smooth event from start to finish. Once hired, they will be the point of contact, checking on last minute details, freeing you for your personal preparation. CHEERLEADER The last few weeks before the wedding are often the most stressful. There will inevitably be last minute issues which is why you hire a professional. A dayof coordinator will lead you in a walkthrough of the venue the week of the wedding to make certain your event will be just as you envision. They will conduct the rehearsal and be sure all participants feel comfortable with their roles.

Can’t locate great-aunt Sally for the big family photo? Not to worry, your coordinator will get the job done. At the end of the party, they will gather any gifts, left-behind personal belongings, and tip anyone you designate. For an unforgettable wedding of your dreams, consider hiring a day-of coordinator. They will save you money by working with you for a shorter amount of time, allowing you to put your personal touches on all aspects of the planning, but leaving you free to enjoy your wedding while knowing your closest family and friends will too.

SUPPORTER On your wedding day, you can expect the support of your coordinator, and so can your parents and bridal party. This will ensure that the needs of your family and those special to you will be handled without causing you added stress. The day-of coordinator will be the first person on the job and the last to leave. They will cue all the wedding professionals so that this once-in-a-lifetime event goes smoothly.

Remember – know where you want to go and make sure your destination has everything you desire for a romantic start to your new life. Most importantly, enjoy making memories that will last long after the newlywed days are over.



y l i Fam

S tyle



A rustic familystyle dinner calls for simple, comforting food that is easy to pass around and take individual portions of. BY MICHELLE FOUCHI ESNEAULT Weddings with a rustic theme have been gaining in popularity. Twinkling strings of lights and an abundance of greenery and nature-inspired accessories transform a simple setting into a warm and relaxed atmosphere for you and your guests to celebrate your special day. After the “I do’s,” everyone looks forward to dining, but there is more to the wedding meal than the actual food. There is also how it is served. For those who favor the formality of a sit-down dinner but prefer the casualness of a buffet, family-style dining, which features guests seated around the table where food is placed in serving dishes for your guests to pass around, offers the best of both worlds.

LOCATION Any venue that is within your budget and will fit the number of guests you are inviting works for family-style dinners.You’ll need plenty of room for either long tables or large individual tables. The important thing is to not crowd the tables so you have room for all the food! FOOD, SERVICE AND DECOR A rustic family-style dinner calls for simple, comforting food that is easy to pass around. You can place all the courses on the table, or have a combination of plated and passed food. A popular choice to keep costs down is to serve the main dish on individual plates, then place the sides on the table for your guests to share.Your food budget may be a bit higher with this style of eating because the caterer will need to prepare extra food to make sure nothing runs out. Though your food costs may be higher, there are other areas where you can spend less. Meal response cards are unnecessary as everyone will be served the same meal. Since everyone will be serving themselves, you won’t require as large

of a serving team and, because your guests don’t have to wait for a server, the meal itself will take less time, so you won’t need the servers as long. In keeping with the rustic theme, using table runners instead of full tablecloths would add a charming touch. Large elaborate centerpieces will just get in the way of the platters and bowls of food.You can either do away with them altogether, or use small inexpensive touches such as a scattering of candles and Mason jars filled with flowers at each table. QUESTIONS ABOUT AMENITIES Will the venue supply someone to coordinate deliveries and personnel before your event and the dining room and servers during? Is catering available? Do outside caterers have to bring prepared food or is there a fully stocked kitchen and prep area for them to use? A family-style dinner uses many more serving platters, bowls, and utensils than a sit down or buffet style meal. If your caterer can’t supply them, you will have to leave room in your budget to rent them as well as linens, plates, and flatware, or you can save money by shopping flea markets and garage sales to buy your own.

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g n i t s a o TIPS T BY DINA ZELDEN

Raise your glass to the happy couple


OUR GOOD FRIEND HAS ASKED YOU TO MAKE A TOAST AT THEIR WEDDING. WHILE PUBLIC SPEAKING STRIKES FEAR IN THE HEART OF MOST, IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT THIS SHOULD BE TAKEN AS QUITE AN HONOR.  BE PREPARED Very few people can “wing it” when it comes to public speaking. Write out your speech and organize it around a central theme. Practice makes perfect. Read your speech in front of a mirror, and to other people to get feedback. Ask about the timing and order of toasts at the event. Will you be using a microphone? Think about the size of the venue and what it will take to be heard by all the guests.  START STRONG It is fine to feel nervous, but do not let the guests know it. Smile. Make eye contact. You’ve got this. Remember to begin by introducing yourself and explaining your relationship to the happy couple. Consider your opening lines. You may want to start by describing the honoree’s best quality or by relating a genuinely funny moment you shared.


 BE CONVERSATIONAL On the big day, leave the paper at home, but be sure to bring cue cards to help keep you on track. This will help your toast sound natural, even when you are nervous. Be yourself. Convey your feelings in a way that feels comfortable to you. Don’t rush. There is a natural tendency to speed up when you are nervous. Take deep breaths to help pace yourself.  SPEAK WITH PASSION A wedding is an important event in a person’s life. You want the guests to feel the significance by adding some emotional impact. No need to struggle with the right words. Let the likes of Shakespeare or Emily Dickinson help you by adding a quote to convey the sentiment. While it is easy to focus on your friend or family member, don’t forget to include their new spouse in your remarks to welcome them into the family. Speak from the heart. Choose words, whether silly or serious, that you can give your all.  FINISHING TOUCHES At the end of your speech, don’t forget that this is a toast. Be sure to raise your glass to the happy couple, look in their direction and offer cheers to them. When all the guests join you, and after following these tips, you can be sure of a job well done. Cheers to YOU!


e c n a


The Night Away


Good music will set the mood you want at your wedding whether you choose to book a band or hire a DJ.


here are pros and cons for each, and no matter which you choose, take the time to listen to their work to make sure the performance will meet all of your expectations on your special day. DJs are less expensive to hire and use less room than a band. They are able to provide a variety of music and styles and are more likely to accommodate any last minute requests. A good DJ can gauge the mood of your guests and pick music accordingly, going back and forth between background music and dance hits.They also can


play for longer periods and are able to schedule music even when they take their break. A DJ can be just as charismatic as a band but the performance vibe just isn’t the same. Also, some genres, such as big band, really do sound better when there are live musicians playing. If you love live performances or a particular type of music, a band will be a better choice. Band members can interact with your guests and put on a fabulous show in addition to providing great music.You also have the flexibility of asking them to update an older song

or to play a song in a different style. On the flip side, bands tend to be more expensive and don’t have as long a playing period. During breaks, you won’t have any music at all unless you provide it. You are limited to the songs the band knows and if you have a special request not in their repertoire, it may cost extra for them to learn it. Smaller venues may have a hard time finding space for a band and you could wind up with a crowded dance floor and reception area. The earlier you start your search the better; talented bands and DJs book far in advance. With a little persistence and a sense of what you want, you’ll find the perfect music to dance the night away!


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BUDGET Invitations & Stationery Save the Date cards Invitations, Reply Cards Postage Programs Menu Cards Place Cards Thank You Cards Calligraphy Miscellaneous TOTAL Bridal Attire & Beauty Gown Veil / Headpiece Alterations Shoes Lingerie Accessories Jewelry Makeup Hair Nails Miscellaneous TOTAL Groom’s Attire Tuxedo / Suit Shoes Cuff Links Grooming Accessories Miscellaneous TOTAL

Ceremony Location fee Officiant fee Marriage License Rings Music Miscellaneous TOTAL Reception Location fee Food Drink Rentals Wedding Cake Groom’s Cake Favors Music Security Gratuities Miscellaneous TOTAL Flowers Ceremony Reception Decorations Bridal Bouquet Attendant Bouquets Boutonnieres Flower Girl Parents Grandparents Miscellaneous TOTAL

Photography Photography Videography Albums Miscellaneous TOTAL Transportation Limousine(s) Miscellaneous TOTAL Gifts Wedding Party Parents Bride & Groom Miscellaneous TOTAL Honeymoon Airline tickets Accommodations Car Rentals Food Entertainment Excursions Souvenirs Passports Clothing Miscellaneous TOTAL Miscellaneous Wedding Consultant Gown Preservation TOTAL