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Take Time to Can and Care Keeping Fresh Foods Fresher 8. PETS

Aquarium Therapy 11. WEIGHT LOSS

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A “Tomato” a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!



Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Know Brian Wilson 18. WELLNESS

Drink To Your Health 20. FINANCE

Downsizing? Don’t forget to Protect your Assets



Parenting … The Second Time Around 24. TRAVEL

Take an Enchanted Circle Weekend 26. PERSONAL SAFETY

Simple Steps Prevent Falls


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In addition to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Complete Guide to Home Canning, a free download at, visit and masonjars. com.

Take Time to Can and Care

Keeping Fresh Foods Fresher By Patricia Danflous


ason jars are as popular today as they were during the mid-1800s when developed by tinsmith John L. Mason to preserve foods. Although the classic jar is now being used for everything from vases to layered salad containers, the increasing emphasis on wellness and fresh foods is generating a return to canning, or preserving as your grandparents called the method of preparing fresh produce for future consumption.

If you are a gardener with a healthy green thumb, you may have more tomatoes, cucumbers, or corn than your family can consume before the crop spoils. Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Get your Mason jars ready, mentally prepare for some kitchen time and start storing up, not just for the winter, but all year-round. The United States Department of Agriculture explains that the high percentage of water in most fresh foods makes them very perishable.



growth of undesirable microorganisms-bacteria, molds, and yeasts


activity of food enzymes


reactions with oxygen


moisture loss

If you make the decision to harvest and can your own garden produce, or food purchased at area farmer’s markets or roadside stands, be sure to follow proper canning practices, which include: • carefully selecting and washing fresh food, • peeling some fresh foods, • hot packing many foods, • adding acids (lemon juice or vinegar) to some foods, • using acceptable jars and self-sealing lids, • processing jars in a boiling-water or pressure canner for the correct period of time.

By following these practices to remove oxygen; destroy enzymes; prevent the growth of undesirable bacteria, yeasts, and molds; and help form a high vacuum in jars, your preserved goods will be safe to eat, last a long time and taste fresh. Several resources are available to help you get started with canning or refreshing your memory if you haven’t preserved foods in a while.

No05 / Spring 2017


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he sibling relationship is unique in that it is the only continuous family relationship that endures from childhood to old age. Sibling bonds are cemented with a shared past and while rivalry may have played a part in youth, it often wains with maturity. As a result, siblings gravitate to each other in the senior stage in life with an appreciation for the benefits the relationship can provide. Adult siblings can be potential sources of financial, physical, emotional and psychological support in old age. Companionship is a valuable asset shared by siblings, especially in situations where brothers and sisters never marry, or a sibling has lost a spouse and all of their children have grown. Sisters often share a special

attachment and some women find security in residing together later in life. They share expenses as well as the peace of mind that their sibling is close enough to come to their aid in a crisis. Life experiences are sometimes the catalyst for bringing adult siblings together and a renewed bond is formed resulting in feelings of solidarity and closeness. Whereas friendships come

By Cindy Lugo

and go in life, a brother or sister remains a part of your family’s DNA, which makes this unique relationship invaluable. Especially in cases where siblings reconnect for the purpose of caring for ill or aging parents. Whatever the reason siblings gravitate closer as they get older, there is certainly a reason for celebrating a relationship connection that lasts a lifetime.

“Sibling relationships outlast marriages, survive the death of parents, resurface after quarrels that would sink any friendship. They flourish in a thousand incarnations of closeness and distance, warmth, loyalty and distrust." - Erica E. Goode No03 / Fall 2016





By Cindy A. Lugo

re you looking for a stress relieving pet without a lot of fuss? Try fish! Watching fish swimming in an aquarium is known to produce a hypnotizing effect resulting in numerous benefits. Researchers have found that displaying tanks of brightly colored fish have resulted in everything from soothing agitated feelings, lowering blood pressure, curtailing disruptive behaviors and improving eating habits of people with Alzheimer’s disease. In


addition to providing a calming escape from the stresses of life, fish provide enjoyment with little upkeep. They do not require walks, or the constant vacuuming of fur. When you opt for a home aquarium, be sure to set up your tank properly. Here are some things to consider: When shopping, visit stores that specialize in aquariums and fish, not just a general pet shop. Research the pros and cons of using fresh water versus salt water. The type of water you choose will determine the type of fish and the amount of upkeep.



1. 2. 3.

With each hand, hold handles of the resistance band alongside the body. Carefully step onto the center of band with feet hips distance apart

Tip forward at the hips and bring back/ spine into a flat neutral position (Be sure to create a straight line from the neck to the base of the spine.)


Holding handles firmly, stretch both handles alongside the body staying close to and reaching for the hips. Hold for 10 seconds, release, return to standing and repeat 5-10 repetitions.



ccording to The American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association, older adults (ages 65 and older) should aim for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours (150 minutes) of physical activity every week, including resistance exercises at least two days every week. Adding a resistance band exercise to your daily routine is an easy way to create strong, lean muscles with little to zero impact on joints.


The best exercises are those that include both aerobic activities as well as strength, balance and flexibility exercises. With regular resistance training, you will notice changes in your body composition, and you will find daily activities easier and more pleasurable. Let's look at one resistance band exercise you can do safely in your own home that will improve both your strength and mobility while toning the arms, core and back.

The best exercises are those that include both aerobic activities as well as strength, balance and flexibility exercises





Break away from living “stiff” and “seated” The orientation of yoga is based on the connection between breath and movement. In our often “seated” society, movement is essential for health. Guided yoga classes increase our flexibility and range of movement while keeping us both safe and centered.

Care for Yourself Expand Your Mind




Yoga helps to expand the mind and reduce stress: Our minds often tend to jump all over the place! Through focused memorization of yoga sequences and breath connection, we expand

our mind. With practice, Vinyasa allows us to still the mind while remaining focused on the specific body part we are working to improve.


Care for yourself: Being compassionate toward yourself is a challenge for many of us. Vinyasa teaches us to tap into memories of emotions we have experienced and to engage in the process of healing mentally, emotionally, and physically. This practice of yoga encourages us to learn to accept our bodies and to evolve into the best version of ourselves from the inside out.

By Tami Charbonnet

inyasa is a diverse yet popular style of yoga. Because of its popularity and non-threatening reputation, it is easy to find a group class tailored to beginners that will provide a safe, healthy challenge. Vinyasa is a great way to learn the basics of yoga breathing which asks you to inhale deeply and exhale deeply during each pose. It is a powerful but uncomplicated style of yoga allowing participants to learn skills needed

to maximize a strong foundation for a more advanced practice in the future. The word “Vinyasa” means a gradual progression or a stepby-step approach that gently takes a student from one point and safely lands them at the next point. It is sometimes described as the “breathing system,” or the union of breath and movement. Vinyasa or “yoga flow” is used in many yoga classes to describe the connection of one pose to the next.



DID YOU KNOW? According to Registered Dietitian, Elaine Magee, MPH, RD,


“Tomatoes contain all three high-powered antioxidants: beta-carotene (which has vitamin A activity in the body), vitamin E, and vitamin C. A U.S. Department of Agriculture report, What We Eat in America, noted that a third of us get too little vitamin C and almost half get too little vitamin A. Tomatoes are rich in potassium, a mineral most of us don't get enough of. A cup of tomato juice contains 534 milligrams of potassium, and 1/2 cup of tomato sauce has 454 milligrams. “

By Tami Charbonnet


id you know tomatoes are loaded with essential nutrients providing great health benefits? Adding tomatoes to your daily nutritional intake has been proven to help prevent some forms of cancer, kidney disease, heart disease, and stroke. They also benefit bone strength, vision, and even provide antioxidants that fight free radicals causing cell damage. TOP 5 HEALTH BENEFITS FROM EATING TOMATOES Reduce risk of certain cancers: Tomatoes contain a substance called lycopene, a natural antioxidant that works effectively to slow the growth of cancerous


cells. Cooked tomatoes produce even more lycopene than raw tomatoes. Research indicates that the high levels of lycopene in tomatoes work to reduce your chances of developing prostate, colorectal and stomach cancer. Bone Health: Tomatoes contain vital nutrients that aid in prevention of bone loss or bone density. They contain high amounts of calcium and Vitamin K, both nutrients essential in strengthening bones and repairing ailing bone tissue. Fight free radicals with antioxidants: Tomatoes contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Along with beta-carotene, these vitamins work as antioxidants to destroy harmful free radicals found in

2. 3.

Enjoy the following simple recipe to add a tomato a day to your nutritional intake.


the blood. 
Free radicals in the blood stream lead to serious cell damage, and research shows cell damage may encourage an array of serious disease. Heart Health: The high content of Vitamin B and potassium in tomatoes are effective in reducing cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. By including tomatoes in your diet, you can effectively fight heart disease, stroke and other heart related issues that could be life threatening. Fight Kidney stones: Adding tomatoes without seeds to your diet has been proven to reduce the risk of kidney stones. Recent research indicates that antioxidant-rich foods, including tomatoes, other fruits and vegetables (such as squash and bell peppers) may help reduce risk of kidney stones. Low antioxidant intake is directly associated with kidney stone formation.




Roasted Tomato Basil Soup By Tami Charbonnet

8-1c servings INGREDIENTS  15- 20 Fresh Roma or medium size ripe organic Tomatoes  Two Tablespoons Fresh Minced Garlic  1 Cup Fresh Basil (or more to taste)  ½ Cup Fresh Parsley  2 Quarts Vegetable Broth  2 tablespoons Cold Pressed Olive Oil  Sea Salt, Pepper

DIRECTIONS: ❶ Preheat oven to 350  Cut tomatoes into halves, and transfer to a large mixing bowl.  Add garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil to tomatoes and fold.  Be sure tomatoes are evenly covered with garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Transfer to roasting pan Roast 1 Hour ****Take out of oven and allow to cool completely

❻ After tomatoes are cool, add Basil and transfer all tomatoes with juices to a large blender. Blend on high until mixture is smooth and creamy. ❼ In a large soup pot, add vegetable broth and blended Tomato Basil mixture. Simmer for 30-45 min until desired temperature is reached. ❽ Pour into soup bowls, add a few sprigs of fresh parsley and enjoy a nutrient dense meal! Enjoy!

No05 / Spring 2017



A regular intake of kefir can help relieve intestinal disorders, promote bowel movement, reduce flatulence and create a healthier digestive system.





any of us are familiar with the term probiotics and are aware that we need them to support good digestive health. What is not quite as common a term but provides the same benefit is kefir. Water kefir is a fermented beverage packed with beneficial bacteria. It is loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals and contains easily digestible complete proteins. A regular intake of kefir can help relieve intestinal disorders, promote bowel movement, reduce flatulence and create a healthier diges-


tive system. Its cleansing effect on the whole body also helps to establish a balanced inner ecosystem for optimum health and longevity. Kefir is made from gelatinous particles called grains which look like pieces of coral or small clumps of cauliflower ranging from the size of a grain of wheat to that of a hazelnut. You can purchase them or obtain some starter grains from a friend. Kefir is remarkably simple to prepare and perhaps a preferred alternative for the cost conscience person interested in consuming a natural probiotic.

 ½ C. sugar  1/8 C. raisins  1 T. molasses  2 inches ginger root, peeled & largely diced  1 lemon, quartered, seeds removed  2 egg shells, boiled to remove bacteria Kefir must be kept in glass jars only, no plastic! Use a one gallon container with lid. Boil enough water to fill a one gallon glass container. Let cool. Place kefir grains in container and fill with water one

inch from top. Add remaining six ingredients and stir. Let it sit on your counter two to five days, stirring once daily (bubbling should occur) When ready, strain kefir grains, reserving liquid Scoop out the lemon, ginger, raisins and egg shell membrane Transfer liquid to a glass pitcher with lid and refrigerate. Drink 6 oz. daily Kefir grains may be refrigerated for up to a week before starting new batch if stored in a glass jar with cooled, boiled water and sugar.


The Beach Boys performing in Sacramento in 1964. Brian Wilson is on the left.





rian Wilson is co-founder of The Beach Boys, a songwriter, performer, author, poet, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Kennedy Center honoree. Brian is known for his intricate harmonies and heartfelt lyrics; the man who, in the early 1960’s, initiated an immediately recognizable signature sound that is vigorously alive more than 50 years later. At 74, Wilson still has


it. In between penning his memoirs, I Am Brian Wilson, he’s thrilling audiences with his concert tour that runs through May 2017, and churning out new best-selling albums. Thanks in part to the release of Love & Mercy, a 2015 movie depicting his life from the musical beginnings to the height of his substance abuse in the 1980s, Wilson and The Beach Boys have found new audiences and

rekindled interest from an older fan base. If you were one of the lucky ones to attend an early Beach Boys concert or saw Wilson captivating crowds of fans in his current Pet Sounds’ 50th Anniversary Tour, you’ve seen first hand Wilson’s musical talent, stamina and uncanny ability to engage his audience. Whether he performs songs such as Good Vibrations, Barbara Ann, California

Girls, Help Me, Rhonda, Surfin’ USA, Wouldn’t it be Nice, God Only Knows and Sloop John B., the leader of The Beach Boys has overcome his legendary stage fright and is as entertaining as ever. But as popular and successful as his songs are, this giant of American music has a personal history that is mostly lacking harmony and rhythm. As Wilson recounts in his conversational and frank memoir, he faced more than a considerable number of struggles in his life, most of which he kept to himself and definitely away from his audiences. Now, wiser, more confident and frankly acknowl-

edging his past, Wilson is sharing the anxiety, fear, imagination, and genius that marks his roller coaster life. Wilson’s lyrics often paralleled events in his life, including relationships and his use of LSD. Lines in his hit, In My Room, reflect years of solitude beginning in the mid-sixties, making him the subject of much speculation and sometimes ridicule:

Brian, 4 months old, and his dad

"Easy Rider" impression

“There's a world where I can go and tell my secrets to In my room, in my room In this world I lock out all my worries and my fears In my room, in my room” For the first time, in his memoir, he offers explanations with no excuses, for his unusual behavior at a time when most people would be celebrating success. Wilson emphasizes a chaotic life plagued with bipolar disorder, paranoia and schizoaffective disorder. “How do you know when a problem starts?” he asks in I Am Brian Wilson. He talks about “freaking out” in the mid-sixties and announcing he could no longer tour with The Beach Boys. “Did it start in the ‘40s when my father whacked me because he didn’t like how I was acting? Did it start in the ‘70s with

Brian, Melinda, and the kids in 2009

drugs or long before that with the beginnings of mental illness that no one knew how to handle? What did it matter when it started? What mattered was that for a while it wouldn’t end.” Wilson entered a cycle of depression and weight gain, hitting

300 pounds before his wife called for help. Experiencing some sense of peace, he got back to his high school quarterback weight but not without sacrifice. He found himself trapped in a 24-hour therapy scenario with constant monitoring by

a controlling psychotherapist who became entrenched in every aspect of his life. Two years after he entered psychotherapy, Wilson was divorced, drinking, doing cocaine, smoking, overeating and living in a mental hospital. "1978, Continued on next page No05 / Spring 2017



Kennedy Center Award 2007

was the worst year of my life,” he remembers. Things started to change by the mid-80s when Melinda Ledbetter, a former model turned Cadillac salesperson, entered his life. Purchasing the first car she showed him, Wilson

was enchanted with the woman who would become his second wife... and ultimately, his savior. “My first impression was that he was someone who was troubled,” Melinda said, but she put her reservations aside and was soon enchanted. “He was just the sweetest, most naive – so honest and sincere,” she remembered. Soon Melinda opened the door to a recovery that included successfully resuming his musical career. More than 20 years after the couple’s 1995 marriage, Wilson continues to

acknoweldge Melinda’s role in his life; helping him to stop smoking, and enjoying being a dad. Wilson and Melinda are the parents of five adopted children. You may also know of his two oldest daughters with his first wife – Carnie and Wendy Wilson of the Wilson Phillips Band. Today, Wilson is living with no cigarettes, no LSD, no cocaine, no marijuana, no uppers, and no downers; he’s spending time with the family, walking for exercise, relaxing, preforming and creating.


I Am Brian Wilson: A Memoir The superstar musician and founder of The Beach Boys honestly relates his life story in this wellwritten and fascinating memoir. Brian Wilson, with Ben Greenman Da Capo Publishing $26.99 336 pages





If you have been lucky enough to sell your large family home and move to an assisted living facility or low-maintenance condo or apartment once you retired, we have a few important details you are not going to want to miss.


ou never know when a natural disaster will strike and leave your cherished personal belongings in ruin. Whether you are renting an apartment or living in an assisted living community, you must insure your property if you want protection. The owner of the building will insure the structure, but all of your possessions are your responsibility. The best way to make sure you have to proper coverage is to contact your agent or anyone who sells homeowners insurance. If you had home contents coverage with your homeowners coverage when you owned your home, you will understand the importance of covering your belongings now that you are renting. Renters insurance is different from homeowners contents cov-

erage because contents coverage covers all of the property at the location, where renters insurance only covers the property of the person on the policy. If you have a roommate and one of you has insurance, the other person’s property will not be covered, even during a natural disaster. Do your research. Just like any other insurance policy, Renters Insurance is competitive. If you don’t have an agent, shop around for several quotes. All insurance companies are not the same. Beware of commercials that promise policies for pennies. You get what you pay for. If you want to find out more about a certain insurance company, check with one of the five major reporting agencies that report on the stability of insurance companies: A.M. Best, Fitch, Moody's Invest-

Resources:, www.,


ment Services, Standard & Poor's, and Weiss. Make a list and check it twice. Catalog all of your valuables with a complete description, value and picture. Ask your agent if your policy covers replacement value or original cost. Sometimes, this amount can leave a large gap between what the insurance company will pay and what you think your item is worth. It’s better to pick a policy that will pay you what

you deserve and expect. Do the exclusions in your policy exclude you from protection? Check the declarations page of the policy before you sign to make sure you are getting the coverage you need. Some policies do not cover floods, named storms, collectibles and antiques. You may have to purchase separate coverage for specific risks or items. Don’t lose your shirt because you didn’t have the right insurance.




The Second Time Around

Check out these websites for more detailed guidance: Grandparentsforchildren. org Helpguide. org


ust when you thought you would ease into retirement, you find yourself in a familiar role – parenting, again! If you feel as though your life has suddenly undergone major adjustments, you are not alone. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the number of children residing in a grandparent’s home has increased significantly over the past decade. When parents are absent or unable to rear

By Cindy Lugo

their children it is often the grandparents who step in to shoulder the responsibility of raising the second generation. This commitment brings with it both rewards and challenges. You may gain fulfillment by providing a sense of security for your grandchildren, developing deeper relationships and keeping the family together. You may even find that parenting a second time around is better because you are smarter and don’t take things as

HERE ARE SOME TIPS AND RESOURCES TO HELP YOU ALONG IN THE JOURNEY Don’t get caught in legal limbo, talk to an attorney to fully explore legal arrangements. Join a support group for grandparents raising grandchildren. Get the grandchildren connected with a church/community youth group. Research avenues of public assistance for various housing, health and financial needs.


seriously as you did the first go-round. But, even if you embrace your role as a custodial grandparent with vigor and commitment, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the unexpected.




Take an Enchanted Circle Weekend Taos isn’t just for skiing. Once the ski resorts close in April, the real fun begins for exploring the enchanted Forest Scenic Byway connecting Taos with the ski resort communities of Red River, Eagle Nest and Angel Fire. Starting in May through the summer, you will find these majestic towns filled with lilac blooms, thriving farmers markets, balloon festivals and concerts.


Start your Enchanted Circle drive in Taos, after visiting the Taos Gorge Bridge, one of the highest spans in North America.

Traveling north will take you past scenic Arroyo Hondo so you can revel at the majestic mountain range to the east; the Sangre de Cristo, where you will see the state’s highest mountain, Wheeler Peak.

For more information visit

Continue north to Questa and the dramatic scenery with rare river access of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. Once you turn east on to NM 38, you will be following what the locals call “The Enchanted Circle”. Red River offers stirring vistas of spruce and aspen and the town itself offers more than two dozen lodges and resorts with plenty of restaurants. Continue with a drive to Eagle Nest, the newest State Park in New Mexico, has some of the best fishing for Rainbow trout and Kokanee and Coho salmon in all of the southwest! The old west downtown includes a real swinging door saloon. Main street is less than a mile long with shops carrying locally-made crafts and fine arts, sculpture, sterling silver jewelry, Indian jewelry, antiques, pottery and much more. From Eagle Nest, continue west on NM 64 towards Angel Fire, a great place for golf, tennis, hiking, biking and fishing. Be sure to visit the DAV Vietnam Memorial near Angel Fire, which was built by one family as a shrine to their fallen son. This is the only state park dedicated as a Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

No05 / Spring 2017



Simple Steps Prevent



e smile when a toddler who is learning to walk, struggling to maintain his balance, finally plops down on his bottom. But when a senior adult has a similar event, it’s a serious matter. Every second, a senior experiences a fall that may cause injury leading to death.


bars in the bathroom and use a non-skid bath mat. Keep a flashlight next to the bed.

Why do people fall? Tripping and falling on slippery or uneven surfaces is a major cause. Medicines that cause sleepiness or dizziness can result in slowed reflexes that also result in falls. If a person is suffering from balance problems caused by reduced muscle strength or drinking alcohol, a fall can be the outcome.

How can balance be improved? Exercise that develops endurance, muscle strength and flexibility will help prevent falls. There are a number of classes given at the Y and Community Centers that teach seniors to have better balance and coordination. Here’s a simple balance exercise that can be done at home: • Stand up straight with feet together and arms at the side. • Lift the right foot a few inches off the floor and bend the right knee. • Balance on the left foot and hold for five seconds. • Lower the right foot and repeat with the left leg for ten repetitions.

What can prevent falls? If outdoors, the use of a cane or a walker improves stability. Wearing rubber soled shoes and avoiding slippery grass or sidewalks helps avoid situations that result in falls. When indoors, wear lowheeled shoes and avoid walking in socks or slippers. Keep floors free from clutter and make sure rugs are securely fastened to the floor. Put grab

Focus attention on a spot ahead. Maintain good posture with the chest out and shoulders back. If standing unsupported is too difficult, try holding onto furniture. When exercising while supported, hold the leg in position for 60 seconds. Improving balance through exercise and avoiding conditions that provoke falls are actions that will lead to a safer, confident, independent life for seniors.



Raise your head and look around to find a sturdy chair. Don’t try to stand up on your own.


Roll over on your side by turning your head in the direction you’re trying to roll. Then move your hips, shoulders, arms and finally, your leg, over.

3. 4. 5.

Using your arms, push your upper body up. Slowly get up on your hands and knees and crawl to a sturdy chair.

Place your hands on the seat and slide one foot forward so that it is flat on the floor.

6. 7.

Keep the other leg bent with the knee on the floor.

From the kneeling position, slowly rise and turn your body to sit in the chair.



FEED THE BRAIN Listen, Learn, Read and Enjoy INFAMY a legal thriller by Robert K. Tannenbaum Robert K. Tannenbaums impressive law and political career includes serving as a consultant on the Hillside strangler case in Los Angeles, Deputy Chief Counsel for the congressional investigation into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is a former twoterm mayor of Beverly Hills and an author of more than 28 novels and three nonfiction books. Energy, persistence and pursuit of evil are evident in Tannenbaum’s works, especially his series featuring

GET WHAT’S YOURS FOR MEDICARE an informational guide by Philip Moeller Isn’t it about time to get what’s coming to you? Get What’s Yours for Medicare, part of the Get What's Yours Series from Simon & Schuster, explains what Medicare, covers, what it doesn’t, what it costs and when to sign up. You might think you already know all about Medicare, but face it; it’s a government program. Chances are you need an interpreter to put U.S. Government terminology


and explanations into plain English. Get what’s yours for Medicare, published by Simon & Schuster, October 2016. Available in hardback, eBook, and on audio.

New York District Attorney Roger “Butch” Karp and his wife Marlene. Infamy, the most recent Karp thriller, builds on the characters introduced in earlier releases, but is an intriguing read as a stand-alone work. If you believe in conspiracy theories, if post traumatic syndrome and mind control issues intrigue you, and if you want to stay up all night reading a fast-paced thriller, start Infamy today. If you are new to Tannenbaum, you will soon be a fan. Infamy, published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, September 2016. Available in hardback, ebook, and in paperback in March 2017.

THE ART OF ELEGANCE a musical release by Kristin Chenoweth Kristin Chenoweth is The Tony Award winner for her performance as Sally Brown in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown and the originator of the Glinda, the good witch, role in Wicked. Her credits include musical theatre, film and television and her music is stand-alone awesome for all. Songs from the past including They Can’t Take That Away from Me, Let’s Fall in Love, or Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart, resonate with a unique blend of nostalgia and contemporary sound. The Art of Elegance/ Kristin Chenoweth released by Concord Records, September 2016.