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Children’s Museum of Houston

At the Children’s Museum of Houston, there are many hands-on activities to entertain and educate children.


inding stories to write every month for A Sunday Drive has taken my family and I to some really neat places in the Gulf Coast Region. But to be honest, most of them have been places I wanted to go and the kiddos got dragged along. They had fun, but more often than not, it wasn’t their top choice. So this month, I decided to let them choose. And their choice was a good one — the Children’s Museum of Houston. Designed for children of all ages, the children’s museum is a hands-on experience that makes it fun to learn. And fun it was. From the moment you walk in the doors, the experience is almost overwhelming. Every inch of the museum is filled with things for children to do,


Photos and story by David Rupkalvis

touch and experience. While there are specific exhibits, they flow together easily and everyone has a similar theme — get children involved with their hands and their heads. Within five minutes of walking in my children were dressed as doctors or scientists and were conducting experiments on a variety of different things. They climbed and pulled and touched and drew. And that was just in the first room. As we moved on, it just kept going. There were things to ride, more experiments and a never-ending supply of fun things to touch and do. Outside, the fun continued, but with water. Technically, they were supposed to be learning about flowing water and how moving water

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