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Writer and Social Media Strategist Kim is a mum of two with her own freelance social media consultancy. Living and working remotely in the South Hams. Here are her reflections on living in Devon and working remotely - with tips on how we can switch off and enjoy the summer.

THE DEVONSHIRE MUM Kim Willis, Writer, Social Media Strategist

Hello, it’s lovely to be here!


his is my first column for Devonshire Digital Magazine, and I look forward to sharing the juggle of parenting, working, rural challenges and local gems to visit. I love South Devon especially in June – it’s the best time of the year while the fox gloves are flowering in the hedgerows - but before it gets too busy. I don’t think there is a county in England that can boast half as much beauty as Devon but then I’m biased – probably just like you!

A bit about me, I’m Kim and I live in deepest South Devon (not quite at the most southerly point that’s East Prawle just down the road) mum of two, wife of one, part time owner of two cats and a full time very crazy Sprollie in quite possibly one of the remotest parts of South Devon - near Start Point Light house. Which is well worth a visit if you haven’t been. We used to have the beam of the lighthouse sweep over our garden until they upgraded and revamped the lamp in the lighthouse last winter. We can hear the sea in Start Bay down at the lost village of Hallsands when there is an Easterly wind blowing. We get excited when we see cars and when it’s summer or the sun is out the ‘main road’ to the lighthouse which also takes us to civilization gets really busy, like we have to reverse 15 billion times just to get to our local village.

I spend nearly half my life driving my two children to various activities all in our local towns of Kingsbridge and sometimes if I’m lucky Salcombe where I kid myself that I’ll get time to go to the shops and hang out as if I’m on holiday – have a coffee and a quick shop, but the reality is that we are generally running late and then we have to get back to the car park or do the parking ticket gamble. Last night though we did manage

are just not allowed anywhere near them unless you promise to park half a mile down the road… The move to secondary has been hanging over me like a dark cloud ever since the start of year six. He’s more than ready for it and is desperate to join his big sister and get the

It’s all change for us this year as the youngest is transitioning to secondary school in September

to combine a Scout litter pick and a trip to the fabulous Winking Prawn at North Sands. Which was a bit of a win-win.

mobile phone and the upgrade of freedom that you get when you start secondary school. The Instagram account and the choice of everything for school lunch, playing sport every But it’s all change for us this year lunchtime and having a structured as the youngest is transitioning to timetable. I think it will be easier secondary school in September - he letting go this time compared to last can’t wait, but for me it’s the end but I know there will be tears at the of an era. I know the last half of leavers assembly ( from me!) because I Summer term is going to fly past. remember what it was like last time! I’m feeling sad that it’s the end of I still can’t listen to ‘September Song’ primary school - that lovely safe – two years on! environment where I know their friends and teachers and I see my I’ll also be losing my four(!) commutes friends at school pick-ups. Because walking up the hill to drop at and let’s face it at secondary school you meet the school bus, now it will be

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