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@inspired News July 2008 Welcome to the July edition of the @inspired newsletter from all at Inspired Services. Every month we will share with you some news, comment and some top tips to make your information more accessible.

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 Who cares for us? Has round table meeting with DH

News  Accessible Business Cards In response to demand from several large organisations, we have developed a range of accessible business cards. Primarily in EasyRead, these folded cards have the extra space needed for a photograph and EasyRead contact information and other details about what you do. The card can also include information in Braille. Please do ask to see samples of these cards and for a quote for your needs.

 Free ClipArt We have expanded the Free Clipart on our web site. If you didn’t get a copy of this year’s clipart calendars that we gave away with Januarys newsletter they can be found on our Free Stuff pages. Our free clipart this month is a set of clocks. Ideal for adding times to meeting agendas. 24 clocks are included. If you would like more, then these are available in the 2007 version of the Valuing People Clipart Collection. To get your free clocks, go to our Free Stuff web pages.

 Valuing People Responses The Inspired Services response to Valuing People Now went off just before the extended deadline. We also contributed to several others including BILD,SCIE and the National Advisory Group on Learning Disability and Ethnicity. Main points included: · Stick with using Easy Read to retain consistency. · Creating the numbers of jobs needed demands a bigger change to how we do things. · Legislation re consent to Direct Payments is overdue. And much more. To read the full submission click here.

 Who cares for us? Has round table meeting with DH The campaign for equality for carers with a learning disability stepped up a gear by setting up a round table discussion with the DH carers’ strategy people. Ivan Lewis promised to make sure Valuing People Now included the issue and there is now a rewrite going on that emphasises this.

To see our comments on Valuing People Now, click here. To contact Who Cares for Us please click here.

Comment  Andrew’s latest blogs Andrew's latest blog talks about the launch of a new report from the Learning Disability Coalition and the popularity of the Minister Ivan Lewis. “Ivan just got back just before it was time to go home, he really is making himself popular with people in the social care field (honestly, no sarcasm involved for once), with Jo Williams referring to him as the next prime minister. Ivan confirmed that the launch of Valuing People Now would be in the autumn. The thrust for Valuing People Now, he assured us, was delivery. Which left me wondering why we hadn’t thought of that before? Silly us!” To read more, click here.

 What people say about our services "I have never been through a document design process before so was fairly apprehensive about how many versions we might end up with. Darren at Inspired worked within a very short time frame to turn around an easy read version that is very clear, concise and gives real meaning to what we're trying to do at the GSCC. I have no hesitation in recommending Inspired Services " . -Jess Hill, GSCC "Many thanks again for turning this around so quickly for us and what a brilliant job! Well done, particularly to your Making it Easier Group". -Jennie Fisher, Suffolk Primary Care Trust To read more comments from our satisfied customers, click here.

Top Tips  Plan in time to produce accessible formats It is always strongly recommended that the alternative formats of public documents come out at the same time as the main document. And rightly so, there can be strong criticism from people unable to gain equal access to the information they need. Alternative formats usually need the final version to work from. EasyRead can be done from a draft, but subsequent changes add to the costs. This means leaving enough time between the finish of a document and its launch, something that stretches all of us who work best with a deadline. We do, however, recommend leaving enough time for this to happen. As a guide, EasyRead documents usually take 2-4 weeks.To get a quote and timescale, click here to e-mail your document to us.

 Designer’s Eye Darren, our design manager gives an insider tip every month to help you make simpler and better EasyRead documents. This month’s tip: Showing screen shots

Do you need to explain on paper how to do something using the computer and show how it is done using pictures? For example, instructions on how to save a file. (Example shown below).

Well, here is a very useful tip. On your keyboard, on the top line after 'F12' should be the button 'Print Screen'. This key is wrongly named, it copies a screen-shot into memory ready to paste. Press this button where you would like to grab a screen shot of your current screen. Then using Word, Publisher or another program, go to 'Edit' and click on 'Paste'.

The screen-shot will appear in the document as a picture. If you would like to show a certain part of the screen shot (like I have above), simply select ‘Crop’ and crop the screen shot image to the section that you would like to show.

It’s as easy as that! If you have a burning design question click here to send it to Darren. The answer will be emailed back to you and could appear in the next @inspired newsletter.

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Newsletter for July  
Newsletter for July  

The Designer’s Eye Who cares for us? Has round table meeting with DH Please do ask to see samples of these cards and for a quote for your...