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inspired Newsflash for 28 April 2011 All the latest news from Inspired Services! Inspired Services Director Richard West wins two Afiya awards One of Inspired‟s directors, Richard West, won two awards at the Afiya awards ceremony, where “some of the nation‟s most exceptional BME leaders in health and social care were honoured. The event was held at City Hall, London and celebrated the „crème de la crème‟ of pioneers who have made a huge impact in the fields of their work.” “The event was hosted by BBC broadcaster Nikki Bedi, with guest presenters including politicians, academics, newspaper editors and celebrities.”

There were 17 awards given out to outstanding individuals in 13 categories. Richard received the Carer Leadership Award for his work on Who Cares for Us, a campaign supported by Inspired Services, asking for equal rights and recognition for carers with learning disabilities. He was also joint winner of the Against All Odds Award (Pride Of Afiya).

Alternative Vote Referendum and 2011 Elections You have probably heard by now of the Alternative Vote Referendum that the UK is voting on in May. In our last @Inspired newsflash, we sent around a link to an EasyRead description of what Alternative Voting means, and how it will change the election process. But some people may not know that parts of the country are also going to the polls to vote in Local Elections, to choose who will represent them on their Councils or other Local Authorities. In Northern Ireland, voters will select new members for the Northern Ireland Assembly. What is interesting about this election is that it will actually use the system outlined in the Alternative Voting Referendum – they will use numbers to show the order they prefer the candidates.

Inspired Services recently helped in this process by translating the Northern Ireland voting guidance into EasyRead. Click here to read the Northern Ireland Guidance for Voters in EasyRead.

The Valuing People ClipArt Collection takes to the Internet Those who follow our work will know that for the last several months we have been teasing a „new developmentâ€&#x; in the Valuing People ClipArt. The time has now come to pull back the curtain of mystery and reveal the new Valuing People ClipArt Collection. Rather than being available on a CD or USB memory stick as was the case in the past, the new collection will be posted directly to the internet, making it even easier to find that image that you are looking for. Instead of placing an order and waiting for delivery, you will be able to create an account on the website, log on, and immediately begin downloading and using the images in your documents or presentations. We are currently finishing up testing on the Collection. Once testing is finished, the site will be live and open to the public. Stay tuned for dates and times!

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