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We understand, that in business, the effective running of your computer system is crucial. Technology constantly evolves; it’s a simple fact of life, as a result savvy businesses today plan for the future. At Inspired IT we acknowledge this credo, indeed we embrace it, understand it and pass our knowledge and learning through. We maintain our training and awareness of the latest trends and systems so that we provide up to the minute advice and support to our 2,500 customers. We often receive requests from customers looking for infrastructure services either as a standalone or part of a wider managed service contract. We listen, understand the issue then provide solid sustainable solutions relating to the diverse range of software and hardware available.

Inspired IT are one of the UK’s leading independent stockists of computer hardware. We attribute our growth to a basic strategy of forging a service-driven supply chain focusing on high-quality, branded products.

“Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today� (African Proverb)

“We have recognised that success in our competitive arena is as a result of efficient and effective processes. This manifests through an open culture which promotes teamwork internally and with our suppliers�

Technology to suit your business. Choosing the right technology for your company can be a nightmare. We help guide you to identify the right systems to manage your business efficiently and help you grow. As technology progresses and improves we highlight best practices with case studies to illustrate how to utilise the new technology to maximise the benefits. Increasingly IT infrastructure is becoming the most critically important asset within a company especially if your business is service related. We firmly believe our business is about protecting our customers and building long-term partnerships. To this end we ensure our offer is tailor made, highly secure, flexible and exceptional value for money.

Happy customers We measure our success through our customers’ happiness. To this end we take every opportunity to gauge customer satisfaction so encourage suggestions and feedback for further improvement.

Remote Support

Don’t have time to wait for an engineer? You won’t have to. We access your computer remotely and securely to diagnose the problem enabling us to predict, identify and resolve your IT issues from our office . . . although our technicians are on hand to assist when a site visit is necessary.

IT Solutions Every company is unique. We provide you with unbiased recommendations, not a ‘one size fits all’ approach - we talk things through and identify your exact requirements before we specify or recommend partners. We work with you and help you investigate the status quo and recommend solutions. We help with planning, design, procurement and deployment of new and ongoing IT projects as well as managing and supporting your current infrastructure.

Service and Support Management We have a proven track record of delivering total solutions. We drive costs down and take the risk out of service delivery. Most of our fixes are at service desk level, which is fully equipped with the latest monitoring tools. Our support analysts remotely fix IT problems, track trends, predict future usage and allocate and monitor resources to resolve issues. Our heritage is in mission-critical system support in high profile environments; from mid-range Unix and Intel servers, through to networking and desktop devices, we provide a single source for your hardware support. Our software support desk is an integral part of our fully ITIL compliant Service Desk. Using our state of the art remote monitoring tools, we have also reduced incident rates throughout our customer base. Data backup and recovery is an often neglected element of the support function. Our support teams utilise the latest tools and technologies to recover systems and data. We deliver these services 

as a complementary service in a co-sourcing arrangement, or provide a complete managed service with regular testing! Implementing and integrating new systems and solutions can be complex and resource intensive. We specialise in the implementation of these strategic initiatives and provide people, processes, technologies and experience to ensure successful implementation. One of the most difficult tasks for IT professionals is to stay on top of software patch management. We offer a comprehensive patch management service & proactively protect infrastructures from vulnerability. European legislation means you need to take care when disposing of IT equipment. We help you extend the value of assets by upgrading, redeploying, or reselling; in line with WEEE directives.

Website Development Your website often acts as the central hub of your marketing strategy. Invariably it is the first “contact� a potential client has with your business. To this end much of what you do from a marketing perspective should point your customers to it. Our philosophy is to keep things simple, make things look good with great design and professional imagery getting your key messages across as effectively as possible. A content managed site allows the user to change the copy and photos at will via a secure and easy to use administration site. This is an ideal option for businesses with lots going on and who want to ensure that their website is always up to date. With more and more sales happening on line an e-commerce site helps maximise sales and generate an additional income stream for your business. Using state of the art software we can create flash animations that lift your site above the competition. Search engine optimisation is an art (or science?) in its own right. We can help you navigate the often complex world of website search optimisation.

Web Management Our team provide you with detailed information to help solve website issues. Our Website Performance Analysis, pinpoints the bottlenecks in your website. Reports show how each component contributes to the user response time; give a detailed explanation of operations and provide recommendations on changes.

Data Cabling We offer vast experience in Structured Cabling, providing properly designed, installed and warranted cabling systems, alongside a range of products from leading market brands. We offer a certification service on our cabling systems which provides a 1525 year warranty, dependent on the system installed. We also offer a range of products to complement the cabling, including cabinets, cable management systems, bend radii compliant containment and active equipment. We are specialists in Optical Fibre installation, termination and testing. We can assist you with planning your campus or backbone links. All links installed are terminated to the highest specifications then tested and certified. As the cable core is constructed of glass, it is imperative that the correct type of cable is installed.. We use the latest model Fujikura fusion splicer’s to create the best possible terminations on all optical fibre link cables.

Wireless Networking We offer a range of products to provide a wireless infrastructure. We can supply and install secure and reliable wireless networking infrastructures using either WLAN radio wireless or direct line of site free space optics laser link connections. The popularity of wireless LANs is a testament primarily to their convenience, cost efficiency and ease of integration with other networks and network components. The majority of computers sold to consumers today come pre-equipped with all necessary wireless LAN technology. Free space optics systems provide line

of sight infra-red, laser communications between two fixed points to distances of up to 4 kilometres, with speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps.

Messaging Management Email and web access are business critical ensuring these systems are reliable is key. Our on-demand messaging management services solve email and web security problems by delivering greater protection.

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