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Penthouse The Ultimate Bachelor Pad


The Ultimate Bachelor Pad Who is he? Dr. JD was born in 1977 in Boston, Mass to an established, prominent family. As a young man he had dreams of attending Yale University, specifically being accepted into their biotechnology program. Along with a passion for genetic manipulation, he also had a knack for origami and creating intricate creations from paper.

What has he accomplished? In 1995, at the age of 18, after years of hard work he was accepted for early admission to Yale University’s Biotechnology program. During his studies, his hobby for origami began to manifest as a breakthrough concept. After years of testing and perfecting, he developed and oversaw a major MIT Technology study testing the viability of ingestible origami robots that perform stereotactic brain biopsies and microscopic surgeries. The study was a huge success, with recognized accolades from the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and an Innovator Award from the National Institute of Health.

How does he live? After spending years working on the East Coast, Dr. JD relocated to the midwestern city of Chicago. With his newfound success, he wanted to find a home that not only provided him with luxurious space and comfort, but also one that had the potential to be a place of innovation and creativity.

Why Vista? Vista is the perfect location for Dr. JD as it’s in the heart of Chicago and near several major hospitals and medical universities. As a bachelor, the New Eastside neighborhood offers a vibrant nightlife with a never-ending supply of entertainment and great restaurants.


Images that depict the client An ingenious trifold design between Personal and Romantic Business and High Profile Entertainment Lifestyles Design is modern and sleek as if one was conquering the world

Custom Constellation Lighting Configuration 9/10

Suspension Yoga

Increase your flexibility & deepen your practice by counteracting gravity

Chicago Skyline View from every room 5/6

Floating Stairs 9/10

Vintage Drive-In Theatre



Koi Pond 9/10

Luxurious Master Suite


Interactive Smart System 13/14

Conference / Poker 13/14

Residence Floor 94 Total Area: 6,600 sq. ft

Fire... Water... Champagne Fountain 15/16

DJ Booth 15/16


Virtual Reality Room 17/18

Day to Night Casual Dining Nightlife Entertainment 15/16

Hibachi Bar 17/18

Residence Level 2 Total Area: 6,600 sq. ft

A look into

Residence Living DRIVE-IN MOVIE AREA There is something to be said about watching a movie on your own personal drop down screen while si tting in a vintage 1955 Porsche Spyder.

KOI POND No one can deny the aesthetic appeal of a koi pond. Peaceful visual elements combine with the meditative sounds of water to help relax and reduce any negative feelings.

FLOATING STAIRS Open ultra-contemporary modern feel of custom designed floating stairs that add an eye-popping accent piece to overall design.


CUSTOM CONSTELLATION LIGHTING CONFIGURATION A lighting configuration made up of both circular and square heads. The square heads depict the stars that make up three major constellations, while the circular heads show other stars which shine less brightly. Each constellation depicted represents an important human quality.

AQUARIUS LOCATION: Above the drive-in movie theatre. SYMBOL:

One of the largest and most well-known constellations. Represents the water-bearer, a symbol of eternal youth and renewal.

AQUILA LOCATION: Above the dining table. SYMBOL:

Known to be the thunderbolt carrier for Zeus - making the constellation a symbol of power and strength.

ARIES LOCATION: Above the kitchen area. SYMBOL:


Ares depicts the Ram. In Greek Mythology, the Ram represents kingship and authority.

A look into

A multi-purpose environment has been designed so our bachelor can equally spend his time, both personally and professionally, in a breath-taking elegant setting. The space is sectioned so that the minute he walks through the front door, he can turn left and enjoy the 'personal mode' of his space, or turn right and move into 'professional mode'. The apartment functions to reflect the day and night versions of his personal and professional life.

To the left…

As one steps into the living room, the first space they encounter is an incredible drive-in movie theatre with a fully remote-controlled interface. Our bachelor can cozy up with a bucket of popcorn in the front seat of this vintage 1955 Porsche Spyder (just like James Dean). Guests can also enjoy the movie in one of the lounge chairs by Aston Martin (well-known for designing the iconic cars for eternal bachelor, James Bond.) This exquisite kitchen is designed to provide a 360° view of the Chicago skyline, and allows one to entertain guests in an open plan. Whether our bachelor is mixing drinks or cooking dinner, he can engage his guests in conversation while having the city as his backdrop. The adjacent family room is casual for daily life, but still upscale enough to be used for entertaining guests. The Master Suite is a robust combination of energy, romance and recharging. The fitness room is designed to accommodate meditation and suspension yoga, but also includes space to engage in energetic fitness training. Our bachelor needs a variety of solutions for his weekly health and fitness regime. In the bedroom, the bed is positioned so that it is facing outwards towards Chicago’s skyline. The moment our bachelor opens his eyes, he is greeted with a beds-eye view of the iconic city. Dapper black leather chairs are placed in a small reading area so he can relax in style. The Master bathroom includes a generous two person shower, while providing much needed relaxation in a quiet soaking tub that overlooks the city.

To the right…

Taking a right turn after entering the unit brings our bachelor and guests to a space designed with a more professional use in mind. The right half contains a large area to be used as a board room/ meeting room, with tables that can extend to seat 6-8 people. This professional space also includes several smaller areas by the fireplace, which can be used to facilitate one-on-one conversations. A touch-screen TV center, which is fabulous as an information display during the work day, can also be used to provide multiple viewing options for guests when entertaining. During the night, our bachelor can host high-stakes poker games while viewing multiple sports games simultaneously. The finishes chosen for the walls and furniture illustrate his soft, edgy and highly-intellectual personality.


PERSONAL DJ BOOTH This personal DJ Booth, featuring high-end audio components, provides the soundtrack for everything from wild late-night parties to quiet evenings spent listening to old favorites. A music-lover’s dream.

FIRE... WATER... CHAMPAGNE FOUNTAIN On the far wall, we have a custom designed waterfall, fireplace, champagne bar combination, flanked by two back-lit onyx walls. These elements all come together to create a truly unique and breathtaking statement. Relax by the fire with a glass of champagne in hand - you’ve earned it.

DAY TO NIGHT This multi-purpose area breaks down the barriers between a casual mid-day lunch meeting, and a cocktail hour turned late-night party.


A look into

Upstairs‌ The second level is replete with unique entertainment opportunities for both personal and professional lives. We have provided a wide open space where our bachelor can host a gathering of people and easily have it catered. The upstairs bar/kitchen area is designed to host a hibachi chef to cook for all of our bachelor's guests- day or night! A virtual reality room is the highlight: our bachelor can host a VR presentation for business or personal guests. And for the late, late nights, a DJ booth can spark an impromptu dance party. The real centerpiece of the room is a feature wall of water / fire / champagne. This custom-designed waterfall / fireplace / champagne fountain is visually striking, and serves to create an inviting and comfortable environment. The waterfall feature makes guests feel relaxed, and the fire component makes them feel warm and welcome. Hidden behind layers of water and fire is a multiple port champagne fountain. Having a variety of champagne brands on tap will make anyone feel special! This wall is flanked by two back-lit onyx walls accented with artwork from the bachelor’s favorite gallery. Simply breath taking.



Private Residence

Ravenswood Home

A well-traveled couple with impeccable taste decided to move back home to Chicago. The space was designed to mirror the dynamic duo’s large personalities, while allowing them to entertain various friends and family. The 7,000+ sq Ravenswood home was transformed to reflect a cultured, collaborative and curated residence with each room evoking experiences the couple shared together. It was important to them to that their home-life contained inspirations in every room as a reminder of all they have done, all they have seen and all they have yet to. In order to marry their love of mid-century modern family heirlooms, influences from the wife’s Asian heritage, and a selection of pieces hand selected from the design team’s trip to Paris, we mixed muted tones with bold pops of color to highlight their most prized possessions. This home truly unifies the couple’s diverse styles, interests and experiences to create one unique home full of memories and inspiration for the future.



Private Residence River North, Penthouse Ideal for the intellect who enterains, this gorgeous two-floor penthouse is designed for the functional living while seamlessly showing off an impeccably curated art collection. Inspired by historical artifacts and stemming from a love of innovation, his space inspires creativity and cultivates comfort. Modern design highlights vintage finds, the juxtaposition of eye catching art and found vintage items perfectly complement the unique style that echoes throughout his home.The highbrow bachelor can easily wow guests with art from a world of renowned graffiti artist or with furniture like with the repurposed Porsche chair or the dining room table that once served as the threshold into the first Barnes and Noble in New York City. Sleek, modern, and eclectic, this cusom home is much more than just a place to live, it is a canvas of personality and a design daydream. Salvaged letterpress pieces accessorize the kitchen island and create a narrative specific to the homeowner. Simple patio furnature does nothing but accentuate the stunning view, so during those valuable warm summer days and nights, it is the perfect place to take the paerty outside or enjoy some alone time with the sunset and a book.

2 52/ 52 /62 6



Private Residence Trump Tower A perfect place for a fresh start, this spacious, gorgeous apartment is designed to bring out the fun, city dwelling Chicagoan inside of you. The first of many “wows” you’d say when exploring this apartment comes with the first step; uniquely wide hallways appear even larger with regal floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The second “wow” is walking into the main space and seeing the view. Located and positioned in such a way that you get to enjoy the calming view of the lake, river or spectate the bustling city below. Perfect for one on one time or entertaining family and friends, this luxurious apartment can do it all in style. Two seating areas boast great views, and the bedrooms are no exception either. Homey yet modern furniture do nothing but accentuate the coveted city views. Get ready for the day with a fashionably functional vanity and closet fit for a queen. As much as this place gets you ready for the day, feel just as excited coming back to the castle at night to sink into your favorite chair and enjoy a glass of scotch.




Private Residence BELLEVUE

Being an empty nester does not mean settling for anything short of a beautiful, custom home to revel in the mornings where you’re not rushed to get the kids to school. Say more with less; refined and muted color schemes make the dark wood cabinetry become an eye catching detail that creates an air of elegance in this historic greystone on the Gold Coast. Original moldings are highlighted by a new paint job and subtle furniture. Think casual crisp linen, making lemonade from scratch and spending your evenings hitting all the restaurants in Chicago that have been on your “to-do” list for ages. Life now revolves around relaxing luxuriously; let your Sundays and Mondays blend while sipping a warm cup of coffee mid-morning in the oh-so-cozy banquet room. Whether it’s brunch or breakfast, cooking could never feel like work in a kitchen this beautiful. The open concept room layout is perfect for entertaining and lets you keep an eye on your wandering grandchild while staying involved in the main event of the family gathering. The versatile banquet room seamlessly transitions to accommodate your quiet mornings and your evenings of entertaining.




25 W. Hubbard St., 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60654 773.728.0419 773.231.5838

Inspired Interiors Design Book  

Inspired Interiors is a luxury interior design firm based in Chicago, Illinois. We design award-winning spaces for authentic personalities....

Inspired Interiors Design Book  

Inspired Interiors is a luxury interior design firm based in Chicago, Illinois. We design award-winning spaces for authentic personalities....