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Innovative Islands... Where design, families and friends come together. By WANDA PERKINS


Eye-catching lighting, complementing architectural details, additional storage and seating areas with contrasting colors—the kitchen island is a multifaceted space accessible to the entire kitchen. Design and photography courtesy Western Products.


gathering place, pizza party central, homework station, grocery sorting center—the kitchen island operates as a multifaceted space with countless uses. With a bit of preplanning and some expert design advice, creating that “just right” island space for your home will become a reality. Because the kitchen island space is as individual as the homeowner, considering how it will be used is crucial in designing and personalizing it to meet your needs. Do you prefer cooking and prep work at the island? Would you prefer appliances within the island instead of in outer areas of your kitchen? Do you desire an additional sink within the island? “How your island will be used will determine its makeup of storage cabinets, appliance placement and/or plumbing possibilities,” explains Dawn Schmitt, showroom manager and designer at Braaten Cabinets. “Proportion is essential when designing your island. Countertops that are the same height all around make the island look larger while giving uninterrupted space for preparation. Varied heights on an island provide opportunity to hide sinks or keep little fingers from cooktops. The length INSPIRED HOME | 27

Inspired home magazine september october 2014