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June 2012

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Library & History Center The Hive is situated in the city centre near the bus station and five minutes away from Forgate Street station. The building is due to open its doors to the public in late July. It will be a great place to visit with family and friends while in Worcester. The Hives main focus is to be a library and history centre serving to the public and will combine many of resources from around Worcester. These include the Worcester History Centre, City Library and Museum and all of University of Worcester’s collection of resources. It has a children’s library with spaces to play and read while parents can explore the rest of the Hive or grab a slice of cake and a coffee in the café. With 250 computers for the public to use and Wi-Fi you will be able to do your work and social networking. Over the pages we will go more in depth into the Hive….

The Hive will offially open in July to the public.



Distinctive new library and history center The building’s golden roof has made it one of the most distinctive buildings on the city’s skyline. The finished building will house a quarter of a million books and over 26,000 records of historic monuments and buildings. The building it self is aimed to reduce its impact on the environment by having heat absorbing roofing, boiler that is eco friends, full river water filter for clean water and naturally heated hot water. The Hive has rooms that can be used for all your business needs and has a range of different rooms that you can book. These rooms have full Internet access, plugs, projectors and much more.




Great sights, beautiful architecture and interesting things are all around inside and outside the Cathedral.

The cathedral is the place to visit in Worcester and you can explore all the long history of it. It is open every day and is a popular place to visit, as there is so much to see. After walking around you could have a look in the shop that is part of the cathedral and even go have a drink and a bit to eat in the cafe. It has a large out door space with all different kinds of things and ruins from a long time ago. As well as this there is a lovely view of the river seven from the gardens at the back of the cathedral. You can see all the way up to the train bridge as well as seeing the Malvern’s in the distance. Lots of photographic opportunities are all around the area and a war monument out side commemorating the solders that fought in world war two. Down the road from the cathedral you come to the Vue cinema and after that the commandery plus the Tudor buildings that we have photos of in this issue. Over all it is a great place to go with all the family and is very interesting for everyone. The High Street is next to the heading away to the other side of town. 11

Vintage Cars

Every year in Worcester


Worcester every year hosts its self to loads of events and one being the annually occurring event is the vintage car show. Vintage cars and a selection of modern cars are displayed and parked around the city centre all day. Most of these cars you can have a sit in to see what it feels like and to add to this there are usually some other entertainments and stalls selling various items. When it is on the town is alive with people going around, shopping, having a drink with friends and exploring all the vintage cars and their history. You will meet some friendly people and can bring the kids who should enjoy sitting in the cars and the fun entertainment. It has been going on for a number


of years and if you are a proud owner of a vintage car you can sign up to get a place in town where you can show it off. It is held over the weekend so you can fit in some shopping as well as having a super day out.

There are plenty of shops open for you to have a good look at and you can head down to the river by the fountains to see more cars and have a bit to eat at The QUAY. This is a restaurant, which does great food, the prices are not too bad ether and you can sit outside with a view of the river and the surrounding area. It is a must see for all the family and in 2013 it will host a lot more cars and even more entertainment.



Worcester has a rich history that spans many centuries and there are loads of preserved historic buildings. Standing in the most historic street of Worcester, England, is a wonderful building of timber beams, leaded windows and decorated plaster ceilings. Inside you will find rooms almost five hundred years old, not crowded with furniture but open for you to see. A few choice exhibits (some of which you can touch as well as look at) are complemented by fascinating interpretations of the history of this ancient city. It’s run entirely by volunteers, some of the city’s best guides, artists, historians and craftspeople giving up their time for the pleasure of working in a special place.

Tudor House has had a varied life in the five centuries since it was built. It has been used as a work place for weavers, clothiers, tailors, bakers, painters and brewers. It was used as lodgings, the Cross Keys Inn, Cadbury’s Tudor Coffee House, an air raid wardens’ post and billet office, a school clinic and a museum. A group of volunteers known as Worcester Heritage & Amenity Trust opened the doors in May 2004 to keep the building available to the public as Tudor House Heritage & Education Centre. Displays of local history, crafts and culture over several rooms are complemented by a shop and coffee room serving drinks and cakes.

All the buildings bring out the sprit of the tudor times in worcester and its rich history.


Near the River The river seven runs straight through Worcester and has many things to do around it. You have the cricket ground where you can watch the Worcester team play, have dinner down by the river at the Quay restaurant and Browns. Also at this place by the river are the fountains that are a popular place for families and a tarmac path with lights following the river down to the Cathedral.

On a hot summers day this is a great place to come, as there are plenty of seats and a lot of grass to sit down on. If you wanted to go sit in the park Cripplegate Park is over the road bridge where each Sunday bands play in the park free to


the public. Next to the park is a retail park with a Homebase, PC World and a Mcdonalds where you can go with the family to get something to eat.

Events are sometimes held in this area and one being the annual Worcester arts fair where artists set up a stall and sell their artwork to the public. They have some great deals for their work and it ranges from photography to painting. Up the river is Diglis Hotel where you can stay, have a meal or even just a drink while looking over the river towards the Malverns. If you like ice cream there is usually an ice cream stand that is there every summer and has a range of different ice creams.

All the buildings bring out the sprit of the tudor times in worcester and its rich history.


The Queen is opening the Hive on the 17th of june and is walking through Worcester City Centre.


The Hive is also going to host a number of events in the time it is being finished and these are all free events to the public. One of the events was organised by Worcester Music Festival and was a big hit with over 1100 people going in between 12pm to 7pm. As a bonus to musicians there was music producers that were at the Hive for a demo meeting where everyone could take their demos and get advice. There is even a chance to work with one of the producers. The Worcester Music Festival is a charity that hosts free music events to the public to gain funds towards health charities and expose new upcoming bands/singers. They have been

running for a lot of years and host the annual Worcester Music Festival once a year at the end of August. It use to be over the week end for three days but this year due to popularity it will have four days and be from the 24th to the 27th. If you are a singer or in a band you can go to their website and sign up for free and get a place on the set list for the whole of Worcester. Pubs, clubs, restaurants and other venues host all the gigs over Worcester for free and welcome the Worcester Music Festival greatly. Later this month the Queen will be opening the Hive to the public fully and will be heading through the city centre towards the Guild Hall.


Created by Daniel Broughton


This is my final major project magazine that is aimed to give infomation about Worcester and the stuff that is going on.


This is my final major project magazine that is aimed to give infomation about Worcester and the stuff that is going on.