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DISTILLERY & COCKTAI L ROOM Located in the historic Spring Grove creamery building 113 Maple Drive • Spring Grove, MN Stop in for a cocktail VERY INDEPENDENT SPIRITS.

Regular hours TH UR-SAT 4-10 PM

Call or email to schedule a tour






507-498- RO CK ( 762 5)


Radishes, Hare and Tortoise Farm 20 miles to Rochester

Grape Tomatoes, Easy Yoke Farm 23 miles to Rochester

Ridgeland Harvest 38 miles to La Crosse

Deep Rooted 29 miles to La Crosse

your partner in

local food.

Cabbage, Featherstone Farm 50 miles to Rochester 35 miles to La Crosse

Downtown La Crosse, WI and Rochester, MN 7 days, 7 am–10 pm Open to the public • Free parking!

Keeping heirlooms where they belong — in our gardens and on our tables. For this generation and the next. | Decorah, Iowa


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We couldn’t do it without: Kristine Jepsen / contributor Sara Friedl-Putnam / contributor Maggie Sonnek / contributor Sara Walters / contributor Diane Rarick / contributor Lauren Bonney / illustrator The Driftless Food Guide is published annually by Inspire(d) Media, LLC, 412 Oak Street, Decorah, Iowa, 52101. This issue is Volume 2 / 2019 Copyright 2019 by Inspire(d) Media, LLC.

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From the Editor


ne of my most favorite things about putting the Driftless Food Guide together (we’re on year two, hooray!) is going through the Directory listings. I just love reading people’s stories of their farms, restaurants, breweries, B&Bs, bakeries (and lots more) in their own words. You can check them out yourself starting on page 28! Getting the stories behind the people who grow, produce, and make our local food and beverages in the Driftless – that’s the mission behind this Guide, and we’re excited to bring it to life again for 2019! For this DFG, we’re looking at brunch! There is something so wonderful and laid-back about brunch. It says, “Hey, you’ve totally got time to go to the Farmers Market before you eat.” And, “Sure, you can have a cocktail – it’s brunch!” Plus, there are so many local foods you can work into the menu. Check out our fun spread on page 16, and learn about the producers who helped bring the ingredients to the table in the following pages. You’ll also find Farmers Market listings, events, ideas for Going Out (of the Ordinary), and more. I just love to imagine you out adventuring and discovering in the Driftless! Read on, and get inspired to go local this year! As we like to say around Inspire(d HQ: Supporting local businesses directly invests in your community, and building communities is one of the most important things you can do in this life. Looking forward,

We just launched our rad new website, this spring! Check it out – and see all the Local Producer Listings (plus links & more photos) in the Directory there too!

Visit us online:

Aryn Henning Nichols



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Got a great story? We’d love to hear more! There’s a finite amount of space in each Driftless Food Guide (DFG), but luckily we’ll make a new one each year. We can’t guarantee we’ll write every story we’re pitched, but can promise to learn more about and listen to your ideas!


Photo by Erik Dutcher

Missed the ad deadline? Darn, we didn’t get you in this year! No worries! We’ll make another DFG in 2020. Head on over to for more information about advertising or getting listed in the Local Producer Directory (see that on page 28).

Adventure in the

What’s the Driftless, you ask? The Driftless Region COME Region is a section of HAVE FUN! Minnesota, Wisconsin, WISCONSIN ROCHESTER Northeast Iowa, and WINONA Northwest Illinois that LA CROSSE FUN! was never glaciated – i.e. LANESBORO PRESTON flattened out by glaciers – MINNESOTA HARMONY SPRING GROVE VIROQUA thus lacking glacial “drift” LANSING CRESCO (Driftless). It’s lucky for us, OSAGE DECORAH WAUKON because we get soaring PRAIRIE DU CHIEN POSTVILLE bluffs, deep valleys, and MCGREGOR GUNDER WEST UNION interesting Karst topography ELKADER to enjoy and adventure GUTTENBERG iowa upon. The scenery has attracted some awesome COMMUNITY folks to the region, and we just love to write their stories! We mainly cover our tri-state section of the Drifltess area, pictured here.











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Inspire(d) Magazine Driftless Region

Open 7 Days A Week 207 College Dr. • 563-380-3610 •


22 34 24


700 College Drive, Decorah, Iowa 52101 563.387.1463 - . Driftless Food Guide \ 2019


1930s Soda Fountain • Ice Cream, Chocolates, Nostalgic Candies, 14 Flavors of Fudge – All homemade, in-house daily

Small batch Fresh Fudge

You won’t find anything like this without a time machine.

207 Pearl St. Downtown La Crosse, WI • • 608-782-6655

OPEN SUN-THURS 9AM - 9 or 10PM OPEN FRI & SAT 9AM - 10 or 11PM

Purchase locally grown produce, meat, & even flowers directly from the source



iving in the Driftless affords ample opportunity to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and locally raised meats – often straight from our neighbor’s farms! But if you don’t live right next door to a farmer, don’t worry – you can still get in on the bounty. There are a variety of easy ways to purchase directly from a farmer and get local foods featured on your table this season. 1. Farmers Markets This is one of the easiest and best-known ways to buy from local farmers. Peruse the stalls of brightly colored fruits, vegetables, baked goods, meats, flowers, soaps, crafts, honey, and more. It’s a fun way to connect with your community, and explore local foods. Check out the Farmers Market listings on pg 10 to find one near you. 2. CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) Consumers make an up-front investment by purchasing a CSA share, and farmers benefit from literal “seed money” to fund production costs during early spring – an often lean time for farmers. In return, buyers receive fresh produce that is grown close to home instead of being trucked across the country. “If you have ever thought about buying a food delivery box from Blue Apron or others, I think you would be pleased with what you can get from a local farmer,” says Teresa Wiemerslage, local foods field specialist at the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

in Decorah, Iowa. “Everyone should try it! There are CSA packages for all types of consumers.” For example: Traditional or Market-share CSA Hannah Breckbill, of Humble Hands Harvest (humblehandsharvest. com) in Decorah, Iowa, points out the win-win aspects of CSA. “When you buy a CSA share, you get a weekly engagement with the food that your local land is producing,” Hannah says. “You also get a good deal: in thanks for your investment at the beginning of the season, which we need to cover our spring expenses, we farmers do our best to give you more value over the course of the season than you would get if you just bought things at our farmers market stand.” Farms also tend to offer a wide spectrum of commitment for their CSA shares – from varying levels on their traditional shares (weekly or bi-weekly) to market shares – setting up an “account” with a farm, and choosing what you want from their stand at farmers market. . Driftless Food Guide \ 2019


Humble Hand’s Emily Fagan continues. “They can get one, or even two or more, boxes every week, but signing up for a small balance at the farmers market is a great way for folks to test things out,” she says. “That way they have complete choice about what they get and when they get it, and can have a chance to get to know the farmers and their food without feeling like they’re taking a big risk. Plus, that way you don’t even have to remember your cash! You can show up to the market on a whim and still get delicious produce.” And it’s not just about vegetables – CSA is also available for: Meat… Some area farms have meat CSAs! Prairies Edge Farm in Castalia, Iowa, enjoys offering their clients this option. “We operate as a market share CSA – customers are able to order whatever amount of product they want on their own schedule, so more like a traditional grocery,” says Caite Palmer of Prairie’s Edge. Their CSA customers get a weekly email with farm news, special offers, and a reminder to order from the online store at Customers pay online or via cash or check at pick-up or delivery. The purchasing menu online ranges from the expected items like steaks, roasts, and ground beef, to “bits and bobs” – less traditional items including soup or marrow bones, liver, heart, or tongue, plus “Doggo” bones (free bones for your dog they sometimes have on hand when you visit them at the market). Flowers… If you love fresh flowers but lack a green thumb or the time to spend gardening, there are also CSAs that deliver locally grown flowers to a convenient drop-off spot. Clara Muggli-Toyloy, owner of Oak & Olive Flowers in Decorah, Iowa ( - pictured at right), operates a microfarm composed of several small plots

in yards of Decorah and Freeport, producing from June through September. “I am growing lots of varieties so that the bouquets will look different from week to week,” she says. Sweet 16 Farm in Houston, Minnesota (, grows nearly two acres of flowers on-site. In addition to a CSA bouquet subscription, owner Sarah Mann sells at farmers markets, provides displays for events, and sells wholesale to grocery stores. “We also host two annual farm events: A Mother’s Day plant sale (May 11-12, 2019) and a Hop Harvest Festival (August 24, 2019). We love bringing people together around a shared agricultural experience. The sense of community and connection that is fostered through our vision of agriculture is why we do what we do,” Sarah says. Even Pizza! If you’re a fan of the delicious wood-fired pizza served Friday nights at Luna Valley Farm north of Decorah (www.lunavalleyfarm. com), you can even buy a CSA pizza share, available for purchase from March 15 to April 15 (or until they run out) every year. 3. Bulk purchases If you’re into making your own pesto out of fresh basil, creating salsa from vine-ripe tomatoes, or canning up dill pickles, look into ordering vegetables and herbs in large quantities. “If someone wants to buy in bulk, all they need to do is send us an email, give us a call, or talk with us at farmers market,” says Emily of Humble Hands Harvest. “We offer bulk quantities of every crop we grow, if it’s the right time of year. The sky’s the limit!” Or maybe you really love fresh eggs? At Prairie’s Edge, you can shop online for free-range eggs grown locally, or arrange a regular (weekly, bi-weekly, etc) purchase with many other area farmers. 4. Wholesale Looking to really stock up the freezer with locally grown beef, pork, or lamb? Then purchasing wholesale might be a great way to go – you usually get discount from

Canoe Creek Produce Farmers Market CSA Decorah, IA

Local Organic Flowers!

Choose from a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. For more details visit our website at: Questions or ready to sign up? email us at:

or call: 563-382-4899 08

Driftless Food Guide / 2019 .

We provide beautiful arrangements for graduations, reunions, fundraisers, and weddings! Check out pictures on Facebook or our website... Call or email if you are interested.

Make it an eventit’s so fun!

retail pricing, and you’re supporting a farming neighbor at the same time. Nettle Valley Farm in Spring Grove, Minnesota, specializes in wholesale heritage breed pigs. “Our pigs live the good life! We are obsessed with pig happiness and proud of it,” Nettle Valley Farm writes on their website, www.nettlevalleyfarm. com. The site is full of great information for a wholesale-purchasing newbie. The total price for meat generally involves three payments: a deposit to secure your reservation, one to the farm for the meat, and one for processing (slaughter, cutting, curing, wrapping, and freezing). When you buy meat like this, you can decide everything from how thick you’d like your cuts to sausage flavors to whether you’d like bacon or uncured side pork. Costs of half and whole animals can range from $4-7 per pound hanging weight, depending on the farm and animal. Just make sure to plan out your freezer space – the average hanging weight of a whole pig is 180-220 pounds. According to the Nettle Valley website, for a half hog, you’ll need about 3-4 cubic feet (a milk crate is about 1 cubic foot). For a whole hog, you’ll need about 7-8 cubic feet. Luna Valley Farm in Decorah also raises a handful of heritage breed pigs for wholesale purchase each year, and they offer bundles of other meats: a half or whole lamb share – 12.5 or 27 pounds of grass finished lamb in a variety of cuts (roasts, chops, legs, ground, and more) and a “Beef Pasture Sampler” that includes ground beef, a roast, and steaks. Luna Valley hosts Pizza Nights at their farm every Friday in season (and some special pizza nights as well), and for their half or whole pig-purchasers, they throw in Pizza Night bonuses too. From investing in a CSA to buying wholesale meats to shopping at your local farmers market, the options for purchasing locally-grown goods from farms across the Driftless Region are endless. When you buy local, you’re riding the wave of the season, experiencing it through the ‘eyes’ of the plants that live here alongside you, according to farmer Hannah Breckbill. “It makes eating a little more special!”

Diane Rarick, a native of Cedar Rapids, IA, retired from a career in public relations and moved from the Chicago suburbs to Decorah in 2018 with her husband, Steve. Instagram: @derarick.

Find us at the Decorah Farmers Market

Humble Hands Harvest

Serving Decorah with organic vegetables & pastured meats •



SPECIALTY ESPRESSO DRINKS 118 Washington St. Decorah, Iowa . 563.419.3141

Patchwork Green Farm Erik Sessions and Sara Peterson (563)387-0837

Find our certified organic produce at the Oneota Food Coop, The Water Street Deli, La Rana and other fine dining establishments in Decorah.


Find a CSA near you: Iowa: Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Minnesota: Minnesota Department of Agriculture Wisconsin: Fairshare CSA is coalition of 50 small, organic family farms


563-382-3067 . Driftless Food Guide \ 2019


F Farmers


Plant Sale

Mother’s Day Weekend

armers Markets are one of the best parts of the week, in our opinion! A stroll amid the vivid colors of fruits and vegetables, baked goods, meats, wonderfully crafted wares, and the promise of delicious, healthy food for your table is a delightful way to spend some time. Check your local market’s website or social media for up-to-date details on the season, and more information about farmers who frequent markets near you. P.S. If we missed a market, please let us know for next year!



Cresco Farmers Market 2nd St & 1st Ave, Grube’s N. Lot Tues & Fri: 2-5:30pm. May-Oct

Ferryville Market in the Park Sugar Creek Park, Hwy 35, Sat, 9 am-3 pm. May-Oct

Decorah Farmers Market City Lot behind Oneota Coop Wed 3-6pm / Sat 8-11am. May-Oct

Gays Mills Farmers Market Lions Club Park. Wed, 2-6 pm. May-Oct La Crosse - Cameron Park Market Between 4th and 5th St Fri 4 pm-dusk / Sat 8 am-1 pm 1st Friday in May-Last Friday in Oct, 2nd Sat in May-Last Sat in Oct

Dubuque - City Hall Market Iowa St from 12th St to 13th St Sat, 7 am-noon May-Oct

July 13 (Sat) Bouquet CSA & Weddings

Hop Harvest Music Fest

August 24 (Sat)


Dubuque - Millwork Night Market 7th - 9th on Jackson St. 2nd Thurs of month, 5-9 pm. April-Oct

La Crosse - Bridgeview Plaza Farmers Market, 2500 Rose St, La Crosse Wednesday, 8 am-1 pm First Wed in June-Last Wed in Oct

Edgewood Farmers Market Edgewood City Park Fri, 2-5 pm . June-Oct

Marquette Farmers Market Driftless Area Wetlands Centre Friday, 4-7 pm. May-Oct

Elgin Town & Country Market Elgin City Park Thurs, 4:30-6 pm. May-Oct

Monona Farmers Market Gateway Park. Wed, 3-6 pm. May-Oct

Elkader Farmers Market South Main Street, Elkader Sat, 9 am-noon. May-Oct

New Albin Farmers Market City Park. Fri, 3-6 pm June-Oct

Elma. 409 Oak St Wed, 3:30-6:30pm May - Oct

New Hampton Farmers Market Car Quest Parking Lot Thurs, 4-6 pm. June-Sept

Fayette Open Air Market 305 W. Water St Shelter Wed, 3-5 pm. May-Oct

Oelwein Farmers Market 110 E. Charles St. May-Oct Mon, 3-6 pm, Fri, 8-11 am

Fredericksburg Farmers Market N Washington & E Main St Wed, 3-5 pm. May-Sept

Riceville Farmers Market 203 Main St (Hwy 9) Sat, 9-11:30 am. May-Oct

Garnavillo Farmers Market City Park. Sat, 8:30-11am. May-Oct

Strawberry Point Market Inger Park. Wed, 4-6 pm End of May-End of Sept

Chatfield Growers Market Chatfield City Park Thurs 3-6 pm. May-Oct

Guttenberg Farmers Market River Park Drive - City Park Sat, 8 am-noon. May 18-Oct

Volga Farmers Market City Park. Friday, 4-6 pm. June-Sept

Goodview Farmers Market Elk’s Lodge Parking lot Thurs 3-6:30pm. May-Oct

Harpers Ferry Farmers Market Bluff View Park. Fri, 5-7 pm. June-Oct

Waukon Farmers Market Allamakee County Fairgrounds Mon, 3:30-6 pm. June-Oct

Harmony Amish Market on Hwy 52 (two blocks S of Hwy 52/ Hwy 139 intersection). Sat. May-Oct

Lansing Farmers Market Main Street Plaza Sat, 9 am-noon. June-Oct

West Union Farmers Market Corner of Vine & Elm Street Thurs, 5-8 pm July - August

Lake City Market by the Lake Ohuta Beach Park, Lake City Thurs 5-8pm. June 13-Sept 19

Driftless Food Guide / 2019 .

Maiden Rock Farmers Market Off Hwy 35, Maiden Rock Saturday 9 am-noon. June-Oct Platteville Farmers Market City Park, Platteville Saturday, 7 am-noon. May-Oct Prairie Street Farmers Market Lucky Park, 312 W. Blackhawk Ave, Prairie du Chien Sat, 8 am-1 pm. May-Oct Stockholm (WI) Stroll & Big Arts Happy Hour 2nd Fri /month, 4-7 pm. May-Oct Viroqua Farmers Market Western Tech College Parking Lot Sat 8 am-12:30 pm. May-Oct


Lanesboro Farmers Market Sylvan Park Sat 9 am-12 pm. May-Oct Mabel Simple Living Farmers Market Highways 44 & 52, Sat 8:30-11:30 am. April-Oct Preston (MN) Pop-Up Markets Fillmore St. 9 am-1 pm. May 11, June 8, July 13, Aug 10, Sept 14 Red Wing Farmers Market Train Depot on Levee Street Sat 8 am-1 pm. June - Oct Rochester Downtown Farmers Market. 401 4th St SE. Sat 7:30 am-12 pm. May-Oct Rochester Wed Farmers Market Olmsted County Fairgrounds Wed 2-6 pm. June 12-Sept 25 Wabasha Farmers Market Main St & Alleghany Ave Sat 9 am-12 pm / Wed 3-7 pm May 23-Oct 17 Winona Farmers Market Corner of 2nd & Main. Sat 7:30 am-12 pm, Wed 2 pm-6 pm. May-Oct

Love to get out and explore food? Then add these fun events to your calendar: Viroqua Night Markets

June 19, July 17, August 14, and September 18, 6-9 pm. The Viroqua Chamber Main Street’s Night Market returns for its second season! Check out vendors, delicious local food, baked goods, food trucks, kids activities, live music, twinkling lights, a beer garden, and more, all in a beautiful setting – Eckhart Park – under the stars. See The Viroqua Night Market on Facebook for details.

Nordic Fest – July 26-28, 2018

Since the Driftless Food Guide HQ is based in Decorah, Iowa, we can’t NOT mention Nordic Fest…and a big part of the Nordic Fest fun is the food! Varme Pølse, vaffles, lefse, lingonberry delights, and more! Buy sweet treats and savory snacks from food vendors up and down Water Street, check out a Norwegian Dinner hosted in town (often churches), and don’t forget to visit Decorah’s awesome restaurants.

13th Annual Bike or Bus the Barns – Sunday, Sept 15

FairShare CSA Coalition’s largest fundraiser to help increase access to CSA shares for eligible households! Registration includes gourmet local food (breakfast snack + coffee, snack stop, lunch, and after party meal & craft beer ticket), CSA farm tours and on-farm activities, live music, participant gift bag, and a well-marked and supported bike route through central Wisconsin (Bike the Barns) / bus transportation & tour guides (Bus the Barns). Bikers have two route options (~25 miles, ~60 miles).

Northeast Iowa Farm Crawl – Sept 20-21, 2019

Learn how local farmers grow your food and manage their farms on this self-guided tour to NE Iowa farms. Find fun kids’ activities, local foods, and more!

Save the Date: FEAST Local Foods Network – December 6 & 7, 2019

More than 100 growers and artisans from the Upper Midwest are showcased at this annual event at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota. The public is invited to shop, enjoy cooking demos and activities for children, and more. Head to FEAST hungry, and bring the family! Samples are free, but bring cash to purchase items to take home for the holidays or to stock up the pantry! More info at

Discover our delicious take on a classic

FREE-RANGE TURKEY • RAISED WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS • NATURALLY PROCESSED Our family has raised turkeys the old fashioned way since 1939 - with room to roam and without antibiotics. Our ingredients are simple because when turkey tastes this good you don’t mask it with artificial flavors or fillers. Try a high protien, low fat meat that you can feel good about putting on the table.

We believe you’ll taste the difference!

Ferndale ma rke t

Learn more at


At La Crosse Distilling Co. we source our water locally from the region's glacial aquifers, seek only the finest organic ingredients and obsess over every detail; making each of our organic spirits a unique expression of a particular place, a farmer’s passion and our careful work. Join us at our geothermal powered distillery and tasting room where Genuine Wisconsin Spirit is captured in every sip.

DOWNTOWN LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN 129 Vine Street • 608-881-8800 12

Driftless Food Guide/ 2019 • . ORGANIC SPIRITS AMAZING FOOD

Monday-Thursday 11am–11pm Friday-Saturday 11am–12am Sunday 11am–9pm • EVENTS & LIVE MUSIC • TOURS • COMMUNITY


t u O Going y) r a n i d r O (of the



date night or Ladies Night Out or a night you just don’t feel like using a knife or pan or basically any part of your kitchen. Lucky for us, there are tons of amazing restaurants here in the Driftless to enjoy. But just for tonight, how about hitting up something a little out of the norm? Let’s go out (of the ordinary)!

The Rooted Spoon Kitchen Table – Viroqua, WI The local food and farm culture in Viroqua, Wisconsin is truly on point. Rooted Spoon owner and chef Dani Lind knew this when she moved from the Twin Cities 18 years ago. “I was searching for a rural area that supported food co-ops, organic agriculture, and family farms,” she says. “Viroqua’s got all that, with tons of natural beauty and a great community to boot.” Rooted Spoon Culinary started as a catering side business for Dani and a friend back in 2010, but just two years later, Dani decided to take the leap, quit her day job, and sign a lease on the Rooted Spoon Kitchen Table. The restaurant/event space, located adjacent to Main Street Market in downtown Viroqua, has a bar, commercial kitchen, and ample room for fun. “The Spoon,” as locals say, quickly became a hot spot for community connection. . Driftless Food Guide \ 2019

13 02

Folks gather in the vineyard under the full moon and stars for a 10-course dinner ­– wine pairings included This summer’s Dine in the Vines dates are June 21 & 22, July 12 & 13, and August 16, which is the Annual Lobster Boil. That includes an entire Maine lobster, appetizers, salad, sides, and wine pairings – all the offerings of a classic Lobster Boil! Folks are reminded to dress in layers – the night can cool off quickly – and to plan for the evening to go late. (Also cross your fingers for clear skies!) To sign up, go to and click on the Dine in the Vines event date you’re interested in for more information.

It’s open for a Friday Night Drinkery/Taco Stand, where folks come for craft cocktails, microbrews, and house made tacos that rock seasonal ingredients and fresh salsa. Plus, there’s ping pong! Next up is Sunday Brunch – available from November through April – where diners order from an ever-changing (seasonal, of course) menu of brunch delights. You might also enjoy a house-made Bloody Mary or fresh squeezed organic orange juice, and for sure the old-time records spinning in the background. And if you’re planning ahead, mark your calendars for First Thursday Dinners, hosted every month in collaboration with art openings at VIVA Gallery, also housed in the Main Street Market building. Each First Thursday features a multi-course, family-style meal of cuisine from another culture. “Growing up in a larger city and globetromping a lot when I was younger made me miss ethnic food most after moving to a small town, so that was the inspiration,” Dani says. “I get to cook whatever I’m craving at the moment and folks can come or not!” Folks tend to come. The First Thursday we made it to sold out quickly. That night featured Indian food with guest chef Puja Mehta (see sidebar). Another month might bring a Portuguese meal to the table, and it could be Thai the next. No matter the cuisine, the evening’s food is artfully paired with amazing craft cocktails, great service, and lots of love. Learn more and find special meal updates at RootedSpoon/

Do you look forward to summer full moons? Think ahead and book one of Four Daughter Vineyard and Winery’s Dine in the Vines events. The Spring Valley, Minnesota winery has been hosting these al fresco summer-time meals for several years now, and they book up fast!

Photo courtesy IFour Daughters

Dine in the Vines – Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery, Spring Valley, Minnesota

Ridge and Valley Tours – Richland Center, WI If you like the idea of going out – and are up for going out to more than one place – you should check out the agritours offered through Ridge and Valley Tours in Richland Center, Wisconsin. Just launched this spring 2019, Ridge and Valley Tours’ goal is to share the history and beauty of Southwest Wisconsin through fun and informational tours to farms and producers around the region. They love to connect folks to the good food and tasty brews of the Driftless, and definitely love telling a good story! Head over to to check out their current offerings, including: • The “East Coast” tour, that heads out to a farm, winery, brewery – oh my! ­– for cheese tasting, wine samples, and a microbrew flight and full lunch at Hillsboro Brewing Company. • The “West Coast” tour, that guides folks to a winery, farm, and orchard for cheese samples, wine tastings, yak burger sliders, and wood-fired pizzas, served family-style. “On a journey to tell our local story, from the heart of the Driftless,” Ridge and Valley Tours hopes to connect people to the land through stories of the people, places, and products from the region. Learn more at

Indian Meal Kit Photo courtesy Indian Meal Kit

Okay, so maybe you’re not going out, but you still want something Out of the Ordinary? Try an Indian Meal Kit! Chef Puja Mehta, who partnered with Chef Dani Lind at the April 2019 Rooted Spoon First Thursday in Viroqua, founded Indian Meal Kit in 2016 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. “It is my small adventure into making authentic Indian cuisine more accessible to people,” she says. The kits are for sale at People’s Food Co-op in La Crosse, and Festival Foods in Onalaska, Wisconsin. Inside each (biodegradable) box, you will find everything you need to make a healthy and delicious vegetarian meal for two or four people that can be prepared in 35 to 50 minutes. Most of the vegetables are washed and already cut up, spices are pre-measured (in cups made of sugar cane!), and easy-to-follow directions are provided (you can watch how-to videos on Indian Meal Kit’s Facebook page as well!). Learn more at


Driftless Food Guide / 2019 .




Photo courtesy La Crosse Distilling Co.

Speaking of

MY, YOU’RE in good spirits!

Do you really love tours? Us to! We suggest you add these fun spots on your “tour-do” list this year!

Banana Freshly-ground peanut butter Almond Milk Spinach Fresh Ingredients that Reefuel your body & Impact your day!

Get it at

La Crosse Distilling Co. – 129 Vine St, La Crosse, WI

La Crosse Distilling Co. (pictured above) just opened its doors in 2018, but it’s already established itself as a hub in the La Crosse community. Want to know about the spirit behind the spirits? Check out their guided tours. You’ll learn more about each step of the process; from the farmer’s field all the way to their beautifully designed bottles. Also find out about the geothermal energy used at the facility. Rad! Tours are available each weekend: Friday: 4 and 5pm / Saturday: 2, 3, 4 and 5pm / Sunday: 2, 3 and 4pm. Tours cost $5, last approximately 30 minutes, and include a tasting at the end! Reserve your spot in advance at Walk-ins are also available on a first come first serve basis, so if you show up on a whim, no worries – see if you can get in!

118 Washington St. Decorah, IA . 563.419.3141

RockFilter Distillery – 113 Maple DR, Spring Grove, MN

This Spring Grove, Minnesota, distillery has been bottling up amazing whiskey, rye, and bourbon for going on three years now, and they’ve just recently started offering tours! On the second Saturday of each month, folks can head to Spring Grove see how RockFilter spirits are made! Tickets are $12 and include tastings during the tour and $2 off a cocktail after. There are only 20 spots per tour – so make sure to book online at

Toppling Goliath – 1600 Prosperity Rd., Decorah, IA

Toppling Goliath opened up a new, totally awesome brewery, taproom, and restaurant in 2018, and it has been hoppin’ (no pun intended). Folks interested in learning more about this award-winning brewery can get in on a tour! For a $10 ticket, get a behind-the-scenes view of the brewing process, one 10 oz commemorative glass, one 10 oz pour of a flagship beer, and a 30-minute tour. Tour-goers are asked to show up 15 minutes before start time to check-in and get their pre-tour beer. Guests under 21 are welcome and do not require a ticket, but must be accompanied by an adult. (You must be 21+ to purchase a ticket and consume beer, obviously). Get more info at:

Maiden Rock Apples, Winery & Cidery –W12266 King LN, Stockholm, WI

Love apples, wine, and cider? Schedule a tour at Maiden Rock in Western Wisconsin! This orchard, winery, and cidery offers group tours (booked in advance). Each tour is customized for the people attending. A group of adults , for instance, may be guided on a brief orchard walk, and then learn basic guidelines for tasting and evaluating cider and wine while sampling some of Maiden Rock’s offerings. Kid-friendly tour options are available as well! Tours are typically scheduled for 1-1/2 – 2 hours. Call 715-448-3502 or email to schedule your group. Cost is $5 per person (including chaperones), and there’s a $50 minimum group rate.


DECORAH, IOWA Wed-Th: 11-7 pm Fri-Sat: 11-9 pm Sun: 11-6 pm 563.419.8049 . Driftless Food Guide \ 2019











01 16

Driftless Food Guide/ 2019 .






Brunch is seriously the best! And it’s made even better with local ingredients! We love having local food on our table, and we love sharing the stories of the folks behind it!

IA . Driftless Food Guide \ 2019


and, as a result, got big cold sores,” he says. “That one thistle patch was the extent of their working with chemicals.” Because their parents opted out of using any chemicals, the fields were sprinkled with a few weeds. Larry says that kids used to pick on him and his siblings on the bus ride to school, calling them “weed farmers.” “I didn’t worry about it too much,” Larry says with a laugh. “Today, we’re still farming the old-fashioned way. We don’t want to lose the integrity of the pasture. We still have weeds. We still grow all our own crops. Our kids still help out.” And those kids who picked on Larry and his siblings in their younger days? Larry says that some of them are coming to him for help and advice – asking how they too can become certified organic farmers. Today Larry Schultz Organic Farm products are sold in grocery stores and co-ops and used in restaurants across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. But Larry’s journey to raising chickens actually started by accident. When Larry bought his parents’ neighbor’s farm in 1992, he actually planned to be a dairy farmer. But that neighbor had participated in the Whole Herd Buyout. This initiative was part of the 1985 Farm Bill to reduce the nation’s milk surplus and allow dairy farmers to bow out of dairy farming – plus receive a chunk of change. Because of this, Larry couldn’t have dairy cattle on the farm he’d just purchased. So, he started raising chicks. “I just started this as a way to help my mom,” he says, explaining that she raised a few hundred chickens at the time. “I had no idea what this would become.”





he word organic is totally commonplace these days. But when organic chicken farmer and egg supplier Larry Schultz was growing up, it wasn’t a buzzword – it was just the way his family did things. Larry was raised on a farm just a mile from where he lives now – in Owatonna, Minnesota, a town of about 25,000 people, 40 miles west of Rochester. His parents had always farmed organically, and when farm chemicals came into use in the 1950s, they didn’t adapt. “My mom sprayed a thistle patch with herbicides just one time

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In the early days of the operation when Larry’s mom had extra eggs, she reached out to co-ops and restaurants to see if they’d be interested in purchasing them. To make the organic products easier to understand, they labeled them as “all natural, free-range, no hormones, no antibiotics administered.” “Our products are still all those things,” he says. “But now we just describe them with one word: organic.” One of the early-adapting restaurants was Minneapolis’ French Meadow Bakery and Cafe. They started using Schultz eggs more than 30 years ago. Larry credits French Meadow for helping his business grow and thrive – especially in the restaurant industry. “One of the restaurants reached out and told me that their business had grown after we started supplying their eggs,” Larry says. “They told me that a third of their business was solely breakfast – all because of our eggs.” Today, the few thousand free-range hens are fed organic flax seeds, small grains, pasture grasses, and bugs. They can wander throughout the grassy fields without any fences or wires constraining them. They’re truly free-range. When Larry first gets his chickens, he leaves them in the barn until they know and understand what – and where – home is. When the chickens go out during the day, they always come home to roost at night. In 2014, Larry opened an “outlet store” called Schultz Organic Select foods, a 1,200 square-foot retail space. This ensures his homegrown chickens, eggs, and turkeys are even more accessible to residents in Owatonna and beyond. “I had no ambition to get this big,” he says. “If you would have told me 20 years ago this is what I’d be doing, I would have laughed.” Despite his success, Larry remains committed to farming the “oldfashioned way” – weeds and all.

306 W. WATER ST. DECORAH, IOWA (enter in alley behind Blue Heron Knittery)



3012 Middle Sattre Rd, Decorah, IA .

Maggie Sonnek loves meeting local farmers and entrepreneurs like Larry Schultz. She looks forward to her morning her iced vanilla coffee paired with eggs + toast – especially eggs from Larry Schultz Organic Farm.

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knock on the sturdy farmhouse door elicits no response. A slightly louder knock, the same. Arriving at the Kraus family home a bit early for a midmorning, early-spring interview, I briefly ponder whether to plant myself on the chilly wooden stairs leading to the porch. But then, dogs bark, goats bleat, and boots crunch up the drive. A woman emerges from a farm outbuilding, two dogs charging back and forth by her side. “Hello,” she says, softly but warmly, extending a gloved hand. “I just dashed out for a moment to feed my goats.” 20

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canoe Creek

Meet Barb (Beard) Kraus, owner and operator of Canoe Creek Produce, a small, organic, and sustainable farm located near Canoe Creek about seven miles northeast of Decorah. Yes, one will find a few goats on the farm – and some chickens too – but what Barb is best known for in and around Decorah is her delicious fresh produce and delightful mixed-flower bouquets. What does she grow? It’s perhaps easier to note what she doesn’t. “I grow virtually every vegetable you’ll see in a seed catalog,” says Barb. “I don’t plant kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts – that’s really about it.” That amounts to a whole lot of gardening on a (relatively) small parcel of land. While Barb owns some 30 acres (part of 125 acres of farmland that has been in her family since the 1860s), she devotes just one acre of that land to cultivating food and flowers. “That probably sounds a bit meager,” she says, “but you can grow a lot of herbs, vegetables, and flowers in an acre.” Her enticing, ever-changing displays at the Decorah Farmers Market attest to that fact. Swing by in May or June, and you’ll find crops like arugula, asparagus, radishes, rhubarb, and spinach. Visit in July and August, and crops like beans, beets, carrots, chard, cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini come to the fore. Late fall brings an array of baby kale, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, pumpkins, and squash. Her favorite vegetables to grow tend to be the most difficult ones for consumers to find. “I like growing vegetables that people might not have seen or tasted before, like celeriac and ‘Mexican Sour Gherkin’ cucumbers,” says Barb. “I

relish the fact that I can grow such a huge selection of crops in this area because the soil is so rich.” Barb was 12 when her parents moved their family back from the East Coast to the Beard family farm in Decorah. And it was here, in the Driftless, near Canoe Creek, that she learned about nourishing the soil and cultivating crops while gardening with her mother. She fondly recalls weeding the family’s garden plots – “the results of pulling those weeds, the beautiful rows of vegetables that emerged, was the reward,” she says – as well as snapping beans and making jams with her mother’s expert guidance. She carried those fond memories with her as she earned a degree in veterinary medicine from Iowa State University (in 1986), and then worked as a vet for three years in Ithaca, New York, while her husband, Kevin, completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University. In 1989, the couple returned to Decorah, where Kevin joined the biology faculty at Luther College, Barb established a veterinary practice, and together they began raising a family (sons John and Peter and daughter Tessa). As their children became more involved in school activities, however, Barb realized that she was spending increasingly less time on the land she loved. So in 1998 she tucked away her stethoscope and soon thereafter started an organic market-gardening operation. “We were living at this beautiful place in the country and not savoring it at all,” Barb says. “I was already selling eggs at the Decorah Farmers Market and decided it was time to pursue market gardening on a small scale.” While still small-scale, Canoe Creek Produce has expanded gradually over the last 20 years. Beyond vegetables, Barb tends a colorful and distinctive garden of flowers (from pincushions and zinnias to carnations and dahlias) as well as berry-producing plants like raspberries and gooseberries. Each year she welcomes a couple of young, seasonal employees who are interested in learning about the organic, sustainable farming methods she puts into practice on the farm. “Much of the satisfaction of gardening for me is working with and training these enthusiastic young people,” Barb says. “It is very much a give-and-take relationship – they give me energy and focus, and hopefully I can share something helpful that I know with them.” Barb sells the fruits of their collective labor at not only the Decorah Farmers Market but also the Oneota Community Food Co-op, as well as to restaurants “here and there.” She also offers community supported agriculture (CSA) shares, which allow area residents to enjoy her fresh produce on a regular basis, and Barb to indulge her passion. “This might sound geeky, but I love smelling and feeling fertile soil, and watching seedlings grow,” she says. “There’s really nothing like being outside and in touch with the seasons in the Driftless.” Sara Friedl-Putnam has developed a passion for gardening since joining the marketing & communications team at Seed Savers in late 2016. While still trying to find her green thumb, she nonetheless loves starting seeds in the spring & watching seedlings emerge & gradually grow into (sometimes!) hardy plants. This new-found avocation has given her a great appreciation for all Barb Kraus and other Driftless Area farmers do to supply us with healthy, delicious food.

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ccording to Sarah Bekkum of Nordic Creamery, a few things happen when you marry a cheese maker. And Sarah knows firsthand; she became an expert on the subject when she married Westby, Wisconsin’s award-winning cheese and butter maker, Al Bekkum. First, in a cheese-making family, you commit to ever-changing life on the farm. At their 60-acre family operation – the homestead established in 1917 by Al’s Norwegian ancestors – the plan for the day, week, or year can change in an instant.

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“Just as soon as you think you have everything figured out, there is always something that pops up,” Sarah says. But it’s a lifestyle she’s grown to love, embracing the variety in her schedule that comes from being a diversified operation. Nordic Creamery produces cheese and butter from the goats and cows they raise, so each day is different. For Sarah, it doesn’t matter what the task is. “Any day that you can be out working in your barn boots will be a good one.” Those barn boots come in handy as she works with the livestock, another thing she’s embraced as part of the Bekkum clan. “It’s very rewarding. I have always had a sweet spot in my heart for animals,” Sarah says. And though she and Al have had their own brand and business since 2007, it’s still tough when the animals who help produce their products move on to greener pastures. “Some days can be heartbreaking,” she says.


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Another thing that happens in a cheese-making family is that everyone, young and old, becomes part of the operation. “We have one son that is out of school and works for us full time, and three younger children that get roped into doing whatever needs to be done,” Sarah says. Everyone contributes in their own way to the success of their family business, and in turn, to the success of other family farms they work with to bring in goat, sheep, and cows milk. Marrying Al has also turned Sarah into a self-proclaimed “true butter lover”. “I would have to say one of our tastiest products that we sell is our cultured butter with sea salt. This is a butter that we add a live culture to and let incubate to create an amazing flavor. I also love our summer butter, a traditional butter that we handcraft seasonally when the cows are on pasture,” she says. They are always trying new creations and flavors, so there are plenty of opportunities for taste testing – a great perk of the job. Sarah appreciates the process behind the filled-with-love flavors, noting how different it is than the mass-produced options widely sold in supermarkets. “Our cheeses and butters are handcrafted in small batches. We are using full fat milk that is coming from small family farms, some of which are even hand-milking farms,” she says. “Everything is hands on, and that attention to detail helps create amazing cheeses and butters.” Nordic Creamery products are available nationwide but, just like their business practices, the Bekkums prefer to keep it simple and close to home, with most sales occurring in the Midwest. “We haven’t changed much over the years. We are remaining a small family business that does things the old fashioned way,” Sarah says. Despite their traditional roots, Sarah has learned that committing to a life of making cheese also means being willing to take a few risks and branch out beyond the status quo. Whether that be moving from rented plant space to their own farm back in 2007, or working toward offering an A2 milk product in 2019, the cheesemaker life has proven to be equal parts challenging, rewarding, and, of course, tasty.

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50 mins north of Waterloo • 30 mins south of Decorah

Sara Walters is a freelance writer who has no selfcontrol when it comes to cheese. She cannot resist a good story – or cheese plate.

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Located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Driftless Region, right on the Bekkum farmstead, the creamery and shop is open to the public year round. You might even get to see cheese or butter being made depending on the day and time of your visit. S2244 LANGAARD LN., WESTBY, WI •

108 E. Wilbur St, Hawkeye, Iowa 563.427.5373 • Open daily May - October . Driftless Food Guide \ 2019




polashek’s loCker O


ne step in the door of Polashek’s Locker in Protivin, Iowa, and it hits you: the heady aroma of the curing process, a swirl of sugary salt, chased by woodsmoke. This is a business that knows beef, pork, and venison nose to tail – and how to put it on the table year-round, from brats to bacon to snack sticks…even ready-to-heat omelet patties, which were crowned the 2019 Grand Champion Innovative Pork Product by the Iowa Pork Processors Association. First, it’s pronounced “Pol-AH-shek’s,” emphasis second syllable, “but almost everyone gets it wrong the first time,” says Adam Polashek with a chuckle. He and his brother Cory grew up in the family business, founded in this very Czech hamlet by their parents, Paul and Judy, in 1983.

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When they started out, most customers bought their meat by the half or whole animal, and stored it in a rented freezer ‘locker’ to which they had a key for access as needed, like a post-office box. The practice fell out fashion as customers plugged in their own freezers at home and Polashek’s production expanded to fill almost every square foot of their processing plant and storefront on South Main Street in Protivin. Today they’re on fire – or, ice, as it were. One upright display freezer literally enshrines bacon – peppered, jalapeno, cottage and Canadian – and the brat selection fills row after row, shelf after shelf, from “plain” to broccoli and cheese (see sidebar). Sure, you can still get ground beef patties and sliced seasoned pork loin, but if you really want to say you’ve been to Polashek’s, add their signature head cheese, pickled pork hocks, or – rarest of all – jaternice to your spread. A traditional Czech delicacy, “itter-NEAT-za” is a coarse-ground, seasoned pork sausage that incorporates…well, lots of things no self-respecting Czech would want to go to waste. When Andrew Zimmern of the TV show “Bizarre Foods” got ahold of Polashek’s jaternice, he topped it with fried egg over-easy, hot sauce, brown butter vinaigrette, and chives. His visit to the locker aired on The Travel Network in 2013. Polashek’s makes jaternice in bulk ground and ring casing in late winter each year for Masopust, the Czech festival of carnival prior to the season of Lent. In Protivin, Masopust is celebrated the Saturday before Ash Wednesday each year and features family-style meals of boisterous camaraderie, a nod to the merrymaking and masquerading of yore. While a visit to Polashek’s in person comes highly recommended, you’ll find dozens of Polashek’s products in regional groceries, including Fareway stores from Garner to Waukon to Cedar Rapids. For a list of retailers, visit or better yet, ask your local grocer to carry them! Polashek’s runs refrigerated delivery routes weekly. “In all?” Adam muses, removing his cap to run his hand over his head. “We probably make 100 different products.” And with that he turns his attention back to getting a label approved for Polashek’s next sensation: a reuben brat. “It’s got about 50 seasonings in it,” he says with a grin. “That’s going to be a long label.” Likely, the line of customers to try it will be out the door, too. Kristine Jepsen is a grant-writer and editor in rural Allamakee County. She’s still working up the courage to fry the jaternice she acquired in this interview, though she’s sold hands-down on omelet patties. Her literary nonfiction appears in journals and online – more at

‘czech’ out Polashek’s extensive Brat Menu! Apple Bacon and Cheddar Bacon and Ranch Beef Brats Beer Brats Blueberry Buffalo Wing Flavored Broccoli & Cheese Cheddar Cheese Cherry Cranberry

French Onion Onion and Bell Pepper German Onion-Top Flavored Hashbrown and Cheese Pineapple Horseradish Pizza Flavored Hot Pepper Cheese Plain Jalapeno Pepper Sauerkraut Jalapeno and Cheese Smoked Mac and Cheese Triple Cheese Mango Habanero Turkey Brats Mushroom and Swiss Wild Rice Omelet

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DRIFTLESS Find Driftless Organics

Willy Street Co-ops in Madison • Viroqua Food Co-op • La Crosse Food Co-op • Select Food Co-ops in the Twin Cites • Select Whole Foods Learn more about Driftless Organics at Sign up for a CSA at



Farm tours, live music, and a spectacular day of biking fueled by gourmet food






here’s no real easy way to get to Driftless Organics near Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin. And that’s likely a big part of the charm – go too far, and you end up at “bathtub spring,” an actual local watering hole. Take a wrong turn, and you’re afforded an amazing view of a valley, somehow lovelier than the last. But eventually, the right narrow road will wind you along to a gravel, and finally to Driftless Organics. The farm sits on 280 acres of beautiful ridge and valley land, where Josh Engel and his three siblings grew up. Run by brothers Josh and Noah Engel, Driftless Organics began back in 1993, when the two were just 9 and 11 years old. “Our mother assigned us the summer project of growing potatoes. Being ambitious farm kids, we planted a quarter acre of 20 varieties,” reads their story on driftlessorganics. com. “Each year our plot expanded and with it our dreams of becoming ‘real’ farmers in our own right.” It’s safe to say those dreams have been realized. Today, Josh and Noah – and a team of 15-30 people, depending on the season – plant 60-70 acres of fruit and vegetables to be sold regionally in grocery stores and food co-ops, at farmers markets, to three distributors – one being Whole Foods – and through their CSA offerings. The farm has more than 500 CSA members, and during the growing season, they pack an amazing 350 CSA boxes per week, to be delivered locally to Viroqua, La Crosse, and Lansing (IA), and multiple locations in Madison and the Twin Cities. The Driftless Organics long trailer office sits right next to the main building where their tasty local produce is washed, stored, or packed. Inside the office – where Josh, admittedly, has to spend more time than he’d like at a computer, rather than in the fields – it smells like delicious hashbrowns. “The guys like to cook at lunch,” Josh says with a grin. We head outside, walking along muddy tractor ruts, surveying the land, and chatting about farming, CSAs, and how they got to this point in their careers.

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609 N. Main St. Viroqua, WI • 608.637.7511

Open daily 7am-9pm

Did it really start with potatoes? Right here on this farm? “Yep. At the time, it was just something to do,” Josh says. “There were some summers, growing up out here, where we would literally not go off the farm for weeks. So going to Madison for the farmers market was a big outing.” Later, Josh would help his friends move to colleges across the country. “We’d drive back from California, and it’s like a desert the whole way, until you start dipping into the valley on 90,” he says. “It starts to green up and it’s like a rainforest.” He pauses. “I know, it’s kinda dreamy,” he says with a short laugh. But it’s this dreamy magic that has kept him right where he grew up. His parents’ farm was one of the first seven on the Organic Valley milk truck in 1988. “My mom’s from San Diego and my dad’s from Bismark, so go figure,” Josh says. That original farm sits on one hill of the acreage. On a nearby ridge, is Josh’s farm, where he lives with his wife, Teresa, and their two sons, Otto (4) and Leo (1). Noah lives in Viroqua with his wife, Ximena, and kids, Yasmani (4) and Rafa (2) – a helpful location for coordinating CSA pick-ups. During our walk, the Driftless Organics crew was prepping to plant onions. Crop rotations even include sunflowers – the seeds are harvested and sent to a regional press to be turned into sunflower oil – and black beans, harvested and dried for local consumption. “We like to keep things diverse, but still plant a lot of what we know works for our customers,” Josh says, looking out over a large field of kale stalks. They’ve “scaled” the potato production back to 15 varieties these days, German Butterball being Josh’s favorite. He lights up while holding one in his hand. “My favorite way to eat them is hashbrowns. Just shredding them right into the pan,” he says. “I have one brother who says that’s not the right way to do it, but it works for me.” Aryn Henning Nichols loves driving over the Mississippi to the Viroqua/Soldiers Grove area of Wisconsin. It is truly a beautiful piece of the Driftless, and the Driftless Organics farm is a magical spot for a walk. (Also, she may or may not have ended up at bathtub spring while looking for the farm...)

At the Viroqua Food Co+op, nourish your family, discover local foods, connect with others, and help build a strong community!

It all comes together at the Co-op! m Espresso bar & locally-roasted coffee m Hot bar, salad bar & olive bar m Grab-n-go sandwiches & salads m Burritos, hot sandwiches & personal pizzas m Artisan beer, wine & spirits m Hand-crafted & locally-made gifts m Indoor & outdoor seating m Bakery items & desserts made fresh daily DFG

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IOWA Farmers / Producers Canoe Creek Produce 2912 Manawa Trail, Decorah, IA • 563-382-4899 Canoe Creek Produce is a small, certified organic farm producing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. Sheep, chickens, and geese are also raised providing meat and eggs. The farm has produce available at the Decorah Farmers Market, Oneota Food Coop, and area restaurants. Driftless Hills Farm 2264 200th St, Calmar, IA. Growing healthy meat as responsibly as we know how is our greatest endeavor. We raise 100% grassfed lamb, pastured heritage pork, and pastured chickens. Customers can buy directly from us on farm where they can see all that were doing and visit the happily pastured animals. Please visit our website and social media for how to buy and farm photos. G It’s Fresh 2059 Co Rd W-14, Calmar, IA • 563-379-3951 G It’s Fresh is a certified organic produce farm located near Ridgeway, IA started in 2008 by Glen. At G It’s Fresh we are committed to providing healthy, sustainable, certified-organic vegetables to consumers who care about the environment and their well-being. We are at Decorah farmers market on Saturdays. Ask us about bulk produce.

Humble Hands Harvest Hidden Falls Road, Decorah, IA • 507-513-1502 Hannah Breckbill and Emily Fagan are your cofarmers, and we grow organic vegetables, grassfinished lamb, and pastured pork as we work to craft a perennially abundant and resilient landscape in northeast Iowa. Our food can be found at the Decorah Farmers Market and in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) boxes, so come dig in!

Patchwork Green Farm 3031 Middle Hesper Rd, Decorah, IA • 563-387-0837 At Patchwork Green Farm, we grow flavorful, beautiful vegetables spring, summer and fall for our neighbors in Winneshiek County. In 2019, we are selling certified organic produce at the Oneota Food Coop, the Water Street Deli, La Rana, Trout River Catering and other fine dining establishments in Decorah. Eat Local and Eat Well!

Kymar Acres 2168 Winnmakee Rd, Waukon, IA • 563382-0489 A family owned and run sustainable farm since 1998 offering started plants, fresh produce, herbs, eggs, jams, pickles and a variety of baked goods. Find us at five local farmers markets, five retail locations and on the farm (by appt. only).

Prairie’s Edge Farm 1206 150th Street, Castalia, IA www.prairiesedgeiowa. com • 563-605-1336 Prairie’s Edge produces grass-fed, grain-finished beef and lamb in the heart of the beautiful Driftless region. Raised on our fifth generation family farm, our animals spend their days out in the fresh air, enjoying the sunshine, and munching grain grown right on the farm. Join our CSA or find us at the Decorah market. Because happy tastes better!

McGreal Family Farm 20447 Elm Road, Strawberry Point, IA • 563-245-1041 McGreal Family Farm tells the story of two once drifters now rooted in the Iowa Driftless. Jake and Lara specialize in 100% grass-fed beef, while also producing vegetables, herbs, maple syrup, fruit preserves and handmade jewelry. The McGreals have been farming for years, but these young farmers are giving the land a fresh approach.

Highlandville Honey Farm 3437 Old Bridge Road, Decorah, IA • 563-419-8696 Providing raw honey and comb honey to Decorah and the surrounding area. Made by bees right here in the Driftless. Can be purchased at Oneota Food Co-op in Decorah or for larger quantities contact HHF directly.

Prairie’s Edge Farm Retail and wholesale cuts of beef and lamb

Grass-fed, finished on home-grown grain. Because happy tastes better! At the Decorah Farmers Market or fresh from the farm all year. Check out our CSA options too!

Castalia, Iowa 563- 605-1336


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River Root Farm 1007 Locust Rd, Decorah, IA. (Local - Organic - Soil Grown) We believe soil is the ‘tablecloth on the banquet of civilization’; and that healthy soil makes healthy food, in turn creating healthy communities. We specialize in farm direct wholesale of seedlings, microgreens, salad greens, herbs, and flowers grown in the rich Driftless soils of Decorah, Iowa.

Destination Farms Country View Dairy 15197 230th St., Hawkeye, IA • 563-422-6109 At Country View Dairy we make all-natural dairy products right here on our dairy farm. Since 2011 we have been making Original & Greek style yogurt, frozen yogurt, sour cream & whole milk barista milk products that get distributed all over the Upper Midwest. Stop by our farm store 365 days/year for some frozen yogurt & other locally made products.

Highlandville Honey Farm Pure, raw honey produced in Iowa’s Driftless Region Available at the Oneota Food Co-op in Decorah, IA For larger orders contact Joel Fassbinder: 563-419-8696 or info at: • Decorah, IA •


Luna Valley Farm 3012 Middle Sattre Rd, Decorah, IA. Join us for artisan pizza, made with local ingredients from our gardens and pastures. 2019 season: Open EVERY Friday from April 26 - October 25th from 4-8pm (or as long as the dough stretches). Heritage pork and 100% grass fed beef and lamb available for retail or bulk purchase. Oh...and you can even stay the weekend in one of our glamping tents!

High, Wide & Handsome 105 E. Water St, Decorah, IA • 563-382-6225 High, Wide & Handsome on Facebook High, Wide & Handsome is a family owned restaurant in downtown Decorah, serving fresh, hot scratch-made pizzas in a fun casual atmosphere. Call 563-382-6225 to order or dine in at 105 E. Water St. Decorah. La Rana Bistro 120 Washington St, Decorah, IA • 563-382-3067 La Rana Bistro is a small 40-seat restaurant with the concept of a ‘farm to table’ approach. We are proud to support local farmers for most of our produce and meats and believe in using the highest quality ingredients in our foods. We also have great wines, local beers, & cocktails made with fresh squeezed juices. Lunch & Dinner Monday-Saturday

Peake Orchards Inc. 323 Northline Dr. Waukon, IA Peake Orchards on Facebook. 563-419-0449 Peake Orchards is a family run orchard specializing in great tree ripened apples. We have many great varieties including Cortland, Regent, Haralson, Jonagored ,Connell Red, Snowsweet and HONEYCRISP! We are open at the farm mid Sept. thru the month of Oct., Sat 8-5 & Sunday 12 to 5pm. You can also find us at the Decorah Farmers Market.

Restauration in Hotel Winneshiek 104 E Water St, Decorah, IA Located in a unique, historical setting we feature contemporary casual dining, cocktails, and local tap beers Monday-Saturday 5-9 pm, bar opens at 4 pm.

Plants / Gardening K&K Gardens 108 E. Wilbur St., Hawkeye, IA • 563-427-5373 Located on the southern edge of Northeast Iowa’s rolling hills in the small community of Hawkeye, Iowa, this retail nursery has been referred to as a “must see” destination for every gardener.

Rubaiyat 117 West Water Street, Decorah, IA • 563-5990572 Welcome to Rubaiyat - We feature a seasonal American menu, emphasizing simply but skillfully prepared ingredient– driven dishes that reveal our commitment to using the highest quality products, in season, and local when available. Hours: Dinner: Wed- Sat: 5pm- close Breakfast: Sunday 9am-1pm. Reservations greatly appreciated & highly recommended

Seed Savers Exchange 3074 North Winn Rd, Decorah, IA • 563-382-5990 Growing, saving, and sharing heirloom seeds is at the heart of Seed Savers Exchange. Our 890-acre farm and visitors center are often hailed as a “bucket list” stop. Tour lush gardens filled with stories, explore trails and trout streams, and discover heirloom seeds for your garden. Open daily (closed July 4th), 10am5pm + special summer events.

Schera’s Algerian-American Restaurant 107 S Main Street, Elkader, IA • 563-245-1992 Schera’s features Algerian and American cuisine with vegetarian and gluten free options, along with a stellar craft beer selection & delicious natural wines. Located along the Turkey River, Schera’s patio over the river is a favorite place to enjoy a summer evening. Named one of Travel Iowa’s 99 Restaurants to visit in 2018.

Dine-In or Take-Away Pizza

Decorah, Iowa

Check out our new Decorah location soon!

T-Bock’s Sports Bar & Grill 206 W. Water St., Decorah, IA • 563-382-5970 T-Bock’s is the place to go for cold beer, great food, and a terrific sports bar atmosphere! Our bar features 22 beers on tap so you can enjoy all of the local brews in one place! Serving lunch and dinner, we are famous for our burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers. Try our grass-fed beef burgers and local organic chicken wings!

Check Facebook for hours

High, Wide & Handsome

105 E. Water St. Decorah, Iowa . 563.382.6225

Ice Cream Sugar Bowl 410 W Water St, Decorah, IA • 563-379-9754 Our eclectic vibe takes you back in time from the moment you enter the shop. Choose from 24 flavors of hand-dipped ice cream to create your own shake, sundae, waffle nachos, flight, float, cone or dish. (Options available for those with dairy, peanut, gluten & NSA allergies/sensitivities.) Open March Nov. Sun-Thurs 12pm-9pm & Fri-Sat 12pm-10pm

Creamery WW Homestead Dairy 850 Rossville Road, Waukon, IA • 563-568-4950 Come visit the Cheese Curd Capital of Iowa and sample our award winning cheese curds, cheddar cheeses, butter and milk. You can take a self-guided tour of our processing plant, while enjoying our homemade ice cream or a locally roasted coffee. All of our dairy products are made in our plant, using only milk from our cows!

1007 Locust Road, Decorah, Iowa

REAL ORGANIC SOIL GROWN . Driftless Food Guide \ 2019




Beyond the Bar Bakery 404 W Water St, Decorah, IA • 563-419-4016 Beyond the Bar is a dream realized for a former attorney. Need a pan of bars for a party? I can do that! Treats for a class at school? Give me a call! A sugar fix while you are walking around town? Stop in and see what I have to offer! Our hours are TuesdayFriday, 10:00am-4:00pm, and Saturdays 10:00am3:00pm. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Euphoria Coffee 403 S Vine St (moving to 124 E Elm St – June 2019), West Union, IA. • 563-422-0045 We are a quality-focused cafe, serving the best coffee possible. We roast all of our coffee in small batches right here in the shop! We also have limited food items, pastries, fresh made to order yogurt parfaits, etc for you to enjoy, as well as a great variety of noncoffee drinks. All syrups are made in house as well using local ingredients.

Backwater Spirits & More 117 W. Day Spring Ln, Decorah, IA • 563-419-8049 Decorah, Iowa’s premier dedicated liquor store offering a carefully curated selection of fine wines, craft beers, exceptional liquors and handmade cigars. Conveniently located downtown on the north side of the Water Street buildings (parking lot). Please check Facebook for current hours, events and updates.

Bed & Breakfasts

Catering Luther Catering 700 College Dr, Decorah, IA • 563-387-1463 Luther Catering is an award-winning, culinary wheelhouse supplying the community with diverse & unique, in-house & off-site catering experiences. With over 60 years of combined fine dining experience, our team is the answer to all of your event-planning needs. We strive to produce an unparalleled menu that is custom and personalized for your needs.

01 30

Driftless Smoothie & Juice Bar 306 W Water St, Decorah, IA. 563-382-6402 Driftless Smoothie & Juice Bar is committed to health and wellness. It’s the perfect place for meeting friends to enjoy a juice or a smoothie made with locally sourced ingredients. In addition to juices and smoothies we will be offering acai bowls and healthy snacks. We are predominantly organic, vegan, raw & GF. Open M-F 8am-6pm & Sat 9am-6pm.

Beer / Wine / Spirits

Waving Grains Cooperative Bakery 421 W. Water St. Decorah, IA. 563-382-4445 Waving Grains Cooperative Bakery is a communityowned business featuring whole grains and certified organic ingredients. Currently, our products are available at Oneota Community Coop and at the Decorah Farmers Market.

Dug Road Inn 601 W. Main St, Decorah, IA • 563-382-9355 Dug Road Inn Bed & Breakfast, just blocks from Luther College, is a blend of classic and contemporary style. Our 1860’s Italianate villa features original artwork and custom furnishings in its three guest rooms, two suites and lovely public spaces. Enjoy our signature 3-course breakfast featuring local, organic ingredients. Come stay with us!

Juice / Smoothies

Impact Coffee 118 Washington St., Decorah, IA • 563-419-3141 We are a craft coffee shop that features our own roasted coffee beans. We specialize in pour-overs, nitro cold brew coffee and palate pleasing seasonal lattes. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get a better taste of who we are! Magpie Coffeehouse 202 W Water St, Decorah, IA • 563-387-0593 Scratch made breakfast, lunch, and bakery since 1996. Craft espresso bar featuring bianco espresso that can be only found at Magpie. Come and meet some friends for food in our newly designed cafe with 100+ seats, Amish made tables, and local artistry throughout. See website for hours.

Driftless Food Guide / 2019 .

Empty Nest Winery 1352 Apple Road, Waukon, IA • 563-568-2758 Empty Nest Winery opened 2011 specializing in pure berry & fruit wines, fermenting whole fruit for ‘TRUE TO THE FRUIT’ wine. In 2015 we reclaimed our century barn in new winery, seating 200; provides cozy relaxed fun atmosphere to sit & enjoy a glass of wine, sangria, 10 taps of craft beer & cider. Come taste & feel the difference! Facebook for hours. Heaven Boutique Winery 10408 Ivy Rd, Fayette, IA • 563-362-2240 Is this Heaven? It sure is - and you’ll love it here! Enjoy a free tasting of some of Iowa’s best native wines. With over 70 wines from 25 Iowa wineries, you’re sure to find your new favorite! We also feature art & gifts made by Iowans. Enjoy outstanding wine on the patio overlooking our Volga River Vineyard. Open Wednesday-Sunday from 10am-5pm.

Pulpit Rock Brewing Co. 207 College Dr, Decorah, IA • 563-380-3610 Our brewers are always creating fun and innovative brews. The rotating tap list features a wide variety of styles, ranging from refreshing lagers, to rich coffee porters, juicy IPAs, and fruity sours. Relax on the dog friendly patio in the summer or stay warm in the rustic taproom during the winter. M-W 2-10p, Th 12-10p, Fri & Sat 12-11p, Sun 12-8p Toppling Goliath 1600 Prosperity Rd, Decorah, IA • 563-387-6700 World-renowned brewery with a large two story taproom featuring a great restaurant, draft and to-go beer, a gift store, outdoor bar, and patio. Winneshiek Wildberry Winery 1966 337th St, Decorah, IA • 563-735-5809 Enjoy a fun, friendly wine experience amidst the beautiful, rolling hills of Northeast Iowa. Winneshiek Wildberry Winery is a family owned and operated winery on our 150 year family farm that specializes in award-winning fruit and Midwestern grape table wine. From May to October you can order lunch or enjoy cheese and cracker baskets year round.

Grocery / Retail Oneota Community Food Co-op 312 W Water St, Decorah, IA. The Oneota Community Food Co-op is a cooperatively-owned grocery store specializing in organic, local, and sustainably produced products since 1974. For over four decades we have been providing whole foods at a reasonable cost, with an emphasis on organic, local, and bulk foods. Everyone is welcome at the Co-op! Polashek’s Locker Service Inc. 218 S Main St, Protivin, IA • 563-569-8774 Polashek’s Locker offers Custom Beef, Pork and Venison processing and also have a full case of fresh and frozen meat, homemade products, cheese, and deli products. You can find Polashek’s Locker meats at your area grocery stores. If they don’t have it, tell them to get it! Czech us out in Protivin, Iowa. Business hours 7 am till 5 pm M-F 7-12 Sat.

Events Decorah Farmers Market Heivley St, Behind the Oneota Co-op, Decorah, IA Whether you’re visiting the area or have lived here for generations, the Decorah Farmers Market should be your first stop for fresh locally raised food, beautiful flowers, baked treats, local wine, hand-crafted goods, honey and syrup, and more! May 1st-October 31st Wednesday 3-6 Saturday 8-11 Indoor Markets in November and December

caramels apples or swoon over our buttery caramel apple pies. Beer garden, live music, and food trucks on weekends in the fall! Wehling Farms & Country Store S764 Jore Rd, Westby, WI • 608-393-6227 Farmer Danika invites visitors year round to her beautiful organic dairy farm and new on-farm Country Store that has a variety of Meat, Eggs, Dairy Products, Produce, Natural Soaps, Photography, Crafts, and CBD oil. New items monthly! Tours are available by request. OPEN: Fri-Sun 10am-6pm

Restaurants Driftless Café 118 W Court St, Viroqua, WI • 608-637-7778 Food. Sustenance. Love. With over 200 organic farms in Vernon County alone, The Driftless Cafe utilizes the vast bounty & passion of the local farming community. We believe the growth of our farming community directly translates to the growth of our general economy, making a locally focused restaurant a vehicle for our community development. Open for lunch & dinner Tues-Sat. Good energy = good food.


Farmers / Producers Driftless Organics 52450 McManus Rd, Soldiers Grove, WI • 608-624-3735 Our story begins back in 1993 when we were just nine and eleven and our mother assigned us the summer project of growing potatoes. Being ambitious farm kids we planted a quarter acre of twenty varieties. Soon our farm-kid ambition had us buying potato planters and tractors and hiring our mother to drive us to the Dane County Farmer’s Market...

Harbor View Café 314 First St, Pepin, WI • 715-442-3893 This is the start of our 40th year serving the “Best from Scratch”. Hours : Thursday: 11-2:30 lunch. 5-8 dinner. 4/18 thru 10/24 Friday: 11-2:30 lunch. 5-9 dinner. Saturday: 11-2:30 lunch. 4:45-9 dinner. Sunday: 11:45-7:30. Monday: 11-2:30 lunch. 5-8 dinner. Memorial Day thru Labor Day CLOSED Tuesday and Wednesday

Destination Farm Ecker’s Apple Farm W27062 State Rd 54 35, Trempealeau, WI • 608539-2652 Ecker’s Apple Farm is a family-run orchard nestled into the bluffs along the Mississippi River. Bring the family and Pick-Your-Own apples while riding our John Deere train. Bite into our delightful, hand-dipped

We reap what you sow.

Potosi Brewing Company 209 S Main St., Potosi, WI • 608763-4002 Our Brew Pub is a family friendly restaurant and, in addition to a delicious full menu, we serve a rotating selection of our delicious craft beers as well as our very own Potosi Root Beer. 2019 HOURS: Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm. Sunday: 9am – 6pm Brunch: 9am – 12pm

We offer a harvest of thanks.


Saturdays 8-11am Wednesdays 3-6pm

Below the Oneota Co-op Parking Lot

Shop Local . Eat Fresh. Produce - Meat - Baked Goods - More . Driftless Food Guide \ 2019


Beer / Wine / Spirits


La Crosse Distilling Co. 129 Vine St., La Crosse, WI • 608-881-8800 In the heart of the Driftless resides some of the best organic ingredients allowing us to produce our handcrafted spirits and house brewed beer. Join us at our new geothermal powered distillery and tasting room for thoughtfully sourced food and beverages. Farmer Forward, Driftless Pure, Genuine Wisconsin Spirit = La Crosse Distilling Co.

Ridge and Valley Tours 23921 State Hwy 58, Richland Center, WI • 608-630-2452 We do tours! It is our goal to share the history and beauty of Southwest Wisconsin with visitors in a fun and informative way. We are connected to many agriculture enterprises that offer farm-related experiences, and farm tours to the public. We strive to represent the diversity of agriculture in Wisconsin while promoting the family-farm ethic.

Grocery / Retail Ice Cream The Pearl Ice Cream Parlor & Confectionery 205-209 Pearl Street, La Crosse, WI • 608-782-6655 “Homemade Makes The Difference”. The Pearl is an authentic 1930s-style soda fountain and confectionery, featuring our own homemade ice cream, waffle cones, hand-dipped chocolates and small-batch fudge. Located on historic Pearl Street, this family-owned business has been a staple in the heart of downtown La Crosse for over 25 years!

Catering Rooted Spoon Culinary LLC 219 S. Main, Viroqua, WI • 608-632-2120 We are a catering business, event space, & part-time restaurant/bar in Viroqua, WI focusing on scratch food & drink lovingly made with local ingredients. Open every Friday night for tacos/craft cocktails (year round), Sundays for brunch (Nov-April), & 1st Thursdays of every month for a reservation-only dinner. Catering w/in 1 hr. radius of Viroqua.

Coffee / Bakery Kickapoo Coffee’s Viroqua Cafe 302 South Main St. Viroqua, WI 608-638-7701. It was a long-time dream to open up a cafe in our beloved hometown of Viroqua, WI. Located on Main Street, this former 1940’s gas station has been transformed into a bright and welcoming specialty coffee shop. In addition to our coffee offerings, you’ll discover a teeming bakery case and food menu inspired by the area’s local and organic bounty

Viroqua Food Cooperative 609 N Main St, Viroqua, WI • 608-637-7511 VFC offers a one-stop shopping experience in a beautiful & comfortable environment to match the integrity of the product on our shelves. VFC is a full service grocery store emphasizing organic & local foods - 30% of sales are grown or produced locally. Enjoy a meal from the hot bar/salad bar, burritos, sandwiches & more. Indoor/outdoor seating.


People’s Food Co-op 315 5th Ave South, La Crosse, WI • 608-784-5798 519 1st Avenue SW, Rochester, MN • 507-289-9061 A locally owned natural foods grocery store featuring products from 480 local farmers and producers, fresh and organic produce, made-from-scratch deli, inhouse bakery, full-service meat and seafood, coffee and tea bar, wine, beer and spirits, and a wellness department. Anyone can shop. Everyone is welcome! Open 7 days, 7 am – 10 pm

Events Bike or Bus the Barns FairShare CSA Coalition 303 S Paterson St Suite 1B, Madison, WI • 608-226-0300 Bike or Bus the Barns on Sunday, September 15. Tour organic CSA farms in the gorgeous Columbus countryside. Enjoy gourmet farm-fresh meals, live music and fun on-farm activities at each stop. Bikers have two route options (~25 miles, ~60 miles), while bus riders enjoy a full day tour. Proceeds from this charity event benefit fresh food for all!

Farmer / Producer Blue Fruit Farm 31762 Wiscoy Ridge, Winona, MN • 507-450-9567 At Blue Fruit Farm, we grow health! We raise certified organic blue fruits, packed with antioxidants and flavor! All of our fruits are hand harvested at peak ripeness. Visit our website to shop for blueberries, black currants, elderberries, honeyberries, and aronia berries. We also sell fruit jams and elderberry, aronia and elderonia™ juices. Nettle Valley Farm 23970 County 19, Spring Grove, MN Our heritage breed pigs feast on diverse pastures and woodlots, certified organic pea & barley feed (no corn/soy!), and apples, pumpkins and nuts in autumn. NVF pork is dark red meat full of flavor, character and nourishment. Whole or half hogs are only available once a year in late fall, so email to reserve yours today!

Preston Get Hooked. Unique & Delicious Dining!

Supporting small farms, community food systems, and local businesses. Community and Economic Development • Beginning Farmers • Farm to School • Evaluation • Facilitation 32

Driftless Food Guide / 2019 .

Check us out – | 507.765.2100

Larry Schultz Organic Farm 3510 Park Dr., Owatonna, MN • 507-455-9362 I offer organic eggs, chicken and turkey. Organic farming is a way of life for me. My parents farm has never seen the use of chemicals. Our goal is to offer the best organic products at the best price. Visit my retail outlet in Owatonna M-F 8-5pm or your local Food Coop or retailer. Trouble finding us, ask your local retailer to carry our products

Sweet 16 Farm 21215 State 16, Houston, MN • 507-458-0959 Growing flowers in the beautiful Root River Valley of southeastern Minnesota, Sweet 16 Farm’s bouquets are available for purchase Jun-Sept as made-toorder for special events, or through our flower CSA program. We host three annual farm events: Mother’s Day weekend starter plant sale, Co-op Farm Tour in July, and Hop Harvest Music Fest in August.

Destination Farm Ferndale Market 31659 Willow Trail, Cannon Falls, MN • 507-263-4556 Our family has been growing turkeys the same way since 1939 - free-range and without antibiotics. It’s the perfect lean protein and we believe you’ll taste the difference. Find our signature turkey products at our on-farm store (which includes over 100 other local farmers and food makers - open 7 days a week) or at a natural food store near you!

Restaurants Blue Heron coffeehouse 162 W 2nd St., Winona, MN • 507-452-7020 We’ve been serving organic fair-trade coffee and good food made from scratch since 1998. Our menu includes coffee, espresso, tea, beverages, soups, salads, sandwiches, pastries and desserts, many of them vegetarian and vegan.

Preston Area Restaurants 210 Fillmore St. W, Preston, MN • 507-765-2100 Take a little road trip to Preston! We’re a small town with big flavors! Order a delicious hand-cut steak at the Branding Iron, start the day with home-cooked breakfast at B&B Bowl, taste famous buck-a-bone ribs at the Old Barn, satisfy your sweet tooth at the Sweet Stop, or stop by Pizza Night on the Farm at Blossom Hill Orchard and Farm!

Beer / Wine / Spirits

Bed & Breakfasts

Turning Waters Back Alley Brewing Co 136 Bridge Ave, Wabasha, MN • 651-564-1568 Hoppy Girl Brewing dba Turning Waters Back Alley Brewing Co is located behind our B&B in downtown Wabasha. Our small batch brews exhibit real flavors like coconut & almond, blood orange, lemon raspberry & mango. We use the real fruit or ingredient and not the extract. Our garage brewpub is family friendly so join us pizza, ice cream & beer.

Turning Waters Bed, Breakfast & Adventure 136 Bridge Ave, Wabasha, MN Turning Waters Bed, Breakfast & Adventure is located in downtown Wabasha, MN, and has a brewery pub on premises. We enjoy cooking from scratch using locally grown and organic as much as possible. Our spent grains from brewing feed local chickens and in turn we get eggs from the farmers. The first bed, breakfast & brewery in the state of MN.

Coffee The Wired Rooster 131 East Main St, Caledonia, MN • 507-725-8199 Small town, good coffee, great life. Locally owned and operated, we specialize in espresso, coffee, tea, sodas, snacks and ice cream. Bagels for breakfast, paninis for lunch/dinner, craft beer and wine in the evenings. Trivia nights every other Friday. Free wifi and kid’s playroom! Mon-Tue 6am-7pm, Wed-Fri 6am-9pm, Sat 7:30am-9pm, Sun 7:30am-7pm. Jessie Street Java 116 W Jessie Street, Rushford, MN 507-864-2739 We make handcrafted espresso drinks, fantastic chai lattes,100% fruit smoothies-no sugar added, hot panini sandwiches, & we have a great bakery selection. Low carb & no carb lunch options. Local artists have merchandise for sale here. A charming environment to sit and relax inside or out.

Rock Filter Distillery 113 Maple Dr, Spring Grove, MN • 507-498-7625 A small farm distillery in SE MN producing awardwinning bourbons & whiskies from our own organic and heirloom grains. Born of farmers, we work the MN land our ancestors settled. The better the soil, the better the ingredients, the better the whiskey. Share it with old friends & drink it with new ones.

Kombucha Big River Kombucha 257 Main St W, Wabasha, MN. Big River Kombucha produces delicious, small-batch kombucha just off the Mighty Mississippi River in Wabasha, MN. Each product is hand-crafted with a lot of care, flavored with only local organic honey, tea and botanicals, ensuring you get a tastes good and good for you product that isn’t artificial.

Grocery / Retail Bluff Country Co-op 121 W. 2nd St., Winona, MN • 507-452-1815 One of the best places to eat in town! Bluff Country Co-op offers a hot bar, salad bar, juice bar, and grab ‘n go section as well as a full grocery store. We welcome you to stop in for some local fare whenever you’re in the neighborhood!

Events FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, MN • 507-405-4045 Our 6th annual festival for all ages showcases local foods from IA, WI & MN at their finest! Enjoy samples and sales galore—cheese, chocolate, wine, beer, cider & much more—stock up for winter (or for the holidays)! Make a day of it with kids’ activities, cooking demos, music and prizes. Sat, Dec 7, 2019, 10am-4pm. Shop 100 artisans under 1 roof!

Sip, sample & shop






Wine, cider, beer & over 100 food makers from IA, MN & WI.



A R a l f o oA C KETPL

Rochester, MN · December 7, 2019 . Driftless Food Guide \ 2019




This frittata is super easy, and great for several reasons: 1. You don’t have to fuss over a crust – the potatoes turn into the base “crust” for you! 2. You can put whatever vegetables you’d like in it, or meat too. I’m looking at you, bacon (or ham)! Spinach, mushrooms, and bacon? Yum. And go ahead – change out the cheese as well. Try topping it with feta! (Bonus points if it’s local!) 3. It is totally good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Ah, the versatility of eggs.

Ingredients: 6 eggs 2 tablespoons milk 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons butter or favorite oil 2 cups thinly sliced potatoes 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 cup sweet peppers, chopped 2 medium green onions, chopped 1/2 cup shredded cheese (we used Grumpy Goat from Nordic Creamery) Salt and Pepper

BY ARYN HENNING NICHOLS Makes 4-6 servings

DIRECTIONS: 1. Beat eggs, milk, salt & pepper and set aside. 2. Melt butter or heat oil on medium high in a 10-inch skillet (I find that a non-stick pan works best, but you use your favorite)! Layer potatoes into skillet, sprinkle with salt, cover and cook 8 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until potatoes are tender. 3. Add peppers and green onions, season, and cook for a few more minutes. 4. Carefully pour egg mixture over potatoes and veggies. Cover and cook on the stovetop for 6 to 8 more minutes. Sprinkle cheese on the top and transfer to oven. Broil for about 3 minutes to set eggs and brown cheese. Keep an eye on it, as you don’t want it to burn! 5. Cut into wedges and serve! Try it with a smoothie or parfait for breakfast, or a salad for lunch or dinner. Enjoy! If you make this recipe, let us know! Shoot a photo and tag @iloveinspired and/or hashtag (not hashbrown) #driftlessfoodguide. Enjoy!

34 01

Driftless Food Guide / 2019 .

“We value the support of community partners and members like Decorah Bank to further promote both physical and fiscal health. Stop in to taste local.” -David Lester, General Manager

Empty Nest Winery

Like us for details!

Wine Fresh Sangria Slushies 10 Taps of Hard Ciders & Craft Beer

Outside & Inside seating! Great Venue for your next event!

Hours: Sat 10-5 & Sun 1-5 + Fridays 4-9 pm May-Oct Hot Food Buffet May through October – Friday nights 5-8 pm & Saturdays 11-2 pm. Menu at or Facebook

Upcoming Events

May 24-27 – Memorial Weekend! Friday 4-9 pm; Sat/Sun/Mon 11-5. Hot food buffet all weekend, live music on patio Sunday @ 1pm. Release summer wines May 30: Release Dragonfly Dreams Wine at 4 pm June 28: Release Summer Splash wine at 4 pm July 19: Release White Lace wine at 4 pm July 27: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater! Tickets at August 2: Release Truffle, Lip Smackin' & Whitetail Chase wines Aug 30-Sept 2: Labor Day Weekend! Friday 4-9 pm; Sat/Sun/Mon 11-5. Hot food buffet all weekend, live music on patio Sun @ 1pm. Release fall wines & Sticky Buns wine October 4: Release Naked Iced Apple & Little Black Dress wines October 11-13: 6th Annual Wining with the Arts November 30: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Tickets at December 31: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Tickets at • 563-568-2758 1253 Apple Rd. Waukon, Iowa

Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. PIVO Brewing Co. Pulpit Rock Brewing Co. Deb’s Brewtopia

River Root Farm Rock Cedar Ranch Windy Rock Shrimp Lynch Pork


Westby Dairy WW Homestead Dairy Country View Dairy

d 117 WEST WATER STREET. DECORAH, IOWA Shullsburg Creamery Fifth Season Cooperative Swiss Valley Farms Happy Hour 5 to 6 pm Wednesday evenings: Half price wine night!

Wed– Sat: 5 pm - close. Sunday Breakfast + Bloody Mary Bar: 9am-1pm. Reservations appreciated.