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dear friends Snowed-in wintry days are the best for crafting, don’t you think? The whole world takes a mandated break. Things that would be pressing on ordinary days are much less so. Hot cocoa is sipped. Fireplaces are aglow. Alarm clocks are silenced. You’re quite safe to stay in your pajamas well into the afternoon, for who in their right mind would fight through this weather to drop in on you? And you are free to spend entire afternoons piddling away at the kitchen table, crafting something extraordinary. And then later in the season, after the excitement of the snow day wanes, isn’t it the anticipation of Springtime and its flowers and gentle warmth that gets us through even the wintriest of days? The world may seem frozen in expectation, but the truth is that even now, under the frozen ground, the meekest little seed is starting its stretch toward its sprouting. Just like that little seed, we at Inspired Ideas have been crafting a veritable wonderland in the expectation of Spring. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the host of things we’ve made to share with you. Amazingly inventive crafts that will inspire you to spend all your snow days happily crafting away, making the most beautiful things ever.

Happy Crafting! with my love,

Amy Powers

preview: inspired ideas spring 2011  

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