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’ Christmas 2013

volume 4, no. 2

Dear Reader, When I was a little girl, one of the things I loved best about Christmastime was making up my wish list for Santa. I would spend all my free time under the twinkling lights of the tree with the Sears catalog. I’d quickly skip all those boring pages up front, the ones filled with clothes, socks and underwear, and I’d flip straight to the toys section. I memorized those pages and filled my list with all sorts of fabulous things. I remember being particularly fascinated by a toy cow that you could really milk with its tiny udders! As wonderful as the gifts are at Christmastime, the most magical part isn’t the giving or even the receiving. It is celebrating and sharing the gift of love, family, and hope. I know you are awfully busy getting ready for the big day. I do hope you can give yourself a little gift of time and enjoy these pages of inspiration!

happy crafting!


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spool hat ornaments christmas art embroidered pillowcases sugar cookie ornaments felt house wrapping paper letters tips from jenny & aaron g r a n n a ’s f l o w e r globe art pom pom necklace pom pom bouquet book club embroidered pendant faux french locket spray paint tips

inspired friends chrissie grace

ashlee park

tammy gilley

Chrissie Grace is the colorful artist behind Chrissie Grace Designs, offering a combination of faith-based and inspirational items. She has written four books with Northlight Publishing, and teaches art to elementary children. She is a wife, a mother, a coffee-lover, a beach girl at heart, and she loves to laugh!

Ashlee Park has been a vintage collector and nostalgia buff since she was a child. She has a quirky vintage style, and her few thrifting obsessions include mid-century vintage ceramic animals, vintage dishes, feedsack fabrics, vintage linens, hankies, and children’s books. Ashlee frequently repurposes thrifted vintage items in her craft projects. Artsy-fartsy since she was a little girl, it’s no surprise that Ashlee’s background, as well as her degree, is in fashion. She loves to style everything from people to pets, and of course, her home. Ashlee lives in a very colorful little ranch house outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, with her hubby, three crazy cats, one devilishly handsome dog, and eight wiley chickens. Most days you can find Ashlee on her blog, My So Called Crafty Life, where she shares her projects, favorite artists, vintage lovelies, her fuzzy babies, and what’s new with her Etsy shop.

Tammy Gilley is one of those people with so many passions that it’s quite impossible to pick just one. These passions have led to many opportunities including studying in France, working on special events at a local flagship department store, orchestrating the holiday parade in downtown Portland and even meeting The-Big-Guy-in-the-Red-Suit himself! (Oh yes, Virginia, he does exist!)

Chrissie creates a wide variety of items such as original paintings, mixedmedia mosaics, wood cutouts and hand-sewn pillows. To learn about Chrissie, do some shopping, and find inspiration, visit her website at

These days, you’ll find Tammy in her sunny studio playing with color, stitching, painting, doodling, cutting and pasting. Follow her playful and creative adventures at

jenn mcglon

julie geiger

kerrie more

Jenn McGlon is a self taught artist with a passion for all things vintage. She creates mixed media pieces, paintings and a charming collection of clay sculptures called “the lulettes.” Jenn lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband, two boys and two funny dogs. When she is not creating art, Jenn loves to decorate and hunt for vintage treasures. shop: blog: noodleandlou.blogspot. com

Julie Geiger has cultivated a love for all things fabric since she was a small girl. One of her earliest sewing memories is wrapping fabric scraps around her dolls and stapling them closed, since she couldn’t figure out how to thread a needle. As the owner of Prairie Point Junction Quilt Shop in Cozad, Nebraska, Julie gets to combine her passions for fabric, creativity and teaching. Wool felt holds a special place in Julie’s heart due to the versatility of the medium. She loves to create pillows, runners, ornaments, stockings, penny mats, faux foods and more. A special area of her shop is dedicated to Wool Felt Central, where you’ll find inspiration for a variety of creative projects, including a series of sugar cookie inspired ornaments. You can find Julie online at www.prairiepointjunction. com or www.woolfeltcentral. com.

If you were to ask Kerrie what she loves more, reading or crafting, she would have a hard time choosing. Living out in the country, with only three very-fuzzy television channels, her childhood was fueled by trips to the library and long afternoons immersed in creative projects. As a school librarian, she spends her days helping students navigate the world of information as well as find good books to read. Kerrie is very proud to be part of a book club that has been meeting for sixteen years and recognizes the way that reading inspires kinship. Kerrie considers herself blessed to call northwest Montana her home and marvels each day at the beauty outside her window. She and her husband recently built a mountain cabin where she retreats to enjoy nature, get lost in a good book or crochet her heart out. You can take a peek at www.kerriemore. com.

You love to make things. In fact, you are always making something. It’s what makes you happiest. You are most inspired by ideas that are fresh, approaches that are ingenious, & designs that are lovely. Welcome! You are home.

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’ Christmas 2013

volume 4, no. 2

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