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CHRISTINE LUC - PROJECT 4 REPORT “BYALEX” COMPANY BRIEF LUC09297532 I was able to draw out a lot of connections while mind mapping Purity and there’s different ways of viewing the definition of that word but what I found most interesting was sense and structure.

Looking at “ByAlex” brand and exploring in-depth of what comes to mind and finding connections between. Highlights of this mind map would be the shadow in the image and how it enhances the surroundings by highlighting the shape of the stool. Also looking at perspectives and how the A can be viewed in different angles.

Playful can link to the obvious meanings that we relate it to such as colour, games, children, free spirt etc, however, I have to keep in mind that there’s a limit in playfulness that ByAlex has and the use of playfulness must stay within the limitations to reflect on the overall brand image.

I found that researching for this project at the beginning was difficult as there were so many designs and themes to look at, which lead me to having too many ideas. However, after my feedback with Alex, I decided to focus my reseach on “Yoga� and body structure.

Alex decided to the combined everyone’s research on the wall, to create a large mind map. This allows us to visually explore the different aspects of “Purity” and “Playfulness” which lead to discussions and ideas., such as what we found most intersting/ important. From this session, there was two things that stood out for which was the colour yellow and architecture.

I decided to go visit the design of the year exhibition at the “Design Museum” to get a better understanding of how different design pieces are exhibited, in terms with how they balance the spacing depending on the scale etc. I found that the layouts of the furniture looked the same but had the right amount of spacing between each other so that it doesn’t confuse us or feel overwhelming to view all different designs.

Researching for this project, I was able to vsit different exhibitions such as the Design Museum and the Coffe exhibition in Brick lane and also visit the spitafields area and market, where I found furnitures that were in the same field as “ByAlex” A range furniture. The interesting sculptures around the Spitafields area gave me the feeling of purity of playness because of the different range of materials that were used and I found that the placement of these sculptures gave a feeling of purity.

Alex asked us to send him a PDF of our research to him later on the week, so he could give us feedback and a direction that we could take. He was pleased with my research and also felt that the “honeycomb” idea was strong and advise me to keep developing it further by creating visuals and thinking how the honeycomb could link to his company’s brand values.






Major impact Sustainability



“Building blocks of life”




01 - Experimenting with the repetitive shapes with paper and different toneys of yellow. I was interested at looking at lights/ ornaments hanging from the celing. It definitely gives a very pure and playful feeling, especially with different scales/heights. 02 - ,Creating hexagon shapes using felt. I felt it was important to start using textured materiails because I want to concentrate on “organic textures” 03 - Simple and playful 3D hexagon shapes that creates strong shadows when the light hits it. They could may be used as stools at the exhibition.


04 - Looking at how the viewers could communicate with texture using touch.



I decided to experiment with these hexagons as I really liked the drop shadow it gives and felt that it was something I could develop further. Arranging the hexagon shapes has allowed me to think about how it could be then interpreted as a website design. It could be developed as an interactive piece of design as well, such as allowing the hexagons to interact with the movement of the mouse cursor.

FEEDBACK These were the prototypes that I showed during my presentation/first assessment. I thought showing the different ways of visualising the honeycomb idea would allow me to get more feedback from Alex, tutors and my peers because I felt that I had so many ideas that could keep on developing. and I needed to find a main focus. I personally liked the lighting/projection idea because I feel that light and shadows definitely relates to purity but so does the material “paper� and the weightless feeling.

Alex’s feedback was to look at a “strapline” for the exhibition that would represent what the exhibition is about.


Before developing on one of my ideas further, I decided to experiment with folding paper because I found the image on the left (found on a craft blog) very interesting yet simple. I thought about how I could use a similar technique on the hexagon shapes and whilst doing this, I then realise the 3D honeycomb effect that I have created.


01 - Using the hexagon stencils that were cut out from the previous experiment to see what interesting different geometrics shapes/effect I could create by over - lapping them. Also thought about how it could then create a candle cover and having lights shown through, because candles is definitely a strong representation of relaxation, nature, organice, yoga etc.

02 - Using the same stencil but with acetate sheets, I decided to overlap them and cocentrate on the effects of the outlines and the interesting illusion that it gives. This is an idea that could be developed, but it wouldn’t be suitable for the honeycomb idea because it may give a less playful feeling in comparison to the other prototypes.

I’ve been working along side one of the industry tutors (Paul Jackson) and after our discussion about my different prototypes, I decided to develop this idea as my final outcome. This design has a strong relation to what I wanted ByAlex’s exhibition to represent, which was strength and organic. Each hexagon would have a different texture/ pattern of a natural resource such as wood, stones etc. The scratching effect definitely gives a very crisp and natural feel instead of having clean outlines which may seem perfect and unatural? Having an almost macro/detailed look to each of the design would show the strength of the material and what pulls everything together which relates back to the honeycomb idea and how the bees are what keeps us alive, their ongoing strength and lifestyle which shows on the texture of the honeycomb.

Projecting light on the the back, helps highlight and define the outlines.

I’ve created and cutted out a smaller frame as an example of how one side of the exhibition’s wall would look like. Using the same technique but a smaller frame to fit the small model. Whilst cutting out the frame, I decided to photograph and experiment with different lighting and the placement on top of colour and texture.

I was interested to see the effect it gives as an overall image, when placing the frame on top of different textures. It’s like framing nature and it creates restrictions but it’s also how the yellow compliments different colours. For example, the grass and the yellow frame becomes eye catching,, upfront and almost over whelming to look at.

“ BYALEX� - THE STRENGTH OF BUILDING BLOCKS OF LIFE The idea of having a honeycomb theme was to highlight not only the important of nature and honeycombs itself but how relates back to the ByAlex brand and their products. With such a simple design which can be set up easily, it creates a lot of strength and comfort for the user because of the structure and material. Documenting the light projection on the small model.

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