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Fashion Journal

Entry 1

WWD Issue: 10/19/2012

Roberto Cavalli is launching their second fragrance ever. His previous scent was all about glamour and sensuality and was for the mature women. His new scent “Just Cavalli” is “sexy, cool, trendy, and edgy.” His target customer for “Just Cavalli” are women from the ages of 20-35. He believes scent is important to a person’s image, his ideal customer wears both his garments and his fragrances. It will globally launch in February. Cavalli knows what type of customers he wants and he’s mending them to how he wants them to represent his brand.

Entry 2

WSJ Issue: 10/18/2012

Shanghai Fashion week recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary. Many famous designers had their collections showcased here, such as Vivienne Westwood and Vera Wang. Shanghai is aiming to be an international fashion capital and this is just a start. Today’s fashion is so diverse, even with many other competitors, I think it is possible to reach that goal.

Entry 3

Vogue Issue: September 21, 2012

Ear cuffs are earrings that start from the lobe and go to the tip of the ears. They’re very noticeable because of the size especially with a swept or up do hairstyle. I personally loved the idea of ear cuffs because of how edgy they can give your appearance. However, I want ear cuffs that will pierce to my cartilage piercing. Most ear cuffs will pierce on the bottom but the cuff on top will just hug the top of your ears. I see ear cuffs everywhere now, especially H&M, I know many girls who get really pretty ear cuffs there. And I noticed they have it displayed up front because they are aware of this trend.

Entry 4

For fall 2012, I’ve noticed a trend of studs in women’s clothing and accessories.

I started noticing this trend on a blogging site: Tumblr. More pictures of studded bracelets came up and it moved onto shoes and finally clothing. Studs give off a masculine yet chic look. During Fall 2011, I noticed more animal prints, even though it is still in now, the edgy look of the studs is definitely sky rocketing.

Entry 5 Target

Design: Flower patterns were seen in clothing, electronic accessories, dishes and bedding sheets. Design: Animal prints were spotted in clothing, accessories and shoes. Mainly in scarves and ballet flats. Design/Theme: Romantic and vintage designs were seen often in lamp designs and home furnitures. Color: The color mint green and coral is a very noticeable popular color in clothing and electronic accessories such as iPhone cases. Fabric: Since the cold weather is coming up, fleece is seen in many outerwear, sweaters and scarves along with blankets and throw overs.

Entry 6

Found under the “Catwalk Trend� on WGSN. It shows that coral is not only popular in department stores but also on the runway.

Although I saw more cheetah prints in stores, Giraffe camo is said to be emerging as a “Non-seasonal Trend�. It shows how popular animal prints are now.

Entry 7


90% Nylon, 10% Elastane - Italy


98% acrylic, 2% other fiber - N/A


100% polyester - N/A

Army Green



Entry 8 WGSN

Asia’s Textile

Tribal prints has been very trendy in Chicago this season and our previous season. I started to see this trend bloom from a blogging site called Tumblr and it has been going on ever since. I don’t think this trend will make it pass these two seasons because of how popular it already is and it has already began dying down.

Britain’s hand painted illustrations

Britain’s hand painted illustrations has already been an ongoing trend worldwide within the street wear community. People who can’t afford to have their own designs printed settle with hand painting their designs themselves. It has a very urban style and to me, this trend is ongoing for street artists.

Brazil’s prints

Prints are always on trend, especially cheetah these days. Playing with the colors of the prints and giving it a fresh look can definitely influence other countries to mimic their style. This trend cam definitely emerge to our market for the summer and be very welcomed.

Entry 9


I really enjoyed the Burberry displays because of how innovative it was. The balloons in the first display with the one mannequin actually were twirling. Not only was it innovative but it was meticulously done. You cannot see the wiring done for the balloons and the balloons actually had the balloon nipple end to tie the strings to it. The mannequin’s postures fit in with the shoes correctly not causing the mannequin to fall over. And lastly, usually store’s leave their mannequins with the rods which looks bad in window displays but Burberry did not have the rods on their mannequin.



I enjoyed Anthrologie’s holiday displays because they had a theme to their decorations and the whole store had a holiday ambience and it was lovely. The white made the clothes stand out, the kitchen ware area look very cozy and home-like.

Entry 10

Project Runway Season 10

On Season 10 of Project Runway, Ven Budhu showed us how he was able to manipulate fabric and I am sure that we will be seeing more drapery like his. Ven is a talented man and his designs look expensive and elegant yet sexy - any classy women would want to wear the garments he makes. Project Runway is a popular show that has been ongoing for many season, many designers who stay on there for several episodes become very successful and we see their designs in stores. Ven has a strong vision of what kind of designer he is. What women wouldn’t want to look like this?

Entry 11

Vera Wang Fall / Winter 2011 Bridal Collection Would be seen in: David’s Bridal Nordstrom Bloomingdales Lord and Taylor

The flow and grace is what attracted me most to this dress. The sheer fabric makes it looks delicate and the whole dress looks effortlessly beautiful.

Entry 12

As a fashion designer, one must be diligent and able to work in a fast paced environment along with long tedious hours. Many designers have to travel over the world for fashion shows so availability is very important. The competition in the fashion industry can be extremely overbearing so dedication and passion is required to enter this field. A designer has to be keeping up to dates with emerging trends to create future design. During the process of designing, a lot of thought is to be put in, they have to consider every aspect - what materials to use, what pattern, who is their target market? After the designing process, they have to supervise the fitting and detailing and most importantly, oversee the production. And lastly, negotiate with buyers and suppliers.

A fashion buyer works very closely to the designer and their duties have similar aspects. The main difference is that the buyer does not design. A buyer is expected to forecast and follow fashion trends, just like a designer. Negotiating with suppliers is another similar role they share. The buyer has view garment samples, negotiate the pricing, the date of delivery and communicate between the retailer and garment manufacturer. Negotiating can be a very tough and long process for both ends to comes to terms with one another. Long hours can bring stress and pressure to this individual.

A fashion production manager is responsible for keeping the company’s products in trend so they don’t become outdated and unmarketable. This job requires a lot of research and tactical planning. They have to make sure their product is fashion focused for a specific market and have to be able to create fashionable goods for manufactures and retailers.

Entry 13

“The Weather Confused� Wearing boots, especially Uggs in the summer, will surely get some head turns.. but not in a good way. This look is frowned upon and rude comments have been whispered about it.

Socks and Sandals

Socks and sandals have been a controversy within the fashion industry. Is it a do or a don’t? Many famous designers have joined in on this trend and featured this look on runways. However, sandals were designed opened toes for warm weather, not cold weather with socks.

“Print Overload”

Too much prints can make an outfit look too busy. Clashing prints can cause confusion in the outfit as to what kind of style you are trying to portray.

Too Much Cleavage A women should always be classy yet sexy, too much cleavage leaves no room for classy. This is take away from the gown and other features because all eyes will be down there.

Personal Stylist A personal stylist has an extremely busy schedule, I am able to handle stress and work under pressure. They are quick on their feet and have to handle several or even more difficult customers a day. I have passion for the industry so these cons will not drive me away from this position.

Visual Merchandiser I am currently taking a visual merchandising class that I am really enjoying. I have learned a lot about displays and how to put together window displays. It is one of my career path choices because I love arranging and making windows beautiful. Whenever I walk pass a window, I always analyze how they do the displays. I want to be able to stylize a window that will attract customers into a store.

Fashion Event Coordinator Although I have no knowledge in event coordinating, I know it has to deal with catering, press, visuals and production. Data entry of the guests and organizing the event is mandatory and I think I am able to do this job because I am organized, detail oriented, and quick on my feet. I don’t need to be designing in the fashion industry, I just want it a part of my life and as an event coordinator for fashion events, it’d be perfect.

By: Michelle Nguyen

Michelle Nguyen.  

Fashion Journal 2012.

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