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IN THE NEWS Total Working Women’s Convention

INSPIRATION Believe in Yourself and Thrive

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WOW! What a great convention! We would like to thank everyone who participated with us on May 28, 2011 at the Total Working Women’s Convention at the Broward County Convention Center! Here are some photos we would like to share. For more photos, please go to and take a look at our Convention Scrapbook!

Total Working Women’s Convention

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Believe In Yourself and Thrive



7 Pillars of Success



Networking is NOT a 4 Letter Word



Top 10 Things Healthy Women Do



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BELIEVE in Yourself and THRIVE Science and psychology have isolated the one prime cause of the results you get in your life: the hidden image you hold of yourself. This self-image operates like the thermostat in your home. Once your image is set, your life is on course to produce the physical manifestation of the mental image you hold.” Bob Proctor Are you holding an image of yourself that is healthy, positive, and empowering? Do you believe that you are a winner and that anything you set out to do you can accomplish? Or do you hold an image of not being good enough, doubt, fear, or maybe inferiority? For many years I held an image of myself that was not healthy. The other day, I was telling my nieces that when I was their age, around 12, I was so shy that I remember my hands being red and cold anytime people spoke to me. I feel sad as I think about it because now I understand that I am a child of God and to feel that way was like insulting God’s creation.

I know that I missed many opportunities and a lot of money as a result of my shyness. The good news is that more than 12 years ago when I decided to work on myself and I begun to read and to attend seminars, my life was transformed. I set up my thermostat to a setting of a winner, a conqueror of opportunities. It is a miracle that that little girl who was so shy is now part of Les Brown Platinum Speaker’s Network and a Bob Proctor LifeSuccess Consultant among many other accomplishments. I decided to believe in myself and this is why now I am thriving. The wonderful news is that we can all do the same. We all were born to be champions. My invitation is that you examine your own life and let go of any beliefs or behaviors that might be preventing you to believe in yourself and thrive. Decide to set up your thermostat to a higher setting, to hold a higher image of yourself. This is what you can do 1. Seek the support of people who are winners and whom you admire and respect and can help you. 2. Be willing to change and to take action. Selfstudy, seminars, mentors & books are empowering tools to reset your self-image 3. See yourself as a winner all the time. Affirm: I talk like a winner. I think like a winner. I act like a winner. I am a winner. We always have room to position our self-image to a higher setting. As we do it consistently, we will thrive in all areas of our lives. Affirm: I believe in myself and thrive! Gloria is a Motivational Speaker, a Seminar Leader, a Minister, a Healer, and a Coach, who embodies the unconditional love that she brings to her audiences and clients. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master in Business Administration (MBA). Gloria is a Platinum Member of Motivational Speaker Les Brown’s network. Gloria is also Bob Proctor’s Certified LifeSuccess consultant. Contact her at

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7 Pillars of Success 6. Progress ~ Evaluate where you are on your journey. If you’re not where you want to be on your journey, be willing to change directions. 7. Professional development ~ Leaders are readers and learners are earners. Read a book every month and attend 2 conferences a year. Stay on the grow and in the know. Remember, you are where you choose to be. Here are 7 essentials to your success: 1. Plan ~ Write down what you want, focusing on what activities have the greatest impact. Ideally, you should look to move 3 things in your business or your life a mile, not 100things an inch. Beware of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome!

About the Author: Lisa Marie Platske, President of Upside Thinking, Inc, ( is an award-winning entrepreneur and dynamic inspirational speaker/trainer, known for her contagious high energy. In addition to conducting seminars throughout the U.S., she works one-on-one with coaching clients on her “Million-Dollar Make-over” 7-step leadership process. She is the author of Designing Your Destiny: Achieving Personal and Professional Success which has been hailed as "life-changing" by clients and colleagues alike.

2. Personality ~ Know thy personality and how it affects you getting what you want. Take credit for your success and responsibility for your mistakes. Ask, assess, and be willing to make changes! 3. Partnerships ~ Your ability to create Upside Impact Partners will determine your level of success. Remember, you are the sum average of those around you. If you’re the smartest person in your circle of friends, you need new connections. 4. Priorities ~ Put yourself first, your family second, and your work third. Time is finite. Focus on managing your energy instead. 5. Presence ~ Have an Attitude of Gratitude and be present to those around you. Love people for who they are not for who you want them to be.

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Networking is Not a Four Letter Word By: Vicky Pestrichelli, President, Inspiration University The main problem most of us have with networking is realizing the difference between “networking” and “selling”. The difference is that selling SERVES a relationship and networking “BUILDS” a relationship. We like to do business with someone we know, like and trust, and what better way to discover those connections for ourselves, and others than at a social or networking activity? It doesn’t have to be intimidating, and remember, most everyone has a discomfort level with these events, so knowing you are not the only one with butterflies may make it easier to start the conversation. Offer your hand with a warm, and friendly greeting with a firm (but not crushing) handshake, and a smile, treating them as though they are guests in your home. Introduce yourself, and ask them for their name. Remember, this is about networking (relationship building) not selling! It’s important to put them first, so always have a few questions ready to get the conversation started. Here are some great conversation topics you can use in a networking setting:

Have you been to this networking group before?

If this is at a social event, like a golf tournament, find out if they play, if this is a hobby, or are a seasoned player or an expert.

How are you connected with (the networking host)?

Tell me about your business..

I’d like to keep up with you and your business. Can we connect on LinkedIn, Twitter, or facebook?

What is a good referral for your business?

After you ask a question, remember to LISTEN with sincere interest. If you ask good questions, you will learn a lot about your new connection, and being able to repeat some of their interests back to them will let your friend know you are present and truly care about their answers. If you can, use their name in your response. People love to hear their names, and it shows that you care as much about them as you do about their business. Always have a business card available and ask them to connect with you on your social networking sites. Follow up with a quick email letting them know that you enjoyed connecting, and if you didn’t have the opportunity to tell them about your business, now would be an appropriate time to share your information. We all do networking throughout our day, whether it’s in a referral of a good plumber to a friend, or the referral of a banker to a business contact. If you don’t know what it is that someone does, how can you refer them to someone else that just may need their services? And lastly, don’t discount the importance of casual networking. Who knows? Maybe the guy you just met at a football game might be the president of a bank! Happy Networking!

We would like to thank Lu Lu cosmetics for participating in our Total Working Women’s Convention.

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Top 10 Things That Healthy Women Do By: Dr Stephanie May , Licensed Psychologist

5. Healthy Women Are Honest With Themselves-

“I assure you…this will be no ordinary top ten list.”

This habit reaches far beyond a habit of just telling the truth. Being honest with yourself asks you to tune in to that inner wisdom and to trust yourself. It often takes a lot of courage to be truly honest with yourself.

What you will read below will be information to raise your awareness as a woman, and hence your ability to be increasingly successful in your life. This list has been created from thousands, perhaps countless hours, of sitting and talking with women about what actually works when it comes to growing and evolving in our lives. When reading this list, I invite you to see each idea as a habit to practice on a daily basis. Welcome your practice with loving kindness, and with a dedication to your highest self. 1. Healthy Women Know That Being Your Word MattersThis habit invites you to commit to honoring your commitments. In other words, when you say you are going to do something, you do it. Therefore, when the opportunity to commit to something presents itself, you think carefully about your choice, knowing that you will need to honor this decision at some point in time. Often, it becomes difficult to honor all of our commitments, but women who hold their word to be like gold, find ways to honor their commitments even when it is difficult. This commitment supports us in getting creative in our problem solving and forces us to think outside the box. The goal here is not to stretch yourself any thinner, but to create successful possibilities that work for all involved. 2. Healthy Women Master Their Minds-

6. Healthy Women CommunicateWomen who are healthy don’t just communicate sometimes or at times when it is easy. Healthy women explore and practice ways to communicate even when it is difficult. Healthy women communicate ALL the time. 7. Healthy Women Create WealthIt is important for women to examine their relationship with money. Often times, early messages received from parents stick in our minds and become our money blueprint. Healthy women get conscious about their beliefs about money, and seek out beliefs that are abundant. Healthy women have true understanding of what they are worth and how much time they want to work to create their desired income.

Mastering your mind invites you to tune in to what your thoughts are, and then choose consciously over and over again, what you would like them to be. By doing this, you will receive loads of valuable information about yourself. Learn what your tendencies are, including being an optimistic thinker or not. Remember: our thoughts become our feelings…feelings become action…and our actions become our character.

8. Healthy Women Take Time For Themselves Each Day-

3. Healthy Women Are Life Long Learners-

Naturally women tend to be Givers. But who fills your cup?

Always be learning! Learning enriches your life so that you become familiar with all the beauty that surrounds you. Learn about things, others, and yourself in a new way. Life long learners come from a position of curiosity first and never from righteousness. Life long learners are consistently stepping out of their comfort zone and into something “new.”

Healthy women recognize opportunities to receive and be given to. They delight in this wonderful gift from others because they know they deserve it.

4. Healthy Women Are Responsible-

Law of Attraction suggests that like attracts like. I encourage you to look around you at who surrounds you. Ask yourself the question- How did I attract these people into my life? In a nonjudgmental way, look carefully at how similar you are to the people that surround you. If you don’t like what you see- seek out people who inspire you. But remember, inspiring healthy people want to be surrounded by other “10’s,” so you got to be it to attract more of it.

To be “responsible” means that you look at your life with a desire to know how you have contributed to creating the results that are showing up. When something happens, you examine the results closely and learn about yourself by asking the question “How was I a part of what occurred there?” Being responsible is not about blame, but rather a willingness to learn and examine oneself thoughtfully.

Healthy women report over and over again that they practice consistent self care and set excellent boundaries to support their “me” time. 9. Healthy Women Give and Receive-

10. Healthy Women Surround Themselves With Other Inspiring Healthy People-

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Mark you calendars for our upcoming networking opportunities: 

September 15, 2011 - Thursday: IU League Meeting: Location TBA

October 20, 2011 - Thursday: IU League Meeting: Location TBA

November 12, 2011 - Saturday: Total Working Women’s Convention: Broward County Convention Center

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