Inspirations for Weddings & Debuts Magazine - 14th Issue

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SPOT LIGHT ON: J’s Diamond on the enduring significance of wedding bands by Marielle Ong Jewelry by J’s Diamond, Photo from Inspirations Magazine photo collection

As a luxury item, jewelry is often bought or given during special occasions or to commemorate milestones. With one of the biggest life events being a marriage, selecting wedding bling for keeps is a must. We discuss the permanence of wedding rings to a union with Kenneth Mau, president of J’s Diamond. Elegance and Experience The story of J’s Diamond began back in the late ‘90s in Hong Kong as a designer’s workroom. The company expanded to the Philippines in 2012 and has since opened several locations in prominent malls. To produce fine pieces, J’s Diamond employs a mix of traditional casting and cutting-edge technology. Thus, able to do both traditional designs and more innovative ones. A Sound Investment Pricey as they might be, the pieces you don from your wedding day onwards are long-term investments. Says Kenneth, “They are the few tangible things that will be with you and your partner after the wedding celebration.” So apart from the photos and videos of the big day, your engagement and wedding rings will instantly trigger those sweet memories anytime you look at them. Moreover, it’s always good to have a subtle reminder of your Forever Love, especially during those times when you are physically apart. The Golden Touch There may be a lot of experimentation going on with metals and jewelry design, but the not-so-surprising fact is that a classic is forever.


J’s Diamond specializes in 18K gold engagement and wedding rings. Naturally, it’s the high-quality craftsmanship and authentic, Gemological Institute of America-certified diamonds that speak volumes.

Choose a ring design that will bring joy and love to your hearts every time you look at it.

A Great Selection With so many designs to choose from, how should a couple go about it? Perhaps take a cue from Marie Kondo. “Choose a ring design that will bring joy and love to your hearts every time you look at it,” advises Kenneth. The rings will summarize your love story, so it makes sense that it should spark joy. In fact, it’s that aha moment that the J’s Diamond team values so much from its customers. “It brings us so much happiness whenever we see their smiles and excitement as they pick up the rings they ordered,” says Kenneth. Finding The One The perfect proposal partner (a.k.a. The Engagement Ring) can be a source of great anxiety for potential grooms. But Kenneth offers some practical advice. “First, set a working budget beforehand,” he instructs. “Second, choose a diamond that is brilliant and will really stand out.” Then all that’s left is to bear your partner’s personality in mind, and The One will simply call out to you. 

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