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Inspiration Art Book: Contemporary Masters volume 5 Designed and Published in 2017 by “Inspiration Art Book” ISBN-10 0-9969266-0-7 ISBN-13 978-0-9969266-0-7 Dust cover featured art: Leon Oks (“Touch” and “Party Girls”) Copyright © 2017. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. Our “Inspiration Art Book Awards” mark a new step in an artist’s career and demonstrate his or her achievement in the word of art. The awards are proudly presented in recognition of the artist’s outstanding contribution to the world of art, involving his or her excellence in technique, creativity, quality use of media and composition, and inspiring vision.

Foreword: Our Vision Art is everywhere today, yet far too often artists feel like nameless, faceless entities – lacking credit, acknowledgement, and recognition. If there is a single word that one could use to describe the situation, it’s this: heartbreaking. When we started out as individual artists 40 years ago, with no money and no connections in the art world, we struggled for years to get “out there” – to get noticed and to get our artwork sold. Our efforts were in vain. Let’s face it; being an artist is not a bed of roses and it’s not just a “higher calling.” The art world is a tough business, and if we’re really honest with ourselves, we’re in it to become famous and to make money selling our artwork. Isn’t it great to make a living doing what you love and what you do best – painting? However, for most artists, this dream never becomes a reality. This is how our “International Art Book: Inspiration” came about. Featuring award-winning artists with varying styles, this book contains an exclusive collection of some of the best art from around the globe. Are you an emerging artist trying to turn what you love to do into a career? Or are you a mid-career artist seeking massive international exposure? In either case, rest assured that we will help you find an audience and sell your art. We will get your name out there in the international art arena, connecting you to serious art buyers and collectors. We have only one vision: to help budding artists – to help you – realize your dreams. That’s what has made our international art book so successful. Every year we receive more than 3,500 applications from all over the world: the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Canada...even Japan and China. The list goes on and on. Throughout the years, “Inspiration” has become a handbook for every professional collector looking for cutting-edge trends and fresh names in the world of art. They are looking for you! You just need to help them find you!

International Art Book: Inspiration Committee

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Contents. Our featured artists: AIHARA, Misa AMENT, Daniela ARIANPOUR, Sara ARTIST DUO ISTERIKA ASHRUF, Grace AZINOVIC, Davorka BARBAROS, Beyti BARUFFI, Jana Vodesil BAUTOVIĆ, Leo Ć BAZIN, Nancy Topping BELAN, Kyra BENOWITZ, H. Allen BEYER, Paulina BLANCETT, Stephen BONEAU, Melissa BOUSQUET, Eliora BRIELS, Clemens CARINI, Michael CASTRO, Glennys Marie CIPPITELLI, Daniella CHÁVEZ, Felisa Sánchez CHEN, Lynn CORAZZIARI, Guido CORRO, Marta CROWTHER, Heather DALLAS, Rashad DE GIENS, Phil DELROSARIO, Ramon DEROY, Chloé DOOSJE, Tjeerd DUCAKOVA, Iveta DUKA, Zeiko DYNAN, Phili p Edward ECKSTEIN, Ruth EVANS, Sally FARHOUDI, Mahshid FARKAS, Erika FILICHKIN, Tanya FILITSYAN, Leonid FLORJANCIC, Pavel FRANZ, Ming JAANZ, Lynn JEON, Mae GIARNETTI, Maurizio GJUKA, Sami GOPIC, Jasna GOTTLIEB, Jane

105 30 88 147 137 26 190 130 121 104 174 184 100 6 166 145 188 56 138 28 141 170 40 12 135 93 98 96 152 66 131 74 164 91 90 114 143 44 120 99 68 116 58 109 162 180 129


24 106 97 150 87 157 200 70 117 198 176 156 62 103 89 123 54 18 192 107 155 92 172

94 MAMMADOV, Orkhan 102 McCAMMON, Khrissie Banks 125 McCOLLOUGH, Susan 46 MENESES, Aristides 36 MIERZECKA-PAIN, Elzbieta 186 MOLNAR, Imre 133 MONGRAIN, Martine 111 MONTANEZ, Ale 194 MORRIS, Evelyn 142 MOSS, Karen 126 MOZER, Sergey 50 NAGY, Suzanne C 84 NIELSEN, Leif 60 NSUBUGA, Eria 144 O’BANNON, Don 193 OHASHI, Yuto 80 OKS, Leon 20 OREN, Anat 159 OVALL, Tamera Menard 82 PAKURAR, Adam MIELU 196 48 PALCHUK, Tatyana PAOLE 101 PARCESEPE, Agnes 38

PELTONEN, Vesa PLANK, Andrea PRIBOJAN, Diane PROCTOR, Larry PRYSTAJ, Loreal RACHID, Iraqi Mohammed RAMOS, Zelmira Peralta RAVAN, Pari ROCK, Brian RECHBERG, Carolin REIM, Marianne RUSSO, Albert SANDRELLI, Francesco SAPPERSTEIN, Ginger SATO, Takanori SCHWARZER, Marie SLIKKER, Dorothy SNEGUR, Igor SOKOLOVA, Natallia STEINLE, Kurt STREULI, Maya STROS, Janez STUMPF, M. J. SU, Dong

160 34 148 122 119 134 73 52 32 153 113 42 140 139 83 168 76 22 10 124 108 182 115

146 SWINHOE, Lucy and Layla 118 TALOR, BJ 154 TAN, Annette 158 TAN, Kah Wah 127 TCH, Slava 85 TSHABANGU, Andrew 199 VALENZUELA, Sergio 8 VAN DER LENDE, Jette 178 VAN DER VELDEN, Margarita 16 VAUGHN, Ute 81 VELEZ, Diego 149 VENCZAK, Marianna 14 VYSOTCKAYA, Irina 132 WALLIS, Clayb 64 WAPIENNIK, Marta 112 WATSON ART, Janet 128 WEST, Mary Kay 110 WHETTON, Christine 151 WORLEY, Sharon 86 YURYK, Yaryna 79 136 ZAWA, Guilherme

Stephen Blancett United States of America http://Blancett.Gallery SGB@Blancett.Gallery

Singing The Blues (Acrylic on canvas)

Deep in a Mess of Blues (Acrylic on canvas) 6

Stephen Blancett started painting and winning awards for his work at the young age of seven. He painted portraits and pastoral scenes in waterco­ lor almost exclusively until the mid 90’s. “I enjoyed working in watercolors, but felt no ownership of a style. I tried many approaches, but it always looked like someone else’s work. The results were okay, but too wholesome for me. I like things that are bright, colorful and sometimes sexy. It may have taken me a long time, but I have discovered my own style – my own way,” says Stephen.

A Piece of Time (Acrylic on canvas)

Two or Three Leagues (Acrylic on canvas)

Got Courage (Acrylic on canvas)

King of the Everglades (Acrylic on canvas)

Fire Ride (Acrylic on canvas) 7

Sergio Valenzuela Guatemala By using elements such as chairs, ladders, beds, monocy­ cles, trapeze artists, swings,machines… it is a way of tell­ ing stories about life. The chairs signify,according to the context, opportunities and the patience required for them to step into our lives. The ladders represent our desire to climb, to continue our personal growth. Beds represent pe­ riods when we sleep and dream, things we cannot share with anyone else. Playful characters are representative of the uniqueness and singularity of each of the moments that we experience throughout our lifetimes, and the game that life is.

1 (Acrylic on canvas)

Playing in the sun (Acrylic on canvas)

Couple (Acrylic on canvas) 8

2 (Acrylic on canvas)

Us (Acrylic on canvas)

Dialog (Mix media) 9

Natallia Sokolova

United States of America My name is Natallia Sokolova and I’m a professional art­ ist. The main genre in my art is decorative and applied art. I began to paint from the early childhood and my parents noticed a talent. That is why later they took me to an art school where I started to get into the art more. Art became a part of me and I couldn’t imagine my daily life without it. Finally I graduated from Academy of Art in my native country Belarus where I found my special­ ization batik. Each of my handmade picture is painted by mixed media technique which includes the following: gold and silver contour, sea salt, chlorine and hot wax. I hope you will be touched by my pictures because they are all full of positive energy that will keep heartwarm­ ing emotions with you.

Frozen Iris (Painting on silk, batik) 10

Orchids (Painting on silk, batik)

Music (Painting on silk, batik)

Hugs (Painting on silk, batik)

Lady and flowers (Painting on silk, batik) 11

Marta Corro Panama

Doncella Oliva (AcrĂ­lico sobre lienzo) 12

Marta Corro is a proficient designer but in her heart there is love for fine art. Her drawings and paintings shows her inner world, a soul full of happiness that reminds her childhood with sweetness and dreams.In her damsels, as she calls her young ladies, with bell­shaped skirts, it is appreciated the transfor­ mation into a creative space where her feelings and inspirations from around the world are shown. Marta Corro and her cheerful work full of color, points towards a great artist with great potential for Panamanian art and the world.

Una Flor (Acrílico sobre lienzo)

Es Pera (Acrílico sobre lienzo)

Abstracto 1 (Acrílico sobre lienzo)

Pescaito 4 (Acrílico sobre lienzo con Swarovski) 13

Marianna Venczak Hungary

Artist, since 1993 graphic artist, illustrator, painter. Each picture is made with mixed technique of own development: waterproof ink, aquarelle, cold enamel.

Aphrodisiac mandala for men (Watercolor, pen, cold gold enamel and Swarovski cristall on paper)

Marianna is characterized by well-composed figurative art that is full of spirit. Her works are elaborations of light themes and scenes, which remind us on classic and impressionist expositions (“Caprice Bar”), while in her surrealist art, she prefers displaying her fantasy world with bright spots and winding brush strokes for us (“Flowers of My Soul”), or she presents her images in leaded glass­like geometric shapes. Her style is unique; however, it can be characterized as universal in terms of its appearance. Her clean and modest works provide a glimpse into the simple but deep essence of life. 14

Ginger (Watercolor, pen on paper)

Erotica (Watercolor, pen and cold gold enamel on paper)

Arrival (Watercolor, pen and cold gold enamel on paper)

Hunagram: The Mandala to the Heart – to Create Love and Unity (Mixed technic: watercolor, pen, cold gold enamel and Swarovski cristall on paper) 15

Margarita van der Velden Netherlands Margarita van der Velden was born in Buenos Aires. From an early age, she has been curious as why things are the way they are. Her quest for answers has led her down a path of spirituality. Through different spiritual philosophies, amongst which Buddhism, she came into contact with Shamanism. From the ancient knowledge and traditions of shamans she has learned and experienced first hand that her view of the world is influenced by events from the past and convictions acquired along the way. By letting go of the past and these convictions, the realization dawned on her that her view of the world is a reflection of her own inner reality. Through her art, she hopes to let others experience her inner reality by allowing them to view the world through her eyes. By shaping her thoughts in clay and colorful glazes, in a light and humorous way, she trys to let the viewer see the intrinsic beauty of life.

Gratefulness (Figurative, Earthenware) 16

Generosity among friends (Figurative, Earthenware)

Hot and Spicy (Figurative, Earthenware)

His View of the Matter (Figurative, Earthenware)

The Spirit of the Eagle (Figurative, Earthenware) 17

Linda Lasson Sweden

Where the music stopped (Embroidery on geotextile)

“I am an textile artist based overlooking a lake and forests in the northern part of Sweden. The surrounding landscape is a constant presence and inspiration to me when creating embroideries, taking elements from the patterns, shapes and colours of nature and blending them into intricate works of art. Utilising simple, thin sewing thread, my work has both sculptural and graphic expressions. I combines materials such as reindeer skin, geotextiles and reinforcing cloth, though I considers the search for different materials to use to be infinite. My artwork can been seen in exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad, as well as cities such as Washington DC, New York and Montreal.�

Siejpe (=wolf) (Embroidery on reinforcmenth cloth) 18

Johke Bealam (=by the riverside) (Embroidery on reinforcemnet cloth, with reindeer scin applica­ tion, mounted on bark)

Tossåsen (Embroidery on geotextile)

Aejlies sijjia (=holy place) (Embroidery on rein­ forcment cloth)

Välliste (Embroidery on reinforcment cloth) 19

Leon Oks

United States of America

Easter Island (Oil on canvas) 20

Leon Oks, an American artist born in the Ukraine, both invites and defies comparison with modern masters. Some see the influence of Fauve and Picasso in his works while others be­ lieve he has gone well beyond the boundaries established by these great 20th Century artists. Many European publishers of art anthologies have included examples of his art in their compendiums of significant paintings of the past 5 centuries. Six museums worldwide have acquired Leon’s art for their permanent collections. His brilliant colors and compositions, concludes that Leon’s art is unique. The use of complex co­ lors, which only exist in Leon’s imagination and on his can­ vases, makes his paintings so approachable and embrace­ able, and therefore, makes his art hopeful and optimistic.

Nature (Oil on canvas)

Anticipation (Oil on canvas)

Late October (Impressionistic Oil on canvas) 21

Igor Snegur

Russian Federation

Diagonal. Sphere. Triangle. (Oil on canvas)

Construction with a Figure (Oil on canvas)

Signature of Geometr (Oil on canvas)

Elegant Crossing (Oil on canvas) 22

Foundation Cube (Oil on canvas)

Diagonal and Geometry (Oil on canvas)

Construction with a Sphere (Oil on canvas)

Born in 1935 in Moscow. Snegur illustrated books, worked in theatre, in “Central Scientific Films` Studio”, made posters. He is the member of Russian Union of Artists, and of Russian Journalist`s Union. The artist has participated in 50 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His works are in many collections in Russia and in other countries, in particular: *in State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow *in Russian Art Museum, Saint­Petersburg *also in10 Art museums of different Russian cities *Snegur is laureate of Art Competition named after V.Popkov, in painting, 2006, Silver Prize

Five Floating Monads (Oil on canvas) 23

Hailary Portugal

“Hi, my name is Hailary. I found a love of drawing when I was only 6 years old and my love of art continues to this very day! My styles range in many directions, but I have to admit that acrylic painting is my favourite. I enjoy painting flowers and landscapes. One day while I was looking for a new direction, I decided on trying one more style. The style I chose is actu­ ally a combination of paint and crystals such as the Swarovski crystals and was thoroughly amazed at the end result. “ Hailary has participated in several major international galleries and art shows such as Galeria Aberta Galleries, Vera Interna­ tional Art Festival, Lisbon, LA International Art Show. Where the music stopped (Embroidery on geotextile)

Where the music stopped (Embroidery on geotextile) 24

Where the music stopped (Embroidery on geotextile)

Ocean dream (Acrylic on canvas)

A closer look (Acrylic on canvas)

Where the music stopped (Embroidery on geotextile)

Where the music stopped (Embroidery on geotextile) 25

Davorka Azinovic Germany

Feelings, fantasy and imagination are the base for the creation of my sculptures and paintings. Each of my artworks is for me like a new research project. Creating it I sink in a new feelings, find a new worlds, techniques, shapes and expressions. My artwork has dynamic, humour, innovation and passion. It com­ bines intuition, storytelling and elements of dreams. In my work mixes reality with fantasy. The beauty of the human body seen in different angles and per­ spectives connected to a theme of emotions has also been one of my inspirations.

Facebook (Acrylic and mixed media on canvas)

Follow the Wind (Acrylic and mixed media on canvas) 26

In Garden (Acrylic on canvas)

Ups, a Pimple! (Acrylic and collage on canvas)

Sunken Zivilisation (Acrylic on canvas)

Juicy gossip (Acrylic and oil on canvas)

Flying Pan Flute (Oil and mixed media on canvas)

An Attempt to Stop Time (Oil on canvas)

Cyborg Evolution (Acrylic and mixed media on canvas)

Missing Africa (Acrylic and mixed media on canvas) 27

Daniella Cippitelli

United States of America

In the Wake (Acrylic on canvas)

Breakthrough (Acrylic on canvas)

Castles (Photograph) 28

Caverns (Acrylic on canvas)

Sea Dragon (Oil on canvas)

Yellow (Acrylic on canvas) 29

Daniela Ament Israel

I try to bring a thoughts and feelings into a sculp­ ture. I visualize my thoughts and feelings in a way that people may be able to relate to it.

Vanishing memory (installation) (4 sculptures of bronze, perspex & iron + part of the original photo on canvas)

The winning lawyer (Bronze sculpture) 30

The learned solicitor (Bronze sculpture)

Pay it forward (Bronze sculpture)

The senior partner (Bronze sculpture)

The little trainer (Bronze sculpture)

Feelings (Bronze sculpture) 31

Brian Rock USA

Hate my Art (Mixed media on canvas)

Ardoyne (Acrylic on canvas) 32

Unique style of hand mixing his mediums directly on the canvas, allows him to re­ turn to those moments of trauma and present a physical manifestation of memory that he can now present on his terms. He is no longer controlled by that emotion. He chooses paint over pills, and urges each of us to choose creativity over burden. His work shows the remnants of war..dirt, glass, ash, wire, nails, bullet casings,scrapnel, held together in a fragile collaboration with the elements of the contemporary art­ ists world. A link between the old and the new, unsure of what is to come. He con­ tinues to give back by working with several veterans organizations, charities and museums. 2016 proved a special year for Brian, winning awards from the Louvre Expo, Paris, the Uffizi, Florence, Venezia en Arte, Venice, State of the Art, Portugal and best Contemporary and Modern Masters, Vienna.

Dont Ask, Dont Tell, Just Fight (Mixed media on canvas)

Playground (Mixed media on canvas)

BURN (Mixed media on canvas)

Armagh Women (Mixed media on canvas) 33

Andrea Plank Austria In my works, which are mainly worked in acrylic on canvas, I tried to create not only the visible but also a sensual perception since a search in the depths by a restriction by the surface does not represent a balance between feeling and understanding. My exhibitions ranging from Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona and London.

Karneval (Acryl auf Leinwand)

WB 1 (Acryl auf Leinwand) 34

Stille (Acryl)

Freiheit, MV (Acryl)

Metallstadt (Mischtechnik auf Leinwand) 35

Aristides Meneses Portugal

The hermit (Oil on canvas)

The wreck (Oil on canvas) 36

The mother (Oil on canvas)

My giant orange tree (Oil on canvas)

Epistle of a mad man (Oil on canvas)

Sculpture for psychoanalysis (Oil on canvas) 37

Agnes Parcesepe Australia

Agnes’s landscapes, still life, city scenes capture this exquisite simplicity. She works with different media and materials to produce some amazing works es­ pecially her mixed media and watercolor washes has received local, regional, national and international recognition. Her city scrapes are created with care­ fully cut out silk, fabric, ribbons and various materi­ als to create and convey the atmosphere and time of day of her favorite city’s. Recently Agnes had exhi­ bitions in New York, Los Angelis, Las Vegas Museum, and various places in Italy. She has won numerous awards which you can check out on her web site.

Sue’s Tower at Montsalvat (Water Color on thick handmade paper)

High Moon At New York (Mixed Media on thick handmade paper) 38

Day Break Over Detroit (Mixed Media on thick handmade paper)

Showing its feathers (Water Color on thick handmade paper)

The Big Hall at Montsalvat (Water color on thick handmade paper) 39

Guido Corazziari Italy

“Joking Piet” (Acrylic on canvas)

“Like!” (Acrylic on canvas) 40

Sparkling like a birthday cake, my artworks are instantly appreciat­ ed for their chromatic arrangements of sweet subjects combined with serious motifs, creating an instantly recognizable synergy of cool el­ egance and soft sensuality. The paintings are strongly influenced by the fantastic world of cartoons, pop culture, rock music, and world­ wide media, all contributing to a unique aesthetic creation. It’s as if fifty years of world history has been squeezed into one frame; as if time and space had collapsed like an over stuffed hard­drive, the electronic bugs now in charge of it’s fractured state. With bold colors, cartoon styl­ ing, strident collage and ghoulish rendering of the sacred and profane, these pictures are made to grab your attention and create pure joy for the eyes. The paintings are multilayered, both visually and conceptu­ ally. You are first overcome by the colors: glossy, shinning, and brilliant, after you discover the real matter, the sense. The working process em­ ploies a “ready­made” method.

“Buy 2 Get 1 Free” (Acrylic on canvas)

“Barbie Mondrian” (Acrylic on canvas)

“Big Mac” (Acrylic on canvas)

“XXX Rated” (Acrylic on canvas)

“Good trip!” (Acrylic on canvas) 41

Albert Russo Israel

“Art is but a moment of happiness, it is like a light­ ning of joy in the midst of the never­ending hor­ rors of our world.” Albert Russo

Woman with leopard

Silver menorah 42

Twilight on Tel Aviv beach (digital Lumix Panasonic camera ­ photo on high quality paper)

Art deco figurine

Statue on top of Tel Aviv building (digital Lumix Panasonic camera ­ photo on high quality paper) 43

Tanya Filichkin

United States of America Tanya Filichkin is an American Art Award winning artist from the Pacific North­ west, USA. Her port­ folio is represented by the original art created in bold, ex­ pressive, contempo­ rary style. She strives to construct dimen­ sion through color and shape, combining realism and abstrac­ tion, visual detail and imagination but at the same time cap­ tures the essence of the subject.

Kate ­ Rocking Style Icon. Contemporary Portrait Painting Inspired by Eternal Style Icon Kate Moss. (Acrylic on Canvas)

Intense Blue. Contemporary Landscape Panting Inspired by Natural Beauty of Crater Lake, Oregon, United States. (Acrylic on Canvas) 44

Landscape In Blue Yellow And Green. Contemporary Seascape Painting Inspired by the Ulua Beach Located in the Heart of Wailea, Maui, Hawaii. (Acrylic on Canvas)

Imogen Heap ­ Music Is My Sanctuary. Contemporary Portrait Painting Inspired by Imogen Heap’s stunning performance as invited guest at Jeff Beck Live concert at Ronnie. (Acrylic on Canvas)

Dare To Wear Green. Contemporary Portrait Paint­ ing Inspired by Criss Jami’s Quote: “Never rebel for the sake of rebelling, but always rebel for the sake of truth”. (Acrylic on Canvas) 45

Susan McCollough United States of America I paint from the excitement of the blank canvas. I paint with freedom of inner­feelings, movement, lighting, connection of space, combi­ nation of colors, playing with negative space until it all speaks to me. My ideas come from so many things that just fill my head all the time. It comes from our travels, the faces I see, the natural works of nature and creations of mankind, the architecture, the people we meet, sometimes and mostly the feeling I get just waiting to start a new canvas. Between sketching, reading and studying about art; I find that there are not enough hours in the day. Before I paint a new canvas, many times I will envision painting it as I fall asleep and I work it out in my head until I know the direction I will take the next morning. Sometimes I do not wait till the next morning. I find it all a labor of love, fun and exciting with every brush stroke I take... I look at things that are realistic in nature and change them into abstract thinking. Most times I visualize realism in the abstract.

Divergence (Oil on canvas) 46

The guardian (Oil on canvas)

Forever color (Oil on linen)

Illusionary journey (Oil on canvas)

Journey (Oil on Ń anvas) 47

Tatyana Palchuk Latvia

“Evening Time“ (Oil on canvas)

Deep and complete knowledge of my profession are proven by long years during which I was learning and improving myself as a professional. My creative work is first of all characterized by many exhibitions, publications and positive feedback from students, colleagues and art critics. The basis of everything still remains academic professionalism. Even it is not a leading value in the arts currently – good master of his handcraft should combine talent and profes­ sionalism. It is definitely an advantage and provides additional quality to the work results.

First violin from Polyptych “Antem to Creativity” (Oil on canvas) 48

“Trio” from series Music (Oil on canvas)

Fluitist and mandolin player from polyptych (Oil on canvas)

“Golden Melody” from series Music (Oil on canvas)

Fluitist and violinist from polyptych (Oil on canvas)

Trio of singers boys from polyptych (Oil on canvas) 49

Sergey Mozer

United States of America “Ideas for my artworks come from all different sourc­ es – my imagination, streetscape, nature, everyday objects. All my works are carefully planned in prepa­ ration and I always know what I want to achieve and what the final result will be.” His Interior Design and Architectural background provide his works with great balance, sense of proportion and brilliant color arrangement.Mozer combines and expresses all the cultural influences any person may be lucky enough to encounter.

White woman, red wine, black sex (Acrylic on canvas) 50

Four (Acrylic on canvas)

Flight DL 1671 (Acrylic on canvas)

Studio Aisle (Acrylic on canvas) 51

Pari Ravan France

As a artiste of reflections on human feeling, Pari Ra­ van says: “we hold ourselves for much too impor­ tant. The universe is just much too big for thath”


Homage Afric (Oil/canvas) 52

Thinking Cat Lady (Resin trasparent)

Pink Flamingo (Print on Canvas) Mr. Rooster, the vanity


The Hope of Piece 53

Morten Normann Larsen Norway

Morning in Venice (Digital Art (C­Type), Print on Forex Board, one of a kind artwork)

Bjørk (Fine Art, Photography)

Photographer based in Norway. Education: Mas­ ter of Art, Visual Communication. Ba(hons)Visual Communication, Photography, Kent Institute of Art & Design, Eng­ land.

Mølen, Edition of 9. (Fine Art, Photography) 54

Frost, Edition of 9. (Fine Art, Photography)

Hellissandur (Fine Art, Photography) 55

Michael Carini

United States of America

Foreverandever (Acrylic on canvas)

Astranomelly (Acrylic on canvas) 56

Michael Carini is the Acrylic Alchemist. He received his artistic training in Los Angeles, studying at Loyola Marymount University while simultaneously serving as an apprentice under respected artists Jane Brucker and Roland Reiss. Graduating at the top of his class in 2006 with honors including the Scholar of Distinction Award in Painting, Carini returned to his hometown in San Diego, where he currently maintains his studio. Michael Carini’s creative visions will play with your senses and illuminate the human condition as he delves into the uncensored depths of his mind and invites you to catch a glimpse of the other side.

I Am Who Am (I) (Acrylic and aerosol on panel)

Within The Bounds Of Without (Acrylic and aerosol on panel)

The Soliloquy Of Stranger (Straliloquy) (Acrylic on canvas) The Day Pandora Set Me Free (Misteriora) (Acrylic on canvas)

Consumption Of The White Whale (Ahadevale) (Acrylic on canvas)

Flesh Of My Flesh (Deribon) (Acrylic on canvas)

As The Caged Bird Sings (Acrylic on canvas) 57

Mae Jeon

United States of America

Absolute Virtue (Archival digital print)

Falling (Archival digital print) 58

My artwork is a combination of intuition and discovery within the digital medium. By combining floral images within synthetic environments, I transform an emotional and spiritual vocabulary to a pictorial image.

Inspirit (Archival digital print)

Flying Soul (Archival digital print)

High spirits (Archival digital print)

Rise (Archival digital print)

Intercession (Archival digital print) 59

Leif Nielsen Denmark

The mask is the object of great research of the artist Leif Nielsen. Leif leads us to a new pirandellian the­ atre. He makes us relive the scene and the backstage of which speaks to us Goffman. With great com­ munication efficacy, he transmits to the bystander memories intended to defeat the atrocities of a ty­ rant time. Salvatore Russo, International Curator and Critic. Italy

Leaky jar or hollow sculpture perhaps life symbol ­ that is the question (Leaky jar or hollow sculpture perhaps life symbol ­ that is the question)

Europe (Painting on wood, Painting on wood, glass ceramics bronzemasks of wood)

Who am I really (Painting on wood, wooden masks and glass eyes) 60

Gate of Transformation (Painted steel)

The same yet different (Paint on wood, ceramic and glass)

Who am I (Bronze (Photographed with a mirror))

Seven minds (Painting on wood, glass and ceramics)

You see me and yet not (Painting on wood, glass and iron)

To be or not to be (Painting on wood, masks of wood) 61

Kiril Kolev Bulgaria

Kiril Kolev graduated National Arts Academy in 1999. He has a Master’s degree in the major ‘Mural paint­ ing’. He made 14 one­man shows in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Finland, Hungary and many collective art exhibitions. The blind virgin (Oil on canvas)

Head of Tribune (Oil on canvas) 62

Water Eye (Oil on canvas)

Lion’s anger (Oil on canvas)

The skeleton remember (Oil on canvas)

The Little Reading Hood (Oil on canvas) 63

Clayb Wallis

United States of America Clayb Wallis is originally from the southwest US, in the heart of Arizona. He currently resides in Houston, Texas, after spend­ ing time in New Zealand, Aus­ tralia and Mexico. As an artist, Clayb’s talents include sculptur­ ing and jewelry design, which began at an early age. Mr. Wal­ lis has studied art and science at University, and pursued a career as a geoscientist. Clayb Wallis is able to blend natural geologic features with spiritual mani­ festations into anomalous art creations that are very pleasing to gaze at. Clayb Wallis art has been featured in internation­ al exhibitions, in galleries and other venues. Clayb’s work is in privatecollections as original in­ dividual signed pieces. Skyline A (diptych) (Acrylic on canvas)

Post It (Acrylic on panel) 64

Fault 1 (Acrylic on canvas)

Burst B (diptych) (Acrylic on panel)

Mandala 5 (Acrylic on canvas) 65

Tjeerd Doosje Netherlands I started in 2012 with my first photoshoots at the models’ home and I still do. Most important to me is to get connected with the main subject via the eyes as they are the mirror of the soul. In the postproduction the third and last part of the creative pro­ cess takes place. Being a perfectionist this can take up to eight hours or more for one single image. I always develop the nega­ tive (RAW) image to get the best out of the photo. Beside that there’s also a great part of retouching involved without losing the characteristics of the model. After that comes the real cre­ ative flow by colortoning the image and/or adding textures to the background to deliver the image as I imagined it in my head.

Esmée (0102) (Photograph)

Claartje (1717) (Photograph) 66

Danya Weevers (0101) (Photograph)

Mysterious (B&W) (Photograph)

Pien (0504) (Photograph)

Claartje (0602) (Photograph)

Claartje (1624) (Photograph) 67

Ming Franz

United States of America

Mystery of the deep (Splash color on paper)

Moonlight Sonata (Splash color on paper) 68

Viewing a splash color painting by artist Ming Franz is the vi­ sual equivalent of finding oneself in the middle of an ancient Chinese poem or fairy tale with a modern twist, her con­ temporary artwork serves as an ethereal bridge between East and West, past and present, tradition and freedom.

Rhythm Under the Sea (Acrylic on wood panel)

Fire and Water (Acrylic on wood panel)

Monsoon Rhapsody (Splash color on paper)

Rushing Water (Splash color on paper)

Magnificent Vacation (Acrylic on wood panel)

Morning Glow (Splash color on paper) 69

Helen Kagan

United States of America I believe art heals. A holistic therapist and artist, I deve­ loped my unique technique and style “Healing Arts” which can enhance healing to those in need, and become a vehicle for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well­being. Coming from a family of scientists, I’ve always been fasci­ nated by the left and right brain relationship which led me to study many things ­ from mathematics and science to psychology, therapy and healing to fine art, and finally cre­ ate my venue “Healing Arts”.

Urania. Series Muses & Music Collection ArtSynergism (Acrylic, Mix Med. canvas) 70

We Can Do It! (Acrylic, Mixed Med/Heavy Texture, canvas) TimeSlip #2 Venice­New York (Acrylic on Canvas) I am bringing together Fine Art, Expressive Arts, and the Art of Heal­ ing, by integrating healing frequencies of color, positively charged intention, embedded spiritual messages, and energetically balanced composition. My passionate powerful art is better experienced “in­ person” due to live vibrations of bright colors, heavy textures, usu­ ally large size, and just an overall charisma and high energy.

All That Jazz. Series Jazz and The City (Acrylic, Mix Med. canvas)

Autumn Leaves (Acrylic, Mixed Media/ Heavy Texture, canvas)

Polyhymnia. Series Muses & Music. Collection ArtSynergism (Acrylic, Mix Med. canvas) 71

Helen Kagan

United States of America

Stairway To Heaven (Acrylic, Mixed Mediums/Heavy Texture, canvas)

Tales of My Life (Acrylic, Mixed mediums, canvas)

In Search Of Meaning (Acrylic, Mixed Mediums/Heavy Texture, canvas) 72

In 2016 I began to collaborate with a “legendary Garsot”, a Greek Artist with whom we’re developing a unique Art Movement “ArtSynergism” (see www. There’s no equiva­ lent of creating art the same way: together, on the same canvas, simultaneously, spontaneously, allowing each other’s creativity to flow uncencored by another. First Collection “Muses & Music” was unveiled in SPECTRUM ArtBasel Miami 2016, and will be presented in ArtExpo New York 2017 [https://youtu. be/kGCoUqQer_g]. My “Healing Arts” is shown in many physical and online galleries, cities, states, magazines, articles, catalogs, major Shows­SPECTRUM Mi­ ami, ArtEXPO NY, and others. I was nominated a “Collectible Artist” by Brickel Magazine and Key Biscayne Magazine, Dec. Issue, 2016

Abstract Sunsets. Composition #4. (Acrylic on canvas)

Zelmira Peralta Ramos Argentina

El Papelón de jardín (Tinta sobre papel)

Nacida el 22 de enero de 1968 en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Estudié Derecho en U.C.A. y me gradué como abogada en 1992. Hice un posgrado en Minoridad y Familia En el Colegio de Abogados de San isidro , trabajando con el Juez Fuga­ retta y el Dr. DIAZ Usandibaras .Luego hice un posgrado en Sociología en la FLACSO y en Gestión Ambiental. Empecé a trabajar en un GEF para elm Banco Mundial “Gestión de la contaminación en la Argentina “. El Papelón de las vueltas (Tinta sobre papel)

El Papelon Verdulero (Tinta sobre papel) 73

Zeiko Duka UK The art of Zeiko Doka is evolving incessantly. The way artists vi­ sualize scenarios and depict it onto the canvas is changing. The use of colors is getting complex and the way thoughts are il­ lustrated and getting even more intricate. Her masterful ma­ nipulation of light and dark and the fluidity of forms seem like a pictorial portrayal of music sonata. She depicts her dreams and imagination in a symphony of color palette, that burst out of the canvas or paper with the emotional force of the spring.

The terrible happiness (Oil on canvas)

Ah, the lost paradise (Oil on canvas)

The Passage (Ink on paper) 74

Intertwined (Oil on canvas)

I do (Ink on paper)

Where goes your heart (Oil on canvas)

Zeiko’s palette combines dramatic pastels and loose brushwork used to model these surrealist­inspired works. From early childhood Zeiko Duka has attempted to express the elusive content of dreams and imagina­ tion, allowing symbols and figures to blend together with often little or no division between background and foreground. The imagery, in keeping with the unpredict­ able nature of dreams, ranges from fearful to quaint; the viewer is as likely to encounter the wrath of a firebreathing monster as they are to discover a bird land­ ing disarmingly on a portrait­sitter’s shoulder. A native of Tbilisi, Georgia, Zeiko Duka exhibited widely in Russia, Germany, and the Ukraine, United Kingdom before set­ tling in Athens, where she is very active in the arts com­ munity.

Unforgettable (Ink on paper)

Ash (Oil on canvas)

Discrimination (Ink on paper) 75

Dorothy Slikker

United States of America

Reflecting on my Day (Oil on canvas)

Tiger Lillies (Oil on canvas) 76

Joy (Watercolor on paper)

Sunset (Acrylic and Oil on canvas)

Dorothy uses a soft orange canvas and presets the image in black acrylic in my under­painting. Using the black helps me set the shadows, and it helps with the depth perception that I am trying to grasp. I mix my own co­ lors to create a much softer tone to the piece. My work is a combination of scenery, animals and people. I enjoy painting the events of life in the 21st century.

Mums and Daisy’s (Oil on canvas)

Roses (Acrylic and Oil on canvas) 77

Dorothy Slikker

United States of America http://www.slikkersfineart or

Basket of Apples (Oil on canvas)

Courtyard (Oil on canvas)

I love to make people smile with my art, to communicate with them directly and inject a feeling of joy into their day. I get a lot of ideas from watching my children and grandchildren just living and enjoying their lives­ this is a message I want to share with my audience.

Mothers Love (Oil on canvas) 78

Silent Power (Oil on canvas)

Yaryna Yuryk Ukraine show/469306-yaryna-yuryk

Amour (Watercolor on paper)

Sense of life (Watercolor on paper) I love to make people smile with my art, to communicate with them directly and inject a feeling of joy into their day. My arts works are a reminder of the transience of life. And the importance of leav­ ing a good track by itself, is not important because what we have achieved, and by what means. My painting is the art that brings hope and good health to its observers. Since, the true art touching minds and hearts of the present and future generation and it is not a trend and not a form, but an energy that obviously brings joy and hope. It is harmony search and its implementation at an energetic level.

Origin of life (Watercolor on paper)

Terra incognita (Watercolor on paper)

Geniuse (Watercolor on paper) 79

Yuto Ohashi Japan

Welcome to the world of the photocollage. It is a beginning of new art. Please image. I aimed to create a new world by combining the photos I took. Nature, things, people ... It will change only by slightly adding something to reality. If things look different, the world will change. I would like to convey that through the work.

Middle Ring (Photo Collage (combination of many photographs)) 1002 Years Lion Heart (Photo Collage (combination of many photographs))

All Ideas of Thinking in Your Heart (Photo Collage (combination of many photographs)) Eternal Bonds (Photo Collage (combination of many photographs))

All Ideas of Thinking in Your Heart (Photo Collage (combination of many photographs)) 2045 Initiative (Photo Collage (combination of many photographs)) 80

Ute Vaughn

United States of America

Lobo (Aquarelle)

Growing up in Germany Ute Vaughn studied art in Europe and the US. Her passion for art, color and life is expressed in her beautiful paintings, which are inspired by animals, nature, symbols and the mystical. Mastering watercolor (aquarelle) and being ver­ satile in other mediums, Ute’s main desire is to touch your soul.

Gypsy Horse (Aquarelle)

Spirit Dancer (Aquarelle) 81

Tamera Menard Ovall United States of America

Captain Jack

Trick or Treaters 82

Because I live through the visual world I can say things through colors and shapes that I have no words for. When I am painting time stands still and a tranquility and fas­ cination envelop my mind unlike any other experience on the planet. It is truly being in the moment and creating history simultaneously. This feeling is what I would de­ fine as true happiness. My thoughts on painting are that one should paint what they love to paint without rules and boundaries. The creative process is a never ending source of self expression, happiness, and connecting the ideal with reality!

PLEIN TREES (Oil on Masonite / PLEIN AIR)

FOCUS (Oil on canvas)

Takanori Sato Japan

The Existence of miracles ~Mission~ (Acrylic paint/Canvas)

Infinite wisdom ~Blessing~ (Acrylic paint/Canvas)

Supreme love ~Ω~ (Acrylic paint/Canvas)

The Angel’s prayer (Acrylic paint/Canvas)

A Love Supreme ~Folklore~ (Acrylic paint/Canvas)

The phoenix ~Eternal~ (Acrylic paint/Canvas) 83

Suzanne C Nagy

United States of America Suzanne C.Nagy is an environmental artist lives in New York City. She is known by her 3­D light boxes and a series of work under the title; Sustainable Nature Solutions which she exhibits in Museums, Institutions and galleries. Her focus is on reforestation,planting trees based on the “milliontreesnyc” movement’s success. Pre­ sently she is working on another important Earth “element”, water versus environment for a Preservation Foundation solo show.

Aurora V (Acrylic on canvas)

Aurora IV (Acrylic on canvas)

Twilight I (Acrylic on canvas)

Twilight II (Acrylic on canvas)

Glowing II (Acrylic on canvas)

Aurora III (Acrylic on canvas)


Slava TCH Canada

Golden Slumber (Encaustic on canvas)

The Mountains Upward Turned (Encaustic on canvas)

I participated a few times in Art Expo New York Art Expo San Francisko Art 21 Las Vegos Work­ ing with Art galleries I had a many Solo Exhibi­ tions around the world It is my passion to work with complicated combination of contexture and colour. The process of painting enqulfs me fully and the melody of my paintings just lifts me up and sweeps me away.There is always a possibility that I will change my style, how­ ever, my main focus will always remain the harmony of tone and colour in the painting.

The Moon Harmony (Encaustic on canvas)

Sweet Summer Time (Encaustic on canvas)

The Musical Light (Encaustic on canvas)

The Light Harmony Picnic (Encaustic on canvas) 85

Sharon Worley

United States of America

Sharon Worley received her Ph.D. in Humanities­Aes­ thetics from the University of Texas at Dallas (2007), and her MA in Art History from Tufts University (1991). She teaches Art History and Humanities in Houston, Texas at the University of Houston Downtown. She is the former curator of the Cape Ann Historical Mu­ seum in Gloucester, MA. (1993­2000). She is the au­ thor of numerous publications on art and culture. Dr. Worley is an also an artist who exhibits with the Lonestar Art Guild, the Galveston Art League and the Museum of the Americas, Miami. Her work is in the collection of the Houston Public Library McKinney Branch and the Galveston County Civic Museum. She paints sensitive interpretations of nature in acrylic on canvas.

Fall Colors (Acrylic on canvas) Dancing Laughter (Acrylic on canvas)

Wooded Pond (Acrylic on canvas)

Gemini 3 (Acrylic on canvas) 86

My Patio (Acrylic on canvas)

Sarah Horwitz

United States of America

As an abstract oil painter Sarah is interested in the use of scale that allows the viewer to see the small­ est parts of nature in an unusually large format. The viewer sees something that is physically tangible or seen everyday yet overlooked and not thought of as having beauty. The anonymity of the images allows the viewer to create and imagine their own views as to what the subject matter is. Sarah enjoys allowing the viewer to guess and question and finally figure out what her work is about.

Pompidou Rain (Oil on canvas)

Les Jardin du Luxemborg (Oil on canvas)

Untitled 4 (Oil on canvas)

Untitled 1 (Oil on canvas) 87

Sara Arianpour Iran

Sara Arianpour was born in April 1980 in Tehran, Iran. She gradu­ ated from Soureh University in 2007 majoring in Arts. Over the years she has participated in various solo and group exhibitions in and outside Iran. Also, her works have been printed in various na­ tional and international publications. Arianpour is the recipient of the award for her expressive strength in her artwork in defense of human and women’s rights granted by Art and Integration Or­ ganization in Italy.

Nobody [from the nobodies series] (Acrylic on canvas)

Nobody [from the nobodies series] (Acrylic on canvas)

Nobody [from the nobodies series] Nobody [from the nobodies series] (Acrylic on canvas) (Acrylic on canvas)

Nobody [from the nobodies series] (Acrylic on canvas)


Sandrine LANGLADE France

Sandrine Langlade was born in 1983 in Reunion Island (Indian Ocean). Since her first exhibition in 1999, she has been traveling and painting in Brazil, France, the United States, Argentina, Rus­ sia... She is now living in Grenoble and creating art pieces from the mozaic of the pictures and feelings she is used to bring from her trips experience. Many of her paintings are now in private collections in Europe and South America. The main topics are women and nature. With her art, she wants to show the natural strength of women, viewed from various points of view, through the ages and in many different countries in the world.

Rajasthan (Oil on canvas)

Granmerkal (Acrylic on canvas)

Golden Winter (Acrylic on canvas)

Colombie (Technique mixte on canvas)

Blue Youth (Acrylic on canvas)

Somalie (Technique mixte on canvas) 89

Sally Evans UK

On The Edge (Watercolour)

Alert 1 (Watercolour)

I paint mainly in watercolour. Although it is probably the most challenging and unforgiving medium, I love the translucency of the medium and the way it captures the light so beautifully. I am inspired by the beauty of nature and particularly enjoy painting wildlife and landscapes.

Winter Glow (Watercolour)

Kingfisher (Watercolour) 90

Hare In the Grass 2 (Watercolour)

Ruth Eckstein

United States of America Ruth Eckstein is a self­taught artist who was born in Israel. She creates her paintings in her studio in Evanston, Illinois and in Israel. Ruth Eckstein is an intuitive painter, and the inspiration for her work comes from her feelings and emo­ tions. In love with color, she is continuously experimenting with various techniques and methods. Artists who have in­ spired Ruth include Karel Appel (April 25, 1921 - May 3, 2006) who was a Dutch painter, sculptor and poet.

Little monsters (Oil on canvas)

Landscape (Oil on canvas)

Dialogue with David Reev (Mix media)

New world (Oil acrylic on canvas)

Forest (Oil on canvas) 91

Riccardo Luchena Italy

A powerful aspiration, which places it outside every school, in the noble area of art operators. His study on color and his continuous research beyond any current has allowed him to realize, since the early 90s, a personal and unmistakable art. He become an expert of color and proportions, but he remained a capable observer. He creates works which capture the states of the soul and made him a spontaneous aesthete, a researcher of emotions. In 2000s he approached the German Expressionist art, the deformation of the characters, sometimes almost grotesque, but without exasperation in angular and sarcastic features.He preferred the Mediterranean light and color, near Fauve movement , in which is still tied, to graphic line. The final composition of Luchena is more soft, proceeds by synthesis, eliminating unnecessary details and signs, but always respecting the joints and vision of reality.

Vele (Oil on canvas) La Partita a Scacchi (Oil on canvas)

Paesaggio (Oil on canvas) 92

Interno Jazz (Oil on canvas)

Rashad Dallas

United States of America

As an artist I paint my emo­ tions until everything is captured on the canvas. I get my inspiration from the various situations I’ve been in through the my life, good and bad. Each piece has a personal meaning. When there’s multiple canvases to a piece, each one has its own meaning in the overall story of the piece. Before I paint, I pray and ask God to help me put on the canvas what my heart is truly feel­ ing and I just let him take over. When the piece is complete, the goal is to feel as if nothing is weighing me down anymore. Hence my “Pray, Paint, Persevere” mindset. Most of my pieces have a texture quality to them due to the different types of paint and materials I use. Painting is a true pas­ sion of mine and I feel as is no limit to what you can put on a canvas. Serenity (Acrylic on canvas)

Les Faces Cachees (Latex, Acrylic and Glitter on canvas)

Stress LeVeLs (Latex and Acrylic on canvas) 93

Subodh Maheshwari United States of America

Attraction (Pastel on Paper)

New Birth (Acrylic on Canvas) 94

Subodh was born in Uttar Pradesh, India. She earned her Mas­ ters in Fine Arts at the University of California, Irvine, where she won the Regional Fellowship Award. Subodh has participated in many national and international shows (such as India Art Festival/India, Asiamania!/South Korea, NY Art Expo & Spec­ trum, Miami/USA) while her paintings have received awards in a variety of categories. In 2015, Subodh was the recipient of the prestigious Bharat Guarav Award in India. Her art hangs in many public and private collections and museums worldwide. Highly individual in style, her work is described as diverse, emotional, mysterious, personal, spiritual and humorous. “My paintings give me space to feel and express my visual delight in color, shape and form.” – Subodh Maheshwari

Purple Lily (Watercolor on Paper)

Anger (Gouache on Paper)

Wealth / Lakshmi (Acrylic on Canvas)

Hot Pink Lily (Watercolor on Paper)

Orange Lily (Watercolor on Paper)

Path (Gouache on Paper)

Love for Child (Gouache on Paper)

Subaqueous III (Acrylic on Paper) 95

Ramon DelRosario United States of America

Ramon was born in Montecristy, Dominican Repub­ lic and grew up in New York. He studied art at Art & Design and City College and emerged as a serious artist in 1995. His first art exhibition was in 2009 for the Transportation Security Administration at Miami International Airport. Since then, his work has been exhibited at various art venues.

The Street Vendors (Oil on canvas)

57th Street and Lexington (Oil on canvas sheet) 96

A Village in the Desert (Oil on canvas)

The River Slump (Oil on canvas)

Ping He China

Heping is a famous Chinese painter based in Shanghai who cur­ rently serves as a teacher at the Institute of Fashion, Art and Design of Donghua University. Having strong ethic flavor and applying traditional skill in his early works, he later dedicates to discover a new artistic language, which combines the tradi­ tional calligraphy with modernism. His skillful use of color and line contributes to anunconventional, yet amazingly expressive painting style that conveys not only sensible logic but also un­ ruly passion. And the perfect fusion of both eastern and west­ ern aesthetic elements makes his works able to attract viewers from all around the world.

City Series ­ 8 (Acrylic on Paper)

City Series ­ 6 (Ink on Paper)

Face of City ­ 9 (Expression, Acrylic on canvas) 97

Phil de Giens France

KuchtaKraken (Acrylique sur toile)

French self tough artist born in Hyères, French riviera in 1961. Phil de Giens uses the paint as a therapy, colors of wich reflect its feelings, all that he does not arrive has to express with words. Influenced in particular by the Ameri­ can school of abstract expressionnism with artists such as Joan Mitchell and Jackson Pollock, his works reflect his ar­ tistic history, its paint is unique, it evolves with him, forms itself.come late at the paint, 2016 was one year important for the artistso much in its works received good criticism during its participation a national and international fairs in Paris and Saint­Tropez. Conjugaison (Acrylique sur toile)

Fusion (Acrylique sur papier) 98

Pavel Florjancic Slovenia Born on 11th August 1947 in Škofja Loka in Slovenia. Pavel Florjančič attended the School of Graphics and Design and graduated from the Pedagogic Academy of Art in Ljubljana. He has been working as a painter since 1975. You can find his paintings in various private and public collections from Western Europe to USA. His whole life Pavel Florjančič has been in search of universal beau­ ty. He has chosen his own subtle way and thus taken his place on the wide range of different Trompe­l˙oeil painters and the super­hyper and photo realism.

Fruit Bowl (Oil on canvas)

Bread (Oil on canvas)

Swedish vase with grapes (Oil on canvas)

Mead (Oil on canvas) 99

Paulina Beyer Chile

I draw inspira­ tion in urban and rural landscapes of Chile. I feel the need to trans­ late the hills and streets of Valparaiso, the memory trac­ es of cities and towns that melt in the fog, my country of con­ trast from north to south, norti­ nos landscapes, chilotes, Andean and marine. Paulina Beyer, Chilean painter

Colorful (Mix on canvas)

Contrastes (Mix media) 100

Espacios de colores (Mix on canvas)


Netherlands http://http:/

Oceans Silent Screamer (Acrylic on canvas)

Prototype IV (Acrylic on canvas)

Ever changing painting The threads of paint I ap­ ply create a relief that plays with light and sha­ dow, changing the mood of the painting continu­ ously. Even at night, due to the phosphor pigments trapped in the under layers, they glow up and are ever changing. A painting that never bores and is in balance no matter which way you hang it up. Lacere (Acrylic on canvas)

Water Lilly (Acrylic on canvas)

Toro (Mixed media on canvas) 101

Orkhan Mammadov Azerbaijan Mammadov Orkhan Yashar was born on 10.11.1978 in Azerbaijan Rebublic. He graduated from The Art Academy of Azerbaijan in 2002 year as a master. Between 2002­2004 years he was busy with copying great masters like Leonardo da Vinchi,

Rembrandt, Rubens, Ivan Shishkin, Karl Bryullov and looking for his own creative style. As the result of his searchings in 2004 Orkhan Mammadov creates his first tableau in his unique style, by cutting his own canvases into fragments and stitching them to each­other. Accomplishing his work with ropes, he names it “Top­to–tail” which gives birth to his further pictures in this new working technique, like “My dream”, “Portrait”, “Landscape­popurry” and so on. He takes part in local and international exhibitions. Since 2005 year Orkhan Mammadov is a member of Artist’s Union of Azerbaijan.

Caravan (Oil, canvas, patchwork)

Scarecrow (Oil, canvas, patchwork)

Flying carpet (Oil, canvas, patchwork) 102

Phantom (Oil, canvas, patchwork)

Natalia Kurlyandskaya Russian Federation What interests me now is the rejection of color and of any connection to known forms. Since our brain is always looking for associations, you will surely find similarities with real objects or feel certain emotions in my compositions. Your unique interpretation of my work is an intended goal. I deliberately didn’t leave a clue in the title, didn’t direct your perception. It does not matter what I was thinking when it was created ­ it is important what you feel or want to see. A­chromatic # 21 (Black canvas, indian ink)

A­chromatic #3 (Black foam board, white acryl structural paste)

A­chromatic #34 (Canvas, acryl, ink)

A­chromatic #2 (Black foam board, acryl)

A­chromatic #29 (Canvas, acryl, ink) 103

Nancy Topping Bazin United States of America These paintings are part of a series called “Whimsical Birds.” I select the birds based on their unusual appearance and personality. My goal is to capture their whimsical essence. My extensive travels have stimu­ lated my fascination with birds in all regions of the world. I “introduce” them to one another by allowing them to interact in my paintings. Birds are my signature subject matter because of my love of color, line, and pattern. After very carefully planning my composition, I coat one side of aluminum foil with black gesso, place that side on white wa­ tercolor paper, and draw with the wooden end of a paint brush on the opposite side. I enhance the birds’ whimsicality through this process, my treatment of their eyes, and my imaginative use of colors and patterns. I have created a book of many of my works entitled WHY I LOVE TO PAINT BIRDS. I was raised in a town near Pitts­ burgh, PA and now live in Nor­ folk, VA.

The Chicken Dance (Watercolor & Black Gesso on paper)

Watching Over Friendships (Watercolor & Black Gesso on paper)

Drama in the Hummingbird World (Watercolor & Black Gesso on paper)

Where Are OUR Mamas? (Watercolor & Black Gesso on paper)

The Kiss (Watercolor & Black Gesso on paper)


Misa Aihara Japan

Verko 14­9 (Oil on canvas)

Parado (Oil on canvas)

Tio ne estas pordo (Oil on canvas)

Verko 16­2 (Oil on canvas) 105

Lina Hazan Israel

Humans search for beauty humans search for meaning I search to bring beauty and meaning through my art.

Jerusalem light of the world (Oil on canvas)

Batya and the miracle (Oil on canvas)

Simhat Torah (Oil on canvas) Exodus (Acrylic on canvas)

Psalms 1 (Oil on canvas – two panels) 106

Ceruvim (Oil on canvas)

Merna Liddawi UK

Merna Liddawi grew up in Jordan, her grounding in the Orthodox Church and a later career in maths and science can be glimpsed through her paint­ ings. Her work at­ tempts to touch the sublime and open up a window into a belief in harmonious universe, in a world that is otherwise full of strife and con­ flict. She describes her art as ‘a spiritual journey to discover the hidden beauty at the very heart of the universe’.

Genesis 3 (Egg tempera, true gesso on birch plywood)

Genesis 4 (Egg tempera, true gesso on plywood)

Uncreated light 3 (Genuine gold, bole, true gesso on birch plywood)

Genesis 1 (Egg tempera, true gesso on birch plywood) 107

Maya Streuli Switzerland

The artist Maya Streuli from Zurich combines pho­ tography, computer, and internet. At first she was overwhelming wealth of pictures on the internet. By means of computer programs she combines snippets of them with her own photographs to create larger works of art. There is always a mes­ sage behind it, mostly humorous and cheerful, sometimes reflecting deep or serious thoughts. She was at several exhibitions such as Interna­ tional Contemporary Art Exhibition “Spirit of Art” Vienna 2015, and ART Zurich International 2014.

Soap bubble (Photography in acrylic glass)

Swiss halloween (Photography in acrylic glass)

The Bookshop (Photograph on aluminium dibond)

Aquarium (Photography on aluminium dibond) 108

Meerkats (Quality photo under acrylic glass)

Maurizio Giarnetti Italy

Summer (Oil on canvas)

#8b00ff (Acrylic on canvas)

Since I was a child I have been attracted by the different forms of visual arts, so I started to get interested in painting and graphics. The great names of the illustration and painting have given me a push and an unbelievable passion to learn, to deepen techniques and travel, in metaphorical and real ways; the trip leads us into clearly realizing what links and binds human beings to each other as a sort of collective conscience. The awareness that lies deep inside us and a sole common history let me appreciate even more the peculiar traits of each, everyone and everything. So, the way I see it is that art is a means of expression that is full and integral part of human beings. It needs no birth and no growth. It is just simply there. I usu­ ally do not paint out of rush and sudden instincts. I tend to like imagining the final result first and then processing my ideas deep into my brain. Eventually, I apply sometimes even radical chang­ es during work progress. Dragonfly (Acrylic on canvas)

Pietre di confine (Acrylic on canvas)

Iron Pike (Acrylic on canvas) 109

Mary Kay West

United States of America

Pitcher and Eggs (Oil on panel)

Gladiolas (Oil on panel) 110

Mary Kay West has been expressing herself through art from an early age, selling her first painting at the age of 12, and has been designing and painting for her entire life. She now paints exclusively in the classical realist tradition using the materials and techniques of the old masters.

Floral and Apples (Oil on panel)

Warbler (Oil on panel)

Martine Mongrain Canada

Native of Quebec in Canada. Martine Mongrain, takes photographs inspiring from the nature in continual movement. And when the delight of the eye is passed on through its camera to perceive the present moment and make a remarkable work of art. To exploit the emotion and the soul of the subject of moment is of its passion for the artistic creation so revealing a priority of her personality, imagi­ nary and creative. Here it makes speak the flowers.

Veil hosta (Photograph printed on canvas)

Garden of flower (Photograph printed on canvas)

Wind of hosta (Photograph printed on canvas)

Veil with the wind 2 (Photograph printed on canvas)

Light of hosta (Photograph printed on canvas)

Wild mirror (Photograph printed on canvas) 111

Marta Wapiennik Poland Multidisciplinary artist based in Cracow, Poland. Born there in 1988. Graduated from the Graphic Department at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, 2013. Has diploma in screenprint­ ing. Took part in many exhibitions in Europe (France, Italy, Finland, Bulgaria), USA, China, Ar­ gentina, Venezuela and more. Abstract V (Oil on canvas)

Abstract I (Oil on canvas)

Abstract VI (Oil on canvas) 112

Abstract III (Oil on canvas)

Marianne Reim Canada Born and raised in Germany, Marianne Reim immigrated to Ca足 nada when she was 22. She received her degree in Art and Art History from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, and re足 sides and works in St. Catharines, Ontario. Since 1994, She has been exhibiting in 14 Countries on 5 Continents, and received numerous Awards and Grants. Her work can be found in private collections, Government of Ontario Art Collection, Archives of Ontario, public collections of Art Galleries and Sculpture parks.

ATGC (Photo足Transfer on Steel, 160cm x 86cm)

HEARING THE SONG (Steel, Indiana Limestone)

ACAA (Photo足Transfer on Steel, 121cm x 100cm) 113

Mahshid Farhoudi Canada Mahshid Farhoudi is an Iranian born Cana­ dian figurative painter who explores issues of identity,displacement and belonging through her work. Her art prac­ tice draws from her cultural heritage and Swan by the Gate (Charcoal and the contemporary. acrylic on paper) Both figurative and ar­ chitectural elements are central to her painting. Being aware of new trends in figuration, she has been appropriating symbols, icons and imagery to issues that she explores. The relationship between painted figures and their archi­ tectural contexts create a dialogue within the work. Every work Mah­ shid creates, is influenced by the sitter’s personal story. She is drawn to people’s life journeys and all its shades of grey as in her charcoal drawings. Every work provides a brand new opportunity to continue her search for that undercurrent, beautiful and graceful gesture that can be found in humanity. Silence (Oil on canvas)

Cherry (Charcoal on paper) 114

Medicine Woman (Oil on canvas)


United States of America

The Annual ­ November (Oil on Linen)

Beyond Symmetry (No.27) (Oil on Canvas)

Ascending Colors. This is the name with which I describe my painting methodology. Sculptors often describe their work as three­dimen­ sional painting. I choose to turn that around. Via the physical process of moving the color through the light, I create an ascent, a visual and physical object that is readily definable as two-dimensional sculp­ ture. Ascending colors are really very large pixels... picture elements. Ascending Colors are visual objects that present as both ab­ stract and technical. They serve as subjects and backgrounds; ele­ ments and references; protagonists and an­ tagonists. They are both visual places and unique hand made ob­ jects. At a distance, they can look similar. But up close they are, like their viewers, very much individuals.

Seventeen Items ­ Day Two (Oil on Canvas)

Beginnings of Freelance (Oil on Canvas) 115

Lynn Jaanz Australia

Lynn Jaanz is an established professional artist who opened “The Journey of Life and the Human Condition” Exhibiting regularly, Lynn Jaanz has sold paintings around the world. She brings a unique and fresh approach to abstract. Her work has underlying interpretations of spirituality and per­ ception of a higher power, which jumps off the canvas and touches the observer. Art has always been a part of Jaanz’s life while growing up in Victoria, where most of her youth was surrounded by natural beauty, and artistic inspiration.

Realms (Acrylic on canvas)

Epic Flight (Acrylic on canvas)

Twins (Acrylic on canvas) 116

Madoona (Oil on canvas)

Lotte Kjoeller Denmark Lotte Kjoeller is an visual artist from Denmark. Memberships: Member of the Danish Artists Union BKF, the Danish Society of Writers, Illustrators Group DF, member of the Society of Danish Women Artists KKS, the Art­ ist’s Society of 18 November, and the exhibiting group Cirklen. Training: Co­ penhagen University, History of Art 1993­96. Ecole des Beaux Artes, cours de eté, Paris 1997. Private pupil of the Danish artist Jeff Ibbo 1992-95. BKF course in Lithography, taught by Jan Anderson of the Faeroes Printmaker’s Workshop, 2004. Grants: Ecole des Beaux Artes, Paris 1997. Internatio­ nal Fibre and Paper Art Symposium, Latvia 1997. Jorns Atelier 2012. Hald 2012. Fields of work: Mainly paint­ ing in acrylic, but also watercolour, drawing, illustration, lithography and sculptures in clay. I also write poetry, give talks, lectures and I teach.

Midsummer (Acrylic on canvas)

On my way (Acrylic on canvas)

The fantastic flower (Acrylic on canvas) 117

Lucy and Layla Swinhoe UK

We are identical twins, using ourselves as symbolic counterparts. We realise ‘complimentary polarities’ not only through the work’s context and content, but through media processes. Photography requires a negative to form a positive – this naturally em­ bodies the concept of our work. However, photo­ graphy today has changed from a manual process to an instantaneous digital process ­ therefore the ‘whole’ is embodied. Exposing and questioning no­ tions of reality (either as a controlled environment or a naturally manifesting environment) and how reality shapes us (individually and/or collectively), through all states of consciousness (and therefore the need to absorb and transcend all levels), is ex­ plored.

Everyman Film Stills (Frozen Warnings) No. 42a & 42b Diptych (Digital)

Images and Illusions No. 58 (Digital)

Everyman Film Stills (Frozen Warnings) No. 6 & 7 Diptych (Digital) 118

Images and Illusions No. 23 (Digital)

Loreal Prystaj

United States of America

Loreal Prystaj is a visual artist based in New York City. Her work often times exposes the relationship between time and space, with a juxtaposition of the human form and it’s environment. She expresses ideas through using photography as her base medium and expands ideas through video, installation, per­ formance, and interactive pieces. Often time’s nature is imple­ mented in her work, and symbolism is used in order to find the animate in the inanimate and to break the animate down to its essential components.

Reflecting on Nature (Photography)

Reflecting on Nature (Photography)

Reflecting on Nature (Photography)

Reflecting on Nature (Photography) 119

Leonid Filitsyan

United States of America The moment Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves,eroticism was created. Eroticism is the expression of sexuality, slightly hidden,teasing us with that which is left unsaid.We all have innate sexuality.We all express it and perceive it through manners of dress,speech,makeup, and etc. In my sculpturesI use neutral/from an erotic point of view/objects - common objects,and endow them with erotic content.

Shoe (Sculpture resin)

Utensils (Sculpture resin) 120

Scissors (Sculpture resin)

Torso (Sculpture resin)

Axes (Sculpture resin)

Leo Bautović Croatia Leo Bautović, a versatile artist, was born in 1981 in Du­ brovnik, Croatia. He is a member of ULIPUD (Association of Fine and Applied Artists Dubrovnik). He held his own and was part of group exhibitions. The painter tends to experiment, so his work varies in themes and techniques. Great attention is given to background, where one can see a combination of painting techniques such as putty knife and brush. Leo of­ ten combines realism with his own imaginary impressions, which gives a unique signature to his art.

View from the bottom (Mixed media) Octopus (Mixed media)

Moonlight (Mixed media)

Boat sunset (Mixed media)

The forbidden fruit (Mixed media) 121

Larry Proctor

United States of America

Nature is my inspiration for my artwork, whether it may be mountains or the seaside. All of my work is done in oils.

Secret Fishing Hole (OIl on canvas)

Sierra Sunrise (Oil on canvas) 122

Lower Yosemite Falls in Winter (Oil on canvas)

Laelanie Larach

United States of America

Hawaiian Heavenly Flower (Oil on canvas) Silent Morning (Oil on canvas)

There are no boundaries to art, so I decided to expand my imagination beyond my limits, break the conventional, be more radical and fuse each of my work with alot of color­ ful vibrant styles that reflects a positive tropical energy. Behind every picture there is a concept and a story that always helps me to name a piece. Everything depends on the mood i got in that moment, sometimes i just grab a red

Illusions (Mixed media on canvas)

color and start painting all over the canvas or if something random pops out of my mind i just go with the idea. An­ other passion that I have is poetry – based on it, I tend to give a unique name to every painting.Art is so important in my life,it has a huge impact on my life cause it’s a power­ ful form of expression and it allows me to convey or dem­ onstrate deeply­held feelings; it opens my creativity and takes me to a different level of consciousness where I can show all my thoughts in one piece.

Sailing with the Wind (Oil on canvas) 123

Kurt Steinle Belgium

Kein Spiegelblick (Fotografie)

Gute Gedanken (Fotografie)

I was born in Aachen, Germany in 1954 and has lived in Belgium since 1985 on a small farm from the 17th cen­ tury. I work as a photographer at the Theaterschule Aachen. Here I am very happy to be able to accompany the young, very dedicated pupils who live their dreams. In addition, I love street photography in Paris.

Das Lachen (Fotografie) 124

Khrissie Banks Mccammon UK

Rebelee (Part of a forth coming glass sculpture)

Bubbles (Oil)

I’ve always had acreative side studying art at school and then exhibiting, I then returned to the creative me after raising my 5 children therefore being a very busy mum and now nannie I work in the hostpitality trade and then spend my time creating art my theme is what matters to us all I; ive painted images of skies trees water elements with a twist of colour I paint mainly in oils acrylic and upcycled items into useful items helping the enviorment bottles of art are my latest project its a view of our existence.

Out the back (Acrylic) 125

Karen Moss Australia karenmossart/

Beetroot (Oil on stretched canvas)

I believe art heals. A holistic therapist and artist, I deve­ loped my unique technique and style “Healing Arts” which can enhance healing to those in need, and become a vehicle for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well­being. Coming from a family of scientists, I’ve always been fasci­ nated by the left and right brain relationship which led me to study many things ­ from mathematics and science to psychology, therapy and healing to fine art, and finally cre­ ate my venue “Healing Arts”.

Twill Weave Coat (Oil on stretched canvas) 126

From the same pallet #1 (Oil on stretched canvas)

Kah Wah Tan Singapore

Kah wah was born in Singapore and was in a corporate career before becoming a self­ taught commercial photographer in 1990 and is still in commercial practice today. From the 70’s, he self­taught himself in oil and painted leisurely out of interest in co­ lors and through the inspiration of the many impressionistic­style art works he saw in books and museums. He sees painting as an extension of the creativity found in pho­ tography. Not being schooled in any way in art, he paints intuitively….covering spaces, putting in marks and letting the painting emerge itself over time. Increasingly, oil has ceased to be the main medium and both oil/ chalk pastels, Chinese ink, watercolor pen­ cils have been mixed together as a experi­ mental process to accommodate the East­ ern techniques of calligraphic painting. Not being able to be a realistic painter, he has to use raw and rough techniques to bring out his images.

Sunrise (Acrylic on rice paper)

Truth reflected (Acrylic and ink on rice paper)

3 trees (Acrylic and ink on rice paper)

Forest fire II (Acrylic on rice paper) 127

Janet Watson Art UK Original paintings by Artist Janet Watson Art Since Janet was young, she have loved to draw and paint and has always have been creative. She can remember her favourite class at school was art and craft, her teacher let the class have music playing while they were painting which helped everyone’s creative think­ ing. Her mother used to like painting and is creative and now makes greetings cards and studies calligraphy too, so creativity runs in the family. Janet, eats, drinks and sleeps art, she loves what she does so much and it is on her mind all the time :) Janet Watson started her crystal art on a Valentines Day and in such a short time her art has been noticed by art galleries, international art fairs and art collec­ tors in many places around the world. Janet’s intention with her new crystal art is to bring love, peace, joy and happiness to all around the world though her crystal paintings, her work’s mainly in acrylic, 24K gold and mixed media on canvas and wood. Her inspiration has come from studying earth sciences, an inspirational photography maga­ zine “The National Geographic” and from self training about crystals, the love of our countryside and wildlife and our earth. Janet’s art is all about crystals and our earth and nature including; gold, opals, agate, amethyst, marble, charka, slate, caves and trees and flowers etc. Some of her collections are Raw Fire Opal, Raw Geode, Raw Ag­ ate, Raw Marble, Night and Day, Rocks and Pools, Raw Charka, Un­ derground Caves, The Secret Crystal Flower Garden. More collections will be added in due course. Artist Janet Watson has been awarded two artistic awards: First Award: International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci – The Universal Artist The Prize is for the Artists that are worth for their artistic merit. Second Award: International Casanova Award The Prize is for the Artists that are worth for their artistic merit. Ja­ net Watson art has been seen at the Parallax International Art Fair in London, Oxford International Art Fair in Oxford and Chester Art Fair at Chester Race Course. Janet has been invited to participate in many international art fairs worldwide so watch this space.

Agate Slice (Acrylic and Mixed Media) 128

Raw Fire Opal (Acrylic and Mixed Media)

Raw Geode (Acrylic and Mixed Media)

Rocks and Pools (Acrylic and Mixed Media)

Amethyst Crystal – Raw Geode Collection by Janet Watson Art (Acrylic and Mixed Media)

Jane Gottlieb

United States of America

South of France (Photoshop enhanced photography)

Hotel Splendido (Photoshop enhanced photography)

Daydream (Photoshop enhanced photography)

I have been expressing my joy of art with paint, shapes and colors since I was very young. I began as a painter, evolved into a photographer, and eventually began painting on my photographic prints over thirty years ago. I hand painted vivid colors on my Cibachrome prints, creating a wonderful new reality. Now I scan my one­of­a­kind hand­painted prints, enhance them with Photoshop and produce limited edition archival prints. I have been shown worldwide in many solo exhibitions including: Butler Institute of American Art; Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard, CA; Laguna Art Museum. CA; Petersen Automotive Museum, LA, CA; LA County Museum of Natural History, CA; Monterey Museum of Art, CA; Louis Stern Gallery, West Hollywood, CA; Wall Space Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA; Nancy Hoffman Gallery, New York City; L’Image Gallery, Rome, Italy. My art has been exhibited in many solo and group shows and collected by museums, foundations, corporations and individuals worldwide. I have over 100 large art works in four important venues at on exhibit at UCLA, & 40 large artworks at UCSB, all are on exhibit for the next ten years!

Paris Chairs (Photoshop enhanced photography)

IMPei DC (Photoshop enhanced photography) 129

Jana Vodesil Baruffi Australia

Forgive me (Oil on canvas)

Whisper of Something More (Oil on canvas)

Fantastic Realism is Jana’s signature work that allows her to tell the story and express her ideas and beliefs in an interesting and creative way. At this moment Jana is working on a new collection of Fantastic realism paint­ ings inspired by the book “Half the Sky” in the hope of bringing attention to the modern slavery and oppression of women and girls in the developing world. An intimate love of nature and the human body, their shapes and colours helps Jana to lead you into a world of fantasy – controlled illusion, charged with emotions, which seems almost believable.

Dreaming (Oil on canvas) 130

Iveta Ducakova Czech Republic

Discharge at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, in the studio painting. In my artworks I use the entire spectrum of artistic possibilities, from painting and drawing, photography, digital images to the collage. They are mostly figurative paintings influenced by internal feelings, emotions, physicality. The results of my artistic traces I presented on a number of solo and group exhibitions.

Levitation (Acrylic on canvas)

Hourglass (Acrylic on canvas)

Permeation (Acrylic on canvas)

Light (Acrylic on canvas) 131

Irina Vysotckaya Germany

Pink peonies (Acrylic on plywood)

Autumn bucket (Gouache on paper) “In all the works of Irina Vysotckaya behind a seeming ease is hid­ den a real confident mastery. The bouquets of dry flowers, the wildflowers, the beautiful garden plants – all they live a natural life. The Line in the works of Irina does not become an abroad or an axis of the image – it rather performs an impressionistic func­ tion. The sketches on the colored paper are full of mystery charm.” Vice­rector of the St. Petersburg Institute of Humanitarian Educa­ tion, Vadim B. V., PhD of Cultural Sciences, 2014. Irina Vysotckaya

Sommer bucket (Gouache, pastell on cardborad) 132

was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. She has the rating level “4B” (“experienced professional artist, demanded by the art market”). She organized in St. Petersburg more than 15 personal exhibitions. The main theme of her work is “the quaint flower line”. The flower paintings are made in different techniques, mostly with gouache and pastel. Irina also paints portraits and landscapes.

Portrait of the son (Acrylic on canvas)

Imre Molnar Serbia We are all, as well as everything around us ,parts of the one invisible whole and we contain in ourselves various structures which are often compli­ cated and vast. Macro­ and microcosm are the constant sources of ideas and my inspiration, which I try to express with different art techniques. Using of black­and­white drawings and graphics I try to talk about one continous positive­negative opposition between things in the world around us. I am interested in two states of reality: existence, and behaviour of vaporising and decomposing materials, and soft as well as solid, sharp, and hard ones, and their macro – and microstructures. I use intertwined lines and shapes to express the constant process of birth, decomposition, and rebuilding of world, and also the incessant battle for survival, and the constant opposition between the artist and the material.Our thoughts, feelings, and destines are being woven or ripped and broken in the similar way the parts of organic and non­ organic world are.I strive to bring some order and peace through my works into the chaotic, restrained, and neglected life filled with anxiety.

The interior of a black hole (Ink drawing)

Gravitational wave (Ink drawing)

Decomposition (Ink drawing)

The mangrove tree (Ink drawing) 133

Iraqi Mohammed Rachid Morocco

Skyscrapers (Acrylic on canvas)

Robots in competition (Oil on canvas)

The work of Mohammed Rachid Iraqi is a syncretic and sym足 bolic metaphor of the world around the artist, its history and its painter country. The animates his paintings move足 ments that symbolize a country in constant change.Influ足 enced both by the color of Matisse, marked by symbolism, and Orientalism of Mantel which he was the student, This is a travel that he in his paintings; a journey of tastes, scents and passion and draw many spectators watching tirelessly. His paintings of landscapes in abstract style are the oppo足 site of sadness and his touch is rich, colorful and generous. Pangkor beach (Oil on canvas)

The tomb of the prophet (Oil on canvas) 134

Sky and sea (Oil on canvas)

Heather Crowther Czech Republic

Mysterious Delia (Acrylic) I love to is the beautiful energy that has to get out. My art is generally abstract in nature, focusing on the concept of trans­ formation while hinting at what lies beneath, through the power of suggestion. I am fascinated in nature and the subtle invisible forces that affect all life as we know it, such as the rusting process on a physical level, or the role of Sacred Geometry in shaping every­ thing in our known universe on a metaphysical level. I try to make the invisible visible through the creative process itself and the pure energy that uses these natural forces to shape our entire reality. I work on an emotive level that emphasises the sensations viewers are left with. From working in pure line and form, to my detailed drawings and paintings, viewers can’t help but think there is some­ thing more.....something beyond the immediate that evokes latent emotional reactions in their own psyche. Octopus (Acrylic)

Spring (Acrylic)

Sweet Temptations (Acrylic & 3D Puff Paint) 135

Guilherme Zawa Brazil Guilherme Zawa 1982, Lives and works at Curitiba, Brazil. Transmedia artist, psychoanalyst and writer. He deals with art by aspects of sublimation of perceptions and through metaphors as a structure able to establish new meanings.

Autodecalque #2 (Digital photography and assemblage)

Autodecalque #3 (Digital photography anda assemblage) 136

His expressions are through lens­based art, specially pho­ tography and literature. Statement “I look forward using new medias to provide to the observer as many truths as possible, unlike monolithic approaches of a specific visual configuration. My work reflects my personal pursuit for the possible and probable resignifications of meanings that art, such as a metaphor, can present. Not being itself the mean­ ing, but yet the testimony of infinite possibilities of struc­ turing what can`t be seen.”

Autodecalque #11 (Digital Photography and assemblage printed in fine art paper)

Autodecalque #06 (Digital photography and assemblage)

Grace Ashruf Aruba My relocations and my longing for the house that I can no longer call home, has influenced my work. The horizons, in their stillness, become an image of light and strength with their quietness symbolizing the future and hope. Past ex­ periences, one building upon the other like the layers of the earth. Using a textured technique, the earthlayers begin to deepen by triggering fantasies about the mystery of our earth.In contrast, the water represents the force of living. Each boat floating upon its surface is a symbolic represen­ tation of a person, family or group of people. The ongoing rhythm of the water and the dynamic power of the sea seem to propel the journey through the sea. Sometimes it is too fast or rough, other times it may seem too smooth or wild but each one is sailing under the colorful canopy of the sky into an endless liberty all their own.The Abstract Col­ lection explores the intrinsic ability of our human hands and mind, the creativity that ancient humanity has had in the past and can still express in our modern, technology satu­ rated world. Layers of intuitive, freeform scribbling are in­ corporated with a textured base of ancient Native American symbols (also known as the “first writings”) in a contempo­ rary design.

Universal (Acrylic on canvas)

One Day (Acrylic on canvas)

Green Winter (Acrylic on canvas) 137

Glennys Marie Castro Puerto Rico

Art should speak to you. Should fill your eyes and your soul. I share my soul through my work. Which is why I work in series, depends on which stage in my life I’m in. Which book I am reading, and which places I have visited. I keep a blog, my life as an artist, it comes out to the public every Tuesday. You may ac­ cess it through my website, or through my Facebook page Glennys Marie Castro Artista Plástico. Through the blog I tell my story as an artist, how I get inspired, how life experiences in­ fluence my work and the process of submission to shows and/or competitions.

Over and Under (Acrylic on canvas)

Intertwined (Acrylic on canvas)

Mangrove’s Night (Acrylic on canvas)

Red Mangrove (Acrylic on canvas) 138

Blue Mangrove (Acrylic on canvas)

Ginger Sapperstein United States of America I am inspired by nature, undersea, and the human form. I look for beauty in the ordinary. Something so conventional, like a piece of driftwood, can inspire a truly unique creation. I try to inspire the same creativity and ability to achieve an aesthetic experience in all of my students. As an art teacher for young underprivileged chil­ dren, I find my students’ excitement and genuine desire to tap into their own imagination encourages me to continue evolving and grow as an artist. My interest in expanding my exposure as an artist lies not only in my passion for art, but in my passion to show my stu­ dents anything is possible and you can do what you love for a living.

Dizygotic (Mixed Media – acrylic and collage)

Body Builder (Acrylic on canvas)

Nebula (Acrylic on canvas)

Clam Bake (Acrylic on canvas)

Driftwood I Diptych (Acrylic on canvas) 139

Francesco Sandrelli Italy

Storie (Olio su tela e stoffa)

As you see,it is an evocative art,that tries to expand consciesness ,as well a zen theory.the artist free himself from the passion of lifetime,hoping to come a pacification in his mind and soul,and tring to expose some of inner landascapes. Nel bosco (Disegno)

Sistema planetario (Tela olio su tela)

Senza titolo (Olio su tela) 140

Alberi (Disegno su carta)

Campagna e cittĂ (Olio su tela)

Felisa SĂĄnchez ChĂĄvez Mexico

Aspire to be a recognized artist and gain a place with my work in the mind of the art connoisseurs.

Colors in its splendor The elephant´s glance

The art of dancing 141

Evelyn Morris

United States of America

Eclectic Rainbow (Digital)

Flowers in the Swing (Digital)

Magic Rose (Photograph)

Christmas in Paris (Photograph)

Oriental Surprise (Digital) 142

Snow in Paris (Photograph)

Erika Farkas Canada I have been continuously trying to challenge myself in finding new ways to combine different types of media. In present times, there is an unprecedented array of media available, creating an opportunity for me to push the envelope of visual expression. I occasionally turn my graphite, charcoal, coloured pencil drawings or digitally created works into mixed media paintings by seamlessly incorporating them on canvas with paints and textures. For an enhanced visual impact, I use a variety of textures, such as gels, glitters and gold leaves, as well as an assorted variety of metallic paraphernalia. In my paintings, I like to use a palette of rich, bold colours of red, blue, orange, and purple, as well as metallic colours of silver, gold and copper. I tend to use highly textured layers of acrylic paint and gel medium that appeal to both senses: vision and touch. To achieve a more accentuated 3­dimensional look and feel, I prefer to use a combination of knives and brushes.

Magical Forest (Mixed media)

Crossroads (Mixed media)

Fire in the Sky (Acrylic)

Daydreaming (Mixed media on canvas) 143

Eria Nsubuga Uganda

My current art practice uses multi­disciplinary approaches of looking at Identity in Art and Politics in general. I work mainly in painting, as well as in sculpture, illustration, printmaking and animation. My art appears in publications like “Global Monitoring Report 2007” (World Bank), Tran­ sition magazine issue #104, Harvard University, U.S.A (2011) and others. I’m a teacher of Art at University level as well as a freelance teacher at lower levels. I also write articles and papers related to art in Uganda.

Aesthetic Hegemons­ The Fates (Mixed media/collage)

Race fatigue­black reader (Mixed media)

Race fatigue (Mixed media) 144

President (Mixed media/Board)

Eliora Bousquet France I am a french professional fine artist living in Paris specialised in abstract art. I painted about 700 artworks and took part in 100 exhibitions in France and all over the world. I consider painting as a language per se... The Proof of Life (Acrylic paint on canvas)

The Bird of Paradise (Acrylic paint on canvas)

Adagio (Acrylic paint on canvas)

The Nest (Acrylic paint on canvas)

The Gift of Iris (Acrylic paint on canvas) 145

Dong Su China

Dong Su, Self­Representing artist, born in Inner Mongolia. Graduated from Inner Mongolia Normal University in Fine Art Major living in Beijing,China. He is mainly in the work of the abstract art. Graduated from Inner Mongolia Normal University in Fine Art Major 1988. The member of Arts and Crafts Soci­ ety of China. The member of Mid­Hudson artist association.

Totem Series #2 (Aluminum Plate with ink)

Totem Series #6 (Aluminum Plate with ink)

Totem Series #7 (Aluminum plate with ink)

Melody #2 (Aluminum plate with ink)

Totem Series #5 (Aluminum Plate with ink) 146

Melody #1 (Aluminum plate with ink)

Artist Duo Isterika Germany

Alex Petrenko / Nata Dolheimer. As self-taught artists we see the pro­ cess of making art slightly different. There is no firm scheme; we let our intuition play. The interaction of colour, structure, material and shape, the search for the right composition, balance and integrity and eventually the achievement of enigmatic aesthetics: this is the formula of our creative activity. Because we work together on every piece, there are always two opinions on the concept or realization. Our biggest source of inspiration is music, in particular electronic music. The rhythm of the picture, the melody of the colour gradient, the abstract details of the single tones – all these elements must seamlessly fit together to build a harmonious sound. Only then the work is considered to be completed and our search for something new and undiscovered is finished for the moment.

re#floral (Acrylic, spray paint, spray foam insulation, viscose, glass particles, canvas and wood)

The Saint Cosines (The Geometrical Trinity Series) (Acrylic, pastel, patina, rust, viscose, nonwoven and MDF)

OSIRIS (Acrylic, spray paint, pastel, sawdust, epoxy resin, glass particles, canvas and wood)

VERSUS (Acrylic, spray paint, pastel, chalk, spray foam insulation, ears of barley, cherry stones, fabric, glue, sawdust, bubble wrap, polystyrene, vinyl gloves, coconut und mussel shells, canvas and wood) 147

Diane Pribojan

United States of America

High Noon in Medina (Oil on canvas)

House on Liberty Street (Acrylic on panel)

The house has been my main focus, lately. Narrowing in on one subject has allowed me to explore and expand on one idea. I consciously chose the house; it was not an evo足 lutionary process. At the time I did not exactly know why I picked the house; however looking back I can see many reasons why I picked it. One of these includes being in足 spired by the neighborhoods I live in. My houses are physi足 cally impossible idealized images with exaggerated colors and structure. With this I can work with it as a subject, keep it recognizable, simplify it, and push it to the verge of ab足 straction. Finally, the house is a vehicle for using paint; it is not the reason why I paint. My way of communication, my voice, and my expression manifests itself through painting and art, no matter what the subject.

House with Oak Tree (Acrylic on panel) 148

View from Carnegie Bridge (Acrylic on panel)

Houses with Key Building (Acrylic on panel)

Diego Velez

United States of America

Evolución (Acrylic on canvas) Born in 1963 in Cali, Colombia, Diego Velez is a self­taught painter who is always eager to create something beautiful. Many times the ideas for his paintings come from dreams and also come from looking at a blank canvas, and realizing his desire to give something to the world that will be eter­ nal. The process of color choice brings each painting to life and the bright­ ness of colors creates power and presence. Velez’s works through rotation, can tell stories, through colors, creates a spirit of Velez’s home in Colombia, and through shapes, breathes dreamlike landscapes to life. Diego’s belief is that the universe and earth are ever changing from both natural and human causes and his works are an exploration of the universe and it’s people. Velez spent time mid­career as an apprentice to Omar Rayo and has show­ cased his works at various Colombian galleries and museums and through­ out South America and the United States.

Reunión (Acrylic on canvas)

El Movimiento (Acrylic on canvas)

El Molino (Acrylic on canvas)

El Rey (Acrylic on canvas) 149

Consuelo Hernández “Every man is born with the germ of the work he is to accomplish,” said J. Russell Lowell, poet and literary critic. Thus, as soon as we are born, we begin with the innate need to express our feelings, affections and vital needs in order to move towards communication

with others in our inner world, a need that in artists is a basic motivation in their daily work. My starting point in my artistic work: the reality that surrounds me, revealing feelings, emotions and experiences that make up my daily existence. A dialogue with the object, with the person, with the building, with the street, with nature, in which from the first brush stroke my inner world begins to materialize. I paint the old fashioned way. I prepare my canvases or tables, I outline the idea of the work, delimit and staple with brushes or spatula the parts in light and shadow... And, layer by layer, I am elaborating, defining, transforming, erasing... It does not matter The time... Bach, Chopin, Händel, Schubert, Mahler, accompany me.

Barbara Hutton at the Gran Teatro Cervantes of Tangier (Oil on canvas)

Winter at the Gran Teatro Cervantes of Tangier (Oil on canvas and table)


Tribute to Pina Bausch (Oil on canvas) 150

Christine Whetton New Zealand

Splashing in the Shallows (Oil on canvas)

Show Me How (Oil on canvas)

People fascinate me, and in my art I strive to portray the personality traits that make human beings so uniquely engaging; my little grandson searching his mother’s face for reassurance, for guidance, and with the expectancy of another “do it together� experience; the instant rapport and sense of camaraderie between farmers from opposite sides of the world meeting for the first time. The paintbrush is often mightier than the pen!

Farm Yarns (Oil on canvas) 151

Chloé Deroy France

Chloé Deroy is a French Photographer who is best known for her work on the frontieres between Painting and Pho­ tography. She never uses any soft­ ware to treat her photographs. All is done without the help of a computer. She is a great specialist of iridescence and clair/obscur. Since 2016, she has been working on modern lights: op­ tical fiber, lazer, neons and LED. She creates luminous dresses and acces­ sories for her photographs. She is also a performer. In 2016, in the exhibition “The Rainbow Maker” in Krakow, she created a boreal aurora in front of the spectator’s eyes.

Vision of Spring (Not retouched photograph)

Connexion with the Amber Tree (Not retouched photograph”) 152

Carolin Rechberg Germany

Guardians of the Dialogue (Printmaking Lithography Ink on Paper)

Sound Seed (Lithography Ink on Paper)

Carolin Rechberg is an interdisciplinary Fine Artist and Vo­ calist, who was born in Starnberg, Germany. She holds an Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts from the California College of the Arts (2012) and a Master of Fine Arts in Paint­ ing from the San Francisco Art Institute (2015), where she also taught Advanced Drawing and Painting. Carolin Re­ chberg has exhibited in 6 Solo and 43 Group Exhibitions, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Miami, New York, Brooklyn and Japan. Her work has won International Art Prizes, recogni­ tion in Juried Exhibitions, received Art Prizes, the support of Scholarships, Artist Residencies and International Book Publications. Carolin’s interdisciplinary work sets value in experience and process, stimulating the senses using vi­ sual, haptic and auditory sensibilities to provoke conscience of existential presence with the ambition to heighten indi­ vidual and communal awareness and potential. She accents space to create appreciation of the moment. She advocates empiricism through her work and explores attributes, con­ cepts and principles of the experience of life. Carolin uses art as a language to encipher and understand, the process and value of living, the communications and structures of self, the human condition, in contemporary culture, the environ­ ment and history. The medium is dependent on content and situation, resulting in a body of work comprises of draw­ ing, installation, painting, performance, photography, print­ making, sculpture, textile, writing or voice. While primarily working in Fine Art she has also performed as a Vocalist in the Bay Area, New York, New Orleans and Germany.

Marginal Man (Illustration Aquarelle on Paper)

Birth (Performance Painting, mixed media, canvas, construction hooks, cord, tempera, sound) 153

BJ Talor

United States of America

Inside the Artist – Each line I draw or paint describes a precious moment in my life as an artist and as a person. The interplay with materials is a visual diary of my life experience and my contemplative journey. Most fascinating are the passages which remain visible and those that disappear through the many forces beyond our control. My art has been described as inventive, caustic, and provocative. In the quiet pursuit of my exploration of life via art, there are implied answers about the nature of art, the boundaries between life and art, and the necessity of exploring those boundar­ ies. This has allowed me to move from conventional painting methods into experi­ mental materials and a fascination with found objects helps connect me to the world around me and the interactions I experience each day. It is the ‘spirit’ of art that I am more interested in than style. The process itself of drawing, layering, and watching are the moments where I immerse myself in what I am creating. This is what brings me to the joyful, timeless place­free from outcome. It is a challenging, ever present balancing act between quality control, compulsive thoughts, dreaming, construc­ tion, movement, fullness and emptiness. Studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. My work has been featured at: Blue Moon Gallery, Boundless Gallery, Artworks Fine Art Gallery. Memberships: Artavita, Wilmington Art Association, Allied Artist of America, Inc., and Blue Moon Gallery, Saatchi Art Gallery, Artworks Fine Art Gallery, Colors of Humani­ ty. My published books under pen name of BJ Talor­Longpre are: Justice Repaid (a crime drama), Voices (a thriller), and Sensual Loving Desires (ebook). Several books are presently in progress.

01242016.1 (Acrylic)

Lady in Red 1 (Acrylic)

Lady and Red 2 (Acrylic on canvas) 154

02152016.1 (Acrylic)

Bill Lockett

United States of America

Bonsai (Copper bonsai)

Autumn Rush (Copper wall art)

Born March 12, 1947 Marshall, Texas.Was a gifted artist in elementary school, but not encouraged by family since that was a “girl” thing. Joined Marine Corps at 17then to Vietnam at 18. After Vietnam attended college for degree in MIS: Mgt Information Systems. First job was at NCR in 1972 Balti­ more, MD where I migrated into software sales and have been since. I have lived in Austin Texas for 30 years.For over 20 years I attended the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar and got to know a local copper artist Daryl Colburn, who inspired me to do tree sculptures. I do large wall pieces, but most recently have migrated to copper bonsai trees in ornate ceramic pots.

Down by the Bay (Copper)

Treaty Oak (in process) (Copper)

Treaty Oak pattern (Copper) 155

Bert Koeck Belgium

“Wrapped religion” (Photography­experimental­diasec framed)

“Don’t tell God your plans­03” (series) (Photography­ laser light body painting­ diasec framed) 156

“Your soul deserves to die twice­01” (­series) (Photography experimental­ diasec framed)

“Architectonic wormhole” (Photography­ experimental­ diasec framed)

Ann Hosfeld

United States of America

Una Pianta Rosa (Acrylic on canvas)

Deep Light (Acrylic on canvas)

Shadowbox (Acrylic on canvas)

New Concept Gallery opened in October of 2007 and now rep­ resents a stable of over a dozen professional artists work­ ing in a diverse mix of mediums and contemporary styles. The director of the gallery, Ann Hosfeld, is an artist herself. Ann has a background of working in galleries and museums in New York and Los Angeles.The gallery is located at 610 Canyon Road in an old adobe building that dates back to the 1800’s. The vast majority of our artists reside in central New Mexico, reminding us of the days when Canyon Road was in­ habited by artists who lived here and had their studios on the street. Many of the painters have shown in Santa Fe for over 30 years and the gallery exhibits earlier works as well as current paintings, giving a fascinating glimpse of how their distinctive styles have developed over the years.

Maguay II (Acrylic on canvas) 157

Annette Tan

United States of America Born in China, living in California, Annette be­ gan taking interest in painting in the 1990’s. She had no formal training except attend­ ing a few workshops. Her inspiration came from the old masters. Annette’s work has been featured in many International publica­ tions and she has had many group exhibi­ tions across the coun­ try as well as in Italy. Harvest (Acrylic on canvas)

Italian Village (Acrylic on canvas) 158

Lake View (Acrylic on canvas)

Anat Oren South Africa Originally from Israel, artist Anat Oren moved to South Africa and fell in love with the African landscape, its wildlife and its people and finds it a great inspiration for her colourful art­ work. Her art is about animal life, indigenous people or land­ scapes and is created in a unique art style using ink and felt pens for the paintings, or carved and glazed clay for the sculptures/pottery. Anat uses lively patterns and vibrant co­ lour to bring each piece to life.

Love in the making (Surrealism – Ink on paper)

COLOUR OF PREY (Surrealism – Ink on paper)

Wildebeest (Surrealism – Ink on paper)

Rhinos playing (Surrealism – Ink on paper) 159

Vesa Peltonen Canada I have been described as multifaceted, having a rewarding career in the arts. That being true, however my main ac­ complishments have been in Visual Art, with a long time devoted to painting and printmaking. The endeavours in my designing has complimented and inspired my focus as an artist. I have been fortunate to have been an art advisor for our Ontario, Canada Arts Council. I have received awards in painting, photography and for designing.

Under the Water #4 (Digital on watercolor paper)

Figures and Forms in Muskeg (Digital print on watercolor paper) 160

Highway #2 (Mixed media)

My limited edition prints are in private and corpo­ rate collections, world­ wide, and I have been commissioned to cre­ ate art prints for special events and causes, often for the purpose of fun­ draising. My University degrees are in art and art history. I have retired a bit early from University/ College art instructing to pursue more world trav­ els. I have visited 5 con­ tinents already, but now have much more time to photograph, already mo­ tivated to author a fourth book. Travel is not just about a place, but new ways of perceiving, in­ fluenced by other cul­ tures. I am still challeng­ ing the limits of printmaking using my computer, creating digital artworks, often producing only one unique print. At this time travel brings me to International solo and group art exhibitions, being ongoing, represented in new places in the Caribbean, Europe and more U.S. cities. My art has evolved exploring more abstract style, still a fusion, with elements of recognized figures within. My art has remained bold and colourful, with perhaps more patterns and tex­ tural features, still being expressive. I continue to challenge the limits of my art process. My love of creativity is shaped by the fact that learning never stops, as artistic possibili­ ties are endless.

Tropical Fusion (Digital print on watercolor paper)

Evolving Layers #2 (Digital print on watercolor paper)

Cosmic Layers (Digital print on watercolor paper)

Shifting Forms (Digital print on watercolor paper) 161

Sami Gjuka Denmark

Career Woman (Oil on canvas) 162

“Sami Gjuka’s paintings are built on a strong poetical imagination, here, spleen and appearance most clearly identify the character of the painting. There’s no doubt that the painter knows well the experience of the symbolists, metaphysicians and sur­ realists, those who formed the tradition and whose examples we know well. Exactly on that tradition Sami Gjuka “plants” his “forest of symbols”. Even though he is the heir of that experience, his presence in our surroundings is not connected to the gen­ eration of painters he belongs to. Namely, we can hardly connect him to any painting style or to the context of modern art.Sami Gjuka’s world is one that is firmly grabbed, it cannot be connected with famous examples and every comparison is unnecessary.”

Forest Cathedral (Oil on canvas)

Birth of Venus (Oil on canvas)

Stress (Oil on canvas)

Ways (Oil on canvas) 163

Philip Edward Dynan United States of America

Toys and Gifts (Acrylic on paper)

Cow 223 (Acrylic on canvas with Ana Nelson) 164

MOCA Mocha (Acrylic on canvas with Ana Nelson)

Marcel duChat Gallery (Acrylic on paper)

The Philosopher (In a Cat’s Mind) (Acrylic on paper)

Although I have worked in many mediums and genres over my 40­year career, the purpose of my art has always been to entertain, inform, stimulate thought and create happiness. Presently I am working on several series of paintings: “Elec­ tronica”, “Barnyard”, “People We LIKE”, “New Plein Air”, and “Oaxacan­style”. Each of these series has a different subject. “Electronica” is intended to be “historical” in nature, documenting the current use of electronic devices. It is a collaborative series as I am working with another painter, Anastasia Nelson. (We pass the paintings back and forth, there is no evidence of one hand or another.) I also work with Anastasia on the “Barnyard” series, colorful and humorous depictions of the animals on our ranch. I strive to create multiple levels in the majority of my work. My intent is to allow accessibility for just about anyone on any level. I hope for a response as simple as “pretty” or “funny” or possibly as complex as noting the influence of a Camus essay in an otherwise silly painting of the inside workings of a cat’s mind.

Camel Texting (Acrylic on canvas with Ana Nelson)

Goudy Mouse House (Acrylic on canvas) 165

Melissa Boneau

United States of America

Magic Man (Graphite on paper)

Jade Eye Jedi (Oil on canvas)

American fine artist, photographer, model, songwriter. Originally from New Orleans, LA. I have traveled extensively through­ out the US, Canada, Mexico, and the Mediterranean parts of Europe. Hawaii is my home of homes so far but I plan to travel more in Europe when peaceful travel is possible. I am English speaking and have some education in Spanish, French, and German. I love the arts and dabble in a little bit of everything creative. I’ve been creative since my early childhood. One of my favorite mottoes is “Variety is the spice of life! I strive to capture and reproduce those moments in life that make us stop and awe through timeless reminiscing. My work is poetry and story­telling through visual and sound media.

Spring White Flowers (Oil on canvas) 166

The One and Only One (Oil on canvas)

Kalapaki Sunrise 2 (Oil on canvas)

Sunny Poipu View (Oil on canvas)

Mess Portview (Original graphite on 11 x 8 paper)

Wailua Alii Beach (Oil on canvas)

Pacific Solar Eclipse 2012 (Digital photography, Canon 35mm EOS Rebel T2i 18MP, SLR lens EFS 55­250mm)

Summer Blue Moon at Sunset 2015 (Digital photography, Canon 35mm EOS Rebel T2i 18MP, SLR lens EFS 55­250mm) 167

Marie Schwarzer

United States of America

Girls Fantasy (Acrylic on Canvas) 168

Cubism with a Twist. Art without boundaries with a full flip of imagination,no color restriction, no subject restriction, combination of futuristic vi­ sion and fantasy into a virtual reality.

Eleonore Frined Princess Jacqueline (Acrylic on Canvas)

I don’t like this Apple (Acrylic on Canvas)

Eleonore Friend Von Claus (Acrylic on Canvas)

Eleonore Friend Von Claus (Acrylic on Canvas)

Metamorphosis of Eleonore (Acrylic on Canvas) 169

Lynn Chen Taiwan

Abundance of Oriental Way (Oil on canvas)

Artist’s Statement: It is an attitude of life for beauty that I always, via painting with free mind, love to depict the light and soft charac­ ter of Oriental women in literature and art. My work is to express the safe and free of the spirit at rising and purifying, which fusing with the Oriental figures, the unique form style, the lines of representing the prospect of Chinese callig­ raphy, the experimental techniques as well as the ambience of a living Zen.

Comfortable of Oriental Way (Oil on canvas) 170

Dream of a Wonder Fairy (Oil on canvas)

Delight of Tea Time at Oriental Way (Oil on canvas)

Possess of Oriental Way (Oil on canvas)

Consciousness of a Wonder Fairy (Oil on canvas)

Reverie of a Wonder Fairy (Oil on canvas)

Chen studied at National Taiwan University of Arts from 1987 to 1991. Even though graduated with a Bachelor from Design Department, She had in­ volved herself in a variety of Fine Arts learning at NTUA, which were still the nurture for her growth and development in painting. To meet the chal­ lenge of being superior to her previous self in cre­ ation, she had made a great effort on participating a lot of the juried exhibitions hosted by Taiwan Arts Associations in 1999 to 2013, won many awards including 12 gold medal awards of Art Societies, and, therefore, qualified and invited as a member of Tai­Yang Art Society. Since then she has kept going to participate annually in Art Exhibitions and invited to hold solo exhibitions at the public. Her art philosophy, however, is to create a new style of painting with Oriental language and art­ work of goodness, beauty, and truth for sharing with this Universe and expressing the positive power of “Love”. Starting from June 2016, she has actively participated in international juried art competitions and exhibitions. This year an exhi­ bition of her artwork will be held at XIth Florence Biennale, 2017. Right now, she lives and works in Chia­yi, Taiwan.

Confidence (Oil on canvas) 171

Linzi Lynn

United States of America

The RIide (Acrylic on canvas)

The Awakening (Acrylic on canvas)

My current works consist of large paintings, 5’ x 4’, but still keeping my unique technique of brilliant color combinations that present a kalei­ doscopic collision of art and life. My goal is to dazzle the eye and lift the soul using a contrast between my bright colors and a world of untold drama, drawing you into stories from my dreams.

Eve (Acrylic on canvas) 172

The Embrace (Acrylic on canvas)

Windswept (Acrylic on canvas)

The Waiting Game (Acrylic on canvas) 173

Kyra Belan

United States of America

Phoenix (Acrylic on canvas)

Selu (Acrylic on canvas) 174

Florida Paradise (Colored pencils on paper)

Artist and author Kyra Belán graduated from Arizona State University with a B.F.A. in fine arts, and from Florida State University with an M.F.A. in visual arts. Her Ed. D. from Florida International University is in higher education and art history. Dr. Belán has had over 50 solo art exhibitions and has participated in over 90 group art exhibitions. She has received numerous awards, including Who’s Who in American Art, 2000­17; the Florida Achievement Award in the Arts, Women’s Caucus for Art Flori­ da Chapter, 2008; the Southeastern Art Conference Outstanding Artistic Achievement Award, University of Arkansas at Little Rock 2005; Broward County’s Women’s Hall of Fame Outstanding Achievement in the Arts, 1994; and the Individual Artist Fellowship, State of Florida, Florida Arts Council,1982.

Two Macaws (Colored pencils on paper)

Madonna Rafaelina (Oil on canvas)

Her artworks are found in numerous public and private collections. Dr.Belan is the Otto M. Burkhardt Endowed Chair and professor of art and art history emerita at Broward College. Kyra Belan’s art mediums include painting, drawing, mixed media, digital art, and she is also known for her installation and land art. She is interested in the beauty, harmony and vitality of natural environment, and in eco­feminist issues.

Hathor and Sol (Acrylic on canvas)

Durga and Kali (Acrylic on canvas) 175

Kenan Kocak Turkey

Smile against suffering (Oil on plywood) 176

‘’Constructive freedom’’ is the essence of his works since he believes that destruction is one of the biggest issues to be tackled today’s world. He thinks that; Art is a process of creation aesthetically and aesthetics is an articulated sense of values that comes through nature. In terms of techniques; he tries to explore his inner senses for the harmony of means and ends, as experimentation through the door of intuition…

The Dawn (Oil­Enamel on MDF)

Kama Sutra (Oil on MDF)

Clown’s Death (Oil on MDF)

Water Birds (Oil on MDF) 177

Jette van der Lende Norway My paintings tell stories by focusing on what is important in life­­ social, political and personal issues that affect us all. I portray ob­ jects that symbolize these issues, combined in purposeful ways, of­ ten against black backgrounds in order to focus complete attention on them, as if illuminated by spotlight. Even though certain subject matters and the circumstances or situations they represent may be difficult for some to contemplate, I seek the beauty within them re­ gardless. By painting portraits of common things, I remove all con­ notations that may relate to specific people, places or times. It is the universality of these symbols and what they represent that is signifi­ cant­­ to all of us, no matter who we are. At the same time, I paint in such a way that these compositions can be taken entirely at face value and appreciated on purely aesthetic terms, as classic represen­ tational still­life’s, without the necessity of referencing anything be­ yond that. But the invitation is always extended to explore as deeply and thoughtfully as one might wish.

I don’t want to see behind your mask, it is too painful (Oil on canvas) 178

Lucky Star (Oil on canvas)

Brainstorm (Oil on canvas)

Life is protected (Oil on canvas)

Hope (after the masacre July 22, Utoya ) (Oil on canvas)

The beauty of transition (Oil on canvas)

Liberty of Speech (Oil on canvas) 179

Jasna Gopic

United States of America

Paris (Nail polish on vellum paper)

Tesla and dove (Nail polish on plywood) 180

Happy Walk (Nail polish on canvas)

Arrival to San Diego (Nail polish on canvas) I paint from inspiration found in my inner world, my dreams and visions. Depends on my mood and what is going on inside me at the time,I paint in a wide range of styles, from realism, to impres­ sionism to abstract. My Passion is painting with nail polish. Besides using nail polish, I use acrylic, oil, and do photography.

Youth & Maturity (Nail polish on canvas)

Ballerina and Hummingbird (Nail polish on canvas)

Music lover (Nail polish on canvas)

Coronado Bridge – San Diego (Nail polish on canvas) 181

Janez Stros Slovenia

You are an angel to Number 5, 2016 (Oil on canvas)

You are an angel to Number 2, 2016 (Oil on canvas) You are an angel to Number 4, 2016 (Oil on canvas) Janez Štros was born in 1964. Janez Štros mainly creates abstracted works with technique oil on canvas. This means to hem free and unlimited space where he can show hes own perception of the world, creating new, exciting world of infi­ nite multiplictiy of messages. Janez Štros paints the stories of inside experiences. His works of art begin in combination of methodical choice of the colour palette and the tale of coincidence. This is an approach which was introducedby Breton manifestand and the theory of subconscious. Paintings of Janez Štros are made in the technique of oil on canvas. They are created from the inner urge, the desire to profess, to disclose his moods and feelings, personal spiritual states, thoughts and insights. Contents, in which the flow of subliminal is trapped, have an effect on the level of abstract, although illusory forms emerge in them that allude to the subject of reality. The author opens up the door to the most intimate corners of the soul with colors. They are his allies, confidants, partners in discussion, and conveyers of harmonious states, suggestions and symbolic messages. Although a colouristic hedonist, he never uses the entire spectrum, but for each painting chooses its own color concept. He enriches it with endless overflows, shine, stream, synthesising and spreading of color. Layers of color are applied in multi­layer overlap. This re­ sults in a unique painting, characterized by a special softness of alloy of colors and countless diverse traces combined in the composition of free, open, dynamic scenes in vivid, pulsating images. With each creation Janez Štros discloses a part of his truth, the art visualization of which consequently represents an experience of personal catharsis. Mysterious face (Oil on canvas, 2012) 182

Hercules 2015 (Oil on canvas, 2015)

Blue Angel (Oil on canvas, 2014)

You are an angel to Number 1, (Oil on canvas)

You are an angel to Number 24, 2016 (Oil on canvas)

Battle of the gods (Oil on canvas, 2012) 183

H. Allen Benowitz United States of America H. Allen Benowitz, self­taught photographer, born and raised in Brook­ lyn, NY, and graduate from the Interboro Institute of Business in Man­ hattan, migrated to Miami, FL, in the 1960s, where he currently resides. He spends time at his log home in Burnsville, NC. Mr. Benowitz has been invited to Morocco by His Majesty, King Mohammed VI, to photo jour­ nal his country’s Moussem de Tan­Tan festival, declared by UNESCO a World Heritage for Peace and the Humanities. He is a repeat Selected Nominated Finalist ­ International Color Awards Photography Masters Cup Competition; Awarded Special Recognition in the top 50 of the 2014 Juried International January Art Competition by Art Quench Gallery, ti­ tled “A New Beginning.” More recently, his work has been on display at the Louvre in Paris, the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York City, and Spectrum-Miami/Art Basel, Miami, FL. Recognition for his work includes honorable mention, International Kodak Contest; winner, American Institute of Architects global competition. His work has also appeared in galleries in Florida, Massachusetts, New York, and North Carolina. Among numerous publications are The ARTnews, Lau­ rel of Asheville, Art & Beyond, Art Business News magazines, and 2014 International Contemporary Artists art book. Mr. Benowitz has also been chosen as one of Art Business News’ Top Emerging Artists for 2014. In March 2016, he was presented with six Winner and Nominee Medals in the 9th Annual International Color Awards Competition. His photo subjects include Nature, wildlife, people, architecture, and ad­ venture travel.

Gehry’s Guggenheim Bilbao (Original photographic archival pigment ink print; acrylic mount; 30” x 20”; limited edition of 15)

Golden Buddha I (Original photographic archival pigment ink print; acrylic mount; 20”x30”; limited edition of 15)

La Medina Archway (Original photographic archival pigment ink print; acrylic mount; 30” x 20”; limited edition of 15) 184

Cloud Revelation (Original photographic archival pigment ink print; acrylic mount; 20” x 30”; limited edition of 15)

Bedouin­Berber Tribesmen III (Original photographic archival pigment ink print; 20” x 30”; limited edition of 15)

Virea Rhododendron Petals (Original photographic archival pigment ink print; acrylic mount; 20” x 30”; limited edition of 15) 185

Elzbieta (Ela) Mierzecka­Pain Australia

Loving 186


In red (Watercolour)

Magic walk (Oil on canvas) Let me take you on a journey of energy and cre­ ation.The most important feature in my work is the energy flowing, I feel it and I convey it in my work. As art is creative, it is good to concentrate on a positive energy thus expand it. My motto is ‘Let’s paint a better world’. Be positive, be creative, and share it.

Earth energy

Waterfall 187

Clemens Briels Netherlands With a feeling for contracts, he transforms daily themes into bold and different but pleasantly acces­ sible images. Colorful, with obvious Latin American influences. With a lack of respect for the academic straightjacket of perspective. Briels is a sculptor and painter. He creates glass sculptures and design furni­ ture, and his signature is and will always be a cheerful and optimistic outlook on life.

Aged (Inkjet Archival Print, Edition 3)

Sandakan memories VII (Acrylic on paper on canvas)

Saba tales (Acrylic on paper on canvas) 188

El paisaje de las sopresas (Acrylic on paper on canvas)

Sandakan memories I (Acrylic on paper on canvas)

Malaysian memories III (Acrylic on paper on canvas)

If you can’t fly, lift (Poly raisin)

Saba tales III (Acrylic on paper on canvas) 189

Beyti Barbaros

United States of America

Blue Beacon (Print on canvas)

Crimson Night (Print on canvas) 190

Born in 1977 in Turkey, lived most of his life in the city of Izmir which is located at the shore of Aegean Sea that is considered California of Turkey. Moved to United States in 2007. Like many photographer, his first steps into photography was following his son`s first steps. Then he realized he found his life`s passion. He is a Philocalist (lover of beauty) and feels lucky to live right next to the most wonderful city in the world, New York City. This City is considered The Center of The Universe by mil­ lions of souls who were lucky enough to witness her beauty with their own eyes or living their life dreaming of seeing that.When his love for NYC met his unique photography skills, the magic began. Beyti believes once you love something with your whole mind and soul, there is nothing you cannot learn. His more than 10 years of completely self­taught photography skills and out of the box approach to New York City creates photographic artworks you have never seen before. When you think about NYC pictures, every photo might have been taken thousands of times by thousands of photographers. His unique point of view, thinking and editing style allows Beyti to create scenes like you’ve never seen before from any photographer.

Brooklyn Night (Print on canvas)

Brooklyn Brisde (Print on canvas)

Lower Manhattan (Print on canvas)

Rooftop (Print on canvas)

Alone in the sky (Print on canvas)

Summer night (Print on canvas)

Hold your breath (canvas) 191

Miguel Lee足Leon United States of America

Large trowels create compositions of a mixture of acrylic, latex and marble dust. The process contains thin layers of vibrant color, each overlapping and each layer sanded. The result is an abstract composition with depth and brilliance. Mr. Lee足Leon has always been aspired by the beauty and depth of peeled walls with layers of time足worn paint. His goal is taking man足 made materials to mimic organic surfaces.

Abstract #3064 (Mixed Media)

Abstract #2060 (Mixed Media) 192

Abstract #2064 (Mixed Media)

Don O’Bannon

United States of America

Chesapeake Bay ­ 39 x 26.5 Framed Oil on Canvas $2500

Purple Sunset ­ 30 x 30

Framed Oil on Canvas $3000

44th ­ 24 x 30 Framed Oil on Canvas $3500

Baby’s Easter 24 x 30 Framed Oil on Canvas $2000

I have always loved art and the challenge of painting a three dimensional image on a two dimensional surface. I started drawing when I was old enough to hold a pencil and have continued to sketch and paint throughout most of my childhood and early adolescence. I have an affinity for interesting faces and landscapes. I feel like I have come full circle form those early years when my highest inspiration was to be an artist. I have always collected black art and surrounded myself with paintings, prints, and lithographs from a wide variety of classical and contemporary art­ ists, Pablo Picasso, John Biggers and Jacob Lawrence. Some of my earlier paintings use black, grey, and white colors in oil, sometimes with a touch of color, to produce powerful images rich in texture and expression. I am prolific and simply cannot spend enough time painting to satisfy my pas­ sion. A professional artist once told me it was like communicating with God and not to be melodramatic, I think he is right. You take a blank piece of canvas and over time, an image emerges from that canvas reflecting a vibrant vision of life. I paint not only because I love art but like breathing, I paint because it taps into my creative life force and enhances the quality of my life. Hope you enjoy them as much as I am enjoying the journey. 193

Ale Montanez Spain

Bencomo (Acrylic on canvas)

Out of darkness (Owls) (Acrylic on canvas)

The mermaid of masca (Acrylic on canvas) 194

Unconnected Thoughts (Acrylic on canvas)

Havana 11 (Acrylic on canvas)

Itzanami (Acrylic on canvas)

Balam (Acrylic on canvas)

Alejandro Montañez (Tenerife, Spain). A completely self­taught artist. He has preferred to forego any academic instruction which might prevent him from conveying his particular artistic vision. The output of this young artist falls between abstract and figurative impression­ ism. His first works appear at the beginning of 2007: small scale creations in which, using basic techniques like charcoal, graphite and pastels he begins to create works with a wide diversity of colours together with a certain mystic harmonisation, which will become the principal characteristic of his paintings. By 2008 the paintings of Alejandro Montañez had already begun a process of change, moving to works on a considerably larger scale. The use of acrylics provided him with a fuller range of colour, which will become one of the principle characteristics of his work, in some cases taken to extremes. He will therefore stand out because of his illustrative diversity, which is reflected to a great extent in his work and which at all times causes his intuitive and personal vision of reality to predominate.

Gentleman’s agreement (Acrylic on canvas) 195

Adam MIELU Pakurar Austria

Fruit... (Oil on canvas)

Genesis (Oil on canvas) 196

A.H. (Oil on canvas)

M. (Oil on canvas)

Zig... (Oil on tree)

Born in Serbia with Romanian roots, Mielu Pakurar, 55, has em­ braced Austria as his native home enthusiastically accepting its rich and dynamic culture which has allowed him to develop his abstract art beyond state borders. For this Central European artist, activism is an expression of his soul; he draws inspiration from life and love as motifs or focus to create his work. Such universal interpretation is what this artist will bring to the U.S., establishing a connection through art in the with the rest of the world

Day break (Oil on canvas)

Festival (Acryl on tree)

Mask (Oil on tree)

Windows... (Acvarel) 197

Nkululeko Khumalo South Africa

“Hardship” 2008 (Etching)

“Indishi” 2005 (Digital Print)

Nkululeko Khumalo (b. 1980) is curator who originates from the Vaal Triangle currently known as Sedibeng, south of Johannesburg South Africa. Nkululeko is an artist herself specializing in printmaking as well as a world renowned curator, she is travelling all over the world promoting vi­ sual artists from South Africa. The body of works Khum­ alo is representing tells a story on the lively hood of South Africans life stories. This Art Lab promises to give you a broader appreciation for the art, culture and heritage that the artists depict in their work. “Lost Identities” 2006 (Digital Print)

“Kasi Life” 2007 (Lithography) 198

Andrew Tshabangu South Africa

Many of Andrew Tshabangu’s photographs might be described as “documentary” in their style and subject matter. Yet the real­ ism typically associated with photographic practice is matched in Tshabangu’s work by an other­worldly quality­it seems. To use a biblical phrase. Each of the images presents a view that is refracted, obscured or curtailed in some way. This limitation is partly inevitable – the camera lens is always selective.

Rear­view mirror 2004 (Printed on archival paper)

Man Washing clothes 2003 (Printed on archival paper)

Window­Rain on shield 2004 (Printed on archival paper) 199

Arso Ivanovich

United States of America

Future (Oil on canvas) 200

My art is my world. My world is my painting. My painting is my life. My artistic inspiration was always looking be­ yond conventional lines and dimensions. When I discov­ ered my secret frozen painting watercolors technique I knew I have finally broken the barriers! I refined this uniquely creative method to use with oil as well. Since then the limits of my creativity has been only my imagi­ nation. I guard this secret technique jealously. Artists who have had the most influence on me are clearly the master artists Dali and Picasso because of their visionary approach to reform traditional art. I strive to present my own visionary inspirations in my own signature style.

Leitmotif (Oil on canvas)

In Her Own World (Oil on canvas)

Portrait of Susan (Oil on canvas)

Victory (Oil on canvas) 201

Arso Ivanovich

United States of America

Dream of Her Soul (Oil on canvas)

American Heritage (Oil on canvas)

Outer Space (Oil on canvas)

American Heritage 2 (Oil on canvas) 202

Inspiration Art Book vol 2017  

Gathering top award-winning artists around the globe in different styles – from abstract to floral, using acrylic or oil, painting landscape...

Inspiration Art Book vol 2017  

Gathering top award-winning artists around the globe in different styles – from abstract to floral, using acrylic or oil, painting landscape...