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Commitment to Sustainability


“Sustainable tourism development requires the informed participation of all relevant stakeholders, as well as strong political leadership to ensure wide participation and consensus building. Achieving sustainable tourism is a continuous process and it requires constant monitoring of impacts, introducing the necessary preventive and/or corrective measures whenever necessary. Sustainable tourism should also maintain a high level of tourist satisfaction and ensure a meaningful experience to the tourists, raising their awareness about sustainability issues and promoting sustainable tourism practices amongst them. “ World Tourism Organization UNWTO , 2004

Framework As we ponder over the future of the hotel industry, we are forced to reflect upon a premise, that is, concurrently, our true conviction. We believe that, on a global scale, the development of this industry will inevitably start adopting more sustainable practices, so as to pursue a more responsible and conscious tourism when it comes to resource management. Convinced that is the right path, at Inspira Santa Marta Hotel we have made a commitment to reduce the environmental impact inherent to our activity, assuming, from day one, a leadership position in implementing a sustainable policy, across our entire operation. Our sustainability policy stands on three major pillars: sustainable development, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Set on doing our share with respect to promoting a more sustainable world and, aware that every step counts, we uphold this commitment every day of our lives and in our every activity. In 2014, we decided to embrace yet another project in this scope, compiling our very first sustainability report, with information referent to 2014 and, whenever possible, and pertinent, to 2012 and 2013. This is the first step of a project we

intend to become biennial, as a logic result of our sustainability policy, which is also focused on raising awareness to the urgency of adopting a more sustainable conduct. It is upon this sense of sharing and full disclosure that we are building our own identity. From here on, we will be presenting the actions and measures implemented at Inspira Santa Marta Hotel concerning our commitment to a more responsible tourism.

“Doing the right thing� is the moto guiding everything we do at Inspira, it is the concept that defines it. Around it we have combined the three fundamental pillars of our identity: environmental sustainability, social responsibility and sustainable development.

Words of Inspiration

General Manager Message

Here, we believe it is possible to manage a socially responsible company, basing its activity on sustainable practices, while simultaneously providing a personalized and innovative offer of superior quality. As a team, we know each day at Inspira is an opportunity to embrace new challenges, set new goals and overcome ourselves.

Sustainability is the essence of Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, our identity, but also what sets us apart from our competitors.

Among the commitments we have taken on, it is worth mentioning the reduction of our carbon footprint, our careful natural resource management or their reduced consumption. However, our commitment is also to the local community. The Inspira Santa Marta Hotel has always been a clear supporter of the local economy and commerce, always preferring products developed in compliance with high ethical criteria and sustainably produced.

“Inspiring and Inspired by Sustainability”

Part of the values that move us is also our will to share. It is this same will that compels us to raise awareness to sustainability issues, drawing our partners’ attention to the need to adopt responsible practices, encouraging them to adopt certification systems.

In the future, the Inspira Santa Marta Hotel intends to become even more of a positive example of an integrated management system encompassing the three pillars of sustainability – sustainable development, environmental sustainability and social responsibility –, encouraging a growing number of hotels to choose this path. The future of this industry lies in responsibility, as the future of the planet lies in sustainability. We need to continue to dream of a sustainable world, with a future filled with dreams, travels, and unforgettable experiences. This is what we wish to offer our guests, moments where they can be closer to what is most real and organic... Nature, from where everything is born!

Nicolas Roucos General Manager Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

“We choose sustainability, we live it day by day, and only with it can we conceive the future.”


Short Description EIn October 2010 was the first time this 4-star hotel in Lisbon opened its doors, on its way to revolutionize the Portuguese hotel industry. Nested in the heart of Lisbon, behind an original Pombaline style façade, a boutique hotel came to life filled with singularities. Defined as a true “urban oasis”, this 4-star hotel managed to merge an excellent service with the most innovative and efficient sustainability practices.

47 Employees Gender






<30 years

30 to 50 years

> 50 years


Central and South Americal Asia PALOP



The Inspira Santa Marta Hotel has 89 quartos, including two fully adapted rooms to fit the needs of reduced mobility guests, along with Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, gym and Spa facilities with six treatment rooms. At the hotel you can also find a restaurant, the Open Brasserie Mediterrânica, with a Gluten Free Certificate by the Portuguese Association of Celiac, two meeting rooms with a maximum capacity of 110 people, and an auditorium, resembling the best movie theatres, with room to host 48 people. The structure also integrates a parking lot with 87 parking spaces, two of them reserved for electric or hybrid vehicles.

Inspira and Sustainability Practices Our Commitment

At Inspira Santa Marta Hotel, we seek to make sure our guests enjoy a singular experience, guided by the principles of sustainability, which can forever remain in their memory. Sustainability is at the core of our values and its presence is felt throughout the entire hotel. Here, we believe that reducing our resource consumption is the only way to minimize the environmental impact of our activity and we are convinced our actions can indeed make a difference in the quest for a more responsible tourism and, consequently, a more sustainable world. Thus, the policy to which we are committed is based on a series of criteria and fundamental norms to reduce the environmental impact of our activity while also contributing to guarantee high safety and health standards, for employees and guests alike. Our annual audit plan covers different areas and, along with our own integrated management system, ensures a periodic inspection of the targets we have established. The results of this type of monitoring allow us to set goals and targets taking into consideration the principle of precaution. On an

environmental level, the criteria are focused on the following areas: Energy and water efficiency; Waste management; Reduction/control of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) associated to our activity; Disclosure of pertinent corporate environmental information. Additionally, our commitment to sustainability does not end with the environmental component, as it also includes a social responsibility aspect that is perfectly integrated with Inspiraâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s identity. Throughout time, we have been developing several initiatives and partnerships in both fields, of which we would like to point out:

Our partnership with non-governmental organization Pump Aid, responsible for installing drinking water pumps in developing countries. Inspira sponsors this project using the revenue generated from selling recycled glass bottles with filtered water from our network, bottled on site; Our partnership with the BIO+SINTRA project, which aims to promote the public’s participation in preserving the natural biodiversity of Serra de Sintra, by spreading the word about the project around the corporate community and participating in biodiversity preservation activities; The creation of seasonal menus at our restaurant, preferably using organic products from local suppliers, acquired through a fair trade system; The commitment of the hotel’s restaurant to the Zero Waste Movement, with the purpose of reducing food waste by supporting families in need; The concession of rooms for meetings/conferences according to the “green meetings” concept.

Our certified practices: ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2008 Certifications Green Globe Certification 2013/2014 Travelife Certification Sustainability System Gold 2013/2014

Our awarded initiatives: 2015 – UNWTO Ulysses Award for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism – 3rd runner up for Innovation in Enterprises. 2014 – Hospitality European Awards – Green Hotel of the Year 2014 2014 – TripAdvisor Green Leaders Platinum 2013/2014 – International Hotel Awards – Best Sustainable Hotel in Portugal

An awarded concept, a rewarded commitment

One of the main focus of our attention is to be able to engage all the parties involved (employees, guests, stakeholders, suppliers) in adopting more sustainable practices. Regarding our suppliers in particular, their choice of a more sustainable path is even determinant to being selected, based on the following criteria: Origin/national Package return policy/ recycled packages; Individual packaging reduction policy; Holding certifications; Good environmental and social practices. When meeting with interested parties, our hotel is a true mobilizing agent to the adoption of sustainable measures in their businesses.

In 2014, payments to national suppliers amounted to 1.8 million Euros, which corresponds to 90% of total payments to suppliers.

Our preference for local products is reflected on the origin of our suppliers: International 7% Suppliers

National 93%

Inspiring actions Actions and Performance

Environmental Performance

In our constant quest for harmony between human beings and their surroundings, we have appointed sustainability as our core value. Supported by the most advanced technologies, we have combined our guestsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; comfort with an efficient resource management.

Back when it was still a project, a sketch of the hotel it would one day become, sustainability was already defining its features. Sprung from an idea, the Inspira Santa Marta Hotel took on a concept and, from an early stage, embraced its mission within sustainability and social responsibility, overcoming all necessary targets to be where it is today.

energy consumption due to its thermal characteristics;

The quality of our services is paired with an integrated management system that guarantees both the reduction of the environmental impact from our activity and the availability of a differentiated service for its guests.

Building Management System (BMS) that controls the hotelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lighting and air conditioned;

Concerning the environmental actions and measures we have taken, we would like to, on a first instance, highlight the decisions made during the construction phase which have decisively influenced our operations: Our choice to rebuild an already existing building, avoiding further ground occupation; The use of low environmental impact materials in the construction; Rockwool insulation; Several rooms featuring cork flooring, a material that reduces

Double glazed windows in all rooms; Light sensors in public areas; Lobby skylight with heat-reflecting film; Card System Master Control Switch (MCS) to control electric and electronic equipment in the rooms;

The use of solar thermal energy, through the 35 collecting panels that occupy an area of 70 square metres, for hot sanitary water.

Environmental Performance in Daily Operation Energy Management The energy consumption resulting from Inspira’s activity refers to electricity, gas and diesel. Electricity is provided, in full, by renewable sources, as this hotel holds green certificates. Among the measures implemented towards our efficiency strategy that aim to, ultimately, reduce our energy footprint, we would like to point out: Training our collaborators in energy efficiency by promoting Inspira’s goals and positive habits in their daily activities. These also include the Spa team, which is run by an outside company. Raising awareness among guests by informing them about the hotel practices – information available on our website, appropriate signage throughout several areas of the hotel (lobby, rooms), information made available on the digital panel at front desk and on LCDs in the rooms, and our offer of accommodation experiences especially designed within the field of sustainability. Implementing operational actions that result in the direct reduction of consumption, such as turning off electronic devices and lights when not in use, daily monitoring of equipment left on after 11pm, adapting the working hours of some

equipment to use/occupation scenarios, adjusting the schedule of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) to the season of the year. Optimizing (remodelling and upgrading) the solar thermal system, which had an impact on the consumption of gas. Implementing a consumption monitoring system (meters), that allows for a more effective assessment of which equipment/ areas consume the most and, thus, define intervention priorities for consumption reduction; Free parking spaces for hybrid and electric vehicles for hotel guests.

We establish goals for a more sustainable world, but we know only the dedication of our employees can help us achieve them.

The engagement of our employees and their participation in environmental management are made possible by our Green Squad – a group of representatives from each department that is in charge of encouraging, monitoring and assessing the progress of the environmental measures implemented, so as to guarantee their continuous development.

Effluents and Solid Waste Management

Water Management

Raising the world’s awareness that every drop matters is as hard of a task as it is necessary.

Reducing our water footprint entails a set of procedures that are aimed at an efficient management of this resource at an internal level, which requires both the participation of all employees and the contribution of all our guests. Several measures have been taken in this sense, of which we would like to point out: Raising awareness among all employees through training sessions on the goals pursued by Inspira in terms of environmental sustainability, promoting a change of habits when performing their duties at the hotel; Implementing low flow aerators in every tap; Installing taps with sensors; Installing dual flush toilets; Using ecolabel biodegradable cleaning hygiene products;

and and

Using detergent dilution control systems; Adopting daily cleaning procedures (e.g., mop floor washing and dishwashing in the kitchen).

At Inspira, all the wastewater we produce undergoes a careful management. From all the important measures implemented for its effective treatment, it is worth mentioning that: All wastewater generated at Inspira goes to the municipal sewage collector to be treated at the city’s Sewage Treatment Plant. All effluents from the kitchen are previously channelled to a grease separator chamber, adapted to the restaurant’s capacity (400 meals per day), before being discharged to the collector. Water from the parking lot area is channelled to a hydrocarbon separator, which then goes to a pluvial water pumping box. Rainwater from the roof is collected and drained through irrigation channels connected to downpipes that end in a harvesting box, later going in the municipal collector. Rainwater from the skylight is collected and drained through an independent network towards a detention/retention basin or the municipal sewage system;

Water from the HVAC system is collected through an independent network and led to the rainwater network. We believe a more efficient waste management begins with preventing its very own production. Thus, reducing is the first step towards the path we are committed to. All waste is selectively sorted and channelled to its appropriate destination by authorized waste management agents. Most of the waste we produce undergoes recovery operations. In order to prevent any waste production, we have established a set of actions, as for example: Ongoing training of our employees on the topic of waste management; Providing information about Inspira’s waste management policy and practices to our guests; Procedures to reduce the use of paper in several areas/activities of the hotel (e.g., printing on both sides; reusing paper whenever possible; hotel directory, phone books and newspapers are only available online); Take back suppliers policy;

Polystyrene packages are not accepted; Large volume packages for events are the clients’ responsibility. All waste is weighed and selectively separated. As all Inspira areas are equipped with recycling recipients, waste is sorted, in its majority, by employees and the guests themselves. All our organic waste is sent to Valorsul composting central, as part of the “+Valor” – Organic Waste Selective Collection Program. Regarding the paper we do use, in 2014, we subscribed the Food Bank “Paper for Food” initiative, in which all the paper raised is converted in food, which is then distributed among the charity institutions supported by the Food Banks that joined this initiative. In the hopes of reducing food waste and the production of organic waste, at Inspira we have adapted the buffet food replenishment to its effective needs. Additionally, we have joined in on the Zero Waste movement that collects products derived from food surplus that are then distributed among social charity institutions. The quality of the food donated is guaranteed by Inspira.

As part of our staff training policy in waste management, we have regular visits to Valor Sul, a Solid Waste Recovery and Treatment company for the regions of Lisbon and west of Portugal.

Emissions Management The certificate of carbon emissions compensation (Ecoprogresso) referent to 2014 includes direct greenhouse gases emissions, on a total of 122 tCO2e. These emissions were neutralized by the acquisition of carbon credits (Verified carbon standard VCS) generated through a wind power project located in the Tamil Nadu region of India. Looking to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, at Inspira, we have been progressively taking actions that aim to reduce our electric energy consumption, as for example: Replacing several equipment; Adopting operational measures and organizing awareness-raising activities to the importance of reducing electricity consumption amongst our employees and guests; Performing changes to the solar thermal system, which allowed to reduce our gas consumption; Acquiring an electric vehicle for the hotel, which is integrated in our GHG reduction strategy, rather than choosing to acquire a normal vehicle; Implementing meters for an accurate consumption monitoring.

The wind power project located in Tamil Nadu, the southern state of India, allows to replace fossil fuel generated electricity with green energy. Hence, we are preventing the emission of 70,000 tons of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. The project was financed by carbon credits, in which Inspira participated, turning it into an economically viable project and of great strategic importance for the region.

Products and Services Management The main impacts associated with the products and services made available by Inspira concern resource consumption (energy and water), waste production, liquid effluents and emissions, particularly greenhouse gas emissions. At Inspira, we provide the following products and services: Inspira Water – Water that is filtered and treated at the hotel, bottled in recycled glass recipients. This water is treated at an appropriate area and is in compliance with the HACCP regulations. The water undergoes a process of reverse osmosis in a semi-industrial system that assures it is fit for human consumption. A certified laboratory conducts monthly analysis so the quality of the water is monitored and guaranteed at all times; Restaurant (F&B) – our preference lies on acquiring products featuring, for example, sustainable fishery labels, and other products, like our tea or coffee, come from fair trade. All the ingredients we use are labelled “sustainable agriculture products”, and are either organic or Protected Designation of Origin products. All packaging must be recycled/recyclable;

Housekeeping – the cleaning and hygiene products we use are selected based on researching their technical specifications and/or the products’ safety. Our preference lies on biodegradable products, with recycled/recyclable packages, holding the necessary permits and licences. Spa – This is a service rendered by an external company. However, all procedures were implemented according to the concept of the hotel, regarding, namely, waste management practices, monitoring electric energy consumptions, low flow aerators and staff training/ awareness-raising activities towards reducing the environmental footprint that is associated with our line of business; Laundry (Housekeeping) - This service is rendered by an external company. Garage – our garage has 2 places reserved for hybrid or electric vehicles, spaces for reduced mobility customers, and an eco-friendly car wash service.

In order to reduce the environmental impact of the products and services rendered at Inspira, we have been adopting measures that aim to diminish our resource consumption, such as: Changing operational processes and some equipment; Training employees and raising awareness amongst guests; Implementing a paperless policy in the offices/front desk and at green meetings; Intervening in our solar panel system with the consequent reduction of the natural gas consumption of our backup boilers; Implementing a purchasing policy that determines, across the different areas, the acquisition of biodegradable products and others using recycled/recyclable packaging.

Nurture our body, mind and soul, respecting ourselves, respecting the Earth.

Desempenho social e económico At Inspira, our quest for a more sustainable world means we also involve the community around us in pursuing social goals that look for the common good. We have always undertook an active role in citizenship education and in the promotion of the principles of equality, diversity and respect. Supporting the local community is part of our identity and the dedication of our employees to the defining values of our conduct allows us to integrate projects and initiatives of great relevance in the community.

Locally, we have established partnerships and protocols with several social work institutions whose projects allow to help, provide shelter or integrate people in different vulnerable conditions. A few of those include: Fundação Rui Osório de Castro, APPDA – Lisboa, Amara, Associação Laço, Grace, Associação Ouvir or Abraço. Internationally, we would like to point out the project that has been with us from the very first day, of which we are proud and honoured to participate in: Pump Aid. Using our Inspira Water project, which filters and bottles water at the hotel, that is then sold at our Bar and Restaurant, we obtain a revenue destined to cosponsoring drinking water pumps in the African region of Malawi. Throughout these 5 years of existence, we have managed to cosponsor 5 water pumps.

Awareness-raising activities:

“Our partners from the public and private sectors are vital to Pump Aid, supporting our mission: to achieve lasting positive change in poor and rural communities by improving the quality, availability and use of water.” Pump Aid

Workshops in collaboration with external entities; Organization of campaigns to collect and donate goods; Team building activities; Celebrating symbolic dates; Educational trips and visits; Social and volunteering.


Our internal social performance at Inspira can be measured by the training and education offered to our employees, through our hiring policy or work conditions we provide. Accordingly, it is worth mentioning that: In 2014, we developed a training plan that included 35h/ employee and covered different areas such as sustainability, sales and marketing, financial system, computer systems, customer service, internal procedures, hotel management and catering, protection/Occupational Safety and Health at Work systems. Inspira subsidizes in full all training costs related with current and future positions of hotel employees. At Inspira we believe in equal opportunity and diversity and these principles rule our entire operation. Our staff includes people from different nationalities, as this is not part of the selection criteria at our hotel. The same applies for religion or creed, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. Equality is likewise extended to all forms of address and career opportunities between genders. There are no differences in salary compensation between genders in the same position. At Inspira, we value human rights and shun any form of

discrimination. Our conduct and professional ethic code is made available to all our employees in the form of our Inspira Employee Handbook (HSM.HR.016. Employee Handbook). All new employees are given a copy with a brief presentation on how Inspira operates. Our integrated management system policy is available on our website, in the lobby and at our lounge room, the Green Nest. This policy includes procedures and conduct codes that aim at promoting the rights and freedoms of the Universal Declaration of Humans Rights, shunning any discriminatory manifestation and corruption practices. The investment in employee selection, training and retention of staff played an important role throughout the past years. As regards to our economic performance, in 2014, Inspira registered a 24% increase in revenue when compared to 2012, as the economic value retained rose 44% in comparison to 2013, and 276% regarding 2012. The distributed economic value grew by 4% in 2014, when compared to 2012, as the largest percentage was allocated to operational costs, followed by costs with salaries.

An Inspiring Path Achieved Goals

Annual electricity consumption at Inspira (MJ) 3700000


3600000 3500000




3300000 3200000




Annual water consumption at Inspira (m3) 8500




8400 8350 8300






Annual gas consumption at Inspira (m3)

The electricity consumption at Inspira is mostly attributed to the HVAC system – heating, ventilating, and air conditioning – hotel’s lighting, rooms, restaurant (lightening, service room equipment and show cooking), kitchen, garage, technical areas and Spa. In this chart we demonstrate the evolution of the electricity consumption through the last 3 years, reporting a reduction of approximately 10% between 2012 and 2014. Over the three years in analysis (2012, 2013, 2014), the water consumption at Inspira has remained between the same limit values, in spite of the increasing of the overnight stays. This consumption is monitored by area, the largest part being allocated to the “remaining areas” (which include common areas), to the rooms and to the administrative areas.

65.000 60.000





50.000 45.000




Natural gas is used in the kitchen and in the boiler rooms. Here we can also verify a decreasing in the consumption during this 3 years period.

Occupied nights per year 22922






On the chart above, we can observe the number of occupied nights at Inspira concerning 2012, 2013 and 2014 and highlight its major increase in 2014.

An Inspiring Future Goals

Guided by the principles we have chosen to honour, and convinced we are â&#x20AC;&#x153;doing the right thingâ&#x20AC;?, on a path we wish to see our partners and suppliers take for themselves, we have set goals and targets we believe we can fulfil through the commitment and dedication of a focused and motivated team like ours. Proud of all we have been able to accomplish, we project our main lines of action for the future. These entail creating value, protecting the environment, valuing our employees and satisfying our clients, without whom we would have surely been unable to reach the success that has marked our 5 years of existence. When establishing positive economic goals, increasing our GOP and REVPAR or striving to integrate a network of sustainable hotels, we are also working towards laying down targets in the field of consumption reduction (paper, electricity, gas, water, CO2 emissions), of energy resource management efficiency, of certification renovation or of, among many other, the promotion of environmental awareness among our employees, guests and the local community.

In the following table, we present our goals in more detail, defining our path for the next years.



Goal Reach the estimate GOP for 2015 which represents an approximate 22%increase comparing to 2014’s GOP.

Create Added Value

Economic Performance

Hit or overcome the annual REVPAR (70,83EUR). Implement an upselling strategy in every department, raising annual sales in 10%. Cooperate with a Green Hotels network, promoting Inspira within it, raising the sales in 10% of the global revenue.

Effluents and Waste Emissions Environment Conservation

Contain paper usage (2 paper units/guest). Maintain the 2014 recycled waste percentage: 80%. Reduce CO2 GEE (scope 1 and 3) emissions in 2% comparing to 2014 (do not exceed 168 ton CO2e). Reduce electricity consumption in 4 % comparing to 2014.


Reduce gas consumption in 10 % comparing to 2014. Improve energetic resources management through the implementation of an energy monitoring management system.

Water Environmental Certifications

Reduce water consumption in 3 % comparing to 2014. Renew ISO 14001 and Green Globe Certifications. Comply with the established annual training hours: 35h of training per employee.

Training and Education

Organize 10 sustainability initiatives. Invest in management team coaching so that each of the individuals becomes able to assume its own department financial issues.

Investment in Employees

Reduce the employees’ departure in 2% comparing to 2014.


Minimize the executive team turnover to 0%. Manage and encourage the team according to Inspira’s values and principles, improving the Heidrick & Struggles “staff survey” ranking. (Invest in team building actions, external entity team coaching)

Health and Safety at Work

Avoid the raise of work accidents of 2014: 4 work accidents maximum. Comply with the established standards of laboratory tests (water/food): achieving 90% of the standards.



Goal Consolidate a position between the best scored 3 hotels regarding on line reviews: attain a score of 90%. Have no entries in the complaints book. Achieve a clients’ satisfaction score equal to 85% or more.

Costumers Satisfaction

Product Maintain Gold level in Lusocristal audits (team HACCP): 82%. Responsibility/ Customer Satisfaction Renew ISO 9001, HACCP/Lusocristal Certifications. Invest in specially adapted rooms for reduced mobility guests and develop hypoallergenic conditions. These goals are set to 2015 and 2016. Invest in the maintenance of the building façade in good conditions. Installation of a suspended garden in roof skylight for 2016. Ensure the maintenance of all the existent partnerships and establish new agreements with new entities.

Stakeholders Engagement


Team participation in 3 initiatives. Focus on the stakeholders’ engagement, carrying out initiatives that enable the sharing of the hotel’s sustainability actions and promote the hotel’s activity and its value chain.

The defining goals of our daily actions are what allow us to provide our clients with what we have committed to since day one: a unique experience at an urban oasis, a place where the individual is in harmony with the surrounding environment. With us, everything comes down to pursuing a simple dream... to make others dream and feel inspired! To create, in an urban environment, a place where your feet can be closer to the earth, where colours and fragrances surround us in a dance that will change us... forever!

Profile for Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

Sustainability Report - Inspira Santa Marta Hotel  

This is the light version of the first sustainability report of the Lisbon city center green hotel Inspira Santa Marta Hotel. “Doing the ri...

Sustainability Report - Inspira Santa Marta Hotel  

This is the light version of the first sustainability report of the Lisbon city center green hotel Inspira Santa Marta Hotel. “Doing the ri...


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