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Making Sense... Simply the best events


1. Recap 4. How this will form the brand creation

2. Defining the problem

3. Creating the Solution

5. A launch strategy

6. Next steps.


The current brand

The current brand concept is colourful, simple and of course contains your name but says very little about what “makes� you the best with little or no reference to your business proposition and lacks a definitive graphic hook and a marketing vision.

Following our discussion, taking your concept and current brand into account we have honed your purpose and developed a brand which will help you to stand out amongst your competitors.

The Problem

How do you stand out and engage your customers with a compelling and unique offer in a very crowded marketplace

The Solution

Communicate ‘Simply the best‘ as the market leaders in events, providing clients with a single and simple point of contact, whilst celebrating their unique position of owning and operating everything in house.

This means your customers only have to deal with one supplier and ultimately save money by working with you in the long term

So how do we communicate this...

Concept One

We celebrate the name of the business in a crowded marketplace, simple is the best...

“events made simple� moving you from a brand that conveys very little to a powerful and compelling mission statement

Concept Two

we make the name of the business

a celebration in it’s own right

Concept Three

events are about people...

events are about experiences...

“Celebrate it together�

creating a brand that understands how to deliver amazing shared experiences

Thank you

Simply the best events

Profile for Inspira Digital

STBE Brand Presentation  

STBE Brand Presentation