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a collection of captured light - bert weare

husky and starch

Bert Weare - Trailer trash, salty sea dog, real life bearded super hero? How about, young(ish) talented photographer that's plying his trade in the UK and more notably, around the rest of the world as Neil Stewart's Assistant and 2nd shooter. Bert Started taking pictures when he was 15, self confessed terror to painting and drawing, very much enjoying art but ultimately frustrated by it, he finally found the right tool to express himself, until his surfing habit kicked in that is. Then... after 12 years working as a Marketing Manager and an Account Manager he rediscovered his camera, quit his job and never looked back! Bert Weare - High energy pictures using natural light and a little bit of happiness

s i v e //l

M&S living the dream

fat face

extrem sports

me s

e m e r t x / /

e m e r t x / /

just for fun

just for fun

husky and starch clovelly bideford devon m: 07792 292 847 e: w:

Rob Weare  

Recet portfolio work from Bert Weare

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