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Making Sense Bread & Circus branding ideas

route one

A loose, expressive mark that showcases a chef’s creativity, passion and expertise. Inspired by drizzles of oil and balsamic vinegar used throughout Mediterranean cuisine, a suite of drizzles, splatters and wipes have been created to sit with the clean, modern logo type. The dark balsamic colour has great stand out over light and airy surfaces and used sparingly results in dramatic layouts across menus and other brand collateral as well as a website. The flexibility of the drizzles that accompany the logo type result in a fresh and engaging approach - displaying the fiery, Mediterranean passion that goes into Bread & Circus’ dishes.

bread &


The flexible logo mark ensures a striking, fresh brand.





1. The slight drizzle across the top of the menu page results in an elegant and dramatic contrast. Using a lot of white space in the design shows a definite confidence about the quality of the establishment - the food, the experience, the brand. This is all strengthened with the use of the clean, modern font.

bread enu

breakfast m


Half p

ink g


rapef r



e gra


t free


fruit s





li Pastr ies & muffi ns Coffe e & te as Cold press ed ju ices &

£3 £5

yogh urt

£6 £4 £3 smoo


£3.50 £4.50

route two

This logo combines common Mediterranean food ingredients in the form of an olive and incorporates it within the ampersand of the brand name. The logo also has a double meaning by incorporating two olives / two plates it suggests the idea of sharing. The typeface chosen is customised version of the typeface “Daniel�. This is a hand scripted typeface that brings a friendly character & authenticity to the brand while remaining modern & high value. The ampersand / olive graphic mark can also be used in isolation to provide you extra flexibility on who you apply your brand to elements such as menus & sign-age.


1. The branding uses a restricted colour palette that allows it to work on white or on a solid colour background.

BRAND APPLICATION & GRAPHIC MARK 1. This example menu demonstrates how the graphic mark can be used in isolation even as an abstract mark in the background or as a header element of the menu.

Half p in

k gra


Supe rfoo


d frui

Hous eg

t sala



ranol a, Gre e

Whea t free

mues li Pastr ies & muffi ns Coffe e & te as Cold press ed ju ices &


k yog


£6 £4 £3 smoo


£3.50 £4.50

thank you

+44 (0)1271 344 265

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