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This magazine is not meant to just browse through or to be read in one sitting. Read each story one at a time. Take breaks, step back, bookmark it and open it up again when you need an inspiration. All stories are true stories. Sit back, get comfy and enjoy the first issue of Insoul.

Letter from the Editor:

If you are reading this, I did it!! I published my first issue of my own

magazine. I have had the dream of creating a magazine for the last 10

years, a least. I have always loved

making collage, scrapbooking and learning about other people’s lives. It was a perfect match to go together.

At the beginning of 2012, I joined a mentoring program and my

mentor is passionate about teaching others to go after their dreams..

So here I am today. Big thank you to Pamela Crim for inspiring

me to go after this dream. Also big thank you to my Smokin’ Hot Mama army for supporting and believing in my dream. If it

wasn’t for each and every one of you, this dream would of not came a reality.

For everyone reading this, go after your dream! Loving Life,


Written by: Anela Borrego-Flores

One of my favorite sayings is, “Life is 10% what happens and 90% what you make it”. It’s a philosophy I adopted when I was a little bitty girl and through life’s challenges it reminds me there is always something to be grateful for. I hope my story reminds you to take life’s hardships and turn them into your blessings, your gifts and your strengths.

My Blessing

When you think of a child growing up in America, in the 1980s, you wouldn’t likely think of no electricity, no running water, an outhouse bathroom, no refrigerator (which meant no milk or ice cream), a wood-burning oven and a family of four living in a one room house, but yes, this was my childhood. With two hippie-like parents and pennies to our name this is how we lived, and guess what…it was amazing! It taught me that stuff, is just stuff, and at the end of the day it doesn’t define who we are or what we can become. It taught me to play outside, interact and play with my brother, be creative…use my brain. All skills that I am now so grateful I have. I could have felt sorry for my situation, I could have regretted not having more, but growing up in this way, and what it taught me, was well beyond what money can buy.

Anela and her brother in their younger years.

My Gift My parents went through an ugly divorce, and when I say ugly, I mean super ugly. They fought while they were married and then they figured they ride out the chaos by engaging in a divorce that took seven years to settle. Seeing this type of relationship really made me think about what I wanted for my own future relationship. Seeing the anger that existed between my parents made me look for a partner that was compassionate, kind, loving…and that’s just what I found. My husband is one of the sweetest men I know. The situation also made me think of how I personally wanted to participate in a marriage and in turn taught me communication, honesty and laughter are crucial in terms of creating a pleasurable, loving partnership. And above all, the situation between my parents taught me forgiveness. I adore both my parents and although they often acted like wild animals when I was a child, they have grown and matured so much. Instead of holding on to past hurts I enjoy and love them for the people they are today. If I wouldn’t be able to let go of the past, I’d miss all they joys they bring to the present. Women often have such a hard time with forgiveness, but letting go and appreciating what is, is one of the most liberating and joyful things you can do with your life.

My Strength In January of last year I lost my older brother to suicide. He was very best friend. He was my workout partner, my one I’d talk to about big dreams and big plans, and the one I went to whenever I needed someone. He was the picture of strength and never in a million years would I have guessed his life would have ended in the way that it did. His death taught me that we really do need hope and sometime we need others to help us realize hope is always there, even when we may feel it’s not.

Anela and her husband, Edward.

Since the day he died I have asked God to show me how he wanted me to take the tragedy of his death and turn it into a ray of light for someone, somewhere. Therefore, every day I aim tell people how beautiful, special and amazing they are. It is my hope that how I talk, how I act, will hopefully remind others, especially those that are going through moments of struggle, even after the darkest of nights there is always the promise of a bright new day.

So with all that said, may peace, love and happiness be what resides within you. Make today amazing! + Anela lives in Las Cruces, NM with her husband and 11month old baby girl. She has a true passion for fitness, wellness and enjoying life. She owns and operates a fitness boot camp in Las Cruces ( and works with clients from all over the country as a Holistic Health Counselor (

Anela and her daughter, Ara

Sanity Hour Written by: Rhonda Berlin

Left to Right: Kristina (Rhonda’s best runner friend), Rhonda, Katie (Rhonda’s oldest daughter)

"I'd only run if somebody was chasing me." "I've heard that running is bad for you anyway." "You're crazy." These are just a few of the responses I get when I tell people that I am training for a half-marathon. Today I read an interview with a popular fitness guru stating that distance running is bad for women anyway and we should knock it off.

She gave a scientific-sounding reason which states that after 30 minutes of running the body is using muscle for fuel. So therefore, high intensity interval training was clearly all that we require. She disparaged female runners as appearing "dough-y". No more high mileage mamas? Is a hard body her only workout goal? Sure, I'd like to be buff, but that's not what I'm thinking about on a run with my best runner friend. Kristina is Mom to a toddler and a newborn. She calls our Saturday morning runs "sanity

hour". We often exchange Friday night texts that go something like this: "Run tomorrow?" "You bet. It's chaos over here." "I'll try not to puke on you. ;)" "Please, at this point I wouldn't even notice" We've never met a problem that can't be solved in 3-5 miles. We talk about kids, husbands, jobs, food (lots of food) and whether or not this year's American Idol winner deserved to win (almost never). When my oldest daughter was ten she decided to train for and run an entire 5K. I told her that it was ok to walk some of it. She told me that it was not ok. She followed her training program with intensity. I accompanied her on most of her runs and I was surprised to find yet another running friend in her. On runs she told me about the kid who was annoying her in school and her

favorite books. We talked about music and I told silly stories about my brothers. On one outing I confessed that sometimes a run had the power to put me in a better mood. She completed that 5K and she didn't walk. More importantly, she didn't whine. One night, she appeared in the kitchen red-faced and sweaty. I asked what she had been doing and she said, "I had a kind of crappy day, so I got on the treadmill for awhile." I asked if she wanted to talk about it and she said, "That's ok. You were right. The run made me feel better." No, I will not be giving up my runs. I may never have a hard body and that's fine. Running never promised one. How could I give up sanity hour? Maybe this Saturday we'll make it two. +

Rhonda Berlin runs and writes in Erie, Pennsylvania on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie. She and her husband Ken are busy raising two beautiful daughters, Katie and Mandy. Read more about her wild journey at and find KidsRunningWildBlog on facebook.

Enjoy Marriage Daily

Make it a point to never separate without a kiss. Even if you are just going to the store down the street, even if you are in a middle of an argument, even if you are in a hurry. Make it a habit to always say bye this way, with


Marriage is a vocation, a beautiful gift from God. Be grateful to the Lord and enjoy every day with your spouse ♼ Visit Enjoy Marriage Daily on facebook.

In Memory of Nicole Nicole happily married her sweetheart Stu in August 2005 but began having medical problems shortly afterwards. She was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer in 2006 and had surgery, followed by treatments of chemotherapy. Some good news came that the cancer was in remission and we rejoiced with Nicole, Stu and our families! Nicole kept a journal throughout her illness to keep us all informed and she remained positive and focused throughout. She believed in the saying "LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH" and lived her short life to the fullest. Unfortunately, bad news came that the cancer was back and more surgery and chemotherapy was needed. Nicole's team of friends and family, named Nicole's Army held fundraisers, such as dinners and yard sales to help raise funds for medication not covered by Health Care and supported her through the good and the bad days. She continued to fight the disease for 4 years and was an inspiration to us all. Sadly we lost Nicole on April 7 of 2010 but she lives on in our hearts and through our Random acts of kindnesses. Nicole would have celebrated her 36th birthday on July 18th, 2010. She loved to celebrate her birthday week. Before she passed away from her courageous batter to cancer, she mentioned to her mother how the world had gotten too busy and we were getting less tolerant of each other. She wanted to set something up promoting Random Acts of Kindness (RAK), a nice break from the all-too-familiar events of fund-raising for the Cancer Society and more specifically her own treatments. But, unfortunately, she never got the chance. In memory of Nicole and to celebrate her "Birthday Week", her mother created a facebook event, asking family, friends and complete strangers to go out and do a RAK. The RAK didn’t have to be anything big: listening to a friend's story; smiling at the people we pass on the street; doing a favor for someone spontaneously; or offering a word of encouragement are simple, beautiful acts of kindness. When they were to do the RAK, all her mother asked was for them to think of Nicole! Over 10 000 people joined the event. People all over the world joined in doing a random act of kindnesses and shared their stories on the event page. People paid for the person’s coffee behind them in the drive-thru, donated food and clothes, helped neighbours, paid for people’s groceries. That is just to name a very few of the many random acts of kindnesses that were done. The world was made a better place because of Nicole. Next time you do a random act of kindness, please think of Nicole. + To help celebrate Nicole’s 38h birthday, join the facebook event

Happily Ever After Written by: Angela Perez

Eddie and I had been married later, I found out he’d been having an for 13 years when my world came affair for almost a year and a half. shattering down. I’ll never forget the I’m not stupid or naïve. This evening he told me he wasn’t happy in affair was happening entirely during our marriage any longer and would be his work hours. He was always home leaving to stay with his parents the at the same time and none of his next day. My emotions were all over routines changed. When I found out the place. I was angry, hurt, sad, and my feelings went haywire again. He felt disbelief all at the same time. I said he wanted things to work out didn’t understand how this could be between us and ended the affair. happening. I thought our marriage We worked on our marriage for was fine. We hadn’t even had an a year, but neither of us had learned argument in months. what we really needed to learn to save The next day after work, he our marriage, so that year was worse came home, packed some things and than when he was having the affair. left to his parent’s home. That was He was distant and we both resented just the beginning of the most trying 2 each other. Neither one of us was years of our marriage happy, so a year and my life. after we decided to The past needed to Eddie and I met in stay together, I high school my decided it was time stay in the past and sophomore year. We’re for us to be apart. your typical high school I filed for we could only look sweethearts and I was divorce and the always sure we’d beat kids and I moved to the future. the odds. We were the out. Five months ones who were going to later we were make it, or would we? divorced and that day he asked me out How could my marriage be to lunch. That day was the beginning falling apart? We had always agreed of our new relationship. The past on how to raise our children and now needed to stay in the past and we they were in the middle of all this could only look to the future. He mess. We tried to keep things as needed to prove to me that I was the normal as possible. A few weeks woman he loved and that he only wanted me.

We dated again and began a new chapter in our lives. We were married again on June 16, 2011. We are days away from our first anniversary and it has been a great year. We’ve both learned so much about what it is to be a husband and a wife. We had to fight for the love we want to have and we now know

that if we want our marriage to last we need to work to keep it. We need to cherish each other every day and that’s exactly what we do. +

Angela Perez lives in Corpus Christi, TX with her husband, Eddie and their two kids. She is a second grade teacher and the Big Mama for the Parenting Accountability Group of the Smokin' Hot Mama Club. She believes everyone deserves to live the big life of their dreams and to be happy.

Take time to enjoy the Sunset tonight.

Cinderella Written by: Silvia Gonzalez

When growing up, little girls are known to be delicate dolls that play with tiaras and pretend makeup, that dress up and role play as their favorite fairy tale characters. They live day by day in their world of happiness, dreaming of that brave prince that will rescue them from the dragon or wake them up from a deep sleep to live a happily ever after, they grow up to be Daddy's little girls and dream of one day being a real princess. That is true for most little girls, for me however the story goes a bit different...... My childhood memories begin at around six years old. We used to live in a house that smelled like pine-sol all the time. My mom and I would clean the house while listening to Mexican music, which explains why that music genre is not necessarily my favorite. My dad used to work all day, it seemed like he was never home, a least that's how I remember him, always working. Every day, as he got ready for work I would pray that he would take me with him. Oh what I would have done to go with my Daddy instead of staying home and face my daily nightmare. As I sit here writing my story, I can vividly remember what would happen every day as soon as my dad left the house for work. I didn't play with tiaras or dress up as fairy tale princesses; I had a different adventure to live. My mom would

punish me. I didn't understand what horrible things I could have done to deserve such beatings. She would not just spank me or pinch my arms or slap my face. Her imagination went far beyond the basics. She would use pieces of water hoses, belts, extension cords, and wire hangers, anything that assured her my thin little body was in pain. One day she decided her hands were tired of beating me, she asked me to lay tummy down on the floor, right by her bed. I laid there terrified, unsure of what would happen next. She had a different punishment in mind; she stomped all over my back as if she was stepping on insects. I still remember the feeling of her rage all over my little body. This time she was especially furious, yet again I had no idea what I had done to receive such a beating. Day after day I would hope for her anger towards me to diminish, but it only got more and more intense. Why did I have to trade the world of happiness for this world of fear, pain and sadness? Why didn't Mommy love me? Those questions filled my head through the many years as I grew up. Days and days would pass by before I would go back to school; my bruises had to disappear before going back to class. Many times the attendance officer would knock at

our door, only to hear that I was sick or out of town with relatives. I felt like screaming for help from inside my bedroom, if only someone could hear the screaming little girl inside of me! When my bruises where still noticeable and my teachers would ask what had happened to me my imagination too had no boundaries...the cat scratched me! The dog bit me! I fell off the bike! I rolled down the stairs! Anything but the truth....Mom had told me many times how if anyone found out what was going on at home, she would blame my dad and they would put him in prison...and I would be left alone, with her! For that same reason, the various social workers that would make it to my house because of school or neighbor complaints left empty handed. There was always a logical explanation to my black eyes, cuts and scratches. I was trained to protect them, my aggressors, not myself. More than physical pain, I was suffering heartache! Why did my mom hate me so much? One day, during lunch time in high school, one of my cousins told me "she hates you because she's not your mom". At first I thought he was bluffing, but what if? What if he was telling me the truth? What if she was really not my mom? That made so much sense after putting all the

details together. I did not pay attention on the rest of my classes that day. My walk home after school was extremely different from all other days! Was I devastated to learn this truth!? Nope! I was relieved! My mother did not hate me! She was NOT my mother! No wonder! That was all I could think, no wonder‌all the beatings, hurtful words, differences between my siblings and I. It all made so much sense! Well, that night my father cried like I had never seen him cry before while telling me what had happened. It was evident that reliving that experience caused him so much pain! My parents got married one happy Valentine’s Day. They went on their honey moon to a beach in Mexico. Exactly nine months later my dad was faced with a unique situation; he was the father of a seven pound baby girl, except he was now a single father. My mother had complications during labor and at

her young age of 23 passed away. ten years old and then lost touch My dad named me after her and again...until we started dating! My being 22 yrs old himself and despite mother in law is the most wonderful the offers of my aunts to keep me, lady. I could try to explain in words my love for her but he decided he would there are no words take full that could explain it. responsibility and ‌I look up to Through her, I was raise his daughter. the sky and able to know a little Two years later, he more about my got married to a smile with mom. She is the young girl. She was gratitude as I closest I will ever only 19 when she get to having a acquired a husband realize God mother. and a daughter. My dad was happy; he Every story has an gave me a had given me a antagonist and a happily ever mother. There are protagonist. In my photos of me at story, as the after. around three years of protagonist, I get to age where I am choose whether modeling and being a happy little remaining the victim or becoming girl, however the photos in my the hero. I have chosen to be the memory are completely different! hero. I will not be bitter but instead But like in every fairy tale, there was use my journey to be better: A better a prince charming. One sunny day at mom, a better wife, a better person. EPCC I met this cute guy. After I don't know if I was ever "Daddy's meeting his family we find out that little girl", but I look up to the sky his parents and mine worked and smile with gratitude as I realize together back in Mexico before we God gave me a happily ever after. were even born! His mother knew He sent a brave prince to rescue me. my mother and even rubbed each Prince Charming and I will celebrate other’s bellies while expecting us! our seven year anniversary this July His dad and mine worked on the next to our two beautiful boys (The same shift as security guards! They Curly-Heads). I couldn't ask for a lost touch after we moved to the US, better happy ending!+ bumped into each other again through church while we were about Silvia Gonzalez has been married for seven years with her college sweetheart and is a proud mother of two boys ages five and three. Becoming a mother has been the best thing that could ever happen to her. She is passionate about running, ran her first half marathon in February 2012 and is now in training for a full marathon in November. Silvia enjoys her job as a Sales Associate/Consultant for a national marketing company. One of her missions is to live life to the fullest, just like her mother would have lived.

SAY YES! Written by: Shila Love-Torres

couldn’t see How Much MY ATTITUDE was a contributing factor into our UNHAPPY marriage. After a few Very Rocky Years, My Husband & I decided to try a one income Household. We said YES to sacrifices needing to be made so that we could have time together & work out our issues. I really want you to learn from me, that there is Major Power in the word YES. Yes can be a Life changer if you let it.

Hi… My Name is Shila Love-Torres. I am 30. Live in Des Moines Iowa with my Husband & two adorable Daughters 5 &10. And I have a Secret… You see I am a recovering Couch Potato. The rumors are true. This is a Curable disease.

June 2011 I said YES to signing up for a fitness class… I was at my Heaviest 190. I am 5’4. That’s a lot of weight for my frame. I always had people telling I couldn’t do things in life & I had chosen to let those people’s thoughts of me take power over me. Major Issue there. That First Initial Yes in June started the Ball rolling before I even Knew the Power of it.

I was once told as a kid that I have No Potential. Why try when you are the kid with No Potential. This defining moment, along with no one ever really encouraging me to do better set the tone for my life, & what an Ugly life I lived. I was angry, bitter, and crabby. Who would want to live with that??? My Husband & I even separated for a year because I

Through this Yes I was introduced to AdvoCare Products which really helped get my Fitness & Health going on the right track. I signed up to be a Distributor August of 2011. I had no intentions of Selling AdvoCare. I just knew I Loved the Products, They were helping me step towards my goals & I wanted them at a Discount!

Fast forward to December 2011. I watched a Webcast By Pamela & Lonnie Crim founders of the Smokin Hot Mama Club. Signed up for Mentoring with Pamela, another YES without knowing! Signed up for a Healthy Lifestyles Challenge group for the Year… YES another YES all leading in the right direction. All Life Changing.

helping people reach for their goals. Believe me I know how hard it is to reach out & say YES. And to Keep Saying Yes. I have met the most amazing UPLIFTING people on this journey.

So One Year later I am down 26 pounds, Still working on it every day. Have a Happy marriage with Communication in it. I am February 13th 2012.… Running 5k’s & training Mentoring Challenge. Guess for a Half Marathon. Just Say YES, I What? SAY YES! This is I no longer concern dare you! It the day it all really myself with negative could radically started clicking for me. I people or negative received an email that comments. I am an change your life! SAME day from a woman AdvoCare Advisor & named Mary Hall. She invited living a Life that is me to an AdvoCare meeting. I positively leading me to said YES. Saying Yes, Getting out where I am meant to be! of my Comfort Zone has lead me to a Just Say YES I dare You! It could Carrier in AdvoCare. I am Passionate radically change your life! + about People & I am passionate about Shila lives in Des Moines, Iowa with her husband Ethan & two daughters that keep her very busy! She is an AdvoCare Advisor which allows her to stay home with her Children & make her own schedule. To find out more about AdvoCare please visit

What We Do Matters... More Than We Know Written by: Angie Cantin

This is the story of the day I experienced the most pride and the most humbleness as a mother all at the same time... I was never particularly active as a kid. Always the reader and the band kid, I didn't ever run a smidge more than I was forced to in high school gym class. So it was not without a little bit of wonder and amazement that I found myself getting ready, at age 37, to undertake my first 5k on a cold Thanksgiving morning. Mary, my coworker and an accomplished runner, found me and stuck with me that whole race. Now I interval ran then, still do, and this would be the furthest I'd gone, ever. And though Mary could have lapped me twice, she hung in there all the way to the end. I didn't run a lot of that race, or even probably half of any since. And though I was just about certain I would puke on my shoes, I was very proud of my accomplishment that day. Fast forward to February. It was the week before Valentine's Day and I had a 5k scheduled for that Saturday. I had been training and had set a goal to reduce my time from the run in November. I was at the computer reviewing the race information and my 6 year old daughter Hannah asked what I was doing. I told her and she looked at me and asked, "Can I go with you?". Well that right there changed the whole goal of the race because no way was I going to tell her no. Now the goal was to help Hannah finish her first 5k at age 6! On Saturday, Hannah and I got up and around gathered hats and gloves and headed out for the race. We were running the Erase Hate 5k benefitting The Center Project. We got signed in and got our numbers and lined up. Starting off, Hannah was fast!! I couldn't keep up with her. I'd been pumping her up that our goal was to finish and to finish strong. Eventually she slowed down some and our pace was similar. And then, inevitably, I was cheering her on, encouraging her to keep going when she started to slow, to finish the race and finish strong! We were some of the last to finish, but that didn't matter to us. There was hot chocolate waiting and that was all that really mattered. After the race, we headed out for a celebratory lunch at a local 50s style diner. We had a great time, a mother- daughter bonding type lunch, and then got in the car to head home. And that's when the epiphany hit. I was not only trying to improve my life, self, health. It was changing the life experiences of my family! I never did a 5k with my mom, I'll tell you that. I was so moved by the whole experience, I cried the whole way home!

Hannah went on to spend the following summer as a member of the local youth track club. My husband lost 30 pounds by exercising and cutting back on his eating, my son played t-ball and soccer, and I completed a half marathon that fall with my family - my kids - cheering me on. I learned on that chilly February day that when we embark on improvements to ourselves, to our lifestyles, it is not only ourselves we are impacting. +

Angie Cantin makes her home in Columbia, MO with her kids, Hannah and Billy, and her husband Bill. She enjoys reading and the outdoors and looks forward to many more active adventures with her family.

“There is no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one." That was the quote that started it all. Well, at least it started The Mom Challenge at Live A FabuLESS Life. The idea is simple - 1 year, 52 weeks, 52 mini challenges to better strengthen relationships between mother and child. So far there have been challenges such as eating dinner with your children, making sure you have realistic expectations, celebrating the little things and how to raise a reader. The challenge is a fun way to remind ourselves of simple ways to we can be the best mom we can be. There is also a forum where you can connect with other moms - find out tips, make new friends and discuss, well, just about anything! Check out The Mom Challenge at Live a FabuLESS Life. You can start in at any time doing all of the challenges or just a few. Challenges are posted every Wednesday – can't wait to see you there!

JOURNEY TO BE THE BEST ME An interview with Mel Boxer. Interview written by: Laura Savelkoul

Mel’s Stats June 19, 2012 Neck over (adams apple): 15” Right Bicep At armpit: 15.75” Right Forearm Near elbow: 11.5” Right Wrist above wristbone: 6 3/8” Chest (wearing sportsbra): 46.5” Abs about an inch above belly button: 46.5” Waist over belly button: 45.25” Butt fat part of lower belly and butt: 54.75” Right Thigh near groin: 30” Right Calf fattest part: 17” Weight: 235 pounds BMI: 46.1 Shortest Weekly run: 0 miles Longest weekly run: 0 miles Average calorie intake: well over 2500

Mel Boxer is a busy stay at home mom of three children that nobody would take for someone that would have a marathon in her near future. In recent years she has been plagued with many health concerns. The last time in her life when she was running seriously was in 2006 when she trained for and ran a 5K. Since then she stopped exercising, stopped eating healthy and gained 60 pounds. Mel has been struggling with many health concerns like extreme joint pain, muscle fatigue, extreme physical fatigue, vertigo, hemorrhaging in one eye and some heart concerns. She has been to a multitude of doctors including rheumatologists, neurologists, a gastroenterologist and a cardiologist. There have been no definitive answers and seem to be no answers as to what is going on with her body. Mel has shared that some days it is impossible to even get out of bed due to the joint pain, muscle fatigue and vertigo. So why the desire to do a marathon now? A Desire to do something big in life and striving to be a better Mel. Laura: “What race are you doing and when?” Mel:

“I am doing the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 13, 2013.”

Laura: “Why did you choose that race?” Mel: “Well, in short because a friend asked me to do it and it also aligns with my intentions and goals for my big life so I said YES!!! Basically I wasn’t planning on ever doing a marathon as I didn’t feel the need to take that on but I was beginning to have a goal of running consistently again and then eventually running a half marathon. The day before my best friend asked me to do this marathon with her I had watched a mentoring session with Pamela Crim founder of the Smokin’ Hot Mama Club. In that mentoring session Pamela was talking about saying yes to every opportunity that arises that aligns with your intentions. I saw that as sign #1 that I was to do this marathon. Immediately I looked up a running plan from Hal Higdon that I would use to train. The plan was 30 weeks long. The marathon plan was exactly 30 weeks to the day of when the actual marathon day was scheduled. – Sign #2. The day I looked at the running plan it was a Tuesday. Monday on the running plan was a rest day and the running would begin on Tuesday. I took that as another sign that the timing was meant for me. I was not going to even miss a day of training if I started that day. THAT was all I needed to convince me that I was supposed to do this.” Laura: “What is your plan for training towards the race?” Mel: “When I ran my last race in 2006 I used Hal Higdon’s training for the 5K so I trust it and know it works. The actual plan that I’m using for the marathon is called Marathon Training Guide – Novice Supreme. It includes his 12 week Spring Training Program combined with his 18 week novice Marathon Training. The really weird thing is that without even speaking with my friend about this, she and I picked the same program to train with. Just one more sign for me that this is the right thing for me to do at this time in my life. We will have much more with Mel in the next issues and check in with her on her progress. She also has a blog that you can follow her progress as well. The blog address is:

Sidewalk Chalk project started out as project to chalk positive sayings, messages and quotes on sidewalks in her town. Every day since Memorial Day 2011, Suzan have added at least one sidewalk in various cities and towns in Northern Michigan, inviting people to join her. Fans are "chalking in" from around the country and around the world! Recent posts from France, Australia, Texas, North Carolina and more. Join in and chalk a message. Check out Sidewalk Chalk Project on facebook.

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