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Happy Birthday Lovecraft!

On June 15, 1931 Edward Pickman Halloway was seen walking out of his home in Blackstone, Massachusetts for an evening walk. No mention of any suspicious lights were reported on that date. A search following the report of his disappearance scoured the woods of the surrounding area for 5 days. Nothing came of it.

AUTHOR BIO: G.P. Lanciano was born and raised in Massachusetts, so Lovecraft has always hit home for him. He supposes it has something to do with finding out you’ve been drinking water from the Quabin Reservoir (Blasted Heath) your whole life right after reading The Colour Out of Space (Thankfully, he has not turned into an undulating pile of ichor. Yet).


Insomnia Press #2: Happy Birthday, Lovecraft!  

Dedicated to the late, great H.P. Lovecraft

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