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Little Owl and his Trouble z




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Illustrated by VH*

One night in London Town...

There is ...

a little owl family live in an Owl Owl Away Land They live on a tree.

A father, a mother and a Little Owl, Patrick.

Owl family is a little different from other families.

They are awake while others are sleeping

and they are sleeping while others are awake.

BUT... there is just a little problem... While other owls are enjoying their daily lives, Little Patric is feeling sleepy during night time

and he finds it difficult to stay awake.

Why is that so?

Little Owl Owl Away is special. to explore

Patrick feels that he doesn’t belong to the Owl Land. In fact, he doesn’t think that being an owl So, one night while other owls are sleeping, he decides the world.

Then Little Owl Patrick flies up into the sky, up in the air !

He flies higher, higher and higher !

The town is so crowded! Everyone seems so busy!


Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this before! This is so fastinating! He Shouts.

He has been watching everyone’s daily life for a while ...

Until it’s getting darker ...

and darker ...

He decides to fly to somewhere else. Then he stops on a big branch of a tree outside of a warm little house. He saw a mother, a father, and a boy. He starts missing his family and his confy bed too.

He then flies back to the Owl Owl Away Land. Mummy, daddy, I’m coming back!

He runs as fast as he can to hug his mum and his dad once he sees them. “I missed you mummy and daddy” he says. “We missed you too. We were so worried about you darling. We were looking for you everywhere” Dad says. “Let’s go to sleep. I will tell you a bed time story” Mum says. Little Patrick then goes to bed.

When the sky grows dark, the moon grows bright, the stars start to shine. Every owls wake up and start their daily routine, including Little Owl Patrick.

Early night, Little Owl Patrick consults the problem with his mum. “Mummy...there is just a little problem with me...” “What is it darling?” “Well.. I find it difficult to stay awake during night time when I suppose to do many things at school...”

“Hmm?? That’s not a big problem darling. Owl like us need to drink it. We drink it everyday. After school I will take you to Mr. Franklins coffee shop. You need a spe-‐ cial coffee to help you stay awake. But drink this first before school” Mum passes a cup of cofee to Little Owl Patrict. He is not hesitate to drink it.

Since then Little Owl Patrick has never found a problem staying awake. He is happy with his special coffee. It smeels good, tastes good and the best thing is it helps him stays awake ! Nothing could ever beat a night life owl and a warm loving family =)

Little Owl and His Trouble Sleeping  
Little Owl and His Trouble Sleeping  

Little Owl and His Trouble Sleeping