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Top 10 Offshore Outsourcing Buzz Words Call center outsourcing is certainly not a novel industry, and you may be well aware of the  potential   benefits   of   offshore   outsourcing   services.   There   are   many   jargons   related   to  “offshore outsourcing” which can be pretty confusing especially if you are planning to take  advantage of call center services. It  is  important  that  you  understand the most  common  buzz  words  used in  the  offshore   outsourcing  industry. Okay, let’s look at the top ten buzz words associated to call center  outsourcing: 1. Near Shore Outsourcing  This   simply  means  when  a  company  outsources  some  of  its  work  to a  neighbouring  country. 2. Onshore Outsourcing  Onshore or domestic outsourcing is when BPO requirements are met by a particular  company   also   located   within   the   same   country.   In   comparison   to   other  call   center   outsourcing  opportunities,   onshore   outsourcing   can   be   pretty   expensive   particularly  when it regards labor costs, taxes and other related areas of business. 3. Globalization This term simply refers to a  nature  of business  and goods which has  no recognized  boundaries of time, language or countries. 4. Offshore Outsourcing  Offshore outsourcing services are patronized by lots of companies no matter the size  or type. Offshore outsourcing is simply an act where work is outsourced to destination(s)  where   the   labor   and   manpower   costs   is   a   lot   cheaper   than   onshore   or   near   shore  destinations.    5. Crowd Sourcing  This is a process where interested workers are invited through an “open call” (which is  usually online), i.e. Bidding platforms. 6. TCO TCO means Total Cost of Outsourcing/Total Cost of Ownership from the cost of labor to  service   charges   and   from   the   managing   and   implementation   of   fees   that   call   center  services have to bear for a client’s project is included in the TCO term. 7. Virtual Call Center This is a call center where all the agents are located in different places but work as a  team for a company.

8. BPO Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is just another fancy word for call center. Although,  it is also used in a much wider perspective; BPO is split into 2 categories: • Back office outsourcing  • Front office outsourcing  9. E­Outsourcing  This   is   when   a   company   buys   needed   IT   products   or   services   through   the   internet  instead of deploying its in­house resources in order to satisfy this IT need. 10. SLA  Service  Level  Agreement  (SLA)   is  a contract  that  includes   the  terms  and  conditions,  services and charges on which call center services and its clients is agree upon. When contacting offshore outsourcing services such InSO International Call Center, the  industry lingo will not seem like another language to you. Read more –

Top 10 Offshore Outsourcing Buzz Words  

Call center outsourcing is certainly not a novel industry, and you may be well aware of the potential benefits of offshore outsourcing servi...

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