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Offshore Outsourcing Services in India A CBS news reporter once quoted that there are only four reasons why American companies opt for Offshore Outsourcing Services especially in India. The India Advantage in the Call Center Industry-Top three reasons Cost effectiveness is the most prominent reason for the unexpected growth of call center services in India. However, the country boasts several other attributes that support successful execution of call center outsourcing operations. Here are some of the most important features of India as an outsourcing destination: •

Large educated workforce: India has the one of the largest number of qualified, tech-savvy and skilled professionals. At InSO International Call Center, we strive to hire the best industry experts to deliver high quality services.

English-speaking population: India has the second largest English-speaking population after the US. We train our executive for a natural US accent and conduct rigorous training on how to interact with customers.

Time zone: India is approximately 11 hours ahead of the US time zone. By outsourcing call center services to India, western countries can enjoy 24x7 customer support services.

Range of Call Center Services/Offshore outsourcing services available in India Call centers in India offer a range of services including: Inbound call center services • Answering service • Order taking service • Customer service • Inquiry handling • Technical support service • Help desk support Outbound call center services • Appointment setting services • Outbound telemarketing services • Sales & email marketing • Lead generation services • Mortgage lead generation

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Email follow up Voice broadcasting services Telemarketing survey solution Direct response services Billing and collection services

With over 10 years of experience, InSO is the industry leader in providing call center services to international clients. Contact our executives through the phone or email to receive free quotes for our call center services. Alternatively, you can fill the customer query form available on the Home Page. Keyword tag: Call center services, Offshore outsourcing services, International call center

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