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Inbound Call Center Services An inbound call center is your one-stop shop for effectively reaching customers and potential customers. Outbound call center services include • •

Generating sales Providing customer service

Inbound call center outsourcing services at InSO International Call Center is handled by our highly-trained agents in our state-of-the-art call centers in the USA and India. We make technology our partner and ensure that our call center is always equipped with the latest devices in the call center business. This means that each and every call made on your behalf is likely to result in a successful outcome. InSO knows that good customer service is the only customer service and our experienced and highly-trained agents make this a priority. For the full range of inbound call center outsourcing services, InSO International offers it all. We are experts at:  In bound Call Center Services

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An outbound telemarketing company offers many benefits, such as: • Improving your sales performance: With a call center it is possible to send out more calls to leads meaning that successful results will increase. • Better use of staff time as agents are dedicated to one task, that is, making calls to generate business. If this function is done by in-house staff at your company that person would have multitask to complete the job.

Improve customer service call center satisfaction by contacting customers and potential customers with offers of relevant and important products and services.

Most companies, especially in today’s harsh economic climate want to spend their time running a profitable business. InSO is committed to offering the best telemarketing service to help your company do what they do best. Why not contact InSO International Call Center to find out how we can help you grow your business. To learn more about all our inbound and outbound services go to:    

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Inbound Call Center Services