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Self-esteem and nutrition Last Wednesday a woman came to the high school to tell us about an interesting topic that concerns today’s teenagers: the way we see ourselves, our bodies and the importance of having a right weight. The talk was quite fun. We started by doing an activity in which we had to write down good and bad things about us. Then, she read our descriptions aloud, and we realized that nobody is happy with his/her body: some don’t like our legs, or our weight, others don’t like our eyes, and so on. About the things we like, some students mentioned their hair, others their eyes, etc. After that we did a cool activity: we had to write a letter to a friend describing him or her, but not the physical aspect, only the personality. Finally, she talked about famous people. The best part was when she talked about how photoshop in advertisements changes the reality. It was funny and amazing to see how different real models are after having their images improved by the photoshop! I’m not surprised that we all think that we are not perfect, because we compare ourselves with false images that have been improved by artificial methods, like photoshop.


Treball d'Autoestima i Nutrició// 2 ESO

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